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What's. Up everyone and welcome to FAQ, number 79, I'm, here, with my beautiful wife dreams, and. Like. I told you the latest I think you I wanted you guys to ask, me. Questions that. I would ask my wife Louise or questions. That my wife Louise, would ask me. So I got, a fair, I would say a lot of questions from you guys and a, lot of inappropriate, ones, like how big my dick is and if, I hit the g string and if. If, some. Of you guys seem to blatantly ask. My wife out. How. Dare you I. Like. Your style by the way yeah that's what we're going to do today so this is an epic you special. Of some, sort I guess but, before we start I just want to do a little Chambliss plug if that's okay but. This, week released two, new floyd. Rose models, with a solar guitars this, is the s one-point-six, floyd rose as you can see us with a flame maple veneer. There and it's, just stainless, steel and all that stuff and then we have our first V with, a Floyd Rose what do you think about that really. Nice do you like this it's. Pretty good it, is pretty I made, it let's, start first question from Aaron Franklin, hi, Olas wife my question to you is how did you guys meet and how did your first, dates, together, go I can't remember is Ola has answered, this before but, it would be nice to hear your side of the story just in case all has chosen to leave out something embarrassing well how did we meet, I'll. Interrupt, there for betted when, you were like seven or eight years old we went to the same school we started the first grade together, and we were in the same class and. We. Were, in the same class up until. Like. Eight eighth, grade yeah, then he switched school she, switched schools and we didn't see each other for. Up. Until, I think. It was the graduation. Yeah. We went out of its. A high, school I don't, know what you call it but when, you're old when you're 18 you graduate, from something. Or ninety, 19. I was 18 because I I am my birthday, is in September, so. I, saw, her at the graduation. Party and I. Was, so impressed with. Her I haven't, seen her in a lot of years and she, started quoting Dream, Theater, and Pantera, song she started singing pulled, me under. And. I was like okay okay I have to have this girl no, matter what she had a boyfriend at the time but that's easily fixed I think. But. Uh, so. That's when my kind, of like stalking. Started. I think because don't, think anything happened up until like two or three years later you know, we talked on messenger, messenger, ICQ I think are you guys old, enough for that we had Isaac you back in the day a messenger.

Miracle. Yes IRC. That's right so, yeah, I think I. Stalked, her for, two. Years right and then then. Yeah I think I declared. My love for. Louise in in, a messenger message. Yeah. And. I. Don't, recall what you what what do you respond and to be honest I do remember. But. I guess, you. Know there the. Current relationship. Was about to end anyway, yes I was like moving, on, perfect. Timing for always asleep it's, going in there like, so. That's where all I came in and stole. The day basically, awesome. Thank you Mexican. I could actually have it first date we didn't have a date no I would I mean I think the first date we, had was at. My, parents place I invited you over this, was before. My love was not. Responded, from you but we had like a movie night oh yeah, cook dinner and I. Was so nervous I, couldn't eat because the maybe, it's because the food sucked as well because you made the food there. You go next question Bret, exness, what does she think of all your ramen, subscribers. Well. I think, the same as you like. It, would be nice to have more it. Would be really nice but you know it's like. An arrow. Interests. Yeah I guess yeah, and there's more male, guitarists, than female. Guitarist. That too but also my channel, is very niche so. It's very, you. Know it's merit very def Mel and metal focused. And I, don't think that there are that, many, women out there that are as focused as definite. Guys but, out if you're. A deaf girl and we're, whamon come. Join the club please six fen missus England what was your first impression of, Ola, it's. Kind of a hard question, freshen. In what when I was seven years old I don't know I don't remember I'm, sorry that's, it's. Kind of a long time ago I don't even remember my name back then it, was all by the way hey Louise is Ola, a boob or a butt guy I kind. Of avoided, this question in my latest stuff acute but let's just ask police I guess. I. Think. So okay yeah how do you conclude that I don't. Know you, touch my butt, more than my boobs okay great. Next question fortiori. Question. To the both of you for each other whatever you want Ola do you think YouTube is safe enough to make a living off of sins. Companies, are pulling their ads and copyrights, gets crazier, I guess you have much more going on to make an income but I'm kind of interested in your thoughts on YouTube itself as a means of income. Yeah. Well it, feeds us both it's. Not just YouTube it's everything surrounding YouTube, I mean YouTube is a platform for me to keep myself alive, so. It kind of feeds off everything you know I have my solo album coming I'm, sorry for that but you, know I'm constantly, pushing, for, you guys to preorder my solo album because I can through, the YouTube channel and you, know the the solo, album it's now becoming you know a big part of the. Income that I have this month for next month and then the, next couple months it's something else in so it's, really scattered out in a way which, is hard to uh connected. It's still connected of course because everything goes hand in hand with you know solar guitars, and you know the shows I do with the haunted and YouTube and my albums, and whatnot so. Yeah. Definitely everything, goes in hand, it's it's, obviously. Not a good. Stable. Type. Of income but, it, works for us now we, have no idea what's gonna be in two years if. You didn't know already I hired Louise. Back. In September. To. Work for me and the company so she's. An employee now a lot, of sexual, harassment, at work great. Gorp, app pelas wife do you ever get sick of burping, oh. Man. You. Should hear my Barbie that's. What I say it's well like if, you think my burping is cool and funny. You, should hear her she's a fucking. Monster, oh it's, like a cat like a strangled cat kind of burping by, that can you demonstrate no, no great keeping. It classy I like that psycho, chicken hey Lowell I can't ask your wife if she gets and or likes your sense of humor and also ask, her what, the Swedish word day is, do.

