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Hey, good morning everyone it's Cory here I'm, in my Airbnb. Here in Bangkok, this is my first like real, full day where I'm gonna wake up and go to sleep still, in Bangkok, before, I head out today and kind, of like do some sightseeing look, for food and, a little bit of shopping I wanted. To show my Airbnb, real quick all, right here's the door and as you come in, this. Is it it's super, simple. It's. Just a nice comfy. Bed. With. AC heater, the. AC is very crucial here in Thailand. TV. Kind, of like a kitchen. Island thing inside, its got some plates, and bowls and utensils fridge. There, it is fridge hello, microwave. Hello and this, is the bathroom, it's. Like a. Wonderland. Up in here. It is a wet bath as you can see there's no curtain or anything but very nice water, heater I really like that one, of the things I wanted to point out to you guys was the view so, I'm on the second, floor unfortunately. And this is the view I've got this like off ramp for, one of the I guess like expressways, around here it's. Right outside that window and, look. At all the hose wires. But. This is Bangkok for you guys this. Is kind of like a little, balcony patio, thing. Where. You can dry your clothes and it has like a table, and some kind of like utility. Sink anyway, that's it for the quick tour of the Airbnb let's. Go. This, truck reminds me of the ones in Japan. All chromed, out. So. I found all the eateries, right, across the street from my Airbnb, in this market. Very. Cool I found, some baked chicken and, some. Come to salad, papaya. Salad and, then check out all these little goodies here I don't know what is what. So. I don't know how to read Thai I have no idea what the names of dishes are but these people are very nice and the. Guy helped, me pick us chicken, we're just gonna check it out this is gonna be my breakfast. We're, over this chicken dip. It in the sweet and sour sauce. Are. You juicy. This, is gonna be awesome you, can see there's like these little dried. Shrimps. Little baby shrimps, on there, we got the green papaya sliced, up I don't, know what else is in here I got, some tomato and it. Looks like peanuts. I. Don't. Know what kind of Chili's are making, this is like half-lift. I really. Like this salad. Green, bean. Look, I'm eating healthy suppose. I am, I'm, so happy guys the. Last time I came here three months ago it. Was during a national, holiday I didn't check the holiday schedule, my, date spent in Thailand was on, December, 5th it's, National, Day Father's Day, and the King's birthday all in one that, was my first time to Bangkok everything. Was too close didn't really have a chance to find names like eateries or street food there was like no street food anywhere so this time around I made sure I wasn't coming during a national holiday this is the most amazing most fresh, tasting, food I've had in a very very, long time. So, I just turned down some, random back alley, and. That's what's really cool about Bangkok is no matter what alleys you go down there's, always just some kind of like vibrant, neighborhood. So, I just stumbled upon this like market alley I'm gonna go in it. Cool I love. This. Down. The produce section. So. I ended up in some narrower. Alleys. Deeper. Into the neighborhood. And. There's still people selling, stuff here. It's. Very interesting. So. I ended up under. This expressway. And. It looks like there's a little market, like. Street food kind, of like. Shop restaurant, area. And, that hits the spot. So. As I walk along I'm, noticing there's a lot of a beautification, projects going on there, was people back there painting, tires. Whites with, different like polka dot colors and, you. Know they're planting, like really, beautiful plants, here they return this, essentially, like into a park or something down here it just looks really nice.

