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Hi guys welcome back to my channel, in today's video I'm going to be doing an extreme, clean, and organized, of my desk area I'm also, gonna be showing you some storage solutions, that I'm now using and some, desk hacks as well and I'm also going to show you a full tour of my desk at the very end of this video once it is all nice and clean but, as you can see it was a complete, disaster to, start out with this, is one of those jobs that I have just been putting off for so many months and I finally had to tackle it and I'm so glad that I did because I now have such better storage in place and I'm ultimately feeling. So much more productive when, I'm working at my desk so, in this video I'm gonna show you how I took it from looking like this if you, can even see my desk under, all of that mess and packaging, so, then looking, like this and being, very organized, in the drawers I'm having a place for everything so I hope you really like this video if you do give it a big thumbs up and if you're new to my channel I, would love you to consider, subscribing if. You like cleaning, content, okay, so to just fully show you what the before looked like this is it here as I, mentioned you can't even see my desk there is so much stuff just dumped in and around it it got way out of hand and, it's actually December here so all of those boxes are from, deliveries, that either family, have sent me or presents. That I've ordered, there's, also so many books on here so much stuff that is actually the kids that needs to go back to their rooms storage. Boxes, just randomly, been chucked on here and I think this gets so messy, because this, desk sits in our front room where. No one really spends a lot of time so, I think I'm guilty of putting stuff on this desk because, then it's out of sight out of mind of our main living, area as, you can see the drawers as well have got really disorganized, they're, just really messy, and there's, just so much that's been shoved, into, it and under. The desk as well before, I get started with this declutter, I'm going to choose a book to listen to on my bling kissed app and I've talked about bling kissed before on this channel but, I love using this app because, it is the only one that takes the best insights. And need-to-know information from. Thousands, of non, fiction books and condenses. Them down into just 15 minutes so, that you can read the best learnings, and key points of a book in 15, minutes or like. Me you can listen to them if you have very, little time like, me I find it so difficult to sit down and actually read something or, learn something new but by using the blinka stap I feel, like I'm learning all the time I love to use it while, I'm cleaning because I feel like I'm multitasking or, I'll also listen to blink kissed when I'm doing my makeup in the morning or also, when I'm cooking there, are loads of different categories. Of books that you can read there, self-help, there's, health, parenting. History, this, is my library here, so you can see how many books that I've actually listened to and often, if I like a book, I'll listen to it again so, you, can see a few parenting, ones there in green and I love to listen to motivational. Self-help. Books as well and blinkers. Have said that the first 100. People that go to the blinkers link in the description, will, get unlimited, access, for, one week and if, you like it after that one week you'll also get 25%, off, a full membership, yes, so I can wholeheartedly recommend.

The, Blinkers app because it's an app that I use nearly, every day and I'm, not the only one who thinks it's great blinkers to have eight million users, and a massive, library so. If I could recommend, a few books for you to listen to that I've recently enjoyed, the, first one is this one here how to talk so, that kids will listen and how to listen so that kids will talk was, a great to parenting, read I also, really enjoyed this one how children succeed I will also regularly. Real, issen to the book don't, sweat the small stuff and, it's all small, stuff because. It just puts things into perspective for, me and, I also really, loved the 4-hour. Workweek the, worry free mind, I love reads like that that will just motivate, me and put. Me in a good place so I'm just gonna set my phone up on the side and have, that running while I start organizing. As I said the, links are in the description. For the first 100, of you to, go ahead and get a week's full. Access. To the app exactly. How this tool works or. How we can use it to produce the best results. So. Now that my mind is occupied I can actually get on and start clearing, things away and I'm going to use the big boxes, to help so, I'm gonna have one for recycling, one, for rubbish and one, for anything that is to go to the charity shop and I'm just going to start moving all of the big objects, off of my desk and trying to categorize them and some, things needed to go back upstairs as, well some. Things just needed to be chucked like that box these. Books I recently bought, for Frazer because, he is reading so, much so, they just need to like make it up to his room and once I've sorted, through and the bigger items I can now focus on the smaller ones and that huge amount of paperwork. Now. That everything, is off the surface of the desk I'm going to tackle and clean the shelves I definitely don't do this as often as I should so I'm, going to take all of the frames fake. Plants, books radio. Camera. Lenses candles, all of it off of the shelves and give, it a really good wipe down. And. Now, that they're all clean, and wiped, down I'm also gonna dust off the frames and put them back in some kind of position, I love these paintings, that the boys made of me so I'm gonna put them back on that, shelf and my hundred-thousand play button, as well I'm also gonna switch out a few of the prints and just change things around a little bit I decided, not to put that one back up and I'm, also gonna wipe down my, favorite plants, I noticed, that they're actually quite dusty where, they're up so high so, I'm just using the same cloth my marigold, a squeaky clean cloth, to, wipe them down and put them back as well and then, I also decided, to sort through some, of my books because. I don't need them on my desk every single day I might, also put this print up which I love the boys got it from me it says hey mama you're, amazing, so yeah just gonna position a few things that I know I'll use all the time like that little camera then. I'm also gonna tackle what is underneath my desk which as you can see is really messy, and I have no idea how. It got to this point or how any of this stuff has actually got under here so, I'm gonna sort through all of it organize, it Hoover, underneath, my desk and then once that's all clean I'm going to start to, tackle what is in the drawers. Yes. So at this point I was taking the entire contents. Of a drawer out and putting it on top of my desk and then, going, through the contents, and just working out what I needed to keep and what I could throw there, were so many miscellaneous. Wires and random, things in my desk from, toys to things, I didn't even realize I had in there I also, found this quite time-consuming because. There were some really cute like family photos, or little cards, that the boys had made at school or drawings, at this, point I was like why, did I even start, this like what is this even for I was finding it really, overwhelming.

