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Hello I'm Ola marshland, and thank you so much for watching my channel and buying merch from my, merch. Store. I have some very exciting news, if you're down, under, in, Australia, I'm. Happy to announce that I'm, going to Australia in April, next year with, the haunted the Hornet is touring with at the gates and witchery, and we, will go to I. Don't know what cities but check, the poster here buy some tickets and, I'll see you there it's gonna be awesome I'm looking for going back to Australia and. Hopefully. Also New Zealand we'll just have to speak so it's gonna be a full solaar, evening, with three, bands using, solar guitars yeah it's gonna be awesome it's good for me Oh laying them the Swede and the what's. Owner president. Of solar guitars it's good marketing. First. Question thank you hey, Lola as an independent artist so Lars is it better in the current age to release songs through, sites like district, hit or maybe try with a record label or maybe both cheers, okay. This is a question. That I've talked about a fair bit and there's, even a video of me from, Tolman where I talk about this and a lot of people saw that video and said like hey viola, you, suck and maybe. You should release all the solo because your music sucks. People. Totally miss the points and, are just being assholes the, thing about having a label is that they, will release the album for you so you cannot, do, both I think unless you have a record. Deal that. Specifically. Says that you, will release and publish your own songs, there's, deals like that if you're not been coming band with not, many, followers, I would suggest you, try and build a following first, before. Releasing an album I've said it countless, times before, maybe, you should release singles you know just, to have something some news going all the time rather. Than just you know release an album and then, it's done basically, then it's gone and if, you don't have any followers. Or if you don't have any fans that, will listen to your music you're wasting, an album, so I think it's way better to build up a height with. To something, with. With. Singles, or shorts clips, or whatever. Today just tried to make something different you know do videos do whatever, you can to market, yourself and, your brand, and. Your band sorry I think it's very important, to find all these small elements, that, will eventually become. Your band I think it's stupid to just focus, on one thing and that is to just release songs I think it's. Gonna be a lot easier if, you do a lot more things like videos and so, on and it's. All about building a hype today and. There. You go so district, and yeah I think it's definitely the way to go if you're a small band do all the publishing, yourself, and you, know keep, ownership. Of, your stuff in the beginning and then if a label comes out make sure it's, a good deal otherwise. You're. Not gonna it doesn't, make any sense for for, you to be sign on a label they're just gonna take all your money maybe. Not but okay oh I'll send me a free, one by twelve hey sue and I get people in Texas to buy lots of people in Texas Ola creepy. Mcpeepers. Great. Name a little a little note, here I think, you've got, wrong eye I'm not s ooh. You. Know I'm Old England so. I think that, it would be a great idea if, you just asked, the Brad hey sue instead, of me because I have nothing to do with a sue more than I that I own a cabinet, so, there. You go I'm, not sponsor or anything like that just email them and then maybe they can send you a free one by twelve because, I know there's a lot of people in Texas. Hi. Ola how to drop down a standard, tube guitar to D with. An every tune bridge okay, I actually have a video on this I'll link it somewhere but, I show, you that. How. I got how I do it when I go from like, standard, tuning, to a drop D tuning with, the evertune bridge without using, the. Averaging key and tuning, at the bridge so, what I do is that I tune my guitar to. The drop tuning. So I to, my guitar to drop C for instance and then, when I tune up to standard. I tune up using the tuner you usually, set, the tension. Of the string. Just, before it goes sharp so for, that when. You're a drop it's, as close as it can to go and sharp so you just tune up the string, until it, reaches the standard tuning and then you can go back pretty.