This. Walk was definitely. A great way to get a real feel for Bangkok. Neighborhoods. Everyone. I encountered, was extremely, friendly and there, was street food everywhere. As. I. Arrived to the Victory Monument Circle. I was quickly surrounded, by tons of shopping areas, for women's clothing. Bangkok. Really is one, of the largest shopping, cities in the world. So. Walking around the victory monument area, I heard that there's street. Food around here. A very popular place for some boat meetings so I'm gonna go check out what the boat noodles are all about so. Here's one of the many canals, and. I. Can see some signs that say the. Best of the boat noodle. Each. Bowl is actually, quite small, when. Ordering just, choose the items from the menu and tell them which type of noodles you'd like. There's. Plenty of condiments, on each table but, don't be shocked to see tons of ants in the sugar okay, this first one is load, noodles with thick soup, and beef, you. Can see it looks very hearty, and the broth is really dark it looks like there's some green onions and some black pepper and. It looks like a fish ball like a fish cake kind of a ball and thus a piece of beef in there and this, one is the boat, noodles with a sour, soup, and pork. So. I'm not sure what makes it sour but I can see some bean. Sprouts. It. Looks like peanuts. And red, chili flakes, let's. Doctor, this up a little bit. Red, chilly flakes here gonna pour that in there. That looks nice, I'm going to only put just a little bit in this one because it looks like it already has some spices, in there. The. Broth is really hearty. I added, that to the chili flakes nice. Kick to it these, bowls are very small but, it's good because then you can just like sample it and then keep going. You. Have to say the sour one actually, doesn't taste summer at all but. This is my favorite. I'm. So glad that it's small portions, so I hit, the road, keep eating. I. Just. Picked up some food to go going. Back to the Airbnb. It's starting to rain. And my. Driver was, like going all crazy through the traffic. We got some my Airbnb really fast which is awesome. Starting. To rain so. I can't really. Walk, around or, film any. So, just. Got some quick food and, like a little. Dinner and. Then, uh, gonna. Eat that for you guys so. Let's take out some of the stuff and look at it this. Is, looks. Like sweet and sour or. Sweet and spicy chili, sauce, here's, a different type of sauce so. I'm. Not sure what this is called but I've seen it like, while walking around I asked, for spicy, because he wanted to give me that and I was like spicy, spicy, and so, he gave me this and, he was very nice about that he also gave, me some.

Whoa. It's hot this. Is chicken. Soup. In a, bag it is, oh my god is so hot I can't even hold it yeah you can see in there there's some cilantro and there's pieces of chicken I guess this is like chicken, soup so, I've got a bowl, here for that and then, this. Is the main, thing. Here so. It's just some like simple, paper. That. Was used to, wrap all this with a rubber band, whoa. Look at that it's like a flower blooming, and, this. Is it so let's go ahead and try the broth itself I'm, very excited about this oh. Yeah. That's good mmm okay, now I have the sauce bag open but I don't have any kind of container or a dish to. Put it in so, I'm just gonna keep it in the bag like this and. Hopefully it doesn't spill over so. I'm just gonna use my fingers, and get some of this chicken and the rice together. And. Then how can I get this us out. Onto. My hand, here oh, yeah. That smells nice and strong, ah. All. Right anyways we're eating with our fingers that. Was, so, been. Good, excuse. My language I just couldn't help myself this sauce, is so. Nice it has a really good spice I found, this kind, of like a shallow bowl and, I. Poured that sauce in there so you can actually see, it very well now I'm. Gonna dip my chicken, only no rice just, chicken, all, up, in here. This. Is gonna be nice. I. Wish, I could buy a bunch of this and then fly it back to Vietnam with me I'm gonna have to learn how to make this recipe at home it's. Really good. No, we're, so. Baby this. Was only 45 five take, out right across the street. It, just doesn't get better than that guys I checked. Out of my Airbnb, the following, morning and left my bag in a locker at sea, on Paragon, I. Only. Had half a day to spend before having, to go to the airport so I knew exactly where, I wanted, to go. Wat, Pho also. Known as the temple, of the reclining Buddha, has been on my bucket list for, years. It. Houses the famous, 46. Meter long statue of Buddha in a reclining, position and, he's completely, covered, in gold leaf. Wat. Phou is not only a house for Buddhism it's also Thailand's. First public. University and. It's, a school for medicine, and Thai, massage to this day. After. Spending several, hours exploring, the huge, beautiful, temple, complex, I knew where my last stop in Bangkok was going to be. This. Unassuming, restaurant. Tucked away in some back streets is very, famous for having the best honeymoon, in. All of Bangkok. Let's. Try out this Brockie. Very. Rich. And, like buttery this. Broth alone was, worth coming to this restaurant. Check. Out the sizes fron guys. Underneath, we, got some really good noodles. Any night. Look at all that it. First. When. I don't talk for a long time while eating because. I have nothing to say. So, good. After. Eating my amazing, meal it was time for me to go get my bags and head to, the airport. Alright, guys I'm at the airport and, back to Hanoi and, as. You guys know if you've seen my other international. Travel vlogs, at, the end of the trip I always go to the airport bar and, I get some, kind of a beer since, I'm in Thailand I wanted to do Singha, alright, so. Thanks, for watching guys please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you aren't already leave. Any questions and comments down below any, information, it. Can possibly dig, up about restaurants. And other, stuff that you saw in the video it's going to be in the description box down below I'll. See you guys back in Vietnam Cheers. You.

