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What's, up everyone and welcome, to FAQ. Number, 75. And yes. I am well this, week thank God for that so this past week I released, the, first single of my new instrumental, album the, song called Pizza Hawaii thank, you so much I seen a lot of your comments, and it seems like a lot of people like that it was kind of like an experiment, because I released a single and it, not being chugging. Metal and it. Was this, positive, positive. Ola single, and it. Seems like a lot of people enjoyed. The. Song so that makes me very happy, thank, you so much I really appreciate you can still pre-order, the album here somewhere, and, there's. Different variations. Of how you can order it there's a guitarist edition, with Guitar Tabs and backing tracks or whatever guitar picks and an Ultimate Edition with vinyl, and stuff. Like that so please go pre-order, if you haven't already and, I'm sorry for, talking a lot about my instrumental, album during my epic use but you know what it means a lot to me you know it's my baby that's. Why I do it, so, please. Listen to my baby oh also, this past week we released the. New Morbid, Angel done, vadym, vogue century guitar check. Him I could check them out check out the good news. Net two, guitars one, b-17. String a. Amazing. Awesome, first question, marko, Abril how, come you never reply to my questions and always reply, to repeats, is it, because I'm Latino you're, a racist hola, hola. England. Maybe, your question is shed happy. Things. Mark. My barrel, hola, I asked, you what, your face Swedish, bands were I guess I'm the only one into swedish mel ho hmm, then I'm not sure how I could miss that out of thousand, questions in every video. Smiley, faced no I definitely skipped out on your question because I'm a full-blown racist, good. What's, this this is not a dishrag by the way this is for cleaning off the desk, don't. You, know don't clean off your desk with it just rack that will that. Will break. The desk so, there you go yeah. I'm definitely a racist full-blown, Nazi that's what I am okay, a little disclaimer maybe I'm not a racist but I feel like I have to say this and make this disclaimer, otherwise people are gonna think that I'm a racist because they they just cannot, get my sarcasm, right so, okay I'm gonna answer your question anyway my favorite Swedish, pants, are Wow. My sure get probably. Opa. Opa. Yes Opeth. Yes. Great what, else paint a salvation, shit, every, grace shit there's a bunch of them why, so many good Swedish male bands I don't know at the gates. You. Heard them all Rudy. I hope. Hi hola please give me a virtual hug oh. My. Nose. Fight. Fight. Ouch. It. Seriously hurt my nose, careful. Of virtual, hugging it's, not good for your nose empty, words 1995. Coffee with, Ola with Jeff Loomis. Yes. Chick. Chick. What's, this this little hook thing here I'm trying, to say that I released a coffee with Jeff Loomis from man two, days ago that's what this hook means so, go check it out the, coffee would almost that I made it now work a little short, so I definitely look forward to having Jeff over, into. My room at some point to, make a longer coffee, with Ola but that's a little, bit of a teaser right there go check it out two days ago hook. Darf Paul 76, hey Lola a lot of people asked you to produce a lefty solar model, I don't know what, you did are you, able to provide any any indication. Of how well these models have been sold I always, see lefties pleading, for new models I wonder how many actually, them buy them when, they become available Cheers that's a great question, and we. Did put out a, 2 left, hand models and we will put out more now in 2019. But from. My experience and a lot of not a lot of people but brass before me kind. Of tipped me off as saying like don't, order too many left these and. That's. Kind of like the perception that I have and that a lot of people and builders, have as well is that lefties, have, a very very loud voice and. That's. Fine that's perfectly fine but, when it comes to. Actually. Purchasing. Something they're, not as loud as you would expect so. There, you go III knew, this so I was a little bit careful with, the, lefty malls but I think it worked out well I think a lot of people I think one of the lefty models are sold out and then there's the other one with the evertune, the.

