farming legend console Map Tour farming simulator 2019 ls19 fs19

farming legend console Map Tour farming simulator 2019 ls19 fs19

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Hello. And welcome, to farming, simulator, 19. Map. Tour this is farming, legend. Which is just come out, for. Console. Edition. So. Let's start, off let's look at the mean map overview, and. You see is quite, a large map we use the whole of the map there there. Is 28. Arable, fields and. They. Are nice, little parcels, when, you start off on a new, farmer. Then. This is what you get you get all of this and. You've. Got your fields. There number 3 you own this, is a maintain. That area. So you own all that and then, you also own bio gas biogas, is, five hundred and sixty nine thousand. Seven hundred and forty, and. The. Cost of the other fields they are quite a lot about money some. Of them. But. You are gonna make good money off this map anyway, well. Specially, we starting off you go to sell all that that's the 11 million panes, already. In the bank. That's. Pretty cool now I find some, of the smaller fields up this way were a little bit less money I was. It was, over this way, yeah, eighty six days and so. There are a few smaller. Fields, but if you starting off new farmer it doesn't matter you've got all that I haven't, checked on. The. Other moves to see how, much money you start off with is probably is a million, 1.2. Million. Normally. So. That is the overall, for the map. But. Yeah there was a some, nice areas to buy. 910,000. Yeah see that is one, of the biggest fields, though on the whole. Map. That. Is the biggest field isn't it it is. Right. So there's plenty to see anyway, let's, go into the prices, and what. We've got, selling, wise so we've got barn biogas, lottery. And. They. Are buying, lost the lottery buying, oh. Yeah. Eggs, and milk and, the price on the eggs is, crazy. On, these are. On normal, so that's. 5834-4. Eggs and milks. 2323. This is all per thousand, litre if you don't know and, then. We got Port, Northwest. Which. Does your main commodities, and they, also do. Milk. And eggs, as well, better, sugar cane yeah, and all your other commodities. The same with port say three East, that's. The same crack. Yeah. They do the same amount of stuff, and, then we got your sawmill where. You would chips is at 177. Which that doesn't seem to be that much. Compared. To everything else and then the spinner ray we, got wool and cotton. The. Wool is at, 1201. And. Cotton. Is at. 2,304. But, it was like the prices, what. You're getting from some flowers it was all pretty pretty, good money, and. Then. You come to biogas. And. The price that biogas are crazy. 3510. For silage. Times. Anita's that's, phenomenal. Absolutely. Awesome, and the. Same for for. Poop in. Your. 3510. You're, gonna make some serious, money. I know borrowed gas it. Does cost a little bit of money but you're gonna make money you, do actually get that but starting off on new. Farmer, as well so. We've got the main house, which. Is situated let's. Go on the map. Riah hair just. From, the center of a sleeve and this is where you've, got a few items and, the shops just around the corner so we've got our highs going. On here. Which. You its, new, new, set up I think I haven't seen a lot of this stuff around, I don't, remember being ages look into there the cupboards well. Through, the cupboard sorry but there's no upstairs that's all you've got in the house whatsoever, which. Is, it. Might be danger to the slop game here's the. Slot came on this is awesome. Look at that. 473. Well it's actually 469, because I actually got, the. Liquid. Tank, out I just. Leaves that, so. You got your main. Open. Area at. Your farm which this is huge, let's. Jump in the tractor. Is. Why I like about this John Deere is you can zoom out quite fast so you can see a good expanse, right. So we got I feel, filling. That point just on the left-hand side there then. We got our solo, then coming out the back here now remember you can move all these you can get rid of you can do what you want we've. Got our pig pen. And. It's, got a little, shed there for storing, a few, implements, I'm not sure if that's a placeable. Or. Not, I don't think it is actually while, we're thinking about that let's go into, the shop and show you what you actually start off with so.

