Epcot Live Stream Part Two - 3-2-18 - Walt Disney World - ResortTV1

Epcot Live Stream Part Two - 3-2-18 - Walt Disney World - ResortTV1

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Hey. Everybody its Josh, with. Resort tv1 and we are alive again at Epcot sorry it took us so long to come back on we had to reset the stream and we were having, a good time chatting, for a couple minutes but with Nate and Veronica so it's great hanging out with them so, here we go guys sorry yeah sorry it took us so long to come back on I, think. So yeah I think this is the spot. Alright guys we won't talk during the fireworks so just everybody, in the comments remind that we don't talk about the violence and we'll talk. We. Welcome, all of you to, God, and world, showcase. As people, with all that. 4,000. Thousands, of us reporters. To. Share. To. Share a, story. And amazing. His story as, only. This time it's thanks downscale but students, are being written, and. Though each of us has, our own individual. Stories, to tell, true. With marriages. We. Hope you enjoy our story. Tonight. Reflections. My. House. Huh. Except, my dagger falls. Oh. Thanks. Repossess my $2.00, we goes on. That. Was a joke from an earlier stream I think he goes on. He. Goes on, so. Guys I'm sorry it was a little bit shaky I really am because it's really hard to really. Hard to hold it still with, this other stabilizer, but at least it's keeping the stream going let's. Take a look at the look. So. Nate and Veronica left Nate has to get up early tomorrow so, we the reason we started so late cuz we were chatting with them and they're a lot of fun to talk to you they wanted to hang out with them for a little bit and just talk to him off the stream for them so. Yeah we're really excited they want to do it again for sure, and. We did an ending of, their video as well that. Was fun, beautiful. Music yes. Videos. Fine mr. Nelson thinks Toronto. Okay. A vaiyapuri. New stabilizer this is a smooth, regular, regular. Smooth the first one it's, only a two axis stabilizers, so it doesn't it doesn't do the left and right shake, it's. Harder to hold but it has a battery backup so we can use it when the phone battery dies. Well. Thanks thanks Lucy, said I did perfect thanks Lucy did, not even notice it was shaky thanks everybody you guys are nice cargo. Says passed the clean actually I love this exit music is so pretty, I should, just be quiet. Thanks, Maya free and Dean. I did. Not talk about reflections. Of Earth being replaced yeah but we'll talk about that in a minute. What, do you think guys is that a good shot. All right so want to say hi to week land Torrance and Thomas ever after hi guys, so. We don't just sit quietly on the stream very much sometimes I just want you guys to enjoy the song for a second. Like. We love chat with you guys but I know sometimes people said hey can you just let us enjoy so yeah oh. There's. There's. Our land Oh theme park 360, hi, yeah. We just met him so cool and we have a, Lindsay. Sargent, $9.99. Love all your streams thanks for the show you did perfect, thanks. Lindsay. Oh. Thanks. Lucy we have great parents oh. I. Jail, I just have a family thing next week I have to do yeah. Thanks. Saying. Hey. Beach home we'll, let this finish and we'll talk a little more. That's, really cool Michael and hi Nicholas. Happy. Birthday Jim. Joy's wants to say happy birthday Jim. Yes. Yeah. Hey. Flower power. Very pretty. That. Patottie. I totally, conducted, it guys I. Did. I conducted, it I conduct things. Steph. Has an O conducting, at their rule at the table rule. Alright. Guys sorry I didn't respond all the comments there you know sometimes it's just nice to sit and listen so hopefully I know I talked a little bit but hopefully you enjoyed, yeah, we're standing you're sitting hopefully, okay. You can stand if you want all. Right guys. The. Taps trio nation's high. From Shana blue and Kitty Squiggy, we. Are watching from a very snowy Scotland, wheat clan torrents oh my goodness let's, go down by Mexico even though it's not open. You're. An awesome conductor, thanks Avery picture, is awesome thanks Paul yeah we're on a new, app that gives us 1080p, so. I am apologizing. Ahead of time it will be shaky er because, I'm on only a two axis stabilizer, right now but. It does have a battery backup for the phone which my regular. Smoove Pro does not have so. At least we're able to keep the stream going and still, have. Some power, can. You go into Mexico I don't know if they'll let us or not made, it home Brian says and you guys are still on.