Quick So that's how I do it it's very fast and convenient other than you doing it the other way around where you tune full, guitar in standard E and try to drop you just have to turn. Your tuner way too long. If you do it like that. Only. Only good answers today I'm. Not feeling it 9:40. Of course I'll stay man you're amazing dude I think I was in my period, when I wrote that before. Okay. So this is this is Diego Diego, said, that he was upset, that I didn't do children. About the. Book. Children. Of Bodom. Maybe I should practice my Swedish will avoid he was little more sorry so, he was pissed, off that I didn't make children, of bodom video and I said no and, then. I I, told him the reason why and now he made this beautiful comic, and we're friends again it's, amazing, in, the world of YouTube however we're. Gonna check your original, comic just read all what, was it Alex, Eli how has done a lot for metal guitar riding something that feared haunted and even as if you are yet to achieve some kind of lame answer yeah, I'm, just, so you know even, though we're we're, friends, I never, forget, a comment and right. Now you're on my goth, list so there you go, but. Nice to be friends again Diego nice nice. Hyoma. Have you ever considered having a contest where the winner gets, a solar guitar something, like a solo, riff or mixing contest I think it would be a cool way to give back to your fans Cheers, it's. An excellent, idea I agree, there. Is one problem though. People. On YouTube and people in general cannot, handle competitions. Like that people. Are assholes they're. Jealous, they. Are just too immature to be able to be, a part of competition, so no I will not make a competition, like this I rather, do like a lottery thing of, a giveaway or something like that because yeah, people, cannot, handle. Competitions. Because, they just talk, and you know whatever, the outcome is there's always like what, the guy did it better whatever facing. My ass kind of thing you know and people, are just way too entitled, today I'm not gonna do a mixing contest I've done it before and it. Was just a hassle, and people. Are just if, they don't win they're just super pissed off, so, I write or not I said, bases it doesn't bother me that you may or may not make basis, of your guitar company but it hurts me that you skip every person that even brings it up when you choose two questions, to have on the FAQ in the first place not even your website, shows anything under its faq page to answer that question and unless you link exactly. Where you stated, if. You will make them or now which. More, than likely, not, you leave, a disservice to fans, including myself that had a queer out of getting a basis and. I'm not gonna call you an asshole okay thank you so much for not coming man that's all but okay. Every, dump that, has only react, to straight-up answer I just want the answer and move on. Obviously. I've taken a little jab out of people asking for soul our bassist I think. Most. Of you guys understand, that, it's, a repeated question that I beginning for a long time and. My. Answer, is that, I do not discuss, any. Future, malls. Or future, plants, with solar guitars, so, even. Though I was making a base I probably wouldn't, have said or let, you know all my plans okay and, so. So there you I'm sorry that bass. Players can't really handle my. Responses. But, there. You go that's just how it is I don't talk about what's coming, up or giving any time schedules, because then, I have to eat up my own words one day and I, don't like that so I rather, announce, when. Something, is ready to be announced if it's a if. It's a piano or so if it's a couple of drums or you know my own instead of the solar or dildos or something, like that so. There. You go that's just my way of running, my, company obviously I don't want to piss people off it's. Not what I do but I guess. I'm doing it by not, answering so there, you go thank you so much hope you understand, what I'm saying thank, you so much for giving. Me a question greetings, all a lot favored Opeth album and why my. Favorite opeth album is Blackwater, park is, first one I properly, listened to and that. I kept spinning. In. My CD player on, and, on and on it's a lovely, lovely, album, I really like it it's from. Start to finish an epic, epic journey, and I. Think it's the best representative. Of what Opeth. Is. And, should, be in my opinion I also, like watershed, a lot it's a great album it's the last one that, that.

Miko Was growling, on and, there. You go Blackwater, park people it's a great, album if you haven't heard it do yourself a favor check it out I you. Know I really feel like I'm all of the advice here today I really. Asked her into questions. In a good way let's, keep that up question. Of the week how, can I Glee guy like you get such a beauty, do you pay her to marry you love, Yola. Asshole. Your, wife is hot way. Out of your league fit, Nuala. Okay. So, we just worried a some, guy just call me fit. Nila which is basically. Face, but. My. Face looks like a. Have. You listened, to net, oblivious. Garris if not I recommended, that you do and plague flowers, the kaleidoscope. Is spectacular, song although it's long, like most eerie music okay, this. Question are beginning a lot about, this band so I'm gonna check out. Net. Little, believe beasts carries you. Know I figure it's a Japanese, band and, let's. Check it out and play, flowers, that okay here it is hello oh but, I want to see a video. Okay. Do they have any videos huh. Okay intravenous. From. One years ago does. Really look Japanese. What. Do I know I. I don't, know where I got the info, that there were Japanese. All. That's later I'm. A little bit worried about that guy because he's standing there and, that laser, beam I. Okay. I'm pretty sure they're not Japanese. You. Know what I've heard this song. It's. The it's this they're hit oh, thank. God he went out of that beam I was, getting a little worried Oh, a. Little. Ol puffy. Feet. Disgusting. Feet, whoa. Okay, he's entrapped in that laser beam be, careful. Taking. Him taking. A bath and milk. Cool. So, it's my cope of. Like. Good open. Didn't. You say that. Sorry. I like. I still like open it's just that I prefer old over four oh no not the laser beam to be careful, dating. A milk. So. Relaxing, I don't, know what they're singing about but maybe it's singing about being in a spa taking. A milk bath. It. Looks really soothing. I heard. It's good for your skin. Have. You seen the movie the cube there's. A section, where, they get, laser, cuts that's. What I'm kind of like thinking will happen here at the end if, it's true death knell there. Will be laser, cut in the end and they will all die and you can see the insides of you know the brain. Stuff. This. Is cool man. Oh. He's. Left out of play maybe he can stop playing left hand and solos maybe I have to call who do I call. Who's. Holding your fingers over her I. Wonder. Oh it's. Like the spar guy you know when they spot they usually have massages, and stuff so. They have someone that you know makes. Like a, facial. Okay. It's. Just about to get a head massage. During.

