Episode 49 Genesis And Then There Were Three 40th Anniversary

Episode 49 Genesis And Then There Were Three 40th Anniversary

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Welcome. To the Terence Reardon, and Friends podcast. With, your host the, rocks, Bunch, Terence, Reardon, kick. Back and listen to this rock and roll fan talk about the, music, he loves, there. Will be no, country, and no rap, on his podcast, so. Without further ado, here. He is. Hello. Ladies. And gentlemen boys and girls, this. Is Terence ridden welcome to an exciting episode. Of the Terence Reardon and Friends. Audio-visual. Podcast, this, is your favorite rock and roll sponge, Terence. Reardon, here and today, I'm going to. The. First thing I want to say to Terence if he's listening is. I. I'm. Thinking that the reason why, you, blocked, me on Facebook is. Because. I left, your, Facebook, group. Well. The. Thing is I left. A bunch of Facebook. Groups because, I was in way too many of them, and. It had nothing to do with you I have nothing I honestly, I have nothing against you I really. Don't, I. I. Just I was in too many groups so I left a whole, bunch of her I mean I probably left about 20 25 groups. And. Yours. You, know I I, just, wasn't, really posting, in yours that much and so I just decided to leave and I'm just I can't. Think of any other other, reason, why you would have blocked me because I apologize. To you for quitting the podcast, so abruptly, and, you. Know not giving you any kind of notice, or anything and, you accepted. My apology, you. We, re added each other on Facebook. And. Everything, was fine between us as far, as I was concerned but as far as I was concerned you, and I were fine. Next. Thing I know oh my god. Fuck's. Going, on. I'm being hijacked, that my, show has been hijacked you, know and then well. Someone, got go on Facebook, please take care of this guy. This. Guy is ruining my show. Hi. I never, thought here, but. Thank you Tony Montana, for, saving the Terrence ridden and Friends audio-visual, podcast, your. Spirit, rules man, thank. You I appreciate that. Whoo, I thought, I was in a nightmare, dream. Of being tortured. And flambe by, a that. Dude oh my. God why happened Oh. Folks. Let. Me just, assure you that, that prick. Who, is a leech and was. Only on podcasts. That were, sinking, ships already. He's. Been taken care of, Andrew, Jacobs, he's. Got several sock puppet accounts, and does and when you disagree, with him he creates sock puppet accounts that dislike. Your. Posts, you. Know and. I now realize he's. Slappy. McPherson, all those, accounts, you. Know him and his accounts just kidnapped me Tony, Montana just saved me now. On that triumphant, note let's, celebrate, 40. Years of Genesis, is 1978. Album and, then there were three I'm. Going to review an, album. That celebrates. 40 years old this uh. This. Year but I figured I could do the anniversary, early, because March. Is gonna be a pretty busy month. I'm. Talking about the first the. Ninth studio album by a band from, England call, who called themselves. Genesis. Assist assist Isis. Yes. I'm gonna cover Genesis. And their. 1978. Album and then or three which. Was released in March 1978. And was the first album they did as a, three-piece, yes. This Genesis, album. Was. The band's first album following, the departure, of guitarist Steve. Hackett who, left the band, during. The mixing of the live album seconds. Out, one. Of my favorite live albums of all time and. Genesis. By, 1977. Were beginning to change their sound with. The and then there were three they. Shied away from all the, 10-minute. Epics that they were doing, you know 10 20 minutes that they were doing on many of their albums although, they would try something, again to. That extent, on the next album but I'll talk about that in a future episode but and, then there were three was a transitional. Album, from. Genesis, and the reason I picked this is because a it turns 40 years old and B, I love. This album so. I had, success, with the abacab, episode, in the Phil Collins. Face-value. Episode. So I figured what the hell time for another Genesis, episode, I mean. A lot of people will be thinking I do invisible, todger no jaga required but no they, won't be for a while but, I figured I would touch upon. And. Then. There were three because it's a very important, album in the band's history although, the band kind of looks down upon the album these days I sure. As hell don't because I think the, album is amazing a lot of people agree with me on that assessment, it. Was the first album where. Genesis, recorded, as a three-piece. Hence. The title and then there were three and. With. And then there were three mike rutherford one from just being bass player and occasional. Guitarist. To full-blown. Guitarist. And bass. Player so he does all the guitars six. And twelve strings and even plays lead guitar on. Several, songs in the album so, this is the first album you get to hear Mike Rutherford, utilizes. Lead guitar playing which you would take to the bank on future. Albums, which. I'll talk about later. One. Of which already discussed, being abacab, in, an earlier episode.

And. Again. Tony banks was on keyboards, and this was the first album he used that great, piano, of his the yamaha CP, 70 electric, grande that. Was to me the quintessential, keyboard, electric. Piano used in rock. Once. Tony banks got his imported to that course thing, of his that. Was the genesis, piano. Sound you would have on all, their subsequent, albums up through the. Invisible, touch album. But. He. Would only use any, we only used grand, piano and a couple of tunes. Very, later, in their career like on one. Song on this album he uses a grand piano instead, of the yamaha electric, brand which i'll tell. You which song it is when i get to it and. He. Also used i, think he was the pali mogh synth on this album as well and this was the last album he used the mellotron, he, has the dreaded knowledge Ron because by, 1979. The sequential, circuits, prophet five was invented, and he. Would use, that to replace the poly mode and. All. Those other synthesizers Tony, banks was beginning to have issues. Would so. He had a couple of poly modes one, on top. Of his Hammond organ another one on top of his a electric. Grand piano or might have been a pro solo singing so sure, and then the Mellotron he had, which. This. Was the last album Tony banks used to Mellotron and of. Course Phil Collins, doing. Triple, whammy duty, of lead vocals, drums. And percussion and. This. Album it, was arguably, the height of his plane I mean still. In these early you, know through the 70s Genesis albums he was playing with a fire and. Like. A man possessed buying. The drums and on, this album it's no different and this was one. Of them although is becoming more subdued. More softer. Than the, previous. Album there. Was some elements, of progressive, rock greatness, on this album I mean a lot of people forget that and there's two songs that didn't make the album which I'll discuss which were released as b-sides, but. They, did surface on the genesis box. It in 2000. Called 1976. To 2019. 76, to 92 genesis archived - I. Up and. Again, on the 1976. To 82 box set in 2007. But. I'm. Going to, tell. You the making, of in the new a3 was kind. Of you. Know troubling. Kind of troubling but not really either the, band went to Holland. Once again where they had recorded their previous album when, and watering at a, studio called. Relight. Studios, in Hitler beam Holland. Using. The booklet. - the remastered, CD here. Yes. Forgive me for sounding like a fake. English accent, yes, you that's the Yorkshire, accent I'm using I don't want, to talk like that pompous, windbag Stewie on Family Guy who sounds like a sooty Spice Girl, pardon. My french but yeah. And. Then there were three was recorded. In Holland the band went there as Tex. Exiles. Once. Again so the English tax man wouldn't tax the band's money, you. See out. Of all the members of Genesis. Phil Collins never, got the political he was an apolitical member, of the band meaning he, didn't believe in politics he, could. Care less about politics. I mean he did get concerned, about world some. Issues like the homeless and in, autism, and other things which he you. Know he went. To support - but, getting. Political, like Peter Gabriel was something he did could not ever do and it just wasn't in him, so. The band went to. Holland. His tags exiles, to beat the British taxman, which was run by Labour's, at that time this was before, no. The far left liberals, not labour, liberals, were running the far left, liberals, were running. England. At that time and they were attacks and everyone and their mother I was until Margaret Thatcher came into play and. Changed. The ballgame so, the, band recorded, in, Holland. And then wound, up mixing the album at Trident studios in London, in. Early, 1978. With. An album cover designed by hypnosis. Which. Is one of hypnosis is finest, album covers I don't, think they ever did a bad album cover, you. Know even if they had to go under pseudonyms they, created great album sleeves. You. Know. Several. Of the bands have already discussed on here they've done album covers for, in. The. Album covers hard to explain, but, if. You, know your Genesis history you know that the and then there were three album, was released. In a gatefold and this was actually also the first Genesis, album that the band released on, Atlantic. Here. In America their first studio album for Atlantic Records because they were on ATCO for the previous, three studio albums and, they. Were on, starting. With seconds, out they went right to Atlantic, that. Was their first release for Atlantic but their first studio album for Atlantic was uh and, then there were three which. Was released in the UK on. Charisma. Records, in. The album. Let's. Just say when. This album was released the.

