Epic Deep Freeze Solo Tarp Camping Got Dangerous!

Epic Deep Freeze Solo Tarp Camping Got Dangerous!

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I got home and. Got in a nice warm shower, spoiler, alert I lived. However. I had. Just posted a video about a week ago. Demonstrating, for two hours, in zero, degrees how you could cover yourself sleeping, bag if you're really cold and breathe into your, sleeping. Day I got. A whole bunch of comments on an, earlier video I'll, post the links to these but this is important, that I explain this, because. I think. I might have given some incomplete, advice. Perhaps some bad advice so, it went out when. I knew it was gonna be cold and I. Camped, with the. Minimal, amount of gear that I travel, with early, spring and late, fall, my. Winter sleeping bag which is inadequate, I could go for a much thicker sleeping. Bag but it's so bulky when I do that if I travel around on my bike style camp and I got to have a. Limited. Amount of bulk not, weight the bike is carrying a lot of the weight my legs are strong. But. My, channel I, have. A vision for it and that is every, video is, timeless, it goes up and it's. Not topical, and then life. Moves on, 50. Years from now these videos. Regarding. How to camp out, of stealth camp how. To do it safely and smart, and the tips I've learned over. All these years that do on it. Are. Still going to be relevant so people can still search, they. Can still pull these videos up and I, want the information to be as accurate as possible because, there. Are Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and people. That they want to branch, out from camping, in a trailer, RV. To, actually. Getting. Deeply. Into nature and that's what I do I go out alone and I this. Time in. The video you're about to see I camped, with a just. A tarp and. My. Fall, equipment. And, I, knew it was going to be inadequate but I wanted to do this video as a follow-up, to. The other two videos I mentioned one is. Cold. Snap hacks. For camping, over. 60,000, people have seen that and. What. That is for, is if you wake up on a camping, trip freezing. And suddenly. There's been a cold snap and you are unprepared and you got to finish out the night at least what. Are you gonna do what actions are you gonna take so I gave. Those 10 different. Steps. And then, I. Went. Out recently. And. Because. Of weather report said it was going to go down from, 52. Degrees and. Then have a hard rain and then. Drop down to a low of 20, degrees, I thought. That would be a good test for all. The cold snap hacks I. Had. Put into that video so, that's what this video is about however. I got in a very dangerous situation, and. I found out something about breathing into your sleeping bag that. You. Should know about so watch the video I'm glad I'm safe and more here's something really funny I. Was. Laying. In my sleeping bag and I took my. Coat. Rather. Than wear it that would have been kind of uncomfortable, in the sleeping bag I put. It over my. Face as, I was in the sleeping bag so. That it was a buffer, to this 30, mile an hour wind and what. Happened, was the. Vapors, I was expelling, we're freezing, on that coat and so. Here's, what happened my coat. It's. Still frozen look. At that, and. You cannot put a coat on like this that's wet because your body heat I mean. I'm sorry it, has all that frost, on it because the body heat will melt the frost and. Then you're out of luck aren't you yes you are, because. He'll, be in a wet coat so, I had effectively. Made. My coat almost, useless, by. Doing, that and so that's why I want to make. Another video and and, explain. That so that no Boy Scouts freeze to death. I. Got. Standards. Well. The wind is steady and strong, and. I set out this afternoon, it was, sixty. Degrees, that's. Going down to 21 tonight, there's. Rain coming and you see the remnants of snow. So. I've. Decided that this will be my campground. And. Utilize the, tree I'm, gonna set up so the opening, to my tarp is. Away, from the wind prevailing.

