Feeding All My Pets in One Video

Feeding All My Pets in One Video

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Hello. And welcome to another video this room is really hot I'm gonna have to get some extra pants in here or something if I'm gonna want to film in this room cuz it's a million degrees in here it's really really warm today's video is really fun people have been asking for it I feel like I'm yelling today's. Video is very fun. People been asking for me to redo this for a long time I feel like with these new cages this is what I'm gonna start kind of redoing. Some videos, I've already done before but, new because, the, cages are new they're, beautiful, so ignore. The mess on my ground, it's. A little crazy in here boy I fixed the I fixed a draft painting, today's, video is feeding all of my animals all my little critters get some food and I film it I will. Say people are gonna ask people are gonna wonder where he is my, little gusts, little gus-gus my, little baby my little cheeto puffs my, little orange little carrot. I'm. Running on the names of Colin he passed away he, was almost three, years old he was about that age I got him when he was almost a year old I had him for over two years and then he sadly passed away not to sound morbid or anything but. He should have been dead almost. Anyway. Not to sound morbid but his life was supposed to end a very long time ago when I got him at Petco he was actually already purchased by, my manager to be snake food fell in love with him and I took him home so he had a really good run he had a really terrific life I miss him I cried. My eyes out when I, discovered. The news but he had a terrific life, and he will always be remembered. Loved. You guess, I don't know what that was but so. Today's video is all my animals getting food but I do want, to let everyone know that today's video is sponsored by swag bucks swag, bucks is a very, easy way to earn money and gift cards it's just an online service where you play games answer, surveys shop. And you get money for it so pretty, easy pretty, easy way to make some extra money so if you're interested in just getting some extra cash or some, gift cards please check, out the link in my description you, get a $5, signup, bonus and it's, what can you lose so, check out swag books and thank you to sponsoring, thank, you okay, thank. You again for, sponsoring, me anyway let's enjoy some animals eating. Maui. Is out which he never used to be anyway, he's gonna get a mouse now oh sorry he's getting a rat. And, it's gone goodbye, red so there it is just chilling with his little rep move on to Celia who, also was out and about, her. Head is right back there see. If we. Can get her to eat. She. Is coming, out. She. Is out now and hissing. Wow. That was that's terrifying. I am, scared. Can. You please eat if you're gonna eat she may not be hungry this week yeah. If it looks like she actually wants me to take, thing away from her. Come. On Celia, this. Is supposed to be an all my animals, feeding video and you just ruined it now it's gonna be all my animals - one what are you doing I gave you all this new space and you're trying to leave no, appreciate. What I've given you that's right go in there go back in there what, a good Celia guess she's not eating her mouse I guess we'll give that to the monitor, don't be crying crying, about it later this week you've. Already decided that you don't want your food so, no food free go, back to doing whatever snake, thing you were doing let's, try Salem. See if they won one seat. So. Looks. Like someone's hungry what, in the world are you doing Salem, you need to calm down so I can feed you. You're. On a food but, my camera won't focus. There. You go do you want it or do you not want it. That's. A little dramatic that's. That's really dramatic, you're gonna roll right out of the cage so can you not do that Salem, it's already dead you're, being you're being dramatic, it's dead I need to close the enclosure, so, you, put, your tail back in.

No. All, right guess that's a thing I guess, I gotta wait for him to finish eating now it's, cool I don't have other plans it's not like it's midnight, and I want to go to sleep it's fine, oh. No you're still eating did, you move your tail oh you did but now you put your body out oh, that's, so nice thank you, you almost done eaten so I can, close that up that'd be great can you maybe move your body are, you listening, to me. No. Okay. Oh finally. Yeah. Do. I need to start giving you bigger meals you look still hungry to me do, you seriously want another one, oh I. Guess, you do no. No no not out of the enclosure do not be in dummy go back in Salem, I'm literally, dangling, a meal for you up here please, go back in your enclosure. Do. You want it or do you not you just want to look at it oh you definitely want, it oh and you're gonna be dramatic again okay okay this guy's probably not gonna eat because, he's sabor. Still a little nervous about his new enclosure plus, he's going through a shed, so he's all the way in the back and being kind of dramatic I don't normally have this daylight on in there either this is just so you guys can see him okay, so we're gonna see if he wants to eat but I don't. Think you will I'm, gonna try to see if he'll eat an adult mouse because, he took almost, he tried to have three hoppers last week and that's when I knew he needed to size up I. Don't. Think he wants to eat that, was basically him telling me no Tate, is a very picky eater we're currently transitioning. Tate off of a live mouse diet, he ate live before I bought him then he started rejecting frozen, on and off periodically. Then he just completely, started rejecting frozen, had to give him a live mouse last week he took it with no issue and, this we were willing to give him a freshly, killed one I do not have that on me at this minute so I do want to show all my animals, in this video rather they eat or not because, a lot of my snakes just don't eat every time I want to film these videos but there's there's Tate, he's my albino pied, ball python, the, very picky eater he's in his humid hide right now too so, I believe he's probably gonna start shedding soon okay, we have violet up next, and she is my, super Mojave, ball python, let's, position, this where you could see her she is right there. Last. Week she ate two adult mice so this week we're gonna try to give her one, rat, pup which is a little bigger than an adult Mouse try, to size her up. And. She took it I'm gonna turn that light off now so she can eat in peace. So. Next up we have Gucci, and Gucci is literally my psycho snake I say. This because every. Time I open this, door, she. Comes shooting, out to the front she, bit, me let's, see if you could see this last. Time I opened this door just to clean her cage she, shot out in bidding here here, and here. So she, was not very happy with me not letting her roam free she. Is a very psychotic snake I don't know what makes her the way that she is now I never expected, her to be a snake I could hold and play with but.

I Did not expect her to be as psycho, as she is. Take. The food you're in the water now Gucci, get. The footin Gucci, okay, Gucci could. She stop get. The food get. The Gucci, Gucci. Gucci. Trying. To see if I can get a picture and a shot of it without disturbing. Her no but she's doing it I promise he's eating the food she's eating it and down here we have Louie he's still waiting his cage upgrade, he's. Like why'd you leave me out but I did not he's, getting one. You. Missed you tried though you gave a good effort. There. We go thank, you up here we have Frank. Who I've never been able to get on footage eating ever I'll. Try again though just, for the sake of it. Didn't. Think so, now Cronus gets a three-course, meal we're gonna start with a mouse and we're. Gonna go on from there hey drama queen have a mouse here, have a mouse. Don't. Be really dramatic with it just eat it oh my, god what the really, it's dead. Holy, Oh, eat. It this is not I'm, gonna get demonetised no you're not coming out here with that, what. In the. I've. Never seen, him do that before he no he just swallows, it oh my god all the children watching this are crying what, is he doing to Mickey Mouse oh my. God he's, not even eating it yeah he's oh you took it over there to throw around more oh my god I don't know if I should blur that out, I'm. Torn up. I'm. Dr. D Chronos the rest of his meal because, I do not just give him a mouse and that's it he was burrowing somewhere, so he's covered in dirt I'm gonna give him all for him the rest of his meal he can eat it whenever he pleases I'm gonna put there and put him here it is, the, reptile links that are four monitors has, a lot of rabbit and quail in it and then, he also gets, a lot of fish products, because he does like fish a lot. Sorry. If you thought we were done with the mice we are not he's. Doing, the nibble try, to think of that Mouse and feet if you're not comfortable with it well if you're not comfortable with it you've probably already clicked away let's be honest you're not watching my video but, if you're trying to if you're trying to get get through this to try think of that is like a little fuzzy. Cotton ball that he's eaten that's it my frog eats cotton balls and here we have toast toast, rarely, ever eats on camera he eats maybe once.

Every Four 10 to 14 days I'd say I am trying to get him better eating. Not. In like such weird, specific, locations, but he's a very picky eater normally, he's way, too interested on this carpet okay. Snake. For you you don't know him, he's. Back there sticking his little head out you might not see him yet but you'll see him in a second if he's hungry if he's not hungry you might not see him. He. Looks like one of those eels in whose garden eels oh. I'm. Just gonna go ahead and leave that in there and turn the light off and have him let him come out and get it so I could tell he wants it I just, don't think he likes the light on, so. All. Right next up we have Larry. Larry. Is my mantis. Shrimp he's very excited, for food as you can tell he's sitting, there with his little hands and he's ready, there. You go Larry. Have. A good night Larry he's. A very nice man to shrimp I got him from someone I really trust and they. Said that he's had no problems, and other tanks, with other fish as long as you keep him well-fed so I have. Him right now in a bio cube I, am. Working on a tank that he's gonna have all to himself but, this, tank is working so well for him that I'm not really in a rush for it and I'm actually out of the food that I like to give my other fish in this tank so I'm gonna hold off on feeding. All of them today but I also have hiding, in this little area oh there's one of them up there there's, a lightening room clownfish a puffer, and a lionfish in here this tank right now is under major construction. Because of this little dude here long-term I would not like to keep him with my other fish just for, the safety of my other fish because he can potentially, eat them but since I keep him really well fed he's never had any interest not for a second, and any of the other fish but I may have just gotten lucky with this guy I would not suggest doing that if you're gonna try to put him in a tank with your other fish just do it at your own just. No he could he, could eat them all but he has a nice acrylic tank that for, some reason the. Shipping got delayed they send it to like the wrong address and then I under we aree, request it to be sent because I said it got delivered forever ago and. It. Never showed up so we're. Waiting for that to get sent back out and we're gonna make him a really cool little tank in there anyway, this guy is super, inquisitive, he. He. Is very interested, in what goes on in this world he's, a really really cool guy he's already dolt, I bought him as a full-grown adult so I don't know how long his lifespan is going to be but he's been an absolute, delight to own he's so interesting, to watch and observe then, do you want some of this oh. I'll. Take that as a yes that's, rabbit and a bunch of mixed vegetables which is super, good for her, I literally buy this stuff in bulk now because, she, loves, it, oh, my. Bad, yeah. You know more I shouldn't know more you done, well. I'll put it right there if you want it okay you talked me into it, do. You want more you, having this whole thing you really hungry today huh yeah. You, are really hungry okay, here, have some crickets at least get some exercise in you, could chase your meal around. All. That required no chasing, whatsoever, but. Whatever. Is the rest of bindis meal which, has whatever, vegetables, I have on hand which today is only carrots some bananas what you saw me feeding her a minute ago which is that reptile, Lynx stuff adjusted, it in calcium and yeah. That's her meal so, are you wanting to eat or no again, yeah, that's what I thought.

