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Hi. Bunny. I'm, gone. We, are finally, here we are back in the parks after four months of being law and, I. Am. So, excited to be here like just, to be in, the space is amazing, we're taking all precautionary, measures, yes it's time to get ready Sudha. Yeah, so we're gonna be doing our absolute, best to keep everyone, safe and ourselves, and, we're, going to show you some of the precautions that, Disney is taking, and, how. It is like we don't know how everything is working we haven't been to a park yet so Epcot. Is our first it's, our home it's our love we, knew we had to come here first like we couldn't go to any other part before we came to Epcot it's the opening, day it's. Their first day. So. One of the cool new features that they've added cut, is they've actually opened, up this hallway I believe, that was open before, the parks closed but they've added some cool new signage, so. This, way you, can go to test track mission space Epcot, experience, World Showcase and mouth gear and then, this way you go to the land sore in the Seas journey, into imagination and. World Showcase and I, love like the cool new signage. Loving. It. So, then of course the main drag. Is still. Roped. Off because they're still in construction, but you, can choose to go this smooth or you can choose to go this, way we're gonna go this way because it's more than the. But. Yeah so. Far everyone, seems to be doing a pretty good job of, social. Distancing, we are definitely, trying to. Do. Our part to stay away so even. If it, gets a little clogged we'll just hang back like. Wait a little while and then once it clears yelling, right here then, we'll continue to go so just trying, to be safe and keep everyone else safe around us so, you can see here how everyone, is trying to social, justice it's. Important to keep picket feet between each party, even. If there's not lies but even like when walking. Actually. Looks, really nice there were a lot more people towards the beginning of these the. Park but, this. Walkway seems nice and definitely, trying, to balance like. Breathing. When. There's not people around like, getting. Oxygen, in because like definitely tell with the masks you get more shallow. Why. Do people ooh. Hey, pretty boy. Gotta. Love it and. So. Here is. Series. One of the food booths I don't, know if they're open yet it doesn't look like they are it. Is. 11:30. They. Usually open, at noon. Well, they usually open, oh yeah you're right okay. I. Love, these walls, so. Right now we're basically just kind of looking from point A to point B, I. Hope. You enjoy walking and kind of seeing what it's like it's a fish it burns over their head. Yeah. We're. Just honestly, enjoying, being back, in. Our favorite, place on the entire planet, here's, the one thing I will say just real quick, as. You can tell the umbrellas come out vicious because all of the things they cut off or, all of the parts with shape directs, everything, his son. Yes. I definitely. We. Did try to prepare as much as we could for son but we also try to prepare for rain because I think it's gonna do both today check. Out the cute new designs. So, technically, the designs and everything are for Food and Wine Festival they're calling it food and wine 2020, even. Though really it's the festival of everything, because they also have topiaries, and artwork, and all, that fun stuff but look how gorgeous I. Love. The design I think it's super cute and they, definitely focus, more on ratatouille. And the movie which i think is great. Love. It so. Cute. That. Guy already has that orange with the person good. On you man people, do not know sir they're. Serious, I thought as I'm sitting here on this bench relatively. By myself, there's not really anyone else here I thought, I would go ahead and update you guys on what, it is that we're planning to do today and, the truth is we really don't have much of a plan we wanted. To look at merge first thing and see what they have that might be new or different and then. After, that we want, to check, out some of the festival, stuff so like the food booths and, the, Remy Hunt the Haydn's Greek that's happening right now so. We just want to kind of see what that's gonna be like what it looks like with this and. Yeah. So that's the plan we're gonna take you along with everything and we do want to go live today, as well the day that we're filming this so. Yeah. All. Right so we found mouse, gears we've been back for the first time in a few months, and we also. Found the line, to. Get into Mouse ears. It's. Quite long. But. It does like look everybody social distancing, which is awesome, handshake. So. We're here in own mouth, years and they do have quite a few wish', Buhl's available.

