EPIC Japanese Food Tour | BEST Food in Beppu Japan

EPIC Japanese Food Tour | BEST Food in Beppu Japan

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DeSoto. She's driving a car today we're using a car to, get around the different places to, eat but. If. You don't have a car or if you don't drive no worries, vibhu, has its own transportation, system, they, also have, a bus that goes around all the major attractions. So. First, stop is a place Kyle Okamoto, yeah and they, are the originators. Of the famous Jigoku. Pudding. So, pudding is a japanese-style, flan. Like dessert, this, particular, pudding, is made by, steaming, inside the hot springs heat. Supposedly. It gives a special flavor and Okamoto, has been making this pudding since 1988. Anyway. I'm really looking forward to it usually, they have a variety of flavors, but because you're so popular today they only have the custard. This is a lot of caramel, sauce by the way that. Looks delicious. Oh. It's. Like a moss oh. Oh. Is. It. I. Like. It I like, it you, can definitely taste the egg, it's a little bit eggy and it's. The kind of pudding I like I don't like it when my pudding is too thin I don't like it when they use gelatin, this, one you can tell they made it properly, the texture, is nice, and thick and rich and, creamy lemon. Aroma has a slight bitterness. I heard that here. The everything is homemade everything, is made, by hand oh, yeah. And it's. Just yeah. This is the most popular place mmm, obviously, there's so many people here already it's just a weekday but there's already a lot of people here and you guys see all the steam yes. This atmosphere, is very nice yeah onsen, hot spring steam. Is coming, out from, there, this, really shows that Beppu really is the. Number one hot, springs destination. In Japan oh my. God there's like a adorable. Cat here. Thank you, use acute, yeah. Yeah. We. Are at one of the seven, hells of beppu. These. Hells are basically, hot springs and the cool thing about all the hell's in Beppu are that they're all individually. Different, so. Wow. What's. Going on here. What. Is that, bubbling. Mud. So. These are hot springs right. So. These are natural Hot Springs. Interesting. Wow. This. Is actually kind of cool I was. Expecting, something more I, don't, know maybe smaller. Oh look. At that oh. The. Smell of sulfur is pretty intense. Here. And here, we have a steam, vent it, says that the steam is coming from, 200. Meters below. The, surface. Wow, this is incredible. What. This place got kidding, the day and, so on 30 minute walk from bevj our stations, they are famous for their, cold, noodles, called laymen so, check it out guys this. Is what my bowl of lemon, looks like this is the regular, size this. Is 700. Yen you, can also get it large size 9 is making it a double transferred, 1,300, yen in the Jumbo for 1600, and four sizes guys yeah, this place has been in existence since, 1974. So they've been doing business, for a while you, have a piece of boiled egg on top you got two pieces of meat yeah. Some homemade kimchi and. This, place makes, your noodles, by, hand, these, are handmade noodles, made with a blend of wheat and buckwheat. Flour, documents. Like. That. Is unique. It's, a super, unique texture, I've never had noodles like this before the. Noodles are super, springy, and. They are actually. Very chewy. More. Than al dente, look how like the, texture is it's kind of bumpy it's. Not smooth like your regular, noodles but it. Has a very unique texture and flavor, interesting. The homemade kimchi. Mm-hmm. The. Kink is nice it's a little bit spicy a little bit sour I like. That I have, a piece of this meat looks, like beef. Hmm. That's beef that's, nice, tries a big brisket. Hmm. Very. Refreshing, soup. Maybe, the different from the coriander him but it's very, nice. Similar. To Mario, claiming, he stopped. But. I guess if I was really hungry I could, go for the large, size 900, yen but, the bone jumble I don't. Know about that, I am, shocked and amazed, how. Different, this is and. It's not just different it is good it is good I apologize. For my de, expression, it's because, I was so shocked. At how different it tasted I ate. Old I get older. Next. Place we're at this year called bloody, hell, and I beheld bloody, hell bloody, hell don't read eco let's. See why they call it bloody hell. I. Was. Just reading that information of plaque and it says the reason why the pun is read is because, the bottom is covered, in red clay and the, hot spring water dissolves.