Goes. Right for the bananas. I, do, have some angelfish in there and a tena Poma somewhere it's really gonna be more of an african-themed. Tank I'm just tearing it down and moving it out of this room into, the other room so we could have some more space right here for, the new tanks that are coming I don't, know if you could really see it he's right here I've had him since he was like this big someone literally, brought, him to my front porch at my old house and left, him there in a. Little, ziplock bag Soho. He's. Been mine since someone decided to do that they thought I was a fish donation, center or something I really don't know but, I got, him he was like that big when I got him and now he's really big he's really cool you, can kind of see him next, we're gonna be feeding my hedgehogs, which are these three bowls right here I feed them some foam which is a really good cat food I don't want to do too much because the one that I have right now is a kin formula, which is pretty high in fat hedgehogs, don't need a lot of fat they're not very good metabolizing, their fat very well they just you, just store it and get obese which I don't want to happen to my hedgehogs so I don't I give them a little bit and, then I have this, Hedgehog complete, my exotic nutrition, I really don't think it's that bad some people don't like it. Womanhood. UN's. Don't fit you. Want some food oh he wants to sleep that's what he wants to do okay, all right and then here we have Surabhi, both. Unless that, Sarabi. Never eats on camera I always have to just leave the food on there he is sleeping, away right there grumpy grump hey I brought you food run, some food I see that little nose in there I see it sniffing, come on give me some footage, give me that ad revenue, come on. Come. On oh. Please. Come eat it please, come on Ella come on come. On come, on okay. Give up what, are you doing you're eating the paper towels, hey you're coming out just coming out just coming out. All. Right next up we have my Halloween crab who. Is, down. There burrowing, and I'm pretty sure she's molting so I don't want to disturb her but, I am gonna put her meal up here for her to come eat if she wants to. Then. We have my tarantula Circe. She. Is right here I'm gonna feed her some, crickets. And. She. Really doesn't ever eat on camera but there she is and I just leave the crickets in there next. Up we have Little Miss mu shu who just. Flung some poop everywhere but she's already getting very excited. Because she sees her worms I mean she is my axolotl. I'm gonna feed her some worms and I'm gonna use my hands as a glare is really bad there, she goes she chews. Next. Up we have my leopard gecko who looks like she's roaming around back there we're gonna feed her some crickets. You're. Gonna come out of the cage, no no. No, no that is please, stay in data. You. Are not thinking with your brain today. Now. I'm starting to feed my cats. Ignore. Ghost he normally is not wearing that I promise. Do. You want some. Yes. That's, that's a yes they want it I feed, them from step, wait for your food wait, wait. I promise. He's normally not wearing that I feed, them from I think it's a really good brand if you are gonna do like. The kibbles and stuff it's one of the best friends you can get in my opinion if they're not gonna do like the raw diet or anything like that which I haven't really looked into enough, so that's why I do this they're ready to eat food. One food, they, eat now that's. Them the end and their water is over here for anyone that wants to know if they if I, give my cats water trying to film these guys eating is so hard because I don't, I can't really get too close to them let's see I think this guy's going for it. Around. The hunt I think. He got one right, here, yeah. You did he's eating one. And. Then Drago and Danny are my crocodile, skanks I know there's one oh right there that. One oh okay. That, one looks like drobe go. Joe, gone haha. Get. The joke anyway. They're gonna get some, crickets. And. I get to clean their water bowl out because it looks like they swam in it yay all, right next up we have the. 150 there's, a lot of different things that we're gonna be feeding in here today top of the list right here who's the king this is cheese he, is ready for food so what, I feed them I some seaweed everyone, is ready.

I'm. Out, of frozen food right now so we're going to put some Hikari flake not, flakes pellets in there too for the other fish. You. All, right and now we have a, dead fish for, her be an enemy. You'll. See that she's gonna close up around it and she's gonna open her mouth which is right in the middle and she's gonna slowly eat him yes. I'm sorry the dead fish was not for you guys so on top of veggies, I do like to give them some kind of protein and I did at first think I was out of any, kind of frozen food but I did find some brine shrimp so, yeah you're excited right yeah, no that's the bag you can't eat the bag I do what I want I need to take it out of the backstop you. Want a strawberry oh, you. Are eating it a fish. Eating a fruit I am more than fish. Here. Have, some shrimp, so. You can grow. And. Here we have one of my crested geckos this is Phoenix we're, gonna see if he wants to eat some food on camera. All. Right and next up we have at go another. Crested, gecko oh he. Just wants to put his hands in it oh he just jumped on. Oh. Where. Are you going you're, trying to say hi to him. You. Know he would eat you right what's happening here why. Are you so dark right now let go are you trying to look cute because, I don't think Chronos cares come back over here and finish your food stop trying to look cute for the bigger lizard. Stop. Licking your lips in front of him it's weird except, we of twisty she is my bearded dragon she's going to be eating some. Crickets today. Okay. No no you can't get to them twisty twist twisty calm. Down twisty, twisty. Twisty, stop so, you can't get to them yet no palm, look. Behind you look behind you. Go. Get them. I. I. Turn. The fan on in here that's that's a great noise oh my. Light isn't working. That's. Really obnoxious. Thank. You guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed I love you guys so much and thank, you for all the support I love you guys so much I love you I love you I, love. You I always. Like to make my endings really awkward bye.

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Salem wanted to give you great content so he brought out the dramatics for the camera


Aw poor Gus

After that little kid friendly segment i got a digorino pizza ad and it was depressing lmao

You should use royal canin for the cats

R.I.P Gus

10:54 why did that remind me of a human finger?

Tate and Violet

Your frog had a bug(spider) on him

Wait what was Gus?

Where did you bought Cheese?

Can you get a hamster please like if you agree

tbh one of my ferrets is about like your little monitor when I give her a frozen/thaw mouse

you look like Tessa Brooks but the Blount vergen

*why am I laughing* 9:25

Nooooooooooo I love little Gus Gus

Oh no Mickey Mouse

You have the coolest animals, I thoroughly enjoy your videos, how did I just find you WOW

b a n a n a .

"I am more than a fish"

What’s a good snake for beginners

Cheese is my favorite

love ya gussy,love ya ghost gussy thet interupted her talking about ya!

I never knew how funny feeding pets could be

When you try your best but you don't succseed lol couldn't hi stop laughing

What die

I’m so confused what animal died ?


Taylor: “I’m sorry the dead fish are not for you.”, she said to a bunch of fish

Are you going to be at H.E.R.P.S Conroe?

I started dying when she said what are you doing to Mickey Mouse lmao!!


Awwwwwwwwwwww cheese warmed my heart

18:21 what kind of animal was that?



Great content!

Rip Gus

R.I.P Micky Mouse

watching with my snake around my neck

I’m a new subbie and watched an older video first, so I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what happened to the doggie?

I’m not crying

“Thanks swag bucks”

Muukbang goals

Cheese is my favourite fish


I'm so sorry,poor Gus gus

are you talking to the snake ??? seriously???

Her animals are kinda salty

Have you ever seen a monitor eat before? Like at all? Throwing their prey around is what they do.

May Gus Rest In Peace ☠️

Rip gus

Today I learned I'm a hedgehog.

I NEVER saw my cresties eat :( but I know they did I just thought they did at night

3:20 that cute lil smile

gus died :(


do you think you could do a leopard gecko care/what to buy video? because some websites say a heat mat and a bulb, some say one without the other and I'm just kind of confused and I would like some clarification from someone who knows what they're doing lol (:

R.I.P Guss Guss I loved you


-The children are crying- not all of em’ _(:3」z)_

love you Taylor ur beautiful

I have 1 question for you to you feet your mause for you snake


How much is an acelotl

I am crying because the mice is like dead and there babies well some adult

What is he doing to Mickey Mouse lol

When did you get Twisty?

THE COW CREW ecs dee so true

THE COW CREW ecs dee lol

Kayla White You don't even know me. Just because i got a lot of likes doesn't mean you should be rude.. I wasn't expecting it at all. You are just a little girl and need to learn how to act.

Kayla White were you taking to her or me

I'm sorry

Kayla White that’s rude u don’t need to tell her that


i hate you

THE COW CREW ecs dee Ya

Cheryl Roeming ,ldl


GUS! T~T I was just about to ask you to make a mouse care video too cause i wanted female mice for my birthday (i already have researched about mice for like ever.... and ever.... But! i wanted to know if their was anything else i didn't know about)

Gucci is such a beautiful snake

I know you don't like repeating videos , but we all love it!

U should get a Chameleons they are really cool

The Gaming Beaver is proud of TOAST

What's that animal at 10.39

Can you plz do more hedgehog videos!!!

Check out his YouTube videos And shop brian barczyk Of reptiles https://www.bhbreptiles.com

Check out https://www.bhbreptiles.com


9:29 all the children watching this are crying well I’m sitting here laughing

I like these videos because cheese its majestic eating food

Lil peeps name is gus her pet named Gus passed the world will miss two Gus’s

10:30 what kind of animal is this?

