Epcot Live Stream - 3-2-18 - Walt Disney World - ResortTV1

Epcot Live Stream - 3-2-18 - Walt Disney World - ResortTV1

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Hi. This is Josh, with. Resort, tv1, and today, we are live at Epcot. And. It's. A beautiful evening here so. We, hope, yes. One. Of the first days of The Flower and Garden Festival Julian, Thomas, Disney, Princess Couture Bob. And hey everyone Isaac Mouse junkie, a wgw, hi everybody. Jambo. Magical news live, Michelle, my luck matterhorn Matt hello Chrissy Tina trav max. Melissa. Ben. Jacobs how's, it going didn't he like me great Marco hey great Marco welcome back, Epcot, Bob, Craig Murillo and Nancy yeah it's rabbit yeah hi, Wendy, Tanya, Scott, sorry I'm gonna miss a few of these because that we have this different app that we're able to stream at a higher quality but it kind of goes faster, here so yeah. Alicia. That's. Nice less Stokes hello hey our theme wife how's it going our theme wife hey. Guys we're in 1080p, tonight. This. Is great Marco hi John I bet, she says hi Josh and Jenna the. Congrats yes and she's. Not featured mrs. great Marco anymore she's mrs. great Marco yay. Buddy. There's Renee hello Renee and buddy, and our theme wife hate that we missed you guys yeah we hate that - road. Trip Rachel, hello gervase, ELISA my, look oh and. Alex Edwards just subscribe eh Alex welcome. Heather. Springer, Springer. Here, Denise bill, me 1. 2 3 4 5 Jenny or Delaney let's. Go ahead and walk up the up the road here a little bit paging, mr. Morrow is gonna join us from mr. and mrs. Morrow will join us in a little while they're, running. Just a few minutes late but they'll be here soon the girl matter where Matt picture looks great, a rain, water is hello Isaac says. Jambo mouse junkie. All. Right London. Tom and a, Thomas. Hi Josh from Jenna greetings Thomas the Machine Big. Al hello, Big Al Anna. Hi, John. Hi and Jim. Craig. Craig, Merlot. Real, stream on Jamie hi Josh I'm Jenna from windy and snowy New York yeah be careful our. John's is behind us haha ten, summers were trot for his family friendly that's right nice cool News live all. Right. Down. Under land how's. It going at least uh, Kevin. Got. A switch over to Smart TV yes picture, is outstanding, awesome. It's. The J and J experience, while stuff yeah so this is a new app that we tried I tried on on, Sunday. And I really like the quality it's in 1080p, and this it. Really, just does a great job so. So. Check it out temperature is about 75, I'd say so. Make sure you try and set your picture to. 1080p. 360. We've done but it doesn't stream very well I'm gonna somebody's picture. If. He's very tall oh wow. Marginal. Margy, Lenny. Hello. It says a dollar 99, from her awesome thank you. Alright. Such good quality pictures excellent, that's awesome. No. Well. It should come on the screen here in a second if it does it right hey guys we were using this new app so let us know if there's a donation and by the way I found, out Nick from Medical News live told me you can donate from iOS now so. That's kind of cool from the iPhone Epcot in 1080p is just what I needed awesome Brad.

Alright. There's. Gina, Gina. Sorry gene Tina. And gene hello Wendy how's it going I love, spring yes, road. Trip Rachel sorry these are heart that I'm getting, I gotta get used to read in the comments this way it kind of jumps ahead sometimes. Tom. How's it going Admiral preparedness, hello. Great. Quality thank you simple and delicious huh there's. The great Marco. Now. Congrats to both Marco. And Beth. Yes. Just. Got married, Goofy's. The tallest sopia. Oh $4.99. From our John's you can donate from Apple yes uh-huh, thanks, Richard. Now. See if not coming on the screen now we need to get that we need to get that to go on here hold. On guys give me just a second thanks Richard alert. Box should be on here okay, all right. Okay. Yeah. So Apple has finally enabled donating from iOS oh that's kind of cool. All. Right dollar. 99 from from Margie's so yeah all, right, thank. You. I wonder. If somebody can watch on their phones I'm having trouble keeping up with the donations, until. We get this figured out. All. Right and then we'll still trade off five dollars from Patrick. Boise. In the house hello Josh and Jenna thank Patrick oh there it goes Patrick. Donated $5, to super chat okay it's. Behind there yeah okay Oh. Kristian, Poulsen, donated. A 109. And okay thank, you. What. Is in okay you have to tell us what Norwegian, maybe well, thank you Christian, yeah thank you. That's. The first time we've had a donation like that chris, says amazing, picture. So. Yeah I guess we'll just keep up on that for now thank. You watching. The Yankees spring training game while watching Resort TV one by the way the. Sound should be better too because I've got the sound cranked up to the highest possible, quality so. Yay. Enjoy. That. Love spaceship earth alex says Pamela hi from Snowy Pennsylvania. Avery hello, maybe. There's a limit before it pops up that's true Patrick that might be what. You got Nancy. Yeah $1.99. Thanks. Nancy yeah. Sooner. Girl hi. Epcot Bob $4.99, from our theme life I just saw it. Thanks, our theme live. Yes. We love you guys too and please definitely, go out and check out their channel they have a great Channel all of our partner channels are great but. Our theme life they were just here they did a bunch of live streams and did a bunch of logs and things so good check out our theme life on YouTube. One, of our partner channels as well as magical news live and, all. Kinds of different ones Rachel Disney Princess Couture and JPL. Studios all Central Florida a Sabrina, F all kinds of them Jenna there's a another, donation Oh from, Chad for an $9.99, from Chad thanks Chad. They're. Still not popping up on my screen but. We'll work on I don't know why that's not, happening but we will work on that. It. Looks great they're raining, in New Jersey Oh in, okay is Norwegian krone thank you great Marco. Oh cool. So Norway oh there's, the partners yeah that's good news live our theme lies JPL studios all Central Florida Sabrina EF Disney Princess Couture via pre-project paging, mr. morrow bills odds-and-ends yes thank.