Album Did something, that no previous Genesis. Album had done prior, to that here in the good ol US of a I'm. Not gonna tell you until I'm done with the review. But. My. Backstory with this album if you go back to abacab, you'll discover, how I got into Genesis, but. This particular album. We. Go back to October of 97 when I found the cassette any, Lechmere. Which was going out of business for, four bucks brand spankin, new so. I paid four bucks for the tape put, on my little. Walkman in the car with mini speakers, on. The drive home from Weymouth. Back to Whitman and this. Album on. First, listen just hit me right square in the Royal jewels the only song that I knew prior, to it was, the. Single follow, you follow me but. Everything else was. Unheard. Of material. And. On the first listen to this album I loved. The album right, off the bat and. That first copy will ask me I think just a week or so because my. 1986. Plumber, had a reputation of having the windshield, leak, water whenever it rained so. I'd get in the car and the interior be all wet. What. A nightmare, so. I, had, to. Wait. Till I had enough money to buy the CD. Once. I got. Money for, the CD from doing. Laundry. For, our family members I have paid to do it, you know for doing chores, I bought. The CD with. My own hard-earned, money at, a Circuit. City and Hanover Mass. Can. / Massachusetts, that is and. Boy. Does this album, still, get a lot of airplay from yours truly because, this album is, just amazing. You know and like I said between 1971. In. 1984. Genesis. Did, know Rock everything. From, nursery. Crime through, the mama album, five. Star, albums, as far, as I'm concerned and this album is a 5 star out, my own give a what the guys in the band say this, album is amazing. You. Know a lot of people agree with me on that assessment, so. I think. I, will begin the love fest right. This second, we, begin proceedings with, a. Very. Proggy. Sounding, track with. In. Kind, of hard rock for Genesis. Terms. The, slowing down and out which begins with Tony banks is collage. Synthesizers. The, Mike Rutherford hitting, a guitar riff I believe using a Stratocaster the, dad. Edit edit edit uh that, excuse. Me that riff, and. Then Phil Collins as drums coming up. Above. Him. Beating the living hell out of that premier drum kit that he had boy. He pounded. Those. Like they were going out of style and him seen it's, good to be here, hi bean. Check, my bag boy where's my room. It's, got a sit on the phone that's my game, keep up the pressure all, the way I, guess it's basically, about. The life, of touring, being am in, the. You, know and the music biz or the entertainment, biz I don't, want to beat about the bush but none of us are getting any younger there's, a lot of people out there who can take your place more, commercial, view a fresher, face.

And. The. Course of course being I don't talk wrong corners right between the eyes if you do solo run past you, stand, tall see them falling over I walk. A straight, line right between the eyes but, just show me the door, show. Me someone who'll. Do. It better and during that part like in phil collins is doing these crazy drum fills which was like. And. A lightning, speed, and, is. Singing on this track is amazing, tony banks it's a synthesizer. Solo right out of the ballpark is, work. On the ham and Oregon and the synthesizers. On this track just pure, amazing, I love those classic old, synthesizers. Some. About, analog. Synthesizers. Kick, the living hell out of. Digital. Synthesizers. Of today they. Just don't have that warmth, and. Mike Rutherford - guitar playing right. In the pocket and this, song was briefly, played, on me, and then there were three tour, it was played I think early. On in the tour but. Due to some. Issues. The, band dropped, it why. We, don't know but. We do know that, this song is a killer, way in, a kick-ass way to. Begin. This. Fine. Album, from Genesis, which was their. First as, a, three-piece. And. All, I can say was an. Excellent beginning to an excellent, album nothing. More to add to down and out but what a killer. Opener, this song is and. Down. And out great. Opener next, track is a. Song. Entitled. Undertow. Which, was written by Tony banks, which. Begins. Which. Was. One of tony banks his best. Pieces. Of music he's ever written, curtains. Are drawn now the room, I had the lawyer sheet here I'm I don't mean it's not like got shriller, e Clinton who and he was a teleprompter. Curtains. Are drawn now the fire warms, the room meanwhile, outside wind, from the Northeast chills the air and it will be soon it'll. Soon be snowing, out there and. This song perfectly, fits this time of year I mean, this song and another song in this album pure. Winter. Songs I mean this song is perfect. For the the, winter you know the tone of the music the lyrics I, think. Tony banks had, an act of writing signs of its song now, very somber, sounding, signs and very somber, lyrics, and the. Chorus, better, think a while for I may never be here again but, this may be the last day of your night. My. Friend. Tell. Me what do you think you would do that and the, course my god. If. This doesn't make you movie, I don't think anything will stand. Up to the blow that fate is struck upon you make, the most of all you still have come into you or, lay down on the ground and let these tears run from your crying to the grass and trees and heaven finally, on your knees let. Me live again let, me come find me wait and, find. Me wait wanting, spring must strike again against the shield of winter let me feel once more the arms of love surround, me telling, me the dangerous past I need not fear the icy blast again. And. This song is just a. Beautiful. Beautiful, ballad. The song was sadly not. Ever played, live, by the band for some reason I can't even figure that out, but. It. Was not played live, but. The, sign was. Held in some one high regard by the band that a version well. The song did appear on the band's three CD Platinum, Collection in, 2005. So. The band do. Think, the song is very, listenable.

