Ep. 12 - The Foundation of Life

Ep. 12 - The Foundation of Life

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(soft music) (water gushing) - [Joe] Hey, where you going, Dawn? - I have no idea. - [Joe] How do you not know where you're going? You haven't plot out your route or anything? - No (chuckles). (soft piano music) - [Joe] What if there's a reef right in front of us right now? - Well I have this thing that's not on. - [Joe] Oh, so that's not on. Okay, that's good.

- Well, I know, but it will be, I think. I don't know why it's not turning on. - [Joe] Yeah, you got a GPS. - Oh gosh, GPS, yeah.

(soft piano music) - That clean? - Well I was doing .. (laughing) I'm still working on it more. Here let me just grab a little bit more. Did I even do that side? I didn't even get to that side yet. (wood clanking) - [Joe] Hey brother. - This is amazing.

- [Joe] So good to see you. - You too, I just cannot get over this. - Morning everybody.

(laughs) don't laugh at me. She doesn't want to be on camera. She doesn't want to be on camera because she's wearing sweat pants. Come on, it's okay, look at your boots.

Look at your boots, nice boots! - I know, okay. Take that part of me, let's go. (machine working) (soft piano music) - Good boy, oh, good boy. Good boy, ready for bed? Huh, you ready for bed? Lets go to bed.

(ax slamming) - Nice. - [Joe] Good job. - Thank you. - [Dawn] Well, it depends.

There's the two trees in the background. - This is a vent. A vent going through the roof.

(wood banging) (drums booming) - [Stryker] Could you make it more subtle? (drums get quieter) (ax thuds) - It helps the exhale when you go down. You know? - Hi to the camera. (indistinct) - It does. Look, I already have one piece of kindling, two piece of kindling, three piece of kindling. I'm getting there though! I mean, it's one of those do you not bother if you're not as strong or just do the amount you can do? - Where do you go? Where's your destination? - Right here. Right now.

- Is that your destination? - Yeah. - Okay. That's your, your, your focus right. Where you're going,

but where's your destination? - Well to crack open eventually. - What is your destination? - What do you mean? To put it in the stove and burn it. - You want to go here? - What do you mean? - Go through it. - Yeah.

- So myself, that's what I pictured it. I'm not going from here here, I have to measure it where I want it. But I put all my strength to get to here. So when I cut it, I go- - Oh, you're Bruce Lee-ing it.

- Yeah like, and that's why it gives me like, boom! To go through. - Yeah 'cause you're like the guy cutting through the woods. - Yeah I'm like, I'm like, here- - It's just you're touching point. - I stopped myself there. Like that's what I wanted. Like my focus, but where I go, what I put on my strength is to get - Where you're going.

Nice. (wood thudding) Thank you. - Give it a go like that.

- Okay. Bruce Lee style? - Bruce Lee style. It is a good way to think about it though. I'm like, don't put your energy right there 'cause that's where you're going to stop.

- You want to go through it! - It's like, no, no. I'm going to go right through. (wood scuffling) I mean, in theory, it's a great theory and I made a big crack, but- - [Stryker] I like it. It's good. - It's in there, man. Can't get the log out.

(log thuds) There we go. Okay, Bruce. It's just you and me baby. - [Stryker] Ahh, so good - Oh yeah! - [Stryker] You see? Yeah! That's so good. - So we're down at Brownie Harbor? Is that where we are? Brownie Harbor? - Something like that. - It's all (indistinct), I don't know.

We just happened to pick up this new little toy, so we're gonna go. We're gonna take it out for a little spin. First time boating.

You ready? - Yep I'm ready. First time for everything. - Let's do it. - Tomorrow won't be our first time.

- Get in. Get in. - Okay. Great. How do I get in? Okay, somehow I'm in the boat by myself and I'm being launched into the water by Joe.

So wish me luck. Okay. Bye! You guys are coming too, right? - We're moving forward. Right? Going really slowly. Just push that lever forward, it makes you go faster. Don't turn sharp when you're going fast.

