Exploration hike with my wife | Central Cebu adventure | Plant identification (with Eng subtitle)

Exploration hike with my wife | Central Cebu adventure | Plant identification  (with Eng subtitle)

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She's having so much fun, but actually she didn't even know that from there at the mountain's peak, I also have not taken this trail yet. Its more of an exploration hike and I decided to bring her with me just for the fun of it. You can actually walk here but she likes to slide down Its going to rain... lets go

This is how we spend our valentines date.. at the mountains a naturalized species (java plum), which means its been here in PH for quite some time Victoria: Is that Mt. Naupa in Naga? Me:YES its Mt. Naupa I don't know if the camera can see it This might seem like a bushfire but this isn't a bushfire, its actually a "kaingin" (intentional clearing of vegetation using fire) after clearing and removal of burnt plants, they will turn this are into a farm land by planting corns, sweet potato, or any type of crops that they wish to plant This place is what we call as timberland hills. Its not really that lush of a forest, but there are plenty of birds That is because majority of the plants that are on here are what the birds like to eat. Like this one, Balinghasai (Buchanania arborescens) a native tree species in PH The fruits of this tree are favorite among birds and other animals. Here we having Subiang (Bridelia insulana) ... this one is tahod2x (flueggea virosa)

We have Noni (Morinda citrifolia), a medicinal native tree We have the Mamalis / Pittosporum pentandrum, a very aromatic plant. Its actually used in car fresheners Then we have Hagonoy, Chromolaena odorata. Introduced species of plants Like this Lantana (Lantana camara). These plants are not native here Then up there, you will see many Teak trees (Tectona grandis). Also exotic and invasive species of trees

Like this Gmelina (Gmelina arborea) Then we have Bagawak puti (Clerodendrum minahassae Teysm. & Binn.) This plant has very beautiful flowers, but its eaten by pest and it cannot thrive due to constant pruning. We also have the Kulatingan (Pterospermum obliquum. You can see the underside of leaves.. bronze in color. This tree is also native here These trees are supposed to be very abundant here but... see this?

this is evidence of unsustainable harvesting of trees for timber. We have many Binunga / Macaranga tanarius This plant is also an introduced plant called wild poinsettia (Euphorbia heterophylla) the latex exuded by this plant is very itchy latex are known to have strong reactions, including dermatitis and anaphylaxis depends on a persons tolerance of its toxins. Then we have Lomboy (Syzygium cumini) or Java plum Oh theres also coconuts here.. not really coconuts but some type of smaller palm These are one of the dangers here, illegal treasure hunting holes left uncovered by illegal hunters there are also many holes here that are remnants on the 2nd world war. Underground tunnels used by the Japanese soldiers Then from this site, you can see here the whole buhisan dam that part is Pamutan, then Babag on the right The RCPI towers Then those yellowish canopy of trees you see here, those are all Teak trees Introduced species, invasive and they are not native here It seems that they have almost taken over the entire watershed those dark green spots are either exotic mahogany or native trees only very few native species are left there These types of trees you see here (the exotic trees), they dont hold the soil pretty well.

and during the dry season, they dont provide moisture to the land they just absorb the waters available because these trees are fast growers. Then the buhisan dam during summer its usually very dry (almost empty) Mainly because of the type of trees surrounding our watershed. In other words, they planted the wrong trees! This huge tree is a rare native tree in PH. This is what they call "Banilad" (Sterculia philippinenesis Merrill)

You can see its fruits from here and its now red (which means it is ripe) Its trunk is as smooth as a Taluot tree or Ficus Variegata Finally, we are here Victoria: is that mahogany? seems like its burned. its probably intentional or by accident. this is a really old mahogany can you please take a video? ill stand beside it for size comparison hey careful! that tree could fall.

I really believe this is intentional... because once this falls down, this tree can make lots of charcoal when processed. rocks keep getting into my shoes She's having so much fun, but actually she did not know that from that peak that we climbed it is also my first time taking this route. This is more of an exploration hike and I thought it would be nice to bring her with me because we usually take the longer trail when coming here In short, she got scammed by me at least we are now here at our destination (half-way through) there's our old campsite over there You can actually walk upright but she she just like to slide this is the old trail... then here is the new shorter one but much more difficult to trek due to the loose soil.

Here you can already Teak trees that are not cut down by charcoal makers due to the location and another danger that you should watch out when hiking here, an uncovered treasure hunting hole. So if you are planning on taking dayhikes here, don't forget to bring with you your headlamps or flashlights (for safety) Look there's actually an ark forming here, its like a welcome sign going to Narnia :D these are vines formed into an ark due to wood gatherers passing by and on this trail, there is a lone Kaong palm tree (Arenga pinnata). its like a huge coconut tree when full grown. But this is native to the Philippines

If you like eating fruit salads, a salad isn't complete without the Kaong. then we also have species of Prickly Narra here (Pterocarpus indicus Willd) The ones that has thorny seed pods and smaller leaves compared to the smooth Narra. We seldom see this tree in Urban areas, in Ayala I've also spotted a few there. We're now at Camp MT, or (Mixed Trees) as we call it there's our hammock area, then tent area here there is also another kaong there, I just noticed it there are also many wildlings of Taluot here or Ficus Variegata, Tangisang bayawak in Tagalog this is Labnog (Ficus Septica), and this other one is probably Malatabako (nightshade family) Jackfruits... (we are now passing through farm lands). give me the camera, I spotted a Banog (brahminny kite bird) see that? a brahminny kite its flying just above us, it is so big I don't know if the gopro can see it but, it is marvelous.. so big

We always see that bird hunting in these areas, but its my first time seeing it that close it might look far from the gopro but its really near (around 20-30ft above us) they also have amazing rock formations here and crevices I actually proposed this area to a friend for rock climbing adventures... that part right there jackfruits are rotting here coz there is no one who harvests them also these cacaos the fruits just fall right off the ground due to the very remote area, and most farmers here are already old and seniors. they no longer want to process these cacao into chocolates for it is labor intensive. they just want to farm fruit trees and crops that are easy to harvest like avocado this is a new structure here.. victoria: this spot is very lush before botong or young coconuts here there are lots of what they call as "dwarf coconuts" trees that are these small but already bearing lots of coco fruits botong here are half the price compared to the ones sold in the streets if you can buy coconuts there for P30, here its just P15 pesos look how small it is... but its bearing fruits many times already. I can literally just grab it if Im standing right there.

this plant is a Maidenhaire fern the oil extracted from this plant are sometimes used in perfumes sometimes it is also used as an ingredient in shampoos. feel tired yet? we were from there, at the back of this mountain, then down here I think it is a 6-8 kilometers loop and we still got maybe around 3-4 kilometers of walk before arriving home.

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