Wind Is this way probably, hear it so. That's. What I'm gonna do. On. State game, land. Camping, legally. For. Free, it's. Called this first camp. Chyna, taut line hitch. Trying, to make. Like a three-sided. Tent out of this tarp and I used. Some debris from, the. Ground and piled it up. It's. Wet, it's. On the outside of my tarp. And. For. The time being we're all right. Before. The storm they'll see how unfair I want, to show you this see the powerlines. Ain't. Go to somebody's, house way, up there this. Road. Occasionally. Gets a car, we're. On state land and Michigan. Southeastern. Michigan, about 30 miles from Ann Arbor it's. A pretty remote what. I'm doing now or. The reason I picked this site is, it's got pine. Trees they. Stopped the wind better than, deciduous. Trees who have lost their leave this time of year, also. There's, tons of downed wood and it's. Up off the ground most of it and it's small enough to I am attorney can use my backpacking, saw to cut it if I need to and, so. I'm well supplied you see there was a forest fire here but, it didn't get much traction, burned. A few trees, but didn't. Spread so maybe. It was a lightning strike that set. A tree on fire and it, spread to the dry undergrowth, and burned some of this, wood. But we know that it happened, before this. Was cut or all that would have burned. So. They have to keep these trees cut so. They don't fall in a high wind on the power line and cut power, so. That's. Called a power line cut. And. It gives me all kinds of resources I took. Some of these. Down. Pine boughs, that, have some. Pine. Needles still left out and. I made like a windbreak, to hold down the tent on the outside, and, it's not a tent it's a tarp when. It goes down to 21 degrees. Tonight. And that smells. I'll. Say don't you buy him to bring your dad. The. Reason it was because, of the challenge, of the time and. The challenge, of the impending bad weather. If. I need to I will. Call. My sister come, pick me up that's. The agreement we made so. She knows where I am, and. She knows that if I need help I'll be smart enough to call for her so. That way. Just. Relax, and. Have a good weekend. I got. Two steaks I got. All. Kinds of food because, I was, thinking I might get pinned down and not be able to do anything but sit. In the tarball. Just. Fine with me I got. Tunes you, got stuff to read I. Got. Plenty of food, and. I. Like solitude. Occasionally. It's. Freezin, for. The. Shelter, I'm dry. With. All the rain see the frying pan and. Collect on it. Anyway. This bean is really, handy. That's, tight. The top line had just, several. Places. Fore-and-aft. And. The wind is gonna holla. It's. Been performing, so well. So. I'm going back to sleep you. Can. Hear the difference. The. Sound of the rain hitting the target I think. It's actually turned. To ice and I was asleep. And, just kicking around as those pine trees. Oh. Now, water it's hey. I was right that, turned, to ice. This is turned into. Like. The adventure. That. Escalated, quickly. Put. A link to the therm-a-rest video, I made on. How, to patch your therm-a-rest. What's. The date on there I can't see it. This. Is quite a change from when we got here last night. I'm. Glad that shelter. I whipped up is doing so well. Well. Situation. Got a little dicey. Okay. I got on the control now, the. Wind just kept shifting, shifting, you see the pine tree house. Snow is stuck now. That it's stuck from the other side yes it's been that difficult. To deal with. But. They did. Pry. Me up a steak that's, what's happened there now. Things. Can't be too bad if there's steak. A pinch, of salt. Blood, pressure is getting a little old. This. Is. Where, that little alcohol so another. Fantastic, job. Yeah. That's. A mini-me. And. That's gonna save my bacon today I don't want to build a fire and. It's. Not an efficient, way to stay warm, I've. Got a, water, bottle in, here, literally. A glass. Preggo. Jar that I brought. Yeah. Use the alcohol stove, to. Heat up a frying pan full of water put it in the sock, there. It is. Keep. It out of the basement. And it. Throws heat into, the sleep in there just.

Like I have an electric blanket, so. That is fantastic. Whoops. Anywhere. Anytime. That's. Working. Today from me I'm so glad. Back, to my steak. It. Went from 52. Degrees. The. Day I came here, was. Reigneth, I didn't have time to prepare. For a. Freezing. Winter camp and then, plus. I didn't have the equipment that's, all right I've got my little try ed stole, plenty. Of fuel. But. I've. Had the rig, tent. All different, ways. Over. The last day. And night because it's gone down those Louis four, degrees and. Snow. And 30 mile an hour winds, I have. Been trapped in the sleeping, bag, every. Two. Hours roughly. I get. Out. Alcohol. And. Mount some water this was snow two hours, ago and. Then I get. It to a boil and. Put it in my jar. Tighten. That up and put it in my sleeping bag so that's my little. Dynamo, keeping me from freezing. Also. This, is what happened to my coat I was sleeping my head was here I, was, exhaling, the sleeping, bag for. Long enough, look. At that bro, so, I made it into this shaped. It into a shelter. But. Now my coat is frozen, also. I did a video on this can, you breathe in your sleeping, bag without. Getting it soggy and then freezing to death in this. Sleeping, bag the answer is, yes you can't I did it for two hours and I've done it for what. Almost. Two days day, and night two days and nights oh here. It can I camp. Anyway. So the. Deal is that, really. Is dependent on the material now, this must it says waterproof, this, jacket, I've got and. It must have just had. A waterproof. Outer layer that wouldn't breathe some. Freezing, breath. That's. Cold. And. That's also Oh dangerous, now I don't. Have a coat. There's. The fire I laid out thinking. Maybe it would get rained on even. If I was well-equipped. It. Would be difficult, in this situation, to build a fire because, of the hard. Rain, that. Turned right to sleet and then to snow so. Everything, here is not only saturated. But it's frozen, with. A coating of ice and snow so, if, I didn't have my stove. Trouble. What. I do I got my stove in my wits and it'll be all right. Not. As easy as it looks. That's, all dirty I've been reusing the same water in the. Winds Ben Holland, is dropping junk all over my. Frying. Pan full of nothing snow. Trying. To get comfortable. Lean, back this way and I think we're, not oh it's my frozen coat, that's how solid, this, thing is frozen. All. Right dinner. Is. Coming early cuz I don't want to cook in the dark painting. Funny I don't.

