Father Of Yetanya Francis EXPLAINS, Live Radio Podcast, August 27th 2018, Jamaica News Today,

Father Of Yetanya Francis EXPLAINS, Live Radio Podcast, August 27th 2018, Jamaica News Today,

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The brutal murder 14, year old Italia Frances in Arnot Gardens last Thursday. Night is, sparking, outrage. Reports. Are yet, amia whose pet name is princess. Left home to buy food about, 8:00 last, Thursday. Evening when she didn't return residents. Of the community, launched, a search for her yet. Anya's body was found partially, naked and burned, her. Body was discovered on Friday morning, in a section of the gritty community. Reacting. To the gruesome killing of the teenage girl prime, minister Andrew Holness yesterday. Said, his administration. Is not going to ease up on the criminals. That. Was. Brutally. And. Raped. In. Kingston. Murder. It, is. Going down. Crimes. Generally. Is. Going. Down. Our, policies. And. Strategies. Are. Working. But. I don't take it for granted. Anytime. At all. That. The criminal. Intent. Is. Still, do. That, there are persons. Who. Are. Criminals. But. In. Any, way. That's. Prime Minister, Andrew, Holness now. Child, rights advocates, children's rights advocacy, group hear the children's cry says, they're ready to organize protests. To draw national attention to the recent brutal, crimes against, children, convener. Of the group Betty Anne Blaine says. They're calling, on all Jamaicans. To take a stand. Is. Prepared, to fight. Organized. Solutions. It's been too long we've. Been crying off for years and, things are not getting better so we are now prepared, even if it means we're going to go to the streets and, Jamaican. People to support. Us but we cannot, continue this way Betty. Anne Blaine well she's gonna join us a little later but, we have joining us first the father the attorney of Francis Lionel, Francis. Good, afternoon, mr. Francis. First. Of all let me begin by asking. You, how are you managing and, the. Mother of Princess, are you, both managing. I. Can. Imagine no words can explain your. Grief and pain as a father if, you will for people who are trying to understand, what upon tell us the sequence of events between, the. Time she left home to get something, to, eat. She. Can. Check again and by. The time by, the time when I tried to get. And. You. Know I would read the words that went immediately, I. Went. Immediately to check out on the community, even, something is an, anomaly, no one would really want to venture, a month. You. Know but I really. Thought I went to the community, I, wanna even knock off some persons but. No. One could assist in, Selenia, where Dianetics, was the Deaf spinner. But, honestly, gone, truth and I was really worried I was really worried. She. Was. In. Darkness. She. Was. With you going, to the police station. When. Did you learn if. You did. I. Knew, that she was natural, but. You can no longer part and find princess, and. Find. Princess, I am, somewhat, enjoyable but. Some the tears that I shine no it wasn't going. To be tired. Hold, on for me will open the break stay with us mr. Francis whereupon, the break. The. Time brought to you by Exim banks new 4.5%. Interest rate loan is. 5:45. Eve, is a trusted, family favorites, offering great quality, in pastas, canned, meat sauces, and more its food, worth sharing, delivered. To you by faci commodity. The temperature, by Eve the first family, of fine foods is 30. Degrees Celsius, in Kingston, and 26. In Montego Bay. Yours. Today looking. For the best in farm and garden equipment at, Delta, supply we stock mist blowers, and sprayers, to apply pesticides and. Fertilizers, as well, as fodder crushers, for feeding livestock to, satisfy, your landscaping, needs we carry zero turn mowers wood chippers, brush, cutters hedge trimmers, chainsaws, and leaf blowers to learn more call us at 3:02, six one one one two four or visit, our website to Delta supply koat.com. Delta, supply we, service, what we sell. Exim. Bank presents, its mega business, loans sale from August 1 to October 30, wanna offering. Interest rates starting as low as, 4.5%. 50%. Of commitment, fees no, commitment, fees for J MEA members, no, application. Fees discounts. On business and financial services, provided, through partnership, with the DP J&J, BDC, call, us now eight seven, six six three zero one four zero zero conditions. Apply. Welcome. Back welcome back we are trying, to come to terms with more details, on the. Disappearance. Killing. An eventual, discovery. Of the remains of, 14 year old the Italia Francis, also. Called Princess a student, of, Kingston. Technical, High School, from. Her father he's, giving, us his account. Lionel, Francis so at. Approximately. After 10:00 the, following morning Friday morning, so. We. We. Found, in. Relation, to. The. And then the shop that she, would have done or done on, the other side not. Nuts anymore than oranges. And. An. Area. That is easily, visible. Misterfrancis. One. Of the things that I want, to pick up on you. Know it's been in the media, and. Circulating, on social medias. Well that there. Are persons, in the community who would have heard these, screams.

