Fashion designer Lavinia Biagiotti co-hosts a Euromaxx Special

Fashion designer Lavinia Biagiotti co-hosts a Euromaxx Special

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Rome. Has so many fascinating, things, to discover. The. Via Condotti is, near the famous Spanish. Steps it's. One of the top shopping, streets in the Eternal City and that's where I'm headed to meet up with another top, European lifestyle. And culture celebrity. Hi. Everyone and welcome to this very special edition of Euro Max coming to you from the Italian, capital Rome we have a very special, guest on our show today the Italian, fashion designer, Lavinia bisciotti, let's, go inside and say hi and. Here, she is our very special guest. And co-host, today Lavinia. Vishanti, thank you so much for having us in your beautiful home right in the middle of Rome thank, you so much for coming today I was looking so much forward to this special day we do yeah and we're looking forward to - you helped us put the show together today. So we're, going to be taking a look at some of the reports that are important to you alright, but the first question I'm sure many of our viewers would like to know what. Are you wearing today well, I'm wearing something from our full winter 1819. Collection, and, it's a print which has some English roses, and my mom's signature so. It keeps her always on my heart and. Do you have any favorite, fashion accessories. Well. I'm crazy about fashion, and I believe that fashion, is to be another either, outfit. Clothes or you. Know accessories, to have to make you feel better right, now I'm crazy for belts this is my belt moment, guys it makes me feel more feminine okay, now you just mentioned your mother you know you've grown up in the cradle of fashion your mother was the famous fashion designer Lara, bisciotti, and she. Was also a pioneer. In the female fashion world so for, you is her daughter was there really any other option, career, option, for you well, first of all I was so blessed to be my mother and my father's daughter they were an amazing family amazing, parents, I never felt they, were VIPs, always, felt they were so. Special. To me and they were always caring, for the little things which i think is so important in life let me free to decide to, do whatever I wanted, in my life but, then I chose passion so, what is a day in the life of Lavinia. Versace like well. I. Live, in the countryside that's where we have our headquarters so. I wake up in the green in the morning pretty early I take a walk me put my dogs and my cats I believe that you know having, a relationship, with nature keeps, you calm and keeps you creative, and balances, your energy, and then, I start, you know going, crazy with my two phone learning. Emails and phone calls and, I Drive my golf cart to Giambi's and I'm. In there about 10. Hours. Yeah. A long day for me and I'm in the fashion business sports. Business art business and I work with amazing people so to be fair I do enjoy most, of the time I spent. In the office and. Then I go back home I take another walk, can have a dinner, with food. From the countryside, and, I love to watch movies they're. Very inspiring for me and read books I do I don't sleep much I do spend, a lot of my, spare time in the night okay, all, right now, Lavinia took over the business from her mother after mother passed away in May of 2017. And since then she's, been working, to keep the label and the collections, moving, forward we want to take a closer and look now at our hosts today. The. Designs are elegant, and casual, glamorous. And romantically. Feminine. Ruffles. And the color white play a major part in any be a jaunty fashion show including.

The First collection, by Lavinia, Biaggio T in 2017. Accessories. And elaborate, applications. On fabrics, are real eye catchers. The, show was a tribute to Laura, BIA Jyothi who died in May 2017. Her. Daughter Lavinia, wore her mother's dress making shears on a ribbon and the, word mom on her heart. Laura. And Lavinia bhaiyyaji had worked side-by-side for, over 20 years. Laura. Introduced, her only daughter to the runway at the age of four and Lavinia, learned the business. In. The 1970s. Laura, be ajaja became known as the queen of cashmere, with her wool and cashmere designs, mostly. In white. Top. Models like Claudia Schiffer Naomi, Campbell and Cindy. Crawford did. Catwalk, shows for BA jati in the 1980s. And 90s, Biaggio, tea was never out to reinvent, fashion. Fine. Fabrics, in designs not limited, to women with a models, figure her, classic, pieces never, go out of style to. This day silk and cashmere are Laur of the ejecta staples, as, seen here at one of her last shows. The. Company headquarters, is the family-owned, Costello de março Simone a about, 20 kilometers, from Rome and surrounded, by the company's, own Golf Course as. A child, Lavinia Beauty, played golf here with her mother and father Jani. He. Died when Lavinia, was just 17, she. Grew up in the Costello, and lives and works here to this day. Golfing. Is her great passion, in. 2022. The course is to stage the famous writer Cup competition. The. Larrabee Ajanta flagship, store is in downtown Rome, near, the Spanish Steps the. New boutique, with two and a half floors of selling space opened, in late 2017. The. Silk garments, with motifs of Rome are bestsellers. Along. With lots of cashmere. Accessories. Like handbags, and jewelry, are also, popular. But, the greatest share of revenue comes from the famous be adjudged perfumes. Laura. Be a jockey created, Roma, in 1988. The. Owns design, is a homage, to her, hometown. Roma. Remains one of the biggest selling perfumes, in the world. Milan's. Piccolo, Teatro, has hosted the Ajanta fashion, shows for 20, years.

