EP 16 Murudeshwar to Mangalore | Sea beach, Handicrafts, Yakshagan, Coastal Karnataka Tour

EP 16 Murudeshwar to Mangalore | Sea beach, Handicrafts, Yakshagan, Coastal Karnataka Tour

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By God! What a view! Amazing view! I woke up just 5 minutes ago and my first thought was to check out the view from my balcony! Look at this breathtaking scene in front of me. The sea looks standstill in front. There are no waves at all. If you look towards the beach, you can see the waves crashing in. I can see some people taking a walk along the beach. Superb! Look at all that greenery! I can see mountains, dark clouds and the sunlight passing through the clouds...

...ends up looking a little orange-ish in color. The Gopuram (temple) on this side! Wow! This is wonderful! It was dark last night when we reached here, so we couldn't see anything clearly. Superb! We spent last night at the RNS Residency. We had booked our room on the 6th floor.

And that is from where we are enjoying this view today. Terrific! Last night, I could not copy the data of the whole day's shoot. So, that is the first thing that I need to do today.

It will take 1-1.5 hours to complete. I need to copy my data into two Hard Drives like this one. So, I am going to join you back in about 1.5 hours.

And I can also enjoy the view while the data gets copied. I really want to rush downstairs and check the surroundings but... ...this job needs to be done first. Breakfast is included in the room tariff here. So, I'll have my breakfast and then we will leave for local sightseeing. I'll have a little Seera (sweet pudding).

Poha! Coconut Dosa! Great! Sambhar! Let me have one Vada as well. Today is the last day of our Coastal Karnataka Tour. I am enjoying the South Indian food. Let me join you in a short while, after I have finished my breakfast... Murudeshwar is a religious destination as well as a tourist hub. You can guess that by the number of tourists around here.

I can see some tourists here, while there are more, enjoying by the sea beach. First of all, we've come to have the darshan of Lord Shiva. Look at this gigantic statue of Lord Shiva right there.

It is 123 feet high. Let us go a little closer. You can see the Gopuram right in front of the statue of Lord Shiva.

The entrance to the Gopuram is from below there. So, first we will have the darshan of the statue and then we will go down to the Gopuram. Brother, what is the charge of this photograph that you are clicking? Rs 70 for one such photograph. you also get it framed? Yes, laminated photograph costs Rs. 70.

Alright, so Rs. 70 for clicking as well as laminating the photo. This guy here clarified that this structure isn't called Gopuram, it is actually called "RajGopura." Yes Sir! RajGopura! Wonderful! You've clicked a good photograph. Thank you! We've reached the base point of the statue after climbing some more stairs.

This is believed to be the second-highest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. It feels good being here. You can gauge the popularity of this place by the number of tourists here,... ...who are having the darshan as well as clicking photographs. Since this place is at a height from ground level,... ...one can also enjoy a good sea view from here. There you can see the beach, sea and right there is the RNS building.

There is also a cave here, for which entry ticket is Rs. 10 per person. Let us purchase a ticket and go into the cave. Through these visuals, the artists have tried to represent the significance of this place.

You will be able to hear commentaries in Hindi, English and Kannada languages. You will hear the voiceover related to the visual before which you are standing The voiceovers will help you understand the visual better and you can keep on moving. You will be able to understand this whole story in 10-15 minutes. Let me tell you in brief. You already know that Ravana was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. And Lord Shiva gave him the 'Atma-ling' in return of his meditation.

Ravan then started his journey towards Lanka. On the way, he had to perform an evening ritual called 'Sandhya-Vandana.' But he could not put the Atma-ling on the earth. At that time, Lord Ganpati...

...in the form of a child, came in front of Ravana and... ....he handed over the Atma-ling to Ganpati. Ganpati told Ravana that once his ritual is over, he would call out to Ravana thrice. If he didn't answer in time, then Ganpati would put down the Atma-ling. When Ravana didn't come back even after Ganpati had called him thrice, the Atma-ling was placed on the earth. Ravana, on seeing this, was very angry and he hit with all his might on Ganpati's forehead. That led to a hollow space being formed on Lord Ganpati's head. We saw such a statue at the Gokarna temple.

As a result, Lord Shiva got established in Gokarna as the Atma-ling. Ravana tried to extract the Atma-ling out of the earth and... ...in doing so, it broke into several pieces that got scattered. The pieces of that Atma-ling were scattered in places like Gokarna, Sajjeshwar, Dareshwar,... ....Gunavanteshwar and Murudeshwar, where we are right now. This place attracts religious as well as general tourists every year.

You will see domestic as well as international tourists visiting here and Gokarna. It was a nice experience to visit here. The way they have depicted the whole ancient tale through visual medium is a good attempt. It becomes easy to understand the whole story through these sculptures.

We've reached the entry gate of the Murudeshwara temple. There are two large elephant sculptures placed on the either side of the entrance. The passage to the temple goes through the Rajgopura. I am going into the temple to visit and will share the details with you once I am back because....

....videography and photography is prohibited. I've just come back from my darshan at the temple. There are different types of idols of Lord Shiva, depicting him in different forms... ....along with the Atma-ling. Though the Atma-linga is kept at a distance from the devotees, you can visualise... ....it with the help of a photograph kept for closer viewing. The temple timings are from 6 am to 1 pm & then from 3 pm to 8 pm.

We had a good darshan. Now let us go and visit the Rajagopura. I've found out that there is a lift in this building that takes you all the way to the top. The time is 1 pm and we were a bit late.

The lift remains closed from 12.45 pm to 3 pm. We will come back after 3 pm. First we will get something to eat. I saw it from afar, Naveen's Beach Restaurant. This restaurant is located right next to the sea. Let us go there to eat.

One thing I need to tell you, which you will also notice, whether you visit... ...the sea beach, Rajagopura or to the temple, everything is within the vicinity of half a km. This place is tourism-friendly, for religous & sightseeing purposes, both. So, you can spend a good time here. One more interesting thing - Murudeshwar is surrounded by water on three sides. Sea on the 3 sides and the fourth side, which is land, has the Murudeshwar Temple on it. Now let us go and eat something.

I've ordered a meal for myself. Here is what it comprises of. Sambhar, Rasam, Qorma, Mix Bhaji (vegetables), Sabudana Kheer,... ....there is also dahi (yogurt), Papad, Chapati and rice. Tendli, Kundra and Lobhia are in the mix-veg dish.

Overall a decent meal! Neither too good nor too bad. The main attraction of enjoying the food here is that you can eat by the seaside. You can look at the waves, the beach, etc. from this height.

People are enjoying on the beach! You can watch the boats floating in the water. Blue sky! So, you can enjoy all those scenic views while eating food here. One thing I can realize is that the location of this restaurant is awesome.

Whenever you visit Murudeshwar, make sure that you are on the beach by 6 am. You will definitely enjoy it. I've finished almost everything. Only the kheer is left now. I will eat it a few minutes later. I've ordered another helping of Sambhar for myself. In the last few days, while travelling in Coastal Karnataka, I've seen that...

....restaurants use different vegetables to go with sambhar. Like today, they've added Moge Kai to Sambhar, but tomorrow, they may add pumpkin. So, the vegetables keep changing with days. Moge Kai is also known as Southe Kai in some area around here.

I've asked them for a piece of Moge Kai to show you guys too. Really good! Interesting! They put in these vegetables chopped into big pieces. This sambhar is a common part of meals in this area. Now I am going to taste the Sabudana Kheer.

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