You Yes go. Meet the Egyptian yeah not. Right now I think the spaceship earth will kill the stream so. Gonna. Be a busy night yes. Hope. Your week was good thanks everybody a. Great. Picture on 55 inch TV I was, actually I wasn't gonna let me go back and get a shot of spaceship earth I wasn't gonna stream on this app but. The. Picture is so good I just I couldn't pass it up like it actually is just really clear Matt's, gonna live 499, thanks 1 again another one of our awesome partner channels we had our, theme wife a minute ago and now magical, news lives so thanks Matt's gonna use live now, Renee to 99 good idea thanks. Renee. Yes. And, mezco. News life says hashtag 99, seems so Thank You magical news live and Renee. Thanks. Renee Matt school news live yeah you guys are awesome. The. 99 theme well the reason for the 99 theme is that the, donations on iOS, on iPad and and. Any, other Apple iPhone device they. Oh they require there to be a 99, on there you can't just like most times people donate you know five dollars two dollars ten dollars whatever and i OS. Requires a, $0.99. Designation, there so. Darren. Finally. Finally, made back home so I can help Julie pick up our son Justin, while we watch you guys awesome, thanks. Thanks, yeah, Darren. Kruger and that was a $20, donation thanks, Darren. Appreciate. That Matterhorn, Matt $5. Glad you guys are back hope you have a one, matter. Where ma'am thanks man yeah awesome. Awesome yeah. You guys are on fire tonight thank, you so much I always, appreciated, never expected, but always appreciated. And, by, the way I bought a new camera so that'll help with that and Jenna, bought one a few while out few wilds back. Another. Spaceship burst shot in 1080p, any. Rides tonight we, will do we, will do Grum fiesta tour look at that shot guys Oh Danny. Danny Edwards for, 99 from Danny Edwards thanks, for streaming flower and garden be there in 30 days thanks Danny for 99. Ashley. Delano. Yeah, so happy I can do this from my iphone now love you guys oh thanks Ashley, wow thank, you guys, yeah. Thank, you Danny. And Ashley, thank you so much a. Few. Miles back yeah you. Guys are awesome thanks Julie Scott, Tina London Tom Oh Eric. Coffee a dollar ninety nine from Eric coffee what's up I want, to go to Disney again love you all thanks Eric we, love you guys too thank you so much. Yes. For. Sure Jenna loves coffee Matterhorn. Matt is such a great informative, Channel you guys should check him out yes and I was gonna say before I, got, off on another subject but Matterhorn, Matt I did some narration for one of his videos so go check out Matterhorn Matt's channel great, Channel great guy and he, asked me to do some narration for him. Downscale. $2.00 yay for. Epcot and Resort TV one yes thanks. Downscale let's go look at Donald Duck and Friends back here so. How's the house a picture holding up guys are we doing pretty good not a lot of lag with, the 1080p, today. I'm. Loving, the 1080p. Whoa. The. Great Marco says, tonight's. Current, total is 96, dollars and 89 cents, oh my goodness that's. Pretty good for for ten minutes and you guys were really generous tonight. 99 things that always love the new picture quality, thanks, to nur girl thank. You so. 999 from sooner girl thank you I will figure out a way to get that's, the super. Chat to show up on the, on. This, app yes picture, is fab Epcot Bob says pretty picture working. Great mark horn says no lag Heather says and. Sorry if I miss your comment it's a little harder for me to read on here but I will get the hang of it so, thanks again sooner, girl. Thanks. Rachel, thank. You and that's one of our sponsors to win, to repair parts it's a you'll, see Craig on here we've already seen him and Rachel and Ruth and Peter the, whole family, so thank. You so much to to, Rachel for that yeah.

I Appreciate it yes. Also a partner channel oh hey. Guys. I, would. Like to introduce to you mr. and mrs. morrow. So. In and and give you the real names this is Nathan and Veronica. So. You got the guys got the flower your theme going on here or, Jenna go stand by her so they're breaking see your ears. Go. Stamp go stand by it go stand by them so you can so you can compare ears. They. Still look flowery though so it says yeah, oh. My. Goodness. Ten. Dollars from Edward Mahoney thanks Edward ten, dollars from Edward Mahoney and three. Dollars and 19 cents from Ross marrow round, to an even amount sorry OCD, hey no worries Ross I've got I've got you covered on that and. Five. Dollars from down under land thank you down under land we're, using a new app to stream it's called the stream labs and it streams in 1080p. With. With, like with, like CD quality audio but, I can't see the chat quite as well but it's, kind of cool. Yeah. So she's helping. So. You guys have the g7x, as well oh. I. Was. Gonna say fancy-schmancy. It. Sounds, fancy. Yeah. Great. Marco says tonight's current donation rate four dollars and ninety three cents a minute thanks, great Marco that's a good stat right there, great. Marco is our statistician. Oh yeah. This is yep mom, and this, is Richard our John's othor. Teen 99 from Big Al because we love you thanks Big Al it. Is. His. Avatar. As a country bear so. And we also have, somebody. Kevin, is kevin. Lefranc says hello Nate and yep. Yep. Laurie. Dollar 99 testing testing. So. Apparently, they just rolled out the ability to donate on iPhone and iPad, super. Shot like just in the last couple of days so. Yeah. Because. A lot of people didn't have a device to do it but yeah. Tianna. Thompson, $5, from Tiana. Thompson, sorry it's not much but thank you for always making me feel like I'm at Disney with your livestream, thanks. Tiana oh my goodness is beautiful, right Wow. Yes. We got to get a shot of that here sorry, so Thank You Tiana appreciate, that very much and sorry for missing your comments but. Definitely we're excited to be, here tonight and stream. Enjoy. This beautiful night. Yip-yip. Has a birthday soon, when. Is your birthday. Okay. Well. A couple weeks. Can't. Believe how many donations yeah Caitlyn it's been pretty pretty generous thanks guys, Oh Drake. Houston $20 from great Houston thank you thanks. Dre you. Guys are so so, generous yeah everybody's really generous. Confirmed. Super chat is now on iPhone. So. Thanks Dre Houston. $20. From gray Houston thank you so much Isaac Neale Isaac. Keep up the great work guys, you guys are too cute thank you or you too are cute sorry rachel. Says night technology, thank you don't forget to hit the like button, or the Epcot trolls may eat Jenna's ears ha ha late. But got the invite thanks Supersport, donations. Are generous, yeah I got Isaac well. So uh we. Didn't really have it like an agenda we're just gonna kind of wander around. Let's. Go let's, go this way and check out the, universe. Of energy progress we always like to check and see if we can see anything from that and, then.

You're. Right let's go see the flowers - yeah so let's kind of smooth along alright also in for Florida trying to meet you guys ok cool well we'll be up there sometime. We're. Gonna we're gonna head up that way I think after we go this way. That's. From Joe and Marisol hey dreamers empire richard. Is with us yes he is, have. You ever performed music at Disney parks actually I've never performed music at the Disney parks that's one thing I've never done I don't, think so. Remember. Good. Evening aka aka our, live good evening, happiness. And sweet key oh wow, Sheeran. Sorry you guys are talking to each other that's cool hahaha why. You guys are very generous, yes, I wish I would, Julie don't worry about it four, of my favorite youtubers, say that's why a lot, of people you know we've met them at the parks a couple times on a lot of people had said you guys just streamed together and I was like we really totally should so yeah. Whoa. 49.99. From Craig Murillo my. This thanks Craig Wow. From. One of our sponsors from. Window repair part thank you so much Craig. It. Did here. Was Sophia so we can say thank you thank. You Craig and everybody, else who's donated thank you thank you, oh and, I got to read his message to Thanksgiving. He. Says thanks guys really look forward to this every week we, we, do -. We. Do - Craig thank you so much we did - yeah. And. Hopefully. The delay is better last time I did I had like a 30 second delay so hopefully that's better now. Well. It's gonna be a couple seconds, but not bad yeah I'm, gonna go back to regular. Mode how's everything been Jeremy, it's been really good. The. Quality. Wow. Very. Nice app Oh. 499. And that is those, British pounds yes. Yes he's from the UK sorry, it's not much but I want to give you give something to my favorite Disney youtubers, thank, you for all your hard work thanks, Laura and you know we, are just happy you guys don't have to jet up to donate, anything you don't have to generous haha that's, a verb now guys oh. This. Is cool let's go check this out you, don't have to donate anything guys but we appreciate it so thank you so much -, amazing. Julia there we appreciate that very much and. CSX. Jim $10, from CSX Jim wish we could be there another, great evening say hi to mr. e mrs. Morrow from us thanks, for a great stream time. A few weeks ago so. CSX, Jim says hi to you guys. You're. Your. Lips are keeping up the voice oh yeah guys we did do a 360, line but it didn't work as well, as what we wanted so just kind of will. Do it again, in the future but it takes a lot to keep up with it so yeah. Yeah. This this, needs to be my backyard oh my. Goodness all I need is a stream is there a stream we need a stream. So. Where's the water, Oh cuz. It's like I guess it's like doesn't take much water maybe. Why. It's wise great. Marco that's a good stat 871, a minute Wow still. Have power from the storm up north didn't get so effective, so that means I get to watch my favorite show that's awesome hey, we're about to get 500. -. Oh there we go we just hit 500, yay hi everybody, how's. It going 360, makes me feel icky hahaha we did a 360 stream, if you were like whoa I. Got. A 360, attachment, for the camera but I think we decided that it. Yeah. You can actually like swipe around which. I think we do oh yeah, the whole time so. I think we decided that we're gonna do it more in more, on the the. Ride videos which I did PTA I did, Big Thunder Mountain I did a bunch of stuff and we'll probably do some streams maybe, not on the Fridays but like just some other streams 360, especially once we get to wider oh you got a couple more there your. Little group is growing keep it up thanks Patrick, well, we're so glad that Nathan, of Virata can were able to come out tonight cuz we were gonna have a great time tonight so yeah Nancy. Thanks. Josh and Jennifer streaming for my favorite Park thanks, for all you do to get me through my Disney withdrawal thanks to Nancy Nolan, and Patrick McLoughlin five, dollars each thank you so much.