You Like my humor without, your humor, I wouldn't be with you oh okay. Okay good, goes, hand in hand yeah, but, is it like is it it's a two vial you know what there's one sense, of humor that you have on YouTube, yes and one at home you know and the one at YouTube is a little bit restricted. There. You go I'm even worse in person, yes okay, so good, Swedish word a Swedish. Where are they. I. Don't. Have a switch where are they. This. Is like that I hate this segment because, it's become this, thing where people expect me to have really good words and we kind of like run out already so what the fuck do we have give us the, word and we'll, translate, yes are you yes. Just. Picking something it's like ah fuck. It Swedish where they fuck it we. Did oh good. Sweet word I quitted fuck, it basically, yeah there you go tea story question, for missus Englund are you sick of guitars yet. Okay. No it's it's. Been better now since we have a storage, where. We can put all the guitars yes, because. Before. We had all the guitars out here in our living room just. Behind. My desk, but. Yeah, it's better now it is better I am, I am becoming a better person i I promise. Since. The storage storage, solves. Most of your issues Russ, Nimbus, hi hola Luis sorry what, are the best and worst parts of having Aspen, that works such, an unconventional job. Like. All these questions because they will make me look good I hope. Depending, on the answer yeah, I think the best part is of, course the freedom, that. You can do what you want not, what your boss wants yes or whatever and, I think that, makes you happy and that makes me happy of course. But. Also you know it's makes. Me, feel younger, I guess, because. When you talk to like other, people, parents, or whatever to are, the kids parents, they're, like working, on a bank or, at, an office or something. Like it feels like, we're on the younger. Generation, okay. Yeah you, know even, though we're not yeah, exactly, you know they go to work with their suits, and stuff yeah, I think that I do I like to do during the summer, when. Everyone goes, to pick up their kids from school if I go is to take to just shittiest quotes that I have and, you just go like to the most def mel t-shirt that i have and just go there collect my kids where everyone else as suits and shirts whatnot, it's. One of my small passions, in life actually. Webber Hill who is not sure that it's spelt correctly Kowal, what, is your favorite band oh I. Have many favorite bands I like. Mostly. The. Progressive. Metal, what. I listen, to right. Now and like. Panel, salvation, and. Opus. And. They. See how proud I am right now and. When. I work out I listen to coheed, and cambria, what. Else. Lewis. Actually got beat Louise. What's the one that actually she she's the one that gives me new music. Advice here, and there today because, I I rarely listen to new music because, I'm constantly working with music all the time but you got me into leprous and it's, like holy shit it's. One of my favorite, new bands ever all the new kind of music, that I listen to comes from beliefs actually, yes it's, good taste I like it I did, not tell her to say this she said it on her own, behalf. So be, Merkel or Heil Louise Enola must, admit your channel is becoming a go-to for me love that you're putting some positivity, out there question. What was the first concert you both attended, as a couple and you still have the ticket stub from, the show was. A green, theatre yes it was, I. Do have to take it and I have, to find it so I can take a picture and put it here so you can watch it yeah I still keep all my oh, oh, my 90s and 22,000. Tickets I still have those stubs left and we. Went to dub Dream Theater show was, that one pain motivation, open up I think so and, it. Was it was a great show and I think you weren't really into the band but I tried to kind of like get you into it yes I think it was the six degrees of inner turbulence yeah, poor and uh I. Have such a strong a fond memory of, that album because that was just when, Louise and I became. A couple so I still hold that album, to a high remark because so. Whenever I heard hear that album today it, kind of like brings me back which, is nice too so. That's that's our album what's her song. I. Don't. Know I. Don't. Have that Rick athlete, we. Don't have a song should, get a song Chrissy, Jake it's an hi Ella's wife my question to you do you ever actually see your husband or is he always in his man cave my boyfriend, is also a youtuber, oh and I can't remember what he looks like yeah you. Seen his man cave quite a lot yes. I like my my kid it's, it, does it's, great there but. You're right here and this is right next to my man cave so you can just watch my ass my back, yeah, or the back of your big chair.

