Epic Mexican Feast in Puerto Vallarta

Epic Mexican Feast in Puerto Vallarta

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Good. Morning, from the streets of whatever I say I am wearing my apron. This morning, that's. What the guy normally, wear but, we are doing a cooking class this morning and the first thing we do before we can cook of course is go and get the food so we're on our way to the market and, we're going to make a ton of different dishes I love, cooking and I can't wait to find out how some of my favorite, Mexican food, all come together, so. What is excited. Look. At all these cats who are having their breakfast, hey, guys. Want. To wait to the market and if you can see behind me that green statue that's. Of John Huston, a very famous film director, he, directed, a movie called night of the iguana which was shot here in Puerto Verta and that, movie, is sort of credited with with. Turning pressure biota from. A fishing village which it was that into the tourist destinations, that, it is now really putting it on the map not, so much because of the film itself necessarily, but because of the, very famous relationship. Between Richard, Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Little. Early in the morning to be. Fun. This. Is our cooking class I guess. It's pretty clear what our group is doing walking down the street. Everyone. Has their little market bag and apron, on I love. How all of the street names here are these beautiful, like. Painted, tiles. So. Pretty. Okay. I see the market. What. I see. Here. Is the market where we're going. We. Can already smell the nice fresh fruit. So. My. Event pineapple. Use, a Peppino cucumber. Remember. We have plans to make ceviche by alpha 5 so, this is one of the ingredients. I. Forgot. To say before that we have a chef than Julio who is going to teach us how to make the dishes and as also showing us around the market it's his father, and we start at the restaurants, doing the cooking class which, is really cool and he, started it as a cart and then it grew into his grandfather's, house which is pretty cool so Julio is showing us all of the ingredients, that we need to prepare the, foods that we're going to be making and, you said about this market which I thought was cool is that in order to be to. Have your food sold here you need to be a local farmer so all, of the food that we're going to buy here is fresh, from, local, suppliers, sugar. Cane. Coconut. For. Me welcome, only on. Ceviche. Anyone, this guy's got my number, maybe, we should get extra of that I. Love. Love, seeing, all the pinatas, around. Used. To have one every year for my birthday. Everything. Just smells so fresh, in here and I just saw another chef walking through I, think. It's a good sign when you see the local chefs coming to this market.

There. Are so many different, types of chilies that you can use in your cooking course. These are all dried, and this is something I just learned so, these are dried jalapenos. Which. Become Chipotle. That's. Pretty cool. Julio. Is talking about the, spiciness of pepper two types of aid and. It's. A little bit like scorpion, so it's scorpions, the bigger ones have less than five stings in the little ones and the same goes for peppers, so, if you're someone who wants to avoid peppers, then the bigger ones are less hot and the smaller the pepper is in this spicy ribs. So. They also smell very. Nice. You. Always trust max to play with his fear. This. Is, hibiscus. Which, in. Spanish has a much better name how Micah and. You. Can buy it like this, dried. Oh, so. Pretty and, how. Mica is used, to make our fresca. Like. A juice, which. Is delicious. It's. So cool you can just come and buy your own as much as you want. If. You've seen our video Mexican hot sauces we tried Valentina, and the. Black Label and here. I would, really like to try this salsa which all. Which. Is apparently not too spicy. Sounds. Really good. At. The market, and now we're headed to a tortilla, factory to, see how they make. Fresh. Tortilla. Almost. Burning my hand so. I've. Ever had was delicious, so so, fresh. Google. You just told us that. Mexicans. Of course love tacos breakfast lunch or dinner and, if something is not a talked about they will turn it into a. Foreign. Bait so a lot of fun is like that. You. Know what's pretty moving my, closing. Yeah. So we are here because we need chicken for put on the bowling. Muchas. Gracias. This. Smart little cutie knows what's up. He's. Stretched by the meat market, got. A nice bone there. Second. Oh maybe. It's not to his taste. If, I rotary stores I know back home in Canada do not have this amazing, bunting. Such. A nice touch normally, when we buy chicken, we don't get the terracotta, tile and. The colorful, flags. And. Then we'll hop in that you love insect a Mayan roof and, so he's selling grasshoppers, with like salt and chili I. Think. The the trick here is to not look at it too much. I'll. Let you guys look at it. Oh. Yeah and they're, full approaching, more protein than state right. And. Grasshoppers, and, apparently. You drink it with mezcal, sometimes, maybe forget that you're having a group.