So. Yeah so I mean I like, the 360 but it is harder to stream to because. I can't actually read the. Can't. Actually read the chat on the 360 streams right now either so. We. Miss a cat. We, missed a cab. We. Missed a cab. Hey. Gotta slip I. Think. The cat was probably going to the cat room oh. The. Cat room. Jambo. Growing group hey Aaron thank, you for doing live streams and means so nice to everyone thanks Morgan. Yeah. It just ran by. We. Need James of JPL, to go behind that barrier yes dream ism oh we got to get okay here we go guys, epic. Shot right here I can live without the live stream 360 but I would love you contend with the 360, rides yes Julie I will appreciate. The Resort Hopper who donated that cameras. We're gonna use it a lot just, the live streams we got to wait till the technology, catches up a little bit but they, keep updating, the camera and it keeps getting better and better I believe. There is a live cat in Epcot yes, we. Got a little shaking going on in the back of the monorail there. The. Doors all closed we're good here. So. We're gonna go up we're gonna go you. Know see if they put inside out and the wonders of life yet, that's. The rumor that I've heard that they would originally would have eventually put that in there. Mike. And motion warming up just watching this a thousand, I. Don't. Know how a cat got into Epcot, Jennie I'm not sure. What. Happened. You. Know they might the only thing I was thinking about was that Mickey. Views was showing that they actually were, cleaning, and pressure washing the roof so if they were gonna maybe. They're not gonna tear it down if they were gonna tear it down I wouldn't think they'd be cleaning it but I thought, maybe the space restaurants going to go there so that's why they were going to tear it down but then they said they were cleaning it. Yeah. It's gonna be a huge roller coaster, that's just the cue. Wait. Wait what. Somebody. Rewinded the stream and there was definitely a cat Bill's odds-and-ends, built. It. Needs the cat should have been checked by security, -. They're. Finding the mouse family that's a good point the donation button doesn't work on my iPhone and if I try to leave a comment it across the YouTube app bills, odds and ends try updating, your YouTube app and if not tried deleting and reinstalling, it because. It might not might just be on the latest version I'm not sure Oh, $10, from Rebecca Ansel. Sorry. Hopefully I said that right and sell thanks for all you guys do we are moving to Winter Garden in 14 days and hope to see you in the parks, thanks, Rebecca ten dollars from Rebecca thanks. For backup. We. We. Need to add you guys as a moderator yes yes. Well. And you guys have done some live streams too so, yeah. What. Oh 4590. Wow Tony and Janine oh my goodness, thank. You so much and it says yes. Good evening Josh, and Jenna hello, to mom and Richard and the Morrow's thanks. Thanks. For all that you do let's head over this way so we can see the. Flowers. Thanks, for all that you do, you guys are so appreciated, hope we get to see you all again next time we come oh I, thank you Tony and Janine thank. You so much wow that's, so nice. I, just I just did all, right so thank you so much Tony Janine and everybody else has done it and Veronica, says hi mom Oh, your ears what your ears are blocking her. We're. Gonna play we're. Gonna play duck-duck-goose here, in a minute, thank. You so much Tony and Janine very. Very nice, they. Could the catch to the cat should, do a 24/7, Epcot livestream strap a camera on that cat. Mable. Says yep yep yep. Hey. Jacob how's it going. Downscale. Says that made me a little sad hey Melissa, the, Morrow's are bringing you good luck hey that's all right. We. Like good luck, Ross. One dollar ninety-nine thanks Ross. All. Right so I think it was a fat squirrel. Now. Guys let's not give this squirrel a complex, here I mean I don't know like. No. Mom. Was. My. Saw the cat when she thinks mom, mom says it's an actual cat okay.

No. No like no, like a while ago wait where where. Find. The cat where, is it where. Is it right, there. Guys. We're going to the cat. Running. Yeah totally a cat. We. Got to get this cat what mitten but maybe go back in the in the in, the. Landscaping. There. No. We lost it yeah it went under the plants we, lost the cat guys. The. Cat is on the couch oh, well. We can't go in there. All. Right guys oh it. Went in the building. Yes. Oh he's running I. Didn't. Get him, that's. All right he's coming out the other way guys fast cat. Hashtag. We did run guys. Hashtag. Find the gap that. Was fun yes. There are cats throughout the parks to keep the mice at bay okay well we were like we thought it was like a big deal. Okay. Find the cat family yes, Jenna. Told you somebody always says find the Mouse family the mouse family they're an epic, OGG epic. Got epic on. So. Apparently they do have cats we've learned this in the last few seconds that this is not a this is not a we. Thought it was really like a like oh my goodness how the cat get in and you, know doesn't have a magic band and all those things, do. You need a fast pass to see the cat and is there a line I bet there will be a line to see the cat in just a minute Oh. 99. 999 from, Jim Mason hello, from Boston, we have a nor'easter right now wind rain and snow send, the warm weather please here's a little something for you guys enjoy it thanks Jim, hey. What. Oh. John. My luck oh there. You go oh you're on the same app yeah. I told you okay. Cool yeah. So this is James from oral Central Florida and Joshua. We're. Gonna go look at the flowers yes oh wait, Craig yeah in. 1989, for Starbucks cookies in a coop oh thanks. Thanks, Craig how's. It it's. I'm having trouble scrolling up to it so say, it again Craig Murillo. Thanks. Craig thank. You sorry we were trying to find the cat I missed it. Yes. Well. Jim what was that one. Yes. Wow. Great Marco. 37. Donation. Of 359, 67, and Wow that's awesome okay so Veronica's gonna tell a story about a squirrel guys I'm gonna selfie I'm gonna selfie it Oh. Bye, James. And, I felt something like jitter up my leg I thought it was me trying to be funny so, I was like. And. Then I felt a pinch it's, right here on my shoulder. Look over and squirrel. Oh No. Oh my, goodness. Was, an attack squirrel and guys I think. Jenna. Did we, got a $20, donation from play guitar podcast, this, is to help with a new camera we love you lead Lisa, and Ellie thank you so much sorry I was like a train close up and we missed one from Sharon bats can you go back and find that Sharon. Bats. Sorry. Sharon we. Try not to try not to miss those for sure but thank you so much play guitar podcast, that's a great channel by the way check them out and. Definitely yeah. Shannon bass Oh. So. Thanks Shannon that was true Shannon bats from, the bats family, yeah. And, we met Thomas and. And. His son at, magic. And we got $9.99 from Molly and Emily thank you so much for everything you do I'm in Staten Island New York City and we were getting rain in 60-plus, mile an hour winds it's freezing here oh my goodness, be. Careful, my goodness, I'm gonna set poor Veronica the. Squirrel story. This, we can go this way. So, Thank You Shannon and sorry we missed you earlier and thank you to everybody else, who done it you guys are so generous tonight it's like hard to keep up but we we really appreciate, it ninety nine is the number of the day that's right aviation.