Crested geckos are AWSOME!

Haven't checked your channel in a while and I was shookt when I saw Larry

I love cheese

Holy shit 1.2 million subs :O I remember finding you when you was on like 100k

Lmfao! I’m dead of the happiness and positivity put in

taylor i have 1fact you did know about angel fish my fish die and the andel fish kiss the dying fish and he is alive but in week the fish die

10:23 OMG the frog is cilor the grass i think what is that called

how much do you cost feeding them???

when your pet mice die do you feed them to your snakes


Why do I like when you repeat videos

Taylor, visit this place in china https://youtu.be/-MeFIvz1yfw

Taylor-adem youre not thinking with youre brain today Adem~just gimmeee dat food

I have miss this video and it on my birthday

Salem....Mexican black king snake?

Where’s your betta fish gone


How many snakes do you have?

Does it make me a bad person that I didn't cringe or look away when they were eating.....nope just me okay

Idk why I'm doing doing this - - - Read more

The giraffe picture is to straight

Hey! I’m thinking of getting a hedgehog and I would really appreciate it if you can help me out with the proper supplies to help it live a healthy life

Ayyy Louie the snek.

my teacher fead my 11 year old class, class pet snake named Zelda live mice (Baby mice)

Cheese: I am more than a fish Me:Omg cheese is a fish doggo

Damn I can't even take care a little beta fish for a month

I love Kovu (sorry if I spelled his name wrong). Kovu is a hedgehog version of me. I even have a eye accidentand am almost blind. I am blind in one eye and the other one has bad vision.

Are Tate and Violet named after the American Horror Story season 1??

9:10 when i see my horrible year book photo

Hey Taylor! i just have a request..Why don't you have any birds? I just noticed. If you do get one then i will list some. Small, Not noisy, colorful- Parrotlet Semi small, Quiet, calm- Cockatiel Semi big, noisy, companions- Sun Conure big, talkative, semi noisy- African Grey Like and reply if you think so too!

“gucci..gucCi..GUcci..GUCCi stOP.. guccI PleaSe..gucCi”


Toast got a lot bigger since the last time I saw him


RIP gus


You should get a parrot!

You look different...OH you got more prettier from your new favorite child

You’re blue tang is beautiful

Ofmjejddn your cats are to die for! (Of course, so are all of the rest.)

Happiness! Positivity! Great.

Directly after the positive, family friendly few seconds, I got a McDonald's Happy Meal ad. I find this amusing.

only here for cheese

♥I love ur feeding videos and all of ur vids in general ♥

Damn her eyes are ridiculous

Nooo not Gus we will miss you Gus

Pls buy a bugerigar as well

Violet is soooo pretttyyy!!!

your next merch should be bindi and her banana, just a suggestion btw i love your videos :)

Cheese eating strawberries and shrimp has made my entire life. Thank you.

I have 2 leopard geckos and it's a girl and a boy, Daisy keeps laying eggs but they never hatch. We've tried everything. We've tried incubating the eggs, chaining the temperature, separating the eggs from the tank. Do you have any tips on how we can make them hatch?

what kind of fish is cheese ?

Did you know that axaladoes are a endangered species

What type of animal was Chronos Edit The one that was flinging the mouse around


I miss gus


Where did you get Toast's sand box? I love it but I can't find it anywhere! I love your videos!!

Can you pppllleeeaassseee get a madagascar giant day gecko?! I really need a care guide! Love your videos!

Why can't you touch Satanic Leaf Geckos?

I don't know the name of the lizard, but the first lizard she fed is the one I'm talking about. When the happiness thing came up and I got a KFC ad, and a lady said "did someone say KFC" as if they were trying to change the topic

I was not crying I was laughing haha

How is the weather 1000000

I never realized how many pets she has.... she has like a whole zoo

what happened to her mouse?

he died

This video is over twenty minutes........OMG

I like gucci cause he's gucci and he's in the gucci sweater


The lizzerd part is funy !!!!


nuuu gussy

LMAOO the beginning I love her

“My frog eats cotton balls” I actually died


I feel sorry for Gus :( my cat passed away recently too.

You are really pretty.

Your roughneck really needs better substrate, deeper too! By the looks of his response time, I suspect he's still too cold as well...by that size he should have a basking spot of at least 145-150°F , preferably as measured at the top level of a wooden retes stack (not pretty, but very functional, addressing an number of young monitor needs (vertical thermograde, humidity gradient, allows effective basking while remaining hidden, and serves as a viable home shelter/start of point for burrows, they love secret burrow entrances) I don't mean to keep harping on you, but in that yours is probably the highest profile roughneck monitor around these days, and you may well be responsible or influential in others acquiring these lizards, you need to show proper set ups otherwise others will make these same mistakes, and the lizard pays the cost....these are amazing creatures that deserve to be cared for in a manner that will allow for a long healthy life (up to 20 years! ) if you can't fix the substrate currently, at least get his temps up, other side he'll just get fat instead of growing. These guys can grow 1-2" per WEEK at that size/age......

Hey Taylor! I just got a crested Gecko and absolutely everything it needs to be happy and healthy. But I have a question... do I have to wash my hands after every time I handle her? I did research and it basically said they can have salmonella so I have to. Just asking for your input. Thanks!

Maybe the giraffe is crooked....

Also, Twisty is definitely my favorite, going apeshit at the glass knowing food was in there, she is an absolutely beautiful AND adorable lil reptile... Oh and it's so awesome how you're able to catch some of your children voicing their opinions, because as Cheese said, yes, yes indeed you are "much more than a fish".... I want to gently squeeze his cuteness in a completely nonviolent, nonaggressive way to see if he'll talk to me too


So wait, you commented on another video saying "no". Im not sure why you where against that and not against feeding rats to snakes. Already dead or not they where once alive and someone had to kill them. The video featured a guy dumping FEEDER fish into a pond full of bigger fish. Why is that not okay but this is? I have a snake myself, but i dont go around saying "no" to things that are not any better than what i do myself. I dont like killing them but its what i have to do for my snake to live. Both the rats and the fish where feeder animals, they where bred to be eaten. The guy bough around 700 fish and he wasnt expecting them to all live, so the way he handled them and how he put them in the pond did not actually matter.


THE COW CREW ecs dee mee too


wow hahahahahhaahahahhahahahahah

Did u know?? that at 17:17 her leopard gecko,well u might be asking your self,"why is the butt and the head the same"well people if a predator comes and attacks the leopard gecko would show its butt and the predator would bite it and the leopard gecko can run

No! The gus.

What kind of cat is ghost?

You could probably grow hella weed in there

what kind of snake is salem

19:58 i do what i want.

Gus died

noooooooooooooooooooooo Gus Gus

I really enjoy watching these videos!! make more plzzzz

Larry is a very good name for a shrimp

Where is the leaf insect?? The praying mantis..i think...?

What was the lizard that ate the mouse

Your cats are soo cute. I really like your other animals to! ♥️♥️♥️

9:33 I was fine until you said Micky mouse!

It's like a feeding documentary where you hear from the videographer how disappointed they are in the lack of feeding lol. I love the GoT references! Wish I could own a monitor! Thanks Taylor!

Your so pretty!

Poor dead animals

I love your tattoos! Could you do a video explaining the meanings/stories behind them?

RIP Gus....ILYSM Taylor

U should have a graveyard kind a thing in ur house to remember the pets that have died

I think I'm in love with Cheese

I didn't realize her snake's name was Salem!? I had requested that name!

your video was so funny you got another sub

Can't mantis shrimp break through the glass tank sometimes

you are so beautifull taylor. do u have a boyfriend?

i'm used to seeing snakes eat mice cause i have a snake

omg i love animals you are sooo funny and i have a snake i think the way they eat is cool and i am a child

"You know he would eat u right"

I love cheese and the blue tounge skinks voice thing

I'm going to hell for laughing my butt off when Cronus throws the mouse around

I have a serious question and don't want to offend you in any way! So I'm really sorry if I do. But if you have a pet that passes do you feed it to another pet that will eat it?

I’m so happy that your snake is named Celia since that’s my name and I love ya snakes and you to.

I have a corn snake named Apollo who is psycho can't even chamge his water without him striking

Omg, a dead baby mouse, wait... lmao I don’t know why I’m laughing

Nooooo Why Gus

I lose how you talk to them like your children. "Gucci stop just eat the food"

The voices that you did for some of your animals that was funny

9:28 Omg lmao

Can you do a video of what all your animals are?

Toast is my fave snake

Ur making me love snakes I’m terrified of snakes

And what is cheese

From wat?

Toast is the Cheese of snakes

Banna 14:20

This is so funny

At your Carlos

I was laughing so hard

q-qails and r-rabits

No what are doing to Mikey mouse!!


Your acting like your snake Gucci is a dog you like "no Gucci " Gucci stop Lol I can't stop laughing

"Don't be dramatic-" "BLALRLALRLALRARGHHG"

How many pets do you have now?


What is bendi

What kind is salem?

Rest In Peace Gus): I will always love you

Rip Gus 2016 to 2018

Gucci, Gucci.... Gucci. Really Gucci


Sorry but did you say porn snake

I really feel sad that my little fluff ball had to go. My heart broke into like, a million pieces. *Sniff, sniff

It’s still not straight....