Screams. What. Are you hearing from. So. Only one person heard. The, cries. And. She. Was on holiday. Going. In. For, that. Yeah. Mr. Francis. Honor, Gardens. Is. A tough place to live we know that yes. We. Have had previous. Stories, of, you. Know children being murdered, we. Had. Problems. With crime, in the community. Do. You know. Somebody. Knows. Who. Do. You think. You. See a system. Leaving. Mr Francis. Mr., Francis, what. Do you want to be done know whether it's from your community. From. The police. Instar I believe. Yeah. Mr. Francis I want, to, thank. You very much for showing the courage of coming here and you, know talking. With us and to the wider to make about the. Grief that you and your family, are know, enduring. And. To. Just ask that you stay strong for the rest of the family, it's. Extremely difficult, many of us just. Simply cannot understand, what you are feeling because we have never had that experience, yeah. But. Thank you very much very much for sharing with us. Betty. Anne Blaine and opposition. Spokesman and, youth senator, Damion Crawford, were to be with us we. Decided, to bring, them on as later, because, we wanted to hear so much more from, the. Tiniest father, Lionel, Francis, so they'll join us at. Approximately. 6:00. 6:30. All. Right that's. A cover story the news is next. The. Time brought to you by Guardian, life live secure live easy is two, minutes past six, marksmen. Providing. Uncompromising. Security. For the industrial, financial. And tourism. Sectors specialists. In aviation and seaport. Security, over. 25, years of experience in dealing with the toughest, security challenges. Island-wide. Marksmen. Is on, guard, on, time, on, target. Nine two six three six zero zero, marksmen, a member, of the guardsmen, group of companies. Nationwide. News at 6:00 on nationwide. 90, FM the most credible, and trustworthy, news, station. Good, evening I'm Marjorie Gordon Prime. Minister Andrew Holness says, despite, an 18%, reduction in the murder rate his, administration. Will be intensifying. Its bush to rid the Jamaican, society of perpetrators, of violent, crimes. Mr.. Wholeness made the comments, while he addressed a GOP, meeting in st. Elizabeth, last night he, also commented honor this weekend's, brutal murder 14, year old dia Tonya Francis, of Honor Gardens. Says. The government. Was. Mister. Homeless says detailed, focus is also being placed on methods, to reduce violence, in the society, he, says a stabbing incident, on Friday night injured is just another example while, there's an urgent, need to place emphasis on, violence, reduction strategies. In Jamaica, in that, incident a female youth advocate, who's also a member of the GOP affiliate, generation. 2000, g2k, was, rushed to hospital after. She was set upon in kohrville Gardens and Andrew and viciously, stabbed, multiple times by, an 18 year old man the. Man reportedly, blamed a relative of the gt2k member, for, a brief water lock off in the community the.