Photography There's a whole bunch of casts that you can usually see between grizzly Rapids and the storm bathrooms, at, California, Adventure that's, crazy. Any. Fast passes, no it's hard to stream at Epcot on, rides they're all inside. Oh dad. Dad's. Resting, at home tonight yep, he decided, to stay home and rest. Officially. Double-digit, 99 days for, Disney from Ashley that's awesome, go, get to Beverly, OH after. After we get that after we get the flowers, before it gets dark we should go do a Beverly challenge oh. Thanks. Oscar that was a PayPal donation thanks, Oscar twenty dollars from Oscar Oh Maya, Thank You Oscar, Oh Maya yeah, thanks. Oscar. Ha. Ha ha. Hey. Almost 600 Jenna. And. By, the way I want to. Resist. Hits like Sun I want a selfie again and again tell you guys to go subscribe to our awesome special, guests. Sorry. Nathan. And Veronica from paging mr. morrow guys they do a vlog almost every day. So. Ghosts of you guys are getting close to 4,000, toosha maybe we can get them up to 4,000, tonight, so. Go subscribe to them so we can get them 4,000 subscribers let's. Do that tonight. Let's. Make that happen tonight oh. No. He has a channel he doesn't have any videos. A. Lot. Of people are saying they're already subbed that's awesome he let us know if you're a new subscriber to, mr. morrow this. Is pretty this is a pretty little photo Scott. What. He says fun people fun people yes. He. Really did. Okay. Guys da-da-dah, mr., figment. His. Wings, were wooden. Just. Subbed in build that's awesome who is that that, was. I've. Lost some sorry I lost it. Hey. How's. It going oh. That's. Awesome, they got it they got to stay away from all the snow and cold up there. Well. It's nice to meet you guys. That's. Awesome we really appreciate, it oh, we. Got to get them a hopper carpet here, we. Have resort hopper cards, so. Guys hold on just a second we're gonna get him a card I forgot, to get them out so. I'm gonna give them. There. You go okay cards. Alright. And if you if we miss your comment just please repost because we are not, trying to miss them but we want to give our awesome, people from Pennsylvania here a card. Robin. Nancy. Nice, to meet you hey you guys just hit 4,000 no we yes.

Reaction. Time oh. I'm. In the picture here. So. The. Bills odds and ends of dollar ninety-nine for, from, Bill's odds and ends it worked a dollar ninety-nine payment for repairs. Awesome. Thanks Bill no no worries let's go check out the flowers over here before it gets too dark have. You shown our card yet have we seen a. Nankai. L''e card if, you say Anna and Kayla card Jenna's. Gonna do it we've been really busy this. Is one of my favorite views in the whole park right here. So. Everybody says congrats on 4,000. How. They're doing a vlog okay alright so yay. You. Guys are getting to be the king queen of Walt Disney well I know about that but, we. Enjoy this guy's look at that look at that shot, they're. From Scranton yes Courtney that's what they said. It's. Starting to get a little dark yep love. Natan yep in that a cool shot though. Raw. Rose, said hi guys from rose and Gary thanks for our Friday night Disney fix we're in the middle of a nor'easter now oh my goodness yes take care let's take careful a be careful also stay careful. This. Is a great spot. Just. Signed up to their channel thanks Renee. You. Can't say no on the live stream oh. I. Shouldn't have said that oh my goodness. She's, like. Can. We get out of this I was. The four thousand subscriber rachel says. Yeah. In. This fun. It's. Very interactive. Yes. Kind. Of bill we build our little resort, hopper community, yeah. Let's. Go look on the other side cuz I think the lighting is better over there for these flower. What's. He doing here oh. Here. Here's. A good shot right here first Megan. Says hi to Veronica. Paul. Hi hi from Wales hello Paul. 75. Ish. That's. A good shot right there I subscribe, to JPL that's awesome. OMG, that's shot yeah so 1080p, guys a, figment. In 1080, longtime. Subscriber first time catching you guys live citrus, that's awesome. Do. You remember what kind of car they drive in Norway, no I don't Dave never. Got a notification but came we're in the middle of a nor'easter, thanks Jay I'll sorry you didn't get a notification I know uh you, guys know we go live every Friday at 6:00 though so definitely, uh. Yeah. Jenna. Jenna, and Dale found a house yay so. Let's go look at this side of the flowers and then we can do maybe Beverly do they do Beverly. Okay. We're going to do Beverly challenge here in a minute just subscribe, to paging mr. morrow that's awesome thanks. Aviation. Yeah. No Fonzie jacket no in aviation let's go over here yeah this right here on this little thing will be good aviation. Watauga he says quality looks amazing the new app does well wish it was a stronger signal at Disneyland yes yeah, that's that's the problem Disneyland cell signal hadn't caught up to Walt Disney well there's a good shot right there, so. Yeah but. Aviation. Photography did a live stream at Disneyland on his channel the other night so that was cool and it, was actually on his Disneyland, livestream Channel. All.