Okay. Here. We go. Tastes. Like chicken. Honestly. Has quite. A nice crunch. Well. She's gonna try what I guess I got to try one to. See. That. Really. Long legs I've, been working out because I was gonna walk down my throat. All. Right here. We go I'm not gonna look at it too much. Inoffensive. Actually. Like nothing. No, it's nothing mm-hmm. Yeah, I would actually have more I would totally get somebody's. It's. Not at all you think insects. Gross but it's just kind of tastes like a partner it would be just like something you would get at the convenience, store like a bag of chips or something totally. OK, we've got all our ingredients for. Jumping in a taxi. Look. At these steps walking up to the restaurant, all. These beautiful, tiles oh my God look at that. That's. So cool. Outdoor. Kitchen. Hey. The. Kitchen to the outdoor, kitchen that, were on this veranda. People, are eating at the restaurant these tables of the donor within at our table a baking class that's, right here we're going down the street a few palm, trees and the ocean not. A bad view from. This. Is all of the food that we bought into market this morning. Look. At this enormous. Avocado. But it's perfect, inside. All. The beautiful dishes, I love, these traditional, dishes. Chileans. That we got earlier and. Here's. The chicken, that's. Destined, to be chicken bowling. All. The equipment we need. We don't have a lot of. Cilantro. Is not chopped finely. First, we need to kill. It and then we. Avoid the course we, don't need a course I recommend. Is, a prodigious dancing. With. Shots, often with flat surface you have support. This. Technique is to remove the spicy on the chili real because, poblano, pepper is very hot so. We need to do like that to remove, the. Crater. Fly driving an engine or something. Chill. Aware oh and jilliana, the. Plans today is to the poblano peppers to. Make the chile relleno and, we have plans to stop it with, chihuahua. Cheese, she. Always one of the most popular melted cheese to prevail. Leo. How long have you been cooking for. I started. When, I was teenager. 15. Yeah. Because, their gaved resin is my mother Muslim so I started, to, work on the business. You. Have are always high the restaurant girl like me to, grow I like, baby when, I was a baby, the, restaurant was a baby to start, with few tables, little stuff like this so. With the time bo our. Evolution. Huh evolution. In that order, to. The next level. Everything. Is getting crept, over here, we. Can do this really fast. Ready. This. Is like that moment in any James Bond movie for, the villains like unpacking, it. Check. Me out. So peeler. Okay. Excellent. View. That's. Not my cherry. Julio, just told us something that I have to share Vishnu so, avocado, in Spanish has called Ella cafe, which is an Aztec, word and, what I didn't realize is, that a tactic, where it actually means testicles, because the Aztecs believed that eating, avocado was good for your maleness.

It's A little hacker avocado, is your hope the belly button and my damn car like that you. Can. See kind of through there and it. It's ready didn't, know I'm Cano had a belly button that's. What we're gonna. Forget. Mashed potatoes. Mashed. Avocado any. Day any day. This. Is the guacamole we just made has the Serrano chili tomato, red onion avocado, and. Cotija, cheese on, top and Co, see how you described as kind of like Italian. Mexico. So. These are the drugs Serrano Chili's that we saw the market looks so beautiful in red. Getting. Mashed. Red. Snapper. Me too. Hmm. I've, never made ceviche like this perform. Again. It's. Just so fresh, yeah. Everything's. Just made, right there in front, it's. So cool to see it all come together like that. Yeah. You, see senator, there's. No space. Tortillas. Some fresh corn ground, this morning, at. The tortilla factory we, just went and now we're going to make them instructors. Right. On the middle, press. Okay. But it's like magic, that was like a second, what are you. Oh. Too. Much. Alright, let's just try this let's. Just see what happens okay. Yeah. Remove, like a sticker. So you, need to be careful. Is. Intimated. To the commodity, just like. The, crazy thing is that this is 140. At once. Or. At least a lot more time Subin have lunch for you tonight yes. Like, one motion, I've. Heard it's seal, cook, and pop. When. You lay downs like two more seconds to seal it and then you flip it for about 40 seconds. And then, you wave with two pops with just a magical part and, that's how you know what to get 28 but pops, really nice and hot. Good. That's. A pretty big turn - yeah. Your. Tortilla, has height. Can't. Take credit for the margaritas, but will, drink them anyway pretty. Sure I got your. We're. Finally about to sit down to the, fruits of our you burn away we made a whole bunch of different foods and they all say this other thing we're gonna drink the margaritas, even though we didn't make six people. Knowing. What went into this taco buying, all the ingredients, at the market, and the work. That goes into making it makes. It tastes even better than Mexican food already does. This. Has been so much fun I didn't really know what to expect that I loved that we started with the shopping at the market meeting all the different vendors and hearing about the fresh ingredients that. Are also local, and, then coming back to the restaurant and Julio knows so much it, was just nice to see how everything comes together and learn some of these recipes I hope, you guys enjoyed this as much as we did make sure you like this video if you did and subscribe to, channel for lots more travel, adventures, and it should make you up my skin food and I don't know.

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2 precisions, chile Poblano its not too spicy, usually its burned and some times you need to take out the skin so you can work with it and use it in the plate; if you dont want too spicy just take out the seeds, because the heat may increase the spiciness. The word Aguacate comes from the nahuatl Ahuacatl that means testicles because it's seems like testicles.

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No fue la relación romántica de Elizabeth Taylor lo que puso en la mira del turismo norteamericano a Puerto Vallarta. Fue el acuerdo político y económico entre dos presidentes: Richard Nixon y Gustavo Díaz Ordaz (responsable de la matanza estudiantil en 1968), por eso lleva su nombre el aeropuerto internacional.

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@Luis Diaz Sure ! The restaurant is called Budaixi Taiwanese Kitchen and Soul. Estamos ubicados en calle Hamburgo 155 Col. Versalles Puerto Vallarta.

@Eileen Aldis tostada de ceviche. And tacos de al pastor

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