Film: Moscow, Russia!!!

Film: Moscow, Russia!!!

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Hello. This is Graham Phillips here in Russia, and, what to say welcome. To, Moscow. Where. I'm just now is simply one of the most iconic places in, the world Red. Square. But. How much you know about Red Square apart, from it being a big. Square well, for starters it's not even one of the biggest squares in Russia. So, it's not even the biggest square in Moscow. However it's, perhaps the most famous and. Iconic square. In the, whole world however, it. Wasn't always like that. In. The early days Red Square was something like a slum a shantytown comprising. Of degenerate, sand near do whales criminals. As, you will all cast out from out with the, medieval city walls due to, their lowly status it was cleared by from the third in, the 1400s. And over, the centuries has, evolved, to become what we see around, me today quite magnificent. And almost certainly, the first place that any tourists coming to Moscow will come to, check out. So. What is Red Square today, well it's a place that you can come any day, any, time any. Time of year and find, people here from, all over the world I was here in February and. This is what it was like. As, you say you cheese. So. How do you like her Musca, while your impressions. You, look fantastic I, would say, come. On say what you like you are the people, I can. Every, time. So. Your holiday yeah. Honey. Moscow ladies don't break for Charlotte. So. We're Bank its mid-april let's, have a look and see who's, in Red Square today. Can. You say couple of words about Red Square the. People around the world what place is Red, Square the. Red place is the center of the country I think, so yes. And we, always see it on the news New, Year parties, and. The. Victory Day on 9th of me yes, and this. Is very beautiful place I was it like to be here what's the atmosphere the. Atmosphere. The. Interest place and. Maybe. The country's our atmosphere, I when I'm here I feel that I'm, Russian person where, are you from, we, have formal goods goods, very, pleased to meet you it. Was given my, name is Ellis pleased, to meet you Alex thank you for that night. And. Where are you from where. Are you from friends, and the, football is for. French. People. For. The World Cup yeah, fabulous. Do, you say a couple of words about red square then international, all, over the world people are going to come what you like here a red square what's the atmosphere history, first, I think and that's again to recent, literature and. Be. Given the world, also competitions, football. And. France. Denmark to. The seat of June the big match for friends so you're looking forward to that it's gonna be lots of French fans and. What should they expect, how, to describe, here we're in Moscow at the moment what's, it like I I live. In Moscow. Since. Two days, today's. I don't, know everything, I don't know I know very well miss. Maria, Maria. Manova. And. Do you like here people friendly. House yes yes, restaurant. People. Every. Places, of Moscow, and I. Wish, is as much friends, as mark the, best. For. TABC, Baku, what's. Your name Joe, Francois Joe France were very pleased to meet you know so thank. You thank, you thank you. You. Guys cool I feel from Malaysia for. Malaysia why I want to like the red square how I feel. Quite beautiful, here and where. Are you from - English English a, video. Blog about the, Red Square I was. Like and how. You feel here the atmosphere that. Is good, it was a trendy. Way. To meet you guys it's, fabulous Tyler. So. Trade square it's friendly, fun. There's people. From all over the world for the people just having a great time just, amazing. Atmospheres, buzzing is always something go on or something happening, just. A fantastic. Place to be, now if we look over there we can see the.

Stand Being set up for the coming victory. A here in Russia. Made the ninth the most significant. Day in the Russian calendar the biggest event of the year and Red Square intrinsically. Associated. With, Victory Day with, military parades perhaps, the two most, famous being and November, the 7th 1941. When the red army marched through Red Square then right off to, the front lines to fight the Nazis than, the first Victory Day in, 1945. When. Victory over, Nazi. Germany and the Nazi, forces was marked here and in fact every year Victory. Day is commemorated. Is remembered, on mass scale, there's parades, and processions. It's, really something you have to see, it's just the scope of it the scale of it absolutely it's. Epic. Victory, here on Red, Square. So. Victory day in Red, Square. Red. Square Christ. I approach it in Russian an, interesting, fact Christ, I originally, made beautiful, in, Russian and only evolved. In recent, times to, come to being red and with that red square which is the, symbol. It, represents. Russia. When you think of Russia this. Is perhaps your first associations. And Basil's Cathedral constructing. The orders of the man we know is Ivan the Terrible between 50 55 and 1561. And in fact the tallest building in Russia until around 1600. S. They. Like the Kremlin to my left which we'll come to later some. Basil's Cathedral is open, to, the public you can go, inside and check our which. Is what I'm to do just now. 500. Rubles about six pounds in the current exchange rate. The. Design absolutely. Breathtaking. Ten of. These signature, onion. Domes, rising. Into the sky like. A bonfire even, we're built today it, would be an outstanding achievement, in architecture. Each of them incredibly, intricate. Complex. Just. Astounding. Now, legend, has it that when some, basil Cathedral was completed, a van, the table was, so intent, that the beauty would never be duplicated, or, replicated, that he had the architects, in Van yakovlev blinded. But that would seem to be an open, leaf because his record of Evonik of life working in several other significant. Projects. So, the large red building behind me the History Museum of, Russia. But, Volta there's no time to, everything or even a fracture there's just so much to do in Moscow we will be here until the end of time but what we are going to do is check out this impressive. Imposing. Structure, to my left the, shopping arcade room. The first shopping arcade in Russia 125. Years ago and to this day the most famous, iconic. That's, going to look at Google. This. Is cool and exhibition, of, Land Rovers here and GU my love Land Rovers in fact not only look. What we got. Daniel. Prager, James Bourne Bear, Grylls. When. Drove a ball Cole Smith. As, you get the idea British icons. Here. Jimmy. All those obviously a bit of a tool but in any case that things. Are believes it's their kind, of best of Britain here be represented. Land. Rover is obviously a symbol of the UK and in fact ahead of me we've got this quite. Stunning. Land Rover Discovery decked, out in for, long. Touring. Kay all the apparel, including. Camel. Trophies, we see a Russian.