My. Gaming chair by the way that's blue I love, my gaming chair Walking, Dead for, all us wife what's it like being married to Ola I. Don't. Know what's, it like to be married, to someone else I don't. Know it's, a yeah, it's a weird question what's the answer to that I love, it I guess. That. Was the correct answer great paren. It's yeah Lourdes, all the to wife do, you still love me I like this question. Kissa. Today great Paola, you rock - Lise what is the hardest part about living, with a guitar player how. Annoying does it get when he's learning, something and playing it over and over again until he gets it right or is he just incredible. And everything is he places right the first time. I. Think. The problem is not when I'm playing I think the problem is when I'm mixing or working, with something that, you, hear over and over the same riff or the same segment of a song I mean how much do you love my solo album by the way that you can pre-order up here how. Many times have you heard it so. Many times you. Know you just. Said what I was. Supposed, to answer it's, because I'm all of the the. Nowhere. Of futures. No. But it's you, don't practice that, much of a song but when, you're mixing it's. What. The mixer yeah, but you. Know actually I'm happy that you're not a bassist. Bass, player because. Recording. Bases, oh that's, it's, not nice to be in apartment, when you record, bass. Yes. You, heard it here if you're a bass player, sorry I'm not shot at all that's, life okay there's a night questionnaire to hola, who's better in business, be honest you know it's Luis. Actually. Not yes I was about to say I was. About say because no one touches my business side affect your success it's totally, your exactly. Jason. Lewis. Does, all I pay you enough or do you need a race asking. For a friend. Worth. Mentioning is that it's, very equal, in this household not because we both make make the same exact money before. I hired Lewis I, made. A lot more money but. Just to be able to hire her to, get her in on all of this and you know make her life a little bit more free I, cut. Down on my own salary to have her have, the same salary and now we're equally. In this that's, I'm all for equality, okay. All the subscribers. Hello. Don't. Give the shit Tyler James son hey Louise what's something you are passionate about we see all on the smell all the time but never anything to do with your interest please share with us one, of my big ones are horses. And. I, go horse riding twice, a week and. That's. Something. I've been doing since I was 12 years old, so it's a, big, interest for me and I, don't own a horse on my own because. We live in central, Stockholm. No, way, you, can afford just like everything else is just stupidly. Expensive so that's one and I also take. Pictures as. A photographer, and I, take some of the solar guitars. Pictures, when. You see a guitar out in the, woods. So for us it was aura by, the lake or something, it's probably. Me yeah that, took the pictures and I, also take pictures of horse. Show. Jumping, Lewis has an excellent, excellent. For. Graphics sense and that's I mean everyone, can take a picture but Lewis has a really, good you, know she knows what's - what to capture, and that's a really good sense for capturing. A photo so, yeah. Horse, riding and all, our writing and photography there, you go.

Health. Health. It's. Very important, and. You were interest, for me yeah, like. Nutrition. Yes, and. Help. General. Gail, Sortino, do you get jealous when sexy, whole lives on tour with groupies, and stuff just. This. Before Louise, answers this question I just have to make you guys realize, that the. Groupies that come out to his shows are. You. Guys. So, my, groupies are guys just. So you understand, what. I'm saying sorry, okay look, you answer decor no it's more. Or less I, mean a look at this she. Doesn't have to be worried, at all Ava's. A SMED Paola, wifey how do you tolerate his, this weirdo, in your life are you blind. Yeah. Well yeah I have, other qualities. You. Know you. Know Howie's do, you like it or not have, you subscribed, or not. Subscribe. Shit. Dianna sarvasya, Ohio, when Louise hub and I watch your videos every Sunday can't please share a photo of the, two of you on your wedding day would, love to see it can't, wait to see you in Australia in April I. Find. That photo I put it up here. That's. It it's. There Neal snores oh it's wife what was the best thing all I did to, you or gave you to make you happy the. Best thing you did to me was. Bringing, me kids oh. That's, very cheesy you know but yeah you, know that first step of getting kids I'm really good at that you're welcome. You. Guys yeah you, know having kids is also, tough and also. Bringing, the kids it's tough, and. You. Know you have been there. All the way with, me and especially. The, second time which. Was really, rough, really, rough go really, hard, really. Like no. Wife, shame thing I would say and that's something I've said in my channel since since after the birth of our daughter. 2014. And I, think, my whole life perspective changed yeah and my view, at life and it you just get don't give a shit anymore how, people what people think, because. Matter doesn't matter now it's all about the family right yeah, yeah I think a lot of people need to have some some. Kind of like a revelation like that because. A lot of people are just stuck up assholes, yeah. But. Not us because, we're perfect, John. Hey Louise my wife Christie wants to know if it's, all as much of a pass to you in person as he'll if I you could have you been an asshole on YouTube. Next. Question, Dave. Jr. Oh why's your wife a sweet also yeah. That. Was easy Steve. Man has whose, hair is more responsible, for clogging, the shower drain yours or your wives ha, ha ha I knew this that's, why I picked this question definitely. Yeah I'm losing a lot more hair because I'm a guy I want getting old so, I'm sorry but I'm trying to kind of like scoop. It up I know, I know would, I do my best. That. Was the last question and yeah, I thought that was what pretty well this. Will probably have to become, a segment, of, some sort but let's just go through the advance questions, real quick just to just, do a, little bonus bonus. Questions. I have. To answer we, don't have to answer I'm just gonna comment on these Jordans. Appointed fodder to all us wife are you single, you, fuckface it, Louise did Ola burp while having sex. Next. Hi Louise is Ola good in bed. Okay. Hey Louise, the wiper my question is the soul I hit the g string oh it's, such a cheap, cheap. Ass joke, but. This. Is all love this hola this satisfier. Satisfy. You. Yes. The. Sun almost like an evil laugh it's all a good at sex. You. Guys are naughty you know why. Do you want to know exactly hey, Louise the soul I have a big one does he clap during sex. Hola. The clapper mid, sex okay. That was the last question guys, thank. You so much for sticking with me and us in, this FAQ I think this has to become a thing randomly. Here and there and. Yeah. This is Louise my wife I love her a lot and, she's. The mother of my kids and, I. Love her to death when. She had a job for instance before. She. Had a regular job you. Know I was always kind of like a. Little. Bit sad that she. Didn't get to experience. What. I'm experiencing, so, having, her as, an employee of the company she can now follow me you know to name and stuff like that and you know just share, this whole experience with me because that's something that I felt before it's like I didn't, really share the experience, with anyone I go on on tour and I feel like I'm like the longest person ever but, now Louise, will be able to come, with me to.