We're Starting from the other side you've got too far mazes. Storage. Shelters. Farm. Barn. Water. Station. Sheds, solos. Got. Hayloft quick - grain silos. One at the one farm the big one we got here and, that's. We. Can actually hold 300,000. At, the main, barn, main. Farm the, other ones fifty five, hundred. Thousand litres. No. Actually, is split between the two isn't it is 200 thousand, and it's 100 thousand, so, you can have, a combined, three hundred thousand litres, of any, of, you commodities, they, hold although, those green. Soilers, they'd only hold the, seven. Different items and you see down the bottom of. The screen there. Which. Isn't a lot so you're better off using a, modded one really but. It does look nice we'll go through that in a minute we've got a dog house large, chicken coop large, horse paddock large sheep pasture. Large. Pig enclosure. Large. Cow pasture, then, we got an amazon d 830. Cedar, a cultivator. Polybag 300. Cultivator. Header, for, the New Holland, the. Trade o TD, X 1600. Trance, pace. 8000. So, you do start off with a half-decent kit, you got a new island ticks 32, and then we got 2 6. 1 3 5, ends. Only the old John Deere I don't, personally like these too much because you can't put a front attach run them back but they, are nice like tractors, and then we got a a favorite, as well so you do start off with a lot of kit. Not. A huge amount but a lot of place walls and stuff and the, slot count is, 469. That's. Crazy that's, got to be the best the lowest slot paint to. Date. Right. So filling up the silo was on the right hand side like you saw and then. Sorry. Not filling that emptying. Definitely. Sorry we drop it in a great to, fill it up we, come in to this point here. And, see we got we. Do start off with commodities, I've got wheat in the trailer already. Now. One of the little things I saw. Is you've. Got these other ones and it was like oh can, you unload from these as well because. These showed on. The top the different. Commodities. But. No I don't think you can now. These actually, flour, pallet. So you can move these these do move this one move that one out of the way you, can pick them out I don't mean sell them or do anything with them not. I've checked but, it's just another thing little feature if you want to do a let's play and you want some pallets, and flour they're right there yeah there's, also another one over the, other side there so. If, you drive under here nothing, happens you can't load, up your trailer come in that way you've. Got to come under that first one so. Let's, move across the yard. And. We. Have our, line, station. Actually. Let's get empty this trailer I don't want to be dragged around a. Right. Now as I looked, at this earlier and I thought oh cool these are your seed points but I can get anything to work so I think it's just more for show, but. Obviously you got the finola there you've got a corn and you got the wheat, and. Once that last one barley, and, it was like alright okay there's, one of these these. Flower. Pallets what you can maneuver, and. Load them up do what you want with it but, yeah when I brought the trailer up to here I couldn't. Get anything working so I take it because there's no yellow, stuff. There it's not as trigger. Any. Out moving, on. We. Go right in the back and we've. Got our, chickens. And we've. Also got containers. There now. I think these are just for show again, because I couldn't get them to work. Unless. I was doing something wrong but. Know. That this is your sale point for the Barden, just. Here I thought it was a for. Loading your straw but no that is your saddle point that's your tip in for the barn there's, obviously the barn only takes you. There. We go barn. We've got your soil a straw and grass and. Hay. Like we move on rained this, way so. We've got another. One. Large storage shed. Just, there and then. We have the fuel station. And. Then. We come across to. The, shop, which. A, big. Old area. No. Restrictions. Around it whatsoever and. There's. Another little thing you can use is, a. Coil. Of rope. Well. Cable will. -, yeah huge shop buying, inside, and. Customizing. Outside. Now. We will head up, this. Way first. You. See on the map we're heading rain got large late expanse. Over, there. With. Her little island. But, it is another map where you can just see right the way across. Where. It's hilly in places, but all the, all. The land for working on is put. To you flat. And. You see this is, land is when a witch feel to it you got 27 and 28, and you work, your way behind there is the other part of the farm so. We, just had dined, this way a minute, there's. Not a lot to see Dania but you have got the boats. Those. Two is static but you got a note one of the boats coming in. Down. There and I think all these lands you currently, do own don't you. Yeah. We do we own sort of all that apart from the, fields really. Yeah. I did think there was a little Wharf foot waterfall, going, on down there but there, isn't.

