EXTREME Iran Street Food Tour in Tehran, Iran! 500 KG LAMB PLATE + 7 INSANE Street Food in Iran!

EXTREME Iran Street Food Tour in Tehran, Iran! 500 KG LAMB PLATE + 7 INSANE Street Food in Iran!

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All right check it out guys this Trevor James we are with mr., taster. We are in Tehran Iran in, a local morning market, and today comida, is bringing us for a full on food. Adventure, yeah we're gonna go to tiger's, paws are. Full. Cup of Persian, sandwiches. Today. Yeah. Check. It out. This. Is part three, of nine of. Our ultimate. Iran, food, adventure. Series and, today, we're, going full-on. For, seven, insanely. Unique. Persian. Delicacies. With mr. taster, including. Getting invited, into the back kitchen and the, Bob Pitt of one of the best restaurants. In Tehran so make sure to watch all the way until the end to discover them all with us huge, thanks, to mr. taster, and to, Ali from come to Persia calm for, arranging this whole trip, let's. Eat. Tastier. Mobile. Today. Cooler. In a 1972. Mini. Wider. Working. Wow. This market, is busy, yes with it oh let's, go to 17. They, got Halim and ostrich, -. Salam. Salam. Hey. Kocha. Shelley Madden. We. Got a fresh day lentil, and noodle, Persian, herbs do right, there oh and yogurt and what's this here the green this mint, mint, yeah. Look, at this that's. The famous poem is a poem. Is a that's, the famous Persian noodle, stew for. The world noodle - look at this rapid. Fire we got herbal. Noodles. Chickpeas. We got curd going on, masha'Allah. Wow. Ash. Rest a. Persian. Noodle stew, yeah. So. We've got this another, tight I'll show the valonqar, astral, a, mint. And then this is the Halim the wheats do, and. He's topping the Halim with brown sugar, white. Sugar and, sesame and it goes right out to the hungry, locals wow you can get it to go. It's. A big scoop, Wow. Look at all the onions on there. The. Whole schmear say it's delicious. So. Here. Is the breakfast, specialty, yes the Halim right honey yeah which is a wheat and beef, stew. Exactly, he's topped it with brown sugar sesame. And, sugar. Regular. Sugar yeah, it's got more making, it more. Pure more baby, before, and. Then we've got the ash arrested yet which is the persian herb noodles. And. The mint on top yes I'm Kurt and Kurt yeah, and this is our stroller valonqar, and all of our employees really frame really, yeah this is the Emperor is I King yeah. It. Smells like a breakfast, cinnamon. Cereal. Sweet. It's in cinnamony yeah and beefy, and here's the ash resting, Wow you can see that mint oil and, the curd and the fried onion and the noodle of course let's try it out. Oh. Chickpeas. And beans and, curd and sweet. Onion noodle, it's really minty yeah that's unique, la Hache la la. May. I see. Hail. A hush Moses and. Next, up mr., taster, is bringing us for the ultimate. Persian, sweet bread soaked. With date, syrup and cooking. The biggest, hand or non oven, you'll ever see. We'll be going for we call it Luna Vandy noon Gandhi yeah, look at all the spices Wow. Super. Cool you likey renting, this, market is so cool it is and we've got these sugar, beets over here red bean for rings yeah and here it is. It's. Like a cave. I'm. So, low that is the biggest tandoor. I've, ever seen Wow so this is whole wheat yeah and what I love about Iran, is how there's hundreds, of varieties of bread yeah and he's just starting to make the bread so it's a whole wheat with sugar, that is the true art to get it into those perfect, round balls. Oh and. We're just turning up the play and. I've never seen a bigger tandoor, oven in my life that. Is a cave, Wow. And they get really big you can see all the sesame on there and look at the paddle look how big that is. And. It's going on the paddle. Mr.. Taster, there. Is turtle, burning, my hair. Wow. Look. At the size of that good. Luck. The. Heroes they hear us the king of bread yeah the. King of Nova, oh. And. There it isn't that amazing maybe. You can smell the sweetness of the dates yeah, the wholesome, whole weed yeah look Allah there it is. A Noongar. Kind. Of bread here yeah this is Bangla where you kick it's got one last it's got dates in it and this is cake Yazdi, take ESD how would you normally eat this like, this. Yeah. Take, some. Oh. Yeah. It's, like a sweet what's, gonna. That. Is one of the tastiest, breads I've, ever eaten yeah, baklava. A cake you look at that there's walnuts, State sesame. In a thick heavy bread you can just take a bite out of the. That's. Thick there yeah, sugar that. Makes it delicious merci. Merci. Thank. You. And next, up mr., taster, is bringing us deeper, into the market, to go for the battery, as tomato, coupie. De wrap in the world. Extreme. Butter, and lamb juice, look, at this guy's. Oh. Fresh. Honey right, from the comb Wow look at all the spices here, oh and, mountains.

