Episode 2: Shuai Ge Patrick in Zhuhai

Episode 2: Shuai Ge Patrick in Zhuhai

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Hello! Welcome back to my channel. In the last  episode, I shared with you the experience of my   quarantine in Vienna Hotel in Hengqing, Zhuhai.  Now I am finally out and free to move around in   the city. Most people call me uncle in Singapore.  However, people here in China call me Shuai Ge,   which means handsome man. Haha  since I am in China now, I will  

call myself Shuai Ge Patrick aka SG Patrick. In this episode, I will do a quick explanation   of how China s health codes work to fight  against the pandemic. Then I will bring   you to a few interesting places in the city  followed by showing you some good food here.  

After a short stay in Zhuhai, my next  destination will be a much more exciting city,   Shanghai. Join me!  It is now time to leave the quarantine hotel. I  am now heading to my Airbnb apartment in Zhuhai.   This building in front here is the  Hengqing border building to Macau.  

Further down the road, you can see the Zhuhai  Tower and the Macau Tower further away on the   right. Zhuhai Tower is the tallest building  in the city and is ranked 35th on the list   of tallest buildings in China. It houses  the St. Regis Zhuhai hotel & office tower.  This is the Intercontinental Hotel  building cluster which opened just a   few months before the pandemic. The location  is right next to the Gongbei border to Macau   and the hotel has an infinity pool that  overlooks the Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge.  This elegant Seashell-shaped  building is the Zhuhai Opera House.   I will do a more detailed introduction of  this place in later part of this video.  

Zhuhai is a modern city in southern Guangdong  province. Transformed into one of China's first   Special Economic Zones in 1980, today the  city is known for golf resorts, theme parks,   and islands off the Pearl River Delta. As you can see, the city has a lot of greenery,   and it has very nice bicycle trails  along most of the major roads.  Before we start exploring the city, let me first  give you an introduction of the health code system   in China. If you understand Chinese, you can  quite easily find the quarantine requirements  

online for each province. Sometimes the  requirements can be slightly different   for different cities within the same  province. There is always a list of   districts classified as High-Risk Zones  and another list for Medium-Risk Zones.  There are 3 colours for the  Health Codes. Red means that you  

either just entered China or have been in  the High-Risk Zones within the last 14 days.   You should be serving your quarantine with  a red code. Yellow code means that you might   be serving your 7-day health monitor, or  you have been inside a medium risk zone.  

You need to complete your 7-day health monitor  and do a PCR test to turn your code back to green.   Green code of course means that you are safe to  travel anywhere within China without restrictions.  The health codes can be generated by the  mini-programs on either WeChat or Alipay.   The programs for different provinces are different  and vary in designs. This one for Guangdong even   includes your recent PCR test result and your  vaccination record. You need to know the name   of the code for the province you are at  and search its respective mini program. 

When you move to a different province, you  might be asked to show the health code for   that province. For example, this one is  for Anhui Province. You can choose to   register for a new health code or just port  over the data from your original province.   For some critical areas such as  hospitals or large factories,   you might be asked for travel history  code in addition to your health code.   This travel history code is generated based  on the location history of your mobile number. This is the view from my Airbnb  apartment. This night view with   the rainbow colour lightings  from the Opera House is amazing.  

The row of lights along the left side of the  horizon is the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.   There is a very nice beach right across the road  downstairs. It is along the famous Lover s Road   of the city. If you are interested to know  the exact location of this place or need  

information about this Airbnb apartment, you can  leave me a note at the comment section below.  Look at this beautiful sunrise. There is a seaside  bicycle trail along the road that can take you all   the way to the Zhuhai Opera House and the town  centre. There is also a newly built boardwalk  

along the beach if you prefer not  to get any sands in your shoes.   There are some fishermen casting their nets  here. This is a very traditional fishing method.   And then they sell their catch right  along the roadside in the neighbourhood.  

Looks like there is a sailboat event going  on. Or this could be a training class.  After about 5 minutes bicycle ride, I am  now approaching the Zhuhai Opera House.   Along the way, there is a floating seafood  restaurant, called De Yue Fang. This is similar   to the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in Hong Kong.  Unfortunately, it looks like it is not operating   anymore. I think it must have closed down due  to lack of tourists because of the pandemic. 

Ok. We are reaching the 2  seashell structures soon.  This is the entrance of an island called  Ye Li. The whole island is a park.  Wait there is something colourful moving  in front. Let s see what s going on there.  

Ah a group of ladies in red skirts are  doing some sorts of performance here.   They are even equipped with a drone for filming. Zhuhai Opera House aka Zhuhai Grand Theatre   is a landmark building of the city. It  was designed by architect Chen Keshi.   It held its first performance in January 2017.  

The opera house comprises a 1,550-seat concert  hall and 500-seat theatre, located on an island   at Xiangzhou close to Macau and Hong Kong.  The performance venues are each housed within   architecturally striking shell-shaped forms, which  at 90 and 60 metres tall, are visible from afar.  In the following summer after the  completion of the Opera House,   Zhuhai was hit by two huge typhoons which caused  some damage and flooding to its facilities. After   that, they learned to reinforce the waterfront  with lots of concrete blocks as you can see   here. This has become nice fishing spots for the  locals. Ok. Let s move on to the next attraction.   Meanwhile, enjoy the nice  scenic bicycle ride with me.  This next destination here is  called Xiang Shan Lake Park.  