So. There is a church, on the top of the hill yeah. And, this is pretty steep coming up here so. I mean there's a lot of flat areas on this map but then, you get extremes. Like this. Which, that is steep. So, yeah nice little church setup I. Mean. It is a church and it looks like a church or a converted, Church. That's, what we wanted to do was, then, you check the view eight. You. See right across over to the farm. Really. Awesome and, that's one of the sell points I think that one was which ones up the yeah. Port Northwest. Onward. See, you spit over revin they're, hitting. That limiter. There's. Quite a few trees around and they are the large Pines, so you're gonna make quite. Good money out of them pines. And spruces mainly. But. You have got the smaller. Spruces. Just here they're. Not the super duper super. Duper large ones and. What was amazing about with this John Deere is how far right you can actually zoom. Why. Can't all our vehicles, we can do make that far. So, we've got a little tree Avenue, coming. In to, our other, farm. So. There is the other solo. And. We've. Got our horse paddock. Got, our water water. Point there I've. Got a bunker. And. That's. All the cattle. Slurry. So. That's your strong point there isn't it yeah that's your straw and then. That was the, food. And. The. Water no. That's the water the. Food is rained this way that's. Where, you can. Fill. It up is. That door open. Nope. Yeah. There's your animal and the malt dealer, dialog. And there. Is the, food trough that's where you dump your food in. So. Moving. On round and we've also got, a hayloft. To start off with an easy. Shed, which. Is a nice, sized shed. We've. Got another farm ice, which. I take it these far mazes, I didn't, look, where I've gone. It's. Probably exactly the same and we can't go upstairs yet, it's exactly, the same and this door doesn't go anywhere I already. Thought that was probably meant to be the way upstairs. So, yes the shame right some of these buildings we can't, really. Use. There's. Another farm a stair and. Stuff. Like this doesn't all you make it's like you up a slightly. Open door but, it, won't open that. Little. Garage area. And. Then another little cover there. So. It is a nice little starting, point. You've got a lot of stuff to get on with. Right. So we're moving on around. Now. I think we will go around to the left-hand side and work, our way around that way. And. Like I said these fields, you, see how flat Oh easy, there to, work. Especially. All these fields combined here, was, it five six, seven eight nine ten, we've. Got another large storage. Shed. And, we got mountains all around us. But, all these fields as well there, there. Is a lot of area a, hell. Of a lot of area the, size of all these fields is all down this side no, trees. Just. Fields. Fields. Without having, problems. Let's. Let's get back out on the road. And. We. Are heading down. To. The lottery. Where. This is where, you're gonna sell your. Milk and they, do take other, quite. A few other commodities, it was I. Said. Quite a huge building. Supreme. Milk. So. That's the drop-off for, the, lottery. And. I. Don't think there was much. More to see. Apart. From one huge, build, in. All right so let's. Actually. I didn't want to go back of all. Was. Where all we know yeah, we need to heard Dane it towards, the sawmill, and. Let's. Not go on the road this lets go off-road. If. I can get through Dane this way. Yeah. Of course you can now. This water most, of it is pretty deep you're not going to get anything. Through. But. You can use, the water to fill, up for your animals I'll check that earlier. With. The tanker and that all worked fine so that. Goes off that way. And. It's. Cool having these boats going up and down there's a bit of boat traffic. And. We've got a nice little water, wheel. On. The. Mill. More. Flour. The. Nice you've got money for that I should, have checked that really nevermind. Alright, so we're coming up now to, the sawmill all. And we've got your cell point therefore, you would chips and over. This way is for. Your. Wood or your lumber your. Logs. And. Then you've got this. Well. This this, forest is a thing with these trees it's very open, because. There's not many branches, it's not most other forest with a mate or trees it would be completely. Dark down that way. So. We're heading down aim towards. The coast and, there's. Another nice sized field field, number 18. But. I just wanted to show you come, down this way. Because. We've got a little, feature which. Is a little. Bit different. It's. Amazing. Clap. The. Nice little maze. And we're. Gonna have to go back up, that way because, I'm not gonna get across. Right. So, well, you will head round, to. The. Left and just hate head, in rain this way.

It's, Nice the way they put the trees on the one side and they're not on both sides because it did start restricting, your. View when she got trees on both sides in a row. So. We're coming down to, the next bit. Of land you own which, you got biogas. And. We've. Also got, some. Sheep. We've got a sheep pasture. As. A. Shed. Over there storage, shed over. Just. Behind this name and then. We come up to the, sheep pasture. No, it's not sheep it's horses. Isn't it of. Course it is. Right, that's the water trough, and then, we got the. Food, trough there. And. His, sheep isn't it yeah it is sheep it's. Not horses what on my own of eight. Sheep. Thinking. That's not a horse stable. And I did notice about these, pens actually, before we go. You've, got the point there for where, the wall comes out but. You're only gonna get four, pallets on that I reckon for. Parts. Of wood wool, and a go. And. I. Do like the way this whole map isn't they, haven't got anything hard, defense dent you. Just come from one place dealer, so. You've got another fuel station. And. Then. We come up to, biogas. BGA. Which. Has got some crazy, prices. So, there's our slurry, yeah, this is similar to. Quite. A few of the others ones so we, know what's going on with that and then we can drop off into there. And. That. Is about your lot for, Dane this way. Let's, see if we can uh. Yeah. We can get up that way. ^, the, dear. I'm, moving up to it on that cell point where this one is the port, southeast. Isn't, it yep. Which. This year cell point just there. Drop. It into the great. Right, so working, our way around. Huge. Amounts of flat to fjords again. There's. That a little, track yeah a little track going up on a you're. A nice little hill area, there. And. Then, we got more storage where, there is quite a lot of storage for if you want to leave your vehicle's day near the fields, you. Can do. Same. Again with the trees it's nice to see the field that the trees on the one side of the field rather. Than on all, of it. So. We had Dane this way which you've got the beach, area. And this, is slow item, shouldn't, have used a 26, mile an hour. And then we also have, a. Lighthouse. Up. Over. Ava. Doesn't yeah. Oh my, god I was. Gonna say wouldn't, it be nicer will you go in there and locate. Is, that it no let, me go up higher. It. Seems to be. There. We go, we. Are at, the top. Amazing. I didn't. Expect you. To be able to go up there. But. We're yeah. Why. So, yeah there is you can see there. Is a lot of hills. Well. Semi mind it small mountains. One. Over there one over there or on one over and there's more over that side. Shocking. Can't believe we can go out I saw an open door and thought of what it's an open door there's, never an open door. Right. Let's work our way around, to. We've. Got the spinner, II an animal, dealer and port, North. West. And. That's about you a lot as there isn't a huge amount of sale points.