2018-03-18 20:19

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long time no see cory teacher

Hello! How are you?

That statue is amazing. That whole area there is awesome!

Yeah, I'm so happy I was able to see that Buddha statue. ^^ The temple grounds were so beautiful, I loved it.

I used to enjoy your back alley explorations of Seoul, so I find it interesting to see how the Bangkok's alleys compare.  The food looks delicious.  If you attempt to replicate any of the dishes you've tried in Thailand, perhaps you could share a cooking video with us.  Wishing you safe travels!

Cool, Mindy! Yeah, the alleys are slightly different, but still just as awesome to explore. I like to see where normal people live and how they decorate their homes. While I saw a lot of corrugated tin roofs in alleys where it looked like it was poverty level, I was surprised that everyone looked healthy and everything was so clean, there was no trash laying about all over where people live.

did you get a massage at wat pho? it makes you feel 10 years lighter and younger.

Unfortunately no, I didn't have time. I could only explore the temple grounds, and then I wanted to eat good Thai food before going to the airport. Next time I'm going to pamper myself and definitely get a great massage, top to bottom. I really need that!

taking public transportation in bangkok is terrible, especially tuk-tuk they drive it like crazy, i will no longer use tuk-tuk again

hahaha I can understand that. The bus system looked crazy, I didn't want to try it. The metro is nice, but many places are so far away from metro stations. That's when I would use a tuk tuk. I like tuk tuks, they're fun when they go fast and drive crazy. hehehe But I don't like that the drivers try to overcharge/scam tourists. I always have to haggle with the drivers, it takes me 2 or 3 guys before one of them agrees to take my offer.

Missing Bangkok already when i was there few weeks ago. Love this vlog :D

Hope you had a great time there, I did! Thanks for enjoying my vlog!

wonderful trip to thai ~~

Thank you Nuri! ^^

Another great video, the food so amazing. What was the temperature like? It's pouring rain and everyone is walking around in shorts and short sleeves .

Bangkok is like 33°C ~ 35°C everyday, and it's pretty humid. Even in the rain, you'll be sweating. hehehe Thanks for enjoying my video!

hi cory,,,I,m sure you,ll return to Bangkok again,,,,so much to see and do,, the boat noodle area is kool at night ,,I liked wat po better then the grand palace

Absolutely, it's one of my favorite cities in southeast Asia! I need to somehow take a 1 month food tour trip around Thailand and really immerse myself! Yeah I heard Wat Pho was much better than the Grand Palace. I also really wanted to see the reclining Buddha, that pose isn't common around Asia so it really interested me.

Good one.Wished it was longer.But with just 48 hrs to spend, this is pretty good.The food kind of similar to ours.I guess that giant prawn was a blue-clawed freshwater prawn.Can fetch a really good price here.What do the Thais call that taxi?Isn't it 'Tuk Tuk' or something? I forgot.

I Definitely sure it was a blue-clawed freshwater prawn becoz it was larger than a mere prawn.Since it has been cooked, the whole body has turned red so its kinda hard to tell.But when it still fresh, you can see 2 long claws in blue color thus, where the name came from.And also if you pay a bit higher than any other tomyam you had, then you know its the blue-clawed or you have just been robbed.But anyway, who cares about what species of prawn it is.As long as it tastes good, thats all that matter.

I really wish it was longer too! hehehe I'm not sure what species of prawn it was, but it was definitely big and very meaty. I loved the shrimp head goop, it was so yummy! Yeah, Tuk Tuks are the 3 wheel motorized carts that zoom around at really high speeds. They also have regular taxis, many of them are pink color so very easy to spot. ^^

Good to see you again exploring. Sorry you got to see so many wires out your window. The owner could use some curtains. I loved the prawn soup and the breaded chicken they looked devine. It seems the basis of the food there and in the area is consomé soups, veggies, noodles, chicken.... And heat from peppers as a condiment. I would think they would eat more rice but see it is not a main dish. Also curious as to the history of the French in the area. It sees they were everywhere. I am surprised and happy to see I have about five papaya trees growing in my back yard that are about 6' tall. No flowers yet but I am wondering how you eat them as a veggie and if you get me a recipe to try I will use it. Are the shreds pickled, steamed or raw???? Its funny how I planted the papaya seeds easily three years ago and nothing happened and now they sprouted!