Gtalk A member was reportedly, kicked in the face by her attacker while she was on the floor bleeding she. Remains in hospital in, serious condition. As purely. Petty. But. Yet to. Resolve those issues we. Resort, to violence. We. Are. Anyway. Prime. Minister Andrew. Holness in, the, meantime Prime, Minister Holness says in his administration will. Resist what he says is, approached, by the opposition PNP. To maintain, control over the state apparatus despite. Not being the, duly elected government. Of Jamaica, Jonah Thomas reports, the, Prime Minister, and GOP, leader says, it appears, of the PNP feels, it has the right to control Jamaica. Mr.. Honus made the comments, during his address to, a gel be meeting, in Northeast. St. Elizabeth last night the Prime Minister argued that a mindset, of entitlement, is be deviling the PNP he, says his administration will. Have none of it. Where. It is your, intention, to. Maintain. Control. From. The opposition, the. Apparatus, of. Mr.. Wholeness says as the pnp must understand, that it will not be allowed. Which. Are in the best. Mr.. Wholeness says that should be made clear that. He believes that, the opposition, has a crucial part to play as a watchdog, against. Any potential overreach, my government. So. I want. To say, to the people of do that, this government, will, not distract, it is. Not, only doing, the work that it was elected, but. We also have, to do in the world that, we. Work. Tana. Thomas, Phoenician white News Now opposition, spokesman on, land and environment, senator Sophia first bins has replaced, Phillip on well as chairman, of the PNP is Region three the. PNP, made the disclosure via, a media release on the weekend, the, party disclosed that four new representatives. Are among the six persons, who have been elected at regional chairman, two, of the posts were made vacant, because mr., Paul well and another regional chairman Miguel Phillips stepped, down to make their bid to become vice presidents, of the PNP mr.. Phillips has been replaced as PNP, Region five chairman, by hope to Makati while. At North Trelawny, MP Victor Wright has replaced Pauline, foster as PNP. Region, one at share mana the, PNP says that there were no changes in the leadership, of a region to which, consists, of said Mary Portland's, and Thomas dr.. Morris guy remains, a PNP region, to chairman, Denny's. Daly was re-elected, as, a PNP. Region, for chairman the, PNP says West hannover MPA inhales, opted, not to offer himself for reelection, as region. Six chairman, he's, been replaced by Donald, column a see, meanwhile. Mr. Kalamata, says he'll, be giving, attention to several constituencies, in, region six Yanis, all got boned but some are difficult and so so, what we'll be doing will be ensuring. That those constraints, were depressed ended in the order of priority he's concentrate. At the basic, things that they have to do the, only basic things are to ensure that. Donald. Call a method PNP, region six German speaking with a media on the weekend, mister, hale's that told the media that he's stepped, down as region, six chairman to focus on supporting, his ill mother and constituency. He, also gave his support to the new chairman. Democracies. About. We. All make decisions but, I think. If. You have a United, region six there's, nothing, that can stop us going forward Ian. Hales a former PN P region, six German region. Six comprises, the parishes, of Hannover, West Berlin dance and James the. Selection, took place at the Manning, school in West monitoring, a delegates meeting of the Regional, Executive Council, of, the party. The. Jamaica chamber of commerce JCCC, says is strongly, supports, the moves the Bank of Jamaica BOJ have made recently to deal with a slide in the event of the Jamaican dollar versus, its US counterpart. Last. Week the BOJ carried, out a flash sale pumping, forty-eight million u.s. dollars it's the market it's. Also promised, to pump another 100. Million u.s. dollars into the market over the next few, weeks through its foreign exchange intervention and, training tool will be fix it it seems. The central, bank's intervention, is paying off as the.