Right What's watching one of the Land Before Time films, feel so old that's all right. So. We're all holding six hundred tonight that's awesome guys welcome, welcome thanks for joining us. Share. Us out. The. Nor'easter, is no joke for sure it's not a great shot during Stan you. Look. At the reflection there the water is perfectly still. All. Right I, think. I'm gonna let Jenna stream here in just a second do you have a favorite Land Before Time movie probably just the first one cuz that's the only one I've seen. The. Jail though he's a movie, expert man he knows his movies this. Is awesome nice haircut Josh thanks big, al all. Right what happened to James he just said hi for a minute and thence moved on hello. Good. Nice. To meet you hi. Nice. To meet you Brian and. What's, your name. Jonathan, and Brian oh, cool well that's okay you, guys have been watching us for a while though. Yes. Yes. Yeah, you guys are in the right place right now. So. Do you guys chat on the streams. Yes. Yes. Oh. We. Got $10 from Oleg Schakowsky, for, a double a double Beverly, challenge thanks for streaming from Epcot we're gonna make that happen or a double. Beverly challenge how about a quadruple, Beverly challenge. Hey. That's alright we're gonna we got a good group here guys haha nice. To see you too. Have. Fun guys and, enjoy. Not being in the cold. Alright. So we're gonna go do this Beverly challenge before we get too far away from it New, York upstate, upstate. Yeah. There's. Another good shot guys watching, on two devices in, Muncie Indiana awesome, Jenna I don't. Think they're getting the nor'easter, Jenna. And I are from Indiana so. I've. Been here for 10 years since, 2000, since 2008, yeah. I. Kicked. Myself for not I have I've had a youtube channel since, 2006. And I. Just put videos on there for fun because, people couldn't watch them on the little bit, torrent site we were doing kind of sharing back in the day and I. Was like oh whatever it's a YouTube channel whatever I wish when I gotten down here in 2008, I had done something, with it yeah I didn't start it started. In 2015, and then did. A little bit with it but barely, hit a thousand, and then my son was born and then had to go back from there so we had a nine month break. Hi. What's. Your name this. Okay. Night. Ranger yes. Anybody. We meet. Well. Not all night but. Yeah. Eventually they'll kick us out, my. Boy. It. Reminds me that guy on How, I Met Your Mother the captain captain I really, like his name, Biff. Yes. The. Biff the. Bill. 40. Mile or 50 mile an hour winds here oh my goodness be careful, Night. Ranger is there tonight I would, like a card Paul says yeah when. Jenna I get a little bit more time we'll be able to send them out to people we've, been really busy I know uh Anna, and. Kayla we're gonna get one I think they're gonna send them out as quick as they can did you get my card yes, and you're, gonna get in and Caleb card eventually, yes. 6:29. Washing. Hahaha. The. Biff stir hi. Everybody from windy snowy New Jersey hi Peter, so, guys if I miss your comment I'm sorry it's not as easy to scroll up on this app or if I miss a donation definitely, tell, me like I missed a sharon bats earlier so I do, apologize for that I don't want to miss anybody's, donation. And certainly don't miss don't want to miss anybody's message but just repost them and I'll try and read them as much as I can Oh real, of, Isaac. Neal two dollars we all need to put the cat in Jenna's, shoulder, and see, her react, hey, Jenna we all need to put the cat we. All need to put the cat in genital on Jenna's shoulder and see her react all. Right Isaac said after he game is $2 you. Might have to give us more than $2 to put the cat out now I'm just kidding I'm just kidding I'm just kidding totally kidding no.

Well. Isaac, I'll do it for free actually. I'm. Just I'm just kidding. No 360 today no. So. Thanks Isaac I. Was. Just joking by the way we. Really, don't ever ask for donations somebody's gonna oh you're asking for it no we really weren't I was totally just kidding oh hey, oh. Hey. I recognize. How's. It going so wdw, couple right yeah, Resort TV one nice, to meet you nice, to meet you wow. This like a YouTube meetup tonight. Yes. I keep. Seeing your video pops up about how to not wait in line like. It recommends, I've washed it already but it keeps recommending, it to me I'm like wow that video is awesome. Oh, yes. Dad's on there by the way say hi to dad yeah, 630. Watching, hello 630. Alright, guys we gotta get our family. Josh. And nay are gonna do the Beverly challenge. Hey. Everybody, you dad got no but you're your bike oh. Okay. It is busy in here tonight. Josh. Is getting to Beverly's. All. Right let's go somewhere where there's no people. Oh. $2.00. From downscale, jenna is going to do the Beverly challenge - okay downscale. Thank. You I don't. Let's. Do it and. Then I have to do it next cuz downscale. Said so. Hey. Guys we're in the party zone. Party. Though, I. Have. To back up so I can see you off. Mom. Is not doing, the Beverly challenge. Okay. Hello. Louise. Hello. Alright. Alright. Let me wait I got. Hang. On okay I think I got everybody. All. Right I gotta see everybody's, faces when you're done. Wow. Did. We get any bad faces, I'm. Alright, about. Anyone I don't, know did anybody lose. You. Drink - holy cow he won right. I, think he won 8-1. Totally. Do it alright, need some winter guys. Okay. Go get your Beverly go, get your Beverly, do. You guys say hi to my father Charles. He is sick with the flu, hi, Charles. Great. Rachel, says wdw, couple why she lost. What. Happen. To. Drink. Yes. Love the love the wdw, couple tomorrow's and the resort TV of course what time is it oh, they, want to know what time it is. Okay. Two. Dollars from Julie Headley it isn't much college student but love you guys thanks Julie hey we. Appreciate all, your donations and definitely we never asked for them we just always appreciate, them so thank you so much Julie appreciate. That very very much all. Right Jenna here we go what. Oh you should have got me one I'll do it with Imams gonna do it okay here we go. Haha, I. Made. A do it a lot. Somebody. Said bring on the trackers and we're all set. Hey. Stephanie dory how's it going we haven't seen you for a while. 650. Watchin now. Mom. Likes that I think. Mom. Likes it taste, test. It's. Okay. People. Our people are subscribing to you guys like crazy, there's. I don't know what's what's their subtotal, right now they, just they hit 4000, what's the total now. And. You, guys are you guys are at five I saw earlier today. Hey. Guys so go subscribe to paging, mr. Morrow and wdw, couple I. Just. Oh. Thanks. DK LaRouche when. I see people come up that I haven't heard of before like I clicked on you guys the first time I was like oh wow they've got 4,000 so I started checking out your stuff so yeah I just like to check out everybody. Know. I can tell for sure. Laura, Bremen just sent a donation via PayPal thanks Mar Bremen. Oh. Guess. In Beverly we've done already did that.

We. Done already did it I. Subscribed. The other day awesome Peter I subscribe. To both yes. Yes. Rene. Sub 2 WD w couple awesome. Yeah. Well. My thing I would sell people that like when we started like I started by myself before she came down it's, my sister my wife doesn't really like Disney like I do so we so. But, we, nobody. Wanted to help at all or do anything and so I'm like I don't care somebody, will ask me oh can we be partners anoles and I don't care how many subscribers they have sure because I want to help people out like I don't know nobody. Helped me when I started so I always want to be like support, each other so I feel like we. Should all support each other so, yeah. It. Does look like you kind, of like like, some peripheral. Vision yes when, you said that I was I guess Peter. Maass. Kony's lives up to wdw, couple things Nick, I know they appreciate that. Alright. Guys well hey let's move on you guys are you. Guys are here 4023. Right now. Oh thanks. Dre Houston. Beverly. Is better than I actually will. You. Be awake. Now. Sookie just subscribed to wdw, couple awesome, I. Know. You guys were on your way out but we're gonna head on this way and if you're welcome to join us or if you're heading on out you're welcome to. All. Right guys we're gonna head outside and we're, gonna check out the the night vision night view here of the parking. That's. Okay mom I'm not much of a coffee drinking either Renee says oh here it is you know Jenna Josh. And Jenna find, the Minnie Mouse family, it's what I've got find. The mouse family what does it mean and. Then. Any time we actually see Mickey Mouse it's. From a peacock and. Then they'll say then they'll so he says they've caught the scent but then they'll say we, need the number we need the number get the number. The. Mouse family. 100%. Wrong mom sorry Chad says haha so. Hey Dad I don't. Drink coffee Scott, I don't either. Find. The FCAT in Epcot. Gonna. Have a coffee. Oh. Yeah. We're all founding the Mouse family. Mara. Bremen that we got your donation during the over PayPal I don't know if we do it or not Oh. Head. Now. Nice. To meet you guys. So. Everybody say bye - bye, - the wdw, couple. Thank. You. That. Was wdw, couple. What. That's. Yours. Okay. We're gonna find Mara Ramos donation I. Have. 5,000 319, subscribers, that's awesome they actually went ahead and left so but yeah but I know, they appreciate that Mara, o Mara. Bremen yeah nine dollars or ten dollars probably because it takes off PayPal, takes a little bit so yeah but, Thank, You Mara Bremen ten dollars thank you yeah, sorry we missed that. It's. Really.