Musicians. Blood to conduct that's right Jen love, tap stream nations we do to Rachel that was so cool Rick says and. If, I miss your comment, yes, if I miss your comment earlier while we were just kind of enjoying the music please just repost it. Yeah so and I know that we didn't answer as many comments tonight and. We, do apologize we never want to miss your comments just just a lot going on and I know most people understand but if you're new to the channel we, get three, to four thousand comments on every livestream and we would love, to be able to read them all but it's just not possible we, do the best we can but we love you guys and we want to read your comments so I hope you know that. Yes. So. By, the way grande. Grande fiesta tour we didn't make it because we. Were talking to Natan, Veronica and we hadn't, stream, with him before so we wanted to take the time to talk to them it was. You. Got really great hey. Guys I think I just swallowed a bug. I'm. Good. Yeah, the moon over Mexico is really cool your videos are awesome DDR, USA Thanks hi London Tom, Disney. Came out of CT scan back on oh good, hopefully everything's okay. Yeah. Three. To four thousand comments holy, crap we all loved the chat Renae says yes three to four thousand I got. It I got. This. So, anyway yes. It's. The Disney bug so you'll be fine that's right Serrano. Delicious. That's right Avery. The. Weather must be fantastic, it is we, might stream tomorrow a little bit we'll see we're. Gonna be at Magic Kingdom tomorrow, and partially F cos we might do a short one. Yes. Make sure you subscribe sorry. Make, sure cook make, sure you subscribe and hit the bell so you get notified and everybody who was saying somebody said I love, love. Your videos and Nate and Veronica, yeah they're awesome. Do. Not climb that's right Ross this, is Mexico, he beats home how's it going you. Guys are unbelievable Jorge says keep up the great work you were perfect, thanks Jorge, guys, are really nice and by. The way let. Us know let's just I guess let's just walk towards the front let. Us know if you are a new subscriber tonight, because I don't think our notifications. Are working. It's. Not showing when people subscribe and I want it to show so. Anyway let us know if you're a new subscriber tonight. New.

Opera. Stag. Right. Yes on, all the things resort eb1 on Twitter Instagram and Facebook I told my wife to call 867-5309. For the stream that she was confused, that's awesome Brian haha. Everyone. Hit the like button yes Donna, love. You guys thanks big gal I've. Been a subscriber for awhile DVR, USA awesome. Hashtag. New topper I'm a new subscriber Thomas ever after. You are not Daphne or, whoever's. On that I don't know if it's Daphne or some other a member. Of the family. Shout. Out from autism Ricky, okay cool what. Film do you think will win Best Picture Sunday, I don't know good question. It. Showed the donation on the video overlay, at the beginning of the stream okay I'm. Not new but I saw I never saw a live stream from you until now Mike that's awesome I'm glad that you were able to see it the. App alex is called, stream. Labs. Popper. Number 19,000. 133. Yes. I heard rumors about that too hider Hydra I don't know for sure shout out to Amelia, Kourtney says sure click. On the Bell so you get notifications that's right while stuff. Himmat. Or great-grandmother and i are classic, hoppers Paul says yes Paul and, he's going to design us at a tone of down for, at. Least he asked if he asked if we wanted it during. The fire which we do is daphne but everyone else is listening and watching over my shoulder they. Did a live street they did a mail stream the other night and I got to see everybody, mail. Stream. Maelstrom. Now. They did a mail stream. Yeah. But, it was good and so, we got I got to see the whole family. Old, opera needs a walker that's awesome. First. Time watching the live stream being subscribed though we met Nate Veronica trader Sam that's awesome David and they are fabulous they're awesome we had a lot of a lot of fun. How. Was this show just finished, work Andrew it was great. My. Uncle got award at the Oscars, for working on the rent the revenue, revenant. Sorry if I said that wrong that's really cool. The. Cocoa info came from Jack at the smy Ross said oh that that's, been shelved okay. So maybe grunty has two tours can estate. Oh him. We're, gonna yeah stream, without. With DSM, why yes we just have to get past some of the stuff I'm doing next week. And. Yeah so we are doing a stream next week Jenna is I just won't be on it I've, got a family thing, to do and so I won't be on it a thing. But. I. Know, it sounds weird Oh. Paul. Fox, one. Dollar and 99. Cents thanks Paul. What. Does it say ten dollars, yeah. It says ten dollars but it's one night that's all right thanks. Paul. I hope, you do a 360, video of EPCOT yes, I've already done some they'll be posted as soon as I can get time to edit them. And. I won't be sick oh I hope I'm hoping I'm not sick. So. Anyway. So yeah we're just we're uh. Yes. Yes. So. That's 1199, for Paul Fox yeah I think, so. Thanks. Paul did we miss another one earlier maybe, I don't, know but, thanks Paul I, was. Supposed to be $10 so that's alright Paul no worries I think. By the way you can donate on the iPhone app and that's where the 99 senses are coming from from everybody because. On iOS you can donate on the chat but you can't. You. It, has to be a multiple I got to be 99 cents added to it right like $1.99, $2.99 whatever. So yeah. There's. The monorail but thanks everybody we appreciate so nights been really great you guys have been very generous I. Believe. Over 500s that's awesome hey geek tech getaways how's it doing it our theme life is on here too I'm, just missing them earlier yeah they were on here so. Yes. Yeah they were here but Mike wasn't feeling good last week and so we'll have to see him next time. Ben. And Julia geeked out getaways yeah that is a cool picture I met. Geeked-out getaways when we did our Disneyland, Disney World livestream a couple weeks ago. Really. Want to add around a to a themed restaurant that would be cool Morgan. Yes. Fish. Are friends not food that's right, test. Track nothing's open right now I don't think. Random. Person says you guys are awesome thanks. Yes. Spaceship. Earth that night swooned yeah and sorry about the shakiness guys a stabilizer.