1.6. TBL, and evertune. You, can buy here great, Joris. Silva man's uncommon, opinion but because the solar his single car has a six inline, headstock it, negates, the, tedious, tuning, stability issues, the most Les Paul shapes have, due to the string not hitting the fretboard at all but an angle. So. With that in mind that solar single, cut is actually a better design, than a traditional LP. Shape. There. You go that guy is, my hero he. Understand it right see, oh look, at this beautiful thing oh and. Headstock. Right. In your face headstock. Draaga's, see I am, still waiting for a solar with no ole Englund logo on it not that it does not look interesting, but it still gives too much of a same truebud which. Feels weird, like playing someone else's guitar, okay, oh I'll. Run, through this again, but. I I, kind. Of think that he's talking about the 12th. Fret inlay and I'm. Not sure you got the memo because, I haven't maybe, I haven't said, that in a while but this, logo. That, was, previously. My, logo it's now, the logo for the company. Solar. Guitars, so, I'm not using the logo anymore the logo is strictly, for, the guitars okay, so, we. Wanted to keep the logo because I think it kind of ties together the whole package, of a solar guitar and. Yeah. That's. What it is so. Sorry. Buddy volgar playing always sexy. What do you think about Polish death no bad decapitated. I probably. Answered this before but who gives a shit anyway, it's my FAQ I decide, what I wanted answer ended ok decapitated, are one. Of those bands, one, of the only bands actually in, this, day that kinda. Passed, this Pantera, ish groove going and I, truly appreciate that, I love the capitated, a lot vog a Mason, guitar player and. The. Haunted tour with them in the US, two. Or three years ago and, funny. Guys too, I hope, they get a really speedy, recovery. From this whole past. Year's incident, when they were jailed, in the u.s. because. They do not disturb, it they definitely, deserve. All the success that, is coming to them and I, will only see them grow as, far as I'm concerned, so there you go decapitate, it I love them corner rain hi Ola I saw you got Delta, to do drums on your single from the solo album and I'm curious do you know him personally or just as another YouTube content, creator cheers, from Louisiana, that's, an excellent question and I actually had, the. Absolute pleasure of, meeting, Delta, Empire and actually. Tried to record a coffee with Ola with Delta Empire so you can check it out here. What's. Up shit. That's a good. That's. A China what's. Up everyone and welcome to coffee we'll all right. Fuck. Are you doing what's, up everyone and welcome to coffee with all a lot this is Delta Empire the, drummer that. Drums. So, so, Delta tell. Me how you, when. Did you start playing drums. Mm-hmm. Okay. Can you tell me a little bit about your your, drum kit here it's really nice drum kit it's it's. What. Is it is that some kind of barrel on there or. Hey. No I'm not that familiar with drums in general but this the color of this drum kit doesn't really matter because, it's not a really.

Metal. Color. Okay. Okay. Favorite. Band. That's. It thank you so much for watching this coffee with bola today, I've been here with Delta Empire don't forget to subscribe to my channel oh you can subscribe to Delta, Delta's. Channel too I'll link it somewhere in description, and. Yeah. I, guess. See. It. Yeah. That. One's well great, dice, me. Ass dice, my anti Smee ass when. Are you making headless, guitar without a head. Okay. This. Is kind of a weird conception, that people have that I think that because, I run, a guitar. Company that, I'm gonna go and follow, the trend with making a headless, guitar I see, a lot of brands are doing this this. Is not what solo guitars, is about, we're not jumping. On trends, in that way and you. Know making a headless guitar that will look kind, of cheap for me to be honest unless it's, something new or something innovative. Or whatever but, just making, a headless guitar for the sake of making, a headless catarrh no. That's. Not me man the, guitar has to have a headstock, in my opinion I mean it smell, I think. This looks way more metal, than a non headstock, guitar but that's just my opinion you. Can go fuck yourself no don't, go fuck yourself go fuck fuck, your wife or your girlfriend so. Off better or yourself your hand fuck your hand the hobo just testing out my 6-month, badge Wow amazing. This guy has been a member of my, channel for six months. Thank. You so much I really appreciate it, and I, promise I will have more content, coming for you guys you know remembers, we we kick ass every. Week you, know I have a weekly update there, that you all you other guys won't see I'm. Doing live streams and, a bunch of new stuff interesting. Things happening, in the future so stay tuned. The. Swamp line high positive hola I thought you used one of those USB, pal power supplies in a video a while ago but, I couldn't find it if you did which one was it I was I just moved and I don't have a lot of outlets in my basement to use oh okay. Let me bring it blender, bring bring, it on like, Donkey Kong. Okay. Okay. So here it is it's the mower power. Back s10. And, this. Is an absolute, unit to. Be honest it's chunky, but. It's, great I mean right now I only. Charged, it once and I've, used it in a bunch of videos and different, applications and it's, still at 94 percent. Battery you can power up to 18, volts on, this.