Of Saffron, and dates, Wow, it's. All here, you got chilies, and tomatoes and. All the fresh fruit you could dream up with, lots of food and look at the saffron, mountains. Of saffron, and look at all these spices here, buddy how much. Look at this spice Mountain. And look at the unique art, all, over the, walls here at this morning market and now we're gonna go for kebab, and local, Cuban, yeah. Salaam. Follow. Me as I was, Sara. We've. Got, over. Here the bread going inside Wow, we've, got koobideh and chicken kebab look at it just soaked up the butter. Koobideh. Onion. Parsley. Water. Tomorrow. Look at look at this mouth and the butter is melting, oh and. There, it is we're adding the more, tomatoes, and butter look at that never seen that before so many tomatoes and butter and they just get sliced up into the juice and that butter is going to melt and go with these koobideh. And, he's just adding koobideh into the buttery tomato, a goodness, and those are gonna be added with the Persian raffle look at the butter on there that is what it's all about Wow we're, just soaking that in the butter poach. My zester, that. Is unlike anything I've ever seen, nothing is butter is that and there it is look, at this covered. In tomato and, better and, there it is oh. My goodness it's so sloppy, and buttery. Oh. That. Is the sloppiest, most buttery, juicy. Looking multi-sim. Baitoey a sloppy. Wrap I've ever seen here with koobideh yeah and it's full of the onion with grace yeah it's China. Wow. My, first leg off will be there like this, Yeah. Right there yeah, not. Is so, buttery. So. Delicious, this, right here it's worth coming to Toronto yeah. But, Iran, in. Tehran only in there oh, man. The best of the best of the best, only. In Durant yes see this is super, delicious and we're gonna keep going and next up mister, taster, is bringing, us to the ultimate barbecue. Kebab. Platter, and, lamb shoulder, restaurant. In Tehran and. Going. Into the kitchen, see, how it's all made and, this, looks beautiful. What's up next. It's, a pressure is strong we're gonna have. The. Lamb shank yeah. Happy down orbit is the chef of this, restaurant and, his, really, good singer I see already fella. Is. The owner of restaurant. So. This is chicken, kebab this, is Phillip, kebab and, this, is shish kebab. Tomatoes. Are worth coming, to eat. All. Resulted. As. Amaru. Tiesto, Cruz I don't know. That's, the technique right there yeah that's the crispy rice from the bottom soaked in Saffron how, is that. Oh. And. What's this here it's lime shine cooking, oil yeah Wow, look at the big chunk, of. Raw. Bean bill rice yes it's called the ball, honey pulao broccoli. Pulao. So we got the braod bean yellow, rice, exactly. The regular, Persian, rice rice the, lamb shoulder like, an onion, look about oh and here's sapphire, here. Yeah, and Barberi Barbara's and then we're adding on the crispy saffron, rice from the bottom of your hand right oh and what's this this, is a special sauce I look at that butter water, more water, wow. That looks delicious. Oh and. We're adding even more this. Is the onion tomato, sauce yeah, thank. You and. What's. This here we call it stop you down all bitch so happy. Tiny bed sauce yeah. Right. Out to the seating. Area and this is the kebab platters, yeah wow that. Is incredible we got the Cuvier the chicks kabob shish kebab oh and then this is the best part my favorite spot the grilled tomato yeah covered, in saffron, butter look, at those. Oh. And. This is ours here look, at this. Persian. Meat, Maisie. The, secret. To. Copy down a bed fast. Wow. What, a beautiful sight so we got the chicken in Saffron yeah we got the bag to Bob back to Bob which is leaner yeah right yeah exactly, we got the shish kebab kebab, we call it shish leak Ashley, I know you know the tomatoes, those.

Look Really good, we've got lamb in it we've, got chicken chicken. Leg, we've, got koobideh and Teddy I'm barberries, and barberries, fried chicken, the koobideh is in the back here there, it's like a hidden movie day and. Then this is what I'm really looking forward to trying here for the shoulder with a special sauce on top which, is saffron, powder and came on Shahi oil also. Tomato. With. Onion. Sauce as well with. This special Persian, really, Shiraz we're gonna pour the tomato onion sauce, or. A bit of both. Also. He'll wanna. Do a rapping, right. Price which is polyfill oh. Well. And, the tattoo on top and they've also given us a plate of the, tagine upside, down of rice. Rice, with saffron on the bottom and I'm gonna take some of that Teddy with the rice tomato, sauce and the, meat. This. Is the best food. The. Best meal, in. Iran. This. Is the herbal, deal, with broad bean rice. Butter. -. What. I love about this is how soft and righteous yeah let's go for shish kabob shish kebab oh yes tap, it on my bed she's good for thee yeah. Everything. You need. You. Come to the frontier it's. Making, it more delicious does this remind you of your your, home or, your yeah because at least for my shop so if you miss home, you can come eat all of this yeah. And, that meat right there it's so tender. It, just falls off the bone and, now I'm gonna try that too cheap. Wow. What. An amazing meal yeah, we've, got a big group of friends with us yeah we're gonna finish all this food and. Keep going. And. Next. Up we're, going for perhaps the most buttery, kebab. Bowl in the world get. Ready for, the extremely, juicy. Koobideh, butter, bowl with, bricks, of butter. It's. Very strong, she. Did. So. It's kebab in a bowl yeah the kebab we really we're over here koobideh good we did Wow, he's, the king of the kebab kebab kid. It's. Like walking into a kebab, production. Line yeah look there's smoky, grilled tomatoes, the coup bday the best kebabs in Iran juicy. And, tender. You're. Walking into a butter factory yeah, it's so much. And. You, can see the butter just melting, you. Just. Got that tandoor, smell up to the whole extra. Butter as. A gift oh. Wow. So. We've got Kuby the system. Me tomato, and the green and a green pepper and Phillip. Give up we normally take the bridge they take the bread yeah put the kebab inside oh yeah.

To. Be there. For. You and. I'm just gonna cover it Oh, Persian. Butter Persian, so, much. More. Let's, go get up. Oh. Can. I go get it. And. This kebab is. More famous inaudible, my, dad came from. Activities, well oh really, yeah see, that hometown, meet exactly. You. Can really just mix. It in there really, good. Merci. Thank you, wow. That was honestly some of the best meat, I've ever eaten, super. Delicious merci, thank. You, that. Was really delicious Wow. People are so friendly here and next up for a midday snack, mister. Taster, is bringing, us to try the ultimate. Persian. Energy, drink made, with the longest, list of fruits, and spices and one of the most unique drinks, that you'll never trouble, next up we're just exploring the. Streets of Tehran yeah going, for the majoun. My tune yeah Salaam, Salaam Salaam. Look. At this is, the smoothie, station, and, here's the fresh batch look, at that banana vanilla. Saffron. Ice cream. Vanilla. Oh, what's. This, date. Juice and coffee. Cocoa, is. So unique. Cinnamon. Banana. Sauce there's, so many ingredients in, here. Coconut. Powder oh wow, and, what's this, for. Hours. Mohammadi, granola. Sesame. Whole. Pistachio. There's so, much going in here rosewater, Oh. Africa. That. Is a full-on Persian. Mattoon, energy. Drink one more saffron. Ice cream saffron, ice cream oh. Thank. You looks, amazing, so this song. Oh. Oh it's, so unique and the flower. That's. The Muhammed II flower oh. Mixing. Right. There it's. The best smoothie. You'll, ever. Delicious. Thank. You it's. So nice thank. You bye. Bye and last up to finish up the night mister, taster, is bringing us to try classic. Persian sandwiches. From, his favorite, sandwich joint, in Teheran to finish up the night we're just driving through Tehran we're going for an extreme, Persian. Sandwich. And this is it right here yes. So. What should we get I think we should give one Olivia one, brain. And one tongue and bandagi, Panda is that one. Thank. You. Going. In to get the brain since. There's. The brain that's, gold. Oh, and this is the tongue here yeah it's on beef tongue yeah so we got lamb brain beef, tongue yeah and is that beef sausage, sausage and, onion. And isn't that a beautiful, sight. Oh. Here. We go Oh tongue. Delivery, and then add tomato, and pickle, I'm because I'm Park the onions and part oh nice, oh and, here comes the brain that's the one I'm looking forward, to trying look at that boy in the bandar-e. Looks amazing, and, we're gonna get another sandwich yes - we're gonna have the Oh Livia Olivier the Persian potato salad, yeah and we got five. Thunder, sandwiches, her shell thunders Persians, Oh. So. I'm. Bigger so I. Want. To treat. Oh. And. There's the tongue just grilled in that well they're boiling it before they throw yeah oh so it's really soft exactly. Nice. Soft and now we're gonna go for pandari and go right for the chili. My. Favorite part aside, from the filling is the bread yeah, it's really good it's good. Little. Smoky yep I see a little sweet from the onion and paprika good. With the kids. And yeah everything. With the parsley yeah. Merci. Thank you. Thank you can you tell them it's sandwiches, are some of the best I've. Ever had we guess on who Justin 15:04. Smiles a new day but their control of order thank, you thank. You thank you thanks. A lot mr., taster. That was an awesome day, you guys can check out mr. thought taster, on instagram and their description, below also gotta give a big THANK YOU capisce grovel and come, to Peru calm if you guys are thinking of checking out Iran, they, put together this amazing trip thanks a lot thank. You.