Doesn't, Stabilize left, to right only up and down and. A. Tilt. I'm. Doing the best I can Oh. Sponsors. A male let's, find out let's let's. Find a place maybe by Starbucks where we can do, all that stuff all, the things. We've. Done sponsors, twice tonight we need to do it one more time okay. Male. Time. Yeah. We have two letters so we're gonna read those and Heather. Says that my package should be here oh you do oh. Okay. I'm. Excited. I've. Been seeing a lot of the 99 cents didn't know why yes that's why because anybody. With the 99 cents that means they donated on iPhone or iPad on iOS. Good. Night Matt. Marching. Band feet yeah Bubba that's right marching, ma'am he knows exactly here's. The marching band feet toes up guys toes up thomas, ever after dreamers empire magical news live cargo, yeah how are you doing he tuck get away says. Like. It's shaky like I'm walking with you that's awesome Lucy. Okay. Guys figment in 1080p. I'll. Be I'll be here for a little bit. A stream, lab as in la B is in like a laboratory, a stream labs, it's. A free app Epcot. Is so beautiful it might get out getaways. Okay. IPhone. IPod, iTouch yes, so all the iOS, devices, all. The eyes all. The, eye things. Suggestion. Resort. Hoppers get-together weekend at wdw that would be fun. Oh. That's. Right yeah maybe a meet-up and yes. We are doing more 360, videos I just I have, them shot and. Made from last weekend I just haven't had time to to get them put together yet I. Even. Have Soren in 3/16, Jenna's ears are cold breaking, news guys breaking news Jenna's ears are cold it's, official, you heard it here first, Oh. A. Dollar 99 from Robert Santana, thank you and. Ten dollars from Patricia brown thank you. So. Thank you Robert Santana, and Thank You Patricia Brown thank you. If. We can do it afterwards. Because I think people are gonna want to go to bed here. You. Ever streamed the Epcot garden rocks concerts, I haven't Joyce but we certainly can. Now. Some of those if they're bands though, they may not let us be half okay, and we get copyright, claimed on which we might anyway but yeah so I'm not sure about the, the garden. Rocks I did not get my cookie Julie, tonight's.