One You have 18 15, 12 and you also have like how many seven, nine. Volts outputs, like you like this so this, is an excellent you know I'll use it on a lot of videos and what I like about it is that if, you, have a shitty power. Source you know that gives away a lot of noise, and ground issues, this, solves that so that's great more s10, you, know the brand that got sued who Sega read Ohio law you've been traveling a lot on tour with your bands for business or holidays, what was your best and/or, worst food experience, all. The tasting shit. That's. Actually a really. Good idea first series as long as it's not literally, okay. So yes. I've been traveling a lot I think, both, my best, and my worst experience happened. In China so my, best experience, no. My best experience, is definitely Korean. BBQ in Tokyo, it was my first experience, with real, Korean. Barbecue and it, was in Tokyo and it, was absolutely. Amazing, bulgogi. And it. Was ah I remember. The the restaurant was really fancy, and then not really cheap it was expensive but the. Food was amazing, I love that and then, in China I had, a lot of good experiences, in China because I traveled across China, so, cusine, is very different from north to east to. West to south and I. Don't. Remember where it was but at one point I got served, like a bullfrog, and, I'm. Like oh yeah I'm you, know I try everything, that is served to me on a platter and I, tried this bullfrog, and as. I put it in my mouth you, know there was just so many bones, in that little, piece of meat and it's. Like small, small pieces of bone and it's like you. Ever had a dream where you felt that your teeth was falling out and you can't like everything, just feels like the, tea for you strolling around in your mouth and that's basically, how it felt felt, like a nightmare to be honest so there you go great, question Bruno, Faris just heard Pizza Hawaii love the vibe how do you know what album cover to choose for, your music cheers, usually. For feared for instance eye contact. My good friend Sylvan who has been helping me for a lot, of times with my website all my, graphics, and all that Sylvan is the man I love, that man and for. The solo album I actually reached out to Causton. Who, would design the the. Old England solo album. Maybe. Two years ago actually because. I thought, I would like okay if I have a cover maybe. I'll be able to finish off an album or at least, like you, know I I need carrots, to, make myself, you know continue, to the next level so if I have a kick-ass cover maybe, that would inspire me to write more music and finish off the album so I contacted, costume. And I basically said like yeah I want something colorful, not, necessarily. You know metal or black or anything like that and he. Came up with this thing and it's like, like. That basically. And I, truly, love the cover it's amazing and for you guys who still want the cat on. The cover the cat is on the CD. Okay. So, it's still on there. It's. Call me fucking tits about the cat man dad, Desmond, what would you say what's the hardest thing about doing. A solo album and the most rewarding, get well soon man, the whole process for me doing. The album has been like, I really. Been procrastinating. The. Whole experience, but then. Out of the blue I discussed. With Lars who's. The contact person, for Delta, Empire and I. Suggested. To send him a song just for a test and Delta. Empire delivered, like this, so. That got me so inspired, I finished off a bunch of songs that I've had in limbo for a while and Delta, recorded drums on these and basically, that, kind. Of like made, me complete, the album and he really pushed through the album but, up to that point I was still kind of unsure about. Everything, and, I think that was the hardest part about making, the album it's just like. Where. Do I come to the point where I think it's something. That's. Worth releasing. And it's. Definitely a lot of self-doubt, in that in, that, state. But. I, would I would say that Delta, definitely, helped me out to push myself to. Actually finishing, off the album so thank, you so much Delta Empire Oh Michael. McLaughlin, hey, Lola what do you think of in these new, videos Sun's, up top, down. In. We has a new video oh my. God we. Have to check it out oh, oh England. Let's. Check her out the road oh. Shit. Okay. I love. It agree. Okay, I love, how, he rocks up his guitars like this say, I wanted to take this one then. Run in the back here, it's. A lot of hassle anyway but I like your style. Wait. It's. This blues.

Okay. I did not imagine this. It's. A joke is this really him. Oh they. Turned off the comments. That, means that people are very happy about this. Great. But. It is fucking, hell it is him singing. Damn. He has a lot of Ferraris, that's cool man, it's. Neoclassical, blues I guess great. Anyways, back shit, alright that makes me happy but I was very surprised, to hear what it was okay. Great anyway my, favorite swede okay. Uh uh. Axl's. Shocked there I don't. Flynn are you touring with the haunted one day play Wellington, New Zealand bloody, child can't, wait to see the haunted at Valhalla. Last. Time I checked I was in the haunted so I guess I have to be there a hop, n connect, Kappa Cyril. Ik oh I, could you please tell us how to enjoy life I think. A very easy. Tip. For you if you want to be happy in live you, know think of it like this how. Would you want to be treated by people you meet, you. Want to be treated as an asshole. Don't. Be an asshole okay. It's, kind of like an easy tip so, trying, three people the way you, want to be treated that's kind of like my it's. Not a mantra, but you know it's I try, my best sometimes, I disappoint people that's. What it is and I, also think that if you want to keep yourself happy it's, just do things and concentrate on on doing, things that makes you happy like, if it's playing guitar playing video games I, like. Working. Which. Is great, otherwise, I would wouldn't have any output at all whatever, you fancy I mean if you like to tickle, small, baby, bears penises. If, that makes you happy, if. That makes you happy good, for you buddy. That. Does Wow. Deep deep, baby, baby. Bear penis, shit, where. Does where does this come from I don't know David, Baca rel high a lot during a live video atonement a few months, back you said that releasing, albums isn't. Relevant anymore can you explain a bit more since you're now releasing, a single album cheers. From a bassist, I knew, I would get this question because obviously. A lot of people saw my video where I'm talking about how, albums, are dead because, at some, sense they are that. That, video and my message. They. Will get through to many people that it was my, tip for an up-and-coming. Band. That, want to get, seen and heard, by, the, masses, now, you. Know I have somewhat, of an audience I guess it's you guys good, for me that I have an audience but. It's. Come to this point where the. Solo album is not, a very, huge part of my. Income so. For. Me to make a solo album is more of my baby, and a passion, more, than anything and even. Though I said this in the talent video I still, love the album format and I'm a huge supporter of the album format but the idea I said in a video was to release singles instead. Of releasing a full album I mean if you don't have an audience why. Would you release an album at all I mean try, to spread out your, singles, or songs, to, build the audience first then, you captivate, your audience with, an album that's what I wanted to say with that video and, you. Know, this CD, a noun that I have is, you. Know it's a passion project for me you, know so I'm just gonna release it because. I like the album format I like. To have people listen to the whole experience because, it is a journey this, album is definitely a journey and listening. Through the whole album gives, a lot more I would think than just from listening through a single - single so it all depends, on what, you want with your music do you want to get big and recognized, then, I think that, you should try. And spread out and have, as much news as possible, and rather. Than just releasing, the album if you're, just.