The Solo which, makes sense you know when, doing these massages do you have to be really gentle so. I totally understand, the approach of this guy okay so. It's, just a little breast massage. Okay. Soaking, her head it's, good, it's. Very important, okay, what's, happening now oh. She. Oh she became a milk head when, you bathe in milk too. For too long you. Get a milk, head. That. Would be a challenge for the live gig to switch, to the nylon string after the solo I want. To know how they do it I. Thought. It was gonna say very manly. But. It, did a little, disappointed, thank, you so much that was actually really good I've actually heard his song before I'd never seen the video Oh more. Massage more head banging head. Banging into a Sabina okay very, epic Sami i'ma say, okay. Good that was, net. A blow is scary our wrists it, sounds like a skin condition. Today. Okay. Griffith today maybe I should read this. Segment to Pantera, for today because, I just like Pantera so much I'm gonna show you this. Is the intro, riff for, the song heresy, from. The couch from El album and it, goes like this it's all harmonics. So what do you do you put your your, finger. Like. That this. Is really beginner talk. Right now so if, you say like oh I already, know about this I know face. This is for the beginners okay so. You, put your finger, so, it touches the string, you. Do not fret it you do not press you just place. The fingers so it touches the string and then, you pick like, this. That's. How you get an, harmonic cones so the intro for psycho holiday it goes like, this. Something. Like that and. So. Basically what you're doing is moving this harmonic. Like. This. Fifth. Fret for. Free. And then. Here's part. Of the. So. You move from the third fret to. Like. One-third. Off. The, third fret and then. Two thirds of the third fret and then, lastly on this second fret so. He. Says that. Awesome. Oh master suite horror riff of the week thank you so much for, understanding. My, needs I love, that riff that is so awesome I love that riff, more, than my wife no. Did, you did. You record an everlasting, using that seven string or did you drop to near 60 I love it chugging for the vocal kick in never. Last thing is the one, of the few, eight, string, songs I've, ever, ridden. So. It's actually on a next ring yeah. Mr., truth. I, thought. You were trying to keep politics off your channel why would you answer a question from a guy who blatantly takes, a swipe at the POTUS. What. Is that again. Is. That step, president over the United States that idiot, obviously, never had a single circus, class and knows nothing about how, turrets, work and why for the u.s. they are now necessary, China. Has been ripping off the entire world for decades and these liberal morons, will be happy to, just let it keep happening forever. I'm. Not sure we watch the same video is are you sure I was answering a question like this doesn't. Seem like it. Doesn't seem like it. But. You remember I like that thank, you Greg for being a member if you want to be become. A member and be just as awesome as Greg you can click here to the government number and you get all the extra, stuff. That I. Offer. Thank. You Greg I noticed. That when you play power chords on a standard tune guitar use, your index and pinky finger, like Tony Iommi rather, than the, index, and ring, finger is there a particular reason. You. Do that no, reason. Why I do it is that I mean. Awesome. Sound. Sound, awesome I love some, I've always been using the the the. Index and the ring finger. Because. Then you can put the. D. Pinkie on the octave so you get right. But, then when. I started to listen to dream Farah and watched how John Petrucci used his pinky I. Guess. It all comes down to what. Your preference, is and what you're gonna do like if you have a power chord I. Want. To add stuff to your power chord depending if you're. Gonna add something over the root and the fifth here, you're. Going to be in. A much better position if, you use your ring finger or, your. Off. Finger. But. If you're using the pinky. You. Have your these two fingers for you to do whatever chord you want so. That's, a cool chord I like that so it all depends on the application I use both you know. Okay. There you go. Is. There a difference in the quality neck, fret finishing, in the solar artist series versus two one and two guitars thanks a lot hopefully future.