Jamaican, Dollar appreciated. On Friday and according. To dead today's midday, rate the, Jamaican, dollar is appreciating again. Now trading at one hundred and thirty four dollars and 42 cents that's. A fifty percent. Appreciation. On, a Fridays, rated, third vice president, of the JCC, Keith Hollister, says, the chamber is encouraging. The Central Bank to continue, its intervention. Well, we strongly support the, recent, intervention. By, the. Bank of Jamaica on Friday, and we, encourage. Banker, to make it to continue intervening, as, necessary. Because we believe. That the recent, fall in a dollar had become disorderly. And, counterproductive. In, fact, fears. Are sparked by an historic. Slide in the dollar that, the BOJ and the government, were deliberately, devaluing, the dollar to raise a country's inflation, rate these. Fears forced to the BOJ governor Brown, winter, and Finance Minister Nigel. Clarke to take the unprecedented, step, of revealing. Correspondence. Which they claim proved they aren't manipulating, the currency, mr., collister says a JCCC welcomes, this move he, argues, that a combination of factors led, to fears, that the government, was, intentionally. Devaluing, the dollar we. Have looked at the issue including, the, correspondence. Between the. Bank of Jamaica and the, Minister of Finance and we are more than satisfied that. There was no plan and is no plan to devalue, the dollar just, to meet an inflation, targets, unfortunately. Because, people are not used for the idea of inflation. Targeting and, missing, inflation, targets that has been some misunderstanding and. But our assessment. Is this, is a erroneous. Belief and in fact we'd also add that the IMF had recently, released its article, for assessments. Which included, an analysis, of the exchange, rate and when it released his dollar was around 126. To 1 and at. That time yeah, I met saw what the currency was fairly. Valued, on, Keith. Collister third vice president, of the JCC, speaking, of this afternoon, with nationwide, news and, that's news at six. The. Jamaica library service invites you to view the Empire Windrush exhibition, on torrid parish libraries island-wide, call or visit your library to find out when the exhibit will be near you the time by the GLS is 6:15. Needy. Uniforms, for back-to-school come, to the ultimate, location, at ten short Wood Road they, have khaki uniforms, white shirts and blouses lab, coats socks, the uniforms, for st. Andrew prep and HI immaculate, high school and Iligan Eva, also available navy blue pants for Jamaica college as the uniforms, were Caribbean maritime Institute so, for all your uniform, needs come to ultimate, visions, and short road road besides a Western Union open. Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. see you there. Jamaica. Stock Exchange. To. Sports now records, will be hoping, their strikers, will again find their scoring boots when they take on Bermuda, in their second, match of the CONCACAF women, cabin. Women's qualifiers, the, match is set for the national stadium this evening at 7:00 the. Girls opened their campaign, with a nine and needle whipping of Antigua and Barbuda on Saturday, in, former. Striker Khadija, Shaw had goals in the 10th 49th. And 54th, minutes for Jamaica the, other goals came courtesy of Cristina Chang Trudy, Carter, Tanisha Blackwood, Ashley, shim and Marlo, Smith Minh. Tottenham. Increased, the pressure on Manchester United, manager josé, Mourinho with. A convincing three, nil win, in the Premier League at Old Trafford, Hurricanes. Precise, header put Spurs in command as these starts the second half. Oh chopper. Lucas. Maura's angle, drive a double, their lead two minutes later as United's, defensive, frailties, were exposed again. The. Brazilian, rounded off the scoring later on skipping, past Chris, Smalling to, blunt his shattered, beyond, goalkeeper, David a guy. You. Knighted I know 13 on at the table with three points from six starts while, Tottenham, are second, with nine points, same as Liverpool, however.