Lavinia. Biaggio t continues, in this tradition, and will, keep using this special venue to present her creations. And. Now Lavinia, has invited me to take a quick look around the new shop that bears her late mother's, name. We're. Now in the flagship. Store for, Laura be jaunty just a few metres away from the, house, of Basanti how has it been for you Lavinia, to fill in your mother's footsteps well. It was amazing. To be my parent's daughter because I learned so much from them since I was a child and, I traveled all around the world I went to China Japan America, Russia, before. The age of 10 so. I really tried to learn as fast as I could because I knew at some point in my life had, to take over the company, it. Was amazing, to work with her we exchanged, our roles we were like you know two soccer players, that can play in, different areas, and on. The playground, and so, she passed away all of a sudden and no. Expectations, she was doing great until, five minutes before well, you were pushed into the driver's seat pretty suddenly, aside. From your mother who would you say are your role models, well. Apps so many I'm inspired by women by women. In, power but, women, most of all who, can balance family and work I think that's the greatest power that women can achieve is not just sitting on boards. Or you know becoming famous politicians. But handling. You know your personal, life and your success, I think that's biggest, achievement, in life now, your mother and your grandmother, were real, pioneers, in the fashion, industry your, mother back in the 70s, or grandmother before that. That. Was back then what, is it how is it now for, women in the fashion industry, particularly. Here in Italy, today if. You look at the fashion industry, were not so many women in reading leading roles which, sounds quite unusual, because you would say that's you know llamada fashion, is a female's world but, still we have to compete as in every other field I was, lucky enough to be inspired. By you know leading women like my grandmother, and my mother but this is not as easy for a young generation you, know I've always tried to be true to myself I'm, not looking. At people if they're male or female, I believe, in, energy I believe in. Being able of, you know carrying on your job, speaking. Of energy you're also sponsoring. One of the biggest. Golf tournaments, in the world the Ryder Cup how, did that come about well we're actually hosting. The Ryder Cup with Marco Simona which, is another adventure, of my life, it's. A beautiful 36, holes golf course that my parents built in the 90s, and at some point four years ago I decided, to manage it because I figured out golf could share so many values, and you know adding, more green to, our country, was very important, and you know giving a legacy to children, that's my you know biggest, biggest commitment, so. Italy was bidding Towcester Ryder Cup against Germany, the Oscar in Spain and then, we won after 18, months of you, know bidding and. Now we're delivering the Ryder Cup in 2022, I'm very excited, it's huge for my count when it's huge for my business it's definitely something to look forward to alright we want to take a look at the city you call home in the city that your family has remained so, loyal to Rome, let's have a closer look. A walk. Through Rome is like a visit to a vast open-air. Museum of 3,000. Years of history. Millions. Of tourists, come to the Eternal, City every, year. To. Marvella famous, landmarks, like the Pantheon, with. The world's, largest unreinforced, concrete. Dome. And. Michelangelo's. Piazza, del Campo de, Leo. Local. Resident Christian, Siriano thoroughly. Enjoy showing tourists, his city. Here. In Rome we not only have statues from antiquity but. Also quite a lot from the Middle Ages and, from the Renaissance. Rome. Is a kind of historical, lasagna, because. They always built on top of and next to the old Rome, everywhere. You look you see different, eras. Preserving. It all is a never-ending task, and financing. It an endless, challenge, the. Coordinator, underwent, restoration some. 30 years ago funded. By Larabee. AGoT a pioneer. Of fashion, industry, sponsorship. The, Colosseum too is as bright and shiny as in its days of gladiator, glory. Its. Restoration, was funded, with 25. Million, euros from Italian, leather goods label Diego. Della Valle.