Current Donation is five hundred and forty-one dollars oh my goodness. Thank. You so much guys we. Really. Appreciate it yeah I know some people were we're. Not able to donate because they were always on their iOS device, and how you can do it so that's, really helpful but. We don't ask for it we just appreciate, it. Huh. Somebody, while stuff says wow that's five hundred for Jenna and 41 19 for Josh. Man. That's. Alright that's. Alright. Bye. My, wife Jenny says hi awesome. Let's. Just go up here somewhere yeah there's, what there's enough light there alright. Again sorry about the bouncing. We. Are only partially, smooth right now. Hey. J the editor from New Jersey Disney, starting tomorrow yeah. Yeah. So we're I don't know where Jenna's gonna be next week but I told, him we're gonna be at the park tomorrow but he's not gonna be starting til Sunday, so hopefully. You get to meet him I want to but it's just may. Not work out this time. Yeah. Okay. Get, the cookie guy I don't know hey it. Smash the like button hey be our fam yes get this smash. The like. Thanks. Jay well it'll be okay as thing it's. Actually is it brighter over here. Yeah. Yes. Brighter over here. There's. A party over here this party over there. Sorry. I'm showing my 90s. Hey. Dreamers Empire BR fam says there you go look at this so peaceful, yes so we're gonna selfie, it even though spaceship earth is awesome mom, is the best. Serrano. Says. All. Right selfie, mode. Alright. Everybody so here we go. Mealtime. Oh power. Is out AJ I'm sorry hear that goodnight, Thomas and regime hey, Scott remember to share your dreams yep so we're doing male time guys so we might not read all the comments right now but we'll read them in just a minute. Who's. This from was, from Laurie and Belle very, cool I was. An adventure, yeah. With. The daily upload, from TV, one keep. Going. Thanks guys Laurie, and bill that's really cool with the daily, upload from resort TV one very personalized. It. Says on the back cam made by Laurie and I like the Flamingo yeah there's. There's the address yet p.o box, three. Thousand eight Windermere Florida three, four seven eight six Thank You Maury and Bill that's a really really nice card and I love how they're, always personalized. Sure. Yeah, sorry cooking emcees like a pound of bacon that's right. Well. That was from the that, was from the. Sorry. Random. Ice Ice Baby moment. You guys started it though. Time. To go solo alright so Jenna's gonna go solo I love. You Resort TV one thing Sam lol, 3d finger I love it Fargo says. Here. Yeah. That is the problem. You just, open up we, can't figure it out cuz you can only hold the gimbal on one side so. Buddies we get straight seeds but okay. So this. Is for Josh oh. Wow. I. Love, it oh. It's, a cookie well that's why it's for me look at that and.

So This is here this is this is let me hold it so you can actually see it yes so. This is the card from Heather and the. One there, of course they were both for both of us but the one last week was more Jenna theme with the Starbucks and this one's me themed with, the cookie me, theme josh theme i, love, the cookie and the mouse ears that's like you don't need much else besides that right well except for the coke i'm sure that's in here somewhere haha that, is great, very, cool card and though the music down there. Magic. Feeling good times happy awesome. Admissions. And magic, five sensitive, one very cool look. At that okay. Oh it's. A pablo oh my goodness. I love. It. This. Is the good stuff smile, life. Is an adventure enjoy, the ride enjoy coke wow and treats okay, so yeah. Thanks. Miles from here to ear oh what a cool car guys what guys check this out ready ready. How. Cool, look at that. And. You can see what we were just talking about the different panels, on the car look at that you should totally make a Etsy. Shop of cars she has the best parts you're gonna tilt it this way so we can see it better here we go and get my hand off the way and, that cool, maybe. Wow. I love. It we've got smile and. Sorry. I'm trying to read it backwards life. Is an adventure coke, and the treats oh cool. Close it and open it again everybody. Saying awesome ready wrap us out here we go ready. Whoa. In. That cart amazing, that is the coolest cart I think that's the coolest cart I've ever gotten that is so yeah. That's. Neat I'm. Serious oh we gotta read the message sorry I was so impressed with the car oh it, says created for you by Heather so this is the back of the car there we go yes. She made this guys this is not something she bought from her store this is impressive she made this cart it's very cool everybody's. Like wow it's a cool car and there's daddy's on here too so let me read this okay, okay. Sorry, I'm having trouble turning it around with one hand okay, oh thanks. For all you do and all of the time you spend to bring the magic of Disney to all of us we, appreciate that you keep it family-friendly. We, treasure the kindness, shown to, our Gregory, and for being his buddies well we totally are his buddies that's awesome and you. Are all you all are so amazing, love the Springer family as this created for you by Heather.

