Ep 7 Chiplun to Ganpatipule (Ratnagiri District) Shri Parshuram Temple | Konkan Tour, Maharashtra

Ep 7 Chiplun to Ganpatipule (Ratnagiri District)  Shri Parshuram Temple | Konkan Tour, Maharashtra

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Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host Harish Bali. We are in Chiplun, in Ratnagiri district. We will start our day with a temple visit. I am standing outside the temple. I want to give you some information about this place as well as..

...this whole coastal region, which is known as "Konkan" too. This whole coastline, uptill Kerala, used to be under a vast sea. I am talking about a large part of inland, right uptill this temple,... ...which used to be a huge sea. When Lord Parshuram wanted to meditate here and he found that he had.... ...already given away this large piece of land. So, he wasn't left with any land on which to meditate. So, he asked the Sea God for land to meditate.

Answering his prayers, the Sea God retreated and left all this land to Lord Parshuram. That region is now known as the Konkan region. So, we will go inside the temple and afterwards,... ...I will meet the Mahant Ji (Head Priest) of this temple to find out... ...more information about this place. We had the darshan of Lord Parshuram inside the temple. Now, we've come out of the temple after darshan. We have with us Shankar Ji.

Namaskar! Namaskar! Shankar Ji is the Manager of the Temple Trust. We want to know from you more about this place. One, you can tell us the historical & cultural significance of this temple. Second, inside the temple, we saw Lord Parshuram placed in the middle. But who were deities placed on his right and left, tell us about that as well.

The middle statue is that of Lord Parshuram and on his either side are... ...Kaam and Kaal. Together, they represent the holy trinity in Hindu religion, that of... ...Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. The spot in front of the middle deity is "Swayam-Bhu" and...

...it is about 700-750 years old. When this spot appeared on its own here, a cow used to come here daily and... ...pour milk over it. It was then that this place became famous. After a long war, Parshuram Ji chose this place for his meditation. It is known as the Mahendragiri Mountain. The first and second roof of this temple was constructed on the orders... ...of the Begum of Sultan Adil Shah. And the third roof was constructed on the instructions of ...

...a wealthy Siddhi man. They must have had an unfulfilled wish, for whose fulfillment, they offered to... ...construct these portions of the temple. Men who constructed this temple for Hindus were Christians themselves. And the funding for this temple came from the Muslims. Adil Shah's Begum! Yes, Adil Shah's Begum. Adil Shah of Bijapur.

The information that you gave me must be of around 450 years old? Yes! Correct. We've heard a legend that Lord Parshuram used to leave for the Himalayas... ...every morning for his meditation? Yes, he does and returns every evening.

About 300-350 years back, they started firing canons from the temple premises. However, during 1977, due to an accident, the practice was abandoned. Those canons are now kept on display outside the temple.

You gave us a lot of information about this place and we also had... ...very nice darshan of Lord Parshuram. Thank you very much. Dhanyawaad Sir! We have come back to Amraban Resort. It is still raining here, though there are some gaps in between. For this accommodation, the tariff is Rs. 1700 on double occupancy basis. This place is about 7 km from Chiplun.

I felt good being here. I had told them to give me some traditional breakfast before... ...I left for the temple visit. Let us go in and see what they have prepared. Look what they've prepared for us for breakfast. These are Wade and these are Gharage.

Look at these Wade in close up. The base ingredient for this is Chawal ka Aata (rice flour) and Dal. There are a few other things, which make it multigrain but... ...the main ingredient remains Chawal ka Aata. It is deep fried. In the past 7 days, I've had it at least twice. This I will eat with coconut chutney.

Take a look at the Gharage as well. The staff here told me that the base ingredient for Gharage... ...is, again, rice flour. Besides that, it has pumpkin puree and this is going to be a different experience for us.

And they use jaggery for sweetness. This will be eaten with ghee. Very soft! Lovely! WOnderful taste! Superb! Wade on their own are not spicy but this chutney is... ...highly spicy, which gives you a mixed taste in the mouth. Being multigrain, these Wade have a very unique taste. I can taste 4-5 different flavors together and its taste is very unique. Superb! Let me add some ghee to it.

Superb! What a taste! Just imagine how it must be tasting since it has rice flour in it. With little jaggery and little ghee, it makes for a delicious taste. Superb taste and Awesome combination! Lovely! In the past few days, I've had Wada earlier but Gharage for the first time. To sum up, I liked the food here. The accommodation is also very comfortable.

