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To. Win that. Race. Good. Afternoon it is February. 21st. 2019. And I'm. Excited about our second edition of. Talking. Disney. Or everything Disney, as we as I said in the first video so before somebody cover some of the plot things are going down the parts that are new that if you go and visit the parts here, at least for the next few months I've made not throughout the rest of the year you're, going to see this very different, from other years, or maybe even the future so, first let's start Disney, World Magic Kingdom, one, of the rare events, is happening, right now at Disney, World Magic Kingdom, at the Town Square Theatre this, is a meet-and-greet, with, Mickey. And Minnie okay, also. Is. Happening, is in full-swing on, Main Street is the movie, that shake it mouseka. Dance it, now, we've, got seen that yet another, oh I want to say this just started, this year so, we haven't finished the parks this year we, have a up-and-coming. Duke. Chronicles. Visit, to Disney World so, I'm excited to see that I've, seen some some videos and blogs also. Should mention hey. Not. Too late to think about how we Mickey's. Not-so-scary Halloween, party. Yes. August the 16th it is Halloween, in Disney World on, 15th. November first, it is on sale now, Mickey's. Not-so-scary Halloween. Party. Well. If you've never been to that and you're, planning a Disney World, vacation I must. Say to you this would be another one on my bucket list to do at Disney World okay Mickey's. Not-so-scary Halloween party. Is a separate. Event now, does, not happen. All the time, or, every. Day of the week at Disney World from these dates, August 16th November first so, I'm a special, or particular, date of the, week and basically it, is another ticketed, event park closes at around seven, ish maybe even one before they let people with a ticketed, event coming, I believe about four o'clock and essentially, the parkers is just, then from 7:00 on to, about midnight. A little, bit after that when they finally show the hocus, pocus. Show. But. It's, just open those people who are ticketed, for the Mickey not-so-scary, Halloween party. And you go around and get time we still have him we still have candy, that they not eaten from, the Mickey's, not-so-scary part, any probably, will be there till the next year look it's fun kids can can dress up adults. Are some limitations, there are some things that you can cannot, wear masks. I believe isn't one for the adults but pretty much it's just a fun time to go and if you love Halloween or.

Abysmal. Alright so August 16th November, 4th tickets, are about 79 dollars each but there is a pass holder if your pass holder out there there are pass holding discounts available now. Here's, where some of the cool news is happening okay yeah. I. Should, say okay. Tron. Magic. Kingdom. Days. Have been thrown around I've, heard this year I've heard maybe next year I've got a thing next year because we're. There November, and. They were just they, were going to town and they were definitely, clearing. Out some land but, there wasn't any structure so I think, probably next, year but anyway the. Speedway, is. Down, there is no more. Fantasy, land speedway, okay that is down for the Tron or. For some structure I think that we're focusing it - I always going to go away i sister, furnishing, it and with the and with the Tron that's basically, right behind and the, railroad, okay I think, you can still go at the Main Street. Station. I think, you can take pictures and photo ops was another video of the train but the train as of late is not going on that does it changes everything and always changes in great, so, it may eventually but at this point there, is no, Disney. Railroad and there, is no fantasy. Land Rachel, a speed speed track okay so those two things are down they're not happening and we're, really waiting inside for trunk. Okay now moving that car here's, where I'm gonna say if you grew up that car of them in that Park up and there are things changing I, mean it is not just the obvious that. You, walk, in and off to love to see the big building, for the galaxy, guardians. Of the galaxy right, which by the way, is. 2020. I'm thinking, okay, with some, of the the, reports. Are it's supposed, to be I heard I'm not verified, this I've seen anything from Disney but it's supposed to be one. Of the tallest. Rides. Inside, rollercoaster, rides okay, now I can't remember what I was reading is it whether, it was Central. Florida, Orlando or. Within. Amusement. Parks across America, but it is a extremely. Attractive and I love roller coasters I'm a roller coaster kind, of guy so it's, not just that just. Brought out today. In a, release. From, Disney. The. Whole entire. Insurance. Into. Epcot. Is going to change it is. Going to be revamped. Morag, are in place they're. Going to get sort, of a play, pavilion. For, kids it seems to be somewhat, of an interactive, another. Thing gonna be characters. Maybe but there may be but. A lot of interactive, toy or fun things to do in, this, this area so, that, is, Richard and then a lot more grass this might be a sound puff of greenery. Is going to be and then the movement. Is like but being the tire it appears, to be the way that we've written this statement is that the entire insurance way, into, Epcot is, not going to be what we know it was best today it's going to to change okay, so, that's, why I just have to say that was one exciting thing okay but let's. Go down some things are happening that call you over here okay so first of festivals, that's one thing everybody wants to notice the date one. Of them is still going on actually February, 21st and is February 25th started. January 18th. And, 2015's. Accessible, arts okay. Then, shortly, after that a few weeks March 6 to June the third we, have the. Flower regarding. Festival, okay and then the big one that just tracks, there are lots of folks goes, from August November, is the food and wine and then that's followed, up, by the, festival, holidays November. The 7th of November, to December ok, don't have some specific dates for those last two but the, festival, arts is going on right now and you know March 6th at June 13th our garden I need to say something real, quickly about the festival holidays we.

