EP 10 Udupi to Kundapur | Malpe sea walk, Malpe sea beach, St. mary's island Shetty lunch home

EP 10 Udupi to Kundapur | Malpe sea walk, Malpe sea beach, St. mary's island  Shetty lunch home

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Namaskar Friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host Harish Bali! You already know we are on a tour of Coastal Karnataka region. We started this journey in Mangalore and right now we are in Udupi. At present, we've come 5 km from Udupi, to be at the Malpe fishing harbour.

We were going for a sea walk but on watching this activity taking place on our left... ...we decided to stop here for a while. From here, we will go for Malpe Sea walk, which is nearby. We will roam around here for 10-15 minutes and then go for Malpe sea walk. I just asked him and was told that this Surmai sells for Rs. 800 for these 7 pieces. When we were at Mangalore Bunder, we saw fresh fish being unloaded. So, is this port bigger or that one? This port is bigger in size.

In fact, this is the second-biggest Bunder in India. Vishakhapatnam is the No. 1 Bunder and this is No. 2. What do you do here? I purchase fresh fish, which is further sold for feed. To factories? To factories. The factories turn the fish into powder, which is then used as feed. Thank you! Okay! The Malpe sea walk is at a distance of 300 m from the port.

We've reached here. We need to walk from this point till that one. The path on which we'll walk will have sea on both sides. Let us go. From the sea walk, we'll also get a boat to go to the St. Mary's Island. We've come to the starting point of the sea walk.

From here, we will go straight for 450 meters. On my left hand side is Udyawar river. On this side is the Arabian Sea.

There is only water till my eyes can see. The sea is nice to look at, although the sun is really warm. Still, it is feeling good to be here. We've come to the last point of the sea walk. Standing here feels even better. The view from this point is better than what we could see from the starting point.

The reason being that it is from here that you can realize that there is nothing beyond this point but water If you come at 4.30 pm or so, it would be a better experience being here. Or you can also come early in the morning. During evenings, you can enjoy the sunset from this point Or enjoy the view. Right now, the sun is shining right above our heads.

And it is really warm too. Despite that, I am really happy being at this place. It is feeling good.

After spendng 10-15 minutes here, we will go to the ferry point and... ..find out the time on which the ferry will leave for St. Mary's Island. We've come to the boating point. Now the scene here is that there should be a minimum of 30 persons for a trip. Only then does the boat leave from here. Their timings are between 9 am and 5 pm. Once 30 persons board the ferry, it takes them to the island in about 30 minutes and...

...you get to spend an hour there and return in another 30 minutes. If you start your journey by 3.30 pm, you get to spend an hour on the island. After 3.30 pm, you are allowed to spend just half an hour there. Now, we've been asked to wait for 30-45 minutes, so that 35 members gather and... ...then we would leave for the island. There are 6-7 shops outside selling juice, cold drinks, ice creams and... ...and hats to save yourself from sunlight. It is 10.45 am

It will take 10 more minutes for the boat trip to start. The journey is 30 minutes long. We've reached near the island. From here, this smaller boat will take us to the island. I will have this coconut water before moving on. One coconut is selling for Rs. 50 here.

I really need this to keep cool because the weather is hot today. It is great! It is feeling so good being here. I think this island is not very large in size.

One can easily visit this whole island within 45 minutes or so. What a wonderful feeling! Amazing! Wow!!! This looks majestic! We are at a slightly elevated part of the island and... ....all that is visible is the ocean till the horizon. The water looks a different shade, a different color with each beautiful wave! There are so many rocks lining the beach here. Though you can't go deep into the ocean, but on the rocks closer to the beach line...

...you can sit, click photographs, etc. So beautiful! We were just 18-20 tourists on the boat, couldn't gather all 30 of them. Some of them are enjoying on the rocks nearby. I am going near the water. These are all shells here, see! I think I should stand just here. The beach is slanting from here on and it might not be safe to go further. I am going to stay right here.

