Extreme MEXICO CITY STREET FOOD TOUR with 5 Mexican Guys CDMX!

Extreme MEXICO CITY STREET FOOD TOUR with 5 Mexican Guys CDMX!

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Good. Morning I hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I'm in Mexico City before, coming to Mexico City I got an email from Moises. And he watches our videos, he. Loves to eat and he said when you come to Mexico City I want to take you around I want to show you some amazing Mexican, Street food so, I'm on my way to go meet Moises now he's gonna take us on a Mexican Street, food tour of Mexico City especially focusing. On the, center of Mexico City we're gonna visit some of the. Legendary, markets, but. First we. Are gonna go eat breakfast at this stall which is in La Condesa that, is known for, well. Okay I'm gonna show you we're on our way there now this is going to be an awesome day of Mexican, Street food. That, Moises what if he's waiting for you're a cool and I call you nice to meet you hi nice, to meet you you by six what's. Up man nice to meet you nice to meet you how are you. Killick. You, maybe. We can say it's, a chilly killed sandwich green, and red. Nice. To meet you oh that's you Coolio, : I think you. And. A torta is it's a sandwich and so they start with a loaf, of bread I think, they fill in. Because. It's beans, and. Then they have all the ingredients laid, out here, chicken. And it in and then you have to choose between green. Chillies. Okay. And that's, that includes, cheese. Cheese, and cream and cream, and what's in the chilaquiles, is the is it. Like. Crunchy, but then it it turns kind of saucy yeah. Grab. You. Those. Birthdays or okay. Maybe. 80%. Of people like degree oh okay, okay, so green is one of their top sellers yeah. Exactly yeah. They, told us that there were done with the green ones for today Wow it's already and it's only 9:00 a.m.. On. The inside, is actually, a milanesa, which is a it's a fried, breaded. Piece of very thin chicken and then, they put in some beans at the bottom they put in some cream she adds in the you. Can see that those are actually like fried, tortilla, chips. Which are kind of crushed, up and then added. With the the sauce the, green chili to make it kind of saucy. Hmm. All. The. Bread is crusty, but, like really fluffy soft you've got that thin layer, the. Fried chicken you can taste the green chili in there for sure and then it has like kind of a I mean, that the chips they're not crunchy anymore but that curry it's kind of like a. Tortilla. Sauce, which. Just explodes. With flavor in there you've got the cream you taste the cheese yeah. Yeah that's very good what, do you think awesome I think it's awesome, good. And I think your review was very accurate my. Chicken. Mixed, with the sauce oh yeah, mm-hmm. Yeah, this is not a light morning, breakfast, it's, heavy it's dense. You've got carbs, on top of carbs on top of carbs and it is delicious. I'm. Really starting to get into the the, depths. Of this torta and, it's good, that. Green chile is awesome, and look, more and more people are arriving. My. Sis was telling me that if you come at. About 11 a.m. today the, line will go down the street, until. Perfect timing, this. Was an amazing way to start the day and we're on our way next, - mercado, de san juan which, is a it's, a it's a very well known downtown, market. While. That line as we are leaving that's stretching into the park now. We. Just, arrived to Mikado, the San Juan this, is known as a gourmet, market, in Mexico City and already, there's, a lot of exotic fruit, this is a really cool market that I wanted to visit a little Chevys Kerry, you. Look. At that size of those Wow. Look at the size of those, this. Market, is known as being a high-end very gourmet, market you walk around you see cheese's. They. Have all sorts of different meats, imported.

From. Around, the world but it's a very nice market it's very clean, it's very, organized. And, yeah they, have some very high-end, gourmet, foods, here. We've. Stopped at a stall that serves all sorts. Of pre-hispanic. And, exotic, but and. Creepy. Crawlers, recommend. Omnicom a classifier Sentinel 7 July, Aragon our deportation, location, mosquito Chiquito si. Chiama, mescaline, Oh ok2say, my scan is a dilution of Genie Queen. There's, my side. Or no tronc. Flavor. He. Just freshly fried up some scorpions. They're, not too huge their little scorpions, I said eat the scorpion chase. It with a mess cow. Oh wow, it's, kind of juicy. It. Almost has like a nutty. Kind. Of like slight chocolaty, flavor to it with, a little bit of a bitterness. That's, a good combination that was a tasty scorpion he's still alive yeah. This, market is fantastic, you'll, find so many exotic, things but. Some of the stalls are not that, open because it's a Sunday morning right now, I'm. Glad we got to try a scorpion but we're, gonna proceed. Onwards. To that medicine which is one of the ultimate, markets. Of downtown, Mexico City and there, we're going to do some serious, street, food eating. We, just arrived to mercado, de la merced, this is one of the most. Well known markets, in Mexico City it's huge, and just riding here in the car you can see the energy starts to pick up it's getting busier, and busier there's stall after stall of, just everything. You can possibly, imagine. This. Is just a gargantuan, market, so this entire area is all market we, are on a hunt for street food bill but we're. Passing through everything from batteries. And, wallets. To plants, to kids, toys to. Little. Jumping. Dogs. Passing. Through a passageway, a canyon, of shoes, we. Are arriving to the food section or one food section. We're. Stopping first to eat some quesadillas flattening. The masa and, they're frying over the hot plate they're filling it with some kind of a meat mixture and then. They. Hold them up roll, them up and then well, look at that basket, full of, candy and then. They fry over here and like it's almost I got a walk, looking rounded. Hot. Skillet as well, they smell, unbelievable. It's. Extremely good extremism, the. Tortillas. Fresh-made yes. Career and the salsa de. Salsa Roja great, cells is very good extremely, we will get all our meat stuffed in there and the salsa. Oh. That's. Ridiculous. That. Meat is like so fatty. Oily. And salty, and then, all that salsa is awesome and then you can yeah you can really taste the freshness of that tortilla they, grill it over those hot plates so that it sort of gets crispy, oh that's. Reverb oh. So. This one is. Here. In Mexico City not all because I'd be sorry with cheese. It's. Very interesting yeah but this, cheese quesadilla with green salsa. Junichi's. In, the winner the best okay, and next up this is the only one with cheese and it's also with salsa verde the, green salsa. Yeah. Really. Good yeah that's like a mozzarella tasting, cheese and it's bingo. With. Green salsa. Tomato sauce. Yes. I'm using it oh yeah it's almost like a barbecue sauce and, again those first years are just awesome, and I love how they fry them like, double fry them so that they get kinda crispy. So. Good which one is the best I. Agree. I agree, that did that cheated on was unparalleled, muy, muy bueno. It. Was absolutely, amazing, okay we're moving on. There's. So much meat in the air. Piper. Bad, luck that with. The Queen it's awesome. Via. NASA. Finally, got my three give up that, was, out there is green your. Thread and there is market those have a sort of Chosun starch, everyone is very spiky. Because. We had on this. Wicked. Tripod. System. Nice. Peanut market. I. Was. Salted, beef they also and this Tucker's have french fries, nopales. Plus. The deal-breaker here, the the. Game-changer, is that they add on a whole handful, of french fries that's, like a whole pack of french fries on top of your taco you've got to really like squish it down to get to get this all oh look, it's just overflowing. With french fries. A. Walk. Oh. That's. Amazing. Well, the salsa in there then. You've got those oily crispy french fries the, beef it's. Salty. They. Had touched rewrite, the french fries. Look. At all that okay, now we gotta try this onion. So. Sweet and juicy. Never. In my life have French fries on a taco tasted.

And Sounded, so delicious, that was absolutely, awesome. Right. Down the lane from where we just ate an exploding. French fries taco okay. Deep. Stomach. In, a spicy. Broth with. Smoked. Chilies. And. Oil and. The beef has four, stomachs right so yeah it's, different texture, for each other. Hold. Your stomach it. Looks like it's a clay cauldron, just full, of soup red soup and. It's called fine seatbelt which is a, variety. Of cow stomachs, within a suit and it's it's, gorgeous, you can see it just herbs overflowing. In there there's a paddle, that she used this uses, to stir it with and she just dishes it out this, place is bumping. The. First thing that you have to admire here is the size of this spoon that's. A good sized spoon I'm gonna say I'm just gonna taste the broth first before I do anything, they added some onions some cilantro and some lime, as well in here. It. Has like this smoky flavor to. Detail. It tastes like a roasted, flavor, and. It does have a little bit of an organ eat taste to it that's delicious I got some onions in there too okay now to try some of the chunkier. Bits oh how about this this, chunk right there oh yeah that looks like it has some texture. It. Is a little bit jiggly. So. It's. Made with roasted chili so it has that wonderful smoky, chili flavor good. Thank. You so much oh you're welcome I think it's better in tuk that's the way everybody's, eating it if you if you look around this massive, dining, room. I want. To get that chili a. Little. Bit chewy a little. Bit rubbery, but. Delicious. In, the kitchen back here they are boiling more, of the soup and that just bubbles, away that that's a serious, boil, and then I guess once a cooks here then they transport, it to the McCoy. Vessel, at the front that's where they distribute, it that's where they serve it and then wow, I can feel the heat, coming. Up that cookie is over here that's a big impression by the way that tortillas here are also top-notch. Excellent. Not. Only was that food amazing, but, it just. It. Will it will arouse, your senses, that's so visual, there's so much going on. There's. Enough food in this market, to make you go dizzy, a. Muscle. Yeah I've never tried that. That's. The name of this again this is a fun basalts polio. Which spread, and it's. Fries. And dipped. In tomato. Sauce so that lights red color coding. All the vanilla hide and. Then it's filled with potatoes. And, chorizo. Mix, and. They, also put lettuce cream, and cheese on it it's also. A. Buzzer, cheers. Oh yeah. Oh wow. That, is that's flavorful, get a slight Jodie's no in there you can taste them, that's, all saw the cream and, the bread is pretty cool not healthy yeah, definitely. No. Jodie so it's really good in there. Doctore. So in there, that's. What rocks it get. The flavors that's, what powers this entire sandwich that totally so elegant. You. Will not believe how many different types of salsa and meat juices are all over my fingers and all over the camera all over the camera. This, market is just out of control there are just masses. Of fresh ingredients, any kind of Mexican food you can possibly imagine you, can buy the ingredients here. Do. You need a pinata. You. Have about a thousand. Different choices from dinosaurs, to Power Rangers, mommy. Vegeta. Partido Cinco por favor I mean single kill over. Yes. Around. We're way to hurt. People. Here I got sandwiched, this is a fruit called mommy who kind of looks like an oval, egg shape, this. Is a fruit I've never tried it on the inside it looks similar to a papaya. Oh. It's. Really sweet it's, like almost like a condensed, non. Juicy papaya. With. A. Very. Sweet almost honey sweetness. To it. It's. A very dense fruit. It's, like condensed, sweetness. We. Have just emerged, from, the depths of the market if you go to the dictionary and, if you search for culinary. Wonderland. Longmeadow, said this, market will be one of the top results it is it's, amazing, if you love food you, will just be an arm I just walking around with my jaw open my, mouth drooling, there's, so, much food there's, so many fruits and vegetables, there's so much color there's so much energy to. Be. With. I. Just. Love how they cut the mangoes here into like a bouquet it's it, looks like a flower these sprinkles on quite a quite, a nice layer of that chili chamoy, I. Think. I got it all over my chin oh that's, delicious the, mango is sweet and then you've got that salty, tomboy which. Contrasts, it I. Got. It all over my chin. Yeah. The mango sweet. We're. On our way now to downtown. Mica. Also gotta mingle without, any seasoning. He. Ate the entire top half oh my, god. Well. This is the center downtown of Mexico City and we're going to a place that's called immortal, and they are, they're, legendary, so this is the belt place you come in Mexico City to eat Cheetos, takeaway. Line actually snicks all the way down the outside but the line floor sitting in is not that long so we decided to get a table we're, gonna sit down we're gonna sample.

The Churros here the original we're getting permission to enter Trudeau paradise. This, place is as crazy, and, as, hectic, as the market but in a totally different, scheudle, kind of way I didn't want to stay in the kitchen for too long because it's so hectic and they have such a system I don't wanna get in their way but they let me just go back and see how they make the teutuls they have the the batter coming out of a spigot and he's such an expert either the Trudeau master he takes these long chopsticks, and he, kind of swirls it around into a giant, circular shaped coil after coil it's like a hose it's like a doughnut hose and. Then it goes into a bath of sugar. And so fail you get to introduce, your torah on the hot chocolate. They're, crunchy they're gooey in the perfect. Kind of way they're. Sugary, it's. Sweet and salty it. Is really really good. That's, amazing, dividend, that chocolate, you've, got the extra chocolate factor, we've. Got the the milkiness, of it so it's juicy, yeah. I think what's, good to me is just it's just a perfect gooey. Crunchy. Texture. Combined, all together if you love Trudeau's if you love sweets, this, is a place you have to visit in the world yeah those turtles are next level. We're. Walking on our way to a zocalo and there are just masses. Of people, but a zocalo is the historic, center it's the, main. Plaza. Everything. In Mexico City sort of leads to a local, oh and it's uh we're, coming up on it very soon. Made, the walk through the sea of humanity we. Made it to and Zylka this is the central plaza it's a giant, Plaza it just opens up, there. Are some very important. Buildings, here this is where they hold a lot of public, events. Places. Where where, lots of people can gather wow. It's. Huge here. We're. Stopping next to ETF Skipton it is one of the a, very very common Mexican. Street food snack throughout Mexico City. Really. Nice. Well, I got. A big chunk of mayonnaise and that's, good, yeah the corn the. Salsa and they're salty a little. Bit spicy it's, creamy. It's. Also warm on a cold day. It's. A fantastic, street food snack okay so good it's so addictive, it's salty, it's limey, its cheesy, its creamy. We've. Made it to the next spot on this Mexican, Street food tour of Mexico City this is a place you can see in the window here they have some giant fried, turkeys. Yeah. Very, good simple. This. Place has been serving, them since 1928. This is an institution. Yeah. The bun is really soft, and then you've got their shreds of Turkey it just tastes like a like. A classic some. Chili's. Soup. In a coffee cup oh. That's. Just like straight up turkey, bra it's. Yeah. I think you're supposed to add your own salt cause it's not salty but, it it is good it's like it's, very it's. Very Turkey, that turkey torta is over, this is the spot it's, yeah, it's it's been around for a long long time overall, it's good a little bit plain but but pretty good we've got one more stop on this Mexican, Street food tour and it's, gonna be a good final, ending.