See Well in the dark I got very. Little. Let. Me see my steak close this, is a second one of the trick. There's nothing partying. That's. A pine cone or everything on it and. Feel. Uncomfortable enough. Oops. Dig. Out the. Bag of wine at stake in line time I, don't. Have a wine glass or drink it ready okay. Almost. Ready for my steak dinner I put a little. Glaze. The pan. And. Then to my third and final night. Makeshift. Tents. Oh. That's. Nice in the sleeping bag when. The. Wind isn't blowing or. It can't get to you, and. The hot-water bottle, is in there but. Otherwise it's. Not nice, it's. Going down to six degrees coldest, night of the whole. Shebang I guess. And. A. Little. Nervous about it actually because, it really is difficult. To. Wake. Up shivering because. The bottle, is no longer hot, that. Happens every two hours I sort. Of run in place in the sleeping bag get my wits together and, then. Heat. Up some more water which means I've got to exit, the sleeping bag at least partially, and that is. Super. Painful and, it takes a long time once the water is hot and back in my sleeping bag, to. Warm up so it's. Not. The ideal but it is. Making. It through. There, will when I came out here for the challenge, and I got one and I got more than I wanted I had no idea it was going this cold, or. Windy. Consequently. I haven't been able to. Get. Out put. On my boots. Put. On my coat and. Figure. Out a way to configure, this, tarp. So that it's, stopping. More wind and keeping me warmer but, it's. Not happening so I will get by. I'll. Head home tomorrow and, take a nice hot shower. I'll. Be well. It's. Like being a a coal. Miner in a cave-in. It's. Very. Tight quarters, and. Everything. Is there you gotta built with one hand there's, no water in, here. Get. All my extra, clothes out or on, driving. Insulation. Or. Barely hanging, on but we are gonna. Make it till tomorrow. Go. Live. And learn. The. Reason that I didn't wear these is they've got burrs on, so. It's gathering firewood, I got a bunch of burrs oh man that got dark I couldn't pick them off, didn't. Want my sleep bag all week. Fingers. Are going numb sorry. Having. Trouble. You.

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Steak looks great but your missing 1 of every campers after steak staple snack! M n M'S, Im just sayin"

Dude 30 miles from Ann arbor, cool I grew up in Belleville, mich. I thought i recconized those woods! keep up the cool vids Doug!

Cool! Nutty to do it solo though

and I really don't want you taking my concern the wrong way. I really don't. we need you. so please keep safe bro. much love from Utah.

I do not want to see you get in a train wreck bro. only you know your limitations. I know and respect this. but don't push yourself to those limits needlessly please.

maybe do a kind of a video where you cover some basics, and some shelter theory in terms of cold and high altitude conditions. I can't be the only Joe blow that wants to toss a handgrenade in his tent and walk off after waking up in a few inches of water.

speaking of, this situation reminds me. I still have work to do on a super simple, ultra light tent that can combat condensation. I have had a few tents, even double wall, and I wake up swimming a lot. I know it's my altitude, and the tempitures in these damn mountains. even in the vally, in my house, I have issues. not as bad by any means but it's there. and as much as I'd love to get away with a one tarp rig, it just isn't feasible most the year here. it's driving me nuts. not trying to get hypothermia just because I been in the house too long. and for the most part, the tent is my last bit of gear I really need to worry about. still need an axe but that's getting covered soon. and my saw can hold me over. any ideas? I'm pretty sure you have tried just about everything

I have no intention of dying. I appreciate your sentiments and I'll be careful.