Yeah. It does a good job. So, now when these vlogs go up with with. Wdw. Couple and yours we're gonna have to definitely watch them to all be all over everybody's blog. That's. Fun it, is fun see. Different perspectives from, different angles, you don't mean oh yeah, actually. It. Is, that's. What the very first time we did one on our own channel we did up behind the scenes in general vlog while I livestream. And they're like whoa that's what it looks like oh my goodness, that's the process. Dada, Nelson loves coffee dad Nelson lives on coffee. And. I, saw that shot in your video actually. Literally. The Sun was beating down on our back and I'm like is, it like, the. Door oh. Yeah. Jacob. Says get the cash out better, than PayPal no issues. Why. Don't your spouse's like Disney I don't don't. Know I mean just just, it's not their favorite thing yeah Thomas, what Thomas, greetings, to all from here, have fun oh thanks Thomas five euros thank you just. Subscribe to downscale, just subscribe to WD, to be a couple and they have five thousand three hundred nineteen awesome, alright. 426, total. Dad. Like. Mom yes I think that's exactly what it is I, need. A me me oh thanks Anita Tina. Thanks. Anita McNeal $25. Thank you thank. You thank you thank you what, app it's called stream labs. Instead. Of a digital donation, I don't know. I. Don't. Know what it means hey. Let's get this shot over here this is a good shot right here this is a reflection, shot. Reflections. Over. Rejected. Just one reflection that. Don't. Like coffee either, Serrano, yeah. You're. In the non coffee club mr., Serrano, the. Non mr. Serrano's in the non coffee club. Real. Walt Disney sponsor time song Jenna yeah. Walt Disney comes on our stream sometime it's pretty cool, the. Real Walt Disney every. Time every time the internet doesn't work he said guys I'm working on it. He. Was gonna do. Isaac. $2.00 from Isaac Neal you guys are getting too much bloopers, too much yes. Spots. Of time sponsor time I'll let Jenna start it you. You do I've been on the stream the whole night you're doing here. I'll trade you you're I'll take your phone find. The phone family it's at Epcot hey everybody let's go, which, way you wanna go I'm. Following you. All, right. All. Right guys I'm gonna, talk. About our sponsors. For just a second here so I, won't be able to read the chat while I'm doing that but.

Okay. But, and Neverland looking feels different now to you okay so help, with that I'm gonna do the first two okay, all right guys so um our first sponsor is Mickey. Blog.com and Mickey travels calm for the best and free Disney planning, advice Mickey, blog.com has lots of great articles they'll help you plan your trip and. Then Mickey, travels. Calm we'll help you book your trip and it costs it costs the same as it would cost a regular trip to Disney and they help plan it off so sure do no stress so, Mickey blog calm and Mickey travel second and, then we have window repair parts us, use a coupon code resort tv-14 20%, off your purchase check. Them out they have window parts door, parts, Rachael Peter, Craig. And Ruth are on here all the time super, supportive, yeah and so. Support. Them guys cuz they are awesome so check, them out they even I think they're sold out at are parts right now but they have window parts and door parts so, window repair parts dot us and now Josh okay. So yes. So the next one we have it we have a new sponsor just for a month and then it's gonna change back to a neverland mercantil but, so. We have they're. Taking a break for one month but we've got Black Flag comics, Black. Flag comics is our new sponsor, for just this month and, they have a Facebook page and it's linked in the description go check out Black Flag comics, on Facebook, it's. Actually facebook.com, slash Black Flag comics they have all kinds of vintage comics and things that you can buy great. Stuff not vintage I mean newer stuff do they have a whole wide selection, of comics Oh Kourtney, Scott dollar 99 little contribution to Jenna's coffee fund, thanks. Courtney Scott so, that was Black Flag comics go check them out on, Facebook and, then, also check. Out a dreamers. Empire dreamers. Empire comm where you can share your dreams online at dreamers empire comm check, them out they're, really awesome they have a YouTube channel as well and you can go watch it or you can go listen to the happy place podcast, on dreamers Empire com Jen and I are on there and Dean. Is just a great guy and he's got a great thing he's trying to do people haven't shared their dreams online people, you know maybe leaving their day, jobs to do what they love like you know maybe we'd like to do some day and. And so that's, dreamers Empire calm and then, also we, have Disney demystified, is a book, series on Amazon, about all the things you didn't know about Disney like did you guys know that Walt Disney was gonna be the original post, of Haunted Mansion before they picked Paul Freese to be the ghost toes so. Would that have been crazy and in the Walt Disney voice welcome foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion. So. Anyway Walt Disney that's that's one of just one of the awesome facts you'll learn in that book they're only 499, an e-book on Amazon that's, Disney demystified, just go on Amazon, the links are in the description, and you can go download those books and you, can check them out as a group of books guys is that a group of folks. So. Anyway but guys yeah so go check out our sponsors yeah. So. Sorry guys we weren't answering comments right there but, we were talking. About our odds awesome awesome sponsors. Oh cool down skill bot both do you mystified super max that's awesome. He says 100%, worth it, isn't. There a recording, of what we're eating no, but if there is I want to hear it. Yes. We, are going to stream, illuminations. Tonight for sure. Oh hey. Bret the. House is good thank you yeah we actually close this, next week so we are so. Excited Dale, and I are so excited. Resort. Hoppers crazy six crazy days just tuning in. And. When it gets dark it's even harder yes hi, Jennifer. We. Were thinking. Yep. I got it. We. Still, got six hundred Watson now uh hang. On I'm trying to figure out this new app by sector ninety-two 592 alright. Bills. Odds Annan says he drinks a can of coke zero and then a cup of coffee for breakfast, every day Oh breakfast, of champions zero, and zero and coffee oh they love my ears thank you no actually these are the flower. And garden ears here at Epcot the usual official, ones yeah five. Dollars from down skills thanks downscale didn't, know that, when wait, what all right it didn't know that when I, it's.