The Red clay which in turn makes, a pond red, when, you come to the bloody hell pond there, is a gift shop and if you come here you gotta get this this, is called the blood pudding and this is 350. Yen they sell it at the gift shop and. There's. No way I cannot, try this look. At that it is red, like, blood oh. I. Hope, it's not blood. It's. Blood kidding. It's not blood the Sun kind of fruit sauce, and, there is caramel, sauce on the bottom it's. Actually really nice it's, very different from the first pudding. That we had it's not as custardy, or achy listen, is more of milky, I think I like that caramel. Next. We are at amici, Goku it's awesome, help awesome. Yes, thick. It's very beautiful. These. Jiggle, coos or hot spring ponds, and they were created, with Mount salumi, erupted, around 1200, years ago in, February of, 867. This. Is pretty amazing. Check these out guys. This, is called go cuckoo Manju, 24. For 750. Yen this is one reason to, come to the umma Jigoku for sure because you can only buy here, and as you can see it's prepared, by steaming over, natural Hot Springs and this is all handmade no preservatives. At all look, at that that's like a bite full of Manju. Paradise, Manju, made in hell mmm. Good. Mmm. Smooth, uncle, on the inside and, the. Outside is like it is like an insane Manju no, but these are bite-size pieces so it's, like you just pop it into your mouth hmm you. Can just pop it into your mouth yeah so, we're. Walking along the streets of the poo and it's. Kind of amazing because there's, steam coming from. All, all directions, like. Steam on my last team on my right next. Destination. Guys we're, here at a place called jigoku, mr. Kolbo, Kanawa. Super. Famous place we're here to eat another specialty, of bedroom. You. Choose from the menu and, you order using the vending machine cutting a ramen shop so. We. Decided to go with the most colorful, one it's called treasure box team from hell it's, 2,000, yen so, we paid for that one and we also need. To pay for the steam pot seat within, 20, minutes 300 40 years. So. I want to dip in Holy Souls, assassin. Just. Nicely. Steamed. I've, read on some. Reviews on TripAdvisor, that, some people find this really boring I'm. Gonna go for, this purple, yam, that. Looks good. The. Sweetness over, that's, a potato it's. Not potatoes, look, it's. Daikon, thank, you example.