Omg I been watching your videos in 2015 and now I been not watching them (not bc they are bad) bc I been paying attention to other stuff in real life... Your videos is still fabulous

bruh Taylor is so fucking fine

my nickname is tate



Rip mouse

I love cheese so much he is so cute

Where did you get all the mice

where is zazu

I'm a preteen and when the lizard at the mouse it was funny

"He's gonna be all dramatic again." Well... Is that not the pot calling the kettle black? Lol. This is the first video of yours I've seen, and you're a little jarring.

hey taylor, im a huge fan and i love you and your videos!! i have a question, i got a baby ball phyton a month ago and he still refusing food, first i tried live and then frozen: still didnt want to eat.... i know its normal to refuse food but its been a month and nothing, what should i do? should i brain the mouse? he’s tiny so he still on pinky! and also, should i feed him in his enclosure? i was searching about it and he is so docile i dont want him to be tank agressive but i dont want to move him out and stress him even more trying to feed him... i really hope you’ll answer me. love you, thank you for making the best videos.

Can you please do an update video on your pacman frog care please. I really want to get one and I have been doing research I just really want to know how your have his tank set up.

9:28 "all the children are crying" lmao

Do you shake the mouse for any specific reason? Is it just like replicating pray movement? Love your videos

Whare did you get the porkiepine

Do you ever forget to feed some of your pets?

What did you say Gucci so much

So i'm really offended bc youtube unsubscribed me from Taylor's channel and I've been missing them for the past few months ughhhhh lol

Hey Taylor, first of all of all I love your videos and your content and I think you're a wonderful person and I was wondering if you can answer a question for me. I was thinking about getting an Axolotl but I live in Florida and where I looked the info on how to care for one it's says that the temperature of the tank should be in the low to mid 60s and it also says that they will tolerate temps up to the low 70s. Well when I used to keep Goldfish, and yes I know they aren't the same thing but wait theirs a point to it, I had no heater in the tank and I had a temperature gauge on the glass near the bottom left corner of the tank and it roughly stayed about 74 maybe drop to 73 but mostly stayed at 74. So do you think it will be safe to have an Axolotl in a tank with that temperature? Also I was wondering what type of Blue Tongue Skink is Bindi, cause one I always wanted to know and two I wanted to get either a Northern or Irian Jaya Blue Tounge Skink but I don't know which one would be better. Thank you for taking the time out of the day to look at this message and hope you will answer me back.



That's why they bite and seem aggressive because they expect to be feed every time someone or something enters their cage

Why about your dog?

Can a betta fish temporarily eat gold fish flacks??...it's all I have at the moment

My leopard geckos name is phenox

Me: Eats Cinnamon Toast Crunch while watching a lizard torture a dead mouse.

Taylor: puts dead fish in tank Fish: start going crazy Taylor: “yeah, sorry the dead fish wasn’t for you guys” Fish: “CANNIBALISM” “MAYBE YOU WILL BE NEXT” “MAYBE I WILL BE NEXT?!” “NOOO, NOT JIMMY!” “Wait, you knew that guy?” “No, I’m just assuming his name was jimmy”

the was actually so funny it makes me want to own this many pets

Love you❤

When u said all the kids out there are crying but I was dieng laughing lol

9:30 “all the children are crying” Me: YEAH CRYING A LAUGHTER

oml i accidentally click on this and i read the title then closed my eyes and prayed it was Taylor

-Family friendly- *add plays*

10:52 DEMONITIZED sorry kids

I love your boobs


I’m a kid and I thot it was weird... but mostly funny

I was literally laughing hysterically I’m 11

So true!! I’m laughing so hard!!


Lol xD

THE COW CREW ecs dee ?

I was fine until you said Mickey Mouse......


Wait I'm confused I'm so take new to her channel what happened to her dogs

I don't think I've ever laughed harder at a video. Your personality and editing are on point. Love love love ❤️❤️ PS I have always wanted a snake but didn't think I could feed mice/rats as I've owned pet rats before and love them. But I dunno the more I watch you the more I want one!

Hi Taylor I have a bearded dragon and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to put sand as the flooring

Is Cheeze dead??

The Poor mouse

How many snakes

where is your dog?

Plz plz plz do a all my tattoos video bc I really want to see and know their stories

Mantis shrimp kept well fed? arent they territorial

Aww rip Gus he was so adorable and will always be remembered and loved may he rest in peace.

Omg that’s so many!!!! But u seem to take really good care of them all.still. Can’t believe how many there weee

That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen when that lizard threw that mouse around haha

poor Gust... i'm disGUSTed :'(

poor Gus.

i love how you use "she" and "her" for your anemone. she's just as much alive as all the other creatures in the tank.

What kind of snake is Salem?


What animal is that at 17:00?

What kind of fish is cheese?

Everyone is like “I need a baby hedgehog

I hope you see this I just started watching today and so far really enjoy it! But I'm kinda bummed you should totally research Raw for your cat's or at least canned, raw is cheaper than feeding fromm and better for them you seem hella dedicated to your pets so I see it going really well for you. You could join cat centrics fb group or go to the Catcentrics website and read up on raw/canned.

13:04 did anybody else notice that oh god that scared the crap out of me

Haii my name is yoonas ka from cochi in Kerala

Hey would you consider getting a pet turtle?

Why does she look/remind me of jo Wilson from greys

This is honestly fascinating

I love the axolotl!

Get a albino dragon fin

Omg I LOVE animals and I felt really bad for all the mice and rats but Kronos?? was so freaking funny

I love your Boobs

Taylor, when you put the caption "THE GHOST OF GUS?" I literately starting laughing so hard that I had a allergy attack and had to do the nebulizer! Fun!

You can't possibly have a man. You wouldn't have time for him.

I'm so sorry I love Gus he is cute

I freaking LOVE cheese he is so dramatic and cool lol

I'm laughing so hard don't kill mickey mouse


if it was me. "the picture is crooked." make it more crooked. ma house. not yours. so stay seated, watch me feed my pets and u can eat while I do that too.

Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci

What size is your corn snake’s enclosure? I want to get a new one for mine (:

You are soooooo cute

Haven't seen your videos in a while. I hope your doing great!


Do crested geckos normally have no tail?

Luv U && All The Petsss ❤

Can you do a hole video on just cheese

Happiness. Positivity. Family Friendly stuff we get yey

Snake Gucci Gang

Yep I made my decision I'm gonna sell my four baby turtles for a snake

I love how she treats all her animals like little kids

Does cheese have ich again? Or is it just how he looks now

Not Micky Mouse!

Your milk snake is crazy but mine is super sweet and perfect Well that’s a big difference :/

Omg! When you bleeped it with the happiness and positivity

Am new here and just curious. How come ya don’t just leave the mice in the cage for the snakes and instead u sorta go close and dangle them. Is it just the way you like feeding them/nicer for the video or is it to draw out the hunting and survival instinct snakes have so they think they’ve killed the prey? Bc they wouldn’t touch it if it was an already dead prey? Sorry am just curious I study bio and just interested in the reptiles mannerism

It's a survival instinct thing, usually snakes won't eat their food if it isn't moving. I always have to wiggle my snakes mice when I feed him or else he won't eat it.

Twisty is my spirit animal


What happened to the crested geckos???

Poor rat

My dog is 14 and acts like a 2 yr old

I honestly don’t even watch this because of the animals I just watch it bc she is so damn funny lmao

i love ur dog who loves "bannannia"


Someone tell me if swag bucks actually works

“I really shouldn’t....okay you talked me into it” “I do what I want” “I am more than a fish” I love the voices you add in, they’re so funny

what about your bugs? your leaf insect and tarantula? if it's not too touchy, could you update us on the pets that have passed?

Why did you blure it out

Haii Taylor, i was wondering what type of habitat, was the habitat for the second hedgehog you showed? And if it would be good for a hamster?

One of my friends has a snake like Gucci

10:06 she said there was a lot of rabbit and quail in the food... me petting my rabbit just staring at the phone

I hAve more animals then you

You remind me of sssniperwolf



O no I love bunnies

Poor little rat

I not cry I am cry laugh

I feel like she’s more silly now :)

Love of animal, beautiful girl, =wanna merri me


9:08 Taylor: don’t be dramatic with it Cronus: shakes it as violently as possible

Just got an ad, don't worry

Cheese are God. Echo, Bindi, Phoenix, Salem, Louis, Lego, and Asteroid are masters.

19:00 CHEESE!!!!!!


Please restock Cheese plushies!

10:52 at first I maybe saw something inappropriate

..... I mean 4:30

I'm curious why is a red heat lamp is being used for the hedgehogs? Do you turn it off at night or...? I mean no harm at all, but when I was doing research for my own hedgehog, and everyone I've talked to about it said to use a CHE since it doesn't emit any light. Doesn't the red light interrupt their nocturnal schedule or...? I mean no harm, I'm just curious why. I absolutely love your videos!!

I mean 4:38

4:48 I could not stop laughing!

All of your animals are adorable

Taylor I neeed ur help please the swagbucks is still not available in my country also i am so so sorry for ur loss

Cheese ? RIP FOR THE FISH THAT WE ALL ADMIRED Edit:realised cheese is not dead

“All the children are crying “ me: HAHAHAHAHAHHHAAH

What is he doing to *Mickey Mouse?*

Little miss Mushu. Who plumed a lot of poop

Your animals are adorable

am so sorry

I rewatched it at 1:41 am and I had to try not to laugh and I almost passed out.

It is his natural instinct to shake the mouse. He does it to make sure that it is dead before he eats it.

He killed Mikey mouse!!!!!!!!!!

Ikr XD. I’m a child I’m dying. XD

Hi I’m considering to buy a pet snake, what is the type of your pet Silam the snake... I really want it but you didn’t mention it in the video... Tay Tay please help me out

Taylor"This was supposed to be a feed all your pets animal now you ruined it" Me. "Hahahahaha"

Do you hold all the little snake? I mean like you do not scared at all? This is my second vid i watch. I just wonder.

How do you make a living?