And Good. To their ears and. It's held up with the band's somewhat compared, to some other songs in this album, which. The. Rest of the band. Don't. Think too. Highly of but, undertow. Tony banks does, think highly of and in fact there. Was an intro recorded. For the sign which the band scrapped. But. Tony banks thankfully, resuscitated. For the intro, to his 1979. Solo, debut a curious. Feeling which, is. One, of two Tony banks solo, albums, that I love that, one and the follow-up the fugitive, every other solo project, he's done it's, kind of pilled in comparison, to those two i mean a curious, feeling my god, you. Know that, album is amazing. If. You don't if you haven't heard it a curious feeling by tony banks what, are you waiting for christmas. Check. The album out and, rules, she. Should sound like my old buddies in rock metal combat when i say that paul i can't help it i was part of that show so yes and things i was part of rubs, off on me you. Know i can't, control it oh boy. But. This. Sighing undertow. Amazing. Ballad. About i guess, pretty much talks about wanting. Spring, in the time of winter a lot of people in new england can, relate to that plight then, again a lot of people in. Michigan. Minnesota, Illinois, the, Midwest they, once spring, to strike I don't. Blame them I mean I don't mind winter myself, but, too. Much of anything. Like hot weather and Sun can. Shrivel. Up your brain unless you're used to Florida, living I mean I grew tired of living in a hot, climate after, a while because anything atom an, effect of my brain to the point where I can't. Be around hot, weather for too long. Before, I get irritable you, know. But. Such as life. Next. On the album, is. Assigning. About a cowboy called Ballad of big which, begins with a collage. Of Tony banks. Pianos. Which the, intro, I did, here as part of the you. Know a station. Jingle for wzl, likes the classic rock station up here and. I when I first heard the intros like, I heard the Suns he likes this intro I was like hey no is the beginning of a Genesis song and then that goes into this up-tempo, thing, about. A cowboy named. As. I read here oh yes, here we go, Big. Jim Cooley from. The lyrics goes like this he, was like a Yosemite, Sam type of a, badass. Cowboy. Who eventually. Wound. Up getting his comeuppance Big. Jim Cooley commander, respect whatever he wanted he could get the badge on his waistcoat, shone in the Sun and ain't no light Big Jim was feared by everyone and, the, saloon one evening, big took a bet with a rancher whose name I forget he, wanted a herd and. Taking. Over the point and he called Jim yellow he'll never do that again and. You. Know then Jim Big, Jim Cooley got pissed off threw his badge on the floor and stormed, out of the thing give it a try and he left no doubt, must. Be mad Azzam pissed off crazy, people. Wished him well and good luck and he said hell I don't need it and he laughed on his horse and rode away and. I could picture it Jim, Cooley probably riding off like Yosemite. Sam going yeah yeah. And. Then, Jim. And his crew of five or trying to best to keep the cattle alive and, the. Song just the. Weather. Was hard but so were the men though, I don't think Jim oughta try his trip again his. Horses were edgy sensing trouble ahead but the trouble didn't start till the men were in bed a whooping. Hollering. And flashing, their knives Big Jim and his men were jumped by an all-star Indian, tribe can, I like the plight of run to the hills except. The Indians in. Run. To the hills. Got, slaughtered by the whitee. Natives, but the reverse. Twist of fate the the, native of America the Indians slotted. Big Jim Cooley and his buddies Big, Jim was scared, he became, a, and alive. They called him lucky but not today cuz liked all good Cowboys, he died with his boots on. Big. Jim won't lie down for him the bets still on some say he still rides they're cursing still, and his. Ghost still. Resides and this song was played live and the the sign, like I said was, played live in the and then there were three tour, and. Musically, the slang is is very, you. Know it's in C minor for the versus Anson C major for the core for the choruses so it goes from but, done. To do to do do-do-do dude Mike, Rutherford playing, some killer guitar riffs on this track and then for the chorus like.

Tony Banks as keyboards, dun dun, da, da dun, dun duh, Phil. Collins, singing his ass off Mike, Rutherford playing, guitars. And bass brilliantly, and Tony. Banks playing his keyboards, like a, and Mike, Rutherford actually, does some guitar soloing, on this track at the very end. And. Like I said the song was played live on the. First few legs would be and then there were three tour was dropped from the final leg. And. During the latter part of the sign in live performance, Phil. Collins would go right to the drum kit after singing, the sign and. Drum. His ass off with, Chester, Thompson those, two would just play like. Play. Like no tomorrow and Mike Rutherford. Would solo on top of this guitar and. Daryl. Stuermer was playing bass on the live versions, Daryl. Stoner of course became the second American to join the Genesis ranks as a touring, musician. Chester. Thompson joined, in early 77, wait 76, Daryl, stormer joined at, the very beginning of 78, as, touring. Guitarist for. The band and, Ballad. Of big. Song. Is, amazing I don't. Know why the band didn't like it too much but I. Loved the sign not. Much more I can add it to the. Ballot of big but the, song is a big deal with me and a, big kick-ass deal and that's, all I gots to say, about. That. Next. On the album is a Mike Rutherford composition. Called snowbound. Which a lot. Of people can relate to because it was at this time five, years ago we, were snow bound by Hurricane, Nemo in fact, listening. To this song again when the power was out, during. The the weekend blizzard of 2013. Kind. Of hit home especially. And it could be also construed, as a Christmas. Song lay. Your body down upon, the midnight snow feel the fall of winter, and your here and. Here they come to play their magic games Carvin, names upon you frozen the land. Frozen. Hand here in a world of your own, like. A sleeper, whose eyes see. The pain with surprise as. It smothers your cries they'll never know never, know and then the course is. Amazing. Hey. There's a snowman, hey what a snowman, pray for the Snowman whoo, what a snowman, they, say a snow years a good year fill with love for all who lie so, deep. True. Statement, because, I know a lot of people don't like that dreaded. Dandruff the fall from the sky but something about that first magical, snow especially. During Christmas time, makes. This makes. You. Know when you see snow you see a snow here's a good year you know I think. You. Know I appreciate snow, more now that I've, been back in New England for the last since, 2012. Because when. I lived in Florida I, admit. I was a complete, dick, to, people who were stuck in snowy places I was gloating, and I. Was. Threatened with deletion, on Facebook by family. Members can't. They take a, joke not, some people can I guess but. Mike Rutherford wrote this song and. You. Know the. Sighing snowbound. Sadly. Was not ever played live I think it would have worked while live but I think they didn't want to torture the fans with, many. Ballads. I mean, this album has quite a few bells and quite a few up-tempo numbers, but this, song is a beautiful, Mike Rutherford composition.