Restorers. Are hard at work in the narrow streets of the old town. The. PIA vano family, business does wood cutting mosaics. And gold, plating, the. Father and two daughters have, clients, from all over the world and, also carry out renovation. Work for the city of Rome. See. Allah was simply tough we carry enormous responsibility. When working on historical, artworks. We. Have to bring out the beauty of these objects, and preserve, them without counterfeiting. A. Good. Restoration, lends additional value to an object. In, the, heart of the old town yet off the beaten tourist track lies, the Piazza, Farnese II and it's Palazzo, said, to be one of Rome's most beautiful, Renaissance buildings. Here. The locals come to enjoy breakfast, and reap newspapers. In the cafes. City. Guide Christian, Siriano likes, to bring tourists, here it's. Just a few steps from the famous campo de fiori. Everything. But over there there's so much commotion with all the pumps all, the American students like to go there. The, Baroque Piazza, Navona is only this peaceful, early in the morning, the majestic fountain. Of the four rivers is one of Rome's most photographed. Sights, of. Course locals, will also end up in some holiday, snapshots. Rome. Is a city full, of surprises, sets archaeologists, and tour guide Stefania, DiMaggio. I. Discover something new in Rome almost, every day it's unbelievable. You never get enough of Rome I always, tell tourists, one lifetime is not enough to see all there is to see in Rome. Rome. Tourists. And Romans alike enjoy, an evening stroll on the Piazza Navona. People. Come here to admire the fountains, and their sculptures, and water shows the. Restaurants, and cafes here are open late into, the night. Roma. Is also busy during the day as thousands. Of visitors taken, it's rich history. So. We're back in the beauty, house as we just saw in that last report the Piazza Navona is a super, popular tourist. Destination. But since you're a true Roman yeah what place. Would you recommend for tourists, to experience the, real Rome well, I'll never happy enough for bro I love my seat is so much so I'd. Like to be a tourist forever, in my city and I still get lost sometimes cuz you know the center of the city is so it's like a labyrinth, oh it's. So amazing and, every time I look up I see some. A detail that I've missed you know in my previous, walk so one, of my favorite spot is the capitolium square where we restored, a la scala coordinator, designed, by Michelangelo and, there are a few secrets, in depth in that square actually if you walk through the square behind, the, beautiful statue of Marcus Aurelius you. Can see a wonderful terrace on the forum sometimes, you know walking through the forums it's very crowded you can just go on the terrace which is right behind the statue and you can get one of the most beautiful sea views, of the, forum and the Colosseum, and then, you can walk back to the mosaic capital Eenie which are not so seen and you can find some amazing pieces in there now, Venice, is also, a huge, tourist, magnet and also a city that your family, is closely connected with why, is that I love any so much how you stood there on vacation when, I was a child with my grandparents. My parents and he was like being in a theater with mine you know the gondolas, and the water and the colors are, so amazing and inspiring for me I think the water is a very creative element, because it, moves things and, it gives a different perspective and. I love the museum I love the ancient, art and I do love the contemporary art my, house in Venice is close to the Guggenheim Museum and. Every time I go and visit it I take some, great inspiration back, with me I want, to turn our attention a little bit to two fabrics, you know Venice is well known for the art of silk and velvet, weaving. Which dates back centuries, but, when, you look at today how hard, or easy, is it for you to find good seamstresses. Well. I would share a secret with you when, I lost my mother, me, 17. The first thing they did was hiring three, new seamstresses, because I believed I needed hands you know fashion is, made of creativity is made of numbers it's made of marketing, and managers, but, most of all is made of hands it's made of every day's work is made of stitching, so, I found, three amazing women in Rome and I hired them immediately and that made me feel stronger. And gave, me the chance to share beauty, now. In, terms of fabrics. Where do you normally go. Shopping for your fabrics for the clothes well, do. Buy mainly, Italian fabrics, but, as you know my mother was the first Italian designer to do a fashion show in China in, 1988. It was very early but. Then you know now that everybody, goes to China even for a weekend but, in 1988, it was pretty early and she was invited, by the then, Minister, of Culture so.