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Iran is a wonderful country .. I wish if I can visit it one day .. but I am Arabic! I think they will kill me or hite me when I go the restaurant and kike me to street becouse I am Sunni and from arab ! ! I don't no why they hate arab and kill him .. I mean government.. Iranian people they are great people.. I wish they change one day .. Salem alicom my brothers Muslims in iran

Bro that’s what American media and news telling you this kind of lies that iran people hate arab But in reality there is nothing like that because there is a-lot of arab live and visit iran

what are you talking about?! we have so many Arabic speaking people in Iran living with us, so many Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese tourists visit Iran regularly. no one hates Arab people in Iran, it is just heads of some Arab countries who are involved in US sanction on Iran are not welcomed in Iran not the people.

The diarrhea special

Heili hoshmazas

هیلی هوشمزس

ایران زیبا با تنوع غذاهای شگفت انگیز.قومیت های مختلف با فرهنگ های ارزشمند و غنی...

The thing is the fat guy doesn't know how to keep up with him saying it's amazing cause he's already had it all.

the whole time my mouth was watery watching this video. all looks 10/10 for me!

Real Persians can't stand the psychotic mullahs and the bullshit backwards theocracy. Throw those bums out and bring back the real Persia!!

10/10 is what I gave to Iranian's food....I am from Asia but I love Iran food.

I don’t see any dangerous or evil Iran everyone in the news is trying to push us.

Mr taster, “look at that”

Viva Iran

viva Palestine and Palestinians.

Amazing Iran❤️

Please take me to iran

Your Friend is like a Human Frog

Love iranian food, respect & salam iranian people

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Thanks for presenting Iran’s good view in front of western world.

The Food Ranger starting to hate your show due to your boringness

Welcome to Saudi Arabia

oh lala c'est trop cool merciiii

Love iran from Pakistan

Love to Persia from India

9:06 Mr. Taster burned his fingers lmao

how to make juice in Iran? just put everything

How much rice and saffron do you use in your food? Iranians: yes

Man that chicken on the coals. My god. And the butter bowl shop.. wow.


hate the way you talk, but still no doubt a fun show to watch

كسخت إيران

I am a great fan of Iranian food my some classmates are Iranian and they serves best at every time and decor and there culture is so beautiful

Ms.Taster is a loser moron. Just look at him. He is worthless.

Food ranger : few months before ,i will do world noodle tour. Food ranger now : eats lamb & curry and nothing with noodles

Hello, you share a great video, wish you a happy new day with good happiness, happiness and success

Love Persian food, and will be there soon to be have delicious food

Which Dollar u mention in your videos, US one or Canadian one??



Islamic countries are full of food culture

Can't wait till trump get impeached or replaced so these people get some relief on the economy. Regular humans everywhere that live a different way, eat different foods and they want you to hate each other rather then enjoy each other's cultures. Peace and love around the world no hate and war. Free kashmir and all the other places struggling.

Omg i rrrrreally want to try that koobodei sloppy butter tomato lamb wrap

Mr Taster might be more popular than The Food Ranger soon. Quite a character. The Food Ranger still one of the top foodies on youtube. Him and Strictly Dumpling.

Awesome Iranian food Good hospility, friendly people

*Durian Malaysia*

Wow nice video

Love from Pakistan to Iran

We needs more videos form iran best food in the world

I love it

Wow Iran. what a delicious treat of meaty food


Iran is syiah laknatullah ..

Love to iran from Pakistan

I literally tried to bite those sandwich

4:02 It said 36,000T($3)???? Is Iran like the poorest country on the planet??!

Funny enough 40 years ago our economy was worth more than EVEN US

Lovely Iran.. love people

i come from Ardabil too :DDDDD 18:18 , I'm missing Ardabil kebab :(( , here i Germany they hadn't any real kebab :D

Food looks absolutely delicious and Iranians are so welcoming and warm. I definitely would like to visit Iran in the near future. They are so proud of their food and culture.

just heaven of food lovers .....!

Klu matkiding tgk video hg sure dia teriak. Sbb kualiti video hg mmg tgi. Video matkiding kualiti mcm sampah!

everyone seems so friendly.


When the government!!!!! runs the show everything is OHHH AHHH!!! 10 out of 10!! $$$

Larry fine ??

Is that MR. POGI in DRAGON BALL Z...?

try this meal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8pCVjR2ZuE

I ❤️ Iran

Iranian food is very delicious , Iranian people are very kindly and nice .

Thanks زهرا

To:BB To your sick mind yes Your probably from US haha don’t get off your the way

That Iran guy looks like Iranian Danny Devito

Im turkish but iranian people are very nice super kind. Like our brothers

والله شعب جدا محترم عن تجربة Iranian are so beautiful people

welcom to iran

the guy looks like pennywise, obese version.

best food ever

I didn't know Dr Robotnik was iranian! How cool!

I am frome somali

I love Persian food

Thanks for your lovely vedio Too much butter

Love from Pakistan

Mr taster maybe should visit Mr hairdresser :p

Love from Pakistan

This is the great country of Iran rich in culture and history lovely warm people ,yet the Zionist controlled media want you to hate !! love respect to beautiful Iran from Tunisia

I want the butter kabob wrap so bad!

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 4:17 Cursed loser

We want mr taster in all your videos!!!

Iranian looks amazing .. It's on my bucket list for next year!!

