Fairy Meadows - OUR LONGEST HORSE RIDE - Part 2 - 4K Muhammad Ali Nadeem VLOG 2

Fairy Meadows - OUR LONGEST HORSE RIDE - Part 2 - 4K Muhammad Ali Nadeem VLOG 2

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Now we will conquer Fairy meadows. Something is wrong on this. Khan sab! Khan Sab! Khan Saahib? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA The balance on it is very less.

Just hold it. I hope I don't fall. Look I'm on the horse.

I'll shoot with the back camera, it's difficult to shoot with front one. Due to less balance. Ali make a short video. Dr. Saab you going on foot?

This is Suleman Shah. He is in a hurry. Oh damn this is dangerous.

We'll get used to it I guess. We're riding to Fairy meadows now. Look at us. And this view.

This will be the the longest horse ride of our lives. Long live Pakistan. You dint hear me Abuzar? Take it off your face. Ali go to the front. My horse dances and walks.

Let it go let it go. Khan sab. We need to overtake them all.

Stop your horses, we're gonna lead. We'll lead now. Yuck. Dr Saab will follow me. Yas we're leading now.

The ride is fun with beautiful views. Thank God we don't need to hike. Because we forgot trekking sticks. I'm in front because of you, to show you the views. So subscribe and keep watching the full video.

The Nanga Parbat we're going there to wage a war without swords. So my horse is white, and Ali's is brown. We just decided that we'll go to base camp with same helpers. The tribe is following me. Do families come here? Yes they do.

See families do come here. This is a beautiful point to go with fam. Ali's bag, what's his name? Rashid? Yusuf.

Yusuf is wearing Ali's bag. Thanks to him. What's your name? Abdul Wakeel. Abdul? Abdul Wakeel is with me.

And there's Hussain, Iqrar Ullah. Shukar Allah, what? Iqrar Ullah. And 5th? Shakeel Jaan.

They're coming with us. I recommend you to bring school or trekking bags. Their advantage is that you bring 2-3 days clothes.

It's easy to carry. Just 1.5 hour more to go. Look at that beautiful dog.

Ali you're spoiled. What happened? Look at that dog. The trek is very dangerous. Look at the depth. A little mistake, price is death. May Allah forgive me.

You're on Youtube. Name of channel? Dr Nadeem Sarwar. Do subscribe. We made subscribers on foot. Since how long are you doing this work.

10 Years. Nice. It's very difficult to hold mic and phone in one hand. There're risk of falling, I'm taking it.

No worries, my grip is good. I'll tell you about trees. The trees below are alpines. They're on moderate to high mountains. Up there are these trees. They are Coniferous trees.

Our Christian brothers make them Christmas trees. Look at this hard climb. These horses are strong, Ma Sha Allah. We'll rest here.

Biyal or where you wish to go? Base camp. Base camp is far away. Takes 7 hours to go.

Base camp then? He was saying view point comes before base camp. View point is good. We'll charge 3500 more, for 2 way horse ride. They're looting us.

It's not loot, we give our time to you. It takes 1.5 hours to view point. We'll goto Biyal camp.

Every man goes to Biyal camp. If you wanna go, go till view point. Is there any snow there? It's around there. What you're eating? Tablets.

It's Niswar. This is tablet for height. Beautiful horses. Sami's horse is like him. He's running away. No stoppin him. Sami will go on foot now.

Let's shoot Babari Sial getting on horse. Wow mate. Bamsi! Bamsi! I'm like the king here, stone for me hopping on. Suleman Shah will climb now. Ertugrul! I'm Ertugrul. No you're Osman.

Okay that's fine too. Look at the height. You can see them all.

The first time on horse we see Nanga Parbat now. It's beautiful. World's 9th highest mountain.

Pakistan's second highest. Nanga Parbat. If we we're coming on foot, that'd be us. You're on YouTube. Name is Dr Nadeem Sarwar. Going or coming?

We're going. I was right. I guessed right. We're used to horse now.

It's easier now. Sami bhai! Abuzar! Babari! Hands up mate! My horse is farting. it's going towards Daddy. we're halfway through. For some time we're gonna rest in midway hotel. It's in middle of trek.

From midway we're about to leave on horses. My team. How are you feeling Sami? Hah, very good.

Handle is in my hands. They've left the horses free. Bamsi! Hayde Allah! They're having water. They were thristy.

I'm riding it myself. Now all horses are walking on their own. Let me show you. They're following guides. Sorry not guides, but our helpers. Government should send guides here. They should tell about Gilgit's history.

Many people skip Gilgit and stay here then go back. That's different that I went 10 times. Now horses will follow you? Ever happened they detoured? Nope. These horses are rivals. This one is trying to hurt him.

That one is female? This is very dangerous point. Nothing on left or right. Slope here. This is very dangerous.

We lost all our confidence because Sami's horse jumped like him. We got scared. We started in Karakoram.

We're in Himaliyan forest now. Amazing view of Nanga Parbat. This is our destination. 20 minutes to go. This horse is after that horsie.

We just experiences their fight, couldn't record. That's a turbine here. This must be for local area's electricity.

it's called a small dam. My horse is on his own. Daddy says we stay here tomorrow too. We stay here. He says we should rest. Will show you views as we reach.

We're in Raikot Sarai. We'll stay here tonight. Fairy Meadows hotel is ahead of this. We'll stay one night here then one there. This one looks nice, hope it's nicer inside. My horse.

Thank you! Wow Babar. I wanna play volley, just saw it. I'm going after ordering food. Yusuf Ali helped me a lot, thanks to him. Will see you tomorrow. You can get their assistance.

If you're using their horse. We're checking in, will show you rooms. Will show view too, I've hidden it for now. We're guests here. This is Raikot Sarai, stay here first night, second in Fairy meadows.

Will tell you which one is better. Show us on that side. No big rooms there. View from our room. Our room is 14 in Raikot Sarai. A very good room. Two chairs here. Sami as always taking good pictures. This is our room.

Which is best at this height. The quality is good. Washrooms are good. We can live here comfortably.

Best view for our morning. Nanga Parbat, the killer mountain, Pakistan's second highest. Look at him. It costed us 7500 rupees. Chicken Karahi is ready. We'll eat it at 5 pm, Biryani at 9 pm. We bought room up here, that's Nanga parbat.

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