Episode 11: San Juan Mountains (CDT 2018)

Episode 11: San Juan Mountains (CDT 2018)

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Back. On trail. From Chama. So. That, means that I am completely done. With me Mexican. It. Did make some gear. Changes, I picked up my, ice axe and, some, micro smacks don't know, that. I'll really even need those. Perk. Said that he would recommend, bringing them but. He came through here like - yes so just, wait, and see feeling. Much much better today. Believe, it or not wisdom tooth - still shaken, but all in all I think I'm finally on, an, uphill swing. Good. Morning, this, is where. Erin and I slept. Last night he actually cowboyed, against. These trees. And I set my tent right here because it was a wind block it was extremely, windy. Yesterday. The, winds I could tell her picking up a little bit this morning when I woke up it was actually. Pretty calm but uh we're, up over, 11,000, feet like, 11800. I think it's gonna be a really pretty day I think we're gonna be walking, just. Above, treeline and so there will be a lot, of use and I think there's gonna be a decent amount of water and oh. Yeah, yesterday we passed mile. 800, I think we're like at 8:05 now so, making. Progress a little bit out of town. Do. What. What. Step in my footprint. I. Guess. You're heavier. Yeah. And. Look we could have really just like going around. Laziness. Peanut. Butter and honey, I haven't. Had one of these raps since, like. First. Couple hundred miles on 18. You, can see tiny hairs, right there and that's. Where some animal, has brushed through here. Pretty. Cool, well, that, would, have been fun and snow. So. Far we really, haven't encountered much snow which I'm. Not complaining about and. The. Other ones have been really pretty, very. Green lots, of flowers. And critters and. I was talking about it earlier you know they they, don't look quite like the Cascades because there are some mountains. In the distance that, look pretty intimidating. Kind, of like the Sierra Nevada but I, don't. Know I've been saying that is, the. Sierra Nevada and the Cascades, had a baby it, would be the San Juans and if. Y'all have ever hiked in all three I'd. Be interested to hear, your opinion on it. I. Was. Getting this. I've. Noticed since we've been, in the same lines that the. Clouds that I've seen have been. Very. Brownish. Looking, and. It's, been pretty hazy like, the mountains in the distance you can still see them but they.

Just Aren't as clear as I bet they normally are and if I had to guess that's probably due. To the. Wildfire, near Durango. So. The, further on we go into, the sane ones I imagine the hazy. Err it'll probably get. Sucking. Irons blood. Aaron. Says like an old rig just getting. It that's, what you get kind, of funny that I was just, talking. About the dirty clouds and. Turns. Out the San Juan, National Forest. According to my mom he just messaged me on the inReach is closed for. Recreational. Activities like you know backpacking. And hiking and camping and, not. Really sure what I'm supposed to do at this point but uh yeah. There. You go, that's uh there. Was a little hitch in the giddyup. In, sitting, in, my tent last night for a while. Trying. To figure. Out. Our different, options I. Have. Discovered, that there. Are basically, three. Different. Alternates. That. We could take to. Get out of here and one is way. Longer and. Studies. Off of the, CDT. For a while don't, really know the, water situation on it and, then so it's, kind of out that's the green room we got hooks and. Then there's the blue route and it's mainly for. Service roads that, finally. Lead up to the. Highway that, goes into, South. Fork Colorado. Then, it finally matches. Up with. The. Creed route in. Creede Colorado and. Then there's. The option of, continuing. To hike, in the San Juans. Past. Wolf. Creek Pass which, is where. You're gonna get off and spend, a little bit of time in, Pagosa Springs but. I'm. Just afraid we won't be able to get. Back. On there depending. On. You know the. Closure and everything. So. What. You just have to go past there and, kind of ration our food and, then. Go up the. Creature out to Creed now. That's. Like the. Most desirable. Option. Because, we get to do more, of the San Juans so. We're doing as much of them as we can and. Then also it's. Not all the highway walking but if we take the. Creed route and, just. Push straight through there you basically have to do 20. Miles per day for. Sure and it'll. Still be an extra day than, what we were planning food, wise so we'll have to ration, also. Battery power, yadda. Yadda and. Then I also don't love the idea that, as. We, go. Further, west. They're getting closer to Durango, which. Is where. The fire is around. Apparently, so. As. Of right now I'm kind of leaning, more towards the, blue route for, safety. Purposes but this. Really stinks. We. Go. Well. This was a bit of a pucker, moment, just. Hard transitioning. From snow, to steep. Ground like this that's kind of loose rock and. You. Know no not falling down, and. You wouldn't die here, but it wouldn't feel good. Since. We have to call and bounce our packages, from Pagosa, Springs regardless. Of what alternate, we take we have been looking, for service on. All the climbs today, and no.