So. They have the flowering garden ones which, I loved we did open those. We're. Gonna do the hind leg way back yeah, while the flowering garden was going on before they closed everything and, then, we have the states, one and. Then, a few odds and ends of the. Wish'. Bulls that are sold, separately, so, for. Flowering, garden merge there's not too much of it like that this cute one rollback back here and. Then they had like the demon births from the festival, I can see they have two spirit tree these over there the mugs make. Should have quite a bit of flower and garden merch it's just like. Odds and ends it's not like full displays, of everything, it's just kind of whatever you can find it's fair so. Interesting. Layout for sure how. Long would you say the line for Mouse care was. 15. Minutes yeah. 10 to 15 it was it wasn't too long it's just in the direct Sun that was yeah the negative about it but it really wasn't too long of a week. All right so, we've got our, hide and squeak map. Just. For this year 2020. A little. Bit earlier than normal but. That's okay it also comes with our extra stickers, of. Emil. Collect, Remy, and gusto. And it is 799 the prize right, now still, the same prize from, flower and garden, so. This, bike hunt, I'm. Since those little cups if, you saw our one flower. And garden vlog I think we showed it to you I'll link it up above if you haven't seen it. But. Yeah so it's the same things, we got the last one we didn't have from. Flower and garden because I think we bought three maps at flower and garden because we wanted three, of the cups so, we bought the fourth we got the fourth one we, didn't already have so, that's. Where we're at we, may have set it up already but, we had to stop and get our steak at Canada some filet mignon first. Up today always. It's nice to have it earlier in the year than usual. So. We're walking through Mexico. And Mexico, has quite the line, for. Food, but, considering. What Mexico. Normally, is and, how crowded it is this is off that's just the only time today where I would say well you can tell the crowds are down yeah, I feel, like in the front. Of the park and in. Like the main thoroughfare, it still feels really busy because that's where everyone's coming in at so it is every you're seeing everyone that's in the park but. When. You get into the World Showcase that's when it starts to, spread. Out and spin out and you can kind of tell but if it's still busy don't get. A lot, of people I would like. It's. Definitely not like I heard people saying like oh my gosh there's no one here it's so weird it's amazing. Please. Wear a face covering, wash, your hands often and thoroughly cover. Your mouth and nose when, coughing and sneezing and maintain. Physical distancing. Thank, You Marianne for. The day. Yep. But, anyway, for. Everything oh yeah, so I definitely it's, not so, low that it seems, like eerie, there's. Definitely people here, but. I'm super grateful because comparatively. Speaking to. This time of year in summer flowering. Garden meets, food and wine it would be so, much busier so. We're. Really excited to be here here is the line for frozen ever after. Not because it's that long but I think they're just social distancing, everybody. But. I will say if you've ever been in the frozen over after line it's, a pretty long. View, so. If all of those are spaced six, feet apart from each other and it's still that long a. 40-minute. Line maybe. In. One enclosed space yeah. So I wouldn't be surprised if it's a different to, China boba.

What. China. It's. Okay I'm going for a coke I see anyways but man. Make. My heart sad oh my, god it's over. Guys. Guys guys. She's. In the courage. Our. Queen. By, my call. Okay. Cease we. Have to it's so hot today and when I am older over the speakers because on a hill so we're just here until. We're here at the refreshment. Outpost, in, Africa. And this. Is a place that you can get the frozen, slushy with the, B. Zipper. So, pretty. Interesting, this, is our place of your eye sees in the world showcase, so we get the coke eye sees but. You can also get these bikes zipper here. Interesting. Here's. The view of. What the walkway looks like. Pretty. Clear. Alright. So, we are leaving the, World Showcase, and, if I look purple, it's because I'm under an umbrella, because. We're pale and we burn. And. I think if there's one note, today. Not. About anything. To do with with. Safety or whatever but though the, weather, is. So, hot I. Think. There's. A reason that we try not to come to the parks in July yes. This is why. Yes. We are Floridian so we should be used to this but we're also we're smarter should be smart enough to know. So. Definitely, stay, hydrated we've, had to take, multiple, water breaks to, just, get water get icy like cool down because. It's very easy to get overheated and, especially with the masks, it's. Like you forget to drink like Elise for me would, an Epcot day with a be be complete without riding figment I, really. Don't think so. Oh. Blog. Ception, she's doing an instant story in, the blog. But. Yep here we are the Institute, of, imagination. Hello. Beautiful. How have you been we've, missed you. He's, looking for butterflies. For. The health and safety of everyone please, wear a face cover. Thank. You. So. There are lines. On the floor six feet apart so you, just find your line, and. Kind of hanging back a little bit to see where the line is gonna end cuz I don't know. Which. Line needs to be mine but. And. I. Will say like the best tip that I've come up with today is just to like take your time and almost. Linger, a little bit because if. You try to rush and push it a lot of people will, try to crowd around to, you so just, if you're a play with being the last in line and waiting, a little longer you.