Workshops, And maybe on some tours as well and just hang. Out and stuff like that so yeah, thank, you so much for watching also I don't know if you saw this but this past week I also upload, a new single from my album solo part one the. Song is called please, if you haven't already please go listen to it please support, and the, purchase, will be order the album it, will be out 24. For March and. Yeah. You'll be supporting us, so. It's for a great cause I guess yeah. Because. Louise has come to do all the packing. Which. Is I'm gonna take a lot of pictures oh we can do it together great. Form you know. You. Know we're gonna do it together right I I help, of, course okay guys thank you so much for watching and see you next time next time will be a regular epic use of ask. Those questions down, there and try to keep them short as well if you can okay thank you so much. Thank. You.

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Ola what do you think of Vektor ?

Nerf fiiiiiiiiight......who wins???

Hi Ola From Kansas City, Kansas USA. I am an old dude {58}. I spent most of my life as a gigging drummer but always played guitar, which is all I try to do now. I have a problem with my fret hand pinky. When I was 15 years old I ran it through a table saw and it was worthless. Later in life I broke it in half but after surgery I could use it better but it kind of sticks out too far away from my hand. do you have any advice on how I can compensate? My wife and I love your channel and music. Please do more FAQ with your wife. Thanks.

Loved this FAQ, very cool. And are American muscle cars still a thing over there? I remember seeing stuff when I was younger about them in Sweden. Just curious. Thanks. :)

FAQ can you give me any examples of what you used to practice when you started learning the guitar? Practice schedule, excercisers.....sometimes I wonder if im doing the right thing. Thanks man...love you and your wife :)

Hi Ola, did you realize that the issue with you calling your female audience "women" is not actually you calling your female audience "women" but it is how you pronounce the word "woman"? It is pronounced ˈwɪmɪn, not wamen.

Hey Ola, in Brazil your name means Hello. So when you come here we should say Olá Ola.

It's nice to see a couple that responds to each other on such a positive level my wife and I are the same way I'm a guitar player and she's always throwing new music at me which makes me more Progressive in my plane the nice thing to is our first concert we ever went to was actually Jane's Addiction

You two are really amazing :) Are you gonna take a new doggy now that you have a house in the coutryside ?

Hey Ola. What format would be the best way to purchase your new solo album so that you receive the most direct compensation?

OLA! Can you recommend a good, two channel preamp pedal under $200?

Love u ola the clapper xd, best channel on youtube for me at least

When's your birthday, Ola?

HerrOla, You mentioned in a previous FAQ that the people who pre-ordered would receive the album before the other normies. Is this still the case? You and your wife are so fun to watch. Very cute couple!

This needs to be a regular segment. Funniest FAQ yet

Funniest FAQ keep it going!

Nice, she's a metal chick

Hola Ola, how do you drop tune your Floyd Rose guitar?? Keep rocking!!

Hey dude, how do you not drop tune your floyd guitar?

11:57 "But you got me into leprous and it's like... holy shit!"

So many Swedes speak English really well. Do you ever meet anybody when you're doing your vlogs that refuses to speak English because they're just sick of it. I would be.

Ola the clapper made me die AHAHAHAHAH

Ola it's time to make a weird guitar, make a 12-string metal monstrosity.

black metal

Louise the smiler! You look great together!

We want SOLAR Bass Guitars!!!

Amazing woman and she's gorgeously beautiful to, so cool she likes metal.

Ola the drain cloggerer. Not a question, but I recommend TubShroom to protect the drain from clogging.

I bet you clap her behind....furthermore, you must have some serious Casanova qualities.....cause she's a knockout. Does she has any sisters?

holy shit that school photo

Ola, as a married man expecting a baby, I LOVED THIS FAQ WITH YOUR WIFE!!! I was laughing a lot!!...My Question: What string gauge do you use and if you use it for all your guitars?...Saludos desde Mexico!

This was hilarious ! You guys make my day

In the last 20 days since I found your youtube channel I have: Joined Pre ordered your album (ultimate edition) Pre ordered my first ever 7 string A2.7TBR and today I ordered a T-shirt You fucking rock dude.