Such Luck and Aaron even just climb the big ole hill over. There. To. Get higher than we, are at right now to, try. To call the post office but no. Look. Or. Across, the road. That. Probably. Just gonna climb up there's. A better place across that. Well, uncle's always do this in the snow they get rubbed. On my thumb, so. I shouldn't wear ankle socks anymore. This. Is my cowboy, camping, spot I am. On. Like. One of those emergency. Space blankets. Did. I brought to cowboy camp fine and, there's. All my stuff strode. Out right now, and. Then there's Erin tucked away over there in, the bushes, that's, his cowboy camping spot. We. Heard that there is a. Really. Scary spot. Coming up so we're gonna try to get up early. And go whoop it and. That's, why we are cowboy, Kevin well. Specifically. Why. It. Got pretty. Chilly last night in. Cowboy camping, I had to, wake. Up at some point and put my rain clothes on and then, I covered up with. My tent and there was frost. On my shoes this morning and my, socks that I had hung out to dry were all so frosty. So I just put some of, the dry dirty, ones. On but uh anyway. Only, got about a few, more miles till uh till. We. Hit this supposed. Sketchy. Spot, I'm. A little nervous about it probably. Wouldn't have even thought as. Much about it if I hadn't. Gotten word about. That. Particular, spot and I'm sure that I've. Done, scarier. Stuff probably. In this year Nevada but you. Just never know and you never know what. Someone's level of experiences. And you. Know apparently the, person. Who left, the comment and gut hook stood out it'd be a pretty. Dangerous spot. Didn't. Have any like. A sax. And Rutgers box anything, like that so, maybe. Just having those things even. If only for that one spot will. Ease. Our minds a little bit. Hmm. I'm. Really hoping that this is the scary, one but, everyone was talking about but I I doubt, it because honestly if you thought right here you might get skinned up from the snow some but, it looks like it'd be kind of fun. A little bit maybe. Type. 2 fun, there's. Aaron these, folks up ahead are just stopped. Looking. It always makes me nervous. All. Right well they're going, down to where he is so maybe they've figured. Out a solution to the issue, they must be crossing, over, a snow bridge. Yeah. He. Was hitting it with this trekking pole like trying to, see. How. Steady. It was well it looks like the trail. Used. To go around the edge of this bowl here, and, you. Can kind of see it cut in the mountain over there and, then, up to, where those people are going and. Maybe. They just didn't want to go in the snow because. What is right here are the dogs I don't know. I'm. Thinking. That that little pass right there is it. Then. You get to the rock over there. Oh. Oh, my gosh okay this. Is on top of the scary part it doesn't probably look that scarred for scary from where I'm at but so. That's what I'm gonna go down and. That's what we should have traversed. Right, there. But. I just came up this rock right here and I'm shaking now the scariest part of all this is like this. Rock, is so loose cuz the soil is really damp and they're not like huge rocks so you step on the wrong one and you. Might. As well take a breather and enjoy it. Aren't. You doing. Join. The view yeah. The. Last view getting a gravel in your butt crack sliding, down the ya know. Like. How you turn your head away but you kept the camera on there well. They can see it if they want. All. Right that's, why I just came down from.

