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So. We're funny left psychic temple Moonrock. Bay after. I. Think probably our longest, stay in one place since jamadar, when we first started our trip, truly. Special place and as, our friend new, friend john who we met in the anchorage said it's. The jewel. In the crown of the. Animus islands from what we've seen so far so. What, we've done now is we've now gone round the outside the, eastern edge, we. Put the drone up had a bit fun and games of the drone trying, to get some shots of Esper under sail. So. This. Area there's a lot of reefs and that's, the bottom end of a moon rock Bay there that's, where we were yesterday in the dinghy and all. Around that area is reef and then. All the islands, on the southern part of this Bay here are, also surrounded by reef as well so. We've, decided to come around the back visibility. Is a bit hazy today and. There's. Not much wind there's a little bit, of wind at the top into the island but not, much so. This, is a whole new aspect now, we're going to be seeing of the Anam beside ins. We. Will earn our way from one angry to the next and then all this weather came, in. So. We thought we better duck in somewhere, just get a bit of protection so we've come in here and it is stunning you. Got high hills, covered, in forest, all the way around jungle all the way around and we can really hear the insects beautiful, but, we've also got fringing, reef the, whole way around. So. We drop the anchor in 20 meters and we've got 50 metres of chain out. But. We have ended up quite close to the reef so we don't think we probably stay here we'll see how it goes to let this weather pass maybe. Have something to eat and then perhaps move on to the next one. After. The crappy, weather from yesterday, we made it into another. Lake like, Anchorage. And. Behind a glamourous, Elizabeth. There's. A guy doing what we should be doing which, is trolling, a line around this reef now we're and this is a kind of horseshoe, shaped Bay. Another. Bay that reminds a bit of Turkey, these huge high mountains, very, green and, there's. A fringing reef all the way around. Through. There is a spit, of, a.

Half. A foot of water. And. On the other side is a resort, which isn't a resort because they never finished it. So. Pretty still, and lovely. Morning, here on pulip engine, so I thought I would take the kayak out. Get. Into the shade and, just. See what's between ESPA. And the shore, so. Far. I'm, seeing, a lot. Of coral. Much. Of which is in pretty good condition. Some. Of its died. But. That coral, stretches. All, the way to shore. I was, feeling there not too many people come here it's. Been very quiet the, day. And a half that we've been here. So. I made it to the beach area it's, very clean, it's. Very quiet there's nobody here, I did. See a monkey, on the beach from the boat yesterday but it's not around the moment behind, me just seeing the water here that's the mangrove, growing. There. Aren't too many mangroves, on the beach here right opposite, on the other side of, the, harbour here you can see a complete, mangrove. Area. Which is great mangroves. Mean. That the place is healthy and, like. Most other environmental. Interesting. Things of. Course there they're threatened, so whenever you see them live and thriving. It's always good news, here's. The coral it's pretty. Clear. Here, as you can see and, there's. Some pretty nice-looking corals. I'm happy looking coral and some dead coral which, is what we've seen everywhere, but, plenty, of new growth with, those, at. The very at the very tips you'll see this little white dots that means the coral is growing properly away. That's. A small fish in there swimming between the coral as well it's lovely at this time of the day it's really nice and also haven't got the Sun beating, right down on me so, I'm quite enjoying that. When. You go into the shallows, the, the. Coral doesn't look so good it is dying it's covered. In. Dust and whatnot but as you come further out where. There's a drop-offs and where it's little deeper then, you've got a lot of really good healthy, coral please, don't seem to mind one way or another or another cuz, they're everywhere, but. It's very pretty here it's. Gonna be interesting to get under the water also. Looking forward to. Having. A good old kite right around the whole Bay going over to that little spot here, which. Isn't quite a spit, but almost and, yeah. I would, look later see what more we can find. This, is the island of Pulau, fragile. I think, it's cold if my memory serves me correctly. Looking, back out down there is Esper a tanker and, this. Little island here is, one. Of the few islands where they started building a resort but, presumably. They ran out of money because it's been in this current state for a number of years now you, can see it quite clearly on Google Earth there's, a couple of old buildings here, which. Now look like they're being occupied by someone, possibly. A fisherman since there's a fishing boat just here washing. Is out. They have, cultivated, and planted a couple of coconut. Palms on the beach, although, there, are many coconut, palms already so there is some evidence of. You. Know some kind of development but, not a lot anyway, we just thought we'd come ashore because, it is, once. Again rather. Idyllic. Setting. Got. To be careful lots of coconuts, some of ripe some of green so. I suspect quite a few of falling each day, there's. Some ridiculous, amount of people who die each year with coconuts, falling, on their heads so we have to keep an eye for those but those of you see.