Although I don't think he thinks much of it. These. Days but I. Think. Snowbound, is, a, wonderful. Wonderful. Song. Amazing. Beautiful ballad that's, what. Only, other thing I can add to the song but an amazing, beautiful. Ballad. And. Now we end side one with, the. Best song unsired. One as far as I'm concerned, apart, from down and out and. The other songs are great too but, this slang is godly, burning. Rope, Tony, banks wrote this mammoth JAMA and it, begins with Mike Rutherford solely, on top of his I guitar and this. Song was played live on me and then there were three tour, every, night and Phil Collins singing, his ass off the warming Sun the cooling rain the, snow from. The breath of the breeze of the, bolt that freezes, sky for you I'm trying to read this the. Lyrics here. He. Had only Eagles seem to pass on through the, words of love the cries of hate and the man in the moon who seduced you then finally loosed you she, climbed a bond upon, a burning rope to escape the mob below, and. Lisi. But you had put. The flame out so know what that others could not fall to, be out of the bounds and the band barks of those who do not wish you all you, must blaze a trail of, your own unknown, alone, but. The song is this oh my god the lyrics are just, tony. Banks had a way of doing these, crazy. Things sometimes he was right he, was trying to aim according, to the. Making. Of the and then there were three. DVD. That came with the dogs, edition Tony banks was trying to write another one for the vine but he. You, know but, he couldn't do it again because the, sawing. They were trying, to go for shorter, signs which is sign clocks in at seven minutes which makes it the longest song in the album. Because, by 7778. Punk had come into play and today. Enough of these 10-minute songs we want short right. You know right to the point don't Boris, get, to the chorus type of science so they. Had. To do it in seven minutes but my god that's seven minutes seems. Like, hours. Because this song is amazing, it takes you on a trip. And. During. The song live, Tony. But I mean Phil Collins, after singing the verses would. Run to his drum kit and there'd be some dual drumming, and then you hear some, excellent keyboard, playing from Tony banks on synthesizer, in Oregon. And. Then during the guitar solo part, Tony. Banks would go to the classic, Mellotron. While. Mike Rutherford just sold his ass off with. I believe it was an Ibanez. Guitar. That he was using at that time because, he was using that and the Fender Stratocaster is his main electric guitars in the end then there were three tour and Darryl's. Stormer playing that Gibson. Bass guitar. Playing. What, mike rutherford played on the record but adding his own stamp to it because he was a jazz guitarist, who. Played with jean-luc, Ponty who, in turn, played with Frank Zappa. Talking. About strange bedfellows, and. During. The middle section on the live versions. You. Know Phil Collins did, these crazy drum fills even the studio version Phil's drumming is just amazing, then, right when Tony Benn filk, Mike Rutherford guitar, solo ends. Tony. Banks comes back in with the Yamaha CP 70 electric grand, piano. Which. Makes. A big showing of sound on this track, and. Then you're old and disillusioned, now as you, realize your pass you. Did what you've. That. All that you have accomplished, here will have soon all turned to dust your, dream of a future after life but all that says maybe I don't know but, you can't take what. You, left. Behind you're, all alone so keep in mind don't live today, today for tomorrow like you're immortal, the. Only survivors. Of this. Worlds of ours are the warming Sun the cooling rain the snowflake, drifting on the breath, burries, yet.

The. Repeat of the course for a third and final time and an ending, very. Triumphantly. And, like. I said the burning rope an amazing. Song to end the, first half of this amazing. Album and, in. Just the SEC will, flip over to side two now. We begin side two of Genesis, and then there were three with, the. Mike Rutherford composition. Entitled, deep. In the mother lode which, begins with that Dada. Dada, Dada. Dada and and. And and. What. A great song. Was. Um. Which. Was a great heavy, rocker, and written. By Mike Rutherford and this. Was the first song where. Mike. Rutherford would experiment, with slide, guitar, in fact he uses a bottleneck, on. Quite. A few bits of the song and, he was. Inexperienced to the point of at first placing, it on the wrong hand, and, the. Sign was also dubbed go, west young man for it's single rule he's when it was released as an album as a single, here in the States but it didn't do that, well in America, and. It was called go, west young man in the mother lode and the, song told a fictional, story of a man's travels, during the Nevada Gold Rush his family's, urging to get as, much gold as he can a, mother, lode is a rich vein of valuable metal in a mine the. Lyric go. West young man was a famous phrase by Horace Greeley, and. Who. Advised, go west, young man go, west and grow up with the country. And. The song was, get, out of the way fat man you got something to do go fill up your head until it shines back. At you and, the. Guitar, riff that I'm. Done, what. A great. Riff this is and. The song is just so, amazing. And the, song was performed live by the band on, their 1978. And then there were three tour. Excuse. Me and the. Song, worked. Well as a live sawing. -. Mike Rutherford played guitar, on the Y versions, by the way and. Darrel. Stomer, played bass guitar on those live versions, and. The sign would then surface, as a set opener on the subsequent tour for the album Duke. And. Would begin with the same bass drum thumping, on the live versions from 1980, as the. Beginning of um was. That song they're. Back. In New York City from land, mines down that. Then. Again in the beginning of in the, cage as it seemed, bum-bum-bum. With the drum and then, right into the song and. The. Sighing just. An. Amazing. Sign I can see why the sign didn't catch well as a single business it was too many too. Many intricacies, that would have. Gotten. The average, radio listener into, an uproar, oh why, did the heck of it go into all these crazy places but, then again 1978. Discos King you. Know Saturday Night Fever and. Grease, was. All the rage back then and. But. The song like I said an, excellent, of tempo, rocker written by Mike Rutherford not. That's completely, up temp but you know what I'm saying it was a heavy sign and the, sign was just. You. Know go. West, young man like, your family, said that dad added and, that's. How the chorus. Riff goes and then da da da da dun, dun, what and that was the verse riff and then going. Into somewhere for the elves, for the bridge section but, then, did see, it I'm, seeing the melody, of the music because it's just so. The catchy but. Deep. In the mother lode aka. Don't. West young men and the mother lode an, amazing. Song I know the guys in the band were not don't. Look back at the sign - fondly but, actually. I think they did kind of because the song did make it to the Genesis. Archive to box at in 1976. To 92 so, I think they do, look, kind of favorably. At. This particular track, but there's some other songs in the album that they're not too proud.