- Yeah got it. - The current will turn us. (light music plays) (yells excitedly) (water splashing) - [Dawn] This is us improvising because we bought ropes to tie up the boat, but we didn't actually bring them. - I'm pretending I'm tying my shoe. - [Dawn] Oh yeah. Plus we don't know how to tie knots. - Should we do a nice bow? - [Dawn] How cute is our bow? Sorry, Stryker.

Don't judge us. This was not advised by them. Good job guys.

- We got to keep an eye on it right? - Yeah. - Or else someone's going to have to go for a swim with it. - He's a good swimmer! - [Dawn] Joe is a good swimmer. (piano music crescendos) - [Dawn] Why you looking at me like that? - What? - [Dawn] Like, why are you here? What do you need? (indistinct) - Bring stuff over here - [Dawn] And then make it on our trails and stuff. Right? - Here's what we did with all the wood chips Actually started at the other end, but this is the way to the tank. This was at least 40 or more barrels of wood chips, but I think it looks pretty awesome.

- Okay. I love you. Here we go. Please be careful - [Dawn] Its your first swing Leo. He doesn't seem to mind it. Good boy Noodle.

So brave! Good job. Look at Rudy in the background. Um guys, it's my turn. - Okay. So I want to take just a couple of minutes before this next sequence to tell you about a couple of things.

So first of all, this is my crazy office in this hundred year old cabin, sorry for the mess. Dawn and I'd be doing the editing for all of the episodes. I think since about episode four or five, with the help from our editing team to do all the polishing and make it all work and get to you. But this next sequence we show, you know, doubting of trees. You know, we're trying to build a farm, sanctuary, a retreat here, and you know, we have to take some trees down. We have to build infrastructure.

And I know there's some sensitivities around that, but I wanted to let you know that at the most part we're taking down dead trees. This is a very over densely populated forest. And there's a lot of beautiful trees that just aren't reaching the canopy and they're dying. And it's just needs to be thinned out. So we're taking the dead trees, but at some instances we're building an accessory building where the building inspector came by and said, you need to take out all these trees because their root systems can go in and crack the foundations.

So we will use those trees. We will turn into wood for our future house. We will use it for firewood. We have to cut six or seven chords of firewood to last the winter here. So that's the one thing I wanted to tell you. And the second thing is I want to tell you how beautiful and amazing it is to be able to take, I've shown you these sketches before, Where dawn and I came and we envisioned the property.

We walked around, we laid out everything and, and then we ended up doing sketches on, here's the accessory building, you'll see this in the next segment to see things actually coming to life from putting, from making a decision, first of all, and then putting it down on paper and then figuring it out, all the steps that you have to do to get to something. We're actually building something. So you've gone into submitted drawings, to hire a designer or an architect, all things anybody can figure out, but to see something come to life for me, that excites me that I'm very passionate about that. Dawn and I have always been that way.

Even with Rouxbe, you know, we had this idea of building a school, had no idea how to do it, and we just figured it out. And then that very first day they put it up on the web and you see it, how just incredible, that is. And so you're going to see the start up of here, it's a process that I've been through for many, many years, Dawn and I, and, and I encourage you all to put something down on paper, sketch it out, create a to do list and see it, come to life. Enjoy the next segment. - Morning, everybody.

It's not a day off today. I'm switch. And I'm going to work on this special project pretty much most of the day, but wanted to share with you some other stuff that's going on in the farm. We have, I don't know, probably about, I'm guessing six or seven contractors here working on our first builds. So we're doing three things. We're doing a pumping powerhouse, a foundation, they're pouring concrete for that, we're doing the accessory building, which is going to be our showers and change, you know, change rooms or not change rooms, but washing facilities and laundry. And then we are pouring a pad for the wood mill.

So I'm going to take you up there and show you what's going on. Hope you're all having a really good, a really good day. Take care. Talk soon. Here's the location.

See an excavator, cement truck. (chain saw whirring) (piano music begins) (tree creaks and thuds) - [Joe] He's our supervisor! You're doing a good job. (music continues) (music fades away)

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