I respect what you was trying to prove, I honestly do, but please get a zero degree bag at the very least. it might be a smidge bulkier than an normal bag, but bro, in that kind of cold, please don't take unnecessary risks. if we loose you, we don't get your freely givein and much appreciated knowledge. please be cautiose man. again, I totally get what you was trying to do, and I'm grateful for the the attempt, and appreciate the balls that went into it. but your life is worth more than a simple video proving a simple point. don't do anything to risk your life man. you do have folks that care about you. and dude, I been in hairy situations. some of them I have no fucking clue how I came out. one of them involved my wife. shit radically changed after that. yes. I put my wife's life far above my own. so when we both got in a hairy assed situation, 0 degree, heavy condensation, minimal gear, dude, my gear choices changed. we didn't have a choice at the time. it was for lack of proper terms a real survival situation. but since we gained tremendous ground, and with proper funding, my gear got upgraded, as did my survival knowledge. and if I can help it, I'm not going out in cold and damp conditions without a proper tent, and bag. we got the bag, and I'm building the tent. I found the tent we had simply didn't have the ventilation needed to prevent us from swimming in the fucking death trap. so beware of Walmart shit folks. I know you had a back door in your plan. this needs heavy coverage. your sister had her orders and knew the plan. this was vital. still, I rather you be Safe than risk loosening you. you have done a massive amount of work for our community. we need you safe. I hope you understand my point of view.

That was fun ...

never give advice dude, at least that's my advice

Yo Doug, Take a gander of Perry using a piece of plastic and some reflective material. Lots of heat and maybe to much heat if one is in an area to burn a six foot long fire. https://youtu.be/Bj_lrz542Yo

Thanks, I know about and have built super-shelters. Did you skip the intro? It answers lots of questions as to why I was out there stuck in a tarp...

Why don't you light a fire????

Too dangerous. Here's the explanation I give in the video: 15:25

Why no camp fire?

Dave Canterbury! He's awesome, even after that flap with the Dual Survival show. Great advice, and I do know how and have done it many times. It wasn't going to be easy with the soaked, frozen, frosted wood. I should have covered the fire I laid out before it rained, but it didn't rain til I had fallen sound asleep. Thanks for your input Drew!

Douglas Conlin excellent video on how to start fire in very wet conditions. https://youtu.be/YRCENVAbZyM

Excellent question. 15:25

This has to be a comedy channel! This is some seriously funny shit!

Nope, sposed to be serious. Did you miss the intro?

You got guts, man! I subscribed

I'm surprised you've lived this long.

Me too!

I would have cut the sleeping bag knee lenghts. ..two hole in side for arms and wore it as a coat home .....

That's thinking on your feet. That's how you stay alive in a bad situation. (But I just waited for my sister to come get me in her car on Sunday as we had planned. Not as exciting I know, I like your idea better!)

Great vid, live and learn. I'm kind of in the same area, what park where you in?

Sharonville State Wildlife Management Area. Is that near you?

Wool.wool,wool. WOOL !!! Super shelter , super shelter , super shelter !!!! Whereas you didn't wear that ugly UofM shirt , there is that ugly , ugly , plate !! How did you eat off that thing W/O gagging !?? Anyhow ,all this is interesting ,but when one does these TESTS they should always have a fall back !!!! Bring plastic to make super shelter . Better yet, as we have done ,have a tent or supershelter PRE erected and gear that will SAFELY get you thru the night . Put all fire making tender , small sticks etc in the THICKEST contractor bag you can find ready to light for supershelter use . Also bring a little buddy heater as in case you cannot start a fire !! Do the test O/S of a truck/car so that vehicle is available for shelter/ warmth !! Boy Scouts ?!? Dude , sorry , but is this what you want to teach kids ?!? In final , you might want to put that warming bottle inside a gallon ziplock !!! Oh , and what color flowers is it you like BTW ?!? Gooo State !!!!! ........................................... Gubs