Where Liz is standing, over there the other coconut. Plants. Which, is smaller. Rob. Splendid. Little beach here. It's. Easy to see why somebody chose this spot, resort. It's absolutely, magnificent. You've got this great stretch of white sand beach, here, I spit. Another. Beat lagoons. On this side lagoons, on this side coral, everywhere, and, over. There got another really, pretty island with more, white sand beaches I mean what war. You. Sound speechless, I am, this. Is the one island that they've developed or, at least started. To, develop we, can see that by this brick. Wall here, and, they started to build some kind of jetty. And, that's. Pretty, much as far as they got so it'd be interested to know what. The story was here and whether. They are going to continue to develop it or not. What's. Going on here, there's. A very, young family, here, taking. Up residence one of the old huts and she. Just reeled. In this line at the end of it it's a turtle. In. A net and I don't really know why. So. There's two houses, up there yeah okay yeah, as. In. I. Don't know so um but. And we can walk up here. Okay. And. This this is your house. Too. One. For. Okay. Okay. Okay. And you are matching. Yes. Munching yeah this is your. Monday. Okay, okay, you understand, okay good. I told bud to go. But yeah. But. Yes. Yes. Our boat is just there yeah yeah, all gone back. About. It we. Go around. Yeah. Okay. Back to to empower boiling running wing, running, running yeah. I don't know bowling but that sounds about right I add okay. Well I didn't quite, get all of that but from, what I could make out he was saying that there. Are either two or three families here, and of, course he's a fisherman and, that's. His fishing boat down there I was, also explaining that there are a couple more houses up here and. These are the ones that I've seen on Google Earth I don't know if anyone actually lives in them. Why, would you want to live up here when. You've got that beautiful beach to live by but. Just, walking up these see, we've got concrete steps here. It's, quite unusual for. Any of these islands. Uninhabited. And. Over. The other side this is the view that every, yachtsman, and woman wants to see is, their boat an anchor on, its own in a turquoise, bay. Surrounded. By palm trees and coral. Our. Friend the fisherman has. Directed. Us up the hill I remember. Looking at this on Google Earth it is part of or was. Probably part of the development. Somewhere. At the top there are some more buildings and. It's. A good thing that Liz and I doing this because the. Other islands were visited we've cheated with the drone, we. Can just send the drone up to, get these Birds Eye views but. It's. A good bit of exercise this. Especially. On the legs which. Apart. From swimming. Don't. Get much exercise so. It's. A nice workout but of course typically like Mad Dogs and the. English men that we are it. Is midday and. It is rather hot. We. Found the houses at the top of the hill and, they. Actually have glass in them it's. Definitely evidence of still, some kind of development lots, of bats flying around above us. Making. The most of the dark and the cool. And. With majesty no real own we touch and then I was following you and I said I hope you've got that on camera and as I said that bat. Came past me hit me on the head and that has never happened before. I'm. Not scared of bats. Don't. Really want to have one hitting my head. Acaba. Bird. Number. Finger. Okay. Jamie. Burned. A Maori. Ally. Okay. Ally Jamie. How. Do you do, so. I'm here with desire who. Was absolutely fascinated. By the drone, we've. Just been up to the top we've looked at the brickwork that's going on up there and it's quite an achievement I, have to say considering the fact that they have no roads it's. Just a dirt track and down. Here. At. Base camp we have loads, and loads of bricks and she's.