A Funny Turkey as a turkey otherwise in June July, I'll have presents. Okay. Veronica. Hey. In Postum is regular chats you don't have to donate it yeah no no no Postum is regular messages but I loved it all. Right oh here's, one did did Shu know when I meet you okay, she's trying to figure it out for us oh they. Say yeah Veronica, go which. Camera did you recently purchased it. Has built-in, Wi-Fi yes, and if I, have to sync it I think yes it's the sony, a6000. So. Yeah I got this gigantic lens which I didn't know was that big thank you yeah, so. Oh it says beautiful shot love the paging mr. Morrow Channel subbed about a month ago. Picture. Is amazing Thomas, from the genes egg. That, would take me a while to speaking yeah you need to speed all food emotes on here. Yeah. That's the problem with that it's an app that's why we have to we have to have you have to have backup backup. We. Will do grande ps2 tour, yes. I don't win but well I usually do that closer at the end of the night because copyright. Claims so I always stop. Probably. What yeah if you do what works in there sorry. So. What does Beverly taste like ok so you know when you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist and then the aftertaste, when you're done that's what it tastes like it's comes right was all viewers all do the mainstream, City. Yes. I've been a suburb there we, go did, you know that's a tony the tiger voice with a singing bus and, the mansion I didn't know that. We'd. Love to meet you you do such a great job or, coming in early summer ok awesome yeah come find us we'd love to say hi. My. Wife Cindy and I are watching while she's wearing the ears she ordered from Jenna which she says she she, says are really comfortable that's awesome Paul, and, Cynthia I'm, so glad you like my ears. It's. All the pop tunes yeah these like these obscure random. Country. Tracks Jenna did you know there are now 14, Land Before, Time movies, I did not know that very, cool. Figma. Is closed we can't go on figment all right random hat try on time ok do it right. Okay. Now we need a dance. First. Time but I love it well I usually. Try on hats I just didn't say random hat try on time to do that so now it's totally it's cool it's a thing now. We. Won't get out of there probably. Say, stop touching all that, or. We might get wise. Let's. Not go there. I'm. Going to be stocking you guys no more down there and. Mom. How's the garden she's behind you oh right there. We're gonna get your resort out for car bomb. Jersey, I've. Been missing all the snow I moved my flight fiance, slinky dodges. That. Would have been the worst thing ever to not get to go to Disney that's. Not even a thing. Nice. To meet you thanks for watching. Tonight's. Total in Mexican, pesos eight thousand, seven hundred and forty seven dollars pesos. Somebody. Donated a thousand, pesos one time everybody was like. Hey. Josh, what. I'm, gonna switch you okay, and I'm gonna go visit Norway, you're gonna go visit Norway hey. Say hi to Anna and Elsa for me. Hello. From Northern Ireland hello, Nathan and Veronica love the ears. Are. John's is the keeper of the cards actually mom was and are John's assistant, are. John's with the assist, I, just. Subscribed to wdw, that's awesome they're. Not with us anymore but they sure, will appreciate them I, love. That I got that shot perfectly when you grab that just, out of thin air. Grasping. At bubbles. By. Jenna I love you yes she'll be back. Going. To Disney on the 24 awesome, Sergio hey. Nick what's up. Well. It looks like this dream is holding solid that's awesome. What. Yummy food is Jenna getting from Norway I don't think anything for right now. Anyone. See. Yeah. Check, it out yeah we gotta wait for Jen anyway.

Cargo. Cargo. Six one nine says hi Veronica and Nate. Andrew. Lockerbie says disappeared, disappear. Yes. No, I know. Jo. I understand, being tired of school looks. Really nice and bright right now awesome aviation, photography that's awesome I. Love. It when Stacy for must-do Disney says school when the no way pavilion. Yes. A lot. Of people say that's how they originally found us cuz I just kept obsessively, posting, those all, the must do Disney's pretty, much if you watch must do Disney on YouTube it's probably. You. Did I need. To go check that out. Okay. We're, gonna check that out guys must do Disney with Veronica go check it out. We, must change small world for $7.00 my dream nada. That's. Awesome. Not. Allowed. Oh. Yeah. Oh. My. Goodness I, have. Never played sorcerer the magic kingdom somebody was asking about it haven't done that before in. Germany. You can say Prost yes we will say that when we get to Germany Prost. Pretzels. And beer yes but also Prost as the toaster, thing. When. Thomas and Regina are watching from Germany there are there are German viewers. The. Cookies were named pros too. You. Lost me at cookies. Cookie. Hi. From Brazil hi neva, Zio's family I'm sorry I missed it missed your comment earlier while we were doing the sponsors hello. I. Heart. Stacey J asswad yes that's her actual like full name yeah. She. Has a YouTube channel by the way, Stacey. She. Cuz she's trying to get yeah, Stacey from us to Disney has a YouTube channel because. She does mostly like promo stuff so it's like her portfolio basically, so she can get more jobs Oh. Friday. Night Live Resort TV one. There. You go so. Guys if you go to resort TV one Spreadshirt. Calm you can get either this Friday. Night live or this. Resort. TV one or. This. You. Too can own a resort TV one sir. Well. That would be awesome. And. By the way we totally have to do this again cuz everybody everybody, loves having you guys along so we totally have to do this again. Yes. We're having a lot of fun. You. Have to do small world what's, Oh No. Yeah yeah we're not we're not no they know they were talking somebody's talking to somebody else. We. Will we will randomly get comments though like people. Are like go, to go on Everest I'm like well we would if we were in Animal Kingdom no, that's the lorry 'back she knows she knows what's up she was talking to somebody else said they have to go on small world you know there are people that exist they have not they've gone to Disney and not been on People Mover yeah. That's. Just just a very skipped override it makes me sad. It's. Yeah. Oh my, goodness we're almost a 24k, I don't know what how many subscribers we have now. Yeah. Yeah. We're getting close. 23. 832 that's awesome, and so. Natan, veronika need to make shirts. Let's. Check out we'll check out the gymnastics, real quick. All. Right so. That. Was that was Nate's grandma's thing apparently. So. That. Was kind of cool amazing. Yes. Rene is definitely, a relaxing ride and. It says more rides for me yes for sure. What's, the thing what's the phone number to the livestream. Yeah. I was doing the same thing so, your dad wants to know what the phone number for the livestream is. Area. Code oh. They. Fargo. Says can you please ask Nate to announce the time will. Do later do it later on okay all right okay, we don't want it we don't want to ruin the surprise. T/ta, all the way that's right Walt Disney you. Should know. I don't. Bill you don't want to see me do that for sure. Rachel. Says phone number for the live stream question. Hear. This story gasps Wow. No, I was I was. All the way up there like wait nobody finally. Lol, Veronica is not found at the time announcement. Okay. Okay, hey everybody evolves we evolve and we change. The. Phone number for the live stream Oh tell, your dad the phone number for the live stream is 8 6 75 309. Wow. Traffic. Josh. Can i be a mod from beyond i, can't mod anybody tonight on this app sorry. Will. You be staying for the fireworks yes Matt we will and Joseph - Atlanta sorry, I know we've missed a lot of blood, Eliezer I know we've missed a lot of comments tonight, sorry guys we're just they're, going really fast tonight but. We have. Next. December we'll be there that's awesome yes. The so the phone number for the live stream is 8 6 7-5 309, everybody's saying. Or. Actually 8 6 7-5 309. Is. It really his number. Look. At me being gullible. The. Crowds are kind of sporadic like a minute ago we couldn't even get across the row but now it's okay, well.