Solar Guitar player no. There's no difference the, only difference, between, the one and the two series for instance and the artist is are. The specs so, the. Guitars are built the exact same way the, feel, of the neck will be exactly the same and yeah. The same model and all that it's basically just spec. Upgrade, when you go from two to one or you, know two artists so there you go thank you for the great question for, making me reptiles, my, own ass will, he continue to do quality control for each solar guitars, so. In the beginning yes, I did all the QC myself, I went there for maybe four oh four, or five times every. Month now we've, been able to hire severe. That I've told you about in the latest at the Q he goes there every month now and that's, good because he's way. Better, we guitar player than me and he's. Just way, more. Anal. About. Things, that means so severe. Has been the one that's been going there every month now so I'm very happy having, in my board so I don't have to go there every month because I have so much other, to do I will still go there maybe two or three times a year to check home things you know Duke QC. But, I think it's very important for me to go there and just say hi to all the people that works, for us and you. Know crates. And builds all these amazing guitars it's very important, for me to to, go there and meet them you know get my personal, a relationship. With them you know and also maybe go and have a drink with them, and party, of. Course there's a beef between Finland, Sweden Norway and Denmark that's, how it's always been kind of like a fight between brothers don't, be lying to non North European viewers. Okay. I look at it at this and now I'm gonna lose all my Norway. Denmark. And Finland, subscribers, but, I see it like this I think. It's a Big Brother syndrome, like not, in the way that you know the government is watching their citizens. It's more like you know I think that Sweden, is the, big brother of all these countries we, don't see. The, beef, but. Finland, Norway and Denmark has, a beef with us so, it's like oh you, know we're just oblivious, and. Everyone's. Just mad, at their big brother Chet, that's not gonna end well okay. Guys let's make a crowdfunding. Campaign to bring back all my subscribers, from, Finland Norway and Denmark I still love you I still love you, I. Know. People may have asked this before but would you be against. The signing and ml shaped guitar with Floyd Rose I would immediately buy, something like that and I'm sure other would, too chairs from Texas I've, answered, this question before, and you, know what it was a long time ago and I think I think. I might. Soften. Up a little bit about the idea to make an ml shaped guitar if. It. Is different, enough and I. Do not want it to be a. Dime. Bag guitar you know if you don't want to say because, I still think the ml shape is cool. But. It has to be different and it, has to be you, know something that you see that it's not a dime bag guitar then I would consider making, one and, but. Then again I don't talk about future products but I just did I guess there, you go a perfect, just ol of the horse, whisperer, ah so. Good at answering questions and, not really. Following. My, own advice. Will, you make any solar bases. Hi. Ola how about a quick house tour please oh yeah. That's gonna be awesome I'm gonna do that okay, I'm gonna bring up light my. Camera that I love so much oh I love you camera you're excellent, and I'm gonna bring my gimbal as well so you don't have to feel. Nauseous but, me, walking around so let's go okay, let me bring all my sugar and this is my room this is my wall with, guitars right now, I stripped, it down because, I had an idea and. I don't. Know what that is if we go out for my room, we. Get to, the. Living room this is where my lovely wife is sitting and pretend.

That She's working but. She's. Not obviously. And here. Are my ah I'm. Packing because I'm leaving, for China, this afternoon, in a couple of hours so. I'm, kind. Of like on my way this is my TV like, if you can follow can you, thank. You this is my TV it's a Panasonic, and I'm very happy about my TV because, it's big and nice, that's from Ikea by the way this, is my daughter sue. Look. How cute then we go here that's. That's, my dog. Boss. Rest. In peace, here's, my vintage corner of guitars, we. Have my salt. All our acoustic. And this watchman died in there I love a lot this. Is the smallest piece of ever come on oh you. Might recognize. This kitchen, this is where I've been recording my covers this, is where, I cook my food and I cook food for my kids and this is this. Is where I stand and watch. People, park their cars I stand, here and judge, their personality. Based, on their parking, skills that's, in front of my car right there can you see that the. Ford before. It this. Is the hallway, that's. Me and this. Is the door I use. To. Get in and out from. My. Apartment and then, we have another hallway, here and look here are my kids so, beautiful, so. Beautiful with, my kids here and this. Is. Where. You. Will think that the magic happens really, not, that often to be honest but I can I can make it happen by changing, the. Lights in this room so. This is this, is my. Wife's and I are a little space like that and, then. We. Go here and this is my son's room and. Yeah. Great. Great, - Wow so there you go that's. My mansion now. You know everything, about me in my life and I, have nothing left that is private, thank you so much for that question, okay. Good and yeah. Very good, oh look. Look look at that that's, beautiful this. I give all looking, being. Crazy. Amazing. Amazing. Gaming so there you go that's the home tour for you and my, beautiful beautiful mansion, of five, rooms yo, like ago, yes. Finally. A bar party of. The Ola England logo, y'all. I think your logo is probably one of the most coolest logos. Ever I'm not being sarcastic. Thank. You one. Of the first guys that actually. Thinks that my logo is awesome, so I run advil send. Me an email, I'll get, you a t-shirt right, away and. Know. Everyone else is gonna go but but I told you that the logo was awesome I am NOT I'm not getting a t-shirt and uh, okay. This was a bad idea okay no t-shirts I'm not gonna send anyone t-shirts but you can still buy them oh. Great. Okay that will say thank you so much for watching this epic you and, again. If you have any questions post them in the comment section of this video if you. Like, what I'm doing please, subscribe, push, notification. Belton, to. Get, notifications. Thank. You guys I love, you see you next time bye. Great. Good, job might, be the most boring haptic you ever make it's a bra what's on a downer.