Wow!!! I really miss Bangkok! Thanks for the great video!

You're welcome Randy! ^^

Ouch! Watch out for the EMF from the wires!

Yeah! Maybe I should wear tin foil to protect me if I stay near wires again during my next BKK trip. hahaha

Wow. Felt like I was watching a show on the travel Channel. Awesome like always !

Really? hehehe Thanks! I don't think it's anywhere near that kind of production quality, but thanks for thinking so. As long as you felt like you were having an experience through my videos, I'm happy. ^^

Thank you CORY ...... No matter where you do a video , you still the BEST

Thank you very much Richard!!!! You the man!

Thai food is so good

I've only barely scratched the surface with trying Thai food. I used to eat Thai food a lot in the States, but I know it's not the same as authentic Thai food in Thailand. ^^

Hi Cory ! I'm Vietnamese living in US for 44 years ,I travel a lot but lately I stay home because my family don't want me to go anymore ,they said the world now has so much problem they want me to stay home for a while ,I like your filming because you walk and film everything very clearly ,show the way people life ,the house ,the flower , the plan ,the food ,just like the way you did before in Korean to see how people live . Very good work please keep doing . Next time stop by Terminal 21 you will find a lot of good food and cheap

I'm glad you enjoyed my video! I'm sorry you're not traveling these days, you should get back out there and see more of the world! Thanks for the tip about Terminal 21. ^^ Cheers!

Omg foods, specially papaya salad is good!

Yeah, I reallllly liked the papaya salad! I loved the spice it left on my lips, I want to try some really spicy salad one day!


It's fiber optic cables, telephone wires, etc. ^^

Cory are you doing contract work for some secret service tapping into all those intel cables......maybe there is more to Cory, aka Cory Bond than meets the eye

hahahahaha Shhhhhhh don't tell anyone!!!

The temple was amazing, it's great that you got to finally see it. As for the food, it looked so good that I want to go to Bangkok right now for lunch.

Im not really a fan of cooking, but if someone cooked it for me that would be great. I hope you get a chance to go back to BK soon and get to see all the other things you missed out on seeing

There's still a huge amount of stuff in BKK that I didn't get to see, I've still just barely scratched the surface. But I'm glad I was able to do what I did in this video. ^^ You should cook some Thai foods at home! I know I'm going to look up some recipes and try to make it myself.

The oompa loompa reference about the bathroom wall paper made me laugh. The noodles and food you had looked so good!!! Cats are cute. Love your meow meow T-shirt!

Thanks! That tshirt was like $1.00, so awesome! Love cheap clothing in Bangkok!

My favorite was the beginning to the end!! Awesome!

lol I'm so glad you liked it, from beginning to end. hehehe Thanks for commenting!

Man, I am missing Bangkok after watching this. Just back from spending six months in SE Asia and loved every minute. Heading out exploring Europe very soon! Great vlog!

Yeah that's super cool! Sorry we didn't link up, I didn't know if you were in Hanoi or not. Where in Europe you going to?

YT Auntie checkin in. Haha. HeyCory, I remember that overpass in Bangkok Everything was closed when u went there before. Healthy foods (the green papaya, yum) and that reclining Buddha...ahhh . I gasped when u showed the CLOSE UP of artwork in the temple. Just beautiful. Keep up the good work Cory. You're looking good.

hahaha Hi Marti, thanks for checking in. Yeah, I'm so glad the city wasn't shut down this time. lol That was really bad luck on my part during my first trip to Bangkok ever. The bottom of the Buddha's feet with the 108 panels made of mother of pearl, that was just amazing!!! So beautiful. Glad you liked this video! ^^

I heard the best Tom Yum Goong is from a street vendor, not a shop.