Just Explained, and, I think I'm correct in saying that she and probably. Her friend are the ones who are building they're, actually, building the, work up there so they are taking these bricks by. Hand to. Continue, working there because we, thought that it was a project that had stopped. Run, out of money but it looks like they are still developing it whether, it's for these guys or whether it's for resort we, don't know. You.

2018-02-09 18:07

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Too beautiful, great editing and great music

Jonathan Tithecott [Liz] Thanks for the wonderful support, and great comments. Peace and fair winds!

Spectacular cruising area..........shared via your beautiful photography and production. Thank you.

It's the most untamed and natural area we have found so far in this world, just gorgeous and unspoiled. Thanks for the lovely comment! (Liz@ftb)

Just Beautiful! what is that beautiful piece of music?

Jane Post We spend hours searching for music, so glad you like it. Which track do you mean? (Liz@ftb)

Excellent video. Beautiful place with crystal clear water. So many islands with forests reaching right down to the water's edge; I wonder how usual that is and how many are uninhabited. I was surprised to see so little wildlife. Thought I'd see some exotic birds and animals, but perhaps you have to delve deeper into the forest areas? The language differences made it more intriguing why they were hauling those bricks inland to build when, as you said, why move away from that glorious beach? Loved your commentary and explanation. Thanks.

John McFarland It was a strange set-up. I got the impression the 'resort' was abandoned, and the fisherman's family were unofficially occupying it (why not ?). We couldn't penetrate the rainforest, but heard lots of insects and other animal noises. There were eagles, terns and swiftlets everywhere. And the sea was teeming! Thanks for the kind words. Peace and fair winds! (Liz@ftb)

Very nice shoots and information thank you for sharing

abdullah alsulaiti You're welcome! Thanks for commenting! (Liz@ftb)

No wonder people want to own a boat....geez that was gorgeous...thank you...

Sandra Watkins Being able to spend time in a place like this is what living on a boat is all about. Peace and fair winds! (Liz@ftb)

Very smart looking sails, great looking boat.

+Paul Howe Yes, we're pleased with the sails. Thanks for the comment! (Liz@ftb)

Thank you for sharing these amazingly undeveloped.places. Having just come home from cray Mexico I will say that places like this are precious. I hope this place remains relatively undisturbed. By the way, loving the music on these videos.

+FromThe Prairies Visiting undeveloped and remote places like this is what cruising is all about. Glad you enjoy our music choices. Peace and fair winds! (Liz@ftb)

She's a handsome rig that Esper, especially under those new sails.

It's a great vantage point up there. The headsail could have done with a bit of sheeting in but it was a bit frantic flying the drone and sailing at the same time with just two of us, Ed!

This was an incredible place. Very well photographed and edited. Thank you for a very pleasant experience.

Always our pleasure, Henry.

Very Nice - Thank you

Grazie, Luciano!

Extraordinary story telling.

Cheers, Paul. Fair winds to you.

Those bats scared me!! :)

J B Haha! I jumped when I saw that bit...and I was there first time round! (Liz@ftb)

They made me jump at the time and once again when I first edited the video!

To me, the thought of anchoring in a tight area like that with coral all around and so close seems pretty scary even in calm weather. That is well outside my comfort envelope right now. Perhaps someday we will build up to the skills that will allow us to do that kind of thing with some confidence.

Navigating in would definitely be scary too. We are going to get one of those handheld depth sounders so we can do some scouting with the dinghy. We've been holding up until we leave so we get the latest and greatest model on the market. I am glad we only draw 4'3" or so with a shoal keel when it comes to that, with a solidly built full-keel and a protected rudder and prop. Still, even so, messing up around coral has a pretty high price to be paid, with instant punishment. Once anchored inside one of these neat coral bowls do you do a test somehow to ensure your swing will not bring you into contact with the edges in any direction? How would you go about doing that? I suppose a drone would be perfect for that to spy from above if the anchor is centered in the opening and your scope is not going to allow the wind to bring you into it if clocks around and changes.

The anchoring is less of a problem, James. It's the navigating into these places that's difficult. Only space for one boat comfortably, mind.

That poor turtle.  :-(


Another awesome location. Better be careful those islands don’t have Velcro on them.