Enthusiasts. They just want to release an album in your own way that's awesome, I'm glad you, can do that so, it's, all about what, you want to achieve with, your album release okay, great, olá waving. Its arms giving advice, that's. Me muckers. Hey a lot this is more requests than a question you should do a collaboration, with mrs. Smith to YouTube you target for you. Hey. Well this is more of a request on a question you should do a collaboration, with mrs. Smith the, YouTube guitarist, for your next instrumental, single to be in keeping. With the kitten theme to clarify she, refers to her fans as kittens. Weirdly. Cool you, should check out her you should check her out oh. Yeah. Gotcha. Is. This guy or girl. Mrs.. Smith okay. Yeah. She's sick I, like. That she's calling her fans kittens, should. I have a name for you guys. Morons. Yes, that's great morons, my little morons what's up. Gilbert. Gilbert. A Lopez hey I live in Brazil 70th, I don't know why I'm reading this we're kind of like a Russian English accent, but let. Me continue okay hey, I live in Brazil send, me a solo guitar for me to make advertising, in my, country I would. Love to be able to send everyone as free solar guitar unfortunately. That would probably be the end of my, company, and, so. That's how it is unfortunately. Your exposures, will not help me pay my bills so, I cannot, do this I'm sorry I wish I could but it's not possible in this industry. That we're working in. Tony. Griff of the day show, how to play a riff of your new album. Every. Day. Okay. Okay okay I got one I got one yes yes yes I got one okay. Okay I hope this guitar is in tune because it's the Floyd Oh. Shed. Holy. Shit burping. A cool, riff, from that song it's the, this. Song is actually being played on a seven string oh cool. But I can show it on the six strings. Okay, trying to show this this is the the, open, T riff or whatever you call it but you playing like this this is a standard, e by the way huh. You. Know what there's a play for coming this coming week so you can check it out there with the tab okay. Great. Maxim. Defy hell life on your angle savage mark to review very interesting in the sense of your reaction, you really seem to enjoy it and I'm asking you your, feeling, about digital modulars, versus, to Babs like angle and others digital, keeps growing, for numerous reasons but. In my opinion are great to about still the best regarding, sound keep your great work Cheers, thank you so much yes I mean, I'm. A big advocate for. Progression. I'm a bit you, know I'm a big supporter of. Digital. Modelers, as they become better and better but, there's just something about plugging. Into a real amplifier, through a four by twelve cabinet, and just, like feel. The reaction. Because right now I think what, sets the two bands from the modelers, apart today it's, just the initial. Hit reaction, when, you play a strike when you strike the string basically and, you know just like. That. Face. It's, hard to replicate that with a digital model but there, you go that's just my opinion so I still enjoy both which. Is fine I mean we're lucky to be in a we're. Lucky to live in an era where, it's easy to be a guitar player you just spend, a lot of money you have a good sound Oh, taka. Lovin our ski hey Lola pizza white sauce great can't wait for the Fall q please tell us when the pre-orders, will be shipped ok, so the good thing about releasing your own album without, any label is that you can decide, whenever you want to have a release date I have not set the release date yet because, I want to be able to ship out all the, CDs all the tabs all the big guitar picks vinyls, so the. Guys who pre-order, receives, them before. The. Album is released because I think that people, that pre-order, they are worthy of getting the album earlier so that's what I'm kind of like waiting for right now so if you preorder just.

Be Sure to fucking pick, out the. Package, that we sent to you this, guy. We. I mean, I've sent this package to him he's in Argentina, two times and it. States at his post office and he, doesn't pick it up, what's. Up with that so please, take, a treat this, package, has been through. The world a couple of times that's. Why it looks like it does so, if you order please go, to the post office and claim it okay. Great. That was the last question thank, you so much uh what's. Up shit, I didn't do a Swedish word of the day I didn't do the folklore, of the day we can skip that it's fine let's just do uh let's. Just do a pre-order of they you can pre-order my album up here and. You. Can go listen to the new song here, as well if, you have any questions please, put, them in the comment section of this video and I'll see you next week thank you so much guys I love you you guys are awesome thank you so much for all the support I love you see, you.