Pain of Salvation is the best. Great taste!

New album title, song title, shirt... "Ola the Clapper." Take my money for pre-order please.

Ola what about that silly swedish word for "secondarily offended," my friends couldn't believe there was a swedish word for it

Ola, I want to get a loop pedal. What would you recommend

I NEED TO KNOW WHERE THOSE PANTS ARE FROM (louises , not yours. ) Also, I love your FAQs and my BF is ever grateful for your 'will it chug' and similar videos

Dude as a 300 lb man with a beard who often gets referred to as the lumberjack, good job on landing an awesome and pretty wife. Also enjoy all the neat gear you display, I have mad respect for your guitar playing

Hi Ola! Question for you: Since you're from Swede, and you admitted have stalked your wife, can we say that she suffered of "Stockholm Syndrome"? Hype for the singlecut Solar btw, love your work and channel :)

Business question: do they teach it in schools in Sweden :) or you learned how to do business from where you worked before starting your own company or books like "Business for beginners"? How did you start? Did you consult lawyers/financial advisors? How do you cope with all those taxes, salaries, legal reports etc.?

Hi, Ola Do you ever practice playing guitar while standing up?

Family is all!!

Hey Ola! In FAQ77, you talked about the latest Dream Theater's album rythm tone as one of their best. I was always amazed how bad ass and crunchy the one on Black Clouds and Silver Linings was as well as how oustanding the general production was on it. What did you think of that album? Thaaaaanks. Cheers from Montreal

So Jerry Cantrell would be a good Coffee with Ola - however, you REALLY need Nicke Andersson or Dan Swanö over for a Coffee for some old skool Swedish death metal talk (and The Hellacopters with Nicke and there is a question for you - what do you think of the The Hellacopters?)

Best FAQ ever! This was legit positive Ola, great to see!

Wow ola. I thought this was a cool segment. You obviously have a great lady. And you too are quite entertaining. Theres allways a graet lady behind the man lol. Thanks for shareing this. I really enjoyed and got a kick out of it. It just proves you dont take yourself to seriously witch i love. About ola.

I really love the solar guitar it looks so shred. I might grab one now. Beautiful guitar

I need an hour of this

Hello Ola. Left handed guitarist here. I was wondering as a guitar manufacturer, (Solar) how much of a pain in the anus hole is it to make a left handed variant of a guitar? Is it as simple as making a mirror image for the CNC machines? Thanks

Greetings from Persia

Hi Ola! I really like your channel, always makes me smile even if i'm in serious shitty mood. Question for you - what was the funniest and most disturbing situation you've encoutered as a live musician?

Hey Ola...greetings from Michigan....great FAQ...!!!...quick question....not sure if you have already answered this.....buuuuuut....when are you putting the single cut on the solar site....??....thank you Ola the guitar makerer....

This was great! You're a lucky guy Ola, don't fuck it up!! \m/

you guys are goals.

Just bought your solo record. You can stop advertising it! Keep the good vibes coming!!!

you are such a pure great guy ola i'm proud of you.

Ola. .coloca legendas em português do Brasil ☺

She is fine.

This was a great FAQ, Ola! Not sure if this is a good place to post questions, but I remember you having a 212 Harley Benton cab. Do you still have it and would you recommend it for those on a tight budget? Thanks!

Hey ola! I was wondering, having kids, how hard is it to be a musician and make music a career while having kids. I have a 1 year old son and find it hard to schedule everything and fit it all into a day. My dream is to be a music producer and musician but I know my son and family is far more important.

Hi Ola! FAQ Question: I'm curious to know how you make a song in the composition? What's your approch for verse, chorus, bridge and structure stuff? When you have a idea in mind, a riff come's out, how do you managed the all structure? Otherwise, love your instrumental songs, i'm impatient to ear the next one! Good inspirations for me as a guitarist. Thanks!

You are Ola! I am Tommy! I also love the Six degrees album. It was my first Dream Theater album and it blew me away with it's mix of heavy riffing.. beautiful melody and odd play with styles.Skål from Denmark! Oh and a question god damn it: What is your tips to a guitar player who loves the "HRUMMPH" of scooped mids but still needs to cut through in the rehearsal dungeon?

Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, fav DT album, also my first DT concert on that tour, Ola, are we married too?

PanterA and Dream Theater! Girl, we would have been besties in high school. Very hard to find another female metal head, and I have no idea why.

Ola, When will we be able to pick up and try your guitars in big stores including Guitar Center? I have a rough time buying guitar models that I haven't had a chance to pick up myself.

Ola do you love the band Suffocation??? Very underrated band I'd say, they been around for years, they're legends, how do you feel about Frank Mullen's retirement??

swedish kiss of the day is now an ola thing

Have you heard of a band called Nightland. They are an Italian symphonic- death metal band. Honestly amazing. Also love your vids

Ola, did you know that if you swallow your burps they later on become farts?

Hi Ola, this is lovely but when is the single cut coming?? I have started thinking about this way too much so please let us know.