After rereading this I just wanted to say that I was told by the locals in Idaho that the only reason I was saved was because when I jumped and fell it was down hill into some sparse buckbrush . Also I was laying down on my stomach heart pounding . The sowl grunted and snorted for a minute or so and then went back to her cubs . According to them she could probably smell me , but couldn't SEE me . They said if she could have see me she MAY have still came down hill , plus her other instincts kicked in and wanted to get back to her cubs . Suffice it to say I de-assed the A.O on shaky legs forth with !!! Just wanted to add some clarity . And I went out the next day a bought a Ruger Blackhawk 44 the next day !! Pain in the ass to carry !!!............. G

Hmm , how about Go neutral :) Anyhow, yes I did subscribe , ergo the "your humble scribe" comment above .Even tho after watching a few more of your vids I am wondering why ?!? :) Keeping a loose cannon on the up and , sure Doug , ole Gubs loves a CHALLENGE !!!! BTW I watched YOUR take of defence in the outdoors vid a few ago ?!? Doug , Doug , Doug . You did hear about the teenaged girl who was attacked by a BLACK bear while running outside of Cadillac a few yrs ago , right ?? And you did hear about the "Confirmed" by the DNR cougar over your way , right ?!? Without beating this up more , I have lived in Al , Fla, Id , Ca , Wa, and now Mi and in every one of those States there HAS been bear attacks on different levels . Read a study recently about which is best deterrent against bears , and according to the Study bear spray wins . Me , I always go afield with my 60 and 3 belts of ammo . Did the 12 Mile beach to Munising backcountry backpacking 3 yrs ago and a pack of wolves took down something VERY close to our camp . VERY , very , scary shit !! And yes have heard packs of yotes take stuff in U.P , Ca. Idaho , and Wa , and these were NOT yotes !!! All that said, I do agree , the likelihood of being attacked by a wild animal in the outdoors is VERY small !! But oh that chance . Have been flanked by yotes yapping while running at night in the High desert Ca. , scary stuff ! Spotted a cougar in Idaho above me on some rocks . Shivers down the spine . Chased down a Mtn in Id. by mother black bear with cubs while Elk spotting . Ran down the hill and hit a old logging road and jumped down hill , fell and slid downhill , laying there waiting and my heart was BANGING !!! That was my scariest encounter !!! So yes Doug IMHO I think it is more than prudent in BEAR country to carry at least Bear Spray . In final , during these events the vision in my mind of any of these animals ripping chunks of flesh from my bones was enough "for me" to carry my 60 afield , well Ok handgun . Damn , sorry . Had the occasion to take a climbing Class from an Outdoor Adventure trainer at Mtn. Home AFB Id . and the guy doing the training was a local who had been attacked by a black bear and had the scars to prove it . As before , HIGHLY unlikely , But even that remotest chance for this lowly scribe makes me and my GAT inseparable in the bush :) Later . Go White , Go ARMED ............. Gubs ...

Go White! Have you subscribed yet? I need someone keeping me on the up and up.

Premise !?? Wow , you gotta be a State Alum to use such big words :) Well Ok Doug ,I guess what I was trying infer was that as informative as these kinds of vids may be they could also get you killed or in very serious trouble !!! Was just trying to convey that all this is fine for someone experienced as yourself, but someone new to the outdoors or young to do such a test can be deadly . Anyhow , yes , I skipped to the outdoor part of the vid . I want to thank you for the reiteration of this NOT being tips for BS . I stand corrected , I should have watched the whole video . As always , your humble scribe ........gubs .......... GREEN !

The premise of the video was to be unprepared. All that gear you suggest would have avoided all the problems but would have made me prepared. So I'm guessing you missed the intro. Also, I would have put my wood in a plastic bag but I ended up using it for some other important task. Good advice all around, Gubs, and thanks for your input. I'll reiterate, don't want any Boy Scouts freezing to death because of my "tips". And also, "Go Blue!"

It looks like you learned a thing or two. Good video ! Stay safe !

Doug my friend I'm glad everything turned out ok. Please be careful out there ,there not enough Doug's in this world I would hate to lose you my friend. I went on a camping trip last spring with my hammock. It was cold and rainy, I got wet and cold , I never want to do that again. Stay safe love your videos . A suggestion for you videos, your ending are too abruptly.

During our cold weather camping, we would heat water like you did, but we used a 32oz Nalgene bottle. It lasted for hours, not just 2.

When my bottle was full it stayed hot much longer, so I'll try a Nalgene bottle that's larger next time. Thanks for the tip, Kreg!