The Reds has, a, super. Superior. Goal difference. Now. Jamaica will be sending a nine member team to the senior Pan Am gymnastic. Championships, in Peru from September, 10 to 17, the. Team which includes five females, and four males will be using, the tournament, to qualify for the Pan Am Games which, will also be held in Peru next, year president. Of the sport local governing body Nick Brown. Says. The pressure is on the team to. In. 2019. She. Says Jamaica, has the athletes, to qualify. This. Year Danny's, back she. Is back from injury but she did very well and the NCAA. Where. She, had. Kept a number forward and we have venusian. Francis basically. She had qualified, for the Olympics, but unfortunately. She wasn't able to go because of analysis, so we're hoping that they, will do very well and, the. Team we're. Looking forward to Reese and even. As well as Caleb. Nicole, grant brown president of the Jamaica Amateur gymnasium, gymnastic, Association. Now. Jamaica's bikini fitness model, Avenel, modest is the, country's, newest, I BBF, pro athlete, after she won gold at, the Giovanni, Classic. In Aruba, on Sunday, competing. In the bikini category for, women over 5 feet 5 inches tall. She, won her class and placed 2nd, in the overall, bikini category it. Was an amazing. Experience. Competent. For the first time internationally, for, sure I went in with, an open mind and, just. Willing, to go, out here to see what it's like ant alone and you, know apply. To what early ha she. Says she'll, be taking, a short break before, her, next competition what. Next is another. Pro show but, I have to wait, for this. All the time because I, have to give my buddy it's, time to rest and recuperate, also. From my mind to cooperate. Also. Avenel. Modest, bikini, fitness model. Master. Trained at fitness, revolution club, o'neill bender says developing. Healthy, emotional, skills is just, as important, to your overall health, as a food, you eat Randall, is a host of sports, corner during sports nation, life with Leighton levy it's all good to be emotional, and how can we control. Some of these emotions, you know alternative, uses setting before you talk thing before your Ark is the stream concept, before making a rational decision we, want to take the time out and sit back and reflect, a moment before we actually respond. To whatever it is that we have to respond whether it is a food whether it is the workout whether it is the conversation, that is so heated that we think that we are being stepped, on or whatever it is we really need to reflect because the, next answer that we give can, have just like the food we eat a positive, or a negative impact. Tony. Randall, master, trainer at fitness, revolution club, and that's, sports. Jquan. Is giving up to. $200,000. Cash back, up. To. $200,000. Cash back on cars, purchased, GenCon. Has the largest stock, of cars with, over 500. To choose from, Toyota's, Suzuki's. Subarus, listens. Honda's, and masters, limited, time offer of conditions apply so don't delay call nine to zero cars, now or, go online for details at jackin cars calm. Up to. $200,000. Cash back only, from jet con quality, pre-owned, cars. 25%. All month long on select items like, LED bulbs select nova industrial, fans aluminum. Dutch pots and baking, tins may be brown liquid cleaning, products nova, irons and electric kettles and amazing. Discounts on perfumes, colognes bicycles. Plastics, and even furniture. Do. You've an eye for fashion come experience a timeless, blend of beauty style and vision, at IQ optical express your style with, our from the world's top designers visit us in two convenient locations shaft. And lumina park plaza and shop 22, in the country corporate center New Kingston IQ, optical, the intelligent. Choice. Just. Arrived at Angel Auto spares and accessories limited. Tahoe, engine bearings are for liner sleeves entry our piston mains vandal, fan belt tensioners, spark, plugs and shock absorbers, wholesale, and retail prices, available conditions, supply located, at 25 moral Avenue Kingston, Tanner telephone, ninety two nine nine one four six or shop number ten one a chopper turn road map and clarendon telephone, nine eight six seven one four two Daniel, Auto spares and accessories limited, for all your Japanese spare parts. At. Express Fitness 24/7. Your goal is our mission check out our start now program, only 29.95. Nothing, more to pack visited, Express Fitness 24/7. Near you for more details, oh and remember doing, one use, on. Ever. Close business. Leaders, and entrepreneurs around. The Caribbean are clicking, on business, sweet online comms and a business sweet on Twitter for the very latest in Caribbean and international. SME, business news, and features, Business, Suite online.com. Empowering. And connecting. Business leaders and entrepreneurs as.

