Fast & Fun Flit around the Islands - Ep 68 Sail Trim on Luckyfish

Fast & Fun Flit around the Islands - Ep 68 Sail Trim on Luckyfish

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This. Week on lucky fish, we. Visit, a u-boat, hideout, catch, a remarkable, fish. Snorkel. With a shark, find. An easy way to catch bone, fish. And. Share, what we've learned about sail from, when. Going, upwind. Willie, Williams team this morning and we just stand, idle. And - I'll north with, just mantra bicycle Derby Island and. The. Castle, a wooden. Building in some description, they call the castle that. Was built here and, 19. Okay. You both base here. Questionable. Whether any u-boat actually came here during the war can. You go in and have a look at the Little Harbor that evil may, be anchored in and I the. Islanders private. I. Think. It's the life, and again brought about my fault. Submarine. Makes. Every night. Guess. The. Process, the t-shirt. If. I can do better they're not letting us. Rather. Cut. Every. Father. Well, you think of this place. Because. It. Echoes. After. Spending a pleasant evening anchored. Off rudder Kottke we, set out in the morning for, a look at the hurricane, hole, just. For future reference, come, and look at this and a great role, given. To the narrow channel entrance. Billy. Think you have a couple of meters in the entrance as we go through the channel, and. There's. A little bit of an opening inside the very content, there six to eight yachts in here well there's no in in here today but, it would be a good spot. Alt, tooth is an orderly or westerly blowing up. Two. Meters under the keel. From. Roddick up key we had a pleasant afternoon sail, past Masha, key. Before. Anchoring, off black point for the knife. On. The, advice of a local fishermen we set, a line in the morning, and hooked this remarkable. Fish. For. A while there I thought it it somehow got, the hook caught on the keel. It. Just seemed to be stuck there we can we caught a shot well a small shot. You. They look a lot like a shark but there are sucker fish. Probably. Probably. Quite good feet eating, they look very much like sharks. And sharks are really good eating. Corn, if you swallowed the whole damn thing you burger that, seem to have teeth.

Yeah. That's good. Nice. Hey you're getting back in the water quick. Slam. Off. Yeah. Morning. Well. I mean you know if we were we didn't have a freezer full of meat at the moment that would be food. When, you're ready. To. Block that. I. Will. If Blackpoint this morning and we've just come in to what. Little big majors spot, to. Go and check on the pigs we. Di quarter Remora. It. Wasn't gonna feed all of us so we we're, coming it's important. And. One of the neat things about the warm even in a crowded. Anchorage like this is um. We're. Gonna be able to pull off pretty much right in front of the attraction. Shallow-draft. Will, kill both to hand well back. And it's been the case time and time again and most of the Anchorage's we've been and now there's always a bit of room to squeeze in between the rest of the Anchorage and the beach. Something. I've certainly miss with any other boat rather. Need, excited. To see some pigs today. We're, gonna bring it again, it's. A perfectly, good. We. Didn't stay long with the peaks the. Main takeaways, were that these were extremely, well cared for animals. Run. By very, very smart local, farmers, whose, cost, and revenue model. Would likely be, the envy of pig farmers, and pigs the, world over. We, tucked in behind this, delightful, little, key to hoist sail, for. The 17-mile. Lake to the headquarters. Of the Exuma. Land and sea park. It. Was compulsory, to use a mooring, here. There's Joe. We. Made a booking so, we could return again in a couple of days. We'd. Be able to morning's, to a boo-boo health where, thanks, to Joe we, had a special appointment, there's, something I made for, you guys oh there's. A place called booboo. Hill were. You in school where. You can either eat neither keep it or throw it on a hill. Before. We left the park we made a visit to a moon rock for a smoke. What. Are you reading. It's. A funny. After. A night at Emerald Bay with, the wind still in the southeast, we set off for a 30-mile sale to highborn, key and called in to the marina. While. Germans, I went, up to the shop and had a look around. One. Of these guys oh why the shocks, are hanging around the point back be the own brother hook something yeah. That's. A very nice fish. That's. Conveyed. Conky. What. Do you call that fish, what. Would you call that fish. Yeah. What. Do you call it. Broad. Fish, boy. I this a bone fish truly. Are. They good eating. Very. Good yeah. Well. Done sir, brilliant. I thought they went crazy with flies and, now we're really hard to catch and they like easy to get scared and all that stuff you know but you just throw a bit of our conch and a hook and then it's. Kind of ruining the myth you know. Well. Done, beautiful. So. You kept, an eye on your bait real close right because that shark would have been onto that bait - wouldn't he and you don't want him. He's. A bit big head to handle. Yeah. Ship. It off. Bad. Luck just. Caught. A beautiful bone cuz straight off here just straight under here with a bit of our conk on a hook and. It's. Having to watch pretty closely because the. Sharks. Hanging around. Thank. You. Ian. Nice work. Lieutenant. Conch, and the bone fish really fast. Yes. Sir. Oh. Yeah. Yeah yeah that's. Big. Gar fish. Yeah. That's a big stock. You. End up buying one of the bone fish. Okay. We. Better put him out of his misery and then well done pop them in the fridge showing. We've. Been told for the realm of the gills. Puts. Them to sleep. Stories. I don't feel a thing after that. We'll. Be fun to throw. That stuff in the water oh yeah. Yeah. Anything. We worry so much the enjoy no that looks great. He's, hurt baby how, I couldn't believe it as he did just know he's gonna right lift his head out of the water yeah.