Hehehe. We'd liked to have stuck around a bit longer...

My wife's young niece speaks fluent Indonesian. I wonder if she would like to sign on as our deckhand? Dream on....

Trying to communicate with the locals is part challenge and part of the experience. Not to be missed. It can be funny and embarrassing at times too!

Would be useful, definitely. Didn't have Google Translate with us this time around so we communicated by lots of arm gestures and smiles.

What happened to the poor turtle........

We'd prefer not to think about it :(

Excellent story!

Cheers, LAS!

So inspirational. It’s like watching a happy film with every episode x

Kind of you to say so, David. We try to keep them upbeat but when the shit hits the fan, we tell that side of the story too.

Wow, Jamie and Liz. One of the best you've ever done. You guys are just taking it to another level every time.It feels more like a professional Documentary. Planet earth, National Geographic ,watch out. I do think that yourselves and Ran sailing are on an equal par and Delos ,Vagabonde, There getting left behind. And are becoming less interesting to watch., concentrating too much on Partying with Patreons etc. They are forgetting to challenge themselves in making the next video even better. So well done for all the hard work. Much appreciated and well noticed the difference in quality.

Feedback like yours keeps us motivated, Kevin. We love Delos and we support them on Patreon. Their style is just different, I think, but it's great to know you appreciate the hard work that goes into these vlogs. Cheers!

Great video guys, some beautiful places, and the drone shots looked great. Thank you so much for sharing. Smooth sailing ⛵.

Nice one, thank you. Fair winds to you too.

Since 1900 there have been 14 documented cases of death by falling coconut. The high number of deaths that people talk about is an exaggerated urban legend.

Exactly that, Andrew. Snopes has the low-down.

"for the sad turtle" let it go = in indonesian language is "Lepaskan saja" ( prononce at eglish way = Ly-Past-Can Xa-Ga ) apologize from indonesian. because in some place here people just don't know some kind of Fish or turtle is ilegal to be captured. media, information, internet, & some things like thats just so far away from them Our goverment still working out to be explore that information in 16,056 island that we have

Wish we'd known this at the time, Arga. Appreciate your Indonesian lessons. Perhaps you could be on stand-by when we next get stuck communicating with locals!

LOL just to join in with the morbid Jamie, that would be about 150 killed in 2017 by coconut' attempting to find out how arrow dynamic they are. What a beautiful place! Though now all all I can think about are the coconut ninjas.

Ah, 'tis an urban myth! Check this out: https://www.snopes.com/coconuts-kill-more-sharks/

150 people die worldwide from falling coconuts every year.

I know when I was in Moorea they said regularly. Do watch out for falling coconuts. If you ever see one drop? You would think. That would hurt!

Perhaps so few people die for coconuts because people who live near coconuts are smart enough to not stand under them.

Whilst editing the video I came across this link, Joanne. Good old Snopes: https://www.snopes.com/coconuts-kill-more-sharks/

Stunning! Thanks for the vid. QQ tho - You mentioned the hot weather. I've always wondered what cruisers do in the heat and humidity of these beautiful places. Is it something you get used to or do you have ways of dealing with it that us landlubbers aren't privy to? Thanks again for the gorgeous views!

Sometimes it can be insufferable, but the hot weather is offset by constant warm temperatures throughout the year, so for us it's a trade-off. We tend to avoid the midday sun when we can, except when exploring strange buildings on desolate islands!

Beautifully shot video.  thanks for the inspiration.Brian

Thanks for the kind words, Brian.

Can’t stand the view Liz and Jamie, so sorry, have to close my eyes for an hour of two..


Now that was a spectacularly beautiful video - great tunes too. I could make lots of comments here - but will confine myself to one. I wonder if by building that jetty/harbour wall -it has altered the flow through and caused the sandbar to build up?

Very possible, Norman, although that area is protected by weather all year round. It's flat all around the reefs and the distance between the two islands was only 20m, so I suspect they're actually the same island with a little water in between. Good to know you enjoyed the music, we had fun picking the tunes this week, although we always do.

nice new sails in ESPER? Very very elegant : ) Congrats

fernando caria [Liz] We love them! Thanks for noticing.