Feed The Cory My pleasure, Cory. I would say as a food YouTuber, learning about the cuisine and food culture before going somewhere will be beneficial greatly. I was just reading about Thai cuisine on Wikipedia and whoever wrote it really did a great job of explaining things. For example, "Thai meals typically consist of rice (khao in Thai) with many complementary dishes *shared by all. The dishes are all served at the same time, including the soups* ... A Thai family meal would normally consist of rice with several dishes which should form a *harmonious contrast of flavors and textures as well as preparation methods. "* Someone with this knowledge will have more insight and probably be able to figure out what they should order and how to enjoy meals in Thailand to the fullest like the locals do. Like tom yum goong, it's rare that Thai people will have it by itself or just with rice. Soups are usually part of the main course and something sour and spicy like tom yum will usually be eaten with something else that provides a contrast of flavors and textures. I've read on Mark Wiens' blog and he actually wrote about Pe Aor that it may be the best tom yum goong *noodle soup* (as it should be because it's not traditional and not many places do it). But it seems many foreigners misunderstood and thought he meant the best tom yum goong period. How funny. Because of how tom yum goong is usually eaten with something else, normally Thai people will not go to a place like Pe Aor for it but rather a restaurant that serves a variety of dishes cooked in different ways.

Hey thanks for that info. I'll def have to check into that for my next Thailand trip. ^^ I think next time I'm going to try and book a private tour guide or something, because it would have been nice to have a local translate and show some great things that I wouldn't have been able to find on my own. Thanks for the great comments!

Feed The Cory Just thought of something. Recently Mark has covered another famed tom yum goong place in Bang Lam Pu twice already. You can check it out in his Bangkok tour series, probably from a year or two ago, that he started off in the Khaosan area. I'm not sure if he said it was the best or not but it's likely he doesn't think Pe Aor is the best anymore.

Feed The Cory Mark Wiens certainly knows more about Thai food than most other English-speaking YouTubers. But I have to say he tends to overrate food and places. You can somewhat tell from his reaction when he tastes food. And to say something is the best, that's quite a big and rather pretentious statement in my opinion. When it comes to savory dishes in Thailand, each place usually has their on technique or secret seasonings or maybe some ingredients or toppings are different. Thai people do love variety and will go to different places even for the same dish like tom yum goong as each place offers something different but it's all good. Sweets and desserts are somewhat different. The traditional recipes and methods are the best.

Feed The Cory No wonder! To be honest, I was thinking why you seemed to pick rather touristy and hyped up places like those two. I've never had good boat noodles at the Boat Noodle Alley. The broths were seasoned so heavily and sour and lacked depth. And Pe Aor originally rose to fame only because she did tom yum goong noodle soup, which was not traditional. See noodle soup is a Chinese dish and traditionally when you say tom yum noodle soup Thai people would think of clear broth seasoned with chilli powder, lime juice, sugar, and crushed peanuts, not tom yum goong.

I'd like to try both street food versions and restaurant versions. The boat noodles and Tom Yum Goong recommendations were from eatingthaifood.com, which is run by famous foodie Mark Wiens. I also read elsewhere that those places were the best, so that's why I went to them. Usually I don't go about seeking "THE BEST ________" wherever I go, but when looking for recommendations those 2 things stood out as something I'd like to try, but didn't want to wander for hours on end in the streets trying to find a street food cart selling them. Chilled version of Tom Yum Goong sounds really interesting, I'm very curious about that!

Bill c I've no idea about chilled tom yum goong. Certainly sounds odd. Anyway, I should say that when I mentioned Thai food in my previous comment, I meant traditional central Thai food. You can search "royal Thai cuisine" if you're interested for the more refined version of central Thai food that's only served in nice restaurants. It's the way food was prepared and cooked with more attention to detail for the royal family and aristocrats in the past. Remember, Thai people are willing to pay more for that although it's not something regular people can afford on a regular basis. For regional cuisines though, I personally think the street version is what it's supposed to be.

I have seen a restaurant that has a "Chilled" Tom Yum Goong. I like Tom Yum as authentic as it can get.

Bill c Not quite true. If you visit Thailand and do not eat Thai food in a nice Thai restaurant, you are missing out. Thai food in nice air-conditioned restaurants is more delicate and fresher-tasting than the street food version, which is more intense but not as refined. You just have to shoot for places that cater mainly to the locals and not foreign tourists.

I Enjoyed this vid Cory keep up the awesome work! Your vids are inspirational.

Thanks Jessica, I'm glad they can inspire you and others to travel or follow your dreams!

Megan, you know this is Thailand right? Not Vietnam?

Quality > quantity!

Glad you enjoyed, thank you! I'm always trying to improve, and sadly I feel that this video is definitely not one of my best. I had to work with what I had and try to make a vlog out of it. Hopefully I'll make better vlogs in the future for you all. Thanks for commenting!

Before trying dog meat: er- this is probably going to be disgusting. After trying dog meat:.... holy fuck this is the best meat I've had since Tyrone's ...............