خيرا من عند لله

‏Hello ‏My name abdulaziz Welcome to my city al birk in Saudi Arabia

*Mouth watering food display*

looks like a lot of fun!

Wow capitol of gourmet

Spawn went to Iran!

I wish I could mute his voice and just listen to other people and see the food culture around cause he has the most horrible disgusting reactions and also the way he speaks is like pooping and farting.

For those who are not Iranian, Majoon is basically an Aphrodisiac Cocktail......

wonder what he is singing 11:00

I live in Tehran, and I haven't seen any of these restaurants featured, they put way too much butter on Kabob ;)

Wawo Very super Lajwab testy

I love Iranian people and foods .lots of love from Pakistan

Delicious and mouthwatering food offered in this episode. wow...

Dilsefoodie must watch this video

I got starvation!!! Those are really rich in calories i gess

Mr.Taster is such a nice guy

Wow! I subbed when less than 10k! Congratulations! This series is making me want to go to Iran!

Persian food is soooo good

Irani and Irani Food both are best Love from Pakistan.

Proud to be Muslim and proud to be Persian! Viva the Islamic Republic of Iran!

This guy looks like nerdcubed in 10 years lol

Mr tester kinda look like curly from the three stooges

I love Persian food it's saucy and a lot of yoghurt.

Assalamualaikum to all my brother's and sister's

ای باوا توام که همیشه به فکره شکم و زیره شکمی چاقال

Best episode till now!!! Looks super duper tasty

How's pakistan peshawar free food?

Iran is gooood man

Ohhh Man..my Mouth watered so much it filled a bucket..

Iran have ea good and very very nice People and history great Iran I love it God bless you

Going Mr in Afghanistan ,food testen, and you forget all Contery

love you Trevor

Love from Sylhet, Bangladesh, invitation to come and enjoy sylhet food in Bangladesh

Iran looks amazing ❤

Correct way of muslim greeting is asallam not sallam!!

that rice is dry

Persian dishes the best because take time and Patient to cook

چه عالی میشه اگه ایران توی تحریم نباشه و هرکس که بخواد بتونه طعم این غذاها رو بچشه

Colorful Bazar

Ah. Has been my dream to go there for ever. One day inshallah. Iran is heaven on earth. You can see that.

so we’re just not gonna talk about him dropping the food 4:15

Gian puri

Visit www.alivo.in for all the amazing food recipes and videos

A classic mutton dish that is a favourite amongst our guests and our chefs! Know more about the story of this dish in the words of our Head Corporate Chef Thomas. Stay tuned for more amazing videos from Salkara! https://youtu.be/VnNpVjmDIvY

Iranian foods are one of the best in the world,tasty and nutricious.

IRAN is Super Country>>..!!!

Trump should come here for a week of dining.

Mr Taster seems like a very cool guy to hang out with in Iran :)

Oh my God. Missing Tehran so much

Awesomeeee, jesus, yummm

People and food is wow iran iam coming

Love u man

بخدا همین غذاهای چرب وبد هضم مردم میخورند چاق و اضافه وزن میشن ی غذای سالم از لحاظ کالری وانرژی نداشت

Music https://youtu.be/51VQJ8ou_bQ

Greeting from Germany,i love iranian food and of course iranian people❤️❤️

America and Israel want to destroy that great country .

You seem disinformed

صح اكلهم طيب بس اكبر خوات كحبه و مناويچ (اسف على هاي الالفاظ)

Thanxx food ranger to introduce us to this such great delicious food love you iran and your food.

wtf they look like frauds looking for free food

Amazing food

অনেক ভালো সুন্দর এবং ফানি ভিডিও ছিল আর রেসিপিগুলো দারুন ছিল খাওয়া দাওয়ার পর্ব টা অনেক ভালো লাগলো

کیرم وسط اون کلت کیرم تو نافت، قیافه کیری، کریح زشت ، هرچقد از چندش بودنت بگم کمه، نمیگی یکی نداره بخوره ، این چیزا رو نشون میدی، ما تو ایرانیما خیلیا سه ماه یه بار ی وعده برنج میخورن

Wow just unbelievable. Everything was looking so delicious and mouth watering.

The Iranian people are so nice and all the food make me HUNGRY

ما ایرانی ها غذاهای خوب و خوشمزه ای داریم هر توریستی که بیاید ایران محال طعم غذا از یادش بره

As rule, I discovered a beautiful cultures of various unknown countrys...from Algeria.

Absolutely amazing and delicious looking food. I must visit Tehran some day. I'd certainly have to stay near a gym though - to burn off all that juice and butter. Generous portions of food all around. And the streets are so clean, the people s friendly,... Everything is so beautiful.

Love from Bangladesh

Cool food Love it Bro the people in Iran looks Kind

ich beschäme mich, ihn als Iraner nennen

@FunctionalIntegral jajaja un du kannst doch mich mal!

Und mich beschämt Deine Grammatik!

We love Iran

Why am I watching this when I am hungry asf smh

this is best food ever I see too good

He keeps eating but still thin ! How !!?

What a nice food!!

A big Tight Slap on International Media, Love to Iran from Brother & Neighbour Country Pakistan !


Love from india

Mr Taster = Danny Devito

Persian is the Most Sweet Language....We Pakistani Love it, Our Ancestors said that" The Language of Generaly Talking is Urdu, The Language of the Religion/Quran is Arabic, The Language of Knowledge and Philosophy is FARSI...." Our Great Scholar, Saint, Philosopher & Poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal had Written Thousands of lines in Poetry in Farsi Language....!!! Love U Iran !!!

یادش بخیر...تجریش..دربند.

ايران الفارسية - الموت لأمريكا الموت لاسرائيل وهم مثلث الحب بينهم محبة وتعاون واتفاق على حرب الاسلام والمسلمين

Normal people can not eat such food in Iran because it is very expensive!

I love Iran, Lots of Respect for our Persian brothers and sister from Pakistan !!!

The restaurant name is Shandiz restaurant

this is crazy ................ goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

...And here i am just having maggie while watching this...

Thank you Trevor James for showing us different food culture and good people .

I just do not wana hear "lets eat"

bonjour la tout


hhhhhhhmmmmmmm wwwwoooooooooooooow

Nice I love iranian food look yummy ...from Philippines

تسقط ايران الفارسيه وحكومة الملالي الشياطين الى الجحيم يا من دمرتم لبنان والعراق واليمن وسوريا بخططكم الشيطانيه واحقادكم التاريخيه القائمة على العنصريه والغباء

Bhdsk tum log ab tak Mary kio nahi

wow amazing food

OMG these Iranians look more smart than yankks and europe

You can go to sylhet, Bangladesh, food is good in sylhet

Very good

Share location through Google maps.. it will help who visiting the place again

OMG look at all those terrorists ...

super great food video bro

Iran is country of beautiful people and delicious mouthwatering food

Mr. Taster looks like Larry Fine from 3 Stooges lolzz and he's funny too.