Flag On the bonnet. There. We go camel, trophy, look. At this. We've, got a canoe, or kayak aloof. Whichever. Is. And, the roof is the genius of, engineer. Vladimir. Shaku, levan it remains to. This day a masterpiece. Of, engineering, have a look at it. Now, the original name of Goomer, translate. Is something like upper, trading rose and good. To, this day is a place the well-heeled, of Moscow, to come and partake. Of the exclusive. Elites boutiques. And. Also place for tourists, to come and walk around and just marvel, in the wonder. Of it, all, you've never seen a shopping center like it in your life. People. Love the ice creams of goombas real thing. Tutorial Moscow thing to do to come to Google and, have an ice cream. So. As you can see over. Here we've got some Basil's, of Kremlin Red, Square just a couple hundred meters away we've come up to this mound or landscape, to really cool. And if. We look over there we've got Perry Ashi bridge, it's actually not quite a bridge it's, well, let's all look and see what it is. So. As we can see giving just incredible, views up and down the, mosque wall the landmarks, near and far, up from it this new MP theater this open-air theater behind me as. We see nothing in play at the moment there's still people, sitting out enjoying the Sun this spring, day a bit breezy as it is but still incredibly. Beautiful, we're in Moscow in fact just behind that white building Dom Mac, a tilt just quoits one. Of the most, elite apartment, buildings of the Soviet Union and to this day remaining one, of the top places to live, in Moscow so you have to be pretty well heeled to, be living in that white building behind with that rather imposing Soviet. Star at, its crest. It's. About time to say our farewells to red square as we can see it's, closed as rehearsals, for, Victory Day but we can hardly leave without, a word about, the. Legendary. Concerts, to have taken place in Red Square you can't quite think the Red Square that to give the concerts here everyone has played here from Shakira. The. Scorpion. Of course Paul McCartney, in 2003. But, did you know is that little loans by, very own madness than. A concert, of sorts here in 1992 organized not very well organized by, top of the Pops but, the nutty boys the, very same have played right before some, Basil's Cathedral here on Red, Square.

And. That no time, to take one step beyond. We've. Come to deny the vidiian hey park simply. My favorite, Park in, Moscow, it is just, magnificent, and it's actually bigger in territory, with the Principality, of Monaco let's. Check it out. So, welcome to the video 1/2 park as it is now here in Moscow. This iconic. Park you listing a little in fact a lot like. A building site I've been coming here for years in fact there's two loads of people coverage I've, never seen it like this but the idea is together. Looking absolutely amazing. For the time of the World Cup so when you come and see this for yourself in, June this should all be complete, and, looking absolutely fantastic. As, I say the idea is to get this park which, is over 80 years old at its best ever level, so the. Character though it's really just a hub, of activity just, a high with building, and construction. As, work goes on a pace to, get this looking at, its best ever here. In Moscow, Davidian our Park we're, gonna go check it out. Now. This is one of the largest scale reconstructions. To have ever taken, place at this legendary. Park which was first established in, 1935. As the all-union, agricultural, exhibition. Actually had, a turbulent first few years it wasn't completed in time before the war was delayed and then had to be closed during because. Of the war was only then reopened, in, 1954. Today. Even when there's construction going on the. Vidiian half park is a beloved, place of, Muscovites, and tourists alike to, come for a as, I say Russian for guca a stroll. Tomorrow. Is. Iconic. Kinds, of rupees. There are friendly, nations, surprising, 50, nations of. The former Soviet, Union it's the centerpiece, to the video and her one. Of the most spectacular sights, in Russia. The, goal figures. Representing. The. Republic. By, the way wait until the vidiian ha turns into a winter, wonderland beyond, your wildest dreams there's, slides. And, this fairs and, this is actually a huge skating. Rink you don't take my word. For that I was here a winter with leis from, our full britain Crimea check. It out. We. Are going hopefully. To the top of this tower I'm. Gonna slay, down in, the snow on, a rubber ring yes. So much fun. It's. Hard to work climbing those stairs, you. Carry a sword ends muscleman. Welcome. To Moscow. Ibaka. This. Pavilion behind me this rather, well. It's just it's majestic, isn't it I mean it's awesome. Building, this pavilion, is actually. Dedicated to the Ukrainian, Soviet, republic, as, new attractions, being opened the vidiian ha all the time large-scale. - behind me this regime Russia my, history, open in, 2016. I remember if I was him 2015. It was being constructed, so just a huge, scale museum, eminently, worth checking out but if we were to visit all of the museums in Moscow. Worth checking out this document - were literally God forever. Over, there at this huge, scale aquarium, which, only opened in the past couple of years another, new addition and look at this rocket, Vostok, a. Symbol. Of the vidiian harp arc. Now, in so many times the pavilions, would, house conferences. And seminars, and, events there, were some, 300, events a year here, in the video in ha attracting. 11 million-plus, visitors, to. The park since. Then the pavilions, have, become well their museums, their cafes, or restaurants or. Sorts, of interesting. Things is a cinema, over. There and. This, one here cosmos. Space. Mechanics. And electrics. And. Agriculture. For the Soviet Union is. Appealing. So let's go and see what's. Inside so. This, turns out to be, the. Aerospace, and aviation center, a museum that actually only opened a few days ago. You. Tell me a couple of interesting facts, about the museum. Just. Whistle. And. The. Original, suit, vehicle of Yuri Gagarin here, he. Used, it on a 12 April, 1961, to. Return. To us. Of, this here. Just an amazing, historical artifact, the, very capsule, in which Yuri Gagarin returned, to Earth after the Vostok 1 space, expedition. Of 1961. April, the, 12th and this the actual capsule, which, he returned to, Earth as we can see it's. Charred there from the heat of reentry. And it's here in the vidiian half just. Amazing. Historical artifact. The. Capsule, from the Vostok 1, space. Expedition. What, underneath, just now this recently opened aerospace, museum in the video and a heart is an exact replica, of the famous MIR, Space Station one, of the main attractions of this museum and I, think you can actually go, in it so. While you can't actually go in this MIR Space Station itself. There's observation. Power so you can look in you can also get right, up close to it and there is something else here but you can go into. That, was so cool. That was a Mexican. I was, amazing. Fantastic. Great we. Were happy to hear it I was, in the simulator.