Can Be a lot safer so, that's. My two cents and the imagination, of segments that are loading one party, per card so, that's other social distancing, your ferry leaving every, other, role. White so we're, in room, -, oh then the. Next fits it for of a t3 open so, there's, always a row between you and the party yes yeah this, is probably the saddest, sight of the entire day. What's. Out empty. Everything's. Closed they don't want you touching things the whole point of being in who's to touch things so. It's. Like rip it. Blocked. It off you, can yeah. They don't have the character meet there anymore but I guess you could just go up there and take a picture of yourself if, you wanted. Well. We. Just got a figment. Or journey into imagination with, pigment but this. Was actually our very first attraction. Back. In Disney World so I. Liked. It I think it was fine it there wasn't anything that I thought was like well that's weird they just had the six-foot lines on all of them cute. And then, they, did have each person, I have a little clip of it that I showed. You guys they, had each party, be in one row, of their car and if you've ever been in journey to imagination for figment there's two like. Rows in each car so, basically, they were just trying to have one party in a row and then an empty space and then a party in a row and then an empty space so, it did take a little longer to get on the ride just because they weren't filling it full the, knives I mean, we didn't even have to wait it was probably a three, minute and that's just walk in the Kos yeah, so we really didn't have to wait at all instead it was a ten minute wave but it definitely wasn't so that's our first ride experience so. There's another character out, here when we went in it was Winnie the Pooh and. Now it's Julia. She's, playing peekaboo, in the trees. Playing. Hide-and-seek. Yeah. Thank. You hello Joey, you. Look so beautiful in your dress. Are. You enjoying a nature walk. Playing. Hide and seek, oh yoga. Yes. Helps. Keep the joy alive right. And. Our. Next stop, of the Empire. Epcot. World tour is. The. Land. So. Here is an overview of the land it actually looks quite busy in here it's about. 2:15. But, comparatively, speaking. It's. Not bad at all so you can see each table, they have kind of, separated. From each other so they're six foot distance, and I. Think we're gonna go check out living. With the land and Sauron and see, kind of what those attractions, look, like you, can see the cast number right there cleaning, the handrails. So she goes down the stairs so. I think they've been doing an excellent job of keeping everything, really safe, but in geometry, then. Trying to clean it between, uses. So starting. Girl is open, you can see the characters, dining. In there which is awesome. Soren to tower were, ready to take off. So, in the Soron entrance they of course have the six-foot dividers, trying, to keep everybody socially, this doesn't you, can see the exit right here people leaving and then.

This Because they don't have fast, passes, setup right now it's just an alternative and. Trance and that's what it says on the side so, you could just choose right or left. I'm. Assuming they're just going back and forth between the two like you would with fast passes but there's, no bad passes so also. I think handicapped, is on this side so if you have like a wheelchair or something it's. A little bit easier to access so. Just. Go that way all the screens are down that's. The fun part, you're. Never on this side of the screen. We, literally never get to go in standby because we always have fast that's it that's bad but we just do. The. Regular the. Screens are down come. On. Your Honor it was like the movie - coming on today come on son. Peter. Pan. To, to free dots, intro, and, then they have these dividers. So. That. You can, not. Be popping, a little on anybody else so you can still think the the. Screen fine but, there's like these big metal dividers in between the oils, so. Pretty, cool, you can see the squares - the square that your party, is supposed to spin sighs. I swear and then. There's the party school alright so we are in seasons. Which is the restaurant, area outside. Of Sauron, and we. Just got off of Sauron, and I want to give you guys a little bit of our. Experience. On it that, was kind of the first area, well sorry my hands are shaking I'm really tired. This. Is kind of the first experience, that we had where, I felt like we. Were uncomfortable, due. To the closeness of, everyone. So, the, line itself was actually great, I thought it was really well handled, they had like the six foot barriers. They. Had. Little dots for each group to stand in when you go into the three lines to board your hang, glider's there, were plastic. And, metal dividers, in between, each row, so if you've ever been in the, queue for Sauron you kind of know you all line up ABC. And so they did have the plastic measures. There in between which I thought was great. We. Personally, it wore gloves into it we put them on right before and took them off right after just. Because I felt a little bit more safe in touching the seatbelts, touching the handles and everything to, have gloves on so that's what we did. But what where, the issue kind of came was once we got into the row of the hang glider's where you're supposed to sit down and buckle