Well. We. Love being Gregory's buddy and that was really cool we were so glad we got to meet him and. And. We you know we we. Then. We talked to you guys about that later but both the first thing that Gregory did when he met bull chin and I was give us a great big hug and that, was so cool I was like yes. So. He's so friendly such an amazing kid just just so amazing, to meet him but anyway that the opposite will definitely. Gregory's buddies. For. Sure and and thank you so much other than she says you're welcome thank you very. Cool, shout, out to Claudia. That's a nice card Heather absolutely, said. Yep. So. That's our meal yeah. We keep all the cards we don't throw them away that's for sure especially especially. Not oh my goodness. I've. Got to go home and show step that one yeah, alright. I am gonna have once again put your stuff where I'll have or take this dream for a second so that I can finish. My coke and we're gonna go to the front and we'll do the sponsors huh sponsor times bunch of time all. Right. Heather. You should make cards full-time I don't. Want to. Shitty. Button you got it you, got it I think I can, okay. I. Know, she should, make them full-time right. Right. To Josh, and generous or tv-10 box three zero zero eight Windermere, Florida. Yeah. Thanks great Marco um. Here. You go oh, yeah. Yeah let me put that in my in my bag I. I can, do it that's right. Totally. Good, I'm. Trying this, move is a little harder to maneuver, it's. A harder to moon over mover that random. Person says uh-oh you push the awesome stream button. Push. It again I. See, our John's and a mom Nick says, so. Can we have the torsional, front um yes. I gotta. Go eat dinner good night Josh and Jonah by Daphne and family. Aussie. Uh, Rachel. Partner Heather I would buy a card how much for one that's cool yes. Starting. Business, C shop as, she wants did, Jenna spill tonight I did not Big Al I did not spill anything. More. Ice ice baby Oh Eric $1.99, from Eric more ice ice baby Josh. If. There was a problem I'll, solve it, DJ. Revolves it. Molly. Newman Emily said I would buy cards to the. Community core logo this, building used to be it wasn't it interventions. Before it was communica and on the back of that sign right there I'm pointing out it like you can see my pointing, there, you go right there. That's. The community or logo every every, attraction, used to have a logo here spaceship, earth had one, horizons. Every attraction, imagination, had a logo so that's the communica, logo went, back guys fun fact what's that right there. Yeah. Actually I have tried peppermint, in my white chocolate mocha it's amazing, I love it.