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Ola PLEASE Check "abyssal mouth"

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Those light thingys 23:33 on the wall are so cool! btw just received weeks ago my V2.6.....killer guitar! Amazing and supreme quality instrument! Thanks for creating Solar guitars!

hahaha he said sex'tion

Lol what is that guy even talking about? Alexi is a good guitar player and writes decent music (though I'm not a fan of them), however he hasn't innovated anything or "done a lot for metal guitar playing/writing" lmao. There's nothing about CoB that hasn't been done before or after them. Don't get me wrong, that is not at all an insult to CoB or Alexi in any way whatsoever. Music doesn't have to be unique or innovative to be great music. Lots of stuff I listen to isn't anything particularly unique, but I still love it. It's just about the listener's own subjective opinions and experience of the music and the way an artist uses and mixes their influences and their own ideas in their own way. Nothing wrong with CoB or Alexi, but they're certainly nothing unique in terms of guitar playing or writing. He's right that neither are Feard, Haunted, or SFU, but that still says nothing about their talent and execution. I just love Ola's riff writing and tone.

Loved the comment about a Solar dildo would be a good venture and I believe Anvil would probably buy a few to use on the road.

I'm not the biggest fan of eight string songs but I think Neverlasting is brilliant

Goddamn, is thy English shite! The fact you're bilingual though sets you apart from the majority. Neo > Opeth, but neither is better than Lost Horizon. Plus Truckfighters are unsung heroes and boobity bopity keep creaming the croppity

SYL song/tone vids?! That would be neato mosquito.

Fuckin QUAKE, dude. Chill af, brah!

Hey Ola! I love your videos. You look like a parakeet.

Hello Ola the Swede ! If you were to advise someone who would like to start guitar, what set-up would you recommend ? Thanx By the Way, great great channel :)

Hey Ola! Since you and your wife like Tim Christensen have you guys ever heard of Dizzy Mizz Lizzy? Greetings from Denmark :D

Hej Ola, Why do you use a standard Youtube jingle for Riff of the day and not one of your own compositions?

12:29 if you wanna see the inside of a brain in a metal music video, probably should check out Dir En Grey clip for Ningen Wo Kaburu. and... they are actually Japanese, went to Russia to see them live a few weeks ago, they are great performers as well.

As a finn I think you were painfully right about the relationship of the nordic countries (though I'm not sure about the danes, they talk funny). I'm from Northern Ostrobothnia and people really don't wanna speak or hear swedish over here. I used to feel the same but now I just love you and support your (the big brother) team if ours doesn't make it. Oh and a question! I've been steering away from metal for a while but should I exchange my cheap LTD Viper and 6505 mini head for a Solar? To have that ONE good metal guitar to chug on? Also, what you think about vintage Guild guitars? Thanks!

how do you manage to play with your amps AND live in an apartment?

your face is like old paint of king...i dont know??

Hey Ola, Are you ever going to make solar basses?

I spoke to one of the guitarists from NeObliviscaris. They used to bring nylon strings with them on tour but now just have it on the backing track

7:26 "Do I skip to the next question or give a proper response" You can literally see Ola's mind ticking as to what he was going to do.

Hi Ola - interesting that you live in an apartment, well a 4-bedroom suite, how do you deal with the noise when playing? any neighbours complaining? I also live in an apartment here in Prague and wanted to setup some kind quite practice studio. Any tips?

So this what the bassist for The Killers does in his downtime?

Not a question, but when you were demonstrating the Heresy riff at 15:02, you called it Psycho Holiday. Come on man.

I love your shirt

Olla Ola, are you planning on realesing another guitar with a 24.75 scale lenght?