Yeah, It was real adventure, great. After. My adventure, I came to the nearby. Exhibition. Centre because they still hold regular large-scale, exhibitions, of Davidian half to check out this. Exhibition. Dedicated to the theme of Education. Now. As you leave the vidiian hi you can't help but be struck by, this. Silver. Shard, soaring. Into, the sky. With. A rocket, on top even, a wallet represents, what's here, the, Museum of cosmonautics. Which. I've heard that I've seen is amazing, however, I do think that one Space Museum in a day is enough, and in fact if, we look over here we can see there's. Something even taller than the silver shard, stretching. Into the sky. That. Is Austin Kino TV, tower the. Tallest freestanding, structure. In Europe, the 11th tallest, in the whole world. I actually. Visited there, in February Valentine's Day, have, a look. Simply, what we're looking, over what's the name features, that we're seeing, just now we look over. Well. Actually now, we're, a. Wonderful, city and well. There we can see Moscow, CC. Hocking. Buildings. We. Can see the. Call. Me. Come. On what's. Wrong, Oh. My. Name is Sergey yeah, you from Moscow yes, so. Sankey if you had to describe masters. In, five words someone, who's never been to Moscow how, to describe, Moscow, well, this is the most wonderful. City. The city, has its own history. For, several, centuries and. This. History, we, can kill can. Fill the role named streets. We, can feel through different, kind of buildings, and it's, amazing, actually because. Now we have some modern ones, and. Not far away from them we can see a kind of rain since I'm. In 17th. Century, or so what'd, you say surgeons the World Cup soon there's lots of people from all over the world coming to Moscow for the first time what. Would you say to them. We're happy to see you here in Moscow, and, go to visit our function into the tower. So. They were looking at behind me in this roller, atmospheric. They in Moscow, this, mass sat to Peter the. Great legendary, Russian. Sights, 98. Meters it's, the 8th Paula, statue, in the world it is immense. So. The statue was put there in, 1997. When, I first saw it my, pressure was just I mean wow it's awesome, it's just the kind. Of scope of it just blows you away but. It's actually bent usually, divisive. And controversial. For. Many reasons. Firstly. The, design it frequently appears in lists. Of ugliest. Statues, in the world. Then. There's. Peters lone aversion. To Moscow, in fact even went so far as to moving the capital does. A Petersburg. Mendes. Reports, it was originally, intended to be a statue of Italian, Explorer Christopher, Columbus. It's. All of this and then, you compare and start to understand, why reportedly. Moscow, authorities have been trying to offload the statue for. Many years including offering it to some Petersburg, itself. Their. Declines and, several, other cities around, Moscow, but it's here it divides, opinion and it's something you definitely have to see in any case when you come to Moscow in fact you can hardly not see its immense. And it's lit up at night, and. I open it all secret to you I rather like it. So. It's evening time in. Moscow, absolutely. Magical. The, Sun setting we. Can see the. Spectacular. Scenes. All, around me and Moscow by evening is quite something just to stroll around and marvel at the beauty of, it all. So. The wine has changed, we followed the wind of change down. In this beautiful spring, day to what we can see behind me officially. By order of lane in the Central Park of Culture and relaxation. But of course known around, the world as Gorky. Park the, city's iconic. Legendary. Gorky. Park. Now. What to say about Gorky, Park founded. In, 1928. 300. Acres absolutely. Beloved. By Muscovites, and visitors, alike.