Taylor: hey drama queen don’t be dramatic with the mouse Animal: *throws around and get dirty and bes drawmatic

Is its like 25 degrees there? Filipinos can survive 42 degrees ._.


Ur house must stink

Its kind a sad that you feed your snakes with mouses or even with baby mouses

I’m 8 and ur gay pls kys

Louie striking air is the best thing I've seen all day

Those are beautiful animals you have there. I wish I was good at taking care of some

Can we have more videos on bearded dragon care pleaseeee

My mouse past away I know how you feel #prayforgus

Cheese is more than a fish

i love you too!!! your videos on your pets are so informative and interesting!

Rip Gus

Thank you for using already deceased rats/mice and not being cruel and using live ones.


Violet and Tate are the names of 2 characters in American horror story

8:25 Is so me.

When does Lizard Lick their mouth around I started laughing like I'm a kid why am I laughing and then I started dying

I will avenge... Mickey Mouse.. AVENGERS! ASSEMBLE!

So many pets love them you should get some dogs and hamster like if you agree

I love this video!!

Taylor: you are not thinking with you brain today Me: ... sorry



Taylor-the children are crying Me-I am dieing of laughter

Love this video so funny way better than the last few


you should get ferrets!!!!!! ive wanted some for SOOOOOOO LOOOONNNGGGGG

The robotic child voiceovers killed me

Omg my guinea pig's name is Gucci! That's a unique name for your snake since it looks like the Gucci snake.


I have recently gotten a betta fish. I fed him when he was in his little cup, but never in his tank, so do I need to leave his filter on all the time?

How much snakes do you have I'm terrified of them

U said the snake name for like a million time Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci


She may have a bunch of animals, but she takes care of all of them with such great care. I can tell she is great with animals and doesn’t just buy them and not take care of them. She actually loves each one of them and takes amazing care of them. Tank (heheheh) you so much for adopting all these beautiful animals and giving them a wonderful mom. - Margaret Richard

Bindi's like: eff it I'm eating everything.

I think you should get a bird

I am sorry for your los my mice are not even one yet I'm got them in December

I think ur snake Gucci has 80hd

WHAT?! you have a mantis shrimp?? MAKE A VIDEO OF HIM.


Hahahaha I love what you did in the happyness


I feel like there's animals in here I haven't seen before

Where did you buy the cages? Sorry for the annoying question just curious (:

Hey guys, I’m getting a dog and I don’t know what to name it. Any suggestions?

I am used to snakes eating mice or rats my teacher had a snake and the whole class gathered around to watch him eat his name is Mooki. Like Mooki Betts

This is the first vid I have watched on this channel who is Gus?

A mouse

I have this cat who always comes to my door and asks for stokes and stuff and I'm pretty sure he/she is abandoned and I wanted to ask if you know how much the brown and white one you have costed/costs. Or at least know the name of it because the cat that comes to my door looked like that but bigger and has blue eyes. So yeah!

would you recommend having a Leonard geco for a pet

Feeding *most* of my pets in one video (remastered)

Video suggestion : animal room tour

Oh I remember your now dead pet

Snake- hssssssssssssss Taylor-wooow I'm so scaredd sooooo scaryyyyy Ilysm Taylor you incouraged me to get pets I love you so much

It’s just a fucking painting god damn

I click on the vid. I skip through. I see Cheese. I watch till she moves on. I replay Cheese over and over. My IPad dies. I turn on my phone. My phone dies. I watch on my laptop. My laptop dies. I cry.

A lot of your animals don’t eat on camera

Did she real del just say what is he doing to mickey mouse

I watched until the end

How do you spell exodle


*Taylor: Poor Mickey Mouse! The children are crying!* *Me: Well Taylor, I'm bending over from my comuter chair laughing my butt off.*

I thought you weren't supposed to feed snakes in their enclosure??

3:51 Me when my parents got a bigger house because I​ kept complaining that the last house was tiny.

I thought ghost had died

Where's maui?

I love your videos! Cheese is so cute! Your other pets are too!

9:47 me pretending my life is happy

I want a snake tattoo now, I have such a deep love for snakes


You are the kind of animal crazy I expire to be


20:13 I never knew how cute fish look when there eating

17:29 I've always wanted a geko and might get one, do you have any tips?

When you understand her bearded dragons love for food on a spiritual level


U has lots o noodles

You are so sexy and I will fu## u

Can you do feeling all your animals

my lil gussy boi is gone. how dare i offend

Your lizard is me with food.


BANANAAA!!! - Bindi, said in 2018

I am going to get a huge aquarium one day!

My mouse died a few nights ago too :( damn I really thought I was gonna be ok when he passed and not care too much but I literally sobbed all day

I literally rewatched your last feeding all my animals early last week and now you just uploaded this wow god really pulled through

I really want to see you feeding your pussy

Aaaannd... I'm done eating.


I'm 8 and not flipping CRYING

Poor mice...

σου ευχομαι να καταληξεις σε να κλουβι που να σε χωραει ισα ισα.να σε ταιζει ενας τυπος που σε βιντεοσκοπει και η ζωη σου να κυλαει οπως των αιχμαλωτων σου

Rip Gus Gus your love will always be in her hearts

what is cheese (the little fish thing)

Lol I was not :)

THE COW CREW ecs dee that's what's going on here

I’m a child and laughed. I hate some mammals but LOVE snakes! SO CUTE AND SO FRIKIN KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For my cats we do science diet


so no dogs

hey guys so I might be moving from Wisconsin to florida and I can’t bring my fish with me, do you guys have any ideas what to do with them ?? I don’t want to kill them.


RIP Gus. You were the best mouse creature eva.

I’m a child but I didn’t cry

You have so many snakes now

Violet is so pretty and so photogenic I swear.

8:30 OMG

The first lizard was so weird shaking it around it’s like saying I wip my hair back n forth

I’m so sorry for Gus Gus!

Your tarantula is named Cersei?

Honestly Twisty is a wee gem

How do you go on holiday with all these animals? Like do you get someone to look after them?

20:37 when Mc Donalds comes out with a new burger * Jumps to McDonald's *

I ❤️ You and your animals sooooooo much!

Gucci is so pretty

we're do you get all the mice from

Are the worms leeches?


i will show you my pets ))

Can you be my friend ?

I didn't see me st of the snakes

You are so nice

I thought she said starbucks

I personally am not a cheese fan,but ,I love YOUR CHEESE!

Theres a.lot of.snack

Gus was so cute

I just wanted that cheese part C:

The yellow snake is a emo snake. *IT'S NOT A FAZE MOM!*

Poor Louie he missed

I like snakes they are awsome

Pls play white your pets in one video

You always make this vids

Ok I have to be honest. I have never seen this channel before. That’s not the funniest part. In the thumbnail... I seriously thought she looked like Gwen Stefani! Srsly. I had to look at the YouTube channel name again.


I love your codeos

Gus is dead... My life and dreams are dead

It is amazing how you get emotional support from them...

Hi ilysm but I have a question what should I feed my baby fancy bearded dragon I hope u can reply back ❤️

You are so talented,god bless you..

You should get bird I think that would be amazing because I love bords

I hope Gucci is Milk snake and not a Coral snake

Is a shed like a reptile peiriod.

Louie is like me reaching for good test scores

Gucci is like me trying to avoid hat one annoying kid

This was. Made on my birthday



Salem is my fave

I’m so sorry about that

Who is Gus?


R.I.P. Gus, you were so cute!

Do another one of those feeding all animals video it's really funny from Ashley Allen

She’s got guts!

I hope the mice were already dead


When you said that all the children are crying I was laughing

Not a hate comment: hi luv ur channel but don’t you think cats should have some meat

What kind of animal is cratos

Your videos are so relaxing. It really helps with my panic attacks. Love you keep going

"What is he doing to micky mouse" :-(

What type of snake is Salem? I want one!

I love u repeating the vids

Well more then 17

My fave are the snakes I have 17 snakes


I have a hermit crab named drogon

Celia has that :3 face and it's so cute

I’m so sorry about Gus.

At first

The vid is like feeding all my snakes and ilysm

8:33 im dying


the beginning though! XD

I love ❤️ hedgehogs

I love cats!!!!!

Im a 10 year old girl and i almost cried at 9:30


18:56 for our king Cheese

Who thinks when Celia was hissing it looked like she was smiling

I’m crying and laughing

The little cheese puff is GONE NOOOOOO

Okay when she was making the hedge hog food it LITERALLY turned into a beauty guru video.

Rabbit......... dead☹️☹️☹️☹️ I have a pet rabbit

Cheese is cute

On 4:40 was the rat a newborn rat

Shocked that mise like a pit bull

im a child and that was hilarious

How can anyone complain when she hasn’t uploaded. WE HAVE CHEESE. Just go back and go to almost any video and get to CHEESE

1:23 I think Gus got mad at what she said lol

Omg I love your channel

“your being dramatic. it’s dead.”

It's actually true, I was laughing so hard

thats me xd

And i find it annoying having to feed three gerbils, one Bunny and five cats and soon a hamster. Like this was alot

Do you have any poisonous snakes?

I have a turtle name Daniels and its die

Song my beadie is like the same as twisty

Did you Berry gus

Taylor: Don't be really dramatic with it. Just eat it. Kronos: 9:09



when she said leopard gecko i was like nooo she has a leopard toooo?

I love your snakes!

How do you keep from blowing a fuse in that room, my breaker always trips if I need to plug something extra in in my pet room

Is she talking about her seahorse

17:40 when someone steals your food

What kind of terrarium os ur trantula in

This is the first video I’ve seen of you and the intro has me dying

The ad right after the happiness & positivity

I wasn't crying! I WAS LAUGHING! Oh my goodness! Going to subscriber right now!