Awesome and funny FAQ!

Hi ola,I'm trying to understand your tatoo meaning.can you explain that for us?

Hi Ola. How heavy(in Kg) are your Guitars? When will the singlecut be released? (is a floyd rose edition planned) Your videos are entertaining and motivating. thx. Sorry for my english and greetings from Germany

Hi Ola! whats your opinion on Dark Tranquillity and Mikael Stanne ? Do you know each other ? Thanks for your answer. Greetings from the Czech Republic, home of Hypnos and Krabathor!

Hey Ola, in your OlaEnglundShop, the 'TABLATURE - Ola Englund "Master Of The Universe" ', is that only a physical book or does it also come with also Guitar Pro files? I know the guitarist bundle comes with the GP files, but do i really want an Ola pick tinn? Jokes aside, new songs sound fuckin' sick!

Ok, I’m a bassist and I’m hurt...

you two are so cool... keep it up forever ;)

Cute couple

How can i sound like Johnny Chode?

Ola (just subbed btw) any good not cliche brutal death metal bands/slamming brutal death metal bands? Ex. Ingested. Love u :)

You guys are adorable. Much love.

Which of your Solar guitars do you like best? Cheers from your neighbouring country (Norway) PS: I bought an V1.6 Artist LTD BOP a few hours ago, can't wait for dat Evertune and chuggyness!

new or old opeth?!

17:58 sa du till mig att subscribe(a).. i fucking did! fellow guitarist just not as good... älskar dina videos! // 1/5 av Set to Wake (skriker/sjunger) PROMOTION!

Ola, Make my comment into a cool riff!! xD

Hi Ola! Ordered the new Album!! Can't wait. Keep up the awesome vids and music! All that you do is inspirational...and comical too! Love it! Best youtube channel and best host ever!

Hey Ola! What do you think about that: https://www.thecockcamera.com/ ? I think they stole your idea...

Ola, din fru är så trevligt. Hon är så förståelse också. Du är så tur, bra för dig!

Omg your wife is so beautiful, what an attractive couple

Why is your country voluntarily ethnically cleansing itself?

1:45 Which one is which?

Ola!...Ola, Hey has anyone ever told you that you look like Duane Allman? It was really noticeable during the Anechoic Chamber video when you were playing the Les Paul!

Ola you like Fritz Lang? You a cinephile bro?

I'm not at all interested in Death Metal (no offense to fans of the genre) but subscribe to your channel and pre-ordered your album. I'm a fan because I love the reviews, the FAQ, your Solar guitars, and most importantly, the humor. I always have a good laugh when I watch a new video. This one cracked me up more than once. You and Louise make a great team.

Hey Ola, I really appreciate your channel. You´ve grown so much as a person, as a guitar player and as a youtube-personality. This video proves once again, how honest, humble and down to earth you´ve stayed over the years. I wish you, your family and solar guitars the best for the future. Keep up the great work, the purping and the positivity! Kind regards from Germany! Tobias

My wife is so self absorbed, she screams her own name during sex

Looking at Solar for my new guitar (yes, it's a no brainer). What are the pros and cons of the "V" string-through-body design?


I'd love to see Ola ride a horse!

mIRC yes. Crashes dal.net .....

I like the word wamon!

My wife and I love this video, more please!

ola, when does the restraining order end brother, its been forever since we spoke and i promise i wont steal your socks

Hey Ola. Should I Pre-order a V1.6FRC or can I wait for it to be released? I don't want to mis out on it. Greetings from Holland.

Hey man, cheers from Greece. I've been subscriber on your channel for about 8-9 years now and just pre-ordered your solo album, can't wait for it and i hope you signed it with much of lovezzz! Check out Aetherian band from Athens, pure melodic-death metal with Scandinavian roots and some greek attitude, you should Solar endorse them As it is upcoming band from Lifeforce Records with 2,5milion views! Rock on bro!

Ola the Everythinger of Everything.

Have you guys listened to Australian's Ne Obliviscaris at all?

Louise, do you think I should make a Solar bass? So this guy will stop leaving comments? Louise.. Yes.

Louise is a good sport

wow just wow, this is the best video i have seen on the internet. put a smile on my heart

ICQ!!!!!!!!!! hahahaah

You guys crack me up!

Hey Ola what is your opinion on legendary Swedes Candlemass?

What scumbag would watch and enjoy olas videos and try to hit on his woman? Even if it’s a joke, it’s incredibly disrespectful.

You're lucky you still have all your concert ticket stubs. I had all of mine from 1979 until 1989. I got arrested and tossed in jail for 18 days. By the time I got out the manager of the apartment complex I was living in stole all my guitars, amps, and tossed all the rest of my stuff he didn't steal from me. I filed a lawsuit and lost that as well since the judge said there was no way to prove it and the complex was not responsible for my stuff since I was in jail and could not pay my rent for the month. Las Vegas NV, just gotta love it. So I had to start over in life, again.