Here. It is the - stop we want to cheek. Cheek. Yes. I want to cheek very, badly each. Other cheek. And there's also eye. There's. Ear choose, me or - favorite, yeah. I would. Go. Is. A liquid muscle. Hi, everyone, has their favorite man, my. Chest is in you. Okay. Which. Son, size for this. Meanwhile. You. Know you have a good Packer technique, when, the meat doesn't follow cheek. Taco. Wow. That's, insane it's fatty it's juicy, a. Little. Bit chewy. The. Beer cake is so good. Flavor. It's. Absolutely amazing. Cheers. Next. One is cabeza which is a mix of all the head meats so there's some chick in there there's some I. There's. Some. Yeah. Some parts, you you. Don't want to ask are. In there. That's, spectacular, butchers. Are better. No. No. Sort. Of like the Keveza that leave the mix up the mix yeah that's, just a blend of head. We've. Come to the end of this incredible. Mexican, Street food tour it's. Been so much fun hanging out with all of them and, they. Are just starting a YouTube channel it's called what's, it a birthday. Five Mexican guys they're just starting it right now so go check out their channel we've been linked in the description box they're gonna make awesome food and travel videos every is it the Mexican food video whoo Mexican, food nice and Mexican recipes, so you can undress if you slow friends I'm very funny the enterprising, I've thoroughly, enjoyed, hanging. Out and eating with all of you. Guys. Yes. Remember. To click thumbs, up leave, a comment below and also. Click the subscribe, button I'm, gonna be publishing lots of more food and travel videos goodbye. From Mexico City. Tell. Me what was your favorite food from the day it's, hard to decide for me was it haha so bad when in your feels weird. Phaidor's and Theresa, fine. Well because I be able to channel I love. The head that was. My. Favorite one was the, beef taco with french fries on top and, it. Is something. That you will only find at market and maybe we will be coming back soon so don't forget to stay tuned. Yes. Okay. And I have to say the case that he had cheated on them mine was also at home with the French fries on top my lovelies from. Here. Which is great.

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These guests were awesome! Their excitement to be with Mark and their love and pride in their local cuisine was infectious. I wish nothing but the best for all involved in this video!

Surprised you didn't have a milkshake with your churro, Mark. Seemed like other tables had them. Another great video.

Wow 1.7m subs.. Ur doing great mark.. Always luv ur vlogs.. Godbless you.

Pansita es Menudo?

The guy with the beard looks like bucky from captain America

Was lx -lll

Please mark don't eat insect it's disgusting

these boys are cute though. their smiles were shining hard lol

Com to portugal the food is amezing

too much tortilla, I already fed up with the tortilla .

Nest india tor day mark

Mexican food never disappoint


Love your videos I only wish my brother was still alive to enjoy them with me. We would have watched them all together. Thanks so much.Keep doing more. P.S. watching the videos makes me so hungry haha...

Mark since you’re in Mexico City you should check out the city of Guanajuato, Mexico! It’s a beautiful colonial city!

Mark in his happy place! I’ve never seen you so happy. Born to travel and eat

14:28 "this place is bumpin" damn mark, get it bro bro

Excellent video, Mark! Your hosts/tour guides were fantastic!

Thank you so much from Alaska!!!

i hope mark paid for everything.

nice choice of music on this one

Love your vid!!!!

21:33 dude in the back is sketchy af

ahhh everytime i watch these i get sooo hungry lol

Please go one time to pakistan you will enjoy it

Why you don't go to pakistan

Bro,please came to johore is south of Malaysia,promise u i'll bring u to the best place in johore..rafetz

I was watching the food ranger and my wife said what's his name and I said mark wiens lol... I watch y'all so much I mix y'all up lol keep up the great work mark blessings my freind

Love the connection with your fans!

Awesome vlog Mark!

Comieron todo en el mismo día???? Pinches tragones jajaja

Omg! So much carbs and fatty food. I’ll be miss piggy in no time eating that much carbs and fat.

Awesome video! The quesadillas looked delicious thank you!

You need to go to Tortas Daniel in Tlalnapantla, edo de Mexico (Mexico City) and try their Coctel de Camarones, Tortas, and huachinango

I really like the mango

Por que nos hacen esto chilangos por que ese afan de meter todo en un pan empesaron con sus quesadillas sin queso, sus tortas de tamal, ahora se atreven a meter chilaquiless. que sigue una torta de taco eso pretenden verdad, poner una orden de tacos en un bolillo. No lo hagan porfabor ya estarian llegando demasiado lejos

taco eating technique improved compared to your first mexican food video.

New channe lto add. Loved the video.


I would really like to know your workout routine? PLZ

That taco shits on taco bell DAMN

Everytime than he try some food n say "oh" I laught so hard

I swear every time he eats I don’t look at the food, I look at his neck like you ok, is your head getting ripped off

"To little...jumping....dogs" That made me laugh, I love your videos.

I love to see when you eat it's make you happy.

Mark Wiens I was thinking you dip the turkey sandwich into the turkey juice / soup. Lol. I could be wrong. Kinda like azure? Looked so good. Love your channel.

you always make my mouth water

I Subscribed recently on this Channel and I am loooving these. You put so much effort in your Vlogs. I Admire your smile, the positive vibe with you and your family you have travelling arround the world wich I wanna do as well. Keep that happyness. We are addicted to this channel. Greetings from Germany

Las quesadillas llevan queso malditos chilangos. Jeje

I'm curious about the cheese made in Mexico... Any more information about them.. I kNow Mexico is well know for salsa, tostada, mole and chocolate...

Their Friendship! It feels great to be among such bosom friends.

Mucha grasa

Amigo siempre con la misma expresion xD Viva mexico

I’m eating my iPad.

Damn mark! You are aaaaaaaaawsmmmmmm!!,

Do you smoke marijuana? You look high in every video and that's why I watch you

Great video

Good Just so good

Me encantó el vídeo! Como todos! Excelentes pero esos chavos que codos! Dando por pedazos de comida, si a ya no es cara la comida no manchen! Deberían de ser más atentos , mejor ve con Lalo de la Ruta de la Garnacha el si sabe cómo tratar y atender a una persona que va a conocer nuestro país , saludos y bendiciones!

Disgusting !

Mark thank you so much for all your, ying, and Micah’s videos through the years.! You guys are such an inspiriation that my gf and I are going on a world tour of food rock Climbing surfing and culture. Again thank you and keep it up

Delisioso y espero que teguste Mexico es mui bonito nese sitas ir a Chiapas es mui bonito y teba gustar la gastronomia megustan tus bideos y todo loque muestras es sano

Looks lovely I wanna go to Mexico city

zoonato.com wish you a good food

Wonderful. I would love to visit soon.

Here I am eating peanuts from the 99 cents store :(

Mark, menudo(pancita) is THE MOST AMAZING MEXICAN FOOD EVER! i’m mexican born and breadth and i can’t get tired of always eating menudo on Sunday mornings! Thank you for all these mexican food videos. Makes me proud of my culture. Blessings

Nice homely market.

OMG!I want to eat maxican food now!(I'm Thai)

Thank you Mark once again. You made me stayed up late again until 3am watching food videos and making me drool every time you take a bite, hahaha! I need to go to Mexico and try the real street Mexican food... yum!

He for real had no respect for the people there you can tell as he walks around and just invade their space and when they look at him or look at the camera he just cuts it out

the churros looks so waaouuuu,lucky man you make me hangry

Wow Mark you are a cool humble kind of guy. I like you . God bless!

The Mexican food is very delicious, my next vacations it’s going to be in Mexico. Mark makes me love Mexico more & more

Love you. And ying and Micah go back to Philippines again soon

im salivating

Just luv ur videos

It's very..... Turkey. LOL Mark!

Your poor wife

falta sub titulo español y los frijoles charros estilo monterrey

Que buena honda ese grupo de jóvenes amigables orgullosos de su país i su comida

Que te paso en la cara

Come in Pakistan and taste our delicious food.

The best food in the world

Ya me dio hambre

hey Mark! whenever you are in milan come and try my mexican food in Tacontento Milano!!!be my guest!!

It’s 1 AM, I am starving and the fridge is empty. Why am I torturing me right now? I don’t know...

Wanna go to mexico

Mark you have the best job in the world lol how do you manage not to eat everything you see?

No soy de usá pero entiendo todo lo que dices ..viaja al NORTE de México

watching this want me to go to mexicooo

I'll be in Mexico City for the first time in about 3 weeks. I am a single female traveling alone. Some people believe that that means that I am brave. However, I am not brave enough to eat bugs :)

Mark, you look very exhausted. Hope you are okay. Take care

Still need to work on that weird expression right after you eat.

So happy watching this

those Mexicans tell everything is good lol ( jajaja) (greetings from Mexico)

mucho swerte porti y los 5 muchachos.

12:02 must be great drunk food also!

Even though the food ranger is having a blast in Mexico I think you're getting for some reason a better food experience in Mexico City.

How you eat that much and stayed so skinny !!

OMG !!!!! This make me so nostalgic just watching it is as if I'm there eating

I love the expression on your face while eating Mark. .from India

How much pepto bismol u think he took after all that lmao

Espectacular! !! Te amoooo, super super buen tour de México!!!

Mark be in touch at madakosa1@gmail.com. You have to visit Ghana West Africa

21:22 tats the exact way to eat that mango.... my mouth just turns into waterfalls just seeing that mango covered in that salt and chili powder.. we in India also eat mango in that same manner...

I want to go to Mexico!

oye amigo, where in the heaven, did you put all the food? you had to walked all day long to be able to pack it all in, any way this was nothing but a small sample of what mexico offers for there is so much more.

อิจฉามาร์ค กินอะไรก็ไม่อ้วน

Hey man great video,.. If you could come down and try some of my moms food...you would jump and shout ..... I dare you...

The food ranger was in mexico this month too!!!

I fell in love with Mexico because of those videos, but still, no wonder Mexico is one of the top obesity rates in the world.

I got diabetes just watching this video.

i am eating every thing jose cake banana aplle and coffe and i am eat burger every i am not kidding real

There's not one thing you try that you don't like

Meat that is fat, oily and salty is so good........

Make some merch saying “oh wow” hahahah

Oh, Lord, I was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico but moved to LA. Now I need to move out of Los Angeles and live in Mexico city.

Wow! What an amazing video about all of the street foods available in Mexico City. I think that would be the best way to experience the food of any culture and having the 5 guys as your guide was fantastic. Everything looked so delicious. Thank you for sharing and I hope to go there someday myself.


A lot of mayonnaise and white bread used in Mexican street food. Which I find interesting because my sons father is from Mexico and he won’t touch that stuff. He hates butter too.

How on earth did I find out about your videos just today??? You're doing an amazing job and I can see me staying up all night watching as many as possible :) Mexico has always been one of my dream destinations and with your video it felt as if I was actually there! Greetings from Greece :)

Who’s the 5th mexican guy?

Hopefully you get to visit Baja on your next visit to Mexico, its another level!

No wonder Mexico has surpassed the US in obesity.

Mark - Your videos and reviews are on point! Keep up the great work as I look forward to all your videos and traveling around the world via your YouTube channel. Note: You make food look super ONO!

I loooove menudo!

Churro heaven


Waw I want to go there someday

At 13:16 I see MC TEO TACOS at McDonald's

Hello Mark Nice Türk-İş Yemeklerini Tatmanı İstiyorum

what is your opinion of vegan people who don't eat no animal products like eggs, cheese,cow milk, meat ?

Tnks for visit us Mark

I haven’t seen Mexico City this way

❤️Great Vlog , Mark !

Mark i wish you could to come to Puerto Rico you going to love our food !

Why was nadeshot there

Not paying $ 9 for 4 damn scorpion and nasty mescal. the tacos I can pig out on with a beer,yum.

I love love street food snack corn in the cup or on the stick sooo delicious

Mark, my man, your Spanish accent is perfect! Salud mi gran amigo!

CDMX, Mexicans, and Mexican food: that really is the trifecta. Let me get a kleenex to wipe off my drooling...

super video

Love all your Mexican videos

oh man i hate your face


Mark Wien

as usual Mark pigs out and his wife just looks on with her head in her hand with nothing to eat cause Mark doesn't leave anything for her to eat, not even his son

Omg..the churro looks sooo good!

i liked your video, especially for the commentary at the end of "whose favorite was your favorite"!


Other than the fruit, I couldn’t eat any of that lot.

Mark Wiens thumbs up

Is this guy on shroom?

Tacos.. son tacos grandes pero son tacos no quesadillas

Awesome video . Good work mark.five stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

putos chilangos van a empachar a ese cabron...

I'm a new subscriber, I just can't get enough of your big eyes popping every bite you take. Plus the Oh ooooh oh! Lol. Great work.

Lalo!!! Faltó que lo llevarás a los de cochinada hermano. Aún así muy buen tour, espero aplicarlo en verano.

Mark Wiens you need to visit Jamaica

You made me have a spark again for Mexican food

Patay gutom magkaon

You have a big stomach !! Haha I'm very excited to see you enjoy those kinds of eat ! I want to see more !