My favorite animals of ur r the hedgehogs abs CHEESE

My step name is louey

I love cheese soooooooooooo much and love you

OMGOSH. You have a hedgehog!!!!!

8:30 R.I.P

*Gucci stop Gucci Gucci get the FOOD!* Haha I love you and your channel so much!

Loooooooooool. Best Introduction everrrrrrrrrr

I miss him I feel soooooooo bad for you!

I literally love the way she talks to her pets

9:16 what the heck

Salem TJ's most dramatic little boio

The not tj's

Taylor where did you get your tarantula enclosure? What kind of tarantula do you have?

10:50 i thought you dropped a penis into the frame

Gucci looked like she was having a seizure


i didn’t see gus

So pretty

I love your makeup

I love You’re on Hombre

But...but where you demonetized? How are you going To feed the snakes?!?!? #feedtheanimals

I like the name Ceilia!❤️

Would love more videos of the mantis shrimp!

Jeez. She feeds her pets better than I feed myself



I’m heartbroken that you still have Kronos honestly.

this made me laugh sm do I subscribed

I laughed so hard when you said all the children are crying then you mentioned mickey mouse and I died

this madr

9:21 I’m dying

9:13-9:39 is sooo funny lol

9:13 thro

aww did gus die

So i have a leopard gecko named sara and she has the same skull cave and the small cave on the right as u! :)

7:36 lol

me: where's cheese? you haven't shown cheese. cheese? you: top of the list- cheese.

Curtis is a huge drama qeen its already dead

Omg your animals are crazy lol

4:52 I’m dieing lol

Jesus how many pets do you have

Gucci the snake

“B A N N A.”

Why did I think the drawing of frank was frank for like 2 seconds

Hey a lot of people dont know this but cats really need to be fed an all wet or at least partially wet diet, especially male cats. Cats arent natural water drinkers and if they dont get enough water in their diet then they can form crystals in their bladder which leads to a urinary block which is fatal. Urinary blocks are especially common in males because of the way their bladder is shaped. I know it is very expensive and may not be practical to feed only wet food but at least feeding a half wet and half dry diet is beneficial. Your food should also be high in protein and low in carbs and fat. In addition it is best to stay away from fish as well because magnesium can cause crystals as well.. I usually recommend tiki cat (the chicken kind) or soulistic. This is a link to a chart that shows all the major brands of cat food and what their nutritional content is https://catinfo.org/docs/CatFoodProteinFatCarbPhosphorusChart.pdf In addition I would get a water fountain for them. Not only is it really fun for kittens to drink out of but it also encourages them to drink water. In the wild big cats only have access to stagnant water which is why they arent drawn to drink out of free standing water so moving water is more attractive to them.

What happens to your dogs?

I'm glad your berded dragon is active mine loves his heat lamp and I have to hand feed him because he's a bit lazy he's 3 his name is rexy

What breed of cat are they? X

I still love this video

Wow wow that's harsh and I am 9 years old

Celia is my favorite part of the video

wait... annenomes have mouths?

Show ur boobs

I would be Gucci when people eat infront of my face when i'm fasting..

I didn't notice the video was this long before viewing


I think that every single Nicole in the world loves animals. My name is Nicole and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ANIMALS!

Hai Taylor! I just wanted to ask who the lil inquisitive crab dood is and whut type of animal he is and if he has a name?! He really stood out to me, he’s so adorable and like a curious child awe

Well your a snake lover

Another sacrificial mouse


Gucci the snake

9:25 he wants the meat to be softer

Salem is me in school when my teacher asks me to do something

RIP mickey mouse

If you want go to 18.55 to see the yellow lord almighty

are you rich

I'm a shield and I didn't cry

lol my bearded dragon is the same when she sees her food, she just goes nuts XD. my moms says they are still hungry but they have a howl bowl with green food they can eat whenever they want.

The last time I watched her was ages ago now she has so any snakes

Gucci is amazing and his or her patterns

as an obssesed person with Gucci i can say that I'm gonna start a fanclub for that snake

R.I.P Gus I loved him


what happened to her dog (i think her name was kida)? did she have to get rid of her?

Awww poor Gus Gus .... he will be missed

Fuck feeding vertebrates. It is totally unnecessary and does not provide any nutrition that inverts provide. It gives the wrong message, teaching new keepers that this is normal. For shame.

never realized you had a crested gecko named phoenix my leopard gecko shares that name, neat

whai you like tini animals

You did not feed your dogs

Taylor: all the kids are proplably cring Me (9 years old) WHAT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA


Axolotlz very accurate


Me just me

THE COW CREW ecs dee I'm actually crying, I love mice

Thank you i was laughing through that

The animal who shook his food that needs to be in the try not to laugh challenge

What are you doing to micky mouse


*My frog eats Cotten Balls*

Are you wanting to eat or no? Banana

Video suggestion: playing with animals (that liked to be played with)

I lhafted so hard

I was hecka laughing

TAKE THE FOOD >:000 your in the water now :/



If you want to get more views be more enthusiastic and be interested in what your talking about and smile

Love this video.. please visit back Taylor...

the enclosure for your bearded dragon is way too small

you shouldn’t feed your snakes in their enclosure

Nice job on hitting 1k

As for feeding a raw diet for cats, it's very important to start fairly young as they won't recognise it as food if you transition as adults. Unless you have access to a butcher or someone you trust to have clean butchering practices, I wouldn't do it. If you do have access to safe, clean meat, cats need to eat innards such as liver, heart, gizzards, etc which are high in taurine. They should still get muscle meat of course, but as im sure you know cats can get some gnarly issues from lack of taurine which include blindness and kidney failure. Most vets will tell you raw diets won't be good for the cats, but a lot of cat owners have excellent results. The key is clean meat and innards. Love your videos and hope you find the right balance for your cats

I admit that I cum several times while watching this video

Lmao for me right after the little girl was spinning with the balloons an ad played.

Gucci Gucci no Gucci ..... I’m dead

8:47 just for the SNAKE of it

Take out and play with your trantula

Why does this make me want a mouse more? So weird

My word: Ssssssss

Taylor, u should get a bird, bc u hv nearly every type of animal but not a bird, like if u agree ppl

Oh god! I'm so sorry you had to feed a live mouse Taylor! Especially after gus. I know how hard that can be. My apologies.

I cant stop watching that scene i just laugh so hard when he swinging it around i laugh so hard

Nom nom nom

I skipped 10 seconds when you where talking about Gus and you where still saying nicknames!love you Taylor

Aww your pet's are so darn cute


*Taylor:* instead of investing in home decor, makeup, clothes ect., I invest in cage decor! *smiles intensely*

The beginning killed me

Hey, Taylor, what's the tuxedo cat's name? He/she is cute (so is Ghost, but what happened to your dogs?)

I really enjoy this kind of your videos cause it shows how care about animals you have and I appreciate it so much and I hope someday I could be like you

Petco?? Thought it was PetShmo.

I mean. I think my brows are good but.. girl. *Heavy breathing*

Girl give u something too take about for a life time baby

Omg when the snake bit you did u get like poisened? what happened?!

Girl I sure I cud fill your belly for. 9 months

Pretty sure I'm a hedgehog. My body stores too much fat too.


I literally laughed so hard I am crying it was funny when it was shaking it’s head

livin like larry

Plis do some merch about gucci

I love gucci

New sub

Does anyone know where I can get frozen feeder mice and frozen pinkies at the most affordable prices? So far all the online companies, the shipping is incredibly freakn high. And I hear a lot of bad reviews on petco and pet smart. I am planning for a spooky noodle in the future and just want to have all the information I need. Thanks in advance!!

I wish you lived around where I live because I have a bearded dragon and I'm not a very good owner sadly and I know he would be happy with you

*Says that Gus is dead Me: NOOOOOOOO I never knew him because I barely found out this channel todaaaayyyyyyyyy. I still feel bad thou.

I love this

I love cheese the fish not real cheese CHEESE


You have soooo many pets that is awesome !


R.I.P Celia

My gf name is ella to

All happy then DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIP Gus 5ever in our hearts

Your tanks are cool so are your animals

awesome pet t-shirt www.amazon.com/dp/B07DD557NY

19:55 i could not stop laughing idk

I feel bad for you ☹

Omg I was laughing so hard when you were saying hilarious stuff when the monitor was throwing the mouse around

I’m 9 I want a turtle and snakes and lizards

I’m so sorry Gus was so cute

Lol happines

Gucci is my favorite

I ❤️ you’re animals so cute I love all of them

What’s your biggest animal and how many

Taylor i love you more let's run away and get married

Do a All my snakes video

"What is he doing to Mickey Mouse??!"

shake the mose

Super off topic but can u start getting tortoises or turtles

R.I.P Gus my fave of your animals

The introduction ends at 2:36

If you love Taylor give this video a thumbs up. #Taylor

Taylor i love your videos and i would love it if i could get a shout out in the next video also i will be looking out for more videos and will we please keep us updated on Kovu because i will be really sad if something were to happen to him. can you do a playlist dedicated to Kovu? #TEAMTAYLORFOREVER

I laughed at this so hard 9:09

Toast is cute!

I have to do that as well so I don't really mind watching it

Lol I’m dead

U have lot of pet

What type of lizard is Curtis?

Salem it’s already dead...

What kind of fish is cheese

When someone REALLY loves animals, they don't put them in a freaking box just for their ego to be pleased. But I guess this woman -and others who do those kinds of things- have so much money in their pocket and don't know what to do with them...*pathetic*

Vicky stop

They are her pets and she takes care of them

This had me skinning


I have never seen this channel but after this I am definitely subscribing!

“I do what I want” I started bagging tf up

9:09 *O O F*

I had an ad directly after the “happiness positivity” thing

I would like to send a prayer to all the Mikey mouses harmed in this video.