Still. Shaken. And, this is. This. Is where we go next which, looks. Pretty scary. But. Not. As bad, as. The other spot. Yeah. Yeah. It, was sweet. Oh. There's. One of the dogs so maybe they're making it alright hole, oh. No. Oh there. Goes one of the dogs oh. It. Made it it started falling at one part oh my, god. Alright. Second, dog oh. No. Oh no oh, no, oh. My. Gosh oh, oh. My. Gosh. Okay. I think I think they got it oh that. Dog does not care. That dog, is like I will go down this ravine I will. Glissade. Charlie. We. Finally got to the top of a climb the, head cell. Reception, and we, were able to, call, the post office, in, Pagosa. Springs and, asked them to. Kindly. Bounce. Our packages. Forward, to. Creve because, hopefully. Tomorrow, we'll hit Southfork, at, some, point and then from. There go on and decreed and stay the night so it should give the packages, time to, get there before, we do. But it's just like those little things. As little details that you got to deal with when you have. A, circumstance, like this you know a detour. Or a fire closure, reroute. For some reason it. Is pretty unfortunate, that we're. Only gonna get like, a taste, of the, San Juans. And. I am bummed out by it, but. It's just one of those things that you have to deal, with on a third hike you got to accept. It and and push on and it's, interesting to me because I think Aaron was a little bit more bummed, out, and I was and this being his first thru-hike. It makes sense, because he's like oh my god she's such a beautiful area and, it, stinks that we're not going to get to see, more of it and it does but like the ultimate, goal is. Canada, and we're gonna get to see the Wind River Range and, the rest of Colorado is gonna be beautiful and you know we can always come back and see. The San Juans and and do you know, the whole loop I don't know for me you. Know it's, this. Hiccup. Isn't stopping, our progress, or our, continuous. Footstep. To Canada so I'm. Relieved, about. Leaving. This, house San Juan, wilderness. Like. I said while I am disappointed. Because. This is one, of the biggest, highlights, of this trail we. Did get a taste of it we did get to see some of it and our. Ultimate goal of, finishing. The through hike is not being, impeded, so, I'm. Just really glad that what. We have seen of the San Juans has been like paradise. And it hasn't been extremely. Smoky, we're actually able to see views even though they're a little hazy so it, could be a lot worse I'm, just ready to get this road walking out of the way and get back on the official CVT and enjoy. Some mountains again. You.

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There’s been several wildfires in the San Juan NF. Colorado has more fires today! We have a shortage of air tankers right now!

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So in this video they are in the South San Juan Wilderness area, which is part of the National Forest (USFS) system, its not a National or State Park. So some USFS wildernesses do allow dogs, some don't. But National Parks do not allow pets outside of campgrounds and parking lots. State Parks would vary depending on the state.

I’m glad you have a kind of mandatory partner with you, not for fear of anything, just so that you have someone there to be with, even if they just walk into one of your shots every now and then. I have learned on scree, if you steer towards the green plants on slope, that can be a more secure substrate than loose rock on the scree piles. .

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I know it will seem like a soap box comment because I'm not there with them but just for anyone who is easing into using an ice axe and crampons, the axe is more than something to lean on. It should be driven into the snow in a way that if you "slip" you can lean into it and it may hold your whole body weight. But if you only gingerly place the axe there is no way the axe can do that job for you. The axe is more than just for when you full body "fall" down the slope and use it for arrest. That is the last thing you will use it for. Proper placement of the axe on the up hill side of any slope (like they did correctly here) and deep placement of the ax (something they could do better) is crucial to long steep routes on snowy slopes. Again, sorry if this seems like a soap box comment, only wanted to share this as they did show a lot of long footage of just such a scenario.

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Good move to traverse the snow later in the day when it was slush. Traversing steep snow and loose rock is where a more robust hiking boot would have been welcome. A boot's stiffer sole and more substantial tread pattern provide much better traction and the extra ankle protection reduces the risk of injury.

Clem Johnson , I am with you on the ice axe use. They were correct on placing it in the uphill hand, but neither plunged it into the snow to place it securely between steps. If one had slipped, the would have had to flip and dig to self arrest. Whole scene made me squirm.

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I'm just here for the Southern colloquialisms. But seriously, couldn't you just take Dixie home and sop her up with a biscuit?

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YEAH, its because notifications has been off until gear review??? NEED to re analyze your "team"... Have missed you and enjoying watching old posts for the first time.

Dixie, may I make a suggestion? A bungee cord with end hooks wrapped around your pack right there would hold your trekking poles closer to the pack. With those tips sticking up next to your head, I could see a serious accident happening. Put your poles in points down and wrap them tighter to your bag with a bungee cord. Always a good idea to have one or two around. They are incredibly useful and worth the weight. The rest of the time, you can pin your drying laundry to them. Boogie on!

I've heard rumors of grizzly bears in the San Juan mountains...

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