Quesadillas MUST have cheese otherwise they’re just tacos Anyone who disagrees is definitely from Mexico City Everywhere else in Mexico quesadillas will have cheese in them

Chale :( ya me dio hambre. ;;

Quesadillas sin queso? xD! hasta Mark pregunto si no tienen queso dentro...

Looks like a delicious country to visit , Mark! u are the world ambassador :)

Love the video it makes me miss all my mom's cooking #Viva Mexico

$40 MXN would be really too much for the average Mexican! that's the problem with street food in trendy hipster places, it's good but severely overpriced.

Excellent videos Mark, congratulations!!!

I will recommend you on your nex visit to mexico. Visit yecapixtla. So you can eat cesina .mmmmm is very good meat ..

I need me a hispanic girl apparently lol.

Only Mark can make me want to try stomach soup.

I love that Mark is not the only one eating all thoses delicious foods.

I thought pancita was pork and not cow

inviten a chritian el si sabe

Mark Wiens Telenovelas turcas


Was Wondering— Why You still can stay so slim—- with all the Unhealthy street foods- oily- salty— sugary —!,, Amazing indeed

when you come to west africa, Liberia. let me know. i love food too.

Brother - I love your vids! You should be on TV. California Love here dude! Laterz.

hasta un extranjero sabe que una quesadilla lleva queso

Mark, next time try the sliced fruit cups with lime, salt and Chili powder for a noon snack

Nalgitas Deliciosas 21:21

loving your work brover

Mark Wiens you should try tepic nayarit merced it’s really good you wont regret it!! The tortas and chocolate milk!!

Taco menudo lol no one does not

You should try tepic nayarit merced its really good you wont regret it the tortas and chocolate milk!! Give it a try


All that delicious looking food. My mouth waters, def put mexico on my travel list

MMMMMMMMHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yummy. Scorpion?

I loved all the foods but my favorites were the churros and that's because I have a super sweet tooth. I love sweets :)

Great video! I just discovered your videos today and I simply love them! Aloha from Waikiki Oahu Hawaii. Thank you for sharing these fun adventures with the world.

Mark.....i love your energy in your videos. Very positive, fun and enjoyable. Aloha from Hawai'i to you and your family.

Go to tijuana best tacos hands down. Team up with #Badabun

I love mamey omgggggg

Chilakil verde mmmmyummy

Yer buddy looks like a young Mike from American Pickers.

9:33 Butthead?...eres tú?

I wish some day can't Eat tacos in Mexico

Mark you need to do a Cuba tour. Best food ever!!!!

Glad you love our food! Next time stop by my hometown Valle de Bravo. You will fall in love with the views while enjoying all types of delicious foods.

I really love your face when You eat something new!

I love your personality, outgoing and happy all the time.

Mark, you said it perfectly: carbs on top of carbs on top of carb. Thats classic Mexico City street food. Its cheap and it fills you up with energy to start up the day. People dont ask for more.

Dude you should try scorpion tacos in durango mx

The best way to have Mamey is in a batida or smoothie with a mix of carnation milk and almond milk with lots of ice

27:37 look at how loving Ying's stare while Mark is enjoying his bites. :)

your guides were amazing ❤ so nice

love the way you eat, you transmit so much emotion and even the flavor through the screen!

Thank you for this video!

I love yours videos I am a new subscriber

Mark Wiens my grandma said that when she lived in Mexico that they don't call it street food it's disrespectful where she lived in mexico

I love this episode!


jealousy from a yankee in south Dakota! loved the video!gracias!

You need going to quesadillas uxmal and esperanza street colonia narvarte in mexico df! Good really good

Your videos are awesome!!!

My mouth was watering the whole time I watched this video. Thank you for the opportunity to see Mexico trough your eyes Mark

Excelentes tus vídeos, felicidades!!!!!!!

Las quesadillas son con queso ,el taco que se comió era taco de chicharrón punto deliciosos los platillos mexicanos ummm Yumi ya se me antojo todo .

I was drooling watching this. Love my mexican food. Never been to Mexico City, but there's plenty of other cities you must visit.. Yummm now Im hungry

Am i the only one that noticed this guy sometimes is high as hell ? Good video tho

I'm so hungry right now

the sauce was saucy....

real woman work baby not like over her and usa suc fuc for money

Wtf i am mexican and i still haven't tasted that tortas and i didn't even now that in my own country they sell insects wtf hahahahaha Dam sorry guys i was a lot of years in vegas so i lost a lot of things that mexico has lol I will now try to explore more my own country before going anywhere else lol Hey bye the way nice video man I'll subscribe!

i love you Mark i watch your video everyday as bed time story

I am so jealous you got to go there and taste all that food! But thank goodness I'm Mexican and can make pretty much everything I saw, I'm definitely making those tacos with French fries ASAP!!!

I didn’t know that scorpion is edible

Who else here is Mexican give it a like if you are

those are not Quesadillas, those are big "tacos" but people in mexico city insist to call them "quesadillas"... but in the rest of the country we all know that "quesadillas" must allways come with cheese, their name comes from "queso" that means cheese. people in mexico city simply dont seem to be able to understand this.

menudo ❤ is the best

My question would be MARK, how can you eat all this food and be so thin????? lol I'd be rolling

isnt this where the bond movie was shot? The day of the dead parade or something?

Es el mejor video que he visto de algun extranjero consumiendo productos mexicanos, se ve que aprecias la cultura, cosa que inclusive es difícil para uno que otro mexicano, buenas vibras

me muero de indigestión si como todo eso.. pobre le a de ver dolido su estomago después de ese atascon jajaja

Mark Wiens, you look like you don't have an ounce of fat on your body, how you do it?

all off the charts and worth it. time TO EAT!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

las quesadillas llevan queso chilangos pendejos

Just found your channel and god it’s 2am and I have to wake up early for work tomorrow

I love how excited he gets to try everything such a nice positive guy

Mark...I can't believe that your colon doesn't explode! I'm surprised we never see you making a mad dash for el bano!

y por que no vienes ha peru

This dude should trademark Ooohh.. No matter what he taste on all his videos, the first thing out of his mouth is Ooohh.. Hahaha.. and this is all out of good and fun! Salud

I was just wondering- have you tried any food/s that you didn't like?

beautiful country Mexsico

Wonderful, Maravilloso, y Delicioso Dia , me encato, I loved it all!!!

Munich living https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8efC4T_Igk

5mixican guys. I’ll seach and subscribe now:)

chamacos pseudofreskis pendejos, no saben ni comer, te llevaron a puro cascajo, weyessssssssss!!

Who noticed the girl with the Jordan 11 lows in 4:10

I’m so happy that you visited my home country!

Anyone else notice the guy in the ski mask at 21:35 lmao

¿¿no mames 439 pesos los churros?? ........bien pinches caros!!!!!

Mark Wiens I would have diped my turkey sandwich in that turkey broth! Like a dip sandwich lol

I can't tell if he is just being nice and saying everything is good or if everything really is that good lol

I'm so jealous!!...lol that food looks so yummy & delicious.

The way they made those churros zammmmmnmn

Con este video me dio hambre

My Gawd how do you eat sooo much?

I love watching your face. I'm a foodie and to our face says it all. Makes me want to try. Micha has gotten so big and handsome. You are finding him an amazing life.

I want to go and visit the churro place it looks great. Can you please send the inf

Pambazos are great.

Lucky lil guy. He's getting the best food at a young age


When will you come to Trinidad

Un gusto que te guste la comida mexicana, y me gustaría que vinieras a ca en el norte en cd. Obregon sonora para que pruebes los tacos tradicionales que tenemos aquí tal como la cahuamanta en orden o en taco, los burritos originales de tortilla de Ariana, las coyotes, la birria de chivo, los dogos y para cerrar con broche de oro las carnes asadas esclusibas de acá de cd. Obregon. Saludos y buen provecho. P.d. Se me pasaba decirte de los mariscos fríos o calientes, sabrosos.

esos chilangos amantes del bolillo

Omg I want eat

I wish I had a metabolism like you Mark! I am Mexican and grew up eating many of the foods you review but I don't look as good as you, brother. Jealous. Haha. Love your channel! Please don't stop!

Mexican food is awesome!

5 guys are having hard time sharing food with mark, c’mon guys..

Ohhhh, oohhhhh, OoOOOOooooooooooooo

Is there anything he doesn't like

Omg my beautiful Mexico how I miss you

How can you afford to travel frequently??

I like the vídeo man!!!

Mann... me watching this videos while I’m hungry ain’t a good thing

9:19 "Quesadilla de Chicharon withOUT Queso"? no mamar, hehe

ارجوك تعال السودان

Up on Sunday dreaming of being in Mexico lol one day !

Yo soy de monterrey,n.l.mexico y aqui no hay nada de eso .....

Pancitas is known as menudo in the states..

Ok this guy needs his own tv show this was so pleasant to watch


Mark Wiens we have a splended time in Mexico

Mexican heaven.

Mark, be careful eating Mexican street food, you might get sick with hepatitis.

I need 2 Tortas verdes porfavor

muy delicioso! Looks good....

Mark Wiens BEST video ever. Can't wait to try it all!!

Us cubans blend frozen mamey into smoothies

I love the way how Mark describes how the food tastes

Looks good man

Wow, eating small scorpions! I didn't know Mexican eat other wild animals besides Beef and Chickens Burritos

9:18 quesadilla without cheese?

Very respectful mark love your videos you spread so much positivity and entertainment

Me dio hambre

El mango me hizo agua la boca

The Food Ranger = Mark Wiens ==> kkkk, idiots

quesadillas sin queso no Mamen no Mamen por dios

Nice People

27:26 she really wated to eat

Mejor él ha ido a la esquina del chilaquil que yo

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

the food porn here is making me salivate

La comida mexicana es la mejor y yo soy cocinera y soy mexicana

Mezcal in the morning with scorpions = Champion´s breakfast

hey mark te invito ha PERÙ y te aseguro que te quedaras ha vivir aqui


went to mexico first day got sick from the food layed up for 3 days

Hola, cuando vienes a Colombia?

Only in Mexico City do they refer to a quesadilla without cheese 9:19 to everyone else it’s a taco

Welcome to Mexico!!

quesadillas sin queso.. sólo los chilango.jajaja

This is Vijay Solomon, from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Whenever, u r planning to visit chennai, tamilnadu, pop up , i ll take u for a trip throughout tamilnadu

Thank you for showing the great country of Mexico to the world Mark not only was this video a great portrayal of Mexican cuisine your energy throughout the video blended in so well with the Mexican people whom i am proud to be part of Thank you once again!

Awesome I'm so glad they're opening a channel :)

here in philippines Bicol is the best serving of foods with lots of chili, you can it food here with lots of chili. they cooked foods that they called "Bicol Express" with some of pork, coconut milk and lots of Red Chili :D

When Mark says, " I THINK I've got it all over my chin."... As it runs down his chin...lol.

love the way you appreciate all these foods..

Dude.....imagine a bunch of insects just falling into that pot full of foods lmao.

Have you ever gotten food poisoning from any street vending/hawker food?

Se parese a kiko

would love to explore mexico!!looks amazing

when he handshaked marks kid omg so cute

5 Mexican guys are very nice and good luck to you...

Hello Mark , I really appreciate you video and very like that people from other countrie like the food from my mexico , you have some charisma very particular . would like to visit another mercados from another citys en mexico ,im for sure that you'll be surprised . Again congratulations and pride for you.

Love Mexican food!  Yummy ♥♥

I just wanna know why white people only go to Mexico City or the southern states of Mexico to try out street food? Northern States have amazing cuisine too. Our street food is delicious asf, you should visit Sinaloa and Sonora for starters. You will be amazed I promise.

Mexicans look welcoming and nice people. I'll like to meet them.Like if love Mexicans

I have a hard time believing he actually liked menudo lol. Everyone I introduce it to hates it haha. But hey if he did like it that’s awesome!!

This was a good video... Made me feel like I was part of the crew... Lol... The food looked delicious... And makes me appreciate my Mexican culture seeing it through the eyes of the camera... Great video mark!!

I love baby micah!!!

Se me hizo agua la boca

cuanta comida deliciosa hasta se me hizo agua la canoa o como se dice en México.

Do they eat all that in one day ?

Please come over to Delhi. I will take you to some places that are perfectly video-worthy, and fantastic hidden food gems

How did you manage the aerial shots.. Drone camera?

Is it just me or do most tourist Mexico video are mostly about the food. I mean, the food in Mexico is good and all but traveling like 2000 miles just for food and mostly say how good it is ain’t really worth it

Please describe the flavors! It's boring when everybody is eating, and all they say is, It's really good! Well , tell us what it tastes like!!!

Hi Mark have you made a video with Indian food I loooooovvvvve Indian food

Nice video Mark. The mexican street food is amazing.

I love your videos it shows that you enjoy the food

I’m watching this at work and I need a taco now!

You choose the wrong guides lol,

Love the way he says “wow”

this guy rubs me the wrong way !!!!! he thinks hes so nice. but has all these pre concieved notions and judgments

is he chinese lmao. also do u eat the scorpions poop ??

80 percent like red in the us...

Hey Mark Ying Micah luv U guys & hi & welcome 5mG

has this guy ever had a food that he didn’t think was “wooow amazing”

Hey guys! Loved the video...my mouth was watering the whole time!


Thank you so much for sharing ❤️.

No wonder them Mexicans are so fat, look at all the grease and carbs they consume

Thanks for every video love from Pakistan

una guajota para la gaurres

Es mucho pedir que habléis las cosas más importantes en español también? Para los que no sabemos inglés. Gracias

jajajaja se ve que no le gusto tanto, sus reacciones no son como cuando pruebas comidas de verdad :)

Mark come to EGYPT

You would so enjoy South America

Y los de atrás con su estrategia !

talking in foreign idiom ;estas en México y ahi se habla español

Just started watching your videos great videos like your channel

Where are Mr chill master at ?