But. Over all the details it is nice looking map. And. It's nice to see ones would vary, its small a slot cane. Let. Me know what you think what do you think about this map is it a map you're going to use. Because. That this one I've seen, one little area which I'm showing to you yet, which I'm going to use for some. Vehicle. Testing. Are I wanted, to do and I just needed to find the right area. So. We come down to the ports and you've got another large storage, area there. Storage. Shed this. Is a sour point for. The. Spinner II. And. These. Buildings you cannot get in I did check on a few of them and. Then. We got our animal, dealer. Dialog. Just that, one there. We. Got peace that you, know whatever you want. But, this did throw me a little bit where you like what hang on I've, got a slurry point there. But. I think it's just full, show. But, moving on round I just, like see these trees on their left and right here even the. Lower limbs you know there's nothing on there so you can actually see through you can actually see, what's, going on I like that detail. On this map that's pretty pretty. Cool so. Many maps it's just full of trees and you spin the camera around then you just in the trees all the time. So. We have some more pallets, which. Move yeah, we have loads of pallets of flour. Right. Now Matt so. That is the sell point for the north, west. So. They are your main places, what you're going to sell your mainly. Commodities, to, and. Then. We come back up to the tain. When, you got another church on, the left-hand side there. Let. Me go through somebody's back garden, got. A bit of basketball I. Didn't. See a ball there though, then. We got shopping. And. You got a nice little diving, board if you fancy, a swim. Let's, just go up to the. Castle. Looking. For the easiest way up. Let's. Just go for it. It's probably quicker just to run up yeah it is. So. Yeah on this peak we have. An. Old castle. She. Look, height. Nice. View that I. Dealt, as much of a view the other side with all the trees. There. Is a bit. We look at across the port. Cool. Right, now where are we we. Are there I just wanted to go that's. Probably easier for just, to run. Up their nave. Which. You got the cable, cars well. They haven't got any cable cars but. There are the. Cables running, up the. Side of the main tin I think. Going ahead in the right way yeah. It's just over there. Yeah. So here we are. We. Have our cable, truck I'll cable way going, down there and. It's. Good view, as. The. BGA where we were earlier, but. These fields they are they. Are proper, big fields. And. Then, we got to locate I don't, know if you can use them, no that's. A shame. Nice. Little locate. Till. Right, and then we've also got this road, which, runs right, the way through the middle. And. Then, it snakes back, down. Down. This mountain. Which, is, sloped stained s. You. Got the curves goes down there by down this side. But. It's a ghost Road and that's an on this road whatsoever. And, gave me an idea I'm gonna use, this road and put it to. Work because. It's quite a nice, gentle. Slope all the way up. But. A decent gradient. For testing vehicles. Roll, dough roll that. Is about a lot for, farming. Legend I think. We pretty much covered. 90%. Of it. The. Rest of it would leave for you to explore. Yep. We have them pretty much all, of itself. Right. Now if you've enjoyed the episode then, please. Feel. Free to give me a like, and if you want to see more content then, hit, that subscribe button and, you. Will never miss any other my. Latest uploads currently. Up to over. 250.

Videos Coming up to the 260. Video range now I will. Do a map tour on every, map what comes out on FS, 19, so every, map will be there apart. From a stenchy, or by a patio, which I am done that on yet and I. Might do I probably won't are. There you go, well thanks for watching and I'll, see you, next time. You.

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It's a nice map I think the map needs an update cause there is a few things wrong I was harvesting a wheat field last night and the harvester stoped dropping straw for a bit the dropped out a big pile on the ground

I was watching silver news and it has failed testing twice so third time lucky,I hope excavator comes out soon best thing for fast tree removal loved it on Fs17

+UKGAMER808 I hope so oakfield is a great map fingers crossed it passes this time

Yes mate it's a nice map I was surprised how flat all the fields are but you still have hilly terrain. Looks like we might be getting Oakfield farm this week as long as it does not fail testing

+UKGAMER808 I'm looking forward to putting a lot of hours in on the map nice flat fields

It was out on pc I think so just had update .I ll pin this comment to let everyone know it must be the lowest slot count for a map , and bga prices are awesome but I did nt check to see if it works.cheers mate for your feedback

Hello The update is available V1.0.1.0 Fernand24

@UKGAMER808 I hope so oakfield is a great map fingers crossed it passes this time

@UKGAMER808 I'm looking forward to putting a lot of hours in on the map nice flat fields

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