What? What does dog meat have to do with this video?

Excellent video! Your video's are always very concise, informative and non patronizing. I was getting bored with other foodie uploads recently that always say postive things on everything they eat.

Thanks Cjango, for the kind words! Yeah, I'm just doing my own thing. I'm not the best at describing food, and I don't have a team of people doing research for me, so most of the time I have no idea about the name of dishes or what ingredients are used. But I love to cook so I try to figure out what is what through visuals and tasting. There's a lot of food vloggers out there these days, many trying to do the Mark Wiens thing, which is fine. Some focus on high production value, almost like a network TV show. That's fine too. But it's not my cup of tea. I can't be bubbly and fake every single time I eat on camera. hehehe It's just... not me. ^^

Heh. Bangkok is normally portrayed as super modern but those shots of the hordes of motorbikes and jumbled up wires look quite familiar

It's definitely a mix of modern and old, clean and chaotic. I love the contrasts so much. It was like a fusion between Tokyo, Seoul, and Hanoi but with it's own unique vibe. During this trip I was imagining what my life would have been like if I had moved to Bangkok instead of Hanoi. lol

Thanks for including the dipping sauce recipe because after your reaction to it, I must make this lol. The prawn noodle dish at the end looked amazing.

Yeah, I'm definitely going to try and make the sauce at home following some recipes online. It was soooo tasty!!!

Thanks Cory very nice to bad you couldn’t stay longer have a nice day ☮️❤️

Thanks Jacque, yeah, my recent trips to Bangkok were only out of necessity for a visa run. Luckily, I picked up my 1 year business visa when I returned to Vietnam after this trip. Now I don't have to do visa runs every 90 days, allowing me a chance to save more money for a bigger and longer trip somewhere! I'd love to see the beautiful beaches and islands of Thailand next time I go!

Good and informative video. Great shots. Always interesting to watch your work.

Thanks Sean! Thanks for the compliments!



Wow! I’m afraid I might get electrocute with all those wires. Papayas salad look great. Did you take your girlfriend with you? Cory, Thai people like to put sugar in the soup so that is where the ants draw to the sugar. The Wat Pho temple is so awesome.

The wires are definitely intimidating, but as long as you don't touch them you'll be fine. hehehe Thailand's wires are much more organized than Vietnam. Unfortunately I didn't take my girlfriend with me. She had to work and I had to do a visa run. I didn't know they put sugar in their soup, that's very interesting. Glad you liked the video Victoria!

You made the most of your short time there! I love Thai food, and it's so cheap there!

Thanks Jamie! I tried to do what I could, without knowing anyone in Thailand. hehehe Glad you liked it!

Cory i liked everything except the cable hanging everywhere my goodness you could get a nasty shock from that lot ! LOL .

Those are telephone and internet cables.

Yeah, all the bundled cables everywhere is a common sight in Thailand and even Vietnam. I would hate to be an electrician doing street maintenance on utility poles. hehehe

Another fine video :-). I so want to try the papaya salad! Am afraid the peppers would do me in - but would still try. All the food looked great - was it all spicy? Is the spice hot or numbing? I don't think I could choose just one part of the trip as being my favorite it all looked fascinating! Thanks

The salad is fantastic, but yeah... get ready for Thai heat! hehehe Thai spices are the best! Not all of it was spicy, though, so that's good for those who don't like spicy foods. And the things that are spicy, it's a good spicy, not the kind that's just painful. I don't like that kind. Glad you enjoyed the video Donelle!

Great video, Cory. Thanks..............

You're welcome dude! Thanks for watching!

I love watching you walk around and getting to see the neighborhoods and just everyday life. Thanks for the video!

Thanks Elizabeth, that's exactly the kind of travel I enjoy the most. Wandering through back alleys and seeing markets deep into the local neighborhoods... it's so cool! Glad you enjoyed. ^^

Great video!! HONGKONG Food good to You ever come here where I live Hong Kong and try our food?

Yes, I went to Hong Kong once in September 2016. It was VERY nice! But I was only there for 18 hours layover from Seoul to Rome. I want to go back and eat!!! Hong Kong is a wonderful city. ^^

The food looks delicious. WOW! lots of wires hope they never have a short. I leave Sunday for a cruise first time on one ever. Nervous and excited . Do not get around well. (use a scooter) Traveling mostly by myself. But so excited to finally get to go somewhere. Have only traveled to a few states here in the USA. Enjoy your videos so much. Thank you for sharing.