Our Mexican food and culture is the best in the world. I'm proud of my people and roots.

Oh my god, that was an amazing street food. I've only had taco once (Mexico cuisine are kinda spares in Indonesia), but just by watching your video Mark, I can imagine how wonderful experience having Mexican street food. And it's kinda similar with Indonesian street food, as in there's a lot of spices, using organ parts as the ingredients. I really wish there is Mexican street food just like in this video in Indonesia, it's so mesmerising.

mark wienns slept with my wife he smiled i forgave him

You should try a food tour in Colombia South America. Amazing food!

El es de america, no es necesario que el habla español. Muchas de las touristas que visitan mexico no hablan nada de español, pero las touristas son bien importantes a la economia.

He just hasn't had real mexican food and obviously hasnt visited many foreign countries, but can you blame him? That's just what american society teaches us, to believe stereotypes.

Mark Wiens you r a nice guy

Mark lu ngomong apaan sih gw kaga ngarti

I always trip on how people from the states go to Mexico to eat essentially the same food here in southern California. I get it...but....

México. ..México is perfect. ....

Be careful with some chilangos they only want to chingar

que Rica la comida . saludes desde colombia ..y saludes a todos esos papasitos

pinches chilangos meten todo dentro de un bolillo :u

This guy i love as eat mmm yumi... I Jope you enjoyed México

Great work.

When you go to eat with Juniors from La Condesa :V

Where are the clean bathrooms.free?

Gracias Mark por enseñar un poco... pero vete a los barrios no con los ricos, ahí solo hay fusiónes...

15:40 Tacomenudo

The food looks great! Leave it to the locals to know what’s good.

You Are allowed to take smaller bites

Estos cuatro chilangos si saben comer en cdmx. My respects!

Emblematic La Merced.

Really good video about Mexican street food!! Let me add that I am from Mexico City and the food places shown are the best

A delicious tortuga chilanga.

Hi! There the food looks delicious and tasty. Great videos. U should come to Atlantic City n, j USA there lots of loca places here that are also delicious.

New subscriber.. I love my ❤️México❤️❤️ In the food nobody wins my México

This video made me want to visit Mexico. Good job!

No ese chile que se comio es picosiisimoooo

Mark Wiens Hey Mark love the tour, fabulous !! One day I will try the eyeball, cheek, and ear taco !

Mexican food

Comen bien... I want some. :/ By the way, Mark, you speak spanish well. :)

I love ur videos! I'm addicted. But how do u get ur birdview shots?

Chingale ya se me antojo el menudo :v

Hola yo soy mexicana y me encanta nuestra comida

Como puto, nomames, huevos, verga ,puta chinga a tu madre e.t.c

Hlben mexicano

Chilaquiles rico

Que nunca an comido comida mexicana

BOOOAAAAH.. that looks so awesomely yummy..


Yo quiero ir a mexico y comer de todo lo que mire en el video

The guy at 21:32 with the ski mask looked like he was casing you out, good thing you were with locals.

5:00 in Mexico they don’t feed their chickens artificial growth hormones or any other stuff. When I visited Mexico and ate some chicken bought fresh from a market it tasted so rich and flavorful.

When you come to Guadalajara. Ill show you the best

Eat the scorpion and chase it with the mezcal--Lol

La gastronomia mexicana es la mejor. Arriba MEXICO SEÑORES❤

he needs to go out to la sierra or al serro

@21:33 After he eats the mango the guy walking behind him with the mask. Cartel..?

You make some yummy food videos. And you seem like a really nice guy

I'm from mexico city its been more than 20 years that left I missed the best food in the world  cdmx

it is not dip in tomato sauce is chile guajillo


Mexican food is good but takes so much to cook it!

+Rimzi a pero no estuvieras en Estados Unidos por que entonces si te obligan a hablar en español, hipócritas.

5 Mexican guys = Mexican Sorted Food :P

I love his enthusiasm in this video. Makes me want to visit Mexico myself!

I shall enjoy it vicariously through you, because (since my yearly childhood visits) I do NOT have the stomach to eat Mexican street food

Le falto probar los tacos de al pastor y torta de pierna en mole que estan fuera de Churreria el Moro estan riquísimos

Yumi yumi

Me gusta tus videos. Saludos desde El Bronx New York , like si cuando ves el video de la comida y se te hace agua la boca. Mi mexico querido.

it's almost midnight and everyone's sleeping , and now you guys have me hungry lmao thank you for sharing

Por favor usen guantes

heartburn central

This video would have done great without all that people in it. those guys are extremely unnecessary they are a little distracting but overall great

Good video!. ..[ It’s very oily.. very que? ] Lol

Idk if it's just me but anywhere mark travels he looks like that particular race, Mexican, thai, indian it's crazy! haha


I miss Mexico

I love being Mexican

I had a bowl of pancitas at the exact same place you went to in Mercado de la Merced last year, that’s so awesome! I didn’t know what to have for breakfast that morning but when I saw that big red boiling cauldron I knew I had to have it. When I sat down I had only realised that I unknowingly ordered a tripe soup for breakfast - one of my most memorable travel accidental food discoveries! I wish I could be back at that market, the amount of food and variety there is absolutely insane.


Was your locky day budy

Los felicito por haber visitado "La Rambla" en la calle de Motolinía, en el centro de la CdMx. Adoro ese consomé de pavo. Trabajé por allí hace muchos años y aún lo extraño. Y además provaron unos buenos tacos de suadero. Se ganaron mi suscripción.

Sí, la mejor quesadilla es la de chicharrón prensado. Otro nivel.

WTF 21:32 Mexican NINJA !!!!

andiamo manchare molto bene amore mio Mexican food let's go to eat

12:05 true mexican tacos, not that shitty taco bell stuff

Amazing men i love the content . And thanks for stopping by this amazing country . Just be aware that flying drones is forbidden in historical places .And fines are crazy.

Min 9:20 he asks if the quesadilla has chesse inside of it they said "NO" you can't call a quesadilla without chesse lol, that only happens at Ciudad de mexico, ir you visit Any other state from México, and if you order a QUESAdilla it Will come with chesse...

6:17 the moment you realize you just poisoned yourself

Bro you are awesome

Mexican food is crap next to legendary Peruvian food

Y have t go albania

Your smile is contagious ☺️... This is like my third video of yours I've looked at ....you have been smiling the whole time lol... Good food and smiles that's all you need ❤️ IM SUBSCRIBING ❤️

Mark muchas gracias los videos que haces la verdad son muy buenos. Son las 2:40 de la mañana y la verdad vale la pena ver tus videos bueno yo soy de mexico y soy de la col obrera y la verdad no se por que la gente se ofende cuando algien que no es mexicano reconoce que la comida mexicana es si no la mas rica del mundo es una de las mejores.yo tengo 18 años en dallas tx y he probado comida irani india centro americana pakistani lebanise italiana etc etc y la verdad si tengo que reconocer que tienen comida muy buena la verdad y para ser sincero nada se compara con nuestra gastronomia sin temor a equivocarme COMO MEXICO NO HAY DOS y si ha muchos no les va a gustar y por ahi vi unos comentarios de amigos peruanos he provado comida peruana y si tienen algunas cosas por decir su pisco que la verdad es con todo el dolor de micorazon es un asco si ya se que no es comida pero es una de las cosas que se sienten orgullosos pero es una comparacion y otra el juane es muy digamos diferente y otra mas la sopa de menestron bueno la verdad si necesitan venir a mi lindo mexico y si a algien no le gusto antes de hablar vengan a mexico prueben y despues critiquen thank you mark very good jod for doing this god bless you

There a guy with a mask in the background on 21:34

5 guys eating from the same plate...

The irony when I'm eating a torta of jamom

I loved everything but the bugs not a fan

My family is Mexican and i know all those foods

Nice video!

I'm Guatemalan, I've been to Mexico.I LOVE THEIR STREET FOOD. It's so similar to Huehuetenango's, parqué central

9:18 no cheese, no cheese, no cheese jajajaja. Hasta él que no es de México sabe instintivamente que las quesadillas llevan queso.

Wish y'all had got some seafood soup OMG one of the best soups I had...

You just can’t have a taco whit out saying pásame la salsa wey..Mark is the most Mexican than few Mexicans I know ...love your channel ...sub

I´m mexican and I liked your video... :D

quesadillas con queso

Mark's facial expressions we he eats are priceless lol

I want to go to Mexico and eat everything

No gloves!?!?

Have you gone to Guanajuato ?

Este wey Moises se trajo a toda la banda...

I wish the US had more street foods and no, hot dog stands in NYC don't count.


moses could pass. as your broither. because he looks like you

I don't think I could bring myself to eat the scorpion.

Mark Wiens you need to feature your boy and wife on the videos ... He is so cute Excellent job

Nice video

Que buenas tomas del zócalo

Mark you look such like a nice kind person welcome to Mexico

Hate when he makes that face and noise oooh

Mark, Do you have a tapeworm or something? How do you eat so much and stay so skinny? LOL

More Mexican please

Mark, with all do respect I love the color of your eyes. Thank you for these videos!

I want to go to Mexico

He reminds me so much of the food ranger, the way he talks,moves and looks like him alittle

I would love to visit mexico city ive been to north part of mexico and its nothing like mexico city. Food is very different

HI Mark! New subscriber, how do you keep from getting sick? I went to Mexico, I ate at every stand I found, then I got so sick. Any tips will be appreciated!

Like si eres de mexico

Great, now I want a torta de chilaquiles.

I wanna eat these food so bad

I love your videos. I love tacos de tripa,chorizo y pastor.

Wont be surprised at all if mark end up hosting a food show like andrew zimmerman

Where is the cheese in the quesadilla? Jajaja only in mexico city eat quesadillas without cheese...

Looooooveeeee iittt

Chilangos mixt all food many plates came out México city to states and you will find the diference chilangos make tortas of all they can and thats not the right way to eat i m from Zacatecas and chilaquiles itdoesnt came in torta

This makes me sad........My mom cooks boiled mince for dinner and I hate it :'( ......... America would suck without all these beautiful cultures bringing their foods to us.

Bro Your the best no matter what any one say's

Authentic Mexican food at it's best! Luv this video!!!

0:32 9:50 ARE YOU REAL?? I LOVE YOUR ALMOND EYES LOOKING AT THE CAMERA!! They made me forget about that delicious street mexican food!!

To do list .eat eat eat eat eat


If you exclude the word food from the title, you get the hint for a brutal p0·n movie. Like hard on.

Food ranger and you have like the same facial expressions haha

You should go to Guadalajara Jalisco México

I just discovered your channel a day ago and I LOVE it. You're so positive, enthusiastic and super respectful. Love the content you make. Now thanks to you, I know where my next vacation will be at

ill watch the vids, but after seeing the same ridiculous face thousands of times, no subs hereeeee

21:33 Who's the guy wearing the Balaclava?

pruebe las gorditas fritas de chicharron prensado .nombre una chulada.mister mark

lo merjor mister mark

who the hell knows what you're eating from those places, see any cats around?

3:54 me sio rsa su cara

HAHAHA and your not fat.life is not fair lol.Love you

My favorite city in the world!

I'm all the way in Jamaica and i got up to do something spicy cause all this food has me hungry. Will be in Mexico city for the food. The food has me watering at the mouth.

This guy makes me smile just looking at the joy in his eyes and face! Thanks for the food tour!

Mark Wiens mark i made a mistake. i accidentally recommended you birria tacos, when what i meant to recommend was called "cochinita pibil tacos" my mistake i had the names confused lol definitely give it a try next time u get a chance. peaaaace

I am not huge fan of Mexican food but looks good

Love the fact that you really showed what authentic Mexican food is other than just tacos and burritos..great job

OMG, why am I watching this at 10 pm, it looks so good, my mouth is watering aaarrrrrr

Best there is...

Is that soup menudo ?

8:48 are those huarache?

the bread looks very good

This is such an entertaining video.

wow I love your videos the best food in the world is froom Mexico ✔

have you watched their videos where they collaborated in Bangkok?

You have to add lemon and onions to the menudo (cow stomach soup) it takes it to an elevated level

Love your show! if you ever get a chance try Chile Rellenos they are great. Another of my favorites is Chile Colorado and a classic Milanesa, another classic is the Tacos al Carbon! Love Mexican cuisine!

There is a place where they make a torta (french roll) soaked in a vat of red chili, then they order something to drink. Agoado.

My Mexico City ❤️

OMG!!!!!!!! This video takes me back to my youth in Mexico eating nothing but awesome food!!thank you Mark and 5 Mexican guys

El hombre del min 22:23 se parece un buen al de "Tengo miedo" JJAJAJAJ

I wonder how many times you have had diarrhea or food poisoning from the street foods in Mexico hahahaha I would be dead if I ate like you do in all your videos about food here

now that's what I call food

I love your video makes me want to Mexico.

omggg !! My mouth watered at all this video length

ha ha when the guy said we need salsa

I love this video


That was nice of Moises... that’s cool to have someone showing you around for food! So welcoming people!

Next time your in Mexico your invited to my hometown Cuernavaca,Morelos also know as eternal spring!!!

Omg I need the chorizo sandwich so bad

Man..I bet u had da shits for hours...

Do these guys do a food tour of Mexico City!! I’m going to Mexico City in 2 weeks time and loved every minute of this video!

I love love love your videos

The Natural clay pots are the best to cook ital in

They though us a LOT about herbs and cooking healthy in the carribean

Do another video in the Mayan temple

That can make some really Good veggie burritos

Can’t wait to go to Mexico ❗️❗️

I'm from Mexico City and I can honestly say that the guys did a great job giving you a very authentic and local tour of the city and what we normally eat in central Mexico. Great video!