Just Now of course it's Monday it's a working day, so. There's fewer crowds but, that means you can enjoy the promenades and the boulevards, without that, weekend when this place is absolutely packed, out it's tired and in fact I'm hoping to. Come back to Gorky Park before, heading off from Moscow to show you is it is the, weekend just a mass of activity. I was, actually here a winter, when the place was as with, the VD in har Park or winter. Wonderland. Have a look. Now. Gorky Park people, absolutely love to cycle. Skateboard. Rollerblade, Segway. And all the rest of it that weekend it's really quite something to see but one of the reasons I wanted to show you Gorky Park with. Fewer people was really pay more attention to, the, details, and we'll have a look at, these park benches, sculpted. In to, the embankment and in fact everything is clean. It's modern, its, new, and, in fact that's because in 2011. The park was given a complete. Reboot, they're around a hundred illegal. Objects, and attractions, removed. The, park was given an overhaul, and the aim was to make it into, a global, park. And it is now famous all over the world it's an epicenter, of Moscow. And as. We can see we look around everything is clean, an. Extra condition, beautiful. And it is indeed, one, of the most famous parks, in the world Gorky. Park. So. We see all around me here the maintenance team working. Keeping, the park clean and order, this new ass foul the lawns new. Flower beds there's, Wi-Fi. Everything. In Gorky Park is. Just at the highest level, it's just one of the best, parks, in the world and, we are going to come back here at the weekends. We're. About now Moscow. City one of the symbols of modern. Moscow. And Russia, it's just. Immense, scale. Scope. The power the. Ambition. The, glory, the, beauty, the, wild, factor. Moscow. City. As, you expect, these towers, host top-end, restaurants. Offering spectacular, panoramic. Views of the likes but what I'm, here to check out and actually what I've heard is a thing is kind of untrained is to say half-caf, watch travel documentaries, they say for, example I'm going to show you a Moscow hack and then do like letters. But what. I'm trying to show you is a little hack a, tip as. What. Additional would call it it's, apparently one of these towers hosts not a top payment Hotel other like Spanish your hostel, so, you can stay in these towers, in one of them in a hostel, so I'm gonna go and check out this. Hack. Tip. For. Moscow. Ha. So, it's true, on the 43rd, floor of, this skyscraper. In, Moscow City originally a hostel, tuesdaya, but. Starting from just, over 20 years a night and for. That all of this can. Be yours I mean just look at these, views out of this world and you're just, unbelievable. Incredible. So. That is as they would call it a. Moscow. Hostel, hack, all of this for. Bit over 20 years amazing. Now. Moscow of course offers, a plethora, of, possibilities when, it comes to hotels. Hostels. Places. To stay and all the rest of it what I've come now is one of perhaps. The most famous Hotel complexes. Is my liver actually built, for the 1980, Summer Olympics. And it was the biggest hotel complex in the world until overtaken by the MGM Grand in 1993. So it's a real, kind of hotel City behind. Me here or in fact in front of me now as. We can see we're gonna go and check it out. Now. This complex has the capacity for over 3,500. People at, any one time along, with conferences, and all the rest of it so it's a real epicenter. Of Moscow, accommodation. In fact when I came for the first time in, 2009.