The great Iranian nation and the great Food Ranger.

Love you Iran.

Mr Taster is the Boss

Looks delicious all the food but it’s a bit too much!


Love you too

Wow..persian people is nice..wait persian or iranian ?

I'll be a billionaire if I sell that much of saffron in our country

The food is one of the things that tempts everyone. Love ❤️ from India

Highly recommended. I was in Iran couple of months ago. Amazing food in Tehran, Qom & Mashad.


Iranian people love the entire world , forget the politics and see it in ur own eyes

Iran is an Old civilisation .

Ohh i wish i were him, just for one minute. He's got the best job in the world!

Every Persian food gets 10/10...wow

یارو با چه کوسکشی اومده تیست غذا

This food is 10/10 over and over again. So impressed with Iran

one thing got my attention more than any other things, everywhere is so clean. congrats for that the first ancient civilized place, if I'm not wrong about that.

what about rome & greece they litter with garbage...??

Every thing from IRAN

Man look at the foods:)))))

I can't believe that Iran people are so smart, kind and open mind. God bless you. Huge respect and love from KYRGYZSTAN


CNN will never show this side of IRAN LOVE FROM PAKISTAN


irani are lovely people but presstitutes like cnn shows different iran.

mr taster koskholeaa

someday we will be free and get rid of mullahs and more people from around the world will come to our country and enjoy the food and see the beautiful culture.

people like u will be stoned...

Amazing!! Thanks for sharing!


most Iranian people have a monthly incoming equals 150 dollars totally and therefore most Iranian can not buy kebab for some month because of the high economic inflation ratio. Mr taster and other tourists can easily buy kebab with the least money ( maximum 2 dollars) that it is a cheap value for You.

Wow ! ❤

Patriotic Americans should never visit Iran and allow Iranians to enter America

Watching this make me hungry. Thanks ...The Food Ranger.

When I watch the news and I watch this. I don't see why there so much hatred to Muslims, Jews, all the religions. I wish everyone lived happily together.

Iran’s food is combo of middle eastern and Indian/Pakistani

Yooo dat food thou... Epic

This video dose it, I'm going to Iran.

WHAT IS name of the restaurant , I WANT TO THERE

Me taster he Will taste everything

سلام بیا ایران دوباره.جای شما پیش مستر تستر خیلی خالیه

Mr. taster looks like cartoon character Dr. Robotnik , just saying

Love you Iranian brothers&sisters from Pakistan

I was waiting for sonic the hedgehog to come and jump on Mr. taster

delicious food with a good guys

OMG this video made me happy and plus I am from Tehran and I really miss the foods cuz I am in America.but thank you so much for posting this video!

mr taster is great tour guide

عالی هستی همیشه مستر تِیستر عزیز

Sooo good

welcome to Iran

دهنم اب افتاد

Whoa saffron butter

Wow, they really do love Trevor don't they.

Mashallah all Iran food And men best I,want to going Iran visit Love from Pakistan I,m your big fan

Welcome to iran...

Iran is such a nice country with so humble people. Idk why America is destroying it! Love from India.

Proud of you my Iranian brothers and sisters. Love from Pakistan

The Big Guy "" Mr. Tester"" is funny

wow that kiss on the shoulder. What a lovely gesture of humbleness by a grown man. I've never seen anything like that.

Now i wanna go there

Yes 2 things in life is a must. 1 is eating and the other is shitting

Forehead big

من عاشق ایرانم وطن فقط زمین ایران است

500 kg ??? lets say 50 kg... or was it a cow?

I barely see 10 on 10. This looks really good

from all the people that hosted Trevor, Mr Taster is the one I want to hang out with the most

Meanwhile, the Islamic Republic of Iran massacred over 1,000 Iranians because they were protesting due to outrageously high inflation and corruption.

Kebab butter soup! Yummy

Oh man this is tortuering on empty stomack...

Ohhh man ! The food look so scrumptiously delicious . I wanna go a food tour

Why you don’t gain weight?

Beautiful country and beautiful people..love Iran..from India..

Mr taster is amazing man...!

wowww.the kababs look delicious. I love kabab.Love from Bangladesh

هو الاكل الايراني مو طيب تعال للعراق وشوف

Persian food = Porn of food

Wowww it's awesome so yummy

به ایران خوش امدید .


those food look so fucking delicious man.

Very Nice Very Nice Very Nice

Wow iran is very goood

Great job

You changedy view for Iran ...great people and country ...

Mr taster has no hair because of his car

I like tehran capital city.


@Bahar S idiots

This word has been Persianized

Iran and Iranians r hidden jewels.Media must discover them.

i am chinese from malaysia , i wish to visit iran

Love from Pakistani Baluchistan ❤️

But,,,i heard Iran was burning in flames and stuff :-/

Dude at least try not to have food hanging from your mouth when you're being filmed! It's so eewww. It's not the first time I see that in your videos that's why I bothered to comment on that

Top class

Visit Uzbekistan too

I love the person foods

His living the good life

hamid looks like dr T in boom beach

Love Iran from India

mardak mesl khers mikhore.

This looks delicious but last time I had a restaurant food in south Iran was horrible but this was in 1992 probably the food sector changed since then ..well done

مثل گاو میخوره این شتر

Pakistan Iran Turkey brothers

oh mein Gott. ich habe Hunger jetzt lecker

fantastic foods... Iranian foods are the most delicious in the world.

I can't see any effect of American sanction

Dont' stay too long in Iran. You might get obese :D

Oh boy

This is great. I like Persian food. My professor is from Iran and he is one of the nicest people I have ever known.

Ya Alloh bikin ngiler aja, sometimes i'll go there, for those foods

Served with more love...nice dishes

The best food in the world is from countries that end with "stan" "7 stans" and Iran and Turkey.

Iran doesn't really have street food. Only street snacks

who is the cameraman? does he eat with you

Iranians are lucky that Khomeini didn't ban these food along with women rights

Beautiful n lovely iran

سلام و احترامات بی پایان خدمت برادران هم زبان مان. واقعا افتخار میکنم که من هم بچه خراسان زمین ام . زنده باد مردم خوش قلب و با فرهنگ ایران.