And In the end I actually stopped, for the day and then started, up the next day again so I spent about two hours one. Day and then two hours the next day to do this entire clean, I'm happy, to say that I've been living with a clean desk now for a week and I am so glad that I tackled, it everything, has a place now and I'm feeling so much more organized but now I'm just gonna go through a few more of my drawers. Hi. Guys so it's about two days later and my desk is finally, clean and organized, it took me so long to do because I had to try and find little. Pockets of time where I could actually clean this because as you saw it, was such a mess but now that it's done I thought I would give you a quick tour and show, you how I've organized, it ok so as you can see the desk is looking so much clearer and I'm really pleased with how it's turned out I'll start, up here with the shelves, the two shelves over here, are from Ikea, they're the very thin, shelves, but, they're perfect, for hanging frames like, this and then, the two shelves over here, they're like fake marble, or granite shelves. That came with, this bronze bracket. And we. Hung them and I really like the way that they look so on the top one here we've put the fake plants, they're both from Ikea, and they're, that they're obviously really low maintenance for me as well and then, on this one I put one of my spare cameras, that I use quite a lot a couple, of frames and just a few, planners. And notebooks, that I had loads of books there but, really it was quite unnecessary. So I've moved, all of those away. The frames haven't, changed too much at, the top I still have my mags London, print that says love over gold and, I really like that then, I've got my gold II which is from next, and then, the print over here I don't know if you can see it but it says she. Believed she could so, she did, and I love that little quote I also, got this little, print here from the boys and, it says hey mama, you, are amazing. So I put it onto a cute little marble. And rose. Gold, clipboard. Then. We've got a few little cactuses. Which, I believe are from Ikea, as well my, hundred-thousand. Play button, which is like pride of place and at. This drawing that, I think it was a Fraser who did that one so I had that framed and I, just love it I think it's adorable and, I, think he really got that I like to wear red lipstick, just, kidding so, that is the shelves, and then coming down to the desk I've talked about this desk before but. We actually had our carpenter, build, it. Because it's quite an awkward space, I don't know if you can see it but there's a pipe in the middle of, the. Corner there so no desk was really like fitting, around it the way that we wanted it to so. Our carpenter, built it and you did a great job and, then, a local glass, company. Came. And cut a piece of glass to go on top of the desk gifts to give it like a really nice finish, I have, two pink, velvet office, chairs and the reason I have two is because they actually came as a pair I can't, remember the name of the company but I will try and find it and link it down below I think, it might have been made but I can't quite, remember then, on top of my desk I have two rose gold baskets. Which Matt actually got me as part of my Christmas present last year one. Is full up of my 2020, planner because I need send these out so friends and family, that want them so, I'm going to be sending those out and that's kind of there to remind, me and. I have another little basket, and I'm basically going to use both of these as like things I'm working on so, I just got sent some products so I need to try them out see what I think of them so, I've put them in this basket to remind me to actually try them and share them if I like them then, I have a little frame over here of me. And the boys and the mat and the boys then. This, little holder here I used to actually put my phone, on it. Was just like a cheap one I can't, remember I think it was like from Ikea or done elms but, I used to have my phone on there but it's actually the perfect size for my, planner then, here I have our little like annual calendar. I got, this on vistaprint, and it's got pictures of the little boys throughout. Them because it's for 2020, I haven't started, opening.