Mexico! Your welcome I enjoy them.

Oh wow, congrats! You're going to have an awesome time on your cruise! Where is the cruise going to? Thanks for watching my videos, I really appreciate the support!

I feel like as soon as you become fluent in the strange language of Thai, you're going to move there Haha.

There's no footage of it, but I was definitely greeting EVERYONE with sawadikap and putting my two hands together and bowing a bit. And I was also saying thank you in Thai. I think it's a beautiful language and full of character. I love the way Thai women speak, and the drawn out "kaaaah" sound, it's so nice. hehehe

How much $ for airfare Bangkok to Hanoi? Thanks.

It's usually very cheap, like $80. But this time it was $250 because of the season when most people are traveling for holiday.

Great vid,i like em long

Thanks Michael! ^^

Another awesome video. Do you still have your cool flat in Hanoi? Thanks.

Yep, I was only visiting Bangkok for a weekend so I could get my 1-year business visa when I went back to Vietnam. ^^ Thanks for watching!

pro tips: for those kind of sauce bag, we Thai just bit the end of the tip off just enough to pour out the sauce! don't wasted time on untied those rubber band!!

Oh I see, thanks for the tip! I don't know anyone in Thailand, and I tried to reach some vloggers but they never replied back. So I just did everything by myself and learned things for the first time. hehehe But I love that about traveling solo. Learn from my mistakes, or learn some cool new tips from people like you! Thanks!

I apologize for the sound problems in 2 restaurants! I tried to fix it, but it sounds like crap. If you have a hard time hearing what I'm saying, please turn on CC subtitles. What was your favorite part of my trip to Bangkok? Let me know in the comments below! If you'd like to contribute subtitles in various languages, please click: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCAQLIhgbZGo1GgyONrKHuWw&tab=2

Feed The Cory No problem friend!

Hi Cory, The local eatery looks so delicious, so much fun in the 48 hours trip , but that is just not enough for a Thailand lover, haha, i wonder could Thailand be your next destination to stay and explore after Vienam? by the way you look so nice in Thailand video

I kinda wanted to see a studio apartment update

Nice vlog and safe travels Cory.

Welcome to Thailand, food paradise ever!!

Please make an update about your home and the pond and stuff ! It's so beautiful I'd love to see it's full potential you said your landlord was going to fix it soon so whenever that happens please share ☺️ thank you !

Great Vlog. Really captures some of Bangkok that most tourists don't see(around your AIrBnb).

Hey there, Cory! I enjoyed the video, first all! Thank you for the update. Secondly, I love complex spicy sauces and here in the middle of the US they're not very common. Mild American palete is hardcore here. @ 12:23, you curse lol and actually lick your fingers! Now, I've got to try it! @ 17:14 there's a very creepy lady staring at the camera....is she real? lol I was really diggin' the track played towards the end of the video as well. While you were in the taxi, I was noticing the big screens. That vibe sort of reminds me of Tokyo/Seoul, ya know?

I should also add that tom yum is best when made fresh. If you let it sit for a while the broth gets sweeter and aromatics mellowed out. That's why you don't see tom yum goong at rice and curry places in Thailand. I've seen several reviews of Pe Aor saying it's too sweet. That could be the case as the tom yum base looks pre-made. (I've never made an effort to go there as I've never liked tom yum goong noodle soup. I just don't find the components go well together. I prefer the traditional tom yum noodle style with crushed peanuts and fish balls and crispy fried wontons. Normally, restaurants will have base shrimp or chicken stock made in advance but for the making of the tom yum it's to order.) Westerners who are used to having tom yum soup before the entree in Thai restaurants in their countries may be used to Pe Aor's style flavor because I don't think restaurants have enough time to make it to order for that purpose. Those people likely will find Pe Aor enjoyable. For Thai people, the taste of tom yum in Thai restaurants overseas is similar to the taste of Mama Brand's tom yum goong flavor instant noodles as it doesn't taste fresh or aromatic enough. Note that I'm not a hater--just want foreigners to know and appreciate Thai food the way it's supposed to be.

Another great video. Boat noodles are one of my favorites. Stack up the bowls shoulder high! We love the beef noodle at the place you went to, then will go next door and get the pink sour noodle soup, cannot remember the exact name, but one of our favorites. Cannot wait to go back this summer. Keep up the great content, Cory!