According to Wikipedia, a lot less than one person is killed per year by falling coconuts.

[Liz] Who collects the stats? It must happen in loads of remote places around the world where there is no fella with a clipboard standing by... I reckon it's more than shark deaths.

I have read that it is closer to 150 people/year. It probably is less than the number who die by falling out of coconut palms while collecting toddy or coconuts for food.

The 'estimate' of 50 was made by someone studying shark attack deaths per annum.

You guys are very fortunate to be sailing. I only dream of doing that too. Thank you for the videos!

Ron Dineff [Liz] We're glad you enjoy our videos, and thanks so much for your comment.

Absolutely gorgeous!

Piers Bird [Liz] Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment! ✌️

For Jamie and Liz... this is amazing film footage that I thought you might enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7pz_o99Y3g

Google says 150 people die each year from falling coconuts. Dang! That's a lot! Beautiful place... You guys are looking fit! Have you been exorcising?

mobiltec [Liz] Haha! We always lose weight and get fit when we go adventuring! Another reason to love sailing... ⛵

So beautiful , I dont have the words... simply amazing .... I'm always happy to see when you've made a new episode.

David Chandley [Liz] We didn't have the words either, thank goodness we had the cameras! Thanks for the kind words.


Judd _S [Liz] Couldn't agree more!

As I seat in my car, taking some time to watch and daydream and ponder, I’m reminded that technology, with all of its downfalls and shortcomings, makes this moment possible for the majority of us....for me! What can I say that hasn’t been said before? Adjetives are a poor communicators of the feelings within myself, right now. What I just seen, like the many other episodes you gifted us with, brings to the forefront, my urgency and resolution to make my lifelong dreams happen. Now...I don’t know what my finite, aged and fragile body will allow me to do of for how long. This reminds me of one of my favorite passages from your fellow Brit, T.E.Lawrence, in the “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”: "All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous people, for they may act their dreams and make it possible". I’ve been a night dreamer for decades....now, I find myself increasingly, daydreaming of the same subjects, which are completely embodied in this video blog, you just created for the rest of us. I wish to believe, that maybe heaven is like. I wish to believe, that if I have the good fortune, and God willing, achieve a measure of my now, daydreams, I will feel an increment of my present happiness, and in same way, I will only add, the right amounts of positive energy to the place, and none of the detrimental effects, of what the presence of modern human beings do to an almost paradisiacal environment like that one. I have not much else to say, than, thank you! A heartfelt one, and to add a bit more on my support for great artisans, like yourselves, that are adding so much to my daily existence. Please, have a sundowner on me, as I will raise my cup tonight, in your honor! My blessing, my peace be unto you! Cheers!

Jaime Pando [Liz] Wow! Thanks for sharing this here. Absolutely brilliant to read! You're a star, Jaime. We're bowled over by your continued support, thank you. xxx

google says 150 people get killed every year by falling coconuts . More than shark kills.

robsycko [Liz] I'm sure it's more than shark kills, but I'm not sure we know the true stats because of all the remote places like this - who collects the data? Peace and fair winds!

just gorgeous. Someday. Do you go back home for any periods of time? Must be culture shock and shock to the senses.

SV Amandolin [Liz] Yes we do, and it's always takes a bit of adjustment. Jamie went to the UK for Christmas and was cold the entire time, even with the heating on and in bed!

Amazing place and beautiful video. Sad about the young turtle.

Tony Page [Liz] I shed a silent tear about the turtle. We communicated our disappointment as kindly as we could, because remote people like this are oblivious to the way of thinking outside their sphere. Peace and fair winds!

You guys simply amaze me every time you turn on your camera.......thank you

Frank Rice [Liz] I hope we can keep amazing you! Anambas is a place in a million, never seen anywhere as beautiful.

Man she's a beautiful boat from the air. So much blue how can you leave places like this. Epic. Peace love and blessings from Alberta. Be safe out there. ✌

Coop W [Liz] We could have stayed for a year! Pesky things like visas and monsoon weather get in the way sometimes!