Case, In point they're not proud of. Down-and-out. Ballad, of big snowbound. It's. A damn shame because those songs, rule, but. They are kind of proud of this song. Many. Too many which, is the next song in the album and the, song was released as the second, single in the band's native. England, and. This ballad, was written by, Tony. Banks who played. Mellotron, and, synthesizers. Piano. Actually. Uses a a real. Grand, piano, on this track and. This. Was the last song he used a Mellotron as well as a synthesizer, on this track and, this, was a love. And. It was written by tony banks who described it as a simple love lyric, many. Too many of super ice-t, and many more senior to what I find. Strange is the way that you built me down and knocked me up and, you. Know. Built. Me up and knock me down again part. Was fun now it's over and then, mike rutherford on an electric guitar and bass guitar, on this track and phil collins is drumming on this track is so amazing. And. When. Recording this line phil collins had old difficulties, singing the word mama. During. The course all pretty mama please won't you find the key please. Won't you let me go free and then tony banks was like hey it's alright to sing the word mama. Stevie. Wonder sings it in all his songs and you love Stevie Wonder and then Phil Kahn's would. Then write a song, called mama for the Genesis self-titled. Album which is known, as the moment album to this day which. I'll talk about in, the in, the. Fall when, I celebrate, that album's 35th, anniversary. Because. I, wanted. To a call that album but. This song here, was. Not ever played live but the band still, think of it highly enough to put up on, their. Compilation. Albums, being. Yeah. The platinum collection in. 2004/2005. And. The two CD reissue, of the turn on again compilation. In 2007. What. I also love about the song is the band's. Performance. On this track they're just plain. As if their hearts. Depended, on it and this, song. Had. Two different videos film for it one was the band rehearsing, the song at net worth in 78, they did not play the song live. Because. Would have been too complicated. And. Then another video which was shot at the Mary West Post Pavilion, in. During. The band's North American, tour of, 78, and, this, is the other song in the album or mike rutherford play, slide, guitar he. Does it very briefly, at the ending solo that. Just, a couple of bars of slide guitar and then he, goes into a normal regular guitar solo which he just, kicks. Everyone's ass by him playing. That solo like, it was going out of style and. Many-to-many. Is, a wonderful. Tune and, i'll know if i can add any more it's the sign that i've already done but many. Too many kick. Ass song. A. Second. Song on side to the album we. Now come to the tony banks phil, collins, composition. On and then there were three entitled, scenes. From a Night's Dream this. Was based on the Little, Nemo. Cartoon. Character. Comic. Strips that were big, in the 30s, and 40s. For, those who don't know what Little Nemo is it's not that fish from Disney was one. Of those Victorian. Type of things. In fact the late Tom Petty used. That Little Nemo concept, for the video for running down a dream so if you look at that video you'll. Know what I'm talking about and. Little. Nemo was, this little boy who. Would. Always have these vivid dreams and nightmares from. You, know eaten too much food before, bedtime. Then.

Again I think Charlie Brown's what a night bitch yeah, what a nightmare Charlie, Brown TV. Special Knicks cuz, Snoopy had a nightmare that he was a sled, dog. But. I'm. Veering, off topic here the song begins. With Mike. Rutherford skits, are afoot that died I, put. Up but it died, out and, then Phil calling, singing but only more up these I then got a bed. Bone, dude and the guitar riff kind of sounds a new wave ish because new wave was coming into play at that time and, then. The. You know the verses are in e-flat and. Then for the course thing it goes into a different key of a-minor. Tonk. Mushrooms. Tall, his houses. Seized. From a Night's Dream poor Little Nemo what. A kitschy hooky tune this is the song was not ever played live then again it wasn't even released as a single either, Tony. Banks even wrote some lyrics but it was not too pleased with what he wrote. So. Phil Collins, decided, to write some lyrics to this tune and the, lyrics of Phil Collins wrote. Match. The sign brilliantly, and the sign was a. Favorite. On the album for many hardcore fans me, included, when I first heard this album over, 20 years ago when I got the, cassette. Which. Like, I said lasted, me a month before my. Car. Which had a leaky, a leaking. Windshield, which meant that whenever, it rained the, car would flood. Kind. Of like the Titanic, just enough to piss you off my, tape. Got damaged but, then I bought the CD had. The windshield sealed and. Was. Back to normal but. Scenes from a Night's Dream. What. A phenomenal, sawing Little, Nemo get out of bed come on you sleep he had were waiting to go the. One to hear you stories we don't want to know and of course one of the in, one of those courses Phil, Collins sings, helped. You know helping. Young Washington, cut the cherry tree, down, we. All know that's not history. What. A great tune this is I don't have much more to add to scenes from the Night's Dream but. Excellent, little Diddy, sign. Or whatever you want to call it overlooked. Compared, to some. Of the other signs in this album and. The. Band kind, of, overlooks. The song these days then. Again I don't think the members of the band were pretty happy.

With This tune, there's. Some songs in the album they were proud of this, apparently. Wasn't, one of them sadly. Although, I think the sign is amazing, and. If I didn't like this song or album I wouldn't be reviewing it or talking about it or celebrating, its 40th birthday. Anyways. I digress, scenes, from a Night's Dream phenomenal. Tune next, we come to the, Mike Rutherford, composition. Called say, it's alright Joe which, tells the story of a drunk who. Goes into a stupor and this was kind of like the band's torch's. Song if you will kind of. Parodying. The torch songs written by. You. Know written for you, know people like Frank Sinatra, Dean. Martin. One, for the road you know a guy going into a bar and drinking, himself into. A stupor. And. The. Song has these weird chords, which you, don't even hear in many of the, normal rock and roll courts. This is how clever, the progressive, rockers were. Coming. Up with a, strange, chord, and b-flat minor, with some like, embellishments. Adding. It adding. A a, G, into that chord sequence, Mike, Rutherford was known for doing these weird tunings. Say. It's alright Joe I need another drink to blow on the glass let me know I'm alive and Tony banks on this track uses, the Yamaha, CP 70 electric grand to its full. Potential, on this track, it. Might grow the fit on 12, string and six-string, electric guitars, bass. Guitar which. In live version, there would be no bass and Phil, Collins did double duty of, lead vocal, and drums. In this track during the verses his voice is normal sounding, and then. During the course is the there were Kings who. Were laughing. Rane his voice would, that's where the drums come in his voice is processed. Or some effects and things it sounds like he's it's either double double, track vocals, or it's. Some. Effects added to his voice and. For. This song when it was remixed, for the reissue. Released, in 2007. They, could not find the actual master, tape of the song so there's no 5.1. Remix, of this track so they had to do a fake remix, of this line. But. The, slang is great I love it you, know in fact when they played it live which they did every night on me and then there were three tour except for networks 78, where they did not play the sign because, it was a festival, and. For the first part of the Duke, tour in 1980, up through, I think, the first show in America then, it was dropped, for. The remainder of the tour once the song, misunderstanding. From Duke became a hit. They. Decided to drop the, torch sign and when. They played it Phil Collins, played the role of either Cyril, the drunk as on me and then there were three tours on him all you. Know kind, of Keith Richards grunting, sort of thing and then. Come. On the Duke tour his the. Drunk was named Sydney who, was the cousin of Albert, the carrot the, protagonist. In the Duke story. It's. Funny. Instead. Of saying you know in 78 is above, Oh instead. In 1980, was thank. You very much and scream, and thank you very much again come, with me right, this, is the story of Sydney, and he used to come in with his BA and listen to Joe here play the piano he, was a great pianist Joe he was Tony's first cousin, who. Was funny and. Of course the, song would be longer, because they would draw out the chord and Phil Collins would act the. Part of the story kind of mirroring, what Peter Gabriel did on stage and. During. The, Duke performances. After. The play me a song Joe, they played it's snippet, of once, I had a secret. Love and, you. Know and Phil, Collins would, go mmm. Dudley. To, avail, the hours till morning. And. During. The live, performances, mike rutherford played, 12-string, electric guitar, and bass pedals. Darryl, stole more on the and then there were three tour played a double-neck, six. String for the lead parts 12. Strain during the section. Where the drums come in and the, drums on the live version were played by Chester, Thompson because, Phil Collins of course had a sing and. Also. Percussion, things. Like, symbols. And, the, and then there were three tour during the ending, he, also played. Some syndromes, those. Dude. Which. Were early electronic. Drums and then on the. The Duke to our performances, instead of using the syndromes, he just used. Symbols. And wind. Chimes, while. Phil, playing. Either. Sir or Sidney would you, know and this is what the people don't do on stage these days, start. Smoking, not. To be condone these days but back in the 60s and 70s rock. Stars who smoked on stage looked, pretty badass as, a lot of people thought Jimmy. Page Keith, Richards Mick Jagger, Pete. Townsend. Roger. Waters. They. All would puff on their cancer, sticks on stage in those days. To. Look cool, unfortunately. Smoking, isn't cool and not, to be condoned these days but. Apparently you don't tell that to the Millennials, who are smoking, more than people. Have in many years. You. Know but see, it's alright Joe a, phenomenal. Tune an amazing, song not, much more I can add but a great, great great song I, tend. To like the studio version then, the Y versions from the Duke tour the year they British the leg of the Duke tour because it was dropped after.