Great video and I’d love to visit Mexico City!

Absolutely love the video, subscribed immediayely. But I cant unsee him as Oogway everytime he takes a big ole big and films it from the side.

Please be advised!! Do not and I mean DO NOT watch any of Mark’s videos on an empty stomach at 2 in the morning!!!

Just recently started watching your videos on my recommend section. Love your personality and the love of what you do.

I love Mexico and the pride their people have.

Please go to Guanajuato Mexico the food there is super delicious!!!!!!!!!!

Love it !!!!!!!

Most of the mexicans i c in video are fattt

Great video! Make your way around Latin Foods! Go to Peru!

i love his expressions lol

Thanks for the video.Im glad you guys visit Mexican culture.

Joujou EL La neta todo está bien delicioso, dale una oportunidad morra c:

I can only find la rambla near puerto city

I didn’t quite understand , did they eat all that food in one day or a weekend?

This dude is cool


it wouldn't be a mark wiens video if he didn't do his signature look every time he likes or enjoys the food

He reminds me so much of the food ranger. They talk very similar.



I counted only 4 Mexicans

jelous all i have to say

Absolutely love all your amazing videos!! Your so much fun to watch !!!

If Trump watch your vids, he probably will not build his wall.

Mark Wiens love Mexican food

Eat that, with a large glass of Mexican water=

I got hungry I want to eat something

Menudo is a must every sunday morning!

It's not tomatoe, it's chile guajillo

la chica en el minuto 2:06 es yo

yourrrrr sssssssoooooo cuteeeee

Que askooo, Torta de chilaquiles.

I miss authentic Mexican street food. But I am proud to say that I know how to make a lot of their dishes. Just wish I had more access to the authentic ingredients here in the uk.

I need to go to Mexico to eat everything


Again, thanX for inviting me to join you all.. I am having fresh tacos now. Had to after last Vlog.. Your going to make me fat.. Your awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Green or red?" The hardest question

Not a bad video this is pretty good to watch.. Maybe add more facial expression???oh and a more original catch phrase maybe

The name of the bread you are eating is called, "Bolillos." This is not a loaf of bread...

Illegal food :V

I’m currently preggo, living in LA... but I’m mexican, Can you imagine how bad I’m feeling rigth now with this video? OMG mendigo me ando antoja do todo eso tan horrible quiero morirme

Tengo hambre

Surely you didn't eat all of that in one day.

Ewwwww...they're handling the food without gloves...and I'm supposed to put that in my mouth? How do you know where their hands and fingers have been? No, thanks. I wouldn't buy from anyone who doesn't serve his or her food without gloves.

caldo de pansita (menudo) is the most popular hangover food in Mexico!

“Oiga!!!!!!” Lmao sounds just like my mom

You smoke weed don't you

Omg his face gets me every time

Wow everything looked so good!

(People speaking foreign language) LOL

Is salsa verde spicy ?

I love how he deepthroats himself with all the food

The guy using his hands to scoop up the meat for the tacos ...yuck

damn, i always watch these damned videos when i'm on a diet ! it really is Die with a T on the end !!! now i'm starving and i LOVE Mexican food !! :-(

Is it just me or are there only 4 “5 Mexican Guys”?

I love Mexican food

Someone is pissed of at 7:08

Mark what I wanna know is your secret how to stay thin after eating all that

If it doesn't have chesse is NOT a Quesadilla... Queso=Quesadilla!!

mexican food is a bit simillar to north african food

Mike! If you are in "Invitation Mode On", We will invite you to Guanajuato Mex. I'm a teacher and my students and me would organize a "Food tour" through our state. Of course, hot chilli is the most important ingredient in here, Think about it!

Mark Wiens keep traveling keep tasting whole world food at there own place n country i wish i b ur tounge

Lesbi real tho Moises is realllyyy cute

i just love the mexican people

Now I want tacos and menudo

Hello , thank you for your videos my family is from Mexico City and I’ve been there to visit my aunt many many times , your videos bring me flash backs from when I was a little girl ,so much memories specially when you are walking around the Mercados trying all the food I use to try with my aunt same places and same mercados. You bring back good unforgettable memories , another thing that I love about your videos is that you go deep into the real places where you can get the real deal the best authentic Mexican food . you are awesome I appreciate what you do . Keep it up .


You're awesome my friend! Welcome to México City

That stuff dont look good at all taco bell is the only Mexican food I eat

I'm watching this as I'm starving lol

me da mucho gusto que a los extranjeros les agrade nuestra gastronomía!!! :D

*hello mark I think you should never have entered the market of Merced is the most insecure place in Mexico City and you ran a lot of danger I saw you recommended in the market of Coyoacán which is very good*

hi man am  ABDERRAHIM EL HADRI  am inviting you to Morocco to discover Moroccan street food, I own a restaurant my self and I have bien watching your adventure for some times

Im mexican

I goto Mexico every year, I love it the food, the people, the culture.

Hay Razita hay razita

I enjoy watching these videos but it sucks when everrrrything is “amazing” it prob is but some different honest opinions would come off more genuine

“The Churro Master”

I guarantee you gained 10 lbs in that one day

That jiggly stew is called menudo. It’s beef stomach with a sauce. Parent make that 3x a month.

This video makes me so happy! I’m blood Mexican but born in the US and I’ve been to Mexico 3 times and the food is bomb. Both my parents are Mexican so really, I eat Mexican food eveyday

Seguro te empachaste!!! Comiste un buen!!


It’s worst when watching this and you haven’t had a decent meal the whole day...my mouth is just watering And honestly I don’t like menudo pero I’ll drink the water but this made me wanna try it

How are you so skinny omg I would be so chunky lol


Cuando les pregunta si la quesadilla tiene queso

I love the comments on these videos how people from different countries want to taste our food, food brings everyone together nothing makes me happier than seeing this eat food forget hate

That Mercado gets full! Been there once and there’s so much to see .

Did y’all eat this in one day


Niños traviesos,,,me despertaron el apetito. Que rico micrón !!! Solo en el DF así es !!

*Puts menudo with guacamole* I can't watch this

Hơw đid he change hí accent so fast....?

This guys face is priceless

Sir com to Pakistan

I swear Mexican food is a mf BLESSING ❤️

Osewome!! Thanks mark you are amazing blower!!

Man this video rly makes me miss Mexico, also makes me very proud to come from this background of food and loving people :”)))

I’m Mexican born in the us living in the us but sometimes I wish I could just live with my people

14:43 when he ate the panzita I was already drooling but when he dipped the tortilla in I SCREAMED WOOWOWOWOWO IM STARVED

That pancita that you are is also called menudo ( usually with hominy with stomach ) I love it I’m Mexican btw

Two MX ladies taught me and its not a hard cuisine to learn! Everyone learn because a lot of MX restaurants not that great. It has to be fresh!!

I must go to Mexico.

ya ven, también piensa que las quesadillas deben llevar queso XD

Moises and his gang are so cute and sweet


en cdmx hacen tortas de todo?? de tamal, de chilaquiles, eso no es nada inovador y ni se antoja...

I'm thinking how much money would you need to pay me for me to eat a scorpion?

but those tortillas are better eaten with beer

Visit Guanajuato mex. San Miguel de Allende , Salvatierra , Celaya, Dolores Hidalgo

Damn.. mexican food looks good

Wow nice video I’m Guatemalan but Mexican food is really good !!!! You should go probably to Guatemala one day and I my family over there can take you to the best places !!

Visit Indonesia please!!! Rendang, soto, sate, and many foods are in this country..

Alejandra Lara Felicidades! Ojalá el bebé no espere las dos semanas y venga temprano


This made me really hungry

You dont know how happy i feel when i see this vídeo it makes me feel proud of were i from ... Very nice im very happy that you like méxican food .. :) like , subscribe :)

26:30 thats gross lol. Chunk of mayonaise.

estoy babeando


Seria bueno si tradujeras tus videos!

I had fun

Mark, you should go to Colombia and Peru. Peruvian food is soooooo delicious and Colombia has the most interesting fruit that exist nowhere else.

don't chew with your mouth open

I'm not usually picky but I would like someone who is preparing my food to take their time so I get evenly distributed sauces

I love this video!

Baby Micah and his bited mango

proud to be mexican

it sounds like all of mexico's food gets the "oh yah" seal of approval

"Theres so much meat in the air!!" Dude you're great , you have honored my people ❤

"Not healthy but very good" lol

U will get diriah after eating hahaha. Scropian m scard of it. M fasting cant eat yammi food now

It's not that good.

damn pancita made me hungry...

That is one gigantic pot of soup

ahh this makes me so nervous...I am so skeptical 24/7 about the food I eat, especially Mexican food. I have been apart of a huge Mexican family for a decade now and the way they store, handle, and prepare food is not very safe or clean. I won't write a huge paragraph going into detail..and I am sure many of the restaurants we eat at aren't as good as we think either, but I think a lot of the practices made with Mexican food is a cultural thing that comes natural and it isn't safe if you're not used to it..much like their drinking water.

Very nice voice

you know it’s definitely a good day when Mark’s ‘awed’ slowly put a smile on your face. Nice video Mark ^^

i call that menudo ????????? is it not the same thing ?

i love menudo , the english think i am mentally ill for eating tripe , lol

i am part Mayan, from chihuahua mountains , i found out after i bought a native american drum from them on line , now it means more to me

Great videos!!!

All that food look good but so that good look like you will have some issues going to the toilet for days

Can someone tell me where is the cheese in those quesadillas?

What's the name of the background cumbia music? It really added something to the experience

Yo soy del norte de Mexico y estaba igual de emocionada que Mark por toda la comida que es bastante diferente a lo que se come aqui

ingasu, ustedes si tragan. Great vid. ++

So jealous!!!

The cheese

The sign of any good food video is that it makes you hungry. Your channel......every time.

Great video love Mexican food

Mark, you narrate your videos so perfectly. Subscribed.

Plss go to Croatia one time mark

The people you are with are so friendly! I love how they share the food ☺️ I don’t know if I could share this amazing looking food tho! Looks soooo good

Dis guy likes food soo much and he still skinny

Oh no, people from mexico city calling quesadilla a big taco, a quesadilla always has cheese that triggers everyone in any state except in mexico city, is so dumb

What an amazing video! I am now so hungry! Love the way you described each detail of the food and atmosphere! So wished I was there! So much yummy food! Only 4000 calories in one day! LOL.

I like how positive and bubbly he is

Those guys and gals were so cool! Would love to visit Mexico one day!

A++++ I'm salivating at that menudo (the tripe soup that you ate) and those tacos! Mexican food is simply the best!!!


Jeez they speak good English!

Tsetsi don't you mean well ?

Mexico city is deffo for meat lovers!

Where is the 5th Mexican guy?

Amazing Mexico city edition!

Nice to see how you enjoy our food and culture. You're not afraid to try anything! Thanks for showing Mexico to the world

I love you that say about foods in the world.


sorry to say i know the taste grate but....but it's not loking inviting...

We are dying of boredom in Australia and look at all these food and culture in Mexico.

I love my native food! Yes them carbs though! I will die a happy Mexican lol! love the Mercado’s! I enjoyed watching the video!

Mark, such an amazing video. You showed all the best foods we Mexicans love

Love all your videos Mark, you really give the viewer an experience as if they were there also. Keep up the good work

What was the first place you guys stopped at in (Mercado de la merced) ?

Mmm. Is so good.men

So now I wonder if this is where Chronic taco's idea came from for the California burrito.

I want menudo now.

Pambazos are my favorite food! A white bun stuffed with chorizo potato cheese cream and salsa. Omg I want one

Se ban a poner gorditos

I went to school with that Moisés guy!!!

Also with the bearded guys, Christian and Alonso :)

Parabéns Mark

Mexican food is the best in the world. I love this series.

on the other hand gedmatch is confused about what kind of native blood i have coz i can try each of the nations they have that are native and i come out as all of them , i can not say for sure which or even if , except one of my dna groups is native of the americas , since i know i descend from slaves sold to uk, i can not say what is or isn't true , my mothers surname is rockley and he was a well known slave owner in barbados and uk , dna however matches me to natives in USA , Canada and Mexico and Guatemala , questions from me to them get me different answers

on the other hand others say i am Pima from the same area, what ever its all good to me , just enough gravy to be interesting what ever the truth is , loving my eyes

not my claim , 23andme and my heritages claim , as i said you can not upset me , if you doubt my claim its all good , your opinion can not change what is true ,mine can not make it true if its not , either way i am good who ever i descend from

You are deluded there are no maya in the chihuahua mountains. I'm from Mexico btw. Funny how europeans want to claim native blood and mexicans want to claim european blood.

i meant , i can check those things not you , you can not upset me , if that's your intention , i have so much tribal blood i am so laid back i am almost horizontal

am i high , most likely as to if this is wrong , its the information i was given , remember i am a brit , they said there is a tribe there and i am descended from them , what can i say , i have to believe its fact because on tracing so far the people they are related too i am too , you can check those things , some of these people know they are Maya , the tohono o'odham was news to them , the only question is on the canadian native , know two canadian native relative give the same answer , this i am less surprised by because of the marriage traditions , the clan laws

Jita'ame suluma mayan from chihuahua? you high?

Delphine Cosima Niehaus Cormier It's a mexico city thing, the rest pf the cpuntry thinks they are retarded.

They speak English well...

Iñaki Haddad Jeez they speak well English!

JASON JAY Tomen eso chilangos.

That pancita is good the day after a heavy night of drinking

Now that's a torta

I don’t know how u can know what is in it and just eat it anyway!

Por dios !!! Comiste mucho

I love the drone shots, it gives a whole new perspective to the city. Love all the red roofs

Mexican food da best in the world 2nd is china

Getting HUNGRY!!!

food that's on another level of flavor

Good for you! If it makes you feel special.