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Hi ola is there a chance of a solar iceman?

Hi ola could you please do a System of a Down tone guide? Also what is your opinion on Daron malakian ??

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Hi ola what is your opinion on daron malakian?

Hi ola is there a chance of us seeing a solar iceman guitar?

Hey Ola! Is evertune tricky to deal with? Like floyd roses can be? I like some of the finishes of your guitars but am sort of intimidated by the evertune

I'm having trouble efficiently switching coil splitting with my 5 way ( Solar TBRM A2.7 BTW :D) Do you have any certain techniques you use? Im in love with the neck split on them duncan SOLAR PEEEEEEEEEEECK UPS!!!

Ola, plz, answer this warm lovely 100% non-rectum-coitus question from TurboRussia. What is your opinion on DIY gear, like amps, pedals etc.? Love da burpz

Hi Ola, Are the roads in Sweden salted during the winter to melt the snow?

Hey man....first of all: congrats on the new house! I'm thinking of going the IEM route, so maybe you can share a quick update on your current monitoring situation: what's in your InEar mix (whole band, just your guitar,...?), mix coming from FOH or closed system on stage? And what gear are you using (headphones, wireless system)? Cheers! Elias

Hi Ola. Just curious, what is the reason for that not every Solar model have aligned back plates with the body, For me it looks more aesthetic when aligned. Guess there are a reason, and Would like to know. Hope my question make sense. Keep up the good work my scandinavian neighbour.

Are you secretly a brother of Dark Tranquillitys singer Michael Stanne? Have You tried their beer, Dank Tranquillity?

One moron just got his morning coffees on the laptops screen :D positive cleaning!

How many bees can you fit in your mouth???

I did see that Mooer got sued and lost lol they just copy and pasted the program

Thanks Ola

Hey Ola, have you ever thought about doing tone of the artists videos of legendary none metal guitarists like Brian May for example?

HOly shit Morbid Angel has caught a case of the Olas NOICE

Hey Ola! Congratulations on the house! Will Solar ever put out eight string guitars? I love Solar but my band uses eight strings exclusively. Thanks!

Give Agufish to demo alredy so he can shut up =)

Hey Ola, CONGRATULATIONS on the house ! I’m sorry to ask but when are you making a solar Bass. Take my money please!

Hey Ola! Congrats on the new house, it looks epic. Question is when you learn covers do you try and pick riffs/solos the same way as the original artist (alternate, legato etc.) or do you just pick it the way you’re comfortable as long as it’s the right notes?

Yeah, Yngwie announced new omage album - Blue Lightning where most stuff will be like that. Saw it on his Instagram page.

Hey Ola :-D you are a comedian

Hey ola how tall are you ? I live your videos i watch them as soon as you release them , you are such a big inspiration for my guitar playing. Feared is the sickest death metal band of all ,love your new song peace.

Hey Ola, What amp would you use if you didn't use the Satan? Love the videos and keep doing what you're doing! :) PS. I pre-ordered your solo album ;)


How do you like your Dxracer chair? Is it worth a buy?

Any chance to see you on Musikmesse?

Hello from Michigan Ola! Just realized I've been a douch, and haven't actually been subscribed to your channel.... I am sorry, I've stopped my douching and subscribed. I love you guitars, and plan to purchase one when the funds are available. As someone who loves, and primarily plays Jackson guitars, which one of your models would you recommend?

Ola Ola! Please release a limited digipack version of your album with the cat cover!

Vi sitter här i Venten och spelar lite DotA (I hear you, man) Vi sitter här i Venten och spelar lite DotA (I feel you, man) Vi sitter här i Venten och spelar lite DotA och pushar på och smeker med motståndet vi leker Vi sitter här i Venten och spelar lite DotA och springer runt och creepar och motståndet vi sleepar

Hey Ola love what you are doing. Keep it up :D. Just have a question. Why do you like putting cats in your vids (e.g. pizza hawaii, "album art of your album")? Cheers :)

Hey Ola, Greetings from Somerset. Love your youtube channel, your zest for all things music and sense of humour. If you could invite anyone past or present to a dinner party to celebrate your new house who would it be? Keep up the good work. Cheers, J

Hi Ola! I´m a big fan of your videos and have been watching them the past few years. At the same time I ask myself whether you are afraid of giving up your privacy?! As you show people your new house, your wife, your kids etc. you become more and more of a glass person. Does that feel strange sometimes? I must point out that this question should not lead you into quitting your channel ;-)

Hey, Ola! so what can you say about indonesian guitar production? why is that choice? There is an opinion that the build quality of the USA or Japan is the best, but Indonesia is worse! Unfortunately I didn’t play SOLAR guitars, but by your vids i might say that these guitars are of very high quality production! Greeting from the a lot of sarcasm country!