Hi, Ola. I enjoy your videos and everything you've done in The Haunted and Six Feet Under. My question is: we all know you like Cannibal Corpse and Death, but how you feel about other old school death metal bands like Immolation, Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Deicide, etc?

Hi Ola! How much longer am I going to be waiting to order my damn single cut? Love your content.

I totally lost my shot about the pic of you and your wife in 5th grade. Short hair Ola

I really liked this faq. Nice to see the inner workings so to speak. Your wife seems lovely! And your Ola lol. I really enjoyed this. Thank you.

*pulls guitar out of his pants* TIME FOR A LITTLE SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION

Ola, what are your thoughts on Exhorder? I don’t know if you’ve already answered similar questions since I’m a pretty new subscriber to your channel, but figuring since you are a big Dime fan from what I can see, I was just wondering what your thoughts are on one of the other early pioneering groove metal bands from the same era. A lot of people seem to have the idea that Pantera took a lot of inspiration from them. Thanks

My husband is a huge fan and you were actually the first channel he ever subscribed to. He always talked about you, your talent, info, and viewpoints. He LOVES your guitars,!!! he even talked about how you needed more women "wamon" subscribes, Haha. Well..... here I am, another wamon subscriber.!! You rock!!

Hey Ola, new sub here love your channel, especially your vlogs keep it up you glorious swede. Probably been asked this a million times but curious what gauge strings you use for standard/lower tuning? (and any particular brand?) Picking guitar up again and need something easy on the fingers since I think my old strings are too thick for my precious hands. Cheers!

really enjoyed this faq sesh.you guys are great together!

Could you please tell me how to play the riff in cerberus that starts at 0.53?


fotiori is a channel i watch the keyboard guy

Horse riding and Ola riding Hahahahahaha

Nice story guys I love it ...!! I am a woman from Argentina, I really like the channel...and love that you Luise are there!

Hahahahah you both your sense of humour is great, too..Lovings!!

Definitely like your musical taste, and...oh Dream Theater...Louse you are great...I adhere what you think about kids and having a family, you seem to be very united...Wish you the best !

Like the job answer....you are young minded, and that is the important thing..=)

Mrs. Ola ...lovely and gorgeous ... congrats

"Ola riding"...

The loudest burps I heard in my life came from a girl in high school. Skinny chick but able to create earthquakes with her burps. Good times!

Hey Ola love you guys. I cannot wait till your solo album hits my mail box.

You're good folks, keep doing what you do :)

Would you ever come out with a Solar with stainless steel frets?

Ola, why chilli is hot, when it's called chilli.

Hola Ola, I love your channel and bands and have for a long time. I've been wanting to get into Swedish death metal, but I'm not sure where to start. What are some staples of the genre, and what are some of your favorite bands? Thanks man!


Im a little late to the party but you and your wife were made for one another. Fate bought you together when you were kids and fate bought you back together after she moved. I cant find another way to explain it other than it was written in the stars that you two would be together.

I just love swedes, all of them. Heja Sverige! Hälsningar från Finland.

We got Ola the Swede, now we got Ola the Sweet. Luv ya, boi

my wife hates my guitars too!

Advertisements aren't the only way to earn money off of youtube...

A woman who loves Opeth. Excellent. :) Well done.

Wait a minute. You said KHUIYT-IT but it writes skitit? 8:24

Right on !!!

Thank you Ola & Louise!

Could you imagine if Ola was your father....

The most metal couple ever! Such a great couple!

since she likes Pain of Salvation, call Daniel in "Coffee with Ola"!!! They are in deed great

Bahaha! Good stuff. Awesome couple. And people are asking about there sex life, they have two kids, what does that tell you?...

Of course he's an ass guy. She has some. Ola looks like Weird Al's Nordic cousin in the wedding photo.

great video ola love it

love this..you guys are awesome!

Relationship goals right there. Unfortunately the Swedish women I've met since moving here don't like At The Gates, The Haunted, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, Dismember, PANTERA, Machine Head, Deicide etc......

I'm studying Swedish For Immigrants or Swedish For Idiots as we call it, at school in Malmo. My Swedish word of the day is: FITTA!!

13:20.. a great long Life for U 2 :)

ola you need to do more videos of you and your wife

Your couple is cute as fuck. Girls who don't go out with metalheads don't know what they're missing ^^ Also, what about zero frets / the Zero Glide system ? Your opinion as a player / tech / manufacturer?

what a cute video, love it :D

I love watching you two on a video. Do more...

Damn... That's pretty fucked up :\

good love one another an great humble people thanks for this an yes share thank you also dont forget me.

louies has a excelent eye for photography

im quiet an dont ask silly or dumb stupid thoughts why do others do? well you an wife know best . thanks always for your post. bless all an keep safe there.

Can I recommend u guys an indonesian progressive band called Overture Band, they're from Lampung, my hometown btw

Shitty weather on your wedding day!

This is realy funny...hahaha...nice secret move on the beginning of the video Ola...hahahaha

This is why people come back to your channel, Louise and yourself are exactly the kind of people we love to see succeed. Both of you stay cool and down to earth we all appreciate it. I keep thinking about getting a Solar guitar.....