Vai toca finalmente rsrs

Hey Ola! Greeting from Chile! First of all, I want to say thanks for all the things you share in your videos. You and your music have been a great inspiration to me, so I want to share with you this instrumental song I've recently made. I used a Fender Stratocaster for that track, its the only guitar I have and it was really hard to get a ''Descent Metal tone'' but hell, it was so fun! I just needed to do something metal haha. Thanks for everything Ola, keep up the good work! :) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KavMKTpc33U

Play a baritone guitar riff for us someday..

I see quake on the computer screen now that's old school


Hi Ola, I´m in love with Solar guitars and I don´t have enough guitars (only other 7...I think), one question, Is there a difference buying in your web than in Thomann? I ask this because buying in thomann offers free shipping

Hola Ola! I think the new logo is awesome! It reminds me of a more "stabby" version of the Devin Townsend Project logo. If someone pulled your logo out of their pocket in a bar fight, you know sh*t's about to go down. Brutal. Keep up the good work. What's your #1 reason that the Dutch are scum?

Holla, nice shirt, greerings from germany

Hello Ola. I just read this on the interwebs: "If you would readout the name Sephora in Swedish you would get it translated to 'CP (Cerebral palsy) wh*re'. Sephora is my wife's favorite make-up store. Is this true?

Hi Ola.Have you ever tried recording on 2" analog multi track? Keep on doing great work.you are a little voice of sanity in this world. Thank you.

Hola Hola Ola, can i get a T-shirt, seeeee, good channel love burps

Finnish. Still here. And I get it, I always laugh about the beef between Nordic countries, because some people really do take it seriously. And haven't really thought about it, but now that I do, it is kinda Finns against Swedes more than the other way around. Fuck it. We can just blame it on all the ice hockey. Keep up the great content dude! Always enjoy watching these FAQs! -T

You're song "Devil in white" always reminds me of the metal song in "wild at heart" from David Lynch. Maybe something to do as a cover? Song's called Slaughter house from Powermad.

If you were to do a solar ml body style guitar the coolest thing that would stand out about it wout be the solar reverse headstock vs the "V" shape from other styles

Hello Ola, I was wondering if you heard about the Dimebag amp plugin collection coming out for amplitude? It would be awesome to see a review or demo by you. Thanks

Hi Ola Merchlund! What do you think about polish band Decapitated and their guitarist Vogg?

the cube part one is better than part two just saying

Are we gonna see SolarDILDOS???

Hey Ola, huge feared fan here, just wondering do you like horror movies? If so which is your favourite? And if you could have your music in a horror movie which song and why?

watershed is amazing. rip growlpeth :(( they're good, but i want the masterful growl\clean singing they used to have.

No one ever comes to Adelaide anymore :( I moved to Cairns recently so there's no way I can see you.

I was a member but had to cancel it, never watched your vids because of world of warcraft grind and needed more pot noodles. I hope you understand. Might sub again... unless I find a new excuse not to :)

Hey Ola! I have just watched your "Using guitar plugins live on stage?" video and Im blown away by it. But what if I want to use plugins while playing in a band live ? Can it be done easier than just programming all the other instruments as well? Love your humour keep up the good work ! Greetings from Slovakia

hi ola, any plans to show lefties some love with a matte black finish option? see you in april xoxo

Ne Obliviscaris is Australian btw.

Solar guitars will release a bass model when playing bass becomes cool and popular.

Fuck yeah I’d love to go to one of your shows here in Aus.

Excellent video, this occasion until I laughed a lot. I want to emphasize that I have done dozens of questions and have not answered any. It seems you have some kind of friction with the people on this side of the pond (atlantico). However, I see all your videos and I do not miss any of them. You are the bible of the guitar and I am glad that you share your knowledge. My question: If Dimebag resuscitated and you had it in front, what would you ask the teacher Dimebag Darrel. Greetings from Mexico

Cheers Ola.I am from India.the metal scene is India is slowly rising but lacking due to many factors.Anyways I am thinking of investing in a home studio and i live in a rented apartment.So my concern is the outside noise as they are more loud than my playing .Although landlords are cool but I am finding it hard to hear my own my own sound.I did a lot of research but I m thinking either headphones or studio foam or something other for monitors.I am very confused how to approach this studio thing.Hopefully you could give me some leads .In this video i saw that you live in a apartment too so i hope you can advice me . Hopefully you can answer in the next video.Great Content and beautiful studio btw ola

Hi Ola, I think you need to come out with Solar Bagpipes. Thanks for all you do, you Swedish Meatball ;).