In the next 15 minutes, we are going to leave here. We are going for crocodile safari. Whether the safari would be possible even in these rains... ...is difficult to say. We will have to go there and find out. I forgot to tell you that when we were travelling through the coastal area... ...and returned to Chiplun, we are, in a way,... ...travelling upon the Mumbai-Goa highway. So, if you are travelling from Mumbai to Goa, you can stop here for lunch.

This place offers a variety of Vegetarian as well as Non-Vegetarian dishes. Now I will see you again after 15-20 minutes, once we reach... ...the Crocodile Safari Point. We've stopped on our way to enjoy a sightseeing point. Let me show you what all can be seen from here.

First of all, see the Konkan Railways train passing in front of you. It is a matter of chance that we stopped here and got to see this train. Look at its close-up. Wow! What a view! I saw the railway track earlier. And there, you can see the mountain. This train is going to enter a tunnel carved into that mountain.

Some people told me that travelling in a train between Chiplun and Ratnagiri... ...could be a lifetime journey experience for me. This journey is about 1. to 1.5 hours long, in which you pass through 7 tunnels. One of those tunnels is 7 km long. I just recalled while travelling to Guhagar at night, we crossed... ...this river on ferry to go to the other side. Wow! What a view! I will share a few more things with you. You can see a fort built upon a mountain across the river.

It was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and... ...it is called Govindgad Fort. We aren't able to see the fort now because of less visibility due to clouds. But during clear weather, you can see the fort from this distance. You can also vsiit there.

Some of these clouds are moving across the mountain top there. You can see equally beautiful scenic views all around. Superb! The mountain on which I am standing right now is part of the Sahyadari Range. And I am not talking about just this one mountain. I am talking about a large area around me. The mountains in front of me and those in the distance...

...are all part of the Sahyadari Range. It was a good experience watching this view from here. Now let us go to that point from where we will begin... ...our corocodile safari and figure out whether safari would be possible or not. As I had told you earlier, Chiplun falls on the Mumbai-Goa highway. I am standing on the highway right now. Mumbai, or South Mumbai to be precise, is about 240 km from here.

And Goa is about 320 km from here. When we were passing here, we saw this waterfall. So we stope our car and found out the name of this waterfall. It is called Sawat Sada Waterfall. 'Sada' itself means a waterfall.

So, this is Sawat Sada. Last night, while on our way to our hotel, we travelled on this road. But we couldn't make out anything due to dark. However, now, during the day, we could see the waterfall clearly.

Let us walk towards the waterfall and look at it in close-up. Though there is a path built to reach near the fall. But due to rainy season, it has become slippery. So, one needs to walk carefully on it. Wow! Wow! Look at how wonderful it is. Finally we reached near the waterfall.

We must hardly be 20-25 m from the waterfall. So beautiful! So beautiful! I really want to go, at least, upto those rocks. I won't go closer than that otherwise I'd get drenched. By God! It was so much fun! Though I didn't want to get wet, but my clothes are drenched. I am 50% wet already.

But I am happy in my heart. For the past two days, I really wanted to see a good waterfall. And my wish was fulfilled.

Wonderful! Just take a look! Wow! Superb! Let us go now. This is the path that took us to the waterfall and... ...we are returning on the same path now. Though this path is covered in tiles, but it is very slippery. Therefore, I am walking on this path, because it provides better grip to my feet. This was an overall fun trip.

Though it took me an hour's time to visit this waterfall. It took me 10 minutes to go and return will also take 10 minutes. But we spent 30-45 minutes near the waterfall. See how I have to walk by holding on to this railing because... ...my feet are slipping on this path. Great experience! Now I will join you once we reach the Crocodile Safari Park.

And as I told you already, we will have to find out... ...whether the safari will be possible or not. We've reached Gowalkot Dhakka. This is Sameer Bhai, who will take us in his boat for crocodile safari. That is the boat. If it doesn't rain, our experience might just be better.

It would be good even if it rains but if it doesn't,... ...that would be better. This is Vashishti River. Earlier today, I was showing you a view of this river from that mountain...

...in the far distance. From there, we travelled upto this point. The depth of this river at this point, as Sameer Bhai told me,... ...is 12-13 feet. But during the month of May, when the rainy season is long over... ..the water level comes down to 3-4 feet only. At that time, locals are able to cross this river on foot as well. During high tide, the sea water flows into this river,... ...turning it into backwaters. Sameer Bhai, how long will the safari be? 1.5 hours!

1.5 hours. Let us go. We have begun our safari. Sameer Bhai just told me about this island. It is where crocodile spotting is done. Tell me one thing, when does the best crocodile spotting take place...