Hey Ola, congratulations on buying the house! It looks great, do you feel like a proper adult now? Can't wait to see the new man cave, good luck getting heavy amps and cabs up your little loft hatch! You rock.

Sorry for this second post, Ola, but I just thought of a question for you as I was watching (yet again) the videos for Your Black Is My White and By Silent Screaming. Two things I respect about you are your dedication to quality and your work ethic. They’re in all of your music, Solar Guitars, Feared videos, your YT videos, clinics, and on and on. If I’m to predict, I’d guess we have some cool music videos coming for your solo album? (Just hoping, not pressuring, dude.) Congrats on the house!

Not a guitar/music/gear question. Diddy Kong Racing is one of my favorite Rare games. What is your favorite Rare game?

I understand your reason for not putting out a lot of lefty models, but I do own 2 of your lefty Washburn solars, the white solar 6, and the other may have been an exclusive model? from xtreme lefty guitars (blue swamp ash, Floyd rose model). If something new and unique was released for lefties, I’d definitely jump on that.

What are your thoughts of killswitch engage?

I absolutely love the fact you had diddy kong racing on your screen during your FAQ, I always thought it was just a little better than Mario Cart, F the haters

Ola's morons bah ha ha :)

Hey Ola, ever thought of starting a discord?

thoughts on mooer losing a lawsuit to EHX?

besst part was DELTA EMPIRE

Congratulations on buying your house! It's a big responsibility but it is definitely worth it. If you need an electrician or a session drummer I'd be happy to fly out there and work for you!

Thank you for not making a headless guitar. I use a Vader 6 for travel purposes. It serves a purpose and you as a touring musician can understand. Smaller guitar can fit in overhead wich makes it perfect for me.

Hey Ola! Is that your own drone footage of the snowy tree tops that you use as a backdrop for your faq questions? If so can you do a future video of you playing guitar in the snow with black metal face paint?

How about a Carcass tone video?

Thanks for answering my Yngwie question. That's exactly the reaction i was hoping for :p

Greetings from Pekin, Illinois, Pretty sure I've watched every one of your videos and I've seen you play a bunch of different Dime guitars....how many do u own and which of his guitars do you have? Thanks for all the time and work u put into these videos!

Ola is Delta Empire

Hey Ola! I wrote you a heavy intro song for your videos, I just need a video of you riding a horse holding a sword to go with it.

Ola you’re so damn funny hahaha, “what should I call you guys?? Morons!”

Glad to see you finally bought your house in your newest video! I wouldn’t mind a coffee and a jam with “Ola the Swede” maybe we can get in a collab one day? Cheers!!

What is your favourite dinosaur?

Hey Ola, have you considered Solar Guitars jumping on the "Extended range / Multiscale / Fanned Fret" bandwagon? There are not many companies making real-deal djent-chugg-machines, not those shitty wanabees (7 string, 25,5' FR and EMG's - that was ok like... ten years ago?) - real big companies like Ibanez and Schecter, only having one or two models that aren't that well thought out... Basically Chapman being the only one selling serious baritones (28inch). I'm asking cuz you defo nailed the style and design game at Solar, and I'm pretty sure there is a chance you had an idea for a multiscale Solar that stumbled across your mind in the past. Cheers from Poland! BTW, Really happy for You and Louise getting your own house! All the best for You!

Tjena Ola. Where do you get your gaming and 'random print' shirts?

Thank you Ola, watching your videos really helps me when I'm having a bad day.

Delta needs to choose his words more carefully. That album cover reminds me of the old Yes albums, very cool. It’s “do unto others as you would have them do to you”. Someone famous said that....

Any thoughts on Batushka?

Ola, I have been asking for months! How do you feel about a "Coffee with Ola" featuring Adam D? This needs to happen! Lol, love your channel man.

Hei Olli Yeah, that would probably be your first name if you were Finnish. Then a little question: can you reveal any plans about the upcoming lefty models you talked about? Looking forward to getting the only available 6-string Solar with evertune, which I can most likely afford in next month. Just wondering if I should wait a couple of months more, in case you happen to reveal more lefty models soon, like one with a single cut body or different color options for the existing models etc.. Anyway, keep up the good work

Hey Ola! im from Argentina and i can say that the post office and customs from argentina are pretty bad, many times they dont send any notice about a package that has arrive to the country until is send it back, that happened to me with a couple of times, so thats the reason, shitty employees.

Hey OLA, is Solar going to make a Bass?

No other company supports left handed guitar players like Schecter, they're the best!

Omg marco shut up

Favorite non musician youtuber?

Hey Ola! Been following you since the old HCAF days. Congrats on the house! We just bought one last year. Do you have to have the full amount for the house up front in Sweden, or do you get a mortgage loan from a bank? I hope the house treats you and your family well!

