Euro ROADTRIP 2020 !!! / ЕВРОТУР 2020!!!

Euro ROADTRIP 2020 !!! /  ЕВРОТУР 2020!!!

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Eurotrip. 2020, Austria. So. You can't have different relations, towards Lenin, even. In Russia he's not universally, popular. Bolshevik. Leader of course as we know one of the key. Figures founding. Fathers of the Soviet Union and here. He stands in Gales and kickin. In. Quite a busy. Intersection. There. We go. All, kinds, of traffic, and one are going fast. And. No one really batting. An eyelid to be honest, got. My drone flying up there. Guten. Abend. We're. Just walking past. It's. A laning effectively, ended over 300, years of the Russian royal family the Romanovs after. That russia was then the Soviet Union a republic. With. Of course Lenin's, ideology. Really. Being one, of the core. Principles. Of that, but. You can also find in Russia those. Who not fans not only because of that in fact it was largely. Due to Lenin, that damn. Bass was. Given and, fell. Until events. Of recent years. Remained. A part of Ukraine which. Was controversial, at the time a, hundred, years ago then he was always controversial, and the Fanty who have now this climate, of. Toppling statues. And smashing, and vandalizing. And in June this. Was actually erected. Here by, the. German, communists. Lenin Marxists, etc, of course Germany, gave us in recent years the, film goodbye, Lena and here we have her lolling in the first-ever statue, of Lenin, erected. In Western, Europe that, is, statue that's, not a bus that's not small homemade that is the real the, real deal I mean. This could take its place anywhere. That. There is a Lenin statue and. Of. Course will run the subject of ironies, and that's, another point to think that in Ukraine. That, went around destroying, a wrecking Layla's I remember living in Ukraine for me the Lenin statue is a symbol of stability in, Ukraine it was a symbol of a different time when people respected, each other respected. History and the tearing up of them then. Well we know where that's gone the road that that's taking us down. Into. The Netherlands, with a dip man. So, there should be no that may be will be a passport. Check or something. Deutschland. Good. To the Netherlands. Okay. Let's make a move. Down. Quickly, quickly. That. Guy yeah, that, guy was his well-known actor. So. Here we have. Yes. Me, in the center of Munich. Gay. Traffic, lights. Lesbians. Have to hold hands in. Perpetuity. All in red. Whereas. If. We come back. In. Between at the moment must be a gender-neutral. Traffic, light, punctuation. Around. Okay let's go let's go as ghost ghost killing should. Come off I'll pan right up and around quickly I'll pen and quickly. I'd. Look at mister look there there, we. Are. Green. Day guys. Walk. In handy hands. To. An. Unknown. Location. And. We're back to the. Red, lay. The LGBTs, or whatever isn't in an LGBTQ. Stop. You eat your eye peeled star. So, true though, stuck. In the same place forever seems a bit sexist, the main agreement, get to move, was. The ladies have to stay in. Red the ladies in red yeah I think it's sexist - because the man are allowed to move and the women. Are there you know the lesbians they are not allowed. I'm. Outraged, by it it's so intolerant, let's. Go and check. This. Is actually the azam house actually, it's pretty nice Church, inside and they just. Recently before some years completely renovated, the whole house. We. Should actually have, a short look inside because inside, there's. Actual. He doesn't continue go. The. Rainy day Lupin. Here. We go filming, in the rain. And. We will go toward the lamp, oh yeah. Oh. Yeah. So, be myself really. You. Can film, yourself -, oh yeah the double, cam. Moonkin. Street cam and she. Like and chewing. The, beer is sadly already, oh. It's. Sad Isis that, is it trying to hold it. Yes. All the tourists they need to see this only. Me - is pro. Good. Break. You down. Where'd. You put the beer cans boy I still. Haven't. Well. Why did this meant was. Implemented, bring. Like a big guns. Dance. It's a dance battle. So, now. I want to see the breakdown suspense, yeah. There. Is. Some. Small, positive. What. Well. As. You can already see here they they, grow pair of it so if, we want. Probably. Brings like I don't know you can, somebody's.

Giving It some flowers for a girl yes yes me too so, yes exactly so. Things. Do we want you're welcome to, to, have some groping over there I'm. Gonna give her any flowers oh, please. Go over come. On don't. Be don't be so shy I'm, not gonna totally Weinstein. But. Please be polite. Thank. You should. Thank. You. I don't, know she's seen it all before she's. Had so many I don't think it meant anything to her. No. Matter what she says, she's. Got a bouquet. So, that next, candle for me too. We. Were heading now down Fatah, and we're going to either, pop. Another. Of the city gates I told you the three main. City gate I think from the second, city wall and this. Is easy at all and the, third one first was cast Oh second, easier - and the third one is, sending a talk then. You will have seen all the big. City, gates which are still standing. Oh. My. Okay. Michael. Michael Jackson yes. Is he is he in one. Chair what he death any much no. No he stayed in that hotel though. You. See the buyer is Yoho. I didn't, know that I'm, very fed up. Well. Can you can you sing any of his songs or. Smooth. Criminal' there there we go smooth. Criminal' did it isn't it. Annie are you ok are you ok annie and, your Yorkie usually. Hit by a, smooth. Criminal. It's. Not my lover. Love. That. Love. That moonwalk. This. Would usually be the scene of the Oktoberfest. Canceled. Yeah. This. Year because of you. Know if that korone about that thing. The. Thing, this year. Actually. It's a real problem for the. Exhibitors. You know the people who are making. All the carousels. And everything every year so, it's, like, their main income so, they actually demonstrate, the protest like, just. A week ago and. They. Are you know almost, getting bankrupt. Now so they're they're really having troubles, but it's and almost. All parts. Of the economy over here I mean. They're like millions. Of people now. Almost. Unemployed, and, the. Real, biggie right now I. Guess. We were thinking Jeremy everyone can just work in the car industry no, no way no way. Actually. The. Car industry is getting more and more troubles, because of our failed, government policies. To. Establish. Some kind of you. Know electricity. Electric. Cars only and. All. Of that, so we're, actually you. Know we're still the. Chinese, are far ahead of us and also Tesla, and so on so actually. There's now this Tesla, mega factory being built near Berlin, and one. Book. You. You.

2020-07-27 14:28

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