in, they. Had, locked. Each, of the seat belts into, the, seats so that you couldn't go ahead and pull them and sit down I am. Not really sure why they did that at this point I I don't know if it was I think. It's because when the ride moves, all, the seat belts have to be clicked in. Order to for, the ride to work and so, they had just clicked all the extra seat belts so. That it would be like. Able to go or whatever but. The weird thing was. The. Cast member, like we couldn't get our seat belts out so we couldn't sit down so we're like um like. What are we supposed to do here and so the cast member had to go, around to the end of our row click, a button that released. The seat belts for a certain a small time so, he's like when I say go you. Can hit the button to release your seat belt so we had to pay attention to him be like ready set go and try, to release our seat belts and. It was kind of chaotic they did have dividers in between every four. Seats. They had like plastic, dividers. So, that you're kind, of separated, from the party next to you I didn't. Find that there, were other people on our row super close to us however. Because. We couldn't unclick, our seat belts and only certain seats, worked our party. Had to be. So we were actually split, up into three, or two different divider sections, because. The. Seeds weren't working so we had to be spread and, the. Other, party. That was next to us was about four seats down from us on the same row so, I was talking with them I was talking with that guy being like you, know how do we open the seat belts he's like should, we just sit on them and I'm like I don't think so I think you have to use them it was just very confusing, the cast members didn't, seem to know what was going on so, how were we supposed to know what was going on. Yeah. And then I also feel like in the Air Force or in it was not safe, at all because they. Had people actually, taking, their masks off during the ride which I felt super, uncomfortable, with. Which. They obviously, tell. Us to keep our masks on but they can't force people to so. There, were people on the road next to us that didn't have their masks, on they had their shoes off because I guess they were wrangling flip-flops or whatever and then they were dangling their feet in the air and I just my germaphobe, heart was like I can't. I can't take this like germs. I'm sure we're everywhere and. I was just kind of having a mini panic attack, inside.

The, Third and final thing about Soren, that wasn't super great was the line when we were leaving and they say over the speaker like please, social. Distance as you walk out the building or whatever and. People. Didn't do that obviously, they, didn't, and I we, actually got sandwiched, between two other parties, I was trying to social distance and hang back from the one in front of us but the people in the back were pressing, I just, felt so uncomfortable the, entire time so I'm sure, Soren will continue, to go through and get better as it goes but. For the very first day of EPCOT I was very, uncomfortable, in Soren and I won't be riding him for at, least a while until. They can get their their, stuff figured, out so, I was kind of the first negative dream experience that we've had this whole time so, I just thought I'd share with you guys and be honest, all, right y'all so we just came out of seasons, and um look. At this guy. Look. How ominous this, is so. We just went live so thank you to all of us who joined us live that was so much fun we're, definitely gonna do more lines and the power are gonna stay in one place next time yeah or just like try to have better better, connection, but it's starting to rain so, that's probably gonna be the end of our app called a here so if you have any questions leave them in the comments, and we'll be happy to answer them for you hey, okay, so lol, everyone we actually decided, not to leave, and look at this so. It's, literally it started to rain you, can see the sky blends, in with spaceship earth but. This, was kind of the weather that we were expecting. For today we weren't expecting, the blistering Sun from earlier yes protecting the cover and. So I brought, in a raincoat and, a, bee I just felt like she could've because I don't know you don't have one so it was like fine to buy one so she bought a Disney raincoat and now, like, we're, totally game to ride more rides and eat more stuff so. Protect. You guys from the, rain that's really all yeah. So we're, totally. Like in rain guard now. And the, parks definitely, cleared out so, much basically, just waited it out as usual for, like. That, like literally okay so we just started. Raining. Pins. That's. What I do when I wait i buy pins but, literally, I mean this, I've seen maybe five, people walking. This since. It started raining oh. Yeah. Galaxies. Progress, while that looks so cool. Literally. Awesome, so, we're, gonna keep you guys updated we're gonna try to only vlog, when it's like safe to keep you guys dry you could read don't, have a lot of proof camera. But. Yeah that's that's the plan we have no idea where we're going now we're just you know live. In this rain life so. Hey. Maybe the rain will wash, the coke out of my shoe that I spilled on it earlier. Took. Extra socks because. Okay. That's another rant for like another day but basically. The. Car they would not give me a lid because you know save