Have you ever been Phuket? There are a lot of traveller here!!

Feed The Cory You can book Air Asia airlines or Nokair flight to Phuket about 1.15 hours. (Both low cost airlines)

Feed The Cory I recommend you to see Phuket fantasea show@Phuket! I impressed with this show so much.

No not yet, Bangkok is only place I've been. I want to travel around Thailand for a few weeks, and see all the different regions.

If I leave Vietnam, Thailand is very high on my list of potential places to move to. Glad you liked the video Jack!

I see what ya did their with the Instagram promo...

Sorry, not much has changed in the apartment yet to make a worthwhile video about. Just 2 days ago the landlord and I finally drained the pond and scrubbed the bottom gunk out. We're slowly refilling the pond over the course of a week to let the fish acclimate properly. If you really want to see behind-the-scenes stuff and can't wait for a future vlog, you should follow my Instagram stories (@FEEDTHECORY). I post to there regularly about my house, the pond and the fish in it, etc.

Thank you, Roger! ^^

Thank you, it was a great time, even though it was only about 48 hours. I'll have to visit again later! I'm so glad I live in Vietnam, very close to Thailand!

I will definitely be updating y'all about the apartment and pond, but it's a slow process. It took nearly 6 weeks to get the landlord to help me clean the pond, and it's currently being refilled slowly to let the fish acclimate to the new water. For those who can't wait, you can follow me on Instagram (@FEEDTHECORY) because I post to my Stories what the pond and patio look like while I'm working, while it's raining, etc. Thanks for commenting Christina!

Agree with everything you said!

I always suggest that travelers get away from touristy places and go explore the real streets and neighborhoods of wherever they are (within safe reason). Don't overplan a trip and try to cram all kinds of touristy places, give yourself some time to do nothing and just wander around aimlessly. Sit down at a local street vendor stall and enjoy the food/drink and people watch. It's the best way to get to know the feel of a place. Glad you enjoyed the vlog!

Hey Kaimicah! Glad you enjoyed the vlog! Yeah, that sauce caught me off guard with how yummy it was. I try not to cuss in videos, but I couldn't help it that time. lol And omg I didn't see that lady before, hahahaha how creepy! But yeah, it's just a giant poster on the window, not a real person. Yeah, Bangkok has large high definition LED screens everywhere, it really did remind me of Seoul and Tokyo. Bangkok definitely reminds me a lot of Tokyo, and there's a HUGE Japanese culture influence in Bangkok as well.

Look like Hanoi gonna lose you very soon lol

hahaha Bangkok is very tempting, but I'll still be in Vietnam for a little while. Although, Hanoi might be losing me for sure. I might move to Da Nang area at the end of this year. Still contemplating that move. Hanoi is wonderful, but there's something about central Vietnam that I really loved. Maybe it was all the beautiful beaches. hahaha I'm such a beach bum. ^^

Yes, there are many gems to experience in Bangkok and each time you visit you will take away pearls! As with most large cities around the world there are remarkable experiences to embrace and unique opportunities to explore and encounter, although Bangkok seems to have many more than most! Each time we go we try to stay in a new area and just wander, talk with locals, and see what we find. It has been a wonderful experience each time. An experience and tradition we are hoping to begin in Hanoi!

I wish I knew about the stacking thing, I didn't know about it until afterwards. But I guess it's easier to do that if you're traveling with someone, unlike me who was traveling solo. There's so much stuff I always keep missing when going to Bangkok. I'm going to have to keep going and going many times to really learn about all those different places and new things to try. It helps, I suppose, if I had a local Thai friend to show me the ropes. In my Bangkok videos, I'm mainly going in blind. I read some things online, but it doesn't prepare you for much of anything, and when you see/do/go in real life, everything you read goes out your brain. lol Thanks for commenting Jamie!

Great moment-capturing of places and atmosphere :) Great details :)

Thanks Jack! Glad you liked it. ^^

I've heard Thai chicks are hot....could you confirm?

Yes, there were many hot and beautiful girls around Bangkok. But there's hot and beautiful girls everywhere, in every country I've ever been to. hehehe

Are they really shutting down all the street food and markets?

I don't know, I heard some rumors floating around Facebook about that. But I am not Thai and I don't live in Thailand, so I can't check about that and be certain.

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