Daikon. Radish, I see. I'm. Gonna dip it into this special sauce it. Looks kind of spicy, oh. Oh. Is, it spicy. It's. Delicious, kind of reminds me of like a cottage on sauce, how much are funky. Natural. Sweetness of pumpkin, so this is a typical Japanese, sweet potato. You. Don't need anything on this guy's mmm. It's, sweet enough dip. In. Between. Missile and cottage um maybe. Meet, them meet, one like you come and. Meet. Them. This. Is not like your typical nikuman. That you get at the convenience, store a little bit reminds of the feeling of gyoza, maybe, this comb is really see calm. And, here's. My potato he's, kind of reminds of the potatoes, that we had in, Hokkaido, before, that I was just blown away by how delicious, is simple potato Kirby it's I think it's daikon. Radish but this is my ball egg one, second to the orange perfect, to the. Orange. Areas, so, far everything, that we try today I kind. Of been impressed, keeping, with, the special sauce. Very, good. Guys. Make. Sure to spend some time walking around the city because. It's quite nice there's a lot to see this. City somehow reminds, me a little bit about, what, Tokyo used to be like when I was a child. Another. Place I recommend guys, come is this place called bit, boo icky ichiba and this. Place is located just, one minute away from bit bus station, is located, underneath. The train, tracks. It's an open-air, market, and they, sell them all sorts of things such, as fresh. Fruits, fresh vegetables. Fresh. Meat they'll even have a a lot, of places where they have, ready-made. Foods such as for, kids and, in. That easy she and a whole bunch of other stuff even, if you're not gonna buy anything here, it's fun just to browse, the shops and. You can even get some of that famous put it in to. Take out. This. Place is called toyou, can this is a Chinese, restaurant but. They are, a very famous restaurant they've been in operation, since 1926. And they are famous for the. Most iconic dish. Here in Beppu, it, is something, called 2010. I've been dreaming. Of this, 2010. For, months, four, months guys like, seriously, at first glance they look like your typical karaage, is, still have a typical color get batter it's actually, tempura, batter which is why it's called Torre, 1010. For that tempura. First. Of all the, outside is not crispy and the chicken is marinated, you. Know that guys soy sauce sugar. Meeting. Is super juicy on the inside, and although this dish originated. As this particular restaurant, in Baku is now popular, all over hi prefecture, the chicken, that taste the flavor of the chicken and the marinade, it's, so, delicious. I think it tastes a hint of ginger in here as well now is good no. Wonder there was a long line at lunch time we also ordered some sweet, and sour pork and Japanese, it's called a tsuba top this. Is that piece of pork is. Deep-fried in a batter the, very light batter. Mm-hmm. It's a really good balance of sweet and sour, and savory, and it. Will go perfect, with the fried rice that we ordered this, is your basic fried rice. It. Has tar shoe egg, green. Onion. Hmm. Really, good progress nice. Sweetness from the char shoe meat. Mmm. Those. Are pretty good for a nice delicate. Mouth. Mmm. Beautiful, chopped beautiful, fragrance. The. Fixture is important, this, is nice but, apart, kind, of form and him a limit right now which is why my my, eyelids are really, droopy and heavy at the that's. That's that's gonna be my last bite. That's. Good, but. Too, much food for, a day too, much food and, you guys didn't even see the huge breakfast, we had we had a huge breakfast, this morning at. Our hotel. If. You guys missed that video please, watch it link. Over there that's. A good video. All. Right so Toshi the. Rest is for you okay. Guys it's dessert, time we, are walking in this short anguy shopping street called Seoul Paseo, Giza and, it's kind of nice there's a lot of grocery. Stores mom-and-pop. Stores, ramen, shops is, that Kai as I, like it cozy. Yeah and then I hear that a lot of the bars and, nightlife. Is all in this areas what, to get for dessert hmm. Do you have any idea ice cream. Ice, cream yes. Are you sure in this cold weather, yes, do. You know of an ice cream place yes really, in front of us Oh. Handmade. Genova, frozen, desserts, Oh open. Until 12:00 midnight. Check. It out, homemade, ice cream from, Genova, ice cream parlor his. Name is Ave Hasan OD he's, the owner and chef and he, gave me a little spoonful, of a, sample, of another flavor. Chestnut. He gave me chestnut, oh, that. Is so good. This is his number one bestseller is pistachio.