Actually they were not the street food. He took you to the high end places that normal Iranian people can't afford to go there because of the weak economy that Mullahs created for Iranians to make whole world their enemies.

Sadly this beautiful country is run by terrorist Mullahs

How much...price?

In India, haleem is spicy, and eaten mainly in evening and dinner.

I want to go to Iran that food look so delicious,thank Trevor for the video

I really appreciate your video it's my first time to know that Iran is safe and people are friendly there and the food looks damn delicious

Lino Banfi

14:13 jeez dude!!

Iran is just Wow.

I’m really shocked

We Love our all brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia . from Iran

The Mother of cultures and civilizations with 7,000 years old. In fact, Iran belongs to all the nations and people on this planet.


Beautiful Iran The Iranian people are wonderful.

Haleem, Ash Sholeh Ghalamkar are the best

آقا ايننن معجونيهههه كجااااسسستتت آخرين معجون خوب رو تو خ حافظ خوردم چند سال پيش اين معجونيه تو ويدئو كجاست لطفا يكي بگه به من !!

Stop laughing for no reason over and over again Stop laughing for no reason over and over again Stop laughing for no reason over and over again Stop laughing for no reason over and over again

Mr taster @ mr jurassic park

وووای دلم خواست

Look the magical food Moroccan https://youtu.be/yTsytQfiaSQ


Its beautiful country amazing and the foods wow I will definitely visit this country

Wonderful food and people!

I want to go to Iran so baaaad!!!!! I really want to go!

Iwant to slap his fucking lips..

Bullshit food ever

20:24 TIL Iranian ice cream men know magic

Hi Everyone Just wondering if we take BUTTER away from these dishes, are they still 10+ in taste? Maybe... Maybe not

Man that hurts... Watching this video at 12 am

من العراق

You went to Ash reshte in the morning and when you were eating it was already night! How come?

The video is amazing! BUT Mr. Taster is a real idiot. For Iranians who follow his Instagram page, they exactly know what I mean. He is rude, careless, and idiot.

18:12 Every one just look at her ! How much she is hungry to see they when eating.

What's up ,

wow, i love this, insha Allah soon i will visit that place for ziyarat and food both

Mazedar episode!

Wow, really want to go to Iran now!

The Danny DeVito of Iran

I am from Bangladesh,i live in denmark.I would like to travel iran.One of my favourite country.They have very rice culture ,food and friendly people.

Mr. Taster looks like an Italian:)) And I will eat Tehran!

Охооо красота

Wow Iran is beautifull not like when i saw in media...

How people are eating of heavy food. And i can't understand how they're digesting of heavy food...

خوش اومدی به ایران

I'm from Israel, and love Persian food very much. I wish I could visit Iran and taste some of their wonderful food.

I want ....so yummies ...yup yup..

Thanks a bunch The Food Ranger!!!

Just watching it ...makes me want to go to IRAN NOW !!!

Very nice we will come and eat soon


How to name and location of these restaurants in Iran ? Wanna visit

Nothing like India (Bharatha)

Hello dostoo

When you are hungry watching the food ranger video not a good idea. You become mad

H A you sound extremely jealous. jealousy is not good for you. relax, be happy.

Sure you loved Iranian Food, but once you have a time and come to Baghdad... Just let me know I am sure, you will change your mind about what real kabab taste ! Iraqi Food is at the top of the list!

Wow love Iranian people and food

Iran love you from peshawer ❤️❤️


Sir. Please come to SRI LANKA

Love you Iran from India.. how beautiful people they are and their food mashaaaalllaa..

@24:00 my favourite part apart from filling is bread What else do we have in a sandwich


Iran has a great culture i love Iranian food music and people ! GREETINGS FROM BAKU AZERBAIJAN

Iran is a beautiful country that I want to visit. I never thought it will look like that. Everyone is so nice and your food look amazing and delicious. Greetings from Saudi Arabia and I pray for peace between our countries

Humble people and great hospitality must say

Mr Taster,, he is amazing person

Wow,i love iran and iranian foods.from bangladesh

i enjoyed the kindness and hospitality and rich culture of Iranian people, , food is so great and delicious. enjoyes every second of this video.

Iranian are very kind persons that I've experienced ,,,,,,,

إيران جميلة ولديها تاريخ يمتدّ لآلاف السِّنين أود حقًّا زيارتها لولا الخلافات السِّياسية .. محبّكم من السعوديّة SA Iran is a beautiful country and has a history that stretches for thousands of years I would really like to visit it where it not for the political differences .. Greetings from Saudi Arabia

no one can beat middle east in food taste

How do your bowels accomodate so much food?

Good #mix4you

Best of all organic and animals are grass fed as they should be

Can we show this Iran on the main stream tv and fox Rupert Murdoch channels???

What’s a beautiful Mosque

Love Russie from Iran

Mappela songs

I love Iranian homemade food ❤️and I did try some of those foods a round 17 years ago when I used to live in Tehran and I am from Afghanistan but living in London now.Hopefully one day visit again.

I love Iran and the Iranian nation thay are a proud nation living with proud and dignity although all world put sanctions on them Long live Iran

I m biggest fan of u boss.. well done.. carryon

It’s a shame that I am from Pakistan and never visited brotherly and foodie country ever. Will be visiting soon.

I never knew this beautiful part of Iran. The media done blackmail Iran smh.

Mr taster is a disgusting creature I'm really disappointed about these serues

I want some

Food looks good

What do u do with extra extra food??

Lots of Love 4m Iran's Neighbor Pakistan..... ❤❤❤

Sponsored by IRGC

Food iranie amazing

كواد طلعت مندس ذيل ايراني

Good food

We love our brother country Iran Love from Pakistan

US is jealous of Iranian richness, that's why US wants to destroy and poison this country.

العربي يضع لايك

Dislike my this video to show your hates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efOo2llyWJw

This is the one of the best videos I have seen in food such a rich culture heritage and food and people...more love more respects and more insights from India ...never the opinion of Iran would be same again once u watch this one ..how ignorant self guided and motivated media can be but Truth prevails love from India ....fabatabulos video ...simply superb

کیرم تو قبر ایرانی ها

من همیشه خواهرتو میگایم

کیرم تو هرچی ایرانی هست تو دنیا کیرم‌تو خاک تون

کیرم تو کس مادر جندهای مثل تو. من مادرتو دیشب گاییدم.

Kmen inda

What a surprising food! Bangladeshi people will go there very soon to take taste.

рис приготовлен так называемый казмах

Iranians, Pakistanis and north indians have similar facial appearance.

نوش جوووووون

ای جااااانم

All your wonderful videos have inspired me to travel to Iran now. Thank you for that!