Ewwww!! Thats gross

This is the real deal.



AMAZING!!!!!!!! Your videos never disappoint

lucky bastard i havent had real mexican food in 8 years

Iñaki Haddad they English well speak

i love menudo :D

Excellent videos amigo

Chingada madre, ya me dio hambre, se me antoja TODO.


awesome!! and yummy!!

Subtitulalo...... En español

Hey mark next time taste gorditas de chicharon y tacos de canasta!

Thank you for this video, as a native "Capitalino" I miss all the delicious food, and the people who take pride in making it. Hard working

5 x chicharon 5 x Tinga por favor!!

How is he so skinny lol

How funny is this your trying to kick Mexico out of Americas and then give Chinese people Mexican restaurants SMFH. F*ck George Washington.

The classic!!! Tortilla dip in caldo.....lo mejor de este mundo

Cómo es que comes tanto y no engordas!? Yo engordé 3 libras solo de ver tu video

Quesadilla sin queso es taco...

I loved this tour, one of my favs. Loved the friends were brought in and locals...not only for review of food but we get the vibe of the locals and this case the hip!

Love Your expressions when you take the first bite of food! Lol really like that you always have something positive to say!

100% food orgasm. I miss Mexico so much

Mexico foods

Just watching your video, didn't expect you to be going to San Juan de dios market. that's my place lol. you brought back memories thank you.

I love watching you guys eating, craving on point! I noticed one guy, he is handsome hehehehe

Amo los esquites ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Quesadillas must have _queso_ otherwise is just a taco...

The big bite is the secret of this program Much love from Jordan bro ❤

Why do not you come to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Riyadh I am hosting you

Mark you should visit queretao well actually San Juan del Rio I'll take you to the best tacos de tripa and campechanos (P. S. Don't watch his videos when hungry, not a good combo)

Mark, Yesterday I just found your videos and I still can not stop seeing them your passionate way to taste the food is extraordinary

Solo una buena observacion, tantos que andaban con el y nadie le ayudo con la camara.el pudo disfrutar de la comida mas.

29:00 That sharp knife! I want one! Gonna visit 5 Mexican Guys next :)

Amazing How u enjoy all these foods

Viva la Raza

2:10 Happy Food Dance!

why dont you go to pakistan? they have great food

This is next level Mukbang

You always make me hungry mark

I love how enthusiastic you are to try out foods, thank you!

Thanks 4so much detail food def subscribed

When I visited Mexico City in 1972, the first place we eat breakfast in the morning was a Gerry's restaurant. I believe that chain is gone now. After that we ate only in Mexican restaurants. All these sit-down restaurants provided small basket of bolillos (rolls/pane) with a crock of real butter. (No chips and salsa.) I orders several times an appetizer of three rolled tacos with white chicken meat inside. A white sauce was poured across the tacos with a small scoop of guacamole with no onions. The tacos were fried.I only found this appetizer once in USA. That was at a high class Mexican restaurant in Dallas, Texas and the cost of this appetizer was $4.50 compare to .90 cents in Mexico City in February of 1972. We did eat once at La Gruta inside the cave. I read that today the La Gruta serves chips with guacamole or salsa, instead of bolillos and real butter, like it did in 1972

no is tomato sals! its chile guajillo in PAMBAZO

Being mexican is a blessing and even though i eat it every day... I couldn't help to want to take a bite of those zoom mins *drool*

Song name @25:30

I love all the positive comments on here

The real question is, how many kilos did you gain?

Your review was awesome i cant wait to go back to mexico because you made my mouth water

Chilangos calling menudo "pancita", and not all quesadillas are with cheese, wtf

I wish I had the balls to go to El D.F, we used to as kids but man my family tells us all the horror stories they go though living there and I just can’t

Those looks sooooo delicious!!! Those mexiboys are sooooo hot too!!!!



I'm proud to be Mexican American!

and this ladies and gentlemen is the reason why mexicans are even more fat than americans .

This is unfair criticism, but nevertheless, it's criticism. The kids at the beginning are your classic rich Mexican kids; there's always one who wears a blue quilted-stitched vest (it's probably a Polo Ralph Lauren or Louis Vuitton), their accents are horrible (which is ironic considering these are the type of kids who will go to Las Vegas or San Diego on "vacation" a couple times a month), and just their general way of speaking gives off that preppy vibe. Mind you, this is not a criticism of Mexican people as a whole, but simply that specific "elite" class.

Why don't you try Pilipino food

Not really they do this a lot for other countries he visits, it just makes the reviews faster.

Those scorpions Gosh!!! I would never eat dat 4 anything. Kudos Mark...u r awesome

What a terrific video. I’m hungry! I wanna go to Mexico City!

Mane that menudo

En México somos muy gritonas jaja yo vendia pero guisados en tianguis loma colorada

Deliciosos tacos y los molcajetes mmmmm ricos

I wànna eat dat too daaaaaamn . Nice video mark

Did u copy food ranger or he copied you lol with mmmmmmmm ooooooooh part

I had EXPLOSIVE diarrhea last time I ate Mexican street food... so damn good tho!

They gave him head in the end

22:03 Micah was like okay, but can I get my mango back now?

Mark how do you eat so much fatty foods and stay the same size? Asking for a friend lol

25:19 that is fool again shooting place [ westlife]. Nice place.

Mark Wiens Good job et bon appétit merci

Oh my god I've never had a torta with chilaquiles

Your wife is very beautifull, i like this :)

Incredible !!!

it made my mouth water it was great

You roll your eyes in pleasure no matter what you eat

Any gluten free food?

Eggs and bacon for breakfast??

When are you coming to South-america Suriname you should try our food it's great

This dude looks like Fred Armisen and Joseph Gordon Levitt's love child.

The chilangos with you at the Merced were selfish!!

Like this if you love your fans

Yo no sabia qe en mexico ya se comian los alacranes estan siguiendo los pasos de los chinos al pie de la letra

Man, this Guys really gave you a tour, given the Monster size of Mexico City, I was wondering about how many choices there would be to make a tour and how to pick just a few... They were brilliant to give you a good starting showcase covering many of the basics... You got lucky with them. Bien hecho, paisanos! I lived a few years in Mexico city and miss its food in a way you now probably are just strarting to understand after the tour. Only thing I can think you are missing, is seafood. But Whoa, I'm really proud of this "compas". Long live the quesadillas (and gorditas) de chicharrón. All my respect for your stomach, if it was all filmed in one day, you did marvelously! Thanks for bringing so many memories and for showing this side of Mexico as it is for the everyday living citizens. Much Love and good luck in your travels!

Bon appétit merci

How do they eat that much yummy juicy looking food but don’t get as fat as their neighbor where so many people have their belly going all down their thighs? Last time my friends went there, they were amazed by how fat a human being can get.

Did you really eat all that in one day!!?? Good video. Only in Mexico City you can have that variety of mexican food PLUS a huge variety of international food...PLUS our own version of many international dishes (did you try mexican sushi? ).

go tu Tijuana

were you from frend? you make a very good films

Don't know why you would get thumbs down? You are just showing your experience. Haters. Loved this video as it made me soooooo hungry. Thank you guys for sharing your experience in Mexico City. Thanks again for posting this. I think I will try these places when I go down.

wow yummy!!! se me antojo el taco con las papas fritas y la cebolla al lado, en mi vida habia visto un taco asi y soy fan de los tacos!! tengo que que decirle a mi esposo que debemos ir a probar esos tacos!!!

I got so hungry. Omg! I need carbs now!

Keep being a light. These videos give me life and I truly feel like I’m on the adventure with you! God bless.

i see 4 mexican guys not 5 ?

Hey MARK I WATCH UR VIDEO 24/7 I have a poor appetite and watch ur videos help me a lot “ I’m from the US Virgin Islands come over on our island u would be satisfied

Algun mexicano que buscó esto por curiosidad de lo que piensan los demas de los patillos???,no??,ok forever alone :"(.

Damn man now I’m hungry UGH

My mouth was watering the whole timeee!!!

Mark Wiens like

hi mark when u come from bolivia? i like yours page of you tube,

Perfect food porn title

I remember I was in spanish class and we learned about markets in spanish speaking countries.

Bruh you want some chicken with that bread

Yummy food:)

No wonder Mexicans have fat arses

I was in Mexico for a week last December, I enjoyed the food a lot.

Tiene buen diente el amigo asiatico!!

I need to Bisit

Oh god, shut up !! Bye after seven seconds, on pause !

Mark Wiens You need to come to Trinidad & Tobago amazing food to try here

those are not mexicans. they look jewish to me.

what kind of tongue you have .. why is everything so delicious..

Wow everything looks so good!!! Why do I do this to my pregnant self

This is what i call a real food sooo hungry nowww

is been 16years since i came to the USA and your Mexico series took me back thank you Mark.

Awwww your marriage no just saying I loved everything you show us! Truly amazing! Thank you

Mexican food has very much incommon with Turkish food. Except for the pork the preparation of food is almost the same

Omg hope one day i can go to my mexico and try all that food

You never go wrong with Mexican food.

They are most inexpensive and really really delicious.

love seeing this but my stomach would hurt so bad if I ate all that haha

21:34 El Chapo in the background

I love when you try the food for the first time. It seems orgasmic

How do you have room for all that spicy food, meat, cheese, and bread?

Your neck reminded me of an old tortoise when biting the breakfast bread at the beginning.

amazing food tour video! me and my wife is planning to visit mexico city and cancun for first time ever from NYC in mid july! is that the right time to visit mexico or will it be too hot? Also, is there anyone from mexico city you wanna meet up around 15-18 july 2018 ?

This looks like a lot of fun. Glad you had an excellent time in Mexico lindo querido

I cant watch your videos without feeling hungry.

Why do I feel like he didn’t like some of the dishes, but didn’t want to offend so he sucked it up and smiled.

I rather stay in the USA and know what I'm eating thanks..

This guy is good!

HammingXD eres

Carta abierta

How can he eat that much seriously lol

He always eating food everywhere ...but why is he so skinny?? Or maybe he just bite the food once and then shift it to another crue guy?

So much *MEAT*

I find it so funny how hes always like, "oh ya" lol

Moises is cuuuuttee lol

Estraño el mamey

mark how do you stay so thin eating all that food!? i wanna know your secret,, i eat two meals a day and weigh more than you your metabolism must be super sonic!!!

You should come to the Bosnia and Herzegovina and test our food :D

OMG YUMMMMMM. Its 12.52 am here in Melbourne Australia and I'm salivating in bed. I will follow those boys. They are so down to earth.

Try a new facial expression

Look a like you are sick anyway I’m in USA I try couples times Mexican restaurant it’s pretty good and healthy I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Mexican fooooooood

In Michoacan the torta are different and very delicious.

Loved this video. Sub'd, yew!

First time watcher. and i have to say. I liked it very much to learn more.

MOISES Me vas a disculpar pero cuando invitas a alguien a tu pais a probar los deliciosos platos mexicanos lo primerito que debes hacer es a que TU INVITADO PRUEBE PRIMERO QUE NADIE y sobre todo tu, cuando compraron las tortas todos primeros con sus tortas y la chica es la que le ofrece a TU INVITADO una torta y ahora con tus quesadillas volvieron hacer lo mismo, ustedes probaron primero en vez de ofrecer a tu invitado primero las quesadillas. Que clase de anfitrion eres con tus invitados??? Deja mucho que decir, yo no soy mexicana y me dio tanta verguenza con Mark por lo ambrientos que se comportaron ustedes.

Nostalgic... really missing Mexico...muchas gracious for the video..muy bien

That's what I love to do. Travel and eat at all out of the way local places and try all the authentic cuisine of the city!

I really need to visit Mexico Whatever I have seen or heard about this place is so negative Thanks for shining a light

ahhh omggg

Ayyy nose pq sentí que estos amiguitos no te daban lo suficiente que ansia que todo se lo repartían y nadamas le dabas unas mordidas! Aparte el chavo del chaleco negro siempre era el primero en probar que ansiaaaaa! Tú eras el invitado de honor!!!!!

al rato con el chorro......

my mouth is watering! *drool

I dont like this video only because it got me hungry as hell

Beatiful Mexico City, Ancient Tenochtitlan.

Mark, just watching your face after each bite is a blast! The prices amaze me.

Gerardo Herrero Morales chile en nogada... great now I’m hungry! LOL

I love my culture!! This video made me so hungry. Awesome video!

You should try a green salsa tamale in a polio bread its great!!

Omg i cnt wait to visit mexico soy de California son padres de sinaloa i have never been to mexico my first trip will be this July i will be going to rosarito baja California cnt wait. Great job guys i will subscribing to you.

The street food in Mexico City is amazing, provecho y saludos!

I could survive with one of those for a week.. lol . A chilanga in foreign lands I have to admit never have tried it. Pity. Looks delicious and sounds alike with that accurate description of yours. (First time watching your material). Congrats!


That looks like menudo...

Mi primera vez comprando quesadillas en México fue estresante, LAS QUESADILLAS SON DE QUESOOOOOOOOO -_-9

I just keep doing humm hmmm hmmmm while watching Mark eat. I wish we had a street with so much exotic food like this in Australia. Omg this is awesome

Every time I watch Mark Wiens eating I feel hungry I am craving now for a big sandwich that Mark ate

Need to give this guy a show on the travel channel! Working nights and I can’t stop watching! Def a foodie

Mmmmmm delicious right mark ?

Que verguenza con estos Chilangos mostrando sus quesadillas sin queso (facepalm) y su comida metida en un bolillo -_- Perdonalos señor

Great channel but if they served sewer rat doused in mayo I think Mark will still find a way to enjoy it.

