Europe Road Trip, Geneva and Zermatt, Switzerland | VLOG #6

Europe Road Trip, Geneva and Zermatt, Switzerland | VLOG #6

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In true gypsy fashion we are two days away from leaving on another, like two month trip. Maybe less than two months for me. Probably more than two months for Max. It's European road trip time, so we are driving from Sweden, down through Denmark and Germany to Switzerland, to Geneva and we're going to do a three-day Body class in Geneva in the beginning of July.

Then we have about two weeks between Geneva and when we need to be in Northern Italy for the “Talk to entities” Summit. So we're going to go like deep into the heart of Switzerland. I love going into the Swiss Alps. Every year for summer we've actually, gone like

I feel like every year. For the last maybe five years we go to Switzerland. It's not even really intentional. It's just totally like: Oh it's summertime.

Let's go to Switzerland and it always works and I mean I cannot wait to show you guys Switzerland, because it is I think one of the most like magnificent places on Earth. We're going to be doing that and then we drive down to Northern Italy to… How do you say it? which is where my dad and some other people own a castle. Essentially and that's where we're going to have the Summit class and it's super beautiful there and then from there Max actually is going to fly to Australia and do another two weeks hotel quarantine. And then hang out with Fin and Estelle for a while and I don't totally know what I’m doing yet because I don't want to go do hotel quarantine Again. I did it once and I would probably not choose to do that again. But I am currently in transition with my passport. I only have till like august 8th on my British passport to

stay in the EU so I might have to leave the EU but then I’ve got something in the pipeline. Yeah! So Max and I travel with like a lot of food because we're extremely particular. This is my Oatly I’m taking. I’ll probably go to get a couple more cartons. This I need, like basically, like a month and a half supply and then Max's sprout.

but I don't know if I can get this in Germany I probably can but I don't want to chance it, So this is the supply. So this is the beginning of my packing process. I should have sort of started this earlier because I only have one more day tomorrow which one would think was enough but when you're on the road for like two months and you need to be like a lot of different situations, it takes me a while. But anyways this is all like my work clothes, because I’m going to be doing like a bunch of classes on the road and then since we're hiking a lot, Right, like I’ve got to get all my hiking gear ready.

So this is the morning of the road trip that we're going on down south. And I’m going to do one of my favorite things which is going for a swim at the ocean. Here it's actually 5 am right now and I woke up at 2 this morning to go to the toilet and then I just couldn't go back to sleep. So I’ve been up since then working on a few things and looking forward to this swim. What's the plan today babe? While I woke up to discover that the booking we had for tonight in Hamburg, Germany was like cancelled by the host. So I was sort of like don't have a place to go I’ve been trying to sort of work out what we did with that.

So we're just heading out on a road trip this morning. At some point I’m going to do a workout before we leave. We know we're going. We just don't know where we're staying tonight, where we're Sleeping. Yeah and more importantly where our food is sleeping, because we are very, we have to have a very specific accommodation, which makes it a little trickier, because we like travel with so much food. We have to have a refrigerator. It's like a necessity so that sort of narrows down like the possibilities plus like I don't want to stay in a place that's haunted, and I don't want it to be disgusted and so, we'll actually show you where we end up in Germany tonight. I hope we end up in Germany tonight. So I did something really traumatizing, which is, I deleted like the first four days of this trip from the camera, it made me really cross with the camera, because I just want to mostly shoot this vlog on my iPhone but Max thinks we should use a better camera, so he got me using the GH4, which is a better camera to be fair, and then I just did my first and I was like so gutted that I did it I was like I’m not going to vlog anymore Because… uh So I deleted all the footage leaving Sweden crossing the bridge to Denmark, entering into Germany. We got so much

good footage and we're in Germany we're going to enter into Switzerland today. Europe is beautiful in the summer This is our extremely packed car. Yesterday we drove down from Sweden to Hamburg stayed in Hamburg for the night. Now we're driving out of an extremely industrial area. Well Hamburg is a massive port interestingly enough so there was like on this side there was a whole bunch of cranes for the containers on this side there's a whole bunch of cranes for the containers from the boats and then there's like a ton of trucks just flowing through here. Yeah Germany really does uh industry,

industry and industrial. So now we're driving down towards Cologne. It is hot in Germany, it's super muggy it's a grey sky but it's still super warm. I’d love to see some natural places. These trucks are lined up I guess to get into the port in Hamburg They've literally, I just started filming but this has been going like this. I

watched it for six I’ve watched it for like a full minute before I started filming and here they're still just like backed up the highway. Wow! I’ve never seen anything I’ve never seen anything like this. You just keep going. Let's just keep Trucking. Wow! I guess this is how we get all of our stuff. When I say the word relationships. Everything that is will you destroy and un create it all right and wrong good bad, poc and pod, all nine, shorts, boys and beyonds.

So we are in this like rural, agricultural development somewhere in Germany, on the way to Switzerland. Fance is pretty close by I’m not actually totally sure where we are. We just stopped here for an Airbnb for the night, but look what we found. It's like a cigarette machine like I have no idea when from. Like, like, Has anybody bought cigarettes out of a machine for like the last 25 years It's like a national treasure.

That is I think the best smelling rose I’ve ever smelled in my life. Oh My God. Breakfast, Germany Saturday and five mornings into the trip.

Check out this. This is our Airbnb for the night. Just a simple house for two. Have yourself a very Merry coffee. It's called road trip breakfast So we just arrived in Geneva. three day Body Class starts tomorrow. We just drove from Germany and we've been doing a lot of driving but it is awesome to be here and I want to show you guys this hotel room before we mess it up. So I’m going to show you right now.

