Europe a Aquarium lian ber (Oceanografic) kan fan kualna/ Valencia Spain Vlog II

Europe a Aquarium lian ber (Oceanografic) kan fan kualna/ Valencia Spain Vlog II

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Now we are driving to the Museum of Science. This place is still Valencia. But the Museum of Science is a little bit far away from the hotel where we stayed so we are shifting to a closer hotel. This is the hotel where we are staying. Arena Zone Hotel. We have so many pieces of luggage already. All of this is our luggage.

And even this one. My husband is recording so let me carry these two suitcases also. Oh my god, this is so small. Hola (Spanish) Bathroom, cute and clean. The hotel room is smaller than expected. But we are staying only for two nights. Other hotels are fully booked.

This is not the city center. We just stay here to see the Science Center. We will stay here for two nights and then we will go to the city center. Tomorrow we go to the Aquarium. It's also a science center, the biggest in Europe. And also there is a dome for 3d movies. It's a science city and we probably spend all day there tomorrow. And we will show you some dolphin shows.

Wow. I can't wait. Like and subscribe :-) Now we are in a restaurant: Restaurante Luz de Luna. We are going to have our dinner. Over there is the beach.

And this one is the restaurant. Here is my husband choosing the food from the menu. We are planning to eat fish. They have a lot of fish options.

There is a very strong sea breeze here. Do you know what you are going to have? This one, swordfish. Ok And you will have this one. Black rice with octopus.

Then you will have this one. Which one? Grilled sea bass. Ok, sea bass. We are here, near Valencia Now we are at the Valencia beach having dinner. And we are going to have fish. Mangtha (Mizo: Good night) No, it's not a time for "Mangtha" yet. This is the fish I am going to eat. This is called sea bass. I don't know how they call it in Mizo.

And this is my husband's fish. They call it swordfish. Eggplant (bawkbawn) Potatoes. Let's have it.

Okay Now we just finished our dinner. And we are going home. Our hotel is 15 minutes drive away from here.

We are very full. You say. Mangtha. No, no, no. I puar em? (Mizo: Are you full?) Puar em. (Mizo: I am full)

Puar lutuk. (Mizo: Yes, I am very full) I puar em? (Mizo: Are you full?) Puar lutuk. (Mizo: Yes, I am very full) Very good.

He is also full. Ok, Mangtha (Good Night in Mizo) Chibai (Mizo Greeting). Not Chibai.

Don't drink and drive at home. Don't  copy this. Oh, I need my seatbelt. One second. We reached our hotel. How is your breakfast? I love tostada (Spanish toast) I am ordering bacon separately. And I keep on waiting. And then I flipped the eggs and found all the bacon inside.

Now we are at the Museum of Science. And we are first going to the fish aquarium. And after that, we are going around filming this area. Where we are now in front of the Museum of Science.

We will go and see the dolphin show. And we will first go there. Can you explain it, too? Today we are in Valencia at one of the biggest aquariums. So we will show you some underwater, some fish.

some sharks and some dolphins and then we have a  science museum here behind us dome is down there   the hemisphere dome which is one of the biggest  3d movie halls in europe there's some other   art museum so it's quite a big complex and we  probably spend all later day here to explore these   different areas first we're going to the aquarium  because it's very hot outside so maybe by going   inside it will be cooler underwater After sunset, afternoon. And we will be strolling around, filming this area. Right now the sun is very strong and hot. So we decided to go first to the aqaurium.

Here is the map. Now we are exactly here ... at this "Umbracle". It is really big. Many places to go. So we will spend the whole day here. This place is so beautiful and great. And so many things to see. Even though the sun is too strong.

Apart from that, this place is so beautiful and relaxing to see. Here is a really big pool. The best time to go is in the wintertime, I think. Around this time the sun is burning hot. Now we are going towards the fish aquarium. We will buy a ticket and enjoy.

We arrived at the fish aquarium. As you can see behind me is the fish aquarium. And we expect the inside to be very big. There are fewer people than expected. Maybe because of the current Covid situation. Now my husband is buying a ticket.

Let's hope we can go inside soon. It is too hot outside. If we don't get inside right away, it's unbearable.

Now we start going inside. Inside it's comfortably cool. We are dripping in sweat.

Now we finished the fish aquarium and we are going to see the sharks. Ohhh, so many people. I really don't feel like standing. So many people standing in line wanting to see the sharks. And it's so sunny.

It's not sunny where we are supposed to queue. But people are standing in line way up to where there is no shade. So we will go somewhere else first. We will come back once there are fewer people to see the sharks.

My husband is standing in the line up there. And I am standing here in the shade. And I'll go and join him later :-) There a so many sharks over our heads. Here are the baby sharks.

Now we just arrived at the place where they keep the whales. And we are going to see around. The whale we are going to see is called Belluga. It is the most expensive whale* in the world. (* most expensive caviar). Solid white and very, very beautiful. There are maybe three or four of them. And they are really huge.

We can't see properly from the top. So we are going down. So are going to watch them closer.

Please excuse my camera. Inside it's very dark. And they don't allow flashlights. They allow filming and pictures. But they don't allow flashlights. And a little dark. However, let's hope it's all good down there. Unexpectedly there are quite a lot of people inside. We were simply expecting fewer people when we were outside.

When we entered inside it was crazy crowded. Today is also Saturday. On Saturdays, everybody goes outside a lot. It's so crowded that we can't utilize our time well.

Let's see now our very beautiful whale. Beautifully white. Do you like the whale? I love beluga whales! Now we are going to see a dolphin show. Even though we are a bit late, but we will still go. Here at this place, we are going to see the dolphin dance.

2021-10-12 16:36

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