Wow so yummy

Have a look please, https://youtu.be/hBH-bFj08No

1000 mile away like it to eat that delicious bread, but impossible to get rather enjoyed their foods items!

superb food ranger !you show us food treasures, across the globe,really variety of mouth watering food out there in iran too...GOD bless your belly

Really want to try all of them, thank you for sharing


Salam from Bosnia Herzegowina

very good I like watching your videos

Mr.Taster why don't you join us Come Nepal and promote our Nepali Food also special Gundruk and Dhedo

Greetings to the whole world, especially to you who are energetic and funny! These dishes are unfortunately not for the general public and are only for people who are flattered by the government! Ordinary people are in a difficult situation and I swear to buy 1 pair of shoes you have to walk for 1 year ...!

The food is excellent The people are lovely The problem in Iran is the regime that kills civilians and spends billions of dollars About hate wars unrelated to this wonderful people ... We in Israel have nothing against the Iranian people and I am sure that the Iranian people also do not understand why his regime hates us so much ... Let's hope that the regime is changed and we will return to the days of peace between nations ...


Can you give rates of thoses dishes

متابعك من العراق

instead of putting sanctions, i think we could learn a thing or two from Iran and vice-versa.


خرب ربك الكواد ليش رحت ليران

I am too hungry to be watching these but cant stop

so nice so testy video

Hoy loin nay. You just said eyeliner in iranian.

I want mr..i like all you eaten

great series to show the real IRAN to the world which isfull of lovely people with tastiest foood.....LOTS OF LOVE FROM PAKISTAN

Thanks for coming to Iran. I am from iran and our foods are so delicious

Persia I'm coming

18:42, 'l love you Mr, I love you very ....!!!' he got shocked by it

Iranian women has a serious beauty..❤❤

Excellent video, thank you! I want to visit Iran!

Wait up, who's explaining to who here?

Omg those foods are very mouthwateringg


Great food with mr. tasters

salam and love to Iranian brothers from Saudi Arabia

we get it, its covered in butter!!!!

One day I will visit iran

Mr Taster is just the kind of person I would like to travel with when I am on a bulking cycle

Omg, the food looks ohhhhhhh oiiiii amaaaazzzinnggggg

These foods belong to the affluent part of Iranian society. Many Iranians do not have money to buy bread.

I love middle eastern food

I love irani food

First time i know something about iran ... very nice people .. and so good food

...Is that iranian danny devito?

Do you eat khoresht khalal(خورشت خلال کرمانشاهی kermanshahi? It's the best food in the world And you just eat it in kermanshah

No one likes Mr.taster in Iran. He had to introduce his self for foreigners.

Very beautiful and wonderful I am traveled to fifty times but I did not have these places the next time you will go for the same titles

عشقین هردوتون

But they fucking hate iraqi people



I thought He was Danny Devito, Really great episode again.

I'm from Hyderabad(India) Haleem is one of my favorite dish I thought every Muslim knows about haleem and when I was in Delhi and other states those muslims don't know Haleem and its so shocking. Plus in Delhi I tried Hyderabadi biryani it was just fried rice and chicken piece. In hyderabad we have lots of varieties in food like we have south Indian plus persian type food as our hyderabad was ruled by Nawabs.

I'm Persian and love Heydarabadi brothers

ايران لديها مفاعلات نووية لكن ان يكون لديها اطعمة ومطاعم نووية علمت بذالك بعد هذا الفديو لو تحسنت العلاقات العالمية والعربية الايرانية فستكون طهران الوجهة السياحية الأولى دون منافس ولاتحتاج نووي ولابترول

سلام للشعب الايراني الكريم من السعوديه واكلكم روعه

طاح حظك وحظ اعيران

So, your tour to Iran was wonderful as every item got 10 out of 10.

5000 years of Persian cooking experience!!

Love Iran from Tunisia .

Im from iran salam its the best

وای دلم واسه وطن تنگ شد با غذاهای خوشمزه ش

Mr Taster laughs like Geroge R. R. Martin.

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Food Ranger fans india

He looks like Iranian Danny Devito.

Iran is a dictatorship

It's the first time i see an Azerbaijani speak something good about us! Maybe you are Talyshi or TAT because Azerbaijani turks hate us! btw I love you bro

Love all Saudis from Iran-Qom

Love Pakistan from Iran! Allama Iqbal said : Gar bekhahi to mosalman zistan / nist momken joz be Quran zistan گر بخواهی تو مسلمان زیستن / نیست ممکن جز به قرآن زیستن If you want to live like a true Muslim! You must DO whatever Holy Quran ordered to you!

کص ننت پشتون اوغان بیناموس.کیر همه ایرانیها تو کص و کیون ننت و اون احمدشاه ابدالی کیریتون خواهرجنده.پشتون بی هویت پشتون بی زبان

And Languages!

That drink looks divine. Ma salam, I want one :)

Are those prices in $US

How much is a day tour with Mr Food Ranger please? He would be a great and fun guide I think :)

Not as good as matgeek but anyways...

I'm in love with Shishlek

Lyaatss eeat

ایرانیها از نظرفرهنگ و اشپزی و هنر و مهر و محبت تو دنیا لنگه ندارن اینو باید همه دنیا بدونن هنر نزد ایرانیان است و بس از طرف یک عراقی

The choice of the word sloppy was horrible.....

Wow i am so surprised ! Iran is a beautiful country i would like to meet iranians people they are so kindly people ❤️ love you brothers .from Yemen

One can not eat all that food in one day.

Visit Kabul

I like your video's and I wish you all the best for your upcoming amazing videos. I am from Afghanistan

Fack this video,the people in africa have a hangry, fack you from republik kosovo

The food looked amazing

11:01 ❤

nice food and nice people too

My mouth was watering in all over video...

Great Food Safari!

او حضچ

@امیر محمدی بارك الله فيك وجزاك خير ..

اخی ما فی مشکله شو الک شغل بمشاکل السیاسیه تعال لیرلن انا بخلیک علی راسی لعلمک اخی من تجی لیران محدا راح یسالک شو دینک او سنی او شیعی لعلمک ایران فیها 20ملیون شخص سنی والحمدلله سنه او شیعه کلنا اخوا تعال اخی بخلیک علی راسی

Welcome to Iran.❤

Ok iranians are not bad, but what else can they do but eat and breed when their police beat protesters and women who break away from Islam are arrested?