Thank you for the kind words, Ola! You rock as well!!! Maybe call your fans Olaists? Olaianians? MIAUUUUU!

Hi, Ola! Which part did you enjoy the most in Resident Evil 2 Remake?

Your new house is "Arrechísima!". It means "fucking awesome" in Venezuela.

25:24-25-26 someone please make a gif of that.

Hi Ola! Not really a question, but damn i glad you bought this house! Some day i could share your happiness by buying one too (also we have very similar climate). Congratulations!

Hey Ola. Do you have any other hidden talents? I know you fancy yourself a good cook but any other talents that we might find surprising? Cheers from New Mexico!!

Does you woman ever get jealous over you guitars and chuggin. ...

I love the name of your fans. Moron is perfect!

Hey Ola! I love your sarcasm and Diddy Kong Racing in the background! I'm interested in buying a Solar guitar, but I don't like to buy instruments without playing them. Is there anywhere in California that I can try one, or should I just wait until next year's NAMM?

Hi Ola. Do you have any tips for guitar sound in headphones? I have plenty of amp sim software and it sounds great on my studio monitors, but for those evenings and nights not being able to play loud, I use headphones. And here comes the problem because I find it hard to get a decent sound in those, I get distracted and my creativity pays the price. Are there any good EQ/AIR tricks especially for the use of headphones and guitar sound? Or are any brands/models more suited than others for this? I currently have a couple of DT990pro, but don't mind trying out others.

Hey Ola! I can't wait to get a Solar someday. The Lemon Neon Matte color is perfect and I just saw that you released it in a 7 string version. Nice! However, the color of the six and seven string versions look slightly different on the website. Was the color actually changed or is it just a photographic difference? By the way, you should check out the band Extol on your FAQ. Betrayal is a great song!

Positive Ola, just wondering what deodarent/perfume/shampoo you use? I always wonder what it smells like in your room. Hello from Australia \m/.

So I was wondering, what program do you use to make the tabs in your playthrough videos?

~Olé Ola~ Which is better for a beginner, A1.6 or A2.6?

Do a house tour when you're all settled in? Also what was your first guitar that you bought? And (sorry last question) is your solo stuff going to be on spotify, cause I'd love to listen to pizza Hawaii for my morning playlist! Cheers

Hey Ola! Why you just try a tube amp and then a digital amp and record both of your faces. Then compare the expressions and... voila! You get the actual difference, as a fact! Cheers from Mexico \m/

Question. Do you plan on making solar guitars available for credit/payment plan? This would be very helpful for keeping the wife at bay, with her assaults when I purchase gear..

No-headstock guitars look horrible.

Hey positive Ola, I am about 3 clicks away from ordering a 7 string Solar guitar. But would like your honest opinion as to which one you believe is the absolute top of the line model. I have been playing guitar for years on shitty used guitars but never a brand new sexy one so specs have never been a big deal for me. Just something that will future proof me for a while. secondly, I'd like for you to check out the band He is Legend and maybe the song called Beaufort. if anything for the tasty solo that starts at 2:56. Congrats on the new album, congrats on your successes i hope this is the one you answer....finally. yikes

Tjena Ola! Du måste göra en review på TH-U från Overloud. DET PROGRAMMET LÅTER SJUKLIGT BRA!! Tack på förhud!

Awesome song! And I really like the "Positive Ola."

OLA!! Will you cover the cover of "the thing that should not be" by Diesel Machine using the metal zone and Randall Satan!? That heavy ass guitar tone in that song is so bad ass and I heard the same tone through the mz and Satan! Don't forget to use the effects loop hehe nar ha...

olaaa can i have you old crappy camera?

Hejsan, Ola! Have you ever heard of these two most insane technical death metal bands from Sweden: Spawn Of Possession ( from Kalmar) and Visceral Bleeding (from Malmö)? In my humble opinion, both of them (although now being inactive) remain very unique in their sound/structures/ideas and both have set a bar for tech death sky high. Swedish kings of technicality, hands down. What do you think about their music? If you haven't listened to them, then at least check out the song "Where Angels Go Demons Follow" by Spawn Of Possession. Tack!

Hello Ola, I want my next guitar to be a solar one. But I am left-handed and wanted to ask if there will be more LH models in the future? P.S. I am happy for you and your wife that you bought the house. You look very satisfied. Cheers

Hi Ola, I was wondering: if I purchased a Solar guitar, would I be able to request one that was quality checked by you?

hahaha Ola u nazi hahaha NOT!

Hey ola Would you ever consider doing a collab video with jared dines?