With a total area of around 2.7 km2,  it is the largest lake park in Zhuhai.   I spent more than 2 hours and still could not  cover the whole park. The lake is used as a   reservoir to store water for the city. The Park  was built in 3 phases and phase 3 was complete  

just recently in December 2020. It is now one  of the main landmark attractions for Zhuhai.   I will condense my footage to a few minutes  so that you can take a quick look at the park.  Look at this interesting heart-shaped pet house.  I think they are going to put some animals here.   As you can see, there are very nice walkways or  boardwalks built along the landscape of the hill.  Look there is a longan tree here. 

It is so pleasant to take a walk in this  park on a hot summer day like today.   The nice boardwalks, the water, the  bridges, the lotus ponds, and the fresh air   no wonder this place has become a popular  destination for both the locals and the tourists.  If you like my video or find it useful,  please smash the like button and subscribe   to my channel so that you won't miss out  my future videos. If you would like me to   cover something that I missed out in my videos,  you are welcome to leave your comments below.  Wow there is a pair of black swans here. They  seem quite skinny compared to those in Europe.   As Zhuhai is prone to typhoons, they  have to secure the slopes with some   reinforcement structures. Here're some stalls  where we can buy some drinks and snacks. 

As you can see, the landscaping  is very nicely done.   This building here seems to be  some exhibition or meeting area.   This public toilet is very interesting.  The wall is made of oyster shells. Zhuhai being a  coastal city is very famous for its oyster farms.  Even the inside of the  toilet is very nicely built.  

Here is a mango tree.  I am quite impressed by how well built  this garden is and it is free of charge.   Some wild ducks wandering around.   Huh, there is another black swan here.  The kids must be having a lot of fun!  

The whole garden is very clean,  and I don t see any rubbish around.  Ok. That s it for the tour  of this beautiful park today.   Let s move on to the next place. Stay with me.  This is another beautiful sunny day. I  happened to go past this place called   Fuhuali. It is not one of my main targets  so I will just do a quick walk around.  

This is a modern retail development consisting  of several 2-3 storey low-rise buildings.  There are quite a few branded retail  stores and nice restaurants here.   It could be a nice place to spend  a weekend evening if you have time.   I am going to take this sharing  bicycle to bring you to the next   amazing place. Follow me. This place is  called the Banzhangshan pedestrian tunnel.   It is shared by both pedestrians and bicycles.  

This tunnel took 2 years to build and  was just opened recently in June 2020.   With a length of about 1.23km, it is  the longest pedestrian tunnel in China.   The pedestrian walkway is about 3.5 metres wide,  and the bike path is about 4.5 metres wide.  On the ceiling, there is a 3D painting of the sky  with balloons and birds. Somewhere at the middle   of the tunnel, there is a roughly 50-metre-long  projected screen showing some cartoon. The whole   tunnel is fully covered with mobile signal,  and you won't get cut off of your data   like most other tunnels elsewhere. I feel  very cooling inside here although it is not  

air-conditioned. Ok, we are now reaching the end  of the tunnel. Let s move on to the next place.  Now let me take you to the next  amazing place. Hmm It is not open yet,   we need to wait a few more minutes. Look at this  impressive walkway. We will go up there later.   Let s take a walk around the area first.  This place is right next to the Zhuhai Museum  

which is a very nice building. But I am  not a museum person, so I have never gone   inside before. This is the back of the museum.  Ok, there is the queue forming now. Let s go  The entry is free. The queue here  is for us to show our health code   and our travel code. I need my phone for this  so will have to turn off the camera for a while.   Ok. We are in now. This new development is called  Xian Shan Yun Dao. As you can see on the map,  

they are building a very long walkway  system that links all the various   existing trails in the mountains shown here. Xian Shan is the name of the mountain area,   and the literal translation of Yun  Dao means walkway in the cloud.   Currently only a very small fraction of  the project is open for public preview.  

They are targeting to open the whole trail  by end of the year 2021 or latest by 2022.   I will be very interested to come back and  walk the completed trail when it is fully open.  This is the view from the viewing platform.  On the right here is the Zhuhai Museum where  

we came from. Down there I believe will be  a shopping mall with plenty of parking lots   for visitors. On the other side, we can see the  Opera House and an excellent view of the city.   Over here you can see more walkways being  built on the other side of the mountain. Ok   for now only this small part of  the walkway is open to the public.   I think enough sightseeing. Let me  show you some food in Zhuhai next.  I was talking to my friend who works in Zhuhai.  

He is taking me out for lunch  in his newly bought Tesla.   There happens to be an XPeng in front.  It is a China-made electric car.   This is a traditional  Cantonese dim sum restaurant.   Their dim sum here is excellent.  These are very typical dim sum dishes.   Their specialty is this crispy rice roll  with shrimp and is the one I like the most.  Yang Ming Mall in Zhuhai is another  place with lots of good restaurants. 

I am on the way to meet another  friend for dinner. Look at this   no one needs to wear mask here because there has  been 0 local Covid case here for a long time.  Water playground here. This restaurant is famous for   its live seafood and porridge. You can come  to the live seafood area to pick your menu.   If you enjoy my video, don t forget to smash  the like button and subscribe to my channel.  

Feel free to leave a comment below about what  you like and don t like about what I show.  They put the ingredients of the  porridge below the steam plate   before we start steaming the seafood. The juice of  the seafood will drip down to the porridge later.  Thank you for staying till this part  of my video. You can easily find the  

details about the restaurants I show  here by searching their names online.  Now the porridge is ready.  Ok! It s time to move on to the next place.  I will be flying to the Magical Metropolis,  

Shanghai. See you there in my next video!

2021-08-27 08:24

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