To Moscow as a tourist it, was this very hotel to my right that I found online and chose to stay in there quite affordable. And although the design is the, exterior is Soviet, which, is also, to. My mind quite, fantastic the. Tiers are very modern of what you would expect of a modern hotel, and this one here is called alpha. We've got better. Vague, gamma. And Delta, together, and these all comprise the ismaïl of a hotel complex which offers amazing views of this around the area which, is another reason why I've, come here. Now, of course we all heard there was a Kremlin Red Square but here is. My lever behind. Me is what's. Called the white Kremlin let's, go and check, out. The. White in Kremlin here is my 11 unlike the, Red Square Kremlin, this one has never filled any authoritative. Or, administrative. Functions. It was created, at the start of the 19th century purely. As an entertainment, complex which, it remains to, this day there's, museums, churches. Stalls. Kiosks. All. For. Tunis in fact we can see here we've, got a. Busload. Of school kids. Coming. To take in the white Kremlin. It. Trust, you. And. This actually interestingly. This. Church was constructed in the year 2000. It's, a pink Lenin so. This is a pink Lenin, and. The. Writer Maxim, Gorky, I. Didn't. Expect to see a pink layer in here. They. Alone a blue Maxim Gorky. But. The headline is the pink alone. Very. Nice very nice wonderful. Wonderful. Where you come from from. Thailand. Pleased to meet you ladies. Lovely. Selfie there there we go. Cheese. That's behind me the, agency. Ministry, of joy which is responsible for all, of the weddings, and events which, take place and. The territory, of his by the way. Now. I'll be coming to Moscow for years and this is just one of the many places that in, fact it's my first time here I never. Been before and that's Moscow, just. Offers. You so many unexpected I. Mean pink Lenin we. Were four, things. To see him for those that we coming for years there's always something new and, unexpected. Brilliant. Oh it's. A pre ad no. Doesn't. Come in so to be on a hill or to pray a missionary, partager washes, mother who sue death spicy about us. We're. Not just now we, are back in central. Moscow, one, of the most famous streets in the city and in fact it's the real tourist, mecca the real just, draw, tourists. And people, from all over the world we can see just crowds, Sergey, it's absolutely, buzzing, here and. It is actually a historical, Street. As well as one of the oldest streets in Moscow dating, from the 15th century and for centuries it's had a reputation as, the Bohemian. Can, have artsy, center. Of Moscow the kind of alternative, in fact we can see because there's all sorts of different concessions. We've got up there the Museum of Records and its banks we've got here rest. Strong we do hear souvenir. Shops, offering, Russian fur hats rush, of baseball, caps and all the rest of all sorts of Russia related, paraphernalia but, of course your back hasn't been exempt from globalization. We've, got KFC. There and rather, interestingly here, we have a Ukrainian. Flag because this is the Ukrainian, cultural. Center so interestingly despite all of the dreadful. Things that Ukrainian, Ukrainian government, tells us about Russia and Russian aggression and, all the rest of it here in the center of Moscow we have a Ukrainian, cultural. Center peacefully. Existing. This in any case is just the street with just, a million things go on just. Scissor people, and all sorts of activity. And hustle. And it is the place to come in Moscow if you want to do what people call people. Watching so let's have a look and, they are backed. Here's. The place. That's a joke. The tiny case Russian, dolls here. Oh. So, as any tourist in Russia of course we're all at your Russian dolls, and. The our bat is a place. And. I'll give you another hack as, the court you can negotiate price, of it. By. The way let me tell you an interesting fact about the old bat this was the first street in the Soviet Union to be pedestrianised, the first, pedestrianised.

Zone In the whole Soviet Union this, is it. So. That was the old up by this is the new our, back you see not pedestrianised, the hub of, traffic. And their. People passing regret, tomorrow, Putin, gastro. Bar and, these buildings. They. Can advance in, different. Goals it's quite a sight to behold this that, you are back. Fascinating. Story. This. Metro station, was constructed by 1925. Religion. But. If they didn't finish it for almost 40, years I, was, only with the completion of the ad kriti, arena, in. 2014. As the Spartak, Moscow, pray. This, Metro is complete so we can see. Smart. Visit. Crickey. Arena translates, as open, arena, although. During the World Cup 2018. A which is going to host five. Matches. It. Will also be there as a Sparta, arena. So, I've got my Russia top on to show solidarity, because. This stadium played host to the Russian national team as well as Spartak, Moscow, the most successful, team in the history of Russian. Football named, after this the. Gladiator, Spartacus, behind. Me this rather impressive. Figure and this just. Hugely, impressive. Stadium, here, the. Spartak, arena at Krita knee arena. Now. This stadium began, construction. The original, design in, 2007. But was then stopped, in, 2010. Because the original design was deemed too ordinary so, they went back to the drawing board and came. Up with this about which you said many things but you certainly cannot say it's, ordinary, this is true. State-of-the-art. Stadium. Design just. Fantastic. Stuff, modernistic. Futuristic. And it holds over. 45,000. Spectators. Well. We can see behind me there Luzhniki, stadium, I've. Got my three lines on I'm here I'm in the mood and this the, largest, football stadium in Russia. The name Luzhniki, translates. Roughly, as meadows that we can see all around this beautiful, panoramic. Scene but, more importantly, this is the main stadium of the World Cup 2018. There's going to be seven matches here including. The World Cup final, we. See this panoramic, point here overlooking the Luzhniki people, love coming here taking photos. Looking. At the views. And, who complained I'm sure you're come here yourself when. You must go just, to take it it's amazing. So beautiful hello. See here we've got another, mass photo, taking, place with, a backdrop of this, stadium and just an amazing. Stadium an amazing, story constructed. Between 1955. And 1956. In, 450. Days such a short space of time bringing. Materials, from all over the Soviet Union from Armenia from, Ukraine from Belarus, to, construct what was at the time a, world-leading. Stadium. What is after recent renovation, of 2013. Again a world-leading staining one more just, a work of our a work of architecture, that just, to look at is just, fills you full of, the, mood of sporting. Magnitude. Of great, sporting. Moments that capacity times of the soviet union was over a hundred thousand hundred three thousand the capacities, of this day in fact nowadays rolla is eighty-one, thousands, is still one of the biggest names in europe and just to look at I mean, you just feel just.