One. Show in America in 1980, once misunderstanding. Became a hit for. Misunderstanding. So the Phil, Collins as the drunk stick, was. Ixnay. After one US. Tour, because. Americans, didn't get the. British, campy hall of the slide, but the sign of the of, what phil was doing but the sign i love. It not much more I can add to it but a great. Parody. Of those torch, songs that, Frank. Sinatra and Dean. Martin. Were notorious, for, now. We come to Tony. Banks is epic of the album the song called, the, lady lies which begins with a. Phenomenal. Synthesizer. Part from Tony banks. Neh-neh-neh-neh-neh-neh-neh. Name and the song tells I, think takes place in medieval times where, a, knight. Goes, to fight dragons. And demons to, save a woman who. Turned. Into a villainous. Into. What. He did not expect, the woman to be, excuse. Me and this song was played every night on thee and then. There were three tour and the Duke tour so both tours got a good airing, of it and the. Song the. Lyrics are you, know the man steps out of the moonlight and sounded the scream from below he thinks he's a warrior so he picks up his sword and goes the mouth of the monster rescues. The maiden fair but we know she's a demon, come to learn to the demons lair, then. Come with me I need you I fear the dark and I live all along I'll give you wine and food too and something special after if you like and. Of course on the studio version Phil, Collins, sings, every. Local, part so he does his, normal vocal Daughtery the, highs and then he over dubbed himself singing to come with me I need you an octave. Lower by. Means of multitrack, tape which. Is something, most people forget these days we, miss analog no we absolutely. And. Mike Rutherford a double. Duty on the studio version guitars. And bass guitar, Tony, banks on synthesizers. Electric. Grand piano, and, those that brilliant synthesizer, solo and. Like. I said the song was played every. Night on the Duke tour and the end end there were three tour. So. They went from the music hall to, the, more. Extravagance, and Phil. Collins will get the crowd to do audience participation, by saying. There's a hero. In the story that we like so I do this you know you. Know doing thumbs, up signals, or whatever and then the villain we don't like he kind of does these boo and hissing sort of thing the. British kind of understood, what they were doing especially, when they were playing small theaters during the Duke tour in Europe not. Because their popularity, waned but they wanted to get back to basics and. Elijah, does appear on the Genesis archive to box at 1976. 292 recorded at the Lyceum Theatre in. London. In May of 80 and the. Song was played every night on the US lake at the Duke tour as well and. This. Was on, the US leg the sign was performed, after Duke. Cents a Phil Collins at a run. Off stage for more in the white robe that he wore for the, latter part of Dukes travels to ascend to throw on another Hawaiian shirt, either, they're just do the rest of the show without a shirt on this. Was when. He was a young buck and, in. The in the, sports arenas, Phil Collins would you, don't get the crowd participation to, go more of a villain, we like the, one we don't like I went to all the boo in his you, know ladies, only you know the people on the floor the people on the in. Section. Eight way, up there way, up there right, in the back because. In America in America when they toured Duke they plead apart. From a couple shows they, mail mainly, played sports arenas. Madison. Square Garden Montreal. Forum. Toronto's. Maple Leaf Gardens the. Spectrum, in Philly.

They. Played the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, because for some reason the Boston Garden I think was booked so they had to use the Orpheum Theatre. But. The. Rest of the tour was all sports. Arenas, and, the. Big venues Oakland, Coliseum. So. Phil. Collins would then go, ladies. Only, booing. Has all the men all the dogs all the cats all, the sheep all the, squirrels and mice oh my. God I showed, you that even. American audiences, could get it but the sign is an amazing, song this song is held in high regard by the band I hold it in high regards, the longest song on side two of the album. And. Tony banks has sent souls are amazing, and my. Only gripe with the sign is the ending there was no solo at, the end there, was just keyboard. Atmospherics, and Phil Collins doing some vocal effects the sign fades out, thankfully. In the live setting that was remedied because while. Phil Collins ran back through his percussion, setup to beat the crap out of the percussion Mike, Rutherford was playing bass and Chester Thompson was on the drums darryl stomer just shredded. A guitar solo as if. He was a. Shredding. Speed demon shredding. The living hell out of that Suntech Stratocaster. Of his on the and then there were three tour was a. Ibanez, model. Guitar I've got what. Type. Of Ibanez, he was using in 1978. But I know an ad he was using the Sun tech strap but the. Lady lies my. God what a great song it is I still. Held in high regard by, the band because, it no y version did surface on one of their box sets and. The. Sawing is, a great penultimate. Track to, what serves, is the album closer. Which. Turned out to be the band's first top ten hit in their native England in their first top 30, hit here in the States the song follow. You follow, me which originated, from a Mike Rutherford, guitar, riff, which. Had some echo flecks on it that gunk gunk gunk, gunk, gunk could, go through, the weird tuning, he did and then. Phil Collins's, drums came in my, Crothers, Oregon comes in and Mike Rutherford wrote, these lyrics a lot of people would think Phil, Collins wrote the lyrics to follow you follow me, no. It was actually mike rutherford stay. With me my love i hope you'll always be right here by my side if i need you, all my love i think mike rutherford wrote, it for his wife Angie, who he's still married to in. 2018. Blossom. Phil. Collins of course singing that I will follow you, will you follow me all the days and nights that we know will be I will stay with you will you stay with me just one single tear in each passing, year and. Tony, banks as a phenomenal, synthesized a solo on the poly Moog this was the only album, where he used. The. Poly milk synthesizer, but, the song was played on, many. Tours, they. Played it first on the and then there were three tour. They. Played it on the Duke tour except. For a couple shows they did not play it in the US because, Phil. Collins's voice was uh tired. From all the scene I mean. There was some shows in America where follow you follow me was not played, it. Was not played I know at Madison Square Garden in New York instead. New. York got back in New York City from the Lamb Lies Down so, they swapped. A hit, for a deep, track for, the hard course showed. You how cool Genesis, were at times throwing in surprise songs during their set list but. For the most part follow you follow me was played live on me and then there were three tour a live version from net worth is available on bootleg, a live, version from. 1980. Is on the three sides live album, which, was recorded I think either at Drury Lane in London or the Lyceum, Ballroom one of the two. Great. Live version. Was. Plead like I said on the Duke tour is wall the abacab, tour it, wasn't played the three sides live tour it was played it's the third song in the set right, after behind the lines and. Was. Also played on the mama tour in 1983-84. In, support of the self-titled, album which we. Fans call a mama album, and yes I will discuss that album later, this year when it turns 35. But. For now we're. Talking about and then there were three and it was also even played on the invisible touch tour on certain, shows and I think an acoustic version was played on me calling. All stations tour, with at a, dufus. Ray Wilson singing, and then. It was resurrected for the 2007. Turn on again tour in which. Was their farewell tour which. I'm glad I got to see and the. Live version of all you know and I got, to see them play at the Boston Garden or the TD Garden in Boston and.