It Out yet, but it's got pictures of all the kids when. They were baby so, I really like that and it's great for reference, then. I really wanted to show you this wooden tray that I got from my computer's who sits on it's really cool it has, little cutout things on it for different, items so I've got my tape there I've got my mouse there there's a hole for a coffee, and, pens. And things like that you can also put, your phone in one of these little pockets. There so. I want, to spray, this either white or rose, old so, let me know which color you think I should spray it I was thinking rose gold but Matt was like I think you should just go white but, it's quite cool it hides your keyboard. Underneath it there and then. Also I've got my little mouse mat here which is a really cute picture of Caleb so. You can kind of like tuck that away and, then it makes your monitor slightly, higher and, then I also wanted to show you this thing that I got to, help me be organized, it just sticks on to the side of your PC, and you can put like. Business cards or what I'm gonna do is put post-it, notes on it as reminders. So every day I can put, some work things on there that I need to get done and it, will just like be there, in full sights to remind me again I got that on Amazon as, well but, then next to my monitor I have a little family photo, which, behind it I'm hiding, my, computer, itself and then my, chargers, so, I have two different cameras, so these are the two places where I can charge the batteries, and I always need full batteries, so, that is why they'll, pretty, much always be run on charge then. Next to that I have a little pot of pens and I love this pot so much I actually picked it up in power land and I was so happy with it because I think it looks a lot more expensive than, one pound now, onto the drawers themselves. Which you would have seen were so disgusting, and in need of a clear-out but, my top drawer now is so nice and organized, I used the little Power Man baskets, they were two for a pound and I feel like it really does separate, all of my little like things that I need in my top drawer so I've got my tape my glue my stapler hull. Purge scissors. Ruler all, of this is actually so good for the boys homework, as well got, my hand sanitizer a, few, lipsticks, because sometimes, if I'm filming downstairs I'm like quickening lipstick just. Like paper clips and things like that I also love this little book of positivity, if. I'm ever feeling a bit down I like to like look through this and it has so many nice quotes in it it really does make me feel better so. That is that top drawer I've also got some matches because there's a candle, on my desk then. The next drawer down is pretty much for all my electronics. Again I'm using some Poundland baskets. These, are the slightly, higher ones so that hold all of my camera, equipment but. In this one I've pretty much got microphones, this. Is all of my GoPro, stuff and this, one is lens caps extra, lenses, and I've got like a spare of vlogging camera, and my Osmo pocket, as well so it's kind of like more cameras, then my bottom drawer is pretty empty it just has one box, file in it that has some photos, like miscellaneous. Photos in it but, it's great there's so much room in here if I needed to put anything else in my desk there, is space then moving on to my other set of drawers in this top drawer I have pretty much any type of envelope you could ever need here. And here, as well I've also got my label, maker my. Old, computer. Which is under there with some stickers just, in case I need it and any kind of tape or label you, might need so yes feeling super, organized, in that one then in the next drawer down I have my little printer that I've talked about before it's my little insects, printer, you, can basically print Polaroids, out from any picture on your phone I find this so handy for a homework and stuff like that so I've got that and in this fair film that it needs and then I've also got a file where I keep all of my receipts, and I feel so much more organized, now that they're just all there and in.

One Place and then at the very bottom I have, a box file which, I'll show you guys but inside, I have, everything, to do with our, mortgage our pension, our bills like, anything. Including. Like press that I've got for my vlog or just, anything to do with the kids I now have in this box file and it looks so, much cleaner and so much more organized, than just having loads of paper everywhere, and then, under my desk I am so proud that there is no longer just, loads of stuff everywhere I've cleared, away all of it except. For my two tripods. Because, I think this is definitely the best place to keep, my tripods, even, the wires and everything are, super organized, now so, I have loads of leg room and it is so much tidier right, so that's it for this video I really hope you enjoyed seeing my desk makeover. And I am so determined now, to keep it this way and to stay on top of everything and, super organized, so, once again I, want to show you the before of my desk and, the. After, as well so, thank you so much for watching I'll, see you soon, bye guys.

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