Btw: (Sorry about the extra comment): THIS video reminds me a lot of the Mergui Archipelago, especially with Liz in the Kayak and the big Boulders.... so don't worry, you found your own secret paradise....

Project Manaia - Ocean Conservation & Research [Liz] We wish we could have seen the Mergui islands... Maybe next time!

Wohoooo! Not quite the first viewer but finally made first comment! Congrats again another nice one guys! Wish I was there with you.... we're setting out for a quick hop to Greece tomorrow, hoping to some day get back together with you guys though.... looks more colorful on that side of the world ;-)

Project Manaia - Ocean Conservation & Research [Liz] We would love to see you again too. Come over this side of the world soon!

What would the situation be today if those islands were within the territorial grasp of the government of Thailand? How much different do you think those islands would be today? There are tens of thousands of places, not unlike that, which are laying - untouched - because the government in control of them, for whatever reason, has decided that development, or partial development, is, or is not in the interest of - ? How ironic would it be if your showing on YT, of this completely off the grid paradise, with its attempted half-effort resort development, is seen by some billionaire developer who suddenly takes an interest in that place, and runs those poor fishermen out of their homesteads, and turns that place into an actual resort? You should have put a disclaimer on this that no person in the Government of Malaysia, or Thailand, or China, or America, is permitted to watch this video. You may have just pushed the snowball down the hill.

It's always a dilemma among yachties with this sort of thing about whether to publish or not. We fall down on the side of publishing so that people who are unable to go are at least able to experience these places through our eyes. So far, Malaysia and Indonesia have been pretty good about restricting tourism. Indonesia has Bali and Malaysia has Langkawi, they both seem much less inclined to open up 'flesh pots'. Raja Ampat can only be accessed with a licence or through controlled holiday charters - I'm hoping the same will apply here. Cheers! (Liz@ftb)

Thank-you! Gorgeous ! on a serious note : Since you posted that note about ...the Oyster plant closing...yatchts tragically loosing their keel..I started researching keel construction, which led to safety gear and general maintenance and came across something called a Truplug which is kind of a orange wedge thing that could plug a whole if say a seacock fails instead of soft wooden plugs/bungs. its a pretty cool little piece of safety gear as is Stay Afloat sealant to keep aboard for leaks in what we affectionately refer to as the doomsday box . I remember that video you did on inexpensive pieces of equipment that were very useful. Hope you never need them, but are pretty handy tools to give some one time to think in a crisis. Cheers!

Fantastic! Thanks for the great advice and for sharing it here. Peace and fair winds! (Liz@ftb)

and Rescue tape...self fusing silicone tape, too.

Nothing like a glass laphroaig quarter cask, a good cigar and videos from Espir and delos. All is right with my world! One question, have you guys considered scuba gear and an air compressor?

Haha! So glad to be a part of your world! We are both certified divers, but we just don't have room for the equipment at the moment. Maybe if we come into a windfall and upgrade to a bigger boat, we will be able to add a dive locker, wouldn't that be nice?! (Liz@ftb)

I think you guys actually found paradise.... Glad to see the coral in decent shape too.

Steven Gagnon I think so... The areas with high visitor numbers (GBR, Maldives etc) seem to be suffering most. I wonder if any studies have been undertaken on the subject?

Yes -- I was thinking that too... perhaps human interference may attack the coral more than we know!

Steven Gagnon Never seen so much coral in such good shape in one place before. Maybe tourism - no matter how well it is policed - is a bigger part of the problem than scientists know? (Liz@ftb)

So cute Elizabeth

pedro quez Why thank you! (Liz@ftb)

Wow! thanks for another great clip, (SV Esfani)

Andy Penny Brown Beautiful place, isn't it? We were lucky to find it! (Liz@ftb)

great vid thanks for sharing..btw did you set the turtle free?

BOB AHLBERG It's very difficult in situations where you can't communicate to explain why you believe something is wrong, especially as the girlwas so proud of (and clearly loved) her 'pet'. The people seemed to have no conception that what they were doing is frowned on by the rest of the world. We made our unhappiness known, then had to walk away. Heart-breaking. Liz@ftb

Beautifully made episode!!