Have A video in our world Disney, World playlist, on. The candlelight. Procession. That. Is I think a, one-time, must do for Disney, fans ok, this. Is between that dates and the festival holidays they. Have a, celebrity. Come and, read. The Christmas story, ok. And then. Local choirs, and. I think there's also some professional, singers out there the local choirs they. Come and with, a live orchestra ok. Play. Some of the traditional. Christmas. Carols. Or Christmas songs we. Had Helen, Hunt ok, that. Did. The Christmas story, for us ok. And. It was absolutely fantastic, now let me just say if you, have a little ones now ours are 6 and 9 so they handle it just fine, but if you have little ones okay smaller then 6 there are no characters at this event so there are no Mickey Minnie, appearances. Or anything like that you, do have to be aware that ok. It's it's, just, carols. Or songs. Singing. Ok, and then the Christmas, story by the celebrity, whichever you happen to get ok so just as a caveat we, actually, went and did a dinner dining. Or, dining. Package and. Was a lot fun okay a lot of fun okay so, that's just a side professors holidays, as you can see in our playlist for. That. Person, now, one of these I'm excited, about not, going to be there till June 14th, August, the 18th is. Epcot's. Of guardians, of the galaxy, awesome. Mix. Live, seen, some videos with this this just looks fantastic, i I. We've. Got we're. Gonna have to try swing going. In, this time you see this particular show their car but, that sounds like and just. Like big-time. Fun okay. Let. Me just kind of go into now the Illuminations. Issue okay, with, special earth right now okay, as the, fireworks. Exists. I know that's a sore point, for a lot of us caught fans the, Illuminations, reflection, of Earth's show but there, is at Rose and Crown dining, room a dining past the package fast pass to the, illumination. Show, at. That the. Rose, and Crown dining, room 85, for 10 and up and $35, for three, to nine okay, so. Let me now talk about that, so that's coming up and if you are in illuminations, if you grew up, illuminations. Reflection, of Earth you might want to take advantage of that packet because here's the news okay. Reflections. Is going, to end this, summer of 2019. Now that, was in a separate, news piece that I read that. Was from Disney okay now here's. Really interesting, what came out today I, think. Everybody, is spooned that, the reflections. Was, going to end and, the new show was, going to be again, that. Does not sound, like that's in Disney's plan again everything, changes Disney, they. Can do it they make it happen they can go through Christmas from, from Halloween. Christmas and one day okay so they can make things happen but. The. Piece. That was put out today is actually. With that show ends, and a no specific, date when that show ends sometime this summer okay. It, will be follow I have learned it's a time night, time again, sounds, like firework, traffic, hands up okay same. Thing over the world showcase, and over the lagoon okay. A. Limited. Time we'll. Showcase set. To classic, Epcot, Tunes, is exactly, what they say and then the new show will. Begin in, 2020. Okay, that just came out today and then, this, new plan for the opening, of Epcot. The interest in that caught that, was just, in some, of the release that I got as a travel, agent from, business so that's exciting I guess, if. You, were. Not. A big, fan light change and you. Anywhere. Not a big fan of the reflection eliminations, but again I would say to you look Carlos, books the package if you are there, are some people who grew up with this show okay, look, if you are fan of the reflections, of show. Then this. Is the time go ahead take advantage of collect some memories because. It does sound like for, sure it is going to be gone in the summertime okay it's. Also exciting that, the NASA actually the last d23, it, appears to be a space, these table. Service let's, go to be a generation.