Ola, I am going to be on the road away from home and my 4 kids for a four month period, so I want to take advantage of this time with lots of jamming. What kind of guitar+amp/headphone setup would you recommend for quiet hotel jamming and easily packed into plane luggage? Thanks! P.S. your channel is dope

Your Solar guitars are awesome to see but can the site be updated to view prices in USD?

hey man, it depends in what country you're choosing to view the site from. All sales outside of US are listed in USD

Im still waiting on the solar electric triange....WHERES THAT OLA!

Hey Ola. My question is as follows: In your earlier FAQ's you had a Fishman Triple Play on one of your Solar Guitars. I bought one myself and returned it. No matter what I did to adjust the latency, I couldn't get solid performances from it. I tune my Guitars to drop C and A. I thought perhaps this was the problem. But, I wanted to know your thoughts on the matter. Jeff Loomis has a video where is is using the Roland GK3 and a Boss SY-300 pedal. It seems to work fine for him. The reason I ask is because I am a vastly better Guitarist than I am a Keyboard Player. Not bad at keys. Just not the same. Can you suggest a good MIDI capable Guitar? Or am I just shit out of luck? -Cheers from MD USA!

True Temperament Solar model in the future? Have you tried it? Your thoughts on it? Answer my question, Bitch!

tour of the storage of guitars and amps!!!!

Ola where can I get the majestic hello titty shirt?

I don't see where is the solar panel on your Solar guitars. So many questions, does the solar panels power the active pickups? Why hide the solar panel if it needs to see the light to get power? Why not just use a regular 9v battery?

Ola, concerning Opeth, please comment the guitar amps, tones, dist and whatever in Watershed, I cant't find that anywhere. Btw, Ola means "Hello" in Portuguese in case you didn't know

Very Happy to see that you are coming to see us here in Aus!! I will be coming to the Sydney or Brisbane event. Talking of Event: Event (Speakers) and Rode (Mic's) are 2 big Aussie companies that I am sure you must have heard of... Anyway, I CAN'T WAIT MATE!

Hey Ola, are there a few metal songs that you consider a right of passage for any aspiring metal rhythm guitarist? If so, what are they and why?

Ever listened to Aeternam?

Hi Ola! First of all, congratulations for all of your achievements, i´ve been follow your work, (Youtube videos), since the beginning, and it´s amazing the evolution and the work you´ve been made for us musicians and metal community, helping us with your gear videos, amps, pedals, etc...and now with the beautiful Solar guitars. Thank you very much! Besides Solar guitars, any chance to release in prodution Solar pickups? Cheers

Someone else has seen the movie cube? Fist pound ola

Tariffs are shit.

Waiting for that Solar black bass one day...

Allo Ola. Can you talk a bit about endorsments? How it happens, do the companys aproach artists when they attract alot of attention or is it the artists that beg companys to be sponsored? Do you only get free gear or you get paid to play a product? Can you still play other brands publicly or will you be sued, Is it usually contract based or are artists free to change whenever they want ect... Maybe talk about your experiences and possibly experiences of musicians you know. Cheers!

Ola...you make me laugh...even through my case of hemmorhoids. Thank you cause it's important to laugh when one has hemmorhoids. Shout out to Preparation H.

I agree with your outlook on competitions

Hi Ola. What do you think about the new Bloodbath album? For me, this is a perfect continuation of this individual band sound. Best regards from Silesia.Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp! \m/

Hey Ola , have you ever heard the tracks "Necronomicon" or "Winds of Ghenna" from Jensen's former band Seance off the "Fornever Laid to Rest" album? I liked them so much that I actually wrote a fan letter (something I have only done 3 times in my life ) after I heard those two tracks back in the early 90's. And Jensen replied , back in the days of handwritten letters instead of emails. Cheers from California .. Jonathan "Evil"

9:20 My fav album is Watershed.

Hi ola, whats are your favourite In Flames riffs? Hälsningar från Córdoba Argentina

Hey ola! Was wondering what your opinion on septicflesh was. Would recommend the communion album if you haven’t heard it. Specifically Anubis, and sunlight moonlight. Greetings from Texas.

Also, A Guitar Center distribution for Solar Guitars would be nice, since it's easier for people in Latin America to go there and buy your guitars. A Telecaster body reverse headstock with Floyd Rose would be cool!

Hey Ola, you should make more Floyd Rose Solar Guitars! You just have 2! A V shaped with Floyd should be available too!!! Please consider also some Kahler bridge options! Cheers from El Salvador.