PepoteNavegante Thanks for the kind words! (Liz@ftb)


Jeff Bazor Cheers! (Liz@ftb)

Beautiful beyond words! Your videos from the Anambas have been a healing salve on my heart and mind lately. You have no idea. You are such a gift! Thank you so much!

Steffanie Schaeffer So happy we can help. Wishing you tranquillity and peace. (Liz@ftb)

The one with the piano near the end of video. It was also played about 3/4 a way through the video

On the other hand, if you should loose your boat to the corals in such a place as this - and be forced to live out the rest of your life there - would it really be a bad thing?

Alas take in by the internet once again, and well, Jamie, with his trick questions. Keep them coming.

Another great documentary

nice presentation

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! (Liz@ftb)

Nice music choice. Great footage. Great editing. You guys are great :)

Well that's a lovely comment. Thank you! (Liz@ftb)

I am very happy that you have visited my country Indonesia and nice video

Thanks so much for got nice warm welcoming from The Indonesians Peoples ,Indonesia is not only Bali Indonesia is big and big country i like sea as well you can go to Togean island in Indonesia we is Gipsy sea live there and you can visit theirs Village

Thank you for the comments here and elsewhere. It was a great privilege to meet the people of your country. Peace and fair winds! (Liz@ftb)

I'll try and find it one day whilst sailing around next year ;-)

The perfect murder ! Wack someone on top of the head with a coconut and blame it on the tree !

Let my turtle go ! Thanks for sharing

Omg! You should keep places like this to yourself, just show me ha ha.. Thats so beautiful, and monkeys. Wow, thanks so much for your wonderful coral tour. And such great dronage. Can you stay there and do lots of videos with your great commentary style. Hopeful the resort won't be finished for sometime, so it doesnt change... Always love to see you try and engage with the locals. I think id have to move in onto that resort with the fisherman, why would you want more? Thank you for another stunning adventure in paradise. Love to see you navigate through the coral. Those bats probable carry a difficult to cure deadly type of rabies...dont get scratched! Surprised they bumped into you.

Espa sure looks beautiful! Especially with the new sails!!

beautiful, thanks for sharing!!


Even on a hazy day this place is just beautiful.. Life moves a bit slower there lol.. Life is good whats the rush ^_^

Question.  Have you had any issues checking your drone into customs?  I've been interested in getting one, but i've read some countries either don't allow them at all or others it's very expensive you have to leave a deposit sometimes up to 90% of it's value.   Thank you.

Restricting tourism? Are Indonesia and Malaysia really making an effort to prevent people from all around the World from experiencing these places? Are you suggesting that it is a good thing that only a "select few" should be able to experience these places according to their ability to get there, and the local GOV "allowing" them to publish what they have experienced? Seriously, too much of the World is cut off from most of the people who live on it - and it shouldn't be.

thanks glad to me if i can do that

Very nice videos.. I am aspiring to make some nice sailing videos, but not quite sure what video ending software and computer will work.. Can I ask what is your video edition station, and software???

Touch the world lightly, and take nothing but photos.

Lovely video! Enjoyed it very much. Your selection of music is excellent!

There are still thousands of unexplored islands, LOL

The reefs look beautiful and colorful . Glad I was able to see it

Very beautiful

Hi maybe the okinawan islands may be your cup of tea, but lots of hoops to jump though as it's Japan. best of luck

It's ironic that in a couple of years, I will have worked 45 years of my life in order to be able to travel to a place like this, and these people who have nothing are able to live here with nature. Why don't you use Google Translate when you are having trouble communicating as in this situation? I don't know if you are aware that the languages can be downloaded and do not require internet when you are using them.

Cool, I've been wondering how they work on some of the Asian languages because when I tested some of them, they seem to be using a horrible speech synthesizer.