I think you needed a bigger / configuration.. tarp set up. U know it's cold when you murder your blow up pillow because it won't go down and you forget the zip your fly...lol..Glad you made it thru

I did forget to zip! Also, that pillow was holding up the show and had to go. No regrets! As for the tarp, I think its pretty big, I just chose a configuration that left one side wide open, the snow got in, the wind got in. For awhile I was considering grabbing a ton of cut pine boughs and piling them on the open side to form a kind of door. But my coat was frozen and the wind was howling so I stayed hunkered down.

Use the jacket but breathe on the outer shell, that will keep the insulation from saturation from your breath, or use the Frogg Toggs for the hoodie. Great video that shows how a seasoned camper who keeps his wits about him can adapt when conditions get far worse than planned for. Smart that you filed a trip plan with another then stuck to it, plus a bail out plan in case you felt you were in trouble, important facts that should be emphasized in another video maybe. Glad you're safe and thanks for enduring so others can see and understand, that preparation, training and experience are important. Loved the disclaimer/explanation footage at the front end.

Thanks Allen, for the insights. I don't always let people know where I am because I don't know where I'm going, but this trip was dangerous and I had to have a sane exit plan. My sister and I have been best buds all our lives, and I know if I needed help at 2 am, she'd hop in her car and speed out to help me out.

Thanks for taking one for the team and science, good job on keeping your wits when its cold.

I appreciate that! Also, I think hypothermia makes one stupid, so when I'm struggling to find the fuel bottle or get the cap off the glass jar in the final part of this video, I'm not at my best, mentally. That wasn't my finest hour.

Doug... terrific video!! Did you wear jeans.... cotton??!! Not wool?? Seems to me that makes a kinda long weekend.!! Love your videos, my friend. Thanks for sharing...... stay warm, LOL Ax

In any case, my friend, glad you made it home safe and sound. I appreciate the way you are willing to take some chance to either prove a point or just experiment. God bless ays, Man!! Ax

I love wool because if it gets wet it retains its insulation properties while cotton doesn't. But the scenario for this video was about using the same gear I'd use in late fall or early spring for a winter camp out. You're right, it made for a long weekend! Thanks Axerxes!

Funny Douglas just back from a sub zero wild camping trip hear in the UK ,there where four of us all with a lot more equipment Han you had and we still got pretty chilly. That's a brave test of mind body and soul, stay safe on your adventures all the best Will

Thanks Will!

i have never felt so cold watching a video before..it was torture brrr...

Make some Swiss Miss and put on your Snuggie, Cheyenne!

Doug glad you’re back and defrosted...I may have a handy tip or it maybe common knowledge and I apologise in advance if I offend you...when I was in the army and carrying out our training weeks our leaders drove us to the middle of nowhere in Wales...now unlucky for us this always happened during midwinter where temperatures would plummet we would be left in our groups to fend for ourselves....we were issued what’s called over here a goretex bivvy bag...this was a god send for us we would throw our sleeping bags inside and in between the sleeping bag we would have our jackets/trousers and rifles this helps keep those layers dry and a bit warmer...I still have the same bivvy as it’s a valuable piece of kit...I have used it when I had my tent ripped open by a gale force storm which I managed to stuff everything inside which helped me stay warm and dry through the storm. They can roll up to a fairly small size like I said can be used as a dry sack and is great just to break out to escape from the cold winds...whilst having a brew! It maybe of use to you it may not but definitely check them out. I wish you all the best I look forward to seeing your next video. All the best- Mark

Thanks Mark! No worries, I wouldn't take offense. A goretex bag would have been awesome because they're breathable and have more room than a sleeping bag. They've probably saved many people from freezing to death in a sudden storm!

it be interesting if a wigwam shelter can be made with those

I am no expert but i think a tent 3- 4 season is a must in that weather, a tarp is pushing your luck ? If your relying on a fair bit of luck then that is not so good ? If you are testing your limits a backup you must have, in case of emergency ?

Thanks Douglas that's fair comment , i did see your other video . life is a learning experience , we are always learning , so thank's to you for your video .

I agree with you Rob, I was pressing my luck. But I did it on purpose to test the ideas I put forth in this video: https://youtu.be/WNujOjUTV0w (My exit plan in an emergency was to call my sister and she would come pick me up.)

That was crazy Doug! Glad you made it back safe!

Thanks Allan! I still have all my toes!