Josh's. Face does he turned around. Logo. Point, that's right logo point. Of. Course. Yeah, you'll have to look for that when you're here in April I. Love. Hearing that up cop music in the background. Good night Pamela, nothing. Better than the communal, or days that's right F kabob, yeah. Dad's fine yep I, guess. Josh did get his cookie after all on a card that's right Renee. Yeah. Shout. Out to Fiona, Amelia, Claudia and Cooper, hey guys. Yeah. Whoo that light was super bright, what. A fun one, thanks Josh and Jenna I love that Justin, says that Jenna, don't get sick next week okay Big Al I'm going to try so. Hard not to get sickening sweet yes. Yes. Yes yes, booked. Our January 2019. Trip awesome, I just love the sound of the fountain I know it's, so peaceful love. The Epcot background, music in. Futureworld. 82. Good. Night everyone, talk to you soon night Rachel. Awesome. Stream Josh - no mom and oh wait Josh, let's, end it here cuz I still have to go to the store oh, can. We end up by um mr.. Figg Oh mr. fake come at door oh. My. Electric umbrellas one, guys. I start to go shopping. Take, lots of vitamin C okay okay. Choppin. Time choppin, time yay yay yay. I will, be there in four weeks so please do cool Sofia. Goodnight. Weather and low, thanks. For the relaxing, stroll out of EPCOT you're very welcome. Probably, any people you'll know yeah, Julie, says lol can't keep going away from shopping you are so right yes and great Marco says hashtag Jenna, needs to shop. If. Not we could go in the middle there yeah. Let's, try right in front. Or. I guess I. Owe. $1.99. From Paul Fox thank ya thanks. Paul. 199. From Paul puck thank, you I'll. Go see the floor lights yeah those, were over there yeah. We actually we have to go tonight but we'll do that next time is that another dollar 99 from Paul Fox we got like three oh thanks Paul. Thanks. Paul. Shoot, our two of how. Much is that three ninety-eight, wait. Wait wait what -. Uh 199. Plus 199, three 398, hey I'll take it well there are three of them Oh three of them I don't know. I. Don't. Know that kind of there we go okay good so. Perfect. There. We go so, there we I got a fountain between us yeah an R John says you it's got the light too. Many Paul Fox that's too much did I said there's more haha thanks, Paul we appreciate, that and everybody, who supported, us and donated, and just hung, out yeah. We. Appreciate that very much for donations, oh four of them my goodness thank. You Paul. All. Right tonight's rent total is, five. Hundred and fifty 114, Wow. That. Is so generous thank you so much guys I don't even know what, to say that's. Well. We can't wait to try the camera, that I got and that'll all the donations help go, towards the you, know new equipment and stuff Jenna's got a new camera that she's been using and so yeah we really appreciate it we do put it back to the channel and so thank you so much guys, so.

We. Have our sponsors. Mickey Broadcom and Mickey travels calm for the best in free vacation. Planning advice also. Make sure you check out Mickey blog calm, and say that one already Mickey. Blog at me travels calm for me that's a pretty big I don't, know what's going on Mickey. Blog already. Yeah. So Mickey bug and Mickey travels, calm sorry already blooper on the first one Mickey. Blog Oh before we do that by the way that, yes next. Week we. Are gonna be live-streaming Jenna will be from somewhere and so. We don't know where yet well we will find out or. You. You. Will find out soon oh my, goodness I'm done ten dollars from Matt, Mancuso, was nice to meet you guys thanks, for all you do to keep such great streams Matt friends day yeah we met him earlier that was really cool, thanks. Matt it was great to meet you too, all. Right so sorry, guys I'm having. Problems here having. Problems bloopers take, two all, right this is an iPhone 8 + oh the camera I bought though was a Sony, a 6500. So. Thanks, everybody so I'm gonna try again excuse. Me so Jenna will be live from, a Disney park next week and, we'll have a great time there she'll have a great time somebody will have a great time. Mickey. Blog calm and Mickey travel calm. Getting. Loopy it's, time to go I. Have four hours of sleep last night did I mention that I've. Done well until tonight two dollars from Eric aid Jenna, you have Jenna. You have any of the same ears Jen tracker has. Sure. Alright. So Mickey. Blog.com and, Mickey travels calm for the best and free vacation, planning advice Mickey. Blog will help you find, all. Kinds of information about planning your trip and Mickey travels calm will, actually help you find a quote to, plan your trip so Mickey blog and making travels calm, also, check out window repair part us, that's, window repair parts us, and use, the coupon code resort tv-14 20%, off your purchase and, they, have window repair door repair all kinds of home repair parts go check out their website Oh them, the fountain got dark and small. Dark, and small. You. Guys are awesome thanks, everybody I think, we wore them out yes for sure so. Anyway uh that, would be window. Repair party fest our small. Window. Repair for us, check them out they're awesome people use, coupon code resort kv-1 for, for 20% off your purchase my, sheets are you, guys are cracking Gregory up I'm, done I'm done and. Then, our next one is a new sponsor, oh there, it goes again our, next sponsor is. Is. Black flag comics, if the new sponsor black flag comics on Facebook, go, check them out as facebook.com. Slash black flag comics, so, please go check out black flag comics on space on, Facebook. At this Facebook. Thank you cook well I'm trying I'm really trying I, was, doing so well earlier but Black Flag comments facebook.com. Slash. Black Flag comments you can get all kinds of comic books on there go check out what they have and, so. Yeah I always get Luffy at the end of the stream sorry guys. We're. Gonna take our. Facebook, page and the cat in the cat room so that's a Black Flag comics also check out. Also. Check out dreamers, Empire, commnets. Dreamers Empire com whoa where. You can share your dreams online, at dreamers. Empire comm and you. Can go on there and look at the happy place podcast, and you can also check out. Their. YouTube channel, grievers empire on youtube let's, check out. Let's. Check out. Dreamers. Empire comm, and dreamers, Empire on. YouTube yay. Really check them out look at that guys we're under. Attack. Really. Check them out they're. Gonna start spraying at us here in a second and, guys finally our last sponsor, is. Disney. Demystified, Disney demystified, you can find out all the stuff that you never knew about Disney. On Disney demystified comm like the Walt Disney was the original narrator a haunted mansion and all that great stuff so. Disney's demystified, on Amazon, and you can use the coupon code no. Sorry. There are only, $4.95. For the e-book. You. Can use the. Guys, go use the coupon code no. Don't. Oh. My. Goodness I'm sorry guys. There. You go so but that's let me be mystified the ebooks are only. $4.95. On Disney demystified, on. Amazon, the links to all of this are. In the description. Yay. Put. Together Josh, boy together. Yeah. So sorry guys I'm a little loopy that's, where the four hours of sleep finally came in I was telling to Natan, Veronica earlier my dog was up all night last night I only got four hours so anyway I'm a little loopy I should have let Jenna do them but, Disney. Demystified, go check out all the sponsors they're so patient with us when we mess them up but, it also keeps people on longer because they never know how we're gonna mess up it's. Not boring that's for sure sponsor time is never boring so. Rapido. Lots. Of science lots of time so, thank you sponsors, and thank you for putting up with our craziness and thank, you resort robbers from putting up with our craziness this has been really fun.