Wow! Wonderful! Wow! It feels so good! I am wondering where else would we get to see such clear water! From where I am standing, I can clearly see till 2-2.5 feet below water surface. I am feeling happy today! Really happy to come here! I am going to sit here for five minutes. These rocks are slippery. This is good! Lovely, lovely! Before coming here, I was reading about this island on Wikipedia. In 1498, Vasco Da Gama came to this island.

He installed a Cross here, in dedication to Mother Mary. From then on, this island came to be known as St. Mary's Island. Nobody lives on this island. Whoever comes to visit, leaves in the evening.

The person selling coconut water here also packs up and leaves for Udupi by evening. You can see lot of coconut trees around here. We've crossed over to this side of the island. The view from this side is totally different.

None of the tourists, who came with us on the boat, have come to this side. It is feeling so good being here. I have a feeling that one hour is just not enough for this island. The boat on which we came here, will take us back within an hour. The one hour duration is applicable only for those visiting before 3.30 pm. After that, you can spend only half an hour on the island, which is much lesser.

And our one hour is almost over. So, we've just come to show you this location, on another side of the island. This whole trip has been a wonderful trip, a pleasant experience for me. By the way, you can see I'm wearing a funky T-shirt,... ...it is part of Visa2explore range of merchandise that we've launched. We've launched 5-6 designs like this one, which says, "Gazab experience hai, Visa2explore!" If you want to check out our range, go to kadakmerch.com. I'll give their link in the video description, and you can visit their website.

Now let us go to the boat. We've come back to the sea walk. You can see the Malpe beach in that direction.

Now we'll join you again once we reach Malpe beach. We've reached Malpe beach. Look at the hustle-bustle at this place! Even though it is noon time, still you can see a large number of tourists enjoying in the water. I also saw a couple of resorts, located next to the beach. There you can hire a sea-facing room.

Staying in those rooms would be a great experience because you will have the sea in front of you. You can be close to the sea and the beach every time of the day. It would feel so good. They also have some water activities going on here. I have with me Prakhyaat, one of our channel subscribers.

You live in Udupi. We met here by chance. Tell me something about this beach. Malpe beach is the first free wi-fi beach of India. On this beach, you can use wi-fi for free.

Okay! Great! I had inquired 5 minutes back that they charge Rs. 800 per person for parasailing. One round is of 2.5 minutes. To do this kind of banana boat ride, they charge Rs. 200 per person and... ...they carry 6-10 persons per trip. Banana ride is a 10-minute long activity. And parasailing is for 2.5 minutes.

I am thinking about parasailing here. Would you join us? No Sir! No? Alright! I am going to board this boat, which would take us for parasailing. Shall we go? We've shifted to another boat now.

It is called the 'Winch Parasailing Boat.' This is where we will start and our flight. Okay! So, this flight would be 2.5 minutes long. Okay then. I'm going to leave my microphone here. I was in the air for 2.5 minutes.

The whole process was so smooth that I didn't even realise when I was air-borne. I was what about 150 meters up in the air? 140 m. 140 meters Amazing! Though they told me to let the ropes go and keep my hands free. I followed that for a couple of seconds but after that, I was holding on to the ropes for all the time. I wasn't too sure about leaving my hands free! But it was worth it. If someone asks for a dip in the sea, do you guys do that too? Yes! Oh wow! I didn't have a change of clothes with me, so I didn't ask for a dip.

But it was really enjoyable. This is one of the must-have experiences in Udupi. There is another form of parasailing here, where they pick you up and drop you back on the beach. But you guys pick us up from a regular boat to winch boat and then back on the winch boat! We must have come 300-400 m from the beach, right? We've travelled 5-6 km from the sea beach to reach the Anatomy Museum. The museum is closed right now. It was not opened after being shut for COVID. For your information, the museum displays parts of human anatomy.

This museum is a part of the Manipal University's Medical College. This museum is visited by medical students as well as tourists. As for visiting hours, the museum is open from 8 am to 6 pm.

Someone even told me that this is one of the biggest anatomy museums of Southern India. Also, we are inside the Manipal University campus right now. Students from all over India and abroad come to this University to study different education courses. You think of a course and it is available at Manipal University.