... during sunlight? Yes, lot of crocodiles come out of the water when the sun is shining bright. How many crocodiles are visible usually? It could be 5, 10, 15, even. Really, one can see 10-15 crocodiles? Yes! At what distance are crocodiles visible? From a distance of 5-6 feet.

5 feet is quite close! Yes, it is. Amazing! Alright, one thing.... Also, here you will see crocodiles which are 5 feet, 1 feet to 12-13 feet long. Really!! That is an interesting fact you've told me.

Tell me one more thing, will we get down from the boat or keep sitting here? Yes, we will get down, of course! Okay. Look there! It is White Heron bird. This is also an experience in itself.

We have been on this crocodile safari for the past 45 minutes. It hasn't stopped raining even for a bit. But I am still enjoying this safari even though we haven't seen the crocodile yet. Personally, I am enjoying this safari very much. What do you think? Will we see a crocodile? Let us see. It has been raining a lot.

So, there is little chance.... Yes, there is little chance. We will still try.

If it weren't raining, there was some chance. Huh? Yes! By the way, which are the best months for crocodile spotting? Continuously from November onwards. Till the time of monsoon? Yes! So, that means from November till May? Till June. Okay, from November till June.

(nods) Oh God! Finally, we can see a crocodile. Look there. We are hardly 20-25 feet away from it.

20 feet! 20 feet. Are you seeing these shrubs? These are part of the Mangroves. These are almost submerged in water. Why are these so small in size? Why aren't they bigger? It is still growing. It is growing? Yes! Those trees that you see on your right, these are Mangrove trees.

And presently, the locals have stopped cutting trees, which is a good thing. Earlier they used to cut trees and take them home. But now, they've stopped and the forest department officials are also working on it. That is the reason this jungle has improved. About Mangroves, the main thing that I've understood is that it holds on to.... ....the topmost layer of earth. Yes! So, if there are Mangroves, the soil is safe.

Sure! We are back! This safari, that we did for 1.5 hours,... ...You can do it for one hour or 2.5 hours. The charge for 1.5 hours is Rs. 1800. They take you in this motorboat.

I really liked Chiplun as a location and there are 2-3 reasons for that. Chiplun is situated on Mumbai-Goa Highway, so there is no need to turn right or left. Second, whenever you come here, you will get to visit Lord Parshuram's Temple. Because this land, on which I am standing, is Lord Parshuram's land. The whole Konkan region, from here till Kerala, and beyond, till Kanyakumari. Chiplun food, including veg and non-veg, is famous.

We just saw the crocodile safari of this place is also popular. So, due to all these reasons, I liked Chiplun. And this Vashishti River, you will see all around Chiplun because... ...it passes through the city and drains into the Arabian Sea. Correct! So now, bye bye to you! I will now meet you in a while, we are going for lunch.

For lunch in Chiplun, we've identified an eatery next to a petrol pump. Now, see what we've ordered for lunch. Whole Masoor Dal! Kulth (Horsegram) Ka Pithla! I have had such a dish before but Kulth Ka Pithla is a new experience.

This is dried Kulth. Chicken Sukka and with that Wada. And Chawal (rice) ki Bhakri (flatbread). Kulth Dal that I am showing to you is a powerhouse of energy. It is called Horsegram in English. A lot of people have it as soup, which is good for patients having calcium stones Good, nice preparation.

Though I liked this Kulth Ka Pithla but cannot say the same about dried Kulth. I don't know why but it has a sticky texture. Anyways, Pithla is tasty.

Whole masoor dal, with local spices, is a good preparation. In the past 7 days, since I began my Konkan journey... ...not a day has passed without me eating this Bhakri... ...specially rice bhakri, which is quite common in this area. Just look at the texture of this bhakri. Whenever you travel in this area, you will get to eat different Bhakris... ...made with rice flour, Jowar, etc. Different Bhakris make for different combinations with different curries.

Wow! One thing I have to tell you, while travelling in this region,... ...I have grown fond of the taste of Wadas. Before this tour, the only vada I knew was "Medu Vada." But in this region Wada means this Wada. People usually order Bhakri and Wada as part of the main course. In fact, some combinations are specifically eaten with Wada. Very tasty! This combination with Whole Masoor Dal is A-class.

I liked it. Very good! I have to admit, Chicken Sukka is delicious! It is well-cooked with local spices. When we were on the way here, someone recommended that...

...we must not leave here without eating Modak. They also suggested a restaurant name for that. After lunch, we will go there to taste Modak. From the place where we had our lunch, we've travelled a km to eat Modak. Do you see that restaurant, Adarsh Dining? That is where we will eat Modak.