Yeah. It's so fun we, better stop but. Tomorrow, we will be live at some point. So. Much more than that oh my. Goodness, thank, you so much guys it's been really really awesome, check us out tomorrow check out all the videos make sure you do our of our, giveaway. So. Yeah all those things, all. Right thanks. Resort hoppers we appreciate, we love you guys you put up with us and we've, had a great time tonight so. We're, gonna end it now so much fun there we go so we're gonna end it now before we say something else weird. So. If there was a problem yo I'll solve it check out the hook while the DJ Ramon. Alright. So, for now have, a great big beautiful tomorrow.

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One of my fondest memories of EPCOT was when our company held their National Director’s Meeting at Disney. One night we were treated to cocktails and dinner in the America Pavilion, followed by dessert and coffee on the Italy Isola, while we watched Illuminations. One of the best nights at Disney ever.

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LOL Josh and Jenna Got it again they lost it again. You guys are not Trying to lose it Lol. On 44:31 We will find out wait or you will find out LOL I'M DONE I AM DONE. When Josh said Mickey Blog.com and MickeyTravelsDotCom Jenna Said We'll help you find it We'll Have a Great time Lol Were getting to noxious on 45:18. During Window Repair Parts I think the Faountain just got Dark LOL Is already Dark No Lol #DarkAndSmall on 46:14. Even the newest Sponser Black flags Comics even Josh just Said cheak out Black flags Comics on Spacebook LOL HAHA #SpaceBook.Com It's a Facebook not a space Lol On 47:04 Even the Spacebook is in a Catroom. Woah the fountain is under attack Oh No Were attack by the fountain on 47:49. LOL There is a big funniest Sponser that Josh almost messed up on in Disney Demysified on Amazon But on that You said We can use the Coupon Code No LOL HAHAHA WE CAN USE THE COUPON CODE RESORT TV 1 NO NO NO LOL I'M ABOUT TO CRY #CouponCodeNo on 48:27. WOW All these bloopers are getting to hilarious and is making me crack up Lol. You gotta upload that to add that BLOOPER so that people can see it again what happen. Amazing Live Stream Josh and Jenna. A lot of Funf Time. BLOOPER time BLOOPER time and Sponser time Sponser time.

Lol. Blooper recap! :-)

Epcot is my favourite theme park at Walt Disney world have a great weekend and most magical day today

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