Thank you for loving our food and our culture. You’re Mexican now too. Saludos from the Bay Area California

Lengua Y Buches!!! I'm 15 min from the border, I HAVE to visit sometime! Cheek is awesome, tongue and fried pork stomach are my favorites!

Moises is so cute

You should come to Monterrey, México!

Me encanta desayunar una torta de chilaquiles con 30 unidades de insulina bien fría.

el churro del chavo del 8

I’m from Mexico came to the United stars when I was 8 and hope to one day go back and enjoy all this bomb delicious foods

No seas mamon

I just started trading the markets in order to travel, make money and eat great food like you!!! This is motivation.. anyone want to know how email me info at goldcoincredit dot com

Never been but my dad is from there and I love their food ❤️❤️❤️ I love this

Mark for a first time visitor and follower ..I felt like I was doing the tasting with you guys... real honest commentary and soo mouth watering ... I cant wait to travel to mexico. keep it up.. Holla at me when in South Africa Johannesburg :))

Mouth watering

26:05 esketit lol

this makes my heart happy:) thank you for accepting our mexican culture and being opened minded.❤️

1:32 T A N G A

I would have given a thumbs up but this dude says everything is good....cream cheese , mayonnaise man please at least be honest . Most of the food is delicious but some of it is gross but he won't offend anybody TELL THE TRUTH YOU DONT HAVE TO LIKE EVERYTHING!

My mouth is watering

I love your foodgasm face lol makes me so hungry!!!

The chickens in the market looked pumped

Terrible! I Love It!

Quesadillas sin queso. No son quesadillas, ching@!!!!!

The blue hoodie guy (L)!

What do you used to record you videos?

Oh my God! I saw the entire video and I’m in love with México


This all looks awesome buuttt...I'm not letting none else bite my tacos like that! Get a

Man como debes de cagar

Its cool how you eat the whole chilis and onions like a real mexican

I'm hungry just watching this.....

Love all the ideas I picked up... everything was so fresh! The guys were so personable too!


I think you're great,I really enjoy your videos,

America watch and learn in Mexico nobody wears gloves and nobody gets sick if so it makes your immune system stronger

Such good food!

OMG.I miss Mexico..)

I love Mark's pure, genuine curiosity about food, food-based culture, and culture-based food. Best of luck to you and your beautiful wife and kid.

Is the guy that made the comment about the red quesadilla without the cheese relative to that Mexican food blogger MarisolPink? Wow! They give out tastes...Your West Africa travels remind me of this. But FRENCH FRY TACO!

me caes bien c:

Mark Wiens jauja en espanol

hungry over here

I have just returned from CDMX and am all ready to return just two days later. It was my fifth visit, I believe. It is one of the world's great cities, represents a great culture, and of course, one of the most evolved cuisines. Thank you.

The sauce that covers the pambazo is not made of tomato, it´s chile guajillo, that´s what gives it colour.

This just made me hungry

Hey bro ... Great show but you ever hear if overacting.... Man U bite as narrater... Stick to producing... You look sooo odd when you OOOHHHH AHHHHH!!... As you tske a bite.... And the goofiest look on ur face... U should be part of channel but please keep ur face behind and again produce.... You look as fake as ( but odd as j is he has charm / vharacter)... Bro ur mug is meant for ur Ma.... Yuk.....

Opps sent too quick jim carry does overacting on purpose... You bro.... Lol only a mother sees what you must see totally different on ur mind... Like xfacter when tone def contestants try out.... In their mind they hear Elvis type talent.... When in fsct they see as bsd singng as your are the weirdest looking oohhh ahhhh.... Lmol long ur eye bro is for ur Ma only....Uughhn youse only a face ur Ma ......... Probsbly slap

Aye dios mio

that both mexican really treat you well. nice peeps ~

Your joy and excitement scares me

love your videos here buddy ! but surly you can't absolutely LOVE everything you eat ! how about a video of you showing a sour puss on your face with things you tried that were awful ... even a single out take of one dish ! THAT would be fun to watch for a change

Them caldos look good AF SPECIALLY if you're crudo or cruda. Lol

Wow - turns out I know NOTHING about Mexican food. What I see here looks nothing like what I see in the States.

he has thee best expressions. "mmmmmmmm, wooooooooo" lol..love it

that was awesome, :)

wow thats real food. se me antoja de a madre mas viendo tu cara como disfrutas de la comida jajaja

yeah..maybe the did sacrifice humans..but those aztecs sure could cook! :)

Tacos had me drooling. Loved this.

After you've watched a half-dozen episodes, you realize that there's something going on in his videos which might be described by a combination of words never used together before, ever: Food sycophantism.

His face when he is eating deserves a pinche like

He needs some sleep his eyes are sunken in

The Mexican food is intangible cultural heritage of humanity, and Mariachi and Tequila


Viva Mexico

Thank you for this amazing video I enjoyed watching

You have a very tough stomach, thank you for sharing the food of my beautiful country, with the world

Quesadilla without cheese

The tacos with French fries had my mouth watering

$8.54us for 4 tiny scorpions??...You got ripped off

If you are planning to come in Romania i cand show you the gastronomic experience! I love your show ☺️

Your wife needs a metal! Taking care of toddler while traveling with a food blogger husband! Amazing

Me encanta como haces que se me antoje la comida que a primera vista no se ve tan deliciosa.

For sure Mexican people know how to eat .


There is so much meat in the air!! My favorite kind of fresh air

Arriba las chivas

I liked everything. Lol


Uuuggghhh. Hunger over load after watching this.

What a great experience. Awesome guys!

This is the real Mexican food. Not the concept they have before the world, of the whole breaded food. On the contrary, there is a great variety of dishes, all of them, cooked in different ways.

You have to try the tortas in Mexico city

Omg my mouth is watering

This made me miss Mexico ! The food there is sooo good but....I gained a lot of weight

21:34 wtf background

Chicos les falto probar los machetes de la guerrero y la barbacoa de Revolución!

I love being Mexican!! The food

Dios mio, tanta delicias

I love the way you enjoy food!

This is one of my favorite cities in the world! It's loud, beautiful, and full of history & art.

Hey mark do you was in my city Mexico yeah bravo for you bro I hope have enjoyed my beautiful country . I am watching your videos and I love so I'm cook too I hope one's meet you.

I love those tortilla presses. They are perfect for making any type of Flatbread.

....annnd this is why I can't lose weight.

30:12 Liiiiving for Pimpinela playing in the back

Pambasos aren’t dip in tomato sauce -.-

Esquites is my favorite!!

quesadilla sin queso 9:03

15:07 mmm I think that’s Called Menudo

Moises is very charismatic!

No hay nada como comida mexicana

All man.... i swalled all the times they did

no veo queso en esas quesadillas

Should have gone on a Tuesday

My grandfather was s street taco seller in México city! Awesome vídeos

Kia Ora, ("hello") from Aotearoa, ("Land Of The Long White Cloud") New Zealand. I just subscribed to your channel as a new scriber. You have an incredible food expression, so honest, clean, amazing description as a foodie, taster, guide, etc..... It's like as if trying the food myself while awaiting your food verdict, that you hardly have anything unfriendly to say, bless you. You enlighten my curiosity of the fantastic journeys you take us through with you throughout the world of crusine and travel, so thank you for sharing your videos with me and the world. God bless you and your family. Naku iti noa ("Take care friend") warm regards Shandi.

I want to know how his stomach took all that. It must have destroyed it for weeks.

LOVED THIS! Subscribed


Whoever patented that chirping sound for crossing signals must be a trillionaire

Go to minute 8:57 and look at the way the lady that walks by looks at the cámara

Yo quiero un churro

I have NEVER seen chicharon like that!!!! I need the recipe. Necesito saver como lo hacen!!!!

The food looks really good flavory

As a canadian, will i get sick eating street food? I know we cant drink the water so if the water is in the food qill i get sick?

My mouth is watering....

First time my son watches your videos, and he has requested I learn the recipes to everything you ate in this video

Mark, just wondering if you pay for the host or hostess meals? I might be wrong, but I am under the impression that people in courage to take you around to some of theirs great places of eateries yet act likes they have never tasted the meals before as well. This is for educational purposes. Thank You.

Amazing video Mark!!! I make Mexican Street Food Videos myself!!! I would be honored to show you around if you came to San Luis Potosi. Check out my videos so you can see what I'm talking about my friend!!!

Mexican street food. One of the many reasons I'm grateful to live in South Texas. And that mango with the chile salt! YUM!!!

I love mika

Maney is the best

I love how you are willing to try everything including bugs .. such a wonderful experience

Lady plz wear a disposal glove hygene cmon lol

hope u got some of those recipes for us ☺

Wow guy! You love mexican food like me too! The best of the word!

Mark Wiens Here in México, Green or red?? That is the question

I hate his neck and his face when he goes to take a bite cringy af

Hi Mark thanks for sharing your videos of food galore all over the world,so interesting and become addicted watching all the featured videos...i hope you can come to jedda saudi arabia to feature also arabian recipes (am from the Philippines but i work here in Saudi)God bless and more power!

Bruh you gotta stop those one handed bites. You look so uncomfortable n its ruining the experience of the bite lol

such artistry in the food.

Ese cabron se va a dislocar la puta mandíbula

street food washington :meet the dosa man : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhuZvbyKtg8&t=1s

Love all the places you visited, but your friend is not authentic lol

This is me when I eat Mexican food


There should be a compilation of every "Oh" you make when you try some food

could the guy in the blue sweatshirt and jeans contact me please/ ......thank you.....or.....mark could I get his name please?

They are European Castillian migrated to Mexico .... and the food are very similar to Moroccan food.

Mark discriminated the bulky end of the chilaquile torta.

Were you afraid of getting montezumas revenge? The ONLY thing I “might” have tried is the churro but, everything else just looked like a stomach ache.

The stomach ache is worth it, but it only happens with super spicy food

My mouth was water the whole time

Omg I can’t believe you eat like a Mexican guy hey you’re awesome

Mark, how do you prepare yourself to eat so many meals and times in a day? (This is my 3rd comment)

Mark, you’re so petite where and how do you eat so much Hahaha!!! Love it ✌

Those guys were great! Glad you were surrounded with good people. I love how much you love food and your reviews are so detailed I can taste it at home! ❤️ much love and safe travels!!! ✌

Hasta el gringo pregunta porque le llaman quesadilla si no viene con queso!!, pinches chilangos !!!!

Thank you for sharing your amazing video! Great camera angles, close-ups and commentary. I’m moving to Mexico City in September and am so excited to visit the places you’ve covered in your video!! Your tour guides (or friends?) were great tool—they picked great dishes for you to try. I’m gonna def check out their channel. Great work!!

Good video but it will be better with Lalo from "la ruta de la garnacha" there is no chance these guys can beat the way he explains and interacts with the people around ..he'll make your day .. and believe me he'll take to the best of the best street food places .. Thumb up for your video

Omg those quesadillas

I will pause this and come back later. I am too hungry to watch this now lol it all looks soo good. And I have a pretty good idea of what itll taste like because I am Mexican haha

You eating the food I grew up makes me super happy, you’re invited to the carne asada

Broooooo I'm hangryyyyyyyy!

Los acompañantes se ven con demasiada hambre, muy avorazados, comiendo primero ellos, incluso escogiendo primero la comida, poca educación!

Lol they stare WAYYY too much

25 lb.more in one day

Mmmmmm Good

Looks like his neck stretches a foot long when he takes a bite out of his food.

Mark your faces are funny

MAGA !! Trump 2020 !!!

Omg no me Hagan eso me dio una hambre.

Pansita soup???? You mean menudo.....yummmmmm

This video was awesome!!!! I love it!

Check out "The food ranger" hes great!

Now iam hungry

Wow! You have your own helicopter for the aerial views, very nice!

These duds have iron stomach

It looks like the veins on his neck are going to pop

dudes eyes are fucked

Mexican is the best food in the world hands down!

how do you keep fit?

The food maybe a lot. It maybe greasy. It may be full of carbs. It may be full of sodium. But let me tell u this, us Mexicans know how to eat. Mexican food is one of the best foods in the world with bursting flavors!. Our ppl may not all be the skinniest but we sure danm well are happy

I wouldn't eat them even if you pay me. They look yucky!

The fruits look good though.

You should go to a region of mexico called Tierra caliente,it is part of guerrero,michoacan,and estado de mexico, the food is awesome ,they have iguanas and different plants to eat

Wow my mouth gets watery.

Mark Wiens where is DMX?

Mark Wiens conforms

a como tragas cabron!!! que delicias, definitivamente vale la pena darse la vuelta a la capital para esto.

Chic-fil-a is such a rippoff of milanesa de pollo. Viva Mexico!

in the uk we call facemeat brawn when mixed the gelatine from boiling head as well my father made his own and loved it


Whichever one is more spicy

I'm watching this eating tostadas.

13:33 mamá coco eres tu?

I love the fact that you really showed respect to these 5 MEXICAN GUYS and enjoyed yourself.

me *checking flights to mexico city*

Mark...be honest, how often do you get the trots eating food from all over the world?

i love Mexican people i hope i well visit it one day

@21:32 that guy with a ski mask thought about robbing you at gunpoint

They made the sandwich with her bare hands? No gloves

all mexican street food is like that.

I’m so damn hungry

This is great, can we see all the wonderful foods people eat outside of mexico city? Oh? They don't have any? Oh okay.

Everything looked amazing and thank you for going to a Latin American country .

Quesadilla de chícharon

I’m still waiting for a different reaction at least once.

I cant belive you were at the tacos and didnt try the eye

I shouldn't watch videos like this when hungry. _(:3 」∠)_

25:35 what a view!

NO offense the food is full of germs but the fruit is great!

i.love food

i wish i could eat all day i get fat from any type of carb :(

I need someone to take me out dancing and then out to eat in Mexico

Don’t u catch an infection from that much street food? Looks yummy but I would dare

If there's no chees you can't call it a quesadilla, it's only a giant taco.