To The mission, to space, that. Seems to be in the works, no dates but that's something to look forward to Remy's, tattoo. Tex a to e adventure. Is coming to the France pavilion. Okay. I'm gonna check on that. When we go in this time see, if we can see any, construction. There there also updating, the circle of vision the 360, circle of vision in both China and oh okay. And this sounds, like fun now well, if you like the Beauty and the Beast similan. At the France, pavilion. Next. To the impressions, de France I don't. Have to date so, we have to see if it's even if it's there right now I'm, not sure why they didn't put these things out and then I'll put a day and, then of course again as I said before I'm getting so, excited guardians. Of the galaxy roller coaster I'm gonna say a Disney, I. Think. Will be exciting, and in terms of different roller coaster lovers okay, look. We're trying to look forward to and then the roller coaster, regardless. Of what coaster there's always been, the, walking, over at the. Hollywood studios I'm. Not sure what, the, Mickey, and Minnie's train ride is going to particularly be at this one I don't know how it's gonna roll any photos, of roller, coaster but is it going to be more of an adventure into past this Mickey Minnie. Life. Paths, you know cartoon. I don't know I'm not sure so, I'm not really sure what it put that in a roller coaster but I think I'm extremely excited Gardi a galaxy, that, caught coming soon my thinking is probably 2020, and then they are come along the building is really don't know okay now, let's, move the Hollywood, studios we all know we, all know. Star. Wars, Galaxies. Edge coming. To Disneyland this summer fall. 2019. Disney. World again as I said the previous video fall, for Disney actually goes into December, you. Know okay but anyway we all know that but there's, also a, lot, of stuff going Pixar crazy at Hollywood, dancing. With mr. mr. credible, frozen. Right. There before you go into Toy. Story. There's. Chance to meet Mike, Mike. And Sulley Anika monster speak and they're starting on march 31st, now, near. The rock and roller coaster, Lightning. McQueen himself. Is going to be out the, racing academy, chance. To meet the car used, to have that a while back when, they had the old back lot and then that kind of that. Will that policy that went away but that's coming from the Ashley back home it seems to be more of an interactive, kind of thing too as well. And. Then. Also should mention here. And I think there's been some speculations, works, going to be, merging. Into. Star. Wars with, a Star, Wars themed, hotel. I mean, you are a murder into, that evening, and. Make it sounds like you don't even don't you like you check-in and you're supposed to stay through the server that's what I read, somewhere but that's it maybe to know where that's going to be I don't know but.

My. Assumption, is it's going to be somewhere. Around the whole galaxy. Star. Wars galaxy edge is. This the immersive kind, of experience. With the hotel, but that's coming as well now. It's made is, me animal kingdom, okay now. Already. Said, 25. Years were celebrating Lion King and mentioned, that in the previous video, so the whole Animal Kingdom is kind of. Honoring. 25. Years and then of course we know our but, I mentioned, was in the last video, is the, remake. Now the animation, of the the Disney's, classic. Lion King in celebration. Of that because it sounds like that's going to come out in the summertime is, in the celebration, of that animal, kingdom, also, is honoring. That movie, you. Just can't get enough one team you got Hakuna. Matata, time. Dance partay, over. Discovery, idly okay over by Discovery, Island should say and then, the more a weekend, or through, the 7:30, now I have to tell you I'm excited this time is here and make us we are on make a concerted, effort to. See the, Lighting's, of the Tree of Life, we've. Missed that we have some little kids and sometimes it's gotten a little dicey staying. Up and supper we're gonna make have and other kids are a lot older or make it we're going to do this but anyway September, 30th, the. True life is going to awaken and sounds, like project could project. So I cancel project. Some some wine teen themes, seems. I, guess you say on the Tree of Life that's gonna happen through, Memorial, weekend. Through. September, 30th, okay. Also. Update, and. We'll. Clean them as officially. Plus-one. Population. As. A new giraffe was born actually on Safari, so. Also. Submission, avatar, site owners take lemon. Regressor. Okay. Avatar. Sly the passage, okay. Slinky. Dog in this and, this route. To, extremely. Hard guys to, get on to those rights now so if you thought like meets maybe get a little bit better than the third days it's crazy, okay we went rode on it we waited for seventy. Five minutes okay now look you guys feel pretty fast by the passage, we we with the last. Time years I have Fast Pass, but. The the only way to truly get particulars.