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But Sorry. Just the point I would I ain't no one comment, I was saying you know within an hour they should have been looking for her but based, on what we heard from the father who we just spoke with mr. Francis said within. The, hour the the. Mother yet Anya's mother was, looking, for her calling, and so on all. Right so let me go to the comments from Facebook Kevin Johnson said such a wicked act all, I can, say is that if it was my daughter in anger, so and. There was a lady that was talking. In a report saying a long time hema watcher she. Would have to tell me what she knows and who she is talking about not. Leaving it in the police or in God's hands I would hunt them down myself. Mark. Anthony says unadulterated. Depravity. But it is not a new, level of brutality and hard-heartedness. Neither. Is or numbness towards, the brutality, knew nor. Is the number of incidents nor. Is the fact that we will forget this incident in a few days until, next round and it, gets worse because neither is it new that as a society we prefer. To divest responsibility. To governmental executive. Instead. Of first creating, government, and order, in the home Alex. Smith says this, one is a hard, one for me look. At the foot on Facebook, and hearing looking at the photon Facebook and hear it on the radio made, me cry the. Girl called for help and no one to her rescue if it, was a man and his woman in a fight a smartphone, would, be light of the night and not, even the moon would be needed, to see, shame. On the community, and to, make a situation worse it'd gone into politics, and the, same from the same set who, sit in them illegal, a see, Nadine. Hodgins awaiting she said the, wanton, killing of four young girls needs, to stop the, brutality, being inflicted on the innocent is a cancer, on the society, we. Need to take personal, responsibility for. The care and protection, of our children we, are doomed as a nation, if we continue, to destroy, our children, my. Heart. For the terror experienced. By a Tonya when, she was being savaged, by the demons, who snuffed out her life these. Atrocities will, only stop, when we decide. That, enough, is enough. Simone. Dunbar, warrant says this is just horrible she, said she was speechless at, this inhumane. Act and she could not even, find, words and the, final comment comes from O'Keefe gray who says I'm, tired, of hearing about these now the, people in the area know, and are, shielding. The culprits, the, rapists, the murderers, people. No full. Stop, we're, listeners. Ha. We can only. Hope. That, whoever. Has information, comes forward we. Can only hope. That the, investigative. Arms of the jcf are. At full throttle to. Get this to, get the culprit, or culprits behind. Bars, and we, can only hope for the, family of a tanya to be comforted, in this, very very, difficult moment.

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We're. Coming to Golden Shoe Resort st. Thomas. Passport. To paradise, in the nationwide, this morning from 6:00 to 8:30 a.m., on nationwide. 90, FM a revolution. In India. This. Broadcast is, brought to, you by this. Is really great yogurt, be good to your body Ministry. Of Tourism, take, care of tourism, tourism takes care of us, and fidelity. Motors, missin, shift, innovation. That excites. Good, evening once again thanks, so much for staying with us 23 minutes going up to 7, o'clock I'm cliff Hughes and I'm Kamisha, Kelly well we're gonna pick up from our cover story. Concerning. The murder, of 14, year old Lea Tonya Francis, of honored Gardens and Kingston Technical. High School, last Thursday. Evening, we heard from, Atanas. Father, lion ella frances, we're. Now going to get some reactions, on children's, rights advocate. Convene of here a children's, cry Betty. Anne Blaine and opposition. Spokesman and, youth senator, Damon Crawford, he, issued a statement on the weekend, and in. That statement mr. Crawford, says the perpetrators. Of this crime should, be turned should. Be termed enemies. Of the state he. Said they. Should be hunted, by a special, squad if they refused, to turn themselves in. After. 24. Hours he's going to tell us more about his. Thoughts, on this matter good, evening mr. cross senator Crawford good evening Betty, Anne Blaine. Betty. Anne Blaine, first of all a response. That should be coming from the. State and the wider Jamaican, society. And. You know I listened to the interview with the dad mr., Francis, and. I first of all just want to say to the dad we're. Very very very sorry we. Grieve with them and other family, members. Every. Single one every single case I take, personally, we take personally. I. Don't know. If. You remember that caliber. High school students, were stabbed to death on the very first day of, 2017. Because. The year before 2016. Was a murderous. Year for children. And so we decided to be proactive and we, put out a call to the Prime Minister Andrew, Holness. Asking. Him from, January. Of last year, to. Call an, emergency. Child, from it which. Would not be a Topshop, were very, very explicit. About that we. Just simply, wanted. To bring the. Critical. Stakeholders around. One table, a, small. Group, but a group that could make decisions, and get action, done and I said if, we only were able to achieve two, things two. Things in the country that, would benefit, children we'd be happy. We. Put it out the, newspapers. And the other state if other people, endorsed it. The. Prime Minister after that and he. Asked me if we could put together meaning, here the Children's dry eye kind. Of proposal. A plan for what this firm it would look like. We. Took our time and we did it and we sent it to Jamaica house, nineteen. Months ago. I'm. Cliff we have not heard one word from the Prime Minister, about. That so, we're asking the question is the Prime Minister furious, is. The government furious about, this about, this problem no it's not just yet Amina, remember, two, ago, general.