Dude was buzzed five minutes into this. Mexico is awesome.

Why you overreacted man all your videos


Mark Wiens thanks Man U made it so real felt like I was right there the States Are missing out Mexico is Vantastic

You made me interesting Mexico

So everywhere they use chapati in mexican food. Will try mecican food for sure it looks delicious.

The food is so cheap and delicious looking I want to go now

Food is like the breath of life with these videos jheeze!

Mark te pareces a Kiko.


Mexico by far and it's not even close has the best food in the world. China and India are very good as well but Mexico is the best no question.

Can I get a dollar for every time mark closes his eyes and says “oh wow” after he eats something

Cheeken... You just made fun of their accent lol

Still eternally smiling...must be painful dude.

People please don't be misled. Mercado de San Juan is one of the scariest places on earth. Not clean at all, even if you're skinny you have to turn sideways to get through it. Also gay porn dvds sold all the way in and out and gambling machines in the back. It's hell on earth.

i dont understand why you didnt get robed using your cam at those places ... they are hot venues

take your antibiotics. be close to toilet. HOW is he still alive after eating all this????

I'd skip the last stop..... but thanks for the tour...yummy!!

This Was awesome I’m So excited to come to Mexico!!! YO QUERO MEXICO!!!!!

Omg I'm so hungry watching this.akes me proud to be Mexican as well lol

Gracias por traerme grandes memorias de mi hermoso Mexico y de lo delicioso que es la comida mexicana que tanto extrañamos , los que ya no vivimos allá , mil gracias

Now I want to eat some tacos! Great video!

when i watch mark videos change me from not good mood to awesome mood!

Makes me

what they're eating in the 15:30 mark, isn't that Menudo? or is it something different?

I can't even focus on the food because everyone of these guys are so hot.

all the foods that you represent from mexico is absolutely delicious. i can see that through your videos.. no trash. i hope i can go there and check it out..

That one dude reminds me of Emile Hirsch haha


I live in California and I miss panbasos, I love them so much

Mark Weins reminds me of a honey badger...lol. Great videos and presentation.

Man we are SO getting robbed in America! I can't believe how cheap it is to 'eat out' in other parts of the world. Incredible! What we spend on 1 meal here would feed us for an entire day in another country.

Those tacos

I agree with you, Mexican food is the best...

I love these videos, however, one suggestion, do you have any idea how often you use 'amazing' and 'awesome'?????? Come on, dude, get some more vocabulary.

I was getting jealous

Wow I didn't know that there are so many different types of foods in Mexico City this was awesome one day I would love to go and try the food thumbs up for the video and the food please go to Dominican Republic they have a lot of street food also

please stop smiling with every word you say

Where are you from? You looks like mexican people

Una bomba de carbohidratos. Excelente para despertar los muertos de la larga cruda

Ciudad de México donde sabemos porque deben existir las quesadillas sin queso


I love watching Mark eat!! Cute!! Expressive eyes!!

Come on man, really? scorpion? that's nasty.

That's a really hungry man.

Hard to believe that you loved everything, and didn't disagree with any of the food

Mexican food is really disgusting! It's mainly a bunch of crap which looks like week-old leftovers. We fed that crap to our pigs. Lord help me! Yuck!

That menudo

Dude. Mexican food by REAL Mexicans is one of the best foods in my opinion. Like oh my god their bean/cheese burritos are so good.

5 Mexicans guys make sure add how many calories are in your dishes, also the risk of health of eating fry food. Thanks

And here I am eating an egg burrito..

*furiously looks for chorizo in the freezer*

Have you ever been to Peru?

Dammm.. you ate the whole day

'It's very turkey..',

come down to mumbai. i will take you around

Mark's reviews are always accurate. I remember watching his Ghana food tour all i did was nod at everything he said bc it's legit af!

HATE LATIN People, so dirty no hygienic food and knowledge ... holding it by left hand

Is it cold in mexico?

9:05 no quiero iniciar una disputa con mis amigos de la capital, pero... donde esta mi queso!? no to start an argument with my CDMX friends, but. where is my cheese!!!?

His neck is freaking me out .. it's all stretchy lol

Nothing better than good music, and good food!


if this guy ate more than he talked he wouldn't be so skinny.

Quesadillas sin queso

I never heard menudo be called like that lol

“speaking in a foreign language” just say spanish lmao it’s not like spanish isn’t a common language *sarcasm*

This makes me miss Mexico

Awesome video! Great presenter.

everything looks great until you got to the head tacos oh no.....

Se atascaron como puercos

Mark Wiens visit Srilanka

5 queers

My mouth is watering


bruh I'm Mexican and I've never seen a mamey in my life wtf

It would be nice to do an show with Haitian market and street food, We have a combination of African, French and Creole cuisine


Hey Mark can you rate the foods in your videos out of 10 please

Dude with that tight jaws bothers every bite is shown with neck/ throat 3d veins expressions....

Mark you have to go to Haiti!!!

""Foodies" love everything they eat

Stop looking at me

Hello Mark I always follow all your videos, but this one I don't like, the description of the dishes was very fast, there were too many people accompanying you and talking at the same time.

All the guys are cute!!!

The best food in the world!!!

I love how you continued the video with food on your chin

How do you stay so damned skinny eating all that food!!!!!!! Gissss !

Im sorry, but it aint a quesadilla if there is no queso. (Cheese)

Que delicia comida es mi favorita la comida Mexicana me encanta la salsas picantes delicia

You have a very pleasant personality. No wonder why most of the comments are positive. Keep it up.

Im a picky eater but this food this food looks so yummy the scorpions i can do without. But i live for the sandwiches wraps tortillas. Yum

The way his face lights up!! Lol

mark iv;e subscribed 5 Mexican Guys,,,,

From Utah thanks for making this video of my amazing city!! Viva mexico culeros!!! Also subscribe to my atheist channel ... thanks homies

Micah was like MY MANGO!

Are you o.k. bro u look sick,u need to get checked out hope u don't got Aids, or hep C.

Here I am on Keto, killimg my self softly in my Mexican soul watching this.

That's called menudo what you are eating.

OMG I'm so hungry!!!!

Mark I just gained 10Ibs watching your videos this weekend...how do u stay thin..

Mexicanos del interior de la república Vs mexicanos capitalinos discutiendo sobre sí las quesadillas llevan queso o no..

Oh my goodness those churros look soooooo good !

Mark you are amazing! Thanks for your hard work traveling all around the world to show us the best foods from every culture keep it coming.

Well these guys are awesome and lovely. I can see, that you had a great time there

Putos chilangos maricas tragan puras tortas por eso estan gordos putos.

Carlos Flores as if American food is any better haha

omg!!!!!! I wish I was there!!!!! love love love!!! keep doing what you do !!!! I cant get enough! thank you Mark for your great reviews.

I just found your channel a few mins ago and Damn I've become an addicted already one day come to El Salvador

This is why us Mexicans are so fat lol

Mexico is a beauty city

Scorpions! I had fried grasshoppers at a Japanese joint and loved them.

Hey! Even that gringo guy knows que la quesadilla va con queso! Come on DF! What's going on!? XD [min 9:17 ]

Churro master

Mexico pun ada sup perut

Those guys must play a lot of soccer. That delicious food will make you fat and happy!

Oh my you are a funny one...”carbs on top of carbs on top of carbs”

these guys are not real mexican mexican. they are Spaniards you can just tell in their face and skin tone compared to the other dark skins in the video.

you take such big bites lol ~ squeeze lime juice!

21:32 dude with a ski mask on.

I think I got it all over my chin oh that’s delicious

No fear!!! I 'm hungry....

you know it's bad manners to talk while your eating

Take bite of food, make stupid face, get millions of views. Good for you, man.

Pancita?? It’s called Menudo my friend, great video

its an honor for all mexican ppl that you came here and eat a lot of our mexican food, you have a georgous family too, congratulations , since today im following you and i see that you have a lot of videos from here, you need to live here forever my friend jaja this is your home also. god bless you

That dinosaur neck 2:56

Tu trabajo es de lo mejor


I’m originally from CDMX but live in the US and unfortunately (due to our schedules and money) haven’t been back in my home for 25 yrs already... you made me cry of joy. I have to see my beautiful Mexico City soon and show my family my home country. ❤️

Look at the scallion. Yummy. Beef tripes so yummy

Never was in Mexico, but feels like I've just been there

Why do so many people think this garbage is good food? I hope they checked for syringes and dead rats before they dug in.

How are you so lean after eating your way across Mexico city? Great video!

Mark Wiens great food


by your expression , I can almost imagine the wonderful taste of the authenticity of the Mother land food!! looks soooo good!

The cow stomach is my favorite soup I like the texture of the white layer

I love the Mango de flor with that chili Yami

qué chula está mi bandera mexicana and yes Mexican food is the best

If I were your wife, I'd want a shot of mezcal too

I can't tell the effect of the scorpion and mezcal in your demeanor ... impressive ... great self-control

Menudo is the lining of the stomach, hate it. Sometimes I eat it, just to avoid being a chooser.

The song at the end, when they are at the taquería! Amanda Miguel hahaha.

It's food you have to have some respect if you are a human been

Mark Wiens you look a little mexican yourself hahahaha

De la pura hambre me chingue un con fleis jiji

That redish soup that had the cow stomach, it kinda looks like menudo without the hominy!

dang what a nightmare eating this food not me!!!!

After the first bite he always says mmm yea that’s it

Las quesadillas llevan queso!!!!!

hey mark u need to come to new zealand have i got amazing food for u

Iknow what pain you felt later that day in the toilet oh i know bro trust me..it burns

Thank you for your videos dude they are pretty badass especially this one!

Ok, but why he look like a damn turtle when he bite into that torta?

Soooo good

Man, I’m Mexican and there’s no way I could eat all that in a day XD was that all in a day?? Love your video man!

Mark i want your appetite

I literally watched the whole video!!❤️❤️ I enjoyed it a lot!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

I have been watching your videos for a long time. You're amazing at it. And of course I follow your Facebook channel. Best of luck and thanks for visiting my country Mexico.

go to Puebla, Mexico bcs Puebla has the best food in Mexico

Please sudtitulos in spanis

Off to cook some matumbo (cow stomach yummy we also love it in kenya

Hey mark if u don't like it you should say it. I'm a Mexican and I do not like all tacos. Love your vids and expression all day buddy

Watching this is torture when you eat Low Carb.

They need gloves

Asian people are naturally skinny

Rico lol

Because of you I already subscribed in their channel!

15:46 white tripe, in indonesia also known as soto babat....

almost 20 pesos for them small tacos at the end? you can get better in other places near that place

I love that market, when I go to Mexico City I will definitely visit it. The food its really amazing! These Mexican Guys did great walking you around tasting awesome Comida Mexicana! Mark I love you and your family!!! Watching you directly from Carolina Beach, North Carolina USA

Mexican food is amazingly awesome...the

Shalana Thomas do you live in Mexico? They are more commonly found there. I would have it when down in Mexico here in the states I could never find it :( Mameys are so delicious!

Phenomenal Food! Can't imagine staying skinny eating that stuff everyday though. All such heavy food, starchy carbs. Great video. This guy has to be the happiest vlog host too.

Comida real Mexicana, que delicia,

The food looks so good .i was getting hungry .lol

Hello Mark Wiens, say hello for me !

Wow! amazing view of the Zocalo and all those places are fantastic. Give us more of Mexico...

Swear by my life Mexican food is the best. I have a Mexican girlfriend and she’s introduced me to some amazing dishes. Viva la Mexico

5 Mexican Guys, but I counted 4. Hmm..what am I doing wrong?

Those guys sharing the taco is so cute.

I wish I could eat food every day that would make me react the way Mark reacts every time he takes the first bite.

Excellent street food tour!! Thanks

Not all quesadillas in the city have cheese, but they definitely should!!

In this video you experienced the dilemma that Lalo from (La Ruta de la Garnacha) talked about. Just in CDMX people refer to the stuffed tortilla as "quesadilla", unlike every other part in Mexico. It's quite a linguistic dilemma, because the word "quesadilla", has in itself the implication of having cheese (queso) queso= quesa + dilla. But the fake argument they use in CDMX is that quesadilla becomes from a nahuatl origin that was "quesaditzin"... this has been proven to be wrong because in nahuatl there's no such word as quesaditzin, they don't even have a vocable like "tzin" in their language... yet the people of Mexico's capital are stubborn and proud/conceited whenever they take an idea and find to be wrong, they are not humble enough to recognize their mistake. But well, don't think it as a heavy negative trait, is just part of the overall mexican identity, stubborness is unfortunately part also of oure mexican idiosincracy :/

Hola soy nueva en tu canal soy mexicana me encanto este video me encanto ver que te gusto toda la comida mexicana y eso que todavia te falto probar otros platillos mexicanos me rei mucho de tus caras chistosas comes mucho y no engordas como le haces? Saludos desde mexico.

freaking hungry NOW!

It look good but no gloves

very good.

Omg i had to stop watchin this video. Mouth kept watering more and more.

Desene türkiye ye gelse asil lezzeti görecek

hey mark come to hydarabad india and call me

I’m always wonder how can you afford going all over the world eating all that good food

y ahora preguntenle como le fue,cuando fue al baño

Don’t forget to visit El Salvador

looks like Los Angeles.

19:43 Those were some huge Chico

Pambazo está hecho en un pan especial. No bolillo.y frito en salsa de Chile y anato,

Yeah all I have to say is! Am so jealous!

Love your video and love how much you eat lol .. just by seen the expressions of your faxe of joy ..made me wabt to go back to mexico ..i miss their food so much. Thnk u for your vudeo.


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