The. Song worked great live and Phil Collins was actually singing, and. Playing the drums live, simultaneously. It. Was the last tour where Phil actually, got to play the drums because just a few short nights after I saw them he, threw, out his back did. Some damage to his spinal column from. Doing. The tambourine, jig in. Duran, I know what I like in, Montreal. Something. About some of those weird, places they go to, places outside of Boston they wind up doing, an injury I don't know what it is I think maybe. Boston. Is some of the best rock and roll crowds known, to mankind but. Follow you follow me was. An amazing. Hit. Song an, amazing. Sign it appears on all their compilations. It's on their. Three. CD platinum collection it's, also on the one CD turn on again compilation. In the two CD version. Of the turn on again compilation. Which has more songs, and some, of the b-sides, which you cannot get elsewhere. So. Yes turnout, follow. You follow me an amazing. Tune an amazing, way to. End the album but that's not all that was recorded for the album because, there was two other slides that were recorded, but surfaces, b-sides, in the UK, first. Is the night the light went down this up-tempo rocker is, just. An amazing, song I think it should have fit on the album battle ahead who have been a to LP, set because, back in the days of vinyl they had to make a sacrifice of, what. To fit on it and what not to fit this song would have fit perfectly, mm-hmm. And. This song the. Night the light went down what. An amazing. Sign this is if you haven't heard the song I urge you to go look it up on YouTube or. Hear it, somewhere. Because since. That box set is now out of print and, the. Song is not available, again, please. I, beg of you to hear that song because the song is amazing as, is. The other b-side, that did make the album, Vancouver. And a lot of people thought, Phil Collins wrote the song about moving. To Vancouver well, that, didn't happen until nineteen, late, 79, early 80 when his. Marriage went to, after. His first, wife cheated, on him while he was on tour and supportive and then there were three but this. Atmospheric. Acoustic, ballad, is an amazing, sign kind of sounds kind, of like ripple, in a vein of ripples on. Trick. Of the tail and also in the vein of what's. That other sign ripples. Your. Own special way I'm. Wind. & wuthering just an amazing. Sign not much more to add to those tunes but I dig. Them I love. Them and that's. All I can say about that, but. And then there were three when it was released in March 1978. The. Number three for, genesis proved, to be the magic number when. They turn into a three-piece. Their. Career just went right. Through the roof because, the album wound up hitting a very fitting number. Three in their bands in native England, coincidentally. And, the. Album went, to, number 14. In the United States it was their highest charting album up, to that point, every. Album you. Know when. And why the ring was top thirty trick, of the tailless top 40 so, they were on you know land mines down just missed the top 50 so they were going up with each album and then. There were three was their first album to hit the US top 15, topping. At number 14, on the Billboard album, chart in the spring of 78, and by May of 78, the album was their first gold. Album, in America, meaning it sold over.

500,000. Copies and. It continued to sell consistently. Into. 1990. Where was eventually certified a. Platinum. Award for, sales of over a million copies. Sales. I think, have been brisk. Since, then so it hasn't been any certification. Since 1990. But, Genesis. Fans still, discover this album I mean you, know I'm a, another. Generation, Genesis, fan and. And. Then there were three is. Kind. Of overlooked, in the grand scheme of. The. Of the. Power of the three-piece. Lineup albums, I know. Invisible, touch and we can't dance sold, more but, my. Favorite, three PC or Genesis, albums are. Well. Actually and then the with in second place because. There's a three-way, tie between. Duke. Abacab. And the. Mama album. Everyone's. Like but. Which one's better that's hard it's on one day Duke, will be my favorite the next day abacab, the next day I'm on my album but. And then there were three. Just. Behind. It just in second, place I mean invisible touch. I'll. Listen to live versions, of the songs from that album because, the album sounds a little dated with those electronic, drums. And. We. Can't dance as an excellent album as well but. Some. Felt it should have been a single album, but. And then there were three, in the. Grand scheme of Genesis, a very. Important, album for the band because it led the pave the way for what they would do next with. Their, trifecta. Of masterpieces. As a three-piece, Duke. Abacab. And the, mama album aka self-titled. Aka, the shapes out I call, it the mama album, because. That's, what the band nicknamed, it and. I will talk about that album in a, few short, months when it turns 35. But. That's, my look at and then there were three for now on, its 40th, anniversary, happy. 40th, - and then there were three and. What. Is Terrence listening, to right, now, well, very, simple I've been in a Jimi Hendrix, sort of mood so. I've been listening to an, album, that I will talk about eventually. On the show I may even do all three Hendrix, Experience, albums as one. Episode I'm. Picking. This week, axis. Bold as love, which. My brothers at rock metal combat, just, reviewed on a recent episode and. As, songs like how, you, know I'll give you a few examples of which signs it includes Spanish. Castle magic if six was nine little, wing one, rainy wish. Exp. Up from the skies. So. Many great signs in that I don't want to give away too, much but, that's. One of the album's I'm listening to and another one I'm most into is another album a day reviewed. Polices 1980, album Zen, yattaman Dada and. This. Album I will discuss, in the future but I can tell you that I love every single song on it including the b-sides it didn't make it I mean it's the album with don't, stand so close to me driven to tears.

