EXPLORE North & South GOA, its Beauty, Heritage, Beaches, Night Life and Endless Restaurants

EXPLORE North & South GOA, its Beauty, Heritage, Beaches, Night Life and Endless Restaurants

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How are you guys? Well we're down here at the  Betim docks in Goa the main fishing wharf.  This is where all the local  fishermen return on their  trawlers every morning with their night's catch.  In fact after China, India is the  world's second largest producer of fish.  They sell such a huge variety of fish species   which you can buy wholesale at the fish  markets right here at the front of the wharf. Later in the show we'll show you  some of the local fishing villages.  How they make a living from their catch & some of the biggest  jumbo prawns I've ever seen.

It's got a real fishy smell here  and it's amazing i'm in heaven here.  Serena's like about to puke. Na we're having a great  time, out with our friends. We're ready to show you guys some of Goa's beautiful beaches & tourist sites.

But first of all we're off to  Old Goa on the Mandobi River. It's the former capital of Portuguese India.   & it's known for its beautiful Portuguese houses & it's quaint little streets Old Goa also is famous for its  UNESCO World Heritage sites.   Like the 16th century Basilica of Bom Jesus & St Catherine's Chapel.

They're considered to be one of  the oldest chapels in all Asia.   & it gives us a glimpse into Goa's colonial past. Well we're going to go & explore some  of the fishing villages around Goa.   We're going to head down to a place  called Palolem in Southern Goa. Well Palolem Beach is well known as a tourist destination.

Many people come to enjoy the beautiful beach,  the endless shopping, & the restaurant & bars. Well if you walk up the northern end of Palolem Beach    you'll find some of the fishing villages.  You can see the local fishermen  here are about to launch their boat   It's pretty awesome how they launch it off the beach   by putting the big logs in front of the boat  & they slide the boat along the  top all the way down to the water.   We can see already some of the nets have already been pulled in on the beach    & there's still some other boats about to be launched & head out to set their nets & once the boat's been out & set its nets  It will bring the end part of the net  back to the beach to about 10 guys. They will use the rope to tie around to a pole & as you can see here they slowly walk back dragging the net to shore.

You can see in the catch there's a number of different bycatch. The majority of it is quite large prawns. or some of the biggest prawns I've ever seen are the jumbo prawns they get here in goa The whole fishing village come down & they all go through & start sorting out the catch.

Prawns & the size of the prawns all go into different baskets. Then from there sent off to market. Well I'm going to try & buy some big tiger prawns from the villagers here take them home prepare them all in  some garlic butter & cook them on our Weber Q. Then we'll invite some friends over to come & enjoy a big Goan feast with us. So I've got some of the prawns...How goods that? Just cleaning them all up now.

All ready clean just need some garlic butter & about to put it straight on to the BBQ.   Prawns ready to go. With Charles coming over for dinner & were going to munch on some of them prawns out on the BBQ.

There we go. How good does that look? Yaaaaay! & it's smoking away. Do they smell good? Yeah they look tasty!! Alright better turn them.

They look divine. Is it good? Thumbs up! Yummy!! I've done alright then, he's going back in for another bite. Oooh, but Hawa doesn't mind them, you don't mind them do ya? It's really good.

oh we have serena doing her first   first motorbike lessons uh  we nearly videoed the crash here she comes she's having practice  on the scooter she keeps her legs she's got her confidence now she's riding around  everywhere feet up oh apartment at the top sleeping faster pretty serious face concentration   done let's go exploring gullah so goa has so many beaches to enjoy and  explore but which one is the best   well it all depends on the kind of experience that  you're after there's luxury resorts with their own   private beaches or makeshift beach huts there's  crowded beaches with restaurants and bars which are relatively uncrowded  they're quiet relaxing and tranquil the first beaches that we'll  visit are close to home   and ones we know well after  living in goal for a while pandolum kalangut and buga   they all really join as one long beach and  no one really knows the border of each but   these three beaches are the busiest  and most commercial beaches in all goa   it's filled with foreigners tanning themselves  on the endless rows of side-by-side sun lounges   and it offers tourists a wide  range of water sports as well burger beach is also well known for its  nightlife and is particularly popular with indian tourists so kalingu it's a bit cleaner and  it's popular with foreign retirees   candoland beach joined smaller sinclair beach to  the south which is where a gorda fort is situated oh smile if you feel like indulging yourself with some fine   food and wine then the whole long stretch  from tandolum tobaga has endless choices   but one of our favorite spots has to be palms  and sands it's situated right on candoland beach   and here you can try some of  the best traditional go on food with amazing sunset views say hi to the owner venetia and give  shadow the black labrador a pack north goa has many beautiful beaches and two  very popular beaches is arjuna and vagator beach arjuna beach was once home to the hippies now it is an ideal area for  backpackers and budget travelers   it is very famous for its beach flea markets antares restaurant here in vegator beach  was started by the australian master chef   sarah todd it was made famous with the  sbs tv series my restaurant in india   but most famous is the greek restaurant thalassa  thalassa is a waterfront property that lasts in   the rays of its famous sunsets here you can  enjoy greek hospitality with authentic greek   mediterranean cuisine that will make you think  you are on a greek island not anywhere in india a lot further north is aaronville beach   once a small fishing beach now it is  the most happening beach in all goa you get a lot of people from russia here a  lot of the signage here is all in russian uh   a lot of the um signs are also in hebrew  because there's so many jews that come here   but this beach is not too bad it's not as crowded  at the moment but come here at sunset it will be   packed which has become the new hippie heaven with  endless shops stalls and jam sessions on the beach do all the narrow alleyway streets  lead down to the beach but they're   loaded with shops and they're all selling  all sorts of clothes and then you've got   a leather handbag stuff here it's pretty cool some good stuff around it's worth a  look certainly heading to the beach   you've got a lot of shopping to  get through before you get there what someone playing a didgeridoo  this is goa not australia we're at the la la golf course  and spa resort in kanakana   southern goa goa has a few golf  courses but this one is my favorite it's hard to believe we're in  india playing on a lynx golf course   right on the arabian sea surrounded  by lush manicured gardens   and immaculate fast greens anyway who cares about your  golf when you've got this year there's also many beautiful beaches in  the south of goa in fact here is where   you'll find the more relaxed tranquil idyllic  beach less crowded quiet just to enjoy nature   you'll find many honeymooners  down on the southern beaches along with nature lovers enjoying  dolphin spotting trips and scuba diving and some of the best photographic  sunsets over the arabian seas   beach as we showed you earlier in  the show is a bit more touristy   but our absolute favorite beach the one that  we would come to to get away from the hustle   and bustle of indian traffic and noise for a  week has to be a gonda beach the serenity of   this quaint beach guarantees a relaxing mood  which enables you to unwind from a busy life   or after a hectic travel expedition through  india aganda is rated the best beach in all goa fire for our next episode we're returning to australia   due to the crazy world pandemic that's happened  we've had to return and cut our india trip short   but it gives us a great opportunity  to show you our backyard western australia has so much to  offer and you're going to want so if you've enjoyed this episode and you'd  like to see the next one please subscribe   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