Take. Five. In his mouth expect, us to dangle something, in it. Well. Just sailing out from highborn, Key hitting the south towards, Norman's Pete and, we're, fairly hard on the wind that's. Got 13 to 15 knots beautiful, sailing, quite flat protected, waters it's, a really good chance to test. The boat out going. To windward which is something that's proved quite problematic for, us in the. Past cool being a bit of guesswork with trimming sails and, working out to. The momentum, and boat speed in order to have enough, power on to, be able to climb over seas, and so forth, but. Since we put the Telltale's, on the sail, on. All three sails to working files now we can we, can trim the sails properly, using all the control lines you, know the two main sheets on the horse all different. Sheeting positions on the jib and using, the main sheet on the mainsail, along with a I, guess you call it a double main sheet system although it's really just one single piece of line lead through one of the spinnaker blocks to the winch in order to control the position of the clue on the main and, then. We can tension the gaps as well so. All, of these adjustments we, found that it's. Possible, to get most of the Telltale's, streaming. Really well when wooden lowered ones across the sales and the leech, tail towels this. We can do with those is to skip them sort of lifting a little bit often. They're stalled. But, you know if we can get them just to lift a little bit that's about the best we can do with the leech on all three sails, but. You know you've makes such a world of difference we're getting a lot more power out of the boat now we're. Finding just small adjustments. To get those Telltale's, working, properly. Translate. Into big, changes, in speed maybe. Certainly. Half a knot easily, and up to one for one and a half knots, the. Boat really comes to life when when this not, surprisingly, when the sails are set properly. So. On this water which is pretty flat we're looking at tacking angles conservatively. We'd be a detector, about 110. Degrees at the moment in a 13. To 15 knot wind. We're. Pointing probably, around 50 to 55, degrees to the true wind and around. 32. 3540. Degrees to, the apparent, wind, and. Our boat speed is between. Five. And a half to six knots occasionally, up to six and a half knots, so. You know all in all I'm pretty rat now I feel, like we are getting the most out of the boat we're. Applying quite a lot of tension to all, of the control lines in order to get these sails set and working properly but. It's, well worth it. Well. Everyone we hope you enjoyed this episode we'd. Like to give a special thank you to our patrons, it's. Because of patrons, like you that make our productions, sustainable. So please if you haven't already consider. Becoming a patron for as little as a dollar a video and become, part of the lucky fish story.

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Good advice. Next video Zaya cooks it and removes all the bones... interesting result! thanks alot. we will do it your way next time

Great vid. Cheers

Another excellent video with relaxed sailing in sparkling clear waters and great sailing tips. Pigs swimming in the sea, next we'll gear they can fly!! I thoroughly enjoy your videos. Many thanks to Stew & Zaya

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I noticed you are using full face snorkeling masks you may want to do some research about them, there have been several deaths related to using them, just do a google search ( deaths related to using full face snorkeling mask) I just want you guys to be safe

Thank you Arthur. The mask was a very kind gift to Zaya but we have come to the same conclusion as you. They are very comfortable for just toodling around on the surface, but we would not recommend. Cheers

For Sale About Big Darby Island This island is a very special one: it lies in one of the most beautiful parts of the Bahamas and boasts white sandy beaches and the potential for an airstrip. It has all the basic essentials for development. It is situated very near well-known island resorts and existing airstrips. Big Darby Island is located about 95 miles from Nassau, 14 miles from Great Exuma and 250 miles from Miami. It lies almost in the centre of the chain of some 360 islands known as the Exuma Cays -the yachting, sailing and fishing paradise of the Bahamas. The nearest islands are Rudder Cut Cay (with airstrip) and Musha Cay, both owned by illusionist David Copperfield. This island is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters and features several white sandy beaches -in all approx. 21,650 ft. of water frontage. The highest elevation is approx. 80 ft. which is exceptionally high for the Bahamas. The island can support a 3,000 ft. to 5,000 ft. runway and is adjacent to a deep protected natural harbour. An imposing 7,000-square-foot castle built by an Englishman, Sir Baxter, in 1938 is located on the island. The castle could be rebuilt into a spectacular home or clubhouse. A survey of a proposed development plan is available. A network of paths and walkways extends in southerly and westerly directions for a distance of 1.8 miles. This is a great opportunity to own a large island island in The Exuma Cays.

The remora,is considered good to eat

"Lift his head out of the water" indeed. When I was ten I stood by the pier railing in Panama City (or was it Pensacola) admiring a king mackerel someone had hung there, its head just by my toes. A hammerhead erupted from the water below, emerged tail and all, and took the mackerel off right behind the gills, slipping back into the Gulf with hardly a ripple. I didn't even have time to curl my toes. No one else saw this, and there was some argument as to what had happened to the fish, with meaningful glances in my direction, till some old geezer looked at the grooved cut and pronounced me a truth-teller.

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Please watch it from the beginning, some reason it's starting from the middle of the video. HD and subtitle availabe. Did you see last weeks episode 5 Tips on Heavy Weather? It's a goodie. Leave any comments and questions below do give the video a Like and Sub to our channel if you haven't already - cheers, Stew and Zaya

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@Luckyfish Gets Away Congratulations to the two of you!

@Luckyfish Gets Away Thanks! miss you guys quite a lot... Might have to fly to Mongolia

Ah, Prospecting! Always Fun, Lol!@Luckyfish Gets Away

Good Deal. Whatcha Doin' in the Gobi? Chasin' Oil?@Luckyfish Gets Away

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