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so good morning guys so finally i woke up now but  honestly i cannot sleep well last night because   uh due to heavy rain and some birds flying above  but it was okay i'm just still adjusting for this   place so yeah let's let's go for the view guys  and let's make up my face uh because it's already   uh 6 a.m in the morning 6 30 so yeah i need to  get up and i want you to show the morning view   to this place guys so let's go let's go first  to the window let's look out to the window first   so let's open to the window so that i can off the light in here  wow okay so this is the window view   this is kind of really nice so it's  the window view guys wow so how's that   wow so this is the window view so every morning   if people gonna stay here so wow they have a good  vibes oh wow good morning good morning so yeah   i saw a lot of birds wow flying out there guys  if you saw i will try to zoom in this camera   above the trees there's a lot of birds flying wow  so okay guys let's go i need to open this window   so that i can feel the nature vibes so i will we  will go to the door the main door wow this is the   main door actually so yeah it was raining last  night so good thing for now the rain is stopped   so so that i can go out there later on so here  guys the place is not safe if you just uh like   handy some things because it can be fall down  and you can swim out there if some something that   gonna fall down you know so yeah just be careful  if you're just staying in here because yeah   it can be fall into the water indeed my false yeah this is the morning view good morning  good morning so let's go to the balcony   to the balcony so let's go there to the balcony  view so yeah so this is the balcony view a lot   of birds uh staying in here last night for  sure so this is the balcony view in here   this is the front view of this uh place so yeah as  you can see so yeah so this is the view actually   so yeah this is kind of nice i'm still getting  wet outside so i cannot go running sorry there's   no run for this morning because it's super wet  guys i think the rain last night is super heavy   so that's why the the roads are super wet i should  say i need to zoom in the camera yeah see so this   is it oh yeah so this is my morning view  wow thank you thank you so much my dear god   yeah enjoy guys the blog along the way later  on we can go for swimming pool or some outdoor   activities so yeah let's go back inside  because here guys for now if you stay here   for a night so you have a one free outdoor  activities which is a zip line and also   a sky bike so that's the preferable so maybe  later on my sister is coming over so we'll go   i will try to push here to suppose her to  do some epic epic activities or epic crazy   let's figure it out if he she can do it so this is  our ride for today the coupon so that been given   to me yesterday so this is store rides so one for  me and one for my sister and also the breakfast so   yeah wow so enjoy the vlog along the way guys i  will try to make some epic blogs so that because   this my last video is just for like super funny i  just do a video okay oh my god sorry for my voice   i'm not a singer but i will try  to sing just for fun actually just   kind of uh for fun so yeah enjoy the vlog  along the way guys so let's explore so yeah so good morning guys i will make up to my face i  will uh do some like uh make up my face actually   because i don't know let's say the mirror oh  yeah so i will make up my face actually here so so hello guys i will try to do some uh a  little bit uh warm up so that i can have an   energy for the rest of the day so let's  don't warm up let's do warm up guys   so hello everyone welcome back to my channel  jill traveler good morning so yeah i'm here now   i'm just woke up early because you can walk up  the sound of the bridge so that's kind of nice   you just like end the middle of the forest in the  jungle so i i really like that kind of vibe guys   so maybe you can just like oh it's just  like a little bit work but i like this   kind of vibe guys so yeah this is my morning  view so the sun is going to uh rise so wow   so this is the lake view the man groups and  also i heard a lot of voices from those birds   so yeah wow so enjoy guys this vlog along the  way so this is still kind of outdoor so yeah so hello guys welcome back to my channel  jilltravener so don't forget to subscribe   and enjoy the vlog along the way for  some epic vibes for this one so yeah   i'm still waiting for the time that  uh to be open for some outers in here   i think it's a low tide so yeah it's low  tide so yeah enjoy the vlog along the way so hi everyone so i'm heading now to  the restaurant to eat some breakfast   so yeah so let's go guys so here this is like yeah  if you have something that you just fall in here   it's not it's not good actually because  why it fall into the water it's okay a   little more false i have buffalo saturday  night guys okay let's go there to eat some breakfast fish so good morning guys welcome back  again to my channel jill the winner so   wow my sister is already in here so say  hi to my sister so how's your uh trip   okay okay so here we breakfast is already  served so thank you for the crows in here wow   like super fast so yeah i have my coffee and  also my sister's breakfast and also me i like   this breakfast actually egg with rice and  some fish wow this is like uh mangos yeah   bango's fish so later on after this uh having  our breakfast so we will go to the swimming pool   to just do some a little bit swimming do some snap  so let's eat guys enjoy the vlog along the way so hello guys this is the uh a lot of birds