Hi Ola , First I should thank you for all of your efforts , you're doing hell of a great job , my question for next FAQ ,I need some advice , can you tell me what is the best plugin for loading impulses ? and which one sounds better for home recording guitar plugins or a distortion pedal with an impulse ? and by the way hope you sell tons of solar guitars this year

Hi Ola.Have you heard the Necrolord album ''demonic plague''? Take a listen to it and tell us what you think!! \m/

What about the best Swedish metal band ever? Entombed! No love for them?!? You disappoint me Ola...

Hey ola I know you did a segment on how you use a planner to get stuff done. My question is how do you balance music and gaming and YouTube and having a family and put enough time into each thing? Thanks keep making great content like you always do.

Ola , I don't usually comment or ask questions but.... I just ordered the ultimate version of your upcoming solo album "Master of the Universe" ... and I feel compelled . Why do you insist on taunting me with clips of you playing that magnificent bastard of a Single Cut Solar Guitar .... with its Beautiful brushed finish, inline headstock, sweet Curves and White Binding? Every time I see it I feel compelled to go to the Solar Website and Order it, but each and every time it is not even listed . You cruel and Heartless man, at least tell me how much It will cost me.... P.S. you should get that Beauty listed for preorder ASAP , I can only imagine how many impulse buyers have been lost.

Hey ola I appreciate you putting up the pizza Hawaii playthrough. I am considering ordering the tab book with your CD but I wanted to know are most the songs on 6 strings or 7? I've only got six string guitars :(

Hallo Ola, I think metal has lost a lot of soul due to plugin's, modelers, and pickups like Fishman that make all guitars sound the same, I know the modern equipment makes it's easier for the recording process but I feel it's making all bands sound almost identical, so is metal going to become like pop where artists are indistinguishable from one another. What are your thoughts? By the way, a J-Vlogger called "Gimmeabreakman" calls his followers morons already, he calls himself "king of the morons". Congratulations on the new house, I'm so happy for you. Thanks, Ola you are the best.

can we be called "dicklets"?

Click bait! UNMASKED! :( keep it up Ola! love the videos! Love the new song! Since I'm at it, any plans to come to Canada soon?

Delta Empire had some nice man boobs..???

Jefff Loomis!! Can’t wait!

Lol the sad music playing in the background 11:48

Ola... the screensaver on your computer... Where did you snag it? I find myself watching that almost as much as you... if you've already told us, I will probably find out. Binging your faq vids...

Hi, What's your opinion on the state of guitar heroes? Since the advent of YouTube, and the superstars like Fluff, Jared and yourself, have we seen the end of traditional guitar heroes? Or are you guys the new heroes?

Hej Ola! How about you do a re-make of "satan-add" in yer next fAQ? Its the top 5 funniest vids ive seen online.

ola, hi, you look very much like jesus christ, do you get that alot?

Tjenis penis! I was wondering if the evertune needs any regular maintenance like changing springs etcetera. And if there's any chance of seeing the Black open pore finish on any of the other models, like the A2.6? (för oss snåla jävlar) Keep up the good work and congrats on the house!

I agree with the guy who asked about the logo. I think the models are amazing but the logo it´s kind of annoying. Even if it´s part of the company still has your symbol´s name . Steve Vai or Marty Friedman berween others has been created with their companies guitars with no need of putting their mark on them. So...a couple of them without the logo(i hate it too) would be interesting.

Why doesn’t anyone hit the “like” button

Don't explain your sarcasm! Most people will get it and the stupid ones will weed themselves out. Just be you :)

18:40 Ola, are you Jesus?

Delta Empire: "The Drummer that Drums"

ERRRRR Ola, why u no answer me querstionz? Iz u b anti-white? u raysis!

Ola, ThaSNk for this video!

Drummer that DOESN'T talk all the time, who won't shut up? Glorious!

I love Delta now. Such a great talker. ^-^

I think Delta is Ola in disguise!

Baby Bear Penis? Holy crap man, that can be your next album. hahaha! You're a twisted man Ola.

Lefty guitars players are super broke

Delta answers as many questions as canadian prime minister justin trudeau.

I laughed my ass off when delta hit that crash

"checkinmudeemuhdeemmh" -Ola

Hi Ola...i'm glad you won't do a deadless guitar,but i want to ask you something....have you concidered a frettless Solar guitar?

you said delta would be unmasked, where? did you lie? should i flag this video? or unsub and never watch any more of your videos?


At 4:31 when you said builders....just for a minute there I thought you were talking about Brick Layers...Plasterers...etc....jeez my head hurts....can imagine them getting loud and upset because of the lack of left handed guitars.....

@spitefulwar Yes please!

hay ola, what do you think about metal bands from Indonesia?

Telecaster body would be Solar Faen Kuul

that was the best interview ive ever seen!!!

Olala!!! Greetings from philippines..

Why is it 50 fps and not 60

17:10 her? haha

Hi man, It should be interesting an inverted headstock. Do you have thought it?

Пенисы медведей !)))

Ahhhhhhh yeeeaaaahhhh #headlessguitarsareuglygang

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