Ep. 11 - Living in the Moment: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Ep. 11 - Living in the Moment: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

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(dog vocalizing) - [Joe Offscreen] Really are you sure, you sure you want treats? - [Dawn Offscreen] You sure? - [Joe Offscreen] Are you sure? (dog yipping) Are you sure, I don't know if you're sure. - [Dawn Offscreen] I think you're pretty sure aren't you? (dog yips) - [Joe Offscreen] Are you sure? (dog yips) Okay, I'm going to get you some treats. - [Dawn Offscreen] Good boy, Leo, good boy! (relaxing music) - [Joe Offscreen] What are you doing today, Dawn? - Well, it's Joe's birthday, so...

- [Joe Offscreen] What? - We're doing whatever Joe want's to do. And we have chocolate cake on the menu and I don't really know what else. We're doing some smoked carrot Gravlax for breakfast. - [Joe Offscreen] Oh yeah, I can't wait. - With capers and cream cheese.

- [Joe Offscreen] I can't wait for that. - I know. And I think we're going to make taco salad. And just hang out.

- [Joe Offscreen] Yeah. - Yeah. - [Joe Offscreen] We're down at Brooks Point again, everybody. - So beautiful.

- [Joe Offscreen] It's... I don't know what... 6:30 in the morning? - 6:30, yeah. - [Joe Offscreen] A bit cloudy today, but it's still beautiful.

- So beautiful. - [Joe Offscreen] And the dogs are loving it. Where are the dogs? - Oh yeah, they're so happy. Look at how adventurous Rudi is.

- [Joe Offscreen] They're with our friend, Diogenes. - [Dawn Offscreen] So cute. - [Joe Offscreen] Okay, shall we venture on? - [Dawn Offscreen] Yep. (water lapping on shore) (footsteps crunching on sand) (peaceful music) (whistling) - Come here, Rudi. (whistling) - [Dawn] Come on, Rudi.

Come on, come. - [Dawn] Oh, you don't want any? Okay, that's fine. (birds chirping) - I like how more people are a bit more creative, too to come up with ways to eat a little bit better and healthier.

- Mm-hmm. - Like the carrot salmon, it tastes... - Mm-hmm. - Like salmon. - There's still a ton of processed plant-based stuff being made, eh? - Oh my God, there's a lot, yeah. - It's crazy.

- This is a little bit less processed, for sure. - You've got cream cheese on your... yep. Huh, buddy? (birds singing) - I used to tell myself, "I don't think I can do it." - Plant-based? Same as you guys. - Yeah, oh I said, "There's no way. I would never." - Do you want it? Okay, I'll have it.

- I don't think never is something I say much anymore. (birds singing) - Okay, so I attempted to cut down two dead trees that were leaning up against another tree. And now they're both still leaning up against the other trees.

One has got... it's like a hair hanging onto it. I don't know how it's staying there. But I tried to just shave it a little bit closer to the hinge and I heard a huge crack and it's under a lot of tension, so I'm staying away from it.

So the other tree, I thought, oh, well, I'll take the other tree down 'cause it's leaning with it on another tree. And I thought, oh I'll take both of them down. And so on that one, I cut through the hinge... By mistake, right? Life is always teaching us lessons. And anyways, it dropped down and wedged my chainsaw in the tree.

(chainsaw engine running) (engine stops) (kicking tree) So I went and got the other chainsaw, thought, oh I'll just cut up a little bit higher. And it did the same thing. (Joe laughs) So I had two chainsaws wedged into this tree which is still leaning... I'm just looking at it, I'm way away from it right now.

I'm just staying away from it to be safe. And so then I... stupid me. I picked up a big log and I threw it at the tree, Not out of frustration, I just thought they're just hanging by a thread, so. And it slipped right off.

It slipped right off the trunk and freed one of my chainsaws. But it still wedged the other one in on the ground, between the ground and the tree. So that's the one I cut through the hinge, which you never do ever, ever, ever do. I just wasn't paying attention and I'm not saying it was dangerous. It's just...you don't control the fall, apparently.

So now I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I can sit here and wait for the wind, 'cause I'm not going near that tree. Or there's another dead tree and if I could line it up, I could take three down at once. All dead trees and I'm going to use them. So it's not a waste, clearing the forest out of all these dead trees. There's so many of them around here.

So I'm going to see if I can line one up and take down three. (Joe laughs) Oh man. Talk to you later. (chainsaw whirring) (trees crashing) (Joe cheering) (footsteps crunching through brush) - That is what you call a trifecta.