Pls do a video on toast

Dose all your animals eat rats

Taylor: "Take the food!" Gochi: "NEIN!"

“Omg what is he doing to Mickey mouseee”

Yes I'm a children and I laughed at it


So true

Axolotlz lol

Can anyone tell me what cage it is at 15:49

10:15 finger omg?!?

Am cryin. ;_; the poor Mickey mouse ;-;


i freaking love u , omfggg

That probably costs a fortune to main tain all that food

Wow, the last time I watched any of your videos I think you only had four, maybe five snakes? Guess it's been awhile.

gucci is so pretty but so scary

I’m not crying it’s funny

Poor Gus

3:20 - :3

you don't have a dog?


u r so funnyyyyy ha ha love ur videos

Do some rip gus merch

I’m actually fine with watching you feed your animals mice/rats because I have to feed my snake. But I feed him live adult male mice

I hope you don't mind me asking (I'm genuinely curious), how expensive is it monthly to buy all the different kinds of food for each animal? I commend you on how devoted you are to your pets. They're well cared for!

Love the game of thrones names❤️

One like one pray for gus

When u put the sad music when the snake missed the rat I starting dying

my blind ass doesn't even notice there was a giraffe painting

I am more than a fish. Hahahahaha


Are the crickets live

Wish i could give you my two turtles and my shark cleaning fish you really do take care of your animals. And I just don’t have time

Omg my bearded dragon does the SAME EXACT THING when I show him supers!

Omg I was laughing so hard about the monitor. Banana

There like ur children but animals

Woah it must be expensive owning all those pets

All the animals being dramatic about their food bc it’s their moment in the spotlight

I’m dying bc of ur dramatic danger noodles

the empty aquariums

I wish i could eat cotton balls

Who else was like Gucci gang when she was like Gucci Gucci Gucci eat

When he started shaking the mouse i died

Oh my goooooddddd

Rip Gus please do a plush of Gus

Do you raise your own crickets or do you buy them in bulk from somewhere? I just got a bearded dragon and would appreciate any advice on caring for them :D

dicks out for gus

Thats cool she has a gucci snake lol

ur hilarious omg

When every thing start being family friendly a ad showed up it the first purge on July 4

Aww I’m sorry about Gus my two sister mouse passed away like a week ago

Where did u get ur axlodl? I want one bad


omg you have a beardie?? I have two! One of them (female) will literally climb up on me and start licking my chin, and when you walk in the room she climbs off her log and look at you through the glass. You earned a like

The second animal was not hissing she was spelling

You have a lot of snakes like a lot of

I am not

can u send me the empty ones

empty what??

hey can u give me the empy ones they look good

you had some air on your face

What species is Salem?

R.I.P Gus

Cheese is o cute her/his mother is just adorable to me

What kind of snake is Toast? Hes so cute:) As well as louie

Gussy cri cri cri he was meh favorite mouse fam

You are such a good mother to your pets. You can see how well cared for each and everyone is, and your passion for them really shines through. Good on you!!

can you plz spell what kind of snake is volite because she is beautiful and i want one!

Noooo not guss

I love animals. But it breaks my heart to see dead rats because I used to have one. Her name was Areil... And I miss her

Saw you tried Dubias and guessing not enough of your animals liked it

775 thumbs down

You named it my name

That moment when the snake missed point blank cracked me up in the slowmo

Grown hedgehogs only eat 2 table spoons of dry a day. So my question is why are you feeding them so much. I know mine runs a lot so I give her extra. But the amount you’re feeding them can’t be healthy ? So how is it hat you are doing that?

Why can’t you say not for kids :( no hate just saying so kids don’t cry :)

Rip gus gus

I love your new animal cages. I love your vids and your new cages just make me love ur vids even more

"I don't know if I should blur this out" HAPPINESS POSITIVITY

Hey what country you in cause I am Wales and selling 4 baby rabbit so if you would like one and you in Wales ask me

Holy **** you have somany reptiles. Its insanely awesome! Loveit.

Is she a scarlet king snake? Gucci i like her name


i just found you and i love you

When she started playing the happyness thing after the lizard ripped the head off I died XDD

Kronos × Echo the forbidden love


gucci would rather drown then eat

I love ur pets

I love your kitty food bowls

you are so funny and so good with your animals! I do love you and your animals haha

What kind of fish are cheese and Erwin?????

Can you shout me out and tell other people to go follow me or subscribe to me my YouTube channel is jabryanna harris

Poor mouse I love mouse so sad

Who’s gus again? x


I ship Echo❤Kronos. Greatest love story ever told.

I’ve never laughed so much at pets eating

Taylor, why do you have so many snakes? And you are my favorite youtuber!!!

That shrimp guy looks like he's constantly ready for a hug. So funny when he's peeking out from that coconut shell thing.

What happened to your dogs?

I love your pets i love snakes to

Why do you have to brain some mice for them to eat? :)


“ my frog eats cotton balls

You completely ruined it with Mickey Mouse but besides for that hilarious

Axolotlz lol it was funny

True as cheese is god

idk if 13 is still a child, but I laughed sooo hard at that dead mouse being whipped around

So true

Axolotlz .

Axolotlz I

willy fun


I wish I was on your house they are so cute!!!

Hey Taylor could u do a clownfish tank with all your morths

Omg your snakes are so cute I really love snakes I want my own snake but my parents are scared of snakes

My brother wanted you to do cheese merch because him and I both LOVE cheese the fish and he wanted you to do cheese merch

Taylor im a fan from Thailand, love your channel and also could you do update about "All my Pets" video that would be great love ya

can you please do another All Of My Pets video

I couldn’t stop laughing at the cat bit or at the whole thing

your place should be a zoo park

Omg I just love the way she talks to them it's so cute nd I love all animals nd insects so I would be talking to them too like if they could understand me

Do u like reptiles

Th lizard that you called drama queen was so funny

I like the style of the cages cool

That was so sad, until the happiness tune came in. It was very sad for me cause I love mice, and I have multiple of my own

Satanic geckos huh

Hmmm If Gus die...does that mean tat ate him?!? Ok ok no

my frog eats cotten balls!!

you should get a Chinese water dragon

that lizard

I didn’t have nightmares from the mouse ... I got the nightmares from the sun

Nooooo look what he's doing to Mickey Mouse

Im thirteen tommorrow and im not crying when she said that


Why can’t she just touch the snake and take it into the enclosure

I like your hair, makeup, dress and ur voice!


XD i heard discorvered the noose gus suicided

I remember when cheese was pretty tiny

be careful of what crickets you use to feed your tarantula we got crickets from petco and they killed my tarantula(her name was grace)

Minnie Mouse is shook

*Gucci.. Gucci.. Gucci.. Gucci.. Gucci stop it.. Gucci!*


I love cheese

my little sister cried seeing that mouse getting tortured but when she put happy stuff she laughed thank you

The reason the room is so hot is cause you where in there

Do you plan to have more Cheese plushies available in the future?

Toast's mini turtle sandbox container thing is amazing. Also, my cat Pineapple came over and started meowing at the exact same time that your cats did. I'm amused. I wonder if she heard you mention food, lol.

You should really be feeding your bearded dragon meal worms , crickets every once in a while

The editing is awesome!

Your fish Cheese looked like a king because he had a crown

I love dramatic snakes LMAO

What about the mantis

Can you please do another "All my pets" Video. Like if you agree...Normally people don't like but, plz like so that she can see it.


Livin like laaaary

I love your fish cheese

Salem is me

Violet and Tate from AHS

And eco

Aww finex

Saying the children are crying

I fell of my bed laughing cus Taylor lol

“Don’t be dramatic he is already dead!”

i love sandboas awwww

Where is kovu the hedgehog

eye brows on fleek ;)

wait where are your pants ? rip gus :(

Can you do a video on ball python care thinking about getting one but I want to know all the facts before I do

How long does it take to feed all your animals? And how much does it cost

I have a cat name Salem

are there any poisoness geckos??

This Is The Most Animals/Pets In One Video An EVER

I have two of my own bearded dragons

For some reason I love animals TEARING FOOD

Do any of your animals harm people

Just wondering, what is all the other things you put in your hedgehogs bowl? My hedgehog just eats dried carrots and hedgehog complete. I have not had him for very long, should I be putting other things in his food?

What about gus

she got 10-30k $ from her sponsor

I have a crested gecko

Do a room tour for your animals

poor rat but good snake xD

All your animal are so cute and i am a fan of reptiles

No spider warning

That was so funny I normally don't laugh but that was hilarious

Chocoreto, kòra, Potatochipusu

Sorry about gus

Omg how did you know

Axolotlz no but there laughing there asses off

I did the same

ur pets are gorgeous, their owner is so attractive and beautiful

Why does it bother me seeing Asteroid eat the mouse, but not the snakes?? And I totally laughed at Kronos eating.

Ever think gucci has some eye sight issues?

She's crazier then my Central bearded dragon

No your not coming out here with that. Oh no he took it over there to throw around

Love Your monitor lizard

Good try Louis

Gucci take the food, no Gucci Gucci

TOAST!!! Her first danger noodle!

Taint is my favorite

Hapiness Positivity Family friendly What tge fuq

I have a pet rat SHE Feed THE SNAKE A RAT

A many reptiles! My mom wing even let me keep a worm! My brothers are terrified of snakes.


I am so sorry .


Cheese or gus?

Your snake is beautiful

When Louis missed.

Can you get a pink fiary armadillo please?

9:45 after this I literally got an ad about stopping animal cruelty.

Cheese :I am more than a fish Taylor : cheese jeez

He looked like my dog shaking her toy around

3:49 that's what she said

Your animals actually eat better than me....