Very interesting experience Doug. I have found it best to use a piece of plastic at the opening of the tarp to keep the wind out which prevents cold turning into wicked cold. As for frozen moisture in sleeping gear, you are correct the material of the gear is key. You may be interested in this site: WildernessInovation.com . I would bring a billy pot on excursions. The stuff you learned will make it much easier the next time out especially if the temperature drops like it did for you. This winter has been very cold and windy. It went from -10F to 50F in a just a few days. Go figure but I think i've got it figured. Check the sky. The ubiquitous spraying of heavy metals used for controlling the weather Not for global warming as they want us to believe.

That was intense! Steep learning curve...

Brrrr, take a look at shugemery's YouTube channel....he and and his buddies hammock camp regularly in serious conditions, good video Doug

ScottE yeah Shug is awesome!

Well done

Hi Doug, great video & channel, I love watching your videos and appreciate the hard work you put into them and the information contained within them. I don’t know if you are aware of Ray Mears, a survival guru from the Uk, his advice is to keep everything covered by your sleeping bag apart from your face & wear a balaclava and put up with a cold nose to prevent your breath freezing your gear. It would of helped you I think if your tarp configuration allowed you to open & close the front, search YouTube for a video by backcountry hunters & anglers called woodsmanship 101 “take a tarp”, this is a wonderful winter tarp shelter, anyway thanks again for your great channel, best wishes from England,

Morty Outdoors Thanks Ian! Ray Mears knows his stuff!

Ty for the share

Great Video Doug ! Lesson learned for us both ! I have been in a very similar situation and it was No fun ! Never again for me when I go in woods now I take it all but most of the time I don't need half of what I take ! My Old bones (59) can't take it like I did when I was a Boy Scout lol ! Hey has anyone ever told you that you look and sound like Kurt Russell ? Be Safe Bro. Thanks for your hard work putting Vid together ! Jerry P. Fort Mill SC

They tell me I look like The Dude. The Dude abides, even when he's freezing. As a Boy Scout I froze because I had no insulation on my bones like I do now. I'll be careful out there, and I appreciate both your concern and your appreciation of my videos! (My old bones, I'm 60, can't take it like they used to, and my liver can't handle a hangover either. So I moderate all things, and life is still really good!)

I miss that area, all the state land within a short distance.

Douglas Conlin we live on the west side of the state now, not much recreational area around here. I haven't seen the video yet, but I'll let you know when I do. Take care

Mom used to sing me a song when I was a little boy, "Give me land lots of land under starry skies above, don't fence me in. Let me ride in the wide open country that I love, don't fence me in." It shaped my outlook. I've always loved to wander. Where do you live now, roguesquatcher? Have you seen my video: How to get rid of bigfoot? https://youtu.be/gnVcQF1obeY Leave me a comment if you watch it, I want your opinion. Also, I googled that song and its here: https://youtu.be/WLoYFvbR0XY Does he really ride a horse into a bar? (A horse is an outside toy, Roy.)

They melt in your mouth, not in your hand, wish I'd had some but any form of chocolate gets eaten on my first night out, no discipline when chocolate is involved...

Isn't it cool how the terrain is recognizable when you get the feel of a place? Isn't it cool we live in a place with so much untapped forest? Did you see my Carpocolypse video, took place at Ford Lake? https://youtu.be/_sFrOlrLJsQ

The tent I use has too much ventilation! I sometimes cover it with a tarp on a really cold night and don't get soggy, so check out my Stealth Camping 101 video to see it in action. Let me know what you think, Richard!

A tent is a better tool than a tarp in cold conditions because it can handle high winds better and keeps the wind off of ya for the most part. Here's the tent I use and love, being hammered all day by the wind and holding up really well: https://youtu.be/eSpk20gtWXA And here's how it goes up and comes down, so easy! https://youtu.be/FiHZcx8Z0tQ

It was!

Point taken. I will add your wise words to the advice I give from now on.

Thanks Julia!

I hear ya. However, part of my experience of Nature is the fact that there's a food chain and I'm not at the top all the time. I like that arena. Yes, I may get mauled or eaten. That's the deal I made.

I'll work on the endings. I want to entice people to click on more of my videos when it ends. But I think I should wrap it up while shooting in the field. Thanks for the suggestions. I will stay safe!

Hey , each his own . BTW, I know this guy who sells Insurance , you wouldn't wanna like sign on the line and make Ole Gubs the bennie . Ah come on home's , hook ah brother up :) I stand your admiring scribe ....Gubs

Thats a damn smart idea.