Flat Passage to look it could be 180. Minutes plus okay, my wife checked the other day it was it was like 300, minutes that that's nuts, okay that's enough I cannot tell I I could not I cannot, fathom staying, in line at home but anyway those. Two eyes in particular now thinking, is here, when. Star Wars opens, up let me divert. Some of the crowd certainly, public studios I'm not sure about that tall but the, thinking is the more eyes that open up divergent. Diverting, some of the crowd population. And things like nothing little bit whatever, but regardless. If you, if those was important, to you I would, suggest. Extremely. Tightly okay, that. You booked a, resort. Bookie. Stay on, a resort on site. That. Allows you, to have sixty days prior. To, your, stay, to. Book your fast passes there. Is not another category pass holders do, not get that unless, I stay, on, site. Nobody. Gets that 60. Days you're guaranteed, pretty much your stay high. Probability, you're, saying you're going to get sleepy dog and you're going to get avatar. Flight, passage okay, yeah we're Pandora so another. Reason why, to book. A resorts. It Disney, to, get the 60 days okay. 120. Days by the way for dining but 60. Days for, the. Fast Pass and there's. Nobody else so it gets that so those, are only categories, and get that yourself just, as a site but anyway if you didn't what to do you that okay, these, thing has NASA network no keys how busy, you cannot be noted this what, occasionally, happens is sometimes, for just resort, people, to keep the park open sometimes. They have a lot of ticketed, events, where they keep the park open well they were going to do this at Animal Kingdom three, hours after the park closes they'll, have a ticketed, Disney, after-hours, and animal kingdom this, event is going to happen from February 26, parks are on. Track. On February. 26, March. The 5th, 20th. And 27th. And April, the 3rd, prices. Are, $125. In advance, and. $129. Same day now. Look. Unless. You. Just you're a fanatic and love for. Us a family of four I don't think we're going to spend almost $500. To do that okay I'd, rather stay to visit resort and do, you just do Fast Pass but hey, Easter Zone right this is this is your magical, day, but anyway, just to let you know that is available and a passel of BBC, members, you, do get $95, but still us that's pretty that's pretty steep okay, so but, anything that isn't there, okay if that's something that's very important to you at least for the avatar. Okay not. So, you got avatar that's a After, Hours Disney. Animal Kingdom, ticket. Event okay now, let me just clear some of that's basically there's someone in the show there's some other things but once hit this I just want information didn't. Feel like I wanted to talk about them because it just didn't have a lot information and, right, now but there are some other fun things that are happening at. Disney World are going to go down but right. Now those are the big things that are pretty for sure you hear you consistently, over and over again and if not have some dates but let me move some other parts very quickly Disney, way in Anaheim, California right. Now 25%. On Crocker be about, 20% off on. Property. On property. Resorts. During the winter and spring outlook that's a good deal that you're leaving close to Disneyland, also. If you say March 7th, the. 90s, night. Is. The. Theme go, back to the 90s I, first. Really was, revered about the eighties but anyway the. Just dimension, that's happening at Disneyland, at. California. Um so next time I'll come at you with some, ticket, information try to break down the best I can't in sort.

Of I need common, sense stuff in, common sense sort of what to take pricing, it's. Not that difficult but it's just there's to. Date, pricing affiliate issues so, I'm. Gonna come back with a blog hope you enjoy these blog I love, doing these I'm gonna come at them with every, whenever. I get some good decent what, I feel like is new to not just speculation, or like my stuff I'm, gonna come at you with blog so again, hope, you enjoyed it have a great, rest of the week we're. So excited, we're gonna be heading to Disney here very shortly and. So. Hope. You have a fun rest the week and have. A good.

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