The, Sense of. Sporting. Magic. Here in Moscow. Welcome. Welcome. To Russia. And. While we're speaking about memoral, sporting, moments the, Summer Olympics. 1980. Opening, and closing, ceremonies held at. Their stadium but we England fans would, most likely night for, the mm, hm measly final, man united vs. Chelsea, penalties. Romero. Escapes check, saves, terry. Steps, up slips, hits the post the heartbreak, the, dremen, and Giggs calmly. Slots and, decides in the, United States, the epic. Sporting. Moments and surely more to come and the World Cup 2018. More drama, more, emotion. More heartbreak, but let's hope above all the, we England fans see each other here on, July the 15th. 2018. For, the World Cup final, let's hope for those years of hurt finally, come turn, ends the, dream lives on. A. Little. Message to people. From all over the world from Russia before. The World Cup. Welcome. To Russia. Great. Country. In the world. So, here we are Manezhnaya square. Here just, down from Red Square we can see up, to my left building. Here of course we saw from the other side the Museum of history this iconic. Four. Seasons, Hotel. Behind, me and in fact the centerpiece, of this, Square this statue to marshal. Zhukov. Now marshal, Zhukov Georgi Jukka, rose to the high rank in the Soviet Red Army, notable. In particular. For. His heroism in the, Battle of Berlin, in which his, heroic deeds were instrumental in, defeating, the, Nazi, so that statue there the, center point ascends, a piece and all around we can see there's. Tourists. There's just, all sorts of street. Theater to say there's Lenin strolling around as, Stalin. Posing, for a photo. There. We go. We. Can see, all. Around us roosters. There. We go mentioning Zhukov right, there offers, of excursions. And in, fact Moscow, isn't absolute. Beloved. City of tourists, record, numbers in fact in 2014, sixteen, point five million, tourists, visited Moscow we can see all around me this, is a city beloved. Of tourists. From all around the world we can see this, square. Now this Four Seasons Hotel. The. Legend is that Stalin. Himself. Personally. Oversaw, this, project. That's, the legend. This. The world cup pound and walk I remember it when the number was much, higher. We're. Going to acknowledge this next red square and. People. Absolutely just. A wave of people coming through from one, of the most beloved sites in Moscow. Is. Alexander. Garden. Constructed. In, 1821. To. Mark. Victory, over Napoleon, in, 1812 so. This. Here very much the centerpiece, of Alexander, garden. The. Eternal flame. The. Tomb of the, Unknown Soldier. Representing. All, of those. Killed. In conflict. In. World War two the Great Patriotic War, all. Those unknown soldiers, killed in conflict, this. The, eternal flame. Leningrad's. Kiev. Minsk. Stalingrad. Sevastopol. These. Monuments. Representing. The 13. Hero. Cities, of the Soviet Union which. Resisted, which survived, Nazi, occupation which fought against, the Nazis were, liberated, and gave hope to the. Rest of the nation we can see here odessa. Church. Navarro. Sisk Buress. Kayak rapist, Toula. Movements. Smolensk. It is. Where, we're going now is the queue for. The place that, we're outside the ramparts. Off in the place that if you say Russia, to people most all over the world, the. First Association, will be, rambling.

And That is where we're going just now to, the Kremlin my. First ever time, going. Inside the Kremlin. So. It turns out to purchase tickets for the Kremlin is almost no cute. We're. Here that all the different partying goal that the, armory chamber the architectural, complex, then you prevalent squirrels. Partnership. Could check. Out for the new prices, starting from, 250. Rubles so, three. Pounds. 700. There so, it's obviously. 8. Pounds 8 pounds 15, it's all these different parts of the Kremlin that you can, check. Out so we're gonna go for the architectural. Complex. So. We are just now we've got almost no queue just breeze through is. The. Approach to one of the most famous buildings. Structures. Fortifications. In the, whole world. There's also been inhabited this site since the second century BC then it was finna Greek, enough, to Google that the Slavs came in the 11th century and then in, 1331. The first recorded use of the word Kremlin, entered. The history book to worry about now to, enter the, Kremlin. Okay. So wonder by the way the territory, of the Kremlin is 27. And a half Hector's, so. We're going to see a bit what we can today, wow, they can look down Alexander. Garden. Now the original Kremlin, was constructing, between 1482, -, 1495. In. Since then it's been synonymous with power. This is the, heart of Moscow. The heart of Russia, the seat of, power but of course it's also beloved. By tourists, we can see just Banks's, of tourists, from. All over the world. Asian. Here by, the looks and sounds and we can see over here again. Tourists. Everywhere. All. Over this territory. The. Kremlin. And. We've got these two, different balances, here looking like. Politicians. Or people. Looking. Like a delegation, perhaps. And. Then over here of course tourists. So the Kremlin fulfills. These two purposes. Of it is a tourist just. Absolute. The moat the most the number one spots in Moscow, but, it is also a working. Functioning. Seat. Of power, here. And. These here Russian, fuel can in 17th 18th, centuries, as, it says here preserved, in the Kremlin since the first half of the 19th century is monuments, of Military Glory moved. From the Arsenal in 2012. That the Kremlin is of course the, largest military fortress. The largest fortress in Russia, and it's. Evolved over the centuries if we look over here we. Can see of course in Basil's, and, red square and this spasskaya. Tower the. Star on top now they weigh around a ton each those stars way around the tunnel they actually rotate. With the wind and it was actually designed by an Italian architect, so the Kremlin has evolved from wood to stone to brick and it's, done so with, international. Participation. Over. The centuries. So, here is as I mentioned earlier the largest cannon. In, the world in. All its glory. And it really, is glory look. At it it's just something. To behold we can see here the Tarr's cannon, made from bronze, and 1586. And the. Moscow, cannon. Factory the master. Was designer, with Andre Chekhov, and then. This encasing. The wheels and. All of the etching is from, 1835. From some Petersburg, is 890 millimeter caliber. 40. Tons. Goodness. Me that is a cannon, as. I understand, only fired once. For. Ceremonial, purposes but. There is the. World's heaviest cannon. We see behind me a stage being, erected over, here there's, work going on, and. If we look all round of course we can see tourists. Being laid. In processions. In groups. Selfies. Is. All going on in the, Kremlin this is very. Much the. Place in Russia the, epicenter. The centerpiece, where if there's an event is upcoming Victory, Day it, will be here in the Kremlin that it's marked in spectacular, and ceremonial. Style. There are five palaces. Here there, are four cathedrals. That's, to put it into numbers there are 20 towers all of, all. The times of names but - they're called unnamed one and two, to, put it into politics, the. President of Russia President, Putin still has, his office here in the Kremlin still comes, to work in the Kremlin often by, helicopter. But very much comes. Here to, make decisions, for, Russia. From. The Kremlin. Let's have, a look. And. This here the largest bell in, the world although, as I read it was never a child because, as we can see there's. A bit missing but. Here is a game. The. Scale the the, magnitude of it and.