Already Was. Murdered, and some kind of chemical, agent. Was used to. Burn her body, and. That was about two two weeks ago so, the other thing we're concerned about, is. This. Pattern. A, new. Pattern of. Not just grew from the murdering, children because. We've been doing that a long time but. Of burning, their bodies and this. Cannot be the new normal which is where last night we put out another relief to, the prime minister to say are, you serious. Are you serious in, the government's serious and, are we prepared to sit down and look at solutions. Because. You know cliff let me just quickly say this. Tenth. Anniversary of, the murder and. To. The best of our knowledge. Have, been arrested. In. The. Children. You. Know. Children. Cow. Body, father fifty, fifty. Meters from the house. Let. Me bring in Senator. For. A second, Betty, Ann green, diamond. Crawford, you, you were strong in your comments, about the. Community, and the call to action for them what would you like the community, to do this evening. You. Call so special, squads the. Perpetrators. Squads. Long. Time, ago mr. Crawford, and, they don't work we have had many many squads, over the years. Particular. Type of spar what do you mean hold. It for us after. Break up eat up after, the break. Give. That special, space a facelift. With fabrics, from design, options, new, collections, of folds and beautiful. Outdoor prints up-to-date, upholstery, and drapery, fabrics, in exceptional. Designs also. Available Kirsch wood transient, designer metal, drapery rods our key track rods area, rugs trimmings, and tie backs and cushion covers design, options, limited what, the well-dressed room, is wearing, a design, options, limited eight short wood road telephone, nine three one six three five four four creative, interiors, and decor. Getting. Reactions, from senator damien Crawford, the opposition, spokesman and, youth to the. Latest. Killing. To outraged, the country, that, a 14-year old a Tonya Francis. In Alec Gardens last week Thursday and. Children's. Rights advocate. Betty, Anne Blaine, so mr. senator Crawford I was saying to you what. What what, is gonna give it this squad. Probability. Of being, successful than, the others have gone before. Look. I don't know place because, as you said none. Of these things have worked in the past, I think. Certainly. Through. Deal with these kinds, of cases we, need the. Help of citizens. There's no doubt. Communities. Have to provide, information, for, the, Skywalk, without information I know there is a fear factor I know, there is an informer, culture still operating. What. Communities. Are going to have to understand, they're going to have to provide information, and. And, we're going to have to work together, to, try, to solve, this problem one, of the things one of the reasons we are Supreme. Minister focused so much you know we wanted to bring, not. Only the best minds but regular, folks community. Folks to. Come around on problem to tell us how they think we can solve these kinds, of problems. I. Certainly. Think we need police patrols, now. I know people in fair police robbing of vehicles, but I, look. Here with Jamaica is not such a big country the. Communities. Can be patrolled, I, actually. Have, the idea that we could some, of these private security companies. If, they could also be the eyes and ears of children. To, patrol I mean, it is, going to require the best minds, and everybody, to come together and. Carlino. To Jamaicans, listening, what, you think are the solutions. Homeless. Problem. We. Know we cannot continue, to fail but here is I want to show this before we run out of time I don't. Want, I want to set your people, listening don't stand your children I know the father said it was only 50.

Meters Away we'll, send them out at night you cannot, send out your children, at 8 o'clock at, night on the street what about the shop or elsewhere. I don't, care what community. You live in because. The country's, violent, the communities, are violent, we, don't know who these sex. Predators. Are and. I just want to warn appear. Well. Thank, you. Betty. Anne Blaine thank you for the reactions. We. Have to leave it for this evening thank you very much ladies gentlemen. The. Watchmen is next. So. Watch man. Exploring. Issues shaping. Our society government. And business. Provocative. Unconventional. Dr.. Henley, Morgan, is.

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