in  here this is the birds uh santori also here in   papakit so i saw a bridge in there i don't know if  you know guys but there's a lot of birds covered   by the trees and leaves so it's sustainable  because the gopro and the solution is it's   not gonna fit in this car so yeah we'll zoom in  guys we're trying to zoom in this goal probably   hopefully in this one so guys you  hear the sounds of braids so yeah so hello everyone so we're heading out  to the pool so we will try to do a little   bit swimming before we go down uh to the  zip lining so yeah and then i will try to   go again for the bicycling just kind of work out  before we leave this uh place before we do our   checking out so let's go to the swimming pool  yeah okay let's go to the swimming pool guys so guys let's do a shower before  going to the swimming pool   honestly i don't like to go for silly  pull but just like for the picture   so sorry come here put a picture getting it  shower first prepare to go in the savings welcome back to my channel jio  shoving her so don't forget to   subscribe and enjoy the vlog along  the way no epic later for a zipline so hi guys so let's jump off to the  swimming pool wow this is five feet so   my height is only four feet so let's  figure it out to how deep it is so yeah because i prefer to swim in open water down  in the swimming pool so let's go sister let's   go jump off so yeah so maybe we can take some  photos out there because the view is really nice so hi guys this is five  feet because the water is in   in on level on my neck so i will try  to do some epic shot but then we cannot   stay here because it's a slide so maybe here in  this area let's go sister let's go so yeah okay this is so full guys so if you are guessing here  so you need to wear a ribbon which is green   but you if you are a guest uh if you are only  doing uh activities you're not staying here   so you where you want you you can wear yellow  ribbon so this guy is okay let's go to the rumble   oh so hello everyone we're heading now to the  zip line because we need to unveil the free   rides on this uh overnight stay in here so if  you guys want to plan to do some outdoors so   papa kids is well recommended in here  because in your 1500 so you have a free   ride rides which is uh too good for two people  and also a complementary uh breakfast so yeah   i think you can save actually guys  so this is like yuka you paid a half   for that price so yeah this is kind of  nice actually so yeah i will do a hamster   hamster ride because i never been do that before  so yeah let's figure it out let's go guys enjoy   the vlog so here's the pickup guys last time uh  i just only do a picture but yeah this is the   peacock also really nice don't be angry pika this  is the peacock wow uh he has a nice wings hi hello   how are you hi hello sana all my wings  parama pad sakaniya sakanya paran baby so hello everyone so this is one of their kind  of outdoor activity which is stress wall so yeah   yeah you need to like uh what was that  use like a plate or a bottle but for me   uh this is kind of okay but i love to do a  stressful like shooting a gun so maybe next   vlog i will try to do a gun shooting i really  like that guys because i really like so yeah so they got the ghana pikachu so i will try  if there's a hamster wheel free for this   complementary rides so hi madam good morning free rides hamster will go ecosystem so we're heading now to the hamster  whale uh station so yeah maglib this is the sample so this is the same for the sky bike the hamster  whale and sky bike and tree are the same okay   let's climb up guys let's climb up okay so yeah i  like this one so magli pong lipo zatakaron so this   is kind of epic so yeah we will try let's go let's  go to the rap rumble rock and roll to the world this is and safety precaution how to do this hamster  run safely actually guys this is safe actually   so yeah so thank you for korea for handed  my gopro so that i can documented this   uh what was that outdoor activities which is  comfortable let's go koya let's go to the rumble okay and that one so this is the hunter whale  actually we're just kind of nice so   yeah first time if you see my black guy so i wow this is okay assessment so me and my sister  we're heading to the zip line   because necessary want to do a zip line yeah because i'm so super light so yeah so okay hi coyo in there welcome back welcome back  to my channel subscribe to our channel what is that wow so they have a while  bracing whoa super big guys ah okay so this is the equal actually wow guys so hi guys we're done our zip lining here  where our complimentary uh free zip line   so we're heading back to our room because we  can relax for a bit before uh checking out   so yeah this is like a big day thank you my dear  god that the winter is really good for us for now   and yeah we do a workout so we are so thankful  and grateful actually so yeah i hope you guys   will enjoy the blog along the way i will end the  vlog later on when i reach to the room so yeah it's amazing how you can speak right to my heart without saying a word you can light up to talk i could never explain what i  hear when you don't say a thing the smile on your face lets me know that you  need me there's a throat in your eyes saying   you'll never leave me touch up your hand  since you'll catch me we're never a fall   you say it best when you see nothing at all   so hello everyone uh thank you for watching  my blog don't forget to subscribe please   hit the notification bell on my youtube  page and yeah see you on the next blog   don't forget to subscribe  again thank you for watching bye

2021-05-04 17:05

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