The nearest landmark, as I can see, is a Post Office. This hotel is just next to that. Come! It is 5 pm, and right now, the restaurant is about to close. Though we had called them in advance but we got late in reaching here. We had told them in advance that we wanted to eat Modak here.

So finally, they served us 2 pieces of Modak. I have told you already that the traditional method to eat Modak is with ghee. This variety is called "Ukadiche Modak." The outer layer of this Modak is prepared with rice flour. And the stuffing inside, let me show you, contains coconut, jaggery, and... ... elaichi (green cardamom) for flavor. And I've also been told that the best time to eat Modak is...

...when these are freshly prepared, piping hot. I've added some ghee as well. Hmm! Uff! Absolutely delicious! When I ate it two days ago, I assumed that the main flavor... ...in this was of the stuffing. But that isn't the case. Just now, I've realised that there are two sources of flavor in this.

The outer skin has its own flavor. This rice flour, I told you,... I was told that "Ukadiche" means "steamed." This layer has its own delicious flavor. And the stuffing is delicious too. The flavor of Jaggery cannot be replaced with sugar.

And the taste also depends upon the freshness of coconut, no doubt. Very, very tasty! Though people in Maharashtra eat it throughout the year but... ...Modak is mainly cooked during the 10-day Ganpati Festival. During Ganesh Chaturthi festival, Modak is made in every Maharashtrian home. So, whenever you travel through Maharashtra, during September-October, or...

...otherwise, you must ask your hotel staff to serve you freshly made Modak. Only then will you be able to enjoy its taste. I am eating it for the second time on this tour. Before this, I had only heard of a dish called Modak, which is popular among people. But it is only after eating it that you realise its full potential. Superb! Right now, we are passing through the main market in Chiplun.

Looking at the shops on my left and right, I can understand that... ...this market sells every essential item required at home. I can also see some shops selling jewellery, as well as electronic shops. Talking about the overall population of Chiplun, it is in the range of ... ...1 lakh to 1.25 lakh. We've travelled about 45 km from Chiplun. We saw this shop on the left hand side of the road, "Ganesh Krupa."

We stopped here to eat Modak. I have the shop owner with me. I asked him how is his Modak different from what I ate earlier today. He explained to me that in Ukadiche Modak, the outer layer is made with rice flour.

Their Modak is flavored Modak. In this Modak, they use coconut mixed with the required flavoring ingredient. I have on my plate Mango Modak and Strawberry Modak. Before I eat, tell me what is its shelf life. 20 days. It lasts for 20 days on room temperature? Yes! Okay! Great! This is a totally different thing.

The Modak that I ate earlier today is a different concept than this. This one is good as well. Which mango flavor is this? You have Haphoos (Alphonso) here. It is Ratnagiri Haphoos ( Alphonso) Okay. There is one more thing, they have added shredded coconut as well as pieces.

Good! This is delicious Bhai Sahab! Since when have you been selling Modak? Since past 15 years! 15 years! I had assumed that since I love mangoes, I would love the ... ...Mango Modak more. But surprisingly, I am liking the Strawberry one more. So you use crushed fruits in it? (nods) Good! I can see some packets here. What is their weight in gms? Rs. 100 for 330 gms! It is a good initiative of yours.

We got to eat something new here. I doubt I will get to eat such a dish anywhere else. Specially in flavored Modak! Thank you! Now we are leaving here, I told you, to Ganpatipule! It will take us at least an hour and 15 minutes to reach there. We've reached Ganpatipule.

We've booked ourselves an accommodation in MTDC. We booked ourselves a suite, whose tariff is Rs. 5600. Otherwise rooms here are available at the starting tariff of Rs. 1700. I like this property. I wanted to come to Ganpatipule for the first time about 12-13 years ago.

At that time, I used to live in Mumbai. And today, after so many years.... Anyways, tomorrow we are going to visit the temple and...

...do local sightseeing. Whatever I see, I am going to share with you. I hope you liked today's episode. Today was filled with excitement. I enjoyed the waterfall very much. Now, I regret not going under the waterfall. At that time, I avoided it but now I feel I should have.

Anyways, bye bye for now. We will meet again soon. Tomorrow's journey would be available in our next episode. Tomorrow, I want to spend the night in Ratnagiri city. The city is not very far from here.

We are already travelling in the Ratnagiri district. But Ratnagiri city is also nearby. Okay then, bye-bye. Thanks for your time! One thing is there, the sea water is very clean.

I can see shells under the water here. If I take a closer look, I can see the shells clearly. Wow! I am able to notice shells upto half a feet underwater on the beach. Wonderful! Wow!

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