Ola, you lucky bastard.

pain of salvation!!!!

Icq messenger is were I met my wife lol


Dude I'm going thru a divorce right now and this video made me smile and cry. so happy to see a obviously happy married couple! You are truly lucky.

This was a damn nice episode, dude!

Cute man.. Hahaha

Damn, Ahmed just burned Ola to a crisp 17:39

Louise has amazing taste. Love modern prog stuff like Leprous, Haken and Intronaut.

Don't you guys share finances? What does it mean to hire your wife lol

More FAQs with wife :)

Louise, do you like metal music? What music do you listen to?

What a gem you got there, Ola! She seems so down to earth and you guys look/seem happy together.

love your white shoes on the wedding photo Ola!

Brilliant vid as always! Your wife is happy that you have storage, until the studio is built and they're all back haha! Happy Easter to you and your family dude (if you celebrate Easter in Sweden???)

11:30 fucking funny dude !

you guys are amazing Hello from Canada \m/

Even your wife is awesome !!!

'you should hear my burping' ...congrats Ola


DUde ur gonna get a #metoo letter for touching ur wife like that hahaha

beautiful thing watching you together

You were born the same day Cliff Burton died........

this FAQ was f***kin funny :D cheers ... U both are fun and nice!

Louise is a cool wamon! I laughed so hard at Ola's cheesy jokes, and these guys understands each other.


Ola and Missus, I am struggling to get my girl to listen to more metal music. She tolerates it right now, but I still have yet to get her to add something to her own playlists. Any advice?

Stelios kontos.. and Louise

Hola Ola!

Wamon metal guitarist and banjo player here... Yeah. Hello here I am. Straight Outta Gothenburg

Wait! Oogla has a wife???

Your wife actually looks a lot like my girlfriend, they could be sisters easily. I approve ;)

It's not about Ola and his wife's sex life, it's about music and love for other things and good conversation, damn people come on!! You and your wife seem so cool Ola,hope to see more FAQ from y'all

Ola riding bahahahahahaha

*clap* *clap* sex review

Hey Louise. For your next FAQ, does Ola fart in his sleep?

I think I saw in Sweden that they drive the same side of the street as Canada, US and parts of central and south america?

so this episode is basically "how i met your mother swede version"

1:45 Such an ugly motherfucker... By the way, recently bought a Sweet Olas Ass guitar. Hails from Nicaragua.

very happy that you have kids. life's great adventure!

HOLY F&CK! He's worst in person and restricted on you tube hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Too funny.

So Ola killed her boyfriend? #Olagate

Very entertaining. Beautiful wife.

Ola stalks wife, Jen stalks Ola.

Bro.... What's that groovy ass organ music in the background?

Pretty wife Ola you are a lucky man , I am a lucky guy to with my wife , also Ola when you guys kissed you cheesy cheesy pair and the way Ola blushed lol priceless , awesome couple

“Collect my kids”

Honestly Ola...I have no idea how you get anything done during the day with your wonderful and beautiful wife wiggling around the house, day after day after day. Your accent is respectable, but your wife's version of her accent is.....sexy. You guys are a great couple and she's definetly a patient woman for putting up with you...you foolish burping fool lol Love from Canada to both of you, and all your kids!!! hopefully the kids take after their mum for their looks ;P

Maybe i should start a band with the name fixable.


I need to review a Solar. I'll return when I'm done. Ill do a better job then half the ppl that don't even play guitar that got them for free and just talked about the color for 5min. Help a guy out Ola

She’s so beautiful and kind. Luckyiererst man on Earth-ola!

Hey man you didn’t answer the question. Well??? Do you??? Clap?? I guarantee Avery one needs to know.

Both of those guitars are awesome. Put them in Lemon Neon and I'm there!

Such a wonderful woman Ola, ya'll are great.

Hey Ola, love your channel. Its great to see a little bit of the other side of Ola. Already knew you where a cool guy but this is interesting to see also. Also, your subliminal messaging is working. I just bought your album, it jams!!

hey Ola. if you got some extra jello, you should try it mixed with vodka or tequila. we call those jello-shots. they're fun at a party ;)

Will your wife chug?...in bed!??

great video OLA. definatley need to revisit. seems you have a great partner. cheers.

"Does ola hit the g string" xDDDD

"ola"" in spanish is wave

@Becky York lota women especially me granny women adore metal

I mean this in the most respectful way...I bet her orgasms are like old faithful..she's got that looks that kill...I give this a solid weiner up..

16:47 Horse riding and Ola riding haha wtf

Wifey is great looking.sweet. love

Hi Ola. What is that poster over to the left behind wife? It sais Fritzl Lang and if I remember correctly he is a swizz yodeling ..guy?

Haha sorry that was Franzl Lang. Nevermind.

hmmmm. I DO like Ola.... I HAVE subscribed. I love you guys. Best thing Ola has done for Louise is bring her children? I'm crying. manly metal tears. I'm crying in an epic metal stance.

Sorry you had  to "fix" the other guy. But whatever.

You two fit perfectly so no worries

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