Douglas Conlin will do. I honestly am getting absolutely frustrated on this tent shit. I want a comfortable tent. and waking up soggy isn't comfy. my area is bad on condensation.

Just a tip for you. Always bring a extra plastic bag that you can put your shoes, boots, coat, etc in. They won't get wet, snow etc.

I love this video, you are awesome

Thanks Julia! When things get tough I remember there are lots of people watching who are loving what I'm doing, and that makes it much more fun!

Bountiful Grace b

Unzip u pant huh!??..huhu

My fingers were too cold to zip!

Perfect balanced diet, a steak with a side of steak. A bottle of red wine might have rounded it out, nice video, Fran

Oops, I see you felt the same way. Fran

ah come on lit a bloody fire ya eejit

You should spend more time watching videos, and less making them....

You should consider a career as a comedian.

Good life

Heckled by a someone with a Scottish accent! Awesome.

Tata Tatarata: Good username!

Back in the day when I had a pet ferret, I used a 2 litre plastic milk jug in a sock and filled with hot water to keep his bed box warm overnight in the winter. He never complained!

First , cotton has no place in the wild , period. This includes all the way down to your skivies. Second ,get some real boots , wool or poly socks and wear them 365. Third , go to the car parts store and buy a road flare . That will start a fire no matter what. These are just basic things you should always have. I watched the intro and appreciate your intention however our SAR team rescues people with good intentions every day. Please don't put people at risk just because you would like to prove a point.

Rubbish excuse for not wanting a fire. Make a long log fire and it will last hours and hours. A little effort to start with would have meant you would have had a large source of heat. What would you have done if the glass bottle had broken in the bag. You'd have a frozen bag and no heat source. Always Always Always make a fire first.

First, I'm not advising people to go out unprepared. Second, thanks for acknowledging that I deliberately went out unprepared to test the advice I've been giving in my video: Cold Snap Hacks for Camping. Third, I'm not going to be able to prevent people from going out unprepared, but I can help them with the tips I give for managing a difficult situation in the cold. Fourth, you seem so convinced of the evils of cotton. I will take your advice regarding cotton, down to my skivvies. Thanks.

I appreciate you watching my videos and commenting. However, the premise of this particular video is to see how I would fare with inadequate equipment during a camping trip while experiencing a sudden cold snap. Look at my other videos and you'll see I know my way around the woods.

If ya gotta explain his passion ya wouldn't understand ! No disrespect meant ..

5th , I

Maybe a fire would be good

Do you worry about wildlife, bears etc?

What kind of camera do you use when you make videos, Doug?

I like how you eat your steak so close to the camera, I love steaks myself! ☺

It would have, but the gathering and cutting of wood when it was all covered in rain, then it froze and was covered in snow, would have made it hard. With an axe I could have split it but I didn't bring one. And the wind was howling and shifting, so I elected to hunker down in my sleeping bag instead. But the next time I went out I had a fire: https://youtu.be/c2GkwBVLCEg

No. Worrying sends a signal that wild animals pick up on. The scared child is the one the dog bites. Here's my in-depth answer to your question, (which is a good question) : https://youtu.be/7AZteCRHsnI

Sony Handicam 9.2. Great camera, light, reliable, inexpensive, HD, long battery life, I highly recommend it!

I'm going on the Paleo-Diet so I can eat more steak!

Glad you survived! Respect for testing your theories and wanting to give good advice. Wind chill is the most common cause of hypothermia, arranging your tarp and using snow to make a windproof tent would really help. Also, jeans? Damp jeans cooling the thighs is another common cause of hypo. Can I suggest carrying a heat pack? 10 to 15 hours of 40 degree C heat, biodegradeable natural ingredients. Sleep is so important for restoring energy and helping you think clearly the next day, avoiding mistakes.

roger komula .........ikr ,so many mistakes and poor equipment choices !!

Way to many long adverts !!!!

Excellent loved the vid , best way to do it and certainly makes you feel like a proper human again

by using the bent tree as a ridge pole, you couldn't adjust your tarp to seal it properly as the conditions changed. that's why I use a ridge line made from #36 bank line in an A frame tent formation in cold weather, and my trekking poles as supports for a lean to formation in warm weather

No shame in getting out alive bud! Wd

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