Exploring a Decaying Abandoned Seaside Hotel in Ireland

Exploring a Decaying Abandoned Seaside Hotel in Ireland

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In today’s Urbandoned video,   we are exploring in one of the most  scenic locations we have ever visited. The building in question is an abandoned seaside  hotel in Ireland, dating back to the 1970s.   It overlooks the western coast of the country,  towering above residential areas surrounding it. As for the inside, the brutal weather of it’s  position has caused extensive deterioration,   mixing beautifully with how it was left untouched.   We find scenes of nature reclaiming  it’s property across the whole site.

Join us as we head within the  hotel to discover what remains. Our last question that we asked was  ‘Should we show new locations we find   even if they aren’t special?’ We had many interesting responses but  have selected this one from Sandra,   who suggests we make a compilation  style video featuring buildings that   haven’t been showcased prior. This  might be something we look into,   because it would make for interesting content  when the buildings are grouped up together. This time we are asking, ‘What do you think  has a more impactful closure and why - leisure   facilities or industry?’ Let us know in the  comments to possibly feature in our next upload.

Perched atop some cliffs, the neglected  hotel has been an iconic sight for locals   over the last fifty years. It would have  brought tourists from around the world to   the rural location and business to  nearby restaurants and attractions. However, it’s time has come to a conclusion.  With a new fence halting some entry into it’s   vacant interior, signs of dilapidation on  it’s walls and once admiring passerby’s   now keeping an eye on it for intruders, the  pleasure aspect of the building is no more. Thankfully for us, after a long drive to  somewhere we believed we couldn’t miss,   accessing the structure was very simple  and we were into it’s dark rear quickly.

The resort’s heated pool was one  of many leisure facilities onsite,   also including a small gym,  sauna and beauty salon. Passing the lone gym machine left behind,  we wanted to stop using our torches in   this mostly non-boarded abandonment so  we hunted for light down the corridor. Until the year 2021, when we explored the seaside  premises, it had stayed off the radar from the   majority of Irish urban explorers in great  condition. Social media had recently brought   newspaper attention onto it, which made us wonder  whether we were too late to see the hotel in all it's glory. Despite only being inside momentarily, signs  of natural decay were already prominent.   The few ferns developing on the  carpeted floor would be minimal   compared to what we would find  as we headed into the back rooms.

It’s very apparent that the entire  complex wasn’t watertight upon closure,   the vibrant green colouring caused by leaks  from above. All the spare linens and tools   had been ruined by the overwhelming mass  of water, leaving them soggy and moulding. In the second floor’s restaurants and  bars, directly above the mossy back rooms,   we started to notice a pattern. Later we  would see that the third level repeated suit.   The penetrating dampness was causing these  apocalyptic scenes of green in the spaces,   inevitably causing collapses in the future when  the weight of the upper floors gets too much.

The 32-bedroomed holiday resort was constructed  in the 1970s but then extended in the next couple   decades. It contained a restaurant, bar,  conference and function room as well as the   leisure facilities mentioned earlier, once very  popular due to it’s views of the bay and isolated   location. Sadly, it was placed up for auction for just  over half a million euros five years ago.  

We are unsure why this occurred,  but it might relate to low tourism   in the area as well as the property  steadily becoming structurally unsafe. You can see the devastating effect of  thieves scouring through the reception   for anything valuable and not  tidying up after themselves.   Papers were left everywhere and  cupboards were wide open, emptied out. Finally, we began to see some of the  untouched bedrooms we had been hoping for.   Wandering the highest level, we were  intrigued to see how much one could   appear as if it was still in use. However,  we soon came across the total opposite. We aren’t lying when we say this is some of the  most stunning deterioration we have ever seen.  

It was incredible to see rooms in time  capsule states growing forest-like plants. Comparing the decaying regions  with photographs of their past look   shows how little their furniture has  changed, but signifies the amount of   overgrowth that has progressed driven  by the consistent water intrusion. Disregarding the idealistic view  of the sea out the window that our   cameras failed to pick up in these clips,  these bedrooms were very picturesque and we   could have captured details inside  them for a lot longer than we did. As we had completed the exploration of the whole  resort, we decided to finish our walkthrough   with a moment’s reflection on the balcony  where visitors used to enjoy food and drink.

Even though there has been speculation regarding  restoration work for the hotel in phases,   opening new sections to the public every  now and then, nothing is happening so far. The decay is damaging the half a century  old structure and the effects will worsen   if little is done. We think a building with  such high prospects should be saved to continue   bringing tourism to a rarely  seen part of the country. What an immense shame it is that the  building is shuttered and abandoned.   Over our years of documentation of these sites,   some tend to touch us and this is definitely  one of those, impacting the beautiful scenes   of vacancy we saw because of how sad it is  that they are like that in the first place.

Here are some of our photographs  we captured at the abandoned hotel.   If you like the look of them, check out  our Instagram page in the description   where we share images from our explores  months before they are seen on YouTube. Thanks for watching! We found this  video the favourite that we filmed   from our recent Ireland trip, so we hope  you like it, too. See you next time!

2021-12-13 17:10

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