Voices. Inside my head, behind. My camel, yes, I love that instrumental. The. Other way of stopping I love that one as well a lot. Of great songs in this album and, that. Is what Terence is listening, to at the moment and there's a couple of shows I want to promote first off is the. DJ. Jeff's. Radio. Show on cranium. Radio.com. Every. Saturday, at 4 p.m. Eastern 1. P.m. Pacific where, he plays nothing. But great classic, rock and he's also again on Sunday mornings for a different, type of music show and. Also. I'm recommending my, buddy dr. Foxx classic, rock tracks show. Which is on every, Thursday. Night / Friday morning after. Midnight on. That. Metal, station calm, and he plays nothing but great deep tracks from, classic, rock bands, at rock, radio these days won't. Have the, balls to, play then. Again I'm, talking about albums, that radio. Won't have the balls to play these days either, in. Addition to all those offer mention shows here's, some cool. Podcasts. And radio shows, I want you cool. To, check out. Music's. Most diverse. Podcast. Starring, blue penis. Journey. Saturdays. Hey. Everybody I'm Aaron and I'm press and we're from the desk will be podcast. And if you love this. You'll. Love us that's, right brand new episode, every single, Monday you can find us on iTunes and at, decibel geek.com and, the best thing is rock, and roll it's always free. All. Right. Kiss army. Since. 2007. You've. Been getting podcast. That's. Right it's your podcast, every, month the podcast, crew along, with the kiss room brings, you kiss, talk like no one else whether it be roundtables interviews, with the band past, and present analysis. And great, kiss fun, very. Elusive, vodka. Hi this is Bruce Kulick and you're listening to odd. Kiss the podcast, the, kiss audio thorns, in from your ears. I'll. Ride to see Ayatollah, alcoholic. E'en Wadley and I'm watching this to my friend, new radio show, Quadzilla. World where I cover, every. Era. And. A, few that you like to check. Me out every. Saturday, 10:00, a.m. to, 3:00 p.m. Central. Standard Time on, South for Ian calm. I'll. See you there. Hello. My. Name is Lee Gerstmann, and I. Have a, podcast. Which is, improvisational. In time. The. Next, episode might be 20 seconds away or might be 20 years away but. It's called the, clean burst min show and, I, do a, lot, of regular, views but. I also do. Editorials. About women, and food and. Other. Subjects. Stranger. Or otherwise. Feel. Free to. Take. A listen, to, the, Leaguers win show on. Streaker. Thank. Ya hey. I'm dr., it, on the Ayatollah, of alcohol, and we, are from the rock and metal combat, podcast, if. You want to check out some crazy. Uncensored. Unbiased. Totally. Nuts reviews, of classic, hard, rock and heavy metal albums, check, us out you can get us on high beam and iTunes. New episodes, every Sunday. That's. Right and we also do each other's mom. True. We've, charged, well. My charges. Hey. Hey. And, if you like the beer cold, the, women and, the music loud. Sigurd party on that medication calm, the big booking power hours every, Sunday. Big. Booking power hour is the biggest party with the biggest beer. Are. You ready for the hottest new podcast. Out there check. Out the big air of all features none other than dr. buck rap the era you, will hear personal. Stories, and personal. Songs from, the bulk there, ain't nothing else like it, the one the only the original Fiera, boss on, poppy, stitcher. Calm, and I. Goddamn. It. Hey. Head bangers you want your own radio show well, you got it on Thursday. Night here, on that, metal station. Join. Me on the doctor. Show calling, the chatroom, and I will make you my co-host, that's right everybody, that joins me in the chatroom I guess, discuss whatever you guys want to talk about I'll mention your name I'll say what you say and, we're gonna go back and forth and I'll even, plane whatever request, you want unless.

It Sucks then, ain't playing it because my show rule and, only songs that wool is allowed right, here on that metal station, the, doctor. Show airs, live, Thursday. Night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, hope, to see you there, whoa no no, that whole I better, see you there. And. Now the shoulder. Forgot, to take it slow. The, human. Brain is the ultimate. The. Supreme question. Mark, and. Whoever, tampered the, wreck. Does. Ceratosaurus. Please. State the nature of the medical emergency. Lane. Damage, with Pink Floyd this, can, give you brain damage. He's. Only as directed. There. Is no doubt inside in the moon really. Your. Controls are set to the random precision radio. Network, this is flooding slip an hour of Pink, Floyd I'm Craig Bailey find us online at floaties and slip com write to us at Pink Floyd, and slip calm bloody, and slip is. A random, precision production. I. Think. My speedo, is, starting to cut off the flow of oxygen to my head. Hi. Again and welcome to in the studio, Redbeard here with destroys beyond history's, greatest rock and roll albums. Well. Folks that just about does it for this episode of because, of Ron of time here I don't want to bore, you too much. But. Come back next week where it will be either they're the first van Halen for its 40th anniversary of my buddy Brian Schaeffer it, was supposed to be this week but he wanted to record it on the day. Of the 40th anniversary I don't, know why but it's, just the way he thinks I guess. So. I'll be reviewing I'll be looking back at that albums 40th birthday, then the following week we'll have the metal gods Judas, Priest's, stained, glass for its 40th anniversary then. The following week will be the 35th. Anniversary of Styx's Kilroy, reserved, yes I'm going to discuss that album. Then. The week after that will be Pink Floyd's, the Dark Side, of the Moon 45th. Anniversary Wow. I got, a Haunter that album of, course I do. Also, gonna honor the, 35th, anniversary of the final cut by Pink Floyd the following, week where I'll be joined by my brother edy Lopez, who. Will be also, joining me for Darkseid's 45th, anniversary and. And. Then I'll do the first David Gilmour, in June for its 40th anniversary. Because I don't wanna torture you people with Pink, Floyd episodes for three weeks, so. The. First David Gilmore will be delayed till June but. I also got coming up 35th, 45th, anniversary of Led Zeppelin's houses of the Holy, 45th. Anniversary of desperado, by the Eagles, yeah, I'll be doing another Eagles episode, because I guess some people enjoyed, the first album episode so why not do the Overlook. Gem, in their catalog. So. For now this is your rock sponge, Terence, Riordan he has saying don't. Let the assholes, piss you off happy. Birthday to my brother doctor, Ralph Viera. Philadelphia. Eagles fans are. Pigs. Good. Night people god. Bless you. The. Terence Reardon, and Friends audio-visual, podcast, was written produced recorded. Mixed and synced, by yours truly, Terence ridden, the rock sponge. Intro. Music is stiff competition by, cheap trick, the outro music the night owls by the Little River Band copyright. 2018. Tjr. Rock sponge incorporated. All rights, reserved once. Again thank you all for watching and most importantly, thank. You all for listening.

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Haha, great intro. Also, thanks for the review of this classic album of Genesis. I like a lot this progressive period, their sound, although Peter Gabriel already departed. Cool description which different synths they used. Again, very good descripton of political context around the band in England at the time they were creating this album and specifying the difference between Gabriel and Collins in terms of their political, apolitical views. Amazing album, very interesting lyrics, serious, ambitious rock musicianship, I agree too. All these things were happening in the time when the punk started to rewrite the rules, as you described very well. What an exciting time of still genuine musical creativity.

A lot of today's music is just a lifeless technological mess, cold, inhuman, poseur stuff as you said.

If I don't preserve this then we will be left with rap and pop drivel and that poseur country shit!

Thank you Terrence for this wonderful show you are creating. For preserving the best achievements in rock'n'roll that will continue to inspire us.

Brother, you said it all brother!

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