Taylor- The children are crying!! Me- I already saw a cat get opened up, it was outside my old preschool.... - smiles -

I have recently bought a bearded dragon for my birthday. Thanks for the awesome video!

What about zazu dont forget he use to live with king cheese

Wow after the family friendly an ad really an ad

Last time I watched you was like when u had 10k

I have a lot of pets but three of them are leopard geckos

I love how you make a video about feeding all your pets and you dont brag.This is one of the only videos of people feeding all their pets that i like

Taylor-you going to say hi to him you know he would eat you Me-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

I have a California king snake but I always have a hard time knowing when to go up a size when I feed her. I'm currently feeding her 4-5 fuzzies a week. Should I start feeding her hoppers?

Your my favorite Youtuber can you do a video on bendi eating

i also have a leopard gecko her name is twinkle i love her so much


I got my first snake and I started to realize that a snake shed is like a grls period

I loved this video so much especially that part at 9:06 to 9:42 I’m definitely gonna subscribe

9:13 OMG I Was DEAD

omg make more childrin are laphing childrenhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


I have a question so I got two turtles and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to fill up the tank all the way or not I filled it up half way but they put their head up so I fell like their drowning

Lol spoiled

i like you but i really cant understand why you have to have exotic animals as pets. You upgraded their cages, but theyre still in cages. I dont feel like its right, its still a box that they are condemned to live in for your hobby. Also, why do you want to have pets that you have to feed other animals to. You want to put mice that are dead AND alive in there? Its just not right. If they were free they would have a much better life. But you bought them and in your own way you are supporting their captivity. Its not a dog or cat, a pet that loves you. They dont love you, as clearly seen by the snake who absolutely resents you and bites/ fights you to get out of its cage every time you open its door.

Hi I have no idea how I came across your videos but I’ve sat ages going through some and as he owner of one corn snake I was fascinated watching all of your animals!!! My favourites were the crested geckos? So sweet! Ty and I subscribed and will be watching loads more tomorrow! I’m in the U.K. and need to sleep now lol xx

Lord if you're married the man is one lucky fella! Cause you're one lovely lady!! Lovely green eyes, feisty and a addiction to pets! I love watching your vlogs! Keep up the amazing work!!

I want a salamander

Oh my god! Drogo is my bearded dragons name!

i want a snake SO BAD and when i asked my mom she laughed at me ;-;

I also have two leapord geckos

YOU are the kind of person I like.... a person who LOVES and CARES for ALL animals.

But where’s zazu?

Are snakes your favourite pet?

Thats rude ok

Last time i watch one of ur vid u had 300k subs u grew so much yay

OMG my cats name is lego

Min 9:20 What is that ?

I have a bearded dragon her name is Zara and that is exactly how she reacts when crickets are near I'm about to start a YouTube channel since go follow me!

I got an ad right after you said you'd get demonized


Taylor -What is he doing to Mickey Mouse???


So taylor....when are u gonna get an elephant? C'mon were all wondering

10:51 I thought that was your finger I was like WHAT R U DOING NO!

poor Gus ill miss him for a long time r.i.p. gus

You’ve got so many pets!!!!

Omg I have a dog named Moshoe that’s a basathound

what is this petco you speak of i only go to petshmo

make a video on twisty

Taylor: Poor Mickey Mouse! The Children are crying! Me: hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahahah haha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahahah haha hahaha hahaha hahahah haha hahaha hahahah haha hahaha hahahah haha hahaha hahahah haha hahaha hahahah haha haha haha haha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahahah hahaha ahhahahaha....

kronos cracks me up!

Sexy girls

Holy moly the cats got so big

I want a ball python so bad but I don’t know what I’m doing so I haven’t haha time to start doing some homework

Hey Taylor thank you for the $5


I am not interested in swagbucks but I'm interested in you.

I loveeeee these videos even though you think they are boring I love seeing all your animals

I'm a child and I love the shaking of the mouse!!!

How many snakes do you own

I had a bearded dragon , for my daughter's birthday his name is Willy she did everything with him , in 2017 he died One like one prayer

Do you want a rabbit or hamster?

I have four snakes im good with it Ones a big DRAMA QUEEN

If you didn't get it people who delivered it stole it. They hire users to do their work and they steal thing people order.

She protecc She attacc But most importantly .... She grab snacc

Asteroid kinda reminds me of Pennywise who else

9:35 im a kid and i was lafhing ha ha

People say she's a hordor but you're not a hordor enless you have a bunch of animals and don't take care of them

You are pretty,girl!!!

Axolotlz absolutely

Axolotlz all i did was laugh

Axolotlz is da best!

Axolotlz ii


RIP Gus Gus

Im glad to see people who loves and tace care very well of these animals

Poor mice :(

Hahah I found it so funny when he shook the mouse

She said gucci more than lil pump

The giraffe

Iike and subscribe to my youtube VIDEO'S called raejean morant

No no no no no

Twisty is my spirit animal when it comes to eating

Gimme that ad revenue

Mickey Mouse hade a house under neath a snake Then one day Mickey had his last day


How many snakes do u have? Anyways I'm literally thinking about getting a rainbow ball python


Did you say cat food for the hedgehogs? Lol

I was dying when he started throwing around the mouse

Hedgehogs no food for me Ella now food for me Taylor come on eat your food

This is why we don't feed snakes in their rooms. they get territorial.

Your eyes are really pretty

You should get some turtles

3 things 1. Isn't mantis shrimp like hella dangerous


I cry when she feed the snakes bc of the little baby mice

The cats and hedgehogs are SO CUTE

New to the chanel and new subscriber

I love love love those enclosures!

Taylor: Just pretend it's a little cotton ball. My frog eats cotton balls.

and he was black too

i had a cat named salem

You should get a hamster!!!!

Me and my friend even study it in my school

Your lucky I’ve been wanting an axolotl for months

She looks like the kinda of girl who runs away from a fly but she's the Queen of Repltiles

Omggggggg....amazing pets

U dont feed the snakes outside their cages??

RIP Guss He will be missed

Well you’ve all just paid for her to feed her animals again with the views from this BS upload

taylor, i hope you don’t mind me asking but what do you use for the cages? i really like them and want to start using them! thank you :) p.s. i love you!

I love seeing the different foods

Aww so cute and ur soo lucky I wish I had all them pets


Taylor-what are you doing to Mickey Mouse!!!

Happiness Positivity Family Friendly XD

Why you have 100 pets though bo hate

I thought Larry was an underwater parrot until he transformed into a torture machine

9:18 Taylor:THE CHILDREN ARE CRYING! Me:im laughing xD

my daughter was laughing like crazy

U have a lot of snakes

13:27...she's soooo gentle!

This is my first time watching her so who is gus

Girl why you have so many snakes

Because she wants to.

Dont just leave it their that rat will grow bacteria inside of the mouse or rat and when the snake eats it it can harm him

Im not sad its nature

more like swaggus...

I like your tats

9:48 I’m crying of laughter lmao

Pedos will look at the kids *demonetized*

What is that thing behind the rocks at 19:38 ??

Yah a Cotten ball that’s what it is.. I have a mouse.. but not a snake

Poor Mickey Mouse


I laughed ._. 9:24


I love listening to you repeatedly say “Gucci”

Could you please do a video about your manta shrimp's tank setup or how to take care of a manta shrimp ? It would be really interesting and I really want to see more of Larry

Tyler get a turtle

I have 4 pet mice which I love but, I dont mind them eating mice because it is their food, its what they eat and they cant help it.


You are sow funny

And I love snakes I have to feed them live mice

R.I.P Gus the best mouse ever ..........even better than my mouse that bits me

Was I the only one that fangirled a little when she said Tate and Violet

Poor Gus I have a love for mice and when I find them on glue traps I feel so sad

Omg they r so cute! I've always wanted a snake, gecko and fox idk why a fox but it's a thing now

Why are the crested geckos tails gone

I liked the giraffe painting crooked but oh well it is still there

I always forget about Sabor/ Savor.

*it's fine I didn't have other things to do* *omg I'm in tears Gucci stop. omg Gucci your in the water now* *I love how she said don't be dramatic and then it goes full drama queen*

Aww I love how much you care about your pets. And how you make them their own trail mix

(Dead Mouse being strangled) Happiness! Love! Family Friendly! XD

Taylor: ok Kronos let's not be dramatic Kronos: oooo camera let's get dramatic *beats the mouse to death even tho it's dead* Taylor: Kronos stop! Kronos: no he killed my father Taylor: Kronos you are going to make me have to blur this. This isn't family friendly.

If someone demonetize your video they have never seen Discovery channel or Animal planet. That's the circle of live PEOPLEEEE!!

What happen to your pray mantis

Can u please do a video of bearded dragon care!!

Happiness positivity family friendly

Tate is my middle name just like your snake


*Monitor tries to bring mouse out* Taylor: you are not coming out here with that. *Monitor proceeds to shake mouse* btw, cant mantis shrimp break glass?

Poor mouse

My hamster died a few years ago. He looked just like Gus but he had white and his name was Toffee and my mum told me one morning he died and I cried for an hour. Everytime I think of him he will be with Gus now.

Taylor thank u for doing what you love

she has a lot of snakes

https://www.threadless.com/discover/s/RainbowEagles44/design/cartoon-pets-framed#m All types of pets are too cute!!!

Oh my gosh!!!!! With all your drama queens, you're an amazing mom!!!!

Yea so do i. thats why i breed them

Axolotlz I love axolotls to there so cool

My beardie does the same thing. He’s so focused on begging for food he doesn’t realize I ALREADY GAVE HIM CRICKETS

She's feeding a pet mouse to a pet.

One question what am i doing lol


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