It is ironic that in the west we spend $$$$ on cars, trailers and expensive equipment to go camping and commune with nature, while for these people occupying an old building on a beach, cooking over an open fire and living off the land/sea is just their way of life! We do use Google Translate offline, but sometimes a straightforward translation isn't enough to get a message across or understand what is being said in reply. I think when Jamie filmed the fisherman we had just been swimming, and we didn't have our phones on us. (Liz@ftb)

We use Premier Pro. For laptops to work with PP, they need powerful processing capabilities and excellent screen quality. Look online for articles/reviews about which is best. Good luck! (Liz@ftb)

Perfect. (Liz@ftb)

So thrilled you liked the music! We try to match the music to the tone and mood of our videos, I really like it here too! (Liz@ftb)

Of course there are! We can only show here the ones we visit. I'd love to see them all!!

Sailing followtheboat thank you truely and deeply for sharing. I'm scared I'll never be able to swim or sail with corals due to climate change. This video made me much more hopeful : )

And we're so glad we were able to bring it here to YouTube for you to see. Thanks for commenting! (Liz@ftb)

Yes, it certainly is beautiful. We so wanted to release the turtle, but it wasn't our place to tell them what to do. We made our feelings known, and perhaps they will re-think. The girl absolutely loved her 'pet'.

We've been reading up on the bureaucratic nightmare that is Japan cruising! Other boats have done it, so we'll persevere - but it depends where our Patreons send us, of course, it may not be Japan! (Liz@ftb)

Now don't go putting ideas into people's heads! (Liz@ftb)

Quite right, I was shocked to see it tethered like that. :( (Liz @ftb)

Absolutely, why would you want more? Thanks for commenting! (Liz@ftb)

Thanks! So far, we're loving the new sails, particularly the larger foresail. (Liz@ftb)

Thank for commenting! (Liz@ftb)

Thank you. (Liz@ftb)

Agreed! One of the advantages of living on a boat is the reduction in deadlines. Slow travel and slow living - it's the way forward! (Liz@ftb)

Not yet... of course, we normally move from country to country with the boat, and they don't come on board looking for drones yet. Jamie is keeping an eye on the evolving legislation from country to country regarding drones, and is always sensible about launching it away from people and keeping it in sight. Thailand has recently required people to have a license to fly a drone. (liz@ftb)

Thank you! (liz@ftb)

Wikipedia says: Falling Coconuts Kill More People Than Shark Attacks. "Falling coconuts kill 150 people worldwide each year, 15 times the number of fatalities attributable to sharks," said George Burgess, Director of the University of Florida's International Shark Attack File and a noted shark researcher.May 23, 2002

Thanks for the quote! Peace and fair winds! (Liz@ftb)

great video! hope u enjoyed my country like i do.

We LOVE your country, thank you! Liz

so beautiful!!! thank you for sharing with us. i felt like i could reach down and and touch the coral even thou i know that you should not. thanks


As beautiful as this place is, there is a sense of loneliness about it. Could be just the slow motion footage of the drone and perhaps in combination with the lovely music. Paradise has it's price I suppose. I imagine those few folks living there stay on higher ground due to tidal safety factors. Like most of Indonesia, earthquakes and tsunamis are ever present.

Aloneness might be more apt? We loved its desolation and beauty, but I know what you mean. Peace and fair winds! Liz x

Been away for five weeks looking after my mom. Just catching up on videos missed. Boat looks really nice, really like the new sails. Those folks in Thailand did a nice job spiffing up your boat.

Good to have you back. I hope your mom is OK? They did a great job. Liz x

I dont understand why people want to go to Mars since there are so many lost paradises right here on Earth!

So true. Although Mars would be quite exciting...

Thanks for sharing this. The coral is so stunning. The best I've seen. More Indonesians need to watch this video and your adventure in Anambas islands. Btw. This channel is simply my favorite sailing channel because of your reportage. This come from someone who have watched S/V Delos since the episode #40 video and subscribed to dozen other sailing channels.

Sure Liz! But I think, You're gonna need a "bigger boat" ;-)

I agree with you, Kevin. Been following Deloz's crews since they crossed the equator in Ep. # 40 or something, still have them coming on my FB's news thread and now been few months I practically lost interest on watching their videos.

Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Share the video to help get the word out! Liz

The turtle was "in the fridge", meaning it was being kept alive until they got hungry. Turtles can live months like that, they've been used as storage food by humans for many 1,000's of years.

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