By. The way I got a double the, double is 700. Yen I believe look. How creamy this is. It's. Like a pistachio, paste, a cold. Pistachio. Paste I've never, quite had a pistachio. Ice cream that. Tastes just like pistachio. Not. Not this much. He. Claims this. To be, the. World's, best. Strawberry. Ice cream Japan, in, Japan sorry. Japan's. Best, strawberry, ice cream. It's. Like eating the. Fruit of. The strawberry it's like eating fresh strawberries. With, a tinge, of cream. It's. Good, but. I do like the pistachio, better though, I like the pistachio, this. Is like an amazing. Ice. Cream he also gave me a free sample this, is the supreme, chocolate. Chip. Wow. I'm eating, chocolate. It's. More. Chocolate, than ice cream the, top arrow pad is a sweet. Potato and, under. That it's, chestnut, Mont Blanc, and. When I was eating chocolate. I thought I'm eating, chocolate and this. Time I'm eating. Sweet potato, I've, never eaten such. Nicely. Sweet potato ice cream. This. Is so good, Wow. It's. Like eating a sweet potato pie. It, is a potato, pie that's what it tastes like oh my. God. That's. Like a chestnut cake is, it a chestnut cake I am, so tempted to. Buy myself another one after this if I'm hungry, enough I might go back for some chocolate, and, maybe another flavor the ice cream here is amazing, oh my, gosh I cannot believe how much food. It. Makes it's making me laugh like crazy because, I am, so, delirious. Right now with so much food in my stomach oh my, gosh but everything we tried was delicious, to me so. Many new things we never tried before my. Absolute. Favorite, by, the way what was your favorite my favorite one of ramen, for the noodles ah you. Chose the one I was gonna choose that's the exact thing I was gonna change that the layman that cold noodles that was actually, the. Best thing I've eaten all day today it was your second favorite it's kind of favorite yeah. Pity, aha. Alright. So we both agree what's, number one and number two anyway. Don't let that deter you from trying, the other stuff, that we tried today because everything really was good anyway thank you so much guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed this video please let. Us know what you thought in the comments down below and if you're new to this channel we would love that you can subscribe see, you're mixed, baby, Beel bye. Bye bye.

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The cat is so pretty, and the meowing is typical siamese, lol. I always love the food videos, both of you just make everything look so delicious, and then I just want to eat everything you have tried. Such an awesome video, thank you for taking us along, Bye for now

You must have had great skin for a few days from all the steam. Amazing daytrip

There are so many places in Japan called “Hell” lol.

Wow the hot spring steam food looks amazing!!! The puddings looks so good too!! I have to visit those places too!!! Where did you guys stayed at beppu or where do you recommend to stay around beppu?

Great video thanks! Cannot wait to visit.

Cutty siamese kitty

Would you be so kind to tell me the artist and the name of the song @10:03 If possible in kanji. Thank you in advance!

I love it. I can't believe i lived in Oita for 3 years and never had that pudding in Beppu! Next time I visit this is on my list!

I gushed at the meowing cat! lol

Watching this video makes me go back to Kyushuuuuu so much!!!! Next year will be back and will visit everywhere

Though I want to visit Japan since very long time ,but Japan is unnecessary expensive .


Are Japanese sweet potatoes better than American sweet potatoes? I don’t like American ones.

Did you feed the cat ?!! - - THAT'S what he was saying !! - - " Feed me " ....feed me you guys who are always eating...lol. ...> just kidd'n.

I live Idaho about 5 or 6 hours away from Yellowstone with all hot springs. The ones with the mud bubbling up are called paint pots.

Omg the cat was cute af!

@TabiEats I just used Google Translate to see what jigoku was in English and well, it's weird

Oh dear god when he said konichiwa to the cat

That colorful steam pot looked amazing.

This just that there is life in Japan outside of Tokyo and Kyoto.

@TabiEats Thank you!

Encore un endroit magnifique à visiter au Japon, merci !

And sweet little kitteh

Wow do more epic food tours in Japan

Thank you for petting the cat!!!! That was the cutest!

That sweet kittycat. So adorable. You can tell it's used to the attention.

Bloody Hell: the most British place in Japan. I'd like to see Chris Broad do a Beppu video.

Great job on the video! You guys need your own tv show

Buy an electric unicycle and you never need a car... Want groceries use Amazon's drones delivery service...

lol I just love that I can hear American music in the background of the last restaurant

“Paradise manju, made in hell”

They did say there is SHARKS

Sugar , I would love to go to the parlour ice - cream and I really love to try the chestnut, and strawberry ice- cream

I love all the flavours my is the chocolates

If I win the lottery and being disable I would give anything to come there and to see the natural spring . I am from the United Kingdom ( UK )do they have English menu

It's like crime blu la . Siamese cat

“Paradise manju made in hell.”

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