We're staying at the… How do you pronounce it? Beau Rivage. it's like beautiful river in French but anyways… So this is just starting at the front entrance. There is this full bathroom at the front Entrance. Our lounge we're in a nice suite. I actually haven't looked out of the window yet. Let's do it all together. So a nice view of the parking lot and the roofs of Geneva and the mountains in the distance. Moving this direction there's two of these so closets. I guess this is the master

bathroom. Hello! Hello! and the bedroom and You know when you walk into a hotel room and they leave the tv on for you. So let's pop that off. Second view. Bonjour Geneva. Now there are hand placement recommendations in the manual as well.

You got to start with a body bath. So if you guys want to put your hands on your face. Geneva is alive with the sound of Sunday.

It's actually very big. It's huge, it's really big. and half of it's in France and half of it is in Switzerland. TALK TO THE ENTITIES Bonjour Suisse. Just leaving Geneva. I feel like we didn't get super good footage when we were there because like most of the event was there. Finished three-day body class. Miracle as always um This is beautiful. I don't know that it comes across on film. oh I was trying to show you like Geneva. We're at the very like eastern tip of it.

Heading towards, Zermatt which is the village that's at the base of the Matterhorn. it's a car free village, so you have to like park down the mountain and then they take you Up. and Then they have these like little electric taxis that take you around.

We rented a cabin that's like all by itself sort of like away from town for five nights and we are super stocked up with groceries so it'll be interesting getting all that up there. It's so we're starting to get into like the really beautiful parts of Switzerland. Well it's our first morning in Zermatt and it's amazing, but it's also extremely foggy. So this is one of the gambles of coming up in the mountains obviously so there I mean the mountains and the Matterhorn are all out there and if we get to see them we'll be very Lucky. the cabin we're staying in is called… How do you pronounce it babe? Arkham 1930 it was built.

So we're having five nights here. Last night was our first one I had to un haunt this cabin big time. That was not a very good night's sleep but moving forward will be well. So hoping to get some epic hikes in but the forecast is all rain. I’ll put it on the screen here for you

Guys. It's like the worst possible weather for being here right now. but I, it's still absolutely gorgeous here it feels so good to be in the Mountains. It's so powerful So that's our little cabin.

Here's the little road. Only electric Cars, little electric buggies. For those of you guys that don't know Vermont it's the village at the base of the Matterhorn. The Matterhorn is under clouds today as are all the mountains back there. This is my visibility. I can see about 15 feet /13 feet ahead of me. I can kind of make out through some trails up there I can kind of see this goes off into the distance but to where trying not to be a real bummer about this but this weather is really bumming me out. It's like, it is beautiful but I want to see this place I just realized what my conflict is like I don't like imposing my point of view on the weather.

You know. Like I want to like the earth has to take care of itself and like I’m like oh I don't like it you know that's really not like contributive or constructive so I’m sort of like. Don't love this but It's called an Alvin elevator - open elevator I think that goes up to like one of the lifts that then takes you up and up and up and up and up and up. Like if we had one of those like

stand-up push scooter things that you just like get all over the place. So this is, we can see the cabin, that we're staying and now we're down in town. If you can see, if you look just to the right of the crane it's the dark wood with the red shutters. One of the most freaking, awesome things about the Alps Matterhorn express. These little floaty Bubble.

This is what we get for the Alps today. It's like Ireland, But up there. This is the Matterhorn. 17-27 There used to be Trolls in these mountains and then you only see their faces on the old buildings. We're currently in the village and to head up to the cabin we're staying in, you either walk up there for 30 minutes or you can take an electric taxi which costs 40 francs, which takes about seven minutes so we're not taking the taxi. Because we think 40 francs is just too much on principle.

We can totally afford it but I’m just not going to do it so if you don't want to walk up for 30 minutes you take an elevator, and that's what they do a lot here. Especially in the Alps. They have all sorts of different elevators so this goes like deep into the mountain and then up to the cabin. This is how you get to the elevator. Nearly to the elevator now. This is a mountain elevator The stairs to the cabin. This is, this is where we're bunking. This is the cabin that I have

successfully un haunted. So another note about staying in a haunted cabin. Vermont is the only place I’ve ever had to use my own house and space clearing loop so for those of you guys that don't know I clear haunted houses for living and I have, Haunted people. and haunted people and I have this house in space clearing audio that works like a charm. I’ll put a picture of it here and we'll link it below for those of you Guys that know you got a haunted house. Anyways I had like never actually personally used it in the past because obviously like I just cleared it myself and it was very easy. But the first time we stayed in Zermatt /

Switzerland we stayed in this apartment and I had to use the clearing loop and it was incredible how quickly it worked and then you know fast forward we go back to Vermont this year, and this cabin was so haunted and it wasn't like in a super bad like a bad spirit it was just like a little boy and I’m not really sure why he was stuck there but he was like really stuck there and I tried clearing him just my normal way which usually works really quickly and effectively and it wasn't working so I we started playing the clearing loop like Downstairs, like when we got for a hike and then come home and I was like okay. Great it's still now they couldn't sleep in the house and stuff because it was just very active so finally I put the clearing loop playing like on repeat all day long for like 24 hours in the exact room that was sort of like, where he was hanging out the most in the Epicentre. and That was it. It took 24 hours of playing that clearing loop and finally he left and it was really peaceful Afterwards. So if you have a haunted house check the clearing loop out. It is really

effective but just know that you might need to play it like on repeat in the room or in the epicentre of like where there's the most activity. You know, you might even take like a week to a week and a half. We made it above the clouds today This is Sonica lift station so we took the train up here. It takes like seven minutes and then we're above the clouds so down here is Vermont so the whole valley is totally sucked in, but above the clouds it is spectacular

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