If We look over there if, you're getting spasskaya, tower now, in 1706. Peter. The, great brought and you clock here all the way from Amsterdam. It. Was transported, and 30 wagons, and every time now the, bells are chiming every British person can feel a sense of we. Did that because the chimes were. Designed by a British, engineer. Christopher. Holloway, in 1625. So. What you're hearing is a little bit of britain in the kremlin. In the heart of russia because. Those chimes. Were designed by a british, engineer. So, it's closing time now the chimes. Of struck is after 5:00 the. Kremlin is, closing, now we obviously got here later in the day had we got, here earlier we could have taken in the gardens, over there we could have walked in on the original, city, ramparts. The original, walls of the Kremlin and. Looked over the Moskva, and that is all for, you to do in your Kremlin visit we had a packed day we got here later in the day but, couldn't do all you can easily spend an entire day in the Kremlin and here, it is now as the. Crowds make their way for the exit, closing. Time, at. The Kremlin. That's. Not quite everything the, summer action must go to show that we just couldn't fit it all into the film here's, a bit of what we just couldn't quite, find space in the film for. And. That really is everything so if you liked it put a like put, a comment and make sure you stay subscribe. To this channel, for much more to come From, Russia With Love, for, now thanks very much for watching and, bye for now from, Russia from Moscow. You.

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Грэм никогда не врет. Показывает то что есть. Уважуха.

Ďáďa Griša ,, thx great job..!!!

Awesome video Graham Philips I'd love to visit Moscow one day I am from soveit union I live in U.S.A I came here as a child ...keep up the great work Russian people are not bad as the west propaganda media proclaims them to be

Отличный фильм! А то уже порядком надоела пропаганда от BBC-CNN- fakenews

ну когда же субтитры то...

я то смысл понял, но вот жена без перевода не может смотреть, очень ждет) спасибо за интересные видео

Скоро скоро )))))

Great! Great! Great! Great thanks from a muscovite! If you want to learn more about Moscow from a sight of a local follow my Urban Hippie Blog))))))))))

Its a very nice place thank you for the video . Greetings from India

Thank You Graham from Auckland, New Zealand. We Love Moscow !)

Thank you so very much for this video, Graham! I am personally just thrilled and excited by the upcomming football championship. Not being a football fan, I am waiting for people from all over the world to come and explore my beloved Moscow. They will see us not through the delusive prism of western media, but in the eye. Wellcome to Russia, everybody!

Great film indeed! Can you Graham, or any Russians, recommend any links to English language Russian websites or citizen blogs or youtube channels which give us insights and views into Russia beyond the propaganda rubbish of British media who blindly parrot what their misinformed politicians come up with? Many thanks!

Russia is not as bad as the Western propaganda against it

Putin is going to make Russia Grate Again!!!!

Nice Video! Is it easy to film there? Or do need some sort of licence and have to deal with police?

Just film )))

Thanks for your answers. Seems to be cool. I just asked, since I had some difficult experiences in China, especially when gov buildings are involved.

this is russia Not north Korea. you can Film what ever you want. you are welcome

Graham, thanks to you I can understand much better the pride of Russians for their country! In fact , each of us should be proud of our own nation-country... To tell you the truth...I am proud to be Romanian born citizen, Love my beautiful country...respect all other nations....equally as much as they respect mine...

White Kremlin!? Never heard or seen till now....Thanks!

Mate, is great what you are showing us! If I can, I shall grant you with the honorable title of GOOD&FAIR PERSON! It is a RARA AVIS today's crazy world...

Graham Phillips Гриш,хороший фильм о Москве.Только пропустил Парк Победы,Зарядье и Коломенское.А зря.Очень красиво и очень познавательно.

btw 38:20 ministry of defence no politics, just city

Population 12,5

дядя Гриша. ты молодец. побольше бы адекватных-глядишь и для срача поводов бы поубавилось

Viva Vova Vozhda 2024

Everybody knows, once you go babushka you dont go back.