We Do sealed by a lot of Kashmir from China, the New York Times named, her the queen of Kashmir, because she had a new contemporary. Approach and a lot of Kashmir, because it's great for a woman that he's always traveling like me I wear it in the daytime and in the evening, now. Venice, has supplied, for centuries the. Clothing and fabrics for noblemen. And church. Men alike we want to take a look at some of the factories. That still remain today. The, tourists, who flock to Venice normally, come to see the most famous, sights. But. There are quieter. Corners, where you will find Venetians, displaying, centuries-old. Handicrafts. Some. Of the small shops around the Cala diliberti, gay house, genuine, treasures. Damask, and hand, printed, fabrics, or. Unusual. Accessories, made of costly, hand-woven, scraps. The. Reveille weavers keep an archive of historical. Fabrics. They. Date back to the golden age of silk weaving in 16th, century Venice. The. Luigi, Bevilaqua, weavers gives some idea of what it must have looked like back then. They. Work at 300. Year old peddled driven looms, the. Exclusive, Velvets can only be achieved by hand at the rate of about 30 centimeters. A day. They're. Sent all over the world gracing, interiors, from the White House to the Kremlin in Moscow. And. Fashion. Designers, turn them into odd Couture. The. Women here are weaving red silk velvet to be used in the restoration, of the royal palace in Dresden. Invent. Attic we have na, what's. Known as so prarit so velvet, was invented, here in venice. It's. Made up of several layers of fabric, to, create a relief, like effect. And. At the same time with changing, colors. Another. Hidden treasure is the Palazzo Fortuna now, a museum, in what was the private residence of Spanish, textile, artist and art nouveau painter, mariano, fortuny, from 1892. He. Also. Developed new photography, techniques, and. Designed. Stage sets, having, 50 inventions, patented, including, printing processes, that remain a trade secret to this day. Mariano. Fortuny gained. Fame for his process, for producing ash shihr' please say his. Wife Henriette, used it in the early 20th, century to, create the iconic, Delphis gown. All. Systema. The. Production, was done on cylindrical. Rollers. That. Not only gave the fabric, its vertical, placee pleased, but. Also its horizontal crimping. That. Lends the dress even greater allure. Only. A few steps further on is the la finito opera one of the world's finest, opera houses, it. Took several years of work to repair the damage caused by a major fire in 1996. The. Gold plated decoration, in the Rococo theater, Hall is true to the original. Even. The exquisite. Curtain, is a perfect, copy of the original it, was. Recreated, by the BHRT fashion, house and donated. To the Opera to the delight of tourists, and Venetians, alike. So, as we heard in that last report your family made a fairly, large donation. Gift to, the city of Venice how it's more about that relationship, well. As I told you before we. Always loved Venice so much it's such a beautiful, city and at the same time it's so fragile and, I feel as an Italian that have to protect it somehow so, going back to the donation, in 1996. My father passed away and fortunately, was amazing, in yang it was only 59 and that's, the same year when the theatre laughs anita was born, lividity belongs, to the world everybody's been I mean everybody went to Venice in that wonderful place so my. Mother and I decided to donate the curtain, because we believe that's a wonderful sign of life when the curtain goes up the show's starts. You know the show's begins, the magic comes to you and the energy so, we figured out that was a way to keep life carrying, on, now. You've said you're a huge fan of the theater any genre in particular, well, I love, Italian opera and I love music, in general it's so inspiring for me and it's so emotional, I do need emotions, to be creative. Speaking. Of creative, you know and in the stage and since your family is so connected, to the theatre do you also get. Inspiration, from the costumes, that you might even see in Venice especially, because they are, known for their their balls and, the the costumes. Well I'm fascinated like, a child you know every time I go to the theater and unfortunately, I don't have that much time to go but, I love to watch it on YouTube sometimes, as well when I miss a wonderful play and fascinated. Like a child by the amazing, work and we spoke about seamstresses. And there are so much you know so much details, behind a theater. Costume, and it's very interesting for me to look at that now, if you weren't a fashion.

Designer And busy, ten-hour working days and if you were let's, say to slip into a role on the theater this. Stage what would it be well first, of all I could never be a singer, and so bad it's singing but, I do love to dance I take dance lessons that's, one of my secrets and it helps me to feel balance with my body and my mind so, but I'm not definitely, a classical, dancer what. Kind of dance ooh Latin. Dances oh that no not, ballet no no. I was too tall when I was a child I wanted to become a classical, dancer, some pointers every little girl but, I was never you know the right size and the right you know kind of breed them okay. Now back to reality aside, from slipping, into different roles looking, at your, jati brand and the, Roma perfume, it just celebrated, a milestone thirty, years as you. Look at the entire, company, and the brand as a whole where would you like to see it heading in. The next thirty years, but, I'm really happy to share with you our 30th, anniversary of, Roman, Roma wanna that's an amazing, achievement as, you said it's a milestone if, you think the, average life of a fragrance right now in the market is from 18 to 24 months so you, know being loved by men and women all around the world from 30 years it's a great great achievement, now what do I want to do with my company, well the company was founded by my grandmother, in Rome where we are right now in, 1965. So, I've got an amazing heritage, behind my shoulders, and I want to do what she did and what my mom did is making, women, and men all around the world feel more confident, more conscious. I think, fashion I hate the word fashion victim why'd, you have to be a victim of fashion, I think fashion is to be an ally so, my everyday goal is, to share beauty, and to share braveness, and garage, sounds. Like a very good goal at that Lavinia, we thank you so much for having us here in Gujarati house in Rome, and for, hosting us and with. That we have come to the end of the show as always you can keep up with us on social media, Facebook, and Instagram for, me and the rest of the crew here and from, Lavinia, vishanti thank you so much for tuning in we'll see you again soon.

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Lavinia Biagiotti opens her own private home at 0:48 and speaks openly about her mother, the designer Laura Biagiotti, who founded the fashion house at 7:29. And she reveals at 15:42 why Venice inspires her so much.

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