What a humbly smile mr taster got

You must go to Indonesia, there are may food: sate kambing, tongseng, tingkleng, gulai, sate ayam, ayam goreng, opor ayam, sate sapi, rendang, soto, bakso, mie ayam, nasi goreng, mie godok, mie goreng, martabak, kerak telor, aneka masakan ikan...

Iran looks so diffrent than the mainstream media shows it here, this vid is the best proof how brainfucked we in Europe are from the goverment controlled media

One of the best episodes of food ranger.... Nd the iran food is heaven for non vegetarians

لو خلينا السياسه على صوب فالاكل الايراني معروف ولذيذ وين ماكانوا الايرانيه سواء مطعم بسيط او مخبز او عيوش وغيره لذيذ

العربي يدوس لايك

Oh man the food and the people are so amazing, we have such a wrong idea of these countries, which is very sad. Hope to visit someday!

I dont like syiah laknatullah

all the food look good.

woow amazing Iran food I hope peacefully Iran Allah protect evil ey this msg from Somali boy

it seems Moroccan food but on another high level . loved it

الشعب الايراني جدا طيب حتى واضح ان اكلهم لذيذ وشهي تحياتي للشعب الايراني من السعوديه

Mr tester is bad and pis

I love you man @ Mr.Taster

پرچم ایرانی ها بالا

Does cholesterol have any meaning? I loved the video, the Best of the Best!!!

I'm Kurdish from North Berwick I love agriculture I have allowed respect for Iranian people because they are respect people very very

I love humanity.

I love you, Good Master

ایرانی‌ = خود حقیر بینی در برابر اروپایی‌ها و آمریکایی‌ها و خود بزرگ بینی در برابر همسایگان

cred ca mincarea e nemai pomenita cum fac sa maninc si eu?

WOW! wonderful people, culture, food, and history. I know media wouldn't show that bright and lovely side of Iran. Greetings from Saudi Arabia to our neighbor country

These foods are looking very delicious

Great people

waooo ..... waoo ....... waoooo .... i wana visit soon Iran food land.

I went to Iran in 2017 and it was my best trip ever. watching this makes me miss Iran much much moreeee..... love from singapore :)

MASHALLAH, the food looks ABSOLOUTELY amazing and delightful. I'm drooling over the food. I wish to visit Iran someday. May your journey be blessed T.J. and Mr Taster. Loving the video

Jelo kebab

Haleem is also Afghan food.

Iran is the best country and the best people!!!!

I love Iran I was there 1974 until 1978!!!!

هردوشون چپ دستن منم سومینشون

I love Iran

I feel sorry for him when they touch his own food with their hand

Mouth watering video.lol

Love from india ..awsome ..videooo

کیر تو کوس اون زن جنده ات تو دیگه شیاف کدوم کون هستی بشکه عن

So good to see the real side of this beautiful country...such warm people,the cleanliness,the exotic food & the culture...wow...it’s time to unsubscribe all the news channels coz no one is worth watching..all they do is spread lies...unfortunately this beautiful country is suffering alot coz of the US-Israel-Saudi govts(not people) & that too for being a democracy....

i think iran is the best arab country...


I am on my 7th day of water fasting and I am watching this .I must be a masochist.

HHahahhahahahahaha lets eat

Pakistani and Iranians are one nation Love From Pakistan...

I now understand why it is necessary to stop watching TV, a people like that is certainly jealous of their knowledge and their history, the Iranians, you have all my friendship, from Morocco.

Iran friendliest

I love how proud they all are to share their food culture with a foreigner

I really want to go there!! So much unique foods and such a beautiful country and people. Love from CANADA!!

Thanks for the very lovely video, excellent ,very high respect from people ,very clean restaurant , excellent customer service.

How can u eat brains and tongues? Eeeeee disgusts me

Irani food best in world ♥️

I cringe everytime they sau Merci lol typical americans

9:05 this dood is like what are you doing !!

all dislike are for f**ing mr Taster.

Great, iran famous street food

Mr tster to iran not fan becuse very bad iam hate mr

Damn I kinda miss Iran Specially When I watched Tajrish Tehran I used to work there back in 2013 I still remember those places Salam From Albuquerque NM USA

5:23 me when I see something scary hahahahaha peace and love from Saudi Arabia

I wish Iranian government just act as a normal country! Iranian people are kind and lovely but suffering under mullah regime.. all love and best wishes from Saudi Arabia

Is it easy for a Jordanian to come to iran ?

Who is this guy picture in every shop?

مردمم چقد وضعشون خوبه و همه پولدار و سیرن اقای شکم گنده‌ی بدرد نخور

beef Haleem is the best

The head of this Iranian man is like broccoli )))))


Very nice

Dislike israel and american!!!

Amazing power of tehran food!!!fantastic and delicious!!!

God bless you baradar jan. Kurdish people are our blood brothers and sisters

God bless you brother

No... khate cheshm is eyeliner in Iranian language lol

Disliked the video as: 1st of all, the people of Iran are not only Persian! 2nd of all, most of the foods in this video are not Persian but from other nations living in Iran like Kurds, Turks, Arabs, Baloch, etc... Such a shame even an American YouTuber tries to introduce Iran as a Persian country while it is NOT. Iran is a multi-nation country but unfortunately, the government and power is based on Persianism and that is why if anyone says I am from Iran, directly people think he/she is Persian which is WRONG in so many levels. Thumbs Down

Unconditional love from India... Iranian food is orgasmic

i want a Persian wife

the hospitality tho

Proud to be Persian!.

Beautiful people. Beautiful language. Beautiful food. Love from India.

I think Mr taster someone famous in Iran ppl see him like KING and shake hand with head down

In the bakery,they just like two cute mice.LOL

People are people man, but it's the politicians that will tell you " group A are not humans"..

Please go to Afghanistan

In kachalehhhh madareh harchiii moft khoor rooo gaeedehhhhh

غذای مزه دار که از افغانستان تیر شد هیچ غذا نیست شاید غذای ایران هم خوش مزه باشد من نخوردم اما من فکر میکنم غذای افغانی ما عالی است

هموطنان عزیز لطفاً بدانید که این خوک حریص چاق از خانواده ای وابسته به رژیم هست. یک فاضلاب زاده از ژن خوک. این پست فطرت ننه گدای تازه به دوران رسیده شکمو انچنان با وقاحت غذا میبلعد که نموداری راستین از اشتهای دزدی و ناسیری خانواده پلیدش میباشد. دیدن این گراز زشت و غذا خوردنش حال من را به هم میزند مخصوصاً دانستن وابسته بودنش به این رژیم چپاولگر اهریمنی


qorbaani iran from kurdistan❤️

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