Ahhh I was born there loved that park , that rocket the museum of cosmos my friend tried climbing it when we were kids and fell off right onto a pavement, luckily he survived and well. Damn everything looks so good not like when I left to the states

The new Arbat is Kalinin Avenue earlier.

Спасибо! Отличный фильм. Ты очень много делаешь, чтоб показать Россию такой какая она есть =)

I don't speak English , but I all understand !thank

Спасибо большое!!!!

15:20 "Jamie Oliver is obviously a bit of a tool" LMAO You're not wrong there. Jamie's still blaming his business failure on Brexit. I wonder if Jamie ever wondered about the fact he said all young Brits are lazy had anything to do with it! Hahha

I always enjoy your vids Graham. Especially as I'm British born but with Russian (and Western) grandparents. Its always good too when you shoot down the pathetic BBC propaganda. Nice to see you enjoying the Russian world, especially after the horrors of the Ukraine (my own ancestral home). Keep up the brilliant work!

John Smith The Caucasus is one of the most hospitable places in the world, of course if you are respectful to their traditions and way of life. Just don't be a jackass and nothing will happen! Yeah ,I think that Tokyo is probably the safest megacity in the world right now, but that is a consensus among the world, right? But Moscow is another thing - its being portrayed as a dangerous city like somewhere in Central America, but in reality its one of the safest big cities in Europe and the World:)

Interesting statement. I don't know Moscow well enough to comment. I suspect Tokyo and Seoul must be pretty safe. Would you say the immigrant (largely Khavkaz) areas are safe? The central areas are certainly very safe I would say. Far better than modern day London. Either way, I love the old and the new of Moscow and the fact it has so many different types of areas. Its old stuff and new developments are tremendously exciting, IMO.

Спасибо Грэм! Большое спасибо за твой труд. Спасибо за Донбасс!

Amazing work!

Thank you for your awesome work! Keep going my friend♥️♥️ Дружба

Amazing job! Thank you,dear Graham!

Шикарный фильм! Спасибо, Грэм! Я даже кое-что узнала впервые.

Гриша, очень достойный фильм получился. Спасибо.

Well, if you buy british dude you at least get what you paid for.

Грэм пора на диету? У тебя отдышка начинается.

Спасибо Гриша!!!

Really enjoy your material. I’m planning to do a trip to Russia sometime in the next year. Loved your Brit in Crimea vlog too. You should do more vlogs about life in Russia. Check out a guy called “language tsar” Conor Clyne he does some really good Eastern European stuff. Would be good to see some lifestyle stuff & stuff about Russian chicks

Thanks Graham. I thoroughly enjoy your travel videos. As an Australian, it's is nice to see Russia through a pair of independent eyes free of western propaganda.

Masterpiece ! Easy favs for me would be VDNKH and Gorky Park, amazing ! Thank you for this wonderful film, Graham ! One day, a romantic Moscovite lady will show me around for days.

Thank you Graham for making this video and other videos you have done about Russia. I'm not even Russian but It is so iimportant what you are doing because you are challenging the lying, propaganda narrative coming from western corporate media like BBC and CNN who want to sow fear and distrust towards anything that is Russian in the minds of the general western public.

Его имя произносится как долгое ЭЭ-ГрЭЭм - не Грэм

Waw waw and waw what western media say about russia and what is russia in real its more more beautiful then i think what a city nice new building big parks and nice clean city i am impressed by your video Graham and waw again

Graham you are the only one true journalist in whole world and love your kindness but keep on Propaganda BBC CNN MSNBC and others west propaganda media they will name you russian spy or putin spy

Wow, I have got to travel there someday!

I visited Russia at the end of 2010, will have to make plans to return at some stage.

Да прибудет с тобой сильская сила,друг!Я сказал...!

You lost me at idolising Land Rovers....when they are 100% electric...then we'll talk !

Brilliant film buddy and yh your right Jamie Oliver is a complete tool

a spiritual revolution, please check out this link: It has some good vlogs.

Faltaron el monasterio Novodevichy y la catedral de Cristo Salvador

Thank you , Graham, for this video. So proud of my country! Russia is the best!

It seams like Moscow could be living museum of euro architecture and cultural capital of Europe. I bet if Russia does more collaboration of European architecture and have cultural center's for every European style and ethnicity they could be a European capital of Europe and that would piss off the EU, NATO and any haters except the normal citizens.

Отличное видео,очень классно,спасибо Гриша ,ты молодец!)

Население Москвы по перепеси на 2018г-12 506 468 чел.+3-4 млн.гастабайтеров(хохляры с таджиками)+1,5млн.ездит из области, итого:-17-18млн.в городе ежедневно!!!

в переводе, на минутах 16 46 ошибка! написали Крастотой)) а нужно красотой)

wolf727 - спасибо вам от души .Жму руку.

Thank you so much, dear friend! I watched, as always, our Victory Parade with tears in my eyes. I love Russia. I am proud of the President! I wish you and your family well-being, health and good luck !

Ты делаешь качественные и крутые видео,ты молодец!:)

I dislike Moscow, very unpleasant people. Toxic city.

Грэм, ты прекрасен!

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