Thank You Jeffrey Jeffrey Ganga ah Thank You Jeffrey, $25, thanks Jeffrey. You. Pronounce my username, right without the two but still blot Eliezer - I got it now. Vlad. Eliezer. Bryan. Greenwood got it I will. Be there st. Patrick's Day awesome. What. Are your feelings about the show replacing, illuminations, you know I'm ready for illuminations. Well. I. Like. Yes. I. Like. Wishes, and I, miss it and I don't I would I would be happy if they brought it back on special occasions, maybe. So, at least they brought it to they've replaced it with a good show. The. Feels every time. Yeah. That. Narrator, guy at the end that tells you to reach out and find your dreams I'm like I'm doing it. Actually. I've never watched, that show without streaming, or filming I need. To do that I need, to do that tomorrow yes and, just enjoy. Even. The very first night premiere, performance I was filming it, I. Do. Germany. Pavilion is not so far away yes we're getting close to you guys. Well. Not really but close. Close to your pavilion. Yeah. Is. There any conclusive, information on the new show I haven't seen any conclusive information about the new show yet I missed. The electrical parade I miss spectral, magic Oh. Nathan. Of Veronica with you yes. We. Will be there in 12 weeks, looking. Forward to some sunshine we are stuck in Manchester, UK with horrible freezing cold weather what oh sorry. Well. There's Pumbaa and Timon guys. Yes. I. Think. You found a good program the video isn't in a teepee for me I'm very clear compared. To the live streams thank you for always looking for. Ways to improve our experience, thanks Cody so, everybody likes the new app, we're. Just have to learn how to read the chat oh. You. Do fine. Sorry. You're fine. Simian. Bob I, was. Gonna say simple one. Yes. All the cars are symbol one there's. Not a Simba two. Because. They wouldn't let me do this Resort TV. So. When I originally. Wanted to do Resort TV because that was what the channel was originally, and so, I typed in Resort TV and they said sorry you can't use that for whatever reason so I typed him one and it worked I was like okay cool. And. Now, that I like, I have the one and I'm like wow if we ever you, know decide something different we can do Resort TV 2 also. But. No we'll probably stick with just one but. That's. Not an eye. Oh. Yeah. I. Say, so. Toshi, oh, yeah. Tell us your name one more time, Alan. Nice, to meet Alan. This. Is Natan, Veronica they have a channel paging mr. morrow. Yeah. Yeah. It's. Nice to see you again Alan. Nice, nice opera that's right big out nice hopper big. Al big, al no. We're. Gonna meet Big Al and Mary eventually. Well. We have this whole running joke with Big Al that we were at Universal Studios right, before New Year and this. Yeah. And this. Girl was running by and like taking off her shirt as he was running by and I'm like trying not to show it I was, trying not to show it I mean I'm assuming that it was something but I was just like oh my gosh I'm like looking away and, somebody goes why did you why did you do that so fast I said well this girl was kind of taking, us trough so then the hashtag nude hopper came off. So. Anyway that's Big Al's joke. Yes. Jenna lingo, all. Right millennium, parade was the best oh my goodness you are right for my Redskins millennium. Parade tapestry, of dreams and, nations, dreams. And nations hey everybody. Say hi to Sam Nancy, Nolan blood, on, the, saddle. Best. Part in the whole show. Yeah. Everybody's hashtagging the new topper that's right Oh hashtag. The rude lady yes that happened that happened that same night hashtag rude lady, so. We, were standing behind this person to watch the Harry Potter Harry Potter Castle show and, she. Was just talking incessantly. And, nobody could even hear the music and I just kind of went and. She. Turned around and just let me have it, she. Said I'm in a theme park I can talk whenever I wanted I'm, like man there are 500, people watching you right now, so. Anyway I kind of lost my cool a little bit on this dream and, had.

To I had to apologize to everybody I got, a little upset. So. And then there was another lady that was rude to me before I got on PTA and I she, goes are you gonna be I was talking to the chat. And then she goes are you gonna be doing that the whole time I said. I just said yep and then I kept going, sighs. As I said I was good that time I didn't I didn't get mad. Yep. I, we. Crap but we crap, up not crack we, crack up at Big Al yes we do Oh Jenni your turn. All. Right so we're gonna actually I do, need to hand it back to Jenna though so she can say, hi to everybody. Yes. Renee we need to do that we keep we. Keep kind of. From, Disney blacked-out yes so we're gonna go during the blackout. Golden. Orici. Gonna be next Friday Geoffrey. I'm not sure we haven't decided yet. Peter. Hi downscale, yeah hi Peter. Bloopers. Bloopers time yeah Rachel. Hey. Sabrina we are getting close to Italy. Good. For you know how I'll be annoyed a few guys rely on me yeah oh sorry, yeah we. Want to talk to everybody so we do the best we can. People. Are so rude yes Morgan for sure yeah I mean you know I try not to talk that loud honestly, but. It's. Hard sometimes oh there. We go look, and with the spaceship earth backdrop. Hello. Nathan and Veronica from Frankie. Oh gee, snip says hi. Haha. It, really does. Like. A bird nest would go in here. What, happened. Oh hoppers. Hi. Oh. That's. Awesome where you guys from Palm. Beach Gardens how far is it Oh. Awesome. Whenever. You're not in the park. That's. Awesome, thank you, bye. We're. Gonna go get some pizza from, Italy yes that's, the best whenever. I mess something up now I'm gonna say well I've crapped up. Card. Card yes we got him a card citrus. Swirl. Girl have. You guys ever gotten a sundae from the booth in Italy I have not a week. We gave him a card Jen already gave him a card Rachel. What. Richard. Richard, gave them a card. Okay. Richard's, on top of it sorry and goofy. Says only on cue oh yeah for sure yeah give you no worries oh it. Captured. Captured. Oh. Awesome. So. We have Laura. Happy. Birthday Laura. Well. I love that the ears are LSAT yours too right yeah, those. Are cool. So. You're having a good day today then. You. Guys have been busy. Everybody. Likes your ears on the stream they say nice ears. So. Did. You guys get to ride the frozen ride today. That's. Awesome. So. Where are you guys from. Louisiana. Okay cool. Okay. Yeah I remember that yes. Yes. And. That what you guys said Resort TV one mom and dad cuz they said somebody said Resort TV one mom and dad to us. Everybody. Everybody saying happy birthday Laura. Yes. Absolutely. Yeah. We let's go bye bye the dwarves. Tell. Richard to halt hand you the phone I've. Got the phone though. I've. Already got it. Alright. So yeah we can get over here. One. Of you guys later, Veronica you want to hold the stream and talk to the people while we while, we do a. We. Are in for a real treat with me I, have. Hijacked the stream. You. Are going, to like this this. Is wobbly. Wowie. Hi, Renee. Hi. Danai, hi. Adam. Can't, wait to see you go oh. Hi. Everybody. Crazy. Oh we. Have Bryan here Orlando. Theme park 360. On. Live, streaming for every sortie v1. I. Took it over I hijacked, we're gonna go. We're. Going in here now everybody, here, we go. I'm. Kidding we're not really going in there. Gravy's. Doing wonderful, I actually you guys did my first home log today so. I'm gonna upload the vlog that I did today by myself. I. Don't. Know. Hello. Everybody hello hello, from everything yep yep fine. Brian I have found Brian. Yes. Greyson. Q oh she, says thank you in spirit. It's. Pretty much, what. We do for the day. Waiting's. From Costa Rica hello. It's. A. At the top all, right even top I know that's a thing but I don't know what it I don't either, what, does it mean late really.

Sorry. Serrano says Richard is the man. Julie. Says veronica's ik Veronica. Is a character luck already love her. Awesome. Awesome yeah, we have we haven't said this tonight but if you guys aren't subscribed make sure you subscribe hit, like and do the notification, thing, hit the bell to Toronto Wow but, every time we go live it helps a lot yes cuz then when you're laying in there you're like there. Lie. I'm. Sure that's what they say, you. Subscribe to paging miss tomorrow make sure you also hit the bell because I got notified when they went live at the boardwalk, oh. Your year, of law no that wasn't at the boardwalk one was that was that hotel you're at, Grand. Floridian I think. Okay. Just I'm gonna go to okay, w

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