the earth they wouldn't give me a lid for Mike huff and I, had to carry three, drops, for everybody there's a long way anyways, and so I had to carry three of them with no cup holder and no lids all. The way through. And it was kind, of traumatic I, was like spilling it on my shoes but I didn't spill any on the ground because I would catch it with my shoes so I wasn't making a sticky mess I see, it so, anyways if I didn't wear shoes wet with rain then. Maybe it'll help them to not be sticky, with soda right. Anyways. Well update you later when we decide what we're doing so we, are in the back of France, and we. Came on a mission to see if the bakery, is open, so the ice-cream place is so. This is the one that has like the ice cream macarons, and stuff like that. We've. Actually never eaten there so we definitely need put on a bucket list there's so many people they, come so highly recommended, but, if you actually see in here the France bakery is not open. So, the gift shop part is but, the bakery is all closed so. If you were on our life the day that we filmed this video that was like a big question mark because. The. Norway bakery, is closed as well so, Fred, mm-hm okay so, we're here in the UK I think the lens is a little fogged up it's, because it's wet. It's. Okay so we're here in the UK and we found one of the relaxation. Let's. Go see what this is about. Sorry. If the lens is a little foggy it's very much. Okay. Thank you so much. Thank. You so much. Arrows. Look. At uh. Be. Apart and I think some of them say do not fit do that fit yeah if you can keep everybody really nice and then that's I'm standing, over here so if you want to get something like food or whatever.

This. Space. Yeah. But. Wait I wanna take my mask off because you're allowed to do that safety. Of ever please, wear a face covering, watch your head. Cover, your mouth and nose when, coughing and sneezing and, maintain, physical, distance II thank, you you feel relaxed. This. Is very nice. You. Could eat it here yeah. And. So, that would have the umbrella down so people want to thanks. Very. Very cool. There's. Interesting things going on down here there's my umbrella. We. Really don't know because we thought shimmering, sips was supposed to be in here but uh we, saw something service the, front so. Is. It even open I don't know, we're. Just gonna go see. This. Is yeah. Very puddly and very tree. Heavy. Let's. See, I. Couldn't. Even see it I was on your top half its, her bags don't worry about it. World. Show place let's see what's going on in here shall we. Okay. So the cash number just told us there are four different marketplaces, in, here and. The reason that they have it is because these the. Things that we're in the, places last year like the apple seed orchard was in the Canada. Movie. Theater but, because that show is now open. They, could have put it there so they have this whole building, for. Food. And, champagne and, Wow. And it is massive. Look. At this so. They have desserts and champagne, on the one side, festival. Favorites. Right here then. They have the apple seed orchard oh, there's. The mac and cheese so, they have a bunch of different gourmet, mac cheeses, and then. A ton of different spaced, out tables, so. That you can eat, this. Is incredible, I'm so glad we stumbled upon this, so. Look you can see the festival. Manual, I was wondering cuz I felt like some things were missing. There. They are and then you can always scan the QR code or get the magazine experience, app to, see the festival. Operators. Like that because. They, don't give, out the passports anymore because they don't want you touching everything so we, need to get a pretty, lips. So. This is a dessert some champagne.

Let's. Look at their menu really quick. Take. Frozen. S'mores. Then. This is the apathy tortured so this is all we were looking for earlier when we were in Canada and couldn't find it. For. Malakal popcorn, that looks amazing. Yeah. They did. And. Then oh my gosh them mac and cheese, guys. I have to show you this mac and cheese place because, it sounded, so, good. Smells. So good. Gourmet. Mac and cheese. Buffalo. Chicken lobster. Mac and cheese and then a. Vegetarian. One and, then they have lots of different space, to where you can socially, distance and hang out I wish, we had known about this earlier, Wow, so. If you are walking through the world showcase, and you need some, rest from the Sun this. Is an amazing, place to come because, if, air-conditioned, it's huge you can find a corner far away from people and you. Can definitely be, here safely, alright. Guys so that is officially. So. Many awesome discoveries, after, we were, gonna leave we did so we, are officially done with our first day of Epcot I cannot wait to see what they do with it what the improvements, that they make will definitely be back in about a week or two to, see if it's any better if t, concerns. Go and. We are gonna do a sit-down review, of our day and our thoughts so be on the lookout for that and, we've got so many more car clogs coming, we have lucky the other parts to go to this week but, if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe down, below for more Disney magic be sure to hit the notification, bell so you don't miss any of our future vlogs. From the parks and we'll see you next time bye.

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