This campus is quite large and though I don't know for sure,... ...but according to one estimate, about 30,000 students are studying here in different streams. Now we are going to leave for Kundapur. We will eat our lunch on the way somewhere and will join you back again.

We travelled about 25 km from Udupi towards Kundapur. Here, we've identified a hotel for lunch, as you can see behind me, Hotel Latha. This place is called Kota. Let us go in. We have with us the owner of this hotel.

I discussed with him about what is their most famous dishes. So you've suggested that I should eat Menthe Dosa! Menthe Dosa! That's our speciality. One, I would like to see how Menthe Dosa is prepared.

And, second, we would like to sit here. Yes, sure! Thank you! I just saw Menthe Dosa being made in front of my eyes. But I couldn't understand why this batter is like this in texture. So, to help me understand better, the owner has kept in front of me its ingredients.

This plate shows us the main ingredients of this dosa. Methi seeds, 'Menthe' means methi or fenugreek seeds. It has rice, but in a little quantity.

Maida (all-purpose flour). Poha (Dried flattened rice). It also has gur (jaggery) in it. I have never had Menthe dosa before.

I will be eating it for the first time. Ohh! It is very, very soft! They've put some butter over the dosa and served it with coconut chutney. Lovely! As I was telling you it is soft to touch, which I could feel even while eating a bite of it.

Also, the jaggery in it manages to balance out the bitterness of methi seeds. And it has a very unique taste, very difficult to explain. But I would like to say that... ...while eating it, you will be able to guess it has maida and jaggery in it. One more thing that balances the flavors in this dosa is...

...this chutney, which has lots of green chilies in it... ...and the flavor works very well with the jaggery in the dosa. If you want to enjoy a spicy taste of dosa, eat your bites slathered in lots of chutney. I've ordered two more things for myself. One is Ragi Mudde, with Palak-Dal (spinach-lentils curry). ow, I don't know when I would be coming to Karnataka again...

...therefore, I want to enjoy as many tastes as I can. The second dish I've ordered is Khotte Kaddavu, with Chane (chickpeas) & Tove (Toor) Dal. They steam this idli inside the Jackfruit leaf. So, this leaf is Kotte and this is Kadabu, meaning idli. First, I'll start with this. There are very few restaurants in this region, where you would get to eat Ragi Mudde.

This dish is generally more popular in Bengaluru and adjoining areas. I am going to dip it like this into dal. I am also told that it tastes delicious with mutton preparations.

We all know that Ragi is a power meal. This combination with Palak-Dal is good enough. I am going to eat it with Dal as well as coconut chutney.

I have to admit that the taste of Ragi Mudde with dal got multiplied by two.... ....when I ate it with coconut chutney. This combination is awesome because of the delicious taste of coconut chutney. Let us taste Kotte Kadabu now.

Here you can see the shape of idli. As I told you that this idli is cooked inside the Jackfruit leaf. The main thing is that you are able to enjoy the flavor of this leaf inside this idli.

That makes this idli typical in taste. Let us taste this with coconut chutney first. Very nice preparation! The right way to enjoy would be to dip Kotte Kadabu in Tove Dal like this. The best thing about the flavor of this Dal is the presence of Heeng (Asafoetida) in it. In any case, heeng is compulsory in Udupi-style cuisine. All the 3 dishes that I've eaten here today are simply awesome! Very happy, very satisfied! It was a good decision to stop here to eat.

Looking at the restaurant ambience, this place looks to be quite popular with the locals. Even though it is 5 pm, you can see the place thronging with customers,... ...which means the place is crowded even though this is neither lunch nor dinner time. I am going to join you back after finishing my lunch.

I liked everything that I ate here but the best were Menthe Dosa. Very, very tasty! Thank you Sir! Okay then, thank you so much! Bye bye! How far is Anegudde Temple from here? Just about 5 km 5 km! Yes! Okay then, bye bye! We were inside the Anegudde Temple a while ago.

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