Hey ola, where did you get that shirt? I need of one

Tja Ola, Just recently discovered you after I bought my Solar Guitar, Yes I found the guitar before you. Love the guitar by the way. However when I was reading about the Guitar and the bass player in my band told me about you I start to watch your youtube videos. Lots of great (tidsfördriv) in my job. My question since you played with Six Feet Under, Do you know if those guys "hmmmmmm" stole a riff from us? our song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAOHi3j5nt8 Six feet Under song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v52qaecMQOM The start of the songs are sooo close its scary!! We in our band just feel it is cool someone after us is doing something that sounds like us. Kul som fan att se dina youtube grejer, Old School Death Metal rules men HM2 suger!!! Toxaemia hade billig skit tidigt 90 tal :D

Laser won't hurt him unless they're pumping too much wattage into it. I'm sure you really appreciate this piece of nerd knowledge. Great FAQ video, Ola.

Hi Bro! What do you think about the new Bring Me The Horizon's song? Dani Filth appears on it!

Solar dildos, when?

Hello Ola, do you think bands can tour too much to the point that they end up making worse music? I sometimes feel bands like Devildriver tour so much that it harms their creative side. But I understand its the nature of earning money, so they are kinda trapped in it. Hope you and your family are doing well, thanks.

Now I want Solar dildos

Ola Englund dude I love your shirt

18:53 Du simmar ur bild!!

Why make basses if you're a guitarist? Leave that to a bass player.

"I'm feeling it" xP

plz come to perth when you come aus would be amazing

Bodom is the Swedish name of the lake CoB took their name from :) So it is said: "Buu-dom".

When can we see the Solar dildo?? :-D :- P and ba... Nä okay da kommer inte att fråga igen. .-) Lev Väl Pinge

Solar battery charged dildos is badass Hello Kitty=Hello Titty Calm UR Titty=Calm UR Kitty

whats the breast t shirt you own, the kitten one you have on is nice

Hi Ola, i wonder if you can make a quick tutorial of how Jonas from At The Gates and The Haunted set up his bass guitar. Because his tone it´s amazing. Greetings from Venezuela.

BWP is not the last time Mikael growled my dude. Watershed was and it was after Ghost Reveries which is their best album imo. And NeO are Australian.

Ne Obliviscaris is from Australia, saw them along with Wintersun last month

typical Adelaide gets left out again.

Variax and Helix can change from heavy distortion to nylon sound with a push off a button.

Quake !!!!!!!!!!

I never knew about that goddamned bell :/ I'm also the 111th one to like that comment. Thanks for the info.

I'll be at the show

So, for the upcoming Solar Basses, got an idea: 5 strings, MM/J pickups (mini switch to split the MM) and 35". Love your videos (even though I don't play metal -but listen to it a lot-)

Hey Ola, thanks for telling us to click the bell. I didn't know about that part! Thanks for all the great content and humor, you're the best! And watch "Norseman" on Netflix, I think you'll like.

Why do my videos turn black when I try the 78050P resolution? Using mobile phone.

Ne Obliviscaris are and Australian band Ola. I have seen them play a few times

solar dildos...super fast and sleek but they only come in black...something something graphite nuts.

Dude I need that shirt

Är du Sungen´s bror?

Any raffles for lefty's

LOVE the Quake vid on the computer!

Hi Ola! Love your channel... for the next FAQ: Gojira - Le’Enfaunt Sauvage or Magma????!!! And... any tips for an aspiring luthier (guitar maker)? Thanks! Have a good one!

Hey, Ola. I recently got passive pickups and while palm muting, the sound is very weak, although the output is 20k omh.

Hesu means piss in bangla

side note: wtf is the red button by your studio door? lol and explain the Justin Bieber poster!

On the ML shape you could try swapping the top right with left maybe?

I miss old Opeth as well.

See you in Melbourne mate.

What is that "retro gaming wallpaper" on his computer?! Looks awesome

Your arms my hearse is much much much better

people missing the point and being ass holes way to sum up the current gen man. Hammer, Nail, Head :)

I appreciate the quake gameplay in the background

Fucking awesome shirt, gotta get one of those for myself

Ola can you interview Dan Swano?

Came to watch Ola but ended up watching quake in the background the whole time

Hey ola, a different question here. If I ever come to Sweden which place would you recommend to go and have a drink and listen good music, also are you and your wife still finding the time to go like to a pub or something to enjoy just the two of you?

Varför är det så att man är en högerhänt gitarrist när man har gitarrhalsen till vänster?

Did you notice or even realize that the red white and blue guitars in the background of the quality check resembled an American flag?

+1 for A1.6ML FR C

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