And I got my chainsaw back. I don't know if it's going to be... Looks like it could be just fine. Anyways, my advice is don't try that at home.

I think I'm going to call Michael Bradley- (tree creaking) ... from now on. Whew! Aww. (relaxing music) ♪ Lately we've been ♪ ♪ Trying to read through the lines ♪ ♪ The bars between us ♪ ♪ The single room holding two lives ♪ ♪ I had this dream and ♪ ♪ I couldn't reach through the fire ♪ - Okay, so my plan is... - What's your plan, Joe? - My plan is a couple things.

So I want to put the tools away from the tent. 'Cause we gotta clean that area up. - Yes, we're going to.

- And then I want to, we got a brand new king Nest bed for one of the tents and we got a Nest bed for the Airstream, California king, which is- - So comfortable. - So comfortable. We'll show it to you. It's just like a dreamy pillow top bed.

It's a vegan bed. It's made of all great materials and it was- - Super thick, I have to pick up the dogs to put them into bed. - It's so comfortable. So we actually bought a cast- - No, another bed, let's just say, another bed, a different bed. - A different bed that we are going to put a Nest- - Which is still a great bed.

- ... pillow top on, it's still an amazing bed and we're going to put this Nest pillow top on and we're going to put a brand new Nest king bed in the other tent. - Yeah. So Dawn picked that up from Vancouver yesterday. So we'll show you that as well. And then we've got to chop some more wood.

'Cause we always... - And organize the wood? - Yeah, I'll stay on top of that. And we're starting to build... we need to build a woodshed. So it's not going to rain for the next week.

So we got a bit of time, but we've got to think about that. - Look at how small I look compared to you. - Well, it's because you've got a small head.

Here, let's go, let's do it, let's... There we go. See, there we go. Well, you can't cover me up. (Joe laughing) - You've been in five episodes without me.

What are you talking about? - Okay, let's get, let's get to it. - Okay, bye. - Goodbye.

- [Joe Offscreen] What are you doing? - Eating the most amazing blueberries ever. - [Joe Offscreen] I know, but we're going for a walk right now. - I think I can walk and eat. - [Joe Offscreen] Okay, well maybe I'll come over and get a couple. - We can have more, here take some. So good, right? - [Joe Offscreen] Oh yeah, they're...

- Seriously, look at them. - [Joe Offscreen] Mine are better. - [Dawn Offscreen] Oh, be quiet. Oh! - [Joe] One for the dog! - [Dawn Offscreen] He's eating one, thank you very much. - [Joe Offscreen] Will he eat it? Oh, he took it, he took it. - [Dawn Offscreen] Here, Leo, do you want one? (Joe chewing) - [Dawn Offscreen] I think they like them, from what I can remember.

So cute. Oh, Rudy's playing with it. Okay, guys, let's go. - [Joe Offscreen] What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing with that blueberry? You don't want me to take it? What are you doing? Rudy, what do you got there? What do you got there? Can I see what you have? Can I see what you have? No, you won't show me your blueberry? - [Dawn Offscreen] Come on, Rudy. Here, Leo. - [Joe Offscreen] So this is our canvas camp glamping tent, and we have a wood stove in there and it's 20 feet wide and 12 feet high.

And so from one wall to the center, we can fit a king Nest bed with a pillow top and it's dreamy, it's one of... - It's surprising how... - [Joe Offscreen] Compact it is? - Big it gets, yeah. And we tried to move one, once it's expanded, not nearly as easy. - [Joe Offscreen] Yeah, so you want to get into position in the right direction before you pop it open.

- Oh my gosh, do you ever. - [Joe Offscreen] Which we're going to do now. And then we'll show you what it looks like in there at the very end, but it's an amazing bed.

Okay, ready to load it in? - Yeppers. Oh wait... yeah, I am. (plastic ripping) Opening up the bed.

Letting it air out. (Dawns groans in effort) I can hear it starting to expand. Alrighty. Can you hear it? Okay.

(plastic crinkling) Let's let this guy out. (air hissing) Can you hear that? Feel like I'm unwrapping a souffle or something. (cutting plastic) - [Joe Offscreen] You unwrap souffles, really? - No, but if we did.

- [Joe Offscreen] Listen to it. It's so cool. - [Both Offscreen] Whoa! - [Dawn Offscreen] So cool. (ripping plastic) Alrighty.

- [Joe Offscreen] That is camping in style. - [Dawn Offscreen] No kidding. (chopping wood) (inspiring music) (water splashing) (tractor engine running) (spatula scraping pan) (boat engine running)

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