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so this is the beginning of  the trail to the waterfall gotta work up the courage to go down that must be one of the most fun water slides ever   how cool is this morning from parachie it is a  super hot day already you can feel the humidity   we're in for a fun day today we're going to  a waterfall where you can slide down it never   done that before and we're going to a distillery  where they make the traditional brazilian alcohol   we're going to grab some breakfast  and we'll see you there good morning first stop is coconut water agua de  coco and it is for real so 80 cents so for breakfast we're gonna go to the  same place we went to yesterday which has   acai eggs coffee things like that so we spent 35 real which is around seven dollars  a little bit less we got pau de queijo one of the   most famous little pastry things in brazil that's  cheese in there and it's made with a tapioca   outside it looks like bread but it's not is not  always easy to find and we found one we like here   it's not too sweet sometimes if they sweeten it  too much it ends up tasting like a grape popsicle   or something like that which we don't really  like beautiful breakfast now we got a couple of   snacks to go more probably joe a pizza pocket  of some sort and now we have to find the boss   we've made it to the large bus station the bus  terminal so this town is really small so it's   really easy to find the only in maine bus station  you can probably walk around this whole town and   like a few hours still waiting about a half hour  later we don't know when the next bus is coming   we might have just missed it we changed our mind  and we decided to look at these vans here the bus   is going to be leaving in about an hour and a half  so we couldn't wait that long or we could but we   didn't want to we figured out that we have to find  a van going to paynha so we found this van where   you can split the cost with a bunch of people  instead of paying for a private taxi so hopefully   this works out typically in these situations and  things like this you wait until it fills up and   you don't really leave until then early so  you get enough people to kind of pay for   the trip luckily ours is filling up okay about 10  minutes later we're all full and we are taking off   so eight real which is a little under two  dollars for both of us one way to get here all right we're here let's get started so this  is the beginning of the trail to the waterfall   i don't think it's very far but it's starting  off gorgeous in the middle of the rainforest we can see the waterfall from here already and  we've only been on the trail for 30 seconds   uh we heard that it's best to go in the morning   because it can get really crowded  with tours and people being here   but since it's coven we're hoping that that's not  the case and we'll have most of it to ourselves as you walk along the trail it's right here  right here next to you that's incredible   this place isn't just about a waterfall it isn't  just about the slippery rock you can slide down   there are natural pools there's a bridge to  walk across let's take a look at all of this these kids are going down the  waterfall slide standing up   this is a lot scarier than it actually  looks i'm sure once you go down it's fine   but we gotta work up the courage to go down  there's a nice little waterfall up here   and then more up there but then this is the ticket i'm gonna be the brave one to  go first i think you can either   go laying down or sitting up but i'm gonna sit up oh that's crazy how was it a little scary  you don't know which way you're going   you just don't want to end up over  there that's where all the rocks are   that must be one of the most fun water slides  ever a natural water slide we did it it was   a bit scary i don't know if i'm going to do it  again but i'm sure alex will yeah because you know   he kind of pushes you off uh so you go faster  and it looks like if you go just a little bit   too far over this way you might hit some rocks at  the bottom the guy at the top who kind of directs   you but he only speaks portuguese so we're like  just doing our best to guess what it means yeah   just push us but look there's such a beautiful  location the whole face of the rock is under water and then you have a little cove here  another little waterfall over there   you can just swim down here go down this waterfall  swim up there in the other natural pool there's   probably another little section and it's just  it seems endless it just keeps going this is   such a cool spot even just to come hang out  if you're not up for the adventure of actually   going down the waterfall also it's fun just to  watch other people go down so definitely would   recommend checking this out this is so cool  i've never seen anything like this you okay are you okay hey i gotta hurt my hand now we're gonna go to this cool little  restaurant that's on the other side of the river   looks like they have drinks they have  full meals they have everything and we   get to cross the school bridge  now oh this thing is bouncing how cool is this say lindsay right there i think we're gonna get some drinks they look  pretty crazy a couple of them so we have to   find out what these are they look bright  and beautiful hopefully they taste good too   what a setting for a restaurant   looks like we're about to have some live music  keep warming up these are the kind of experiences   that you might not get to have on a tour or if  they do bring you here then it's on their time   and it might be rushed so we like this we can just  go at our own pace and the ride here was only less   than a dollar each so pretty good yeah if we had  taken a tour we would have left by now probably   we wouldn't get to sit at this restaurant we  wouldn't get to sit at the bottom of the waterfall   we pretty much would get the experience we've had  so far but nothing else i ordered an espanola it   almost kind of looks like a smoothie but inside  of it is condensed milk wine and strawberry a nice that's good it's like a creamy smoothie  wine sometimes alex and i are kind of bad at   describing the flavors right when we try something  but then we tend to talk about it for a few   minutes after and try to figure out what does  this actually taste like that we're familiar with   we go into the recesses of our brains and our  memories to find something that it tastes like   this one there's something very familiar to  it this one great flappy taffy that we get   in the u.s there's a little laffy taffy candies  specifically that flavor it tastes just like that so creative beautiful and then i got a  strawberry butter awesome you can see the   milk in there kasasha strawberries some kind  of milk like condensed milk syrup in there ah that's pretty good i think we're beginning  to like potatoes as well as caipirinhas   they don't seem to be as popular as  cambodians but we see them around now that we've finished our drinks we are going  to go take a dip at the bottom of the waterfall on a little tiny bridge little planks what what crazy we got air on that too jeez i heard myself  just going down on my butt and he can go down   on his legs the whole way on his feet  and even get some air did you see he   jumped up a little bit off of the rock  like it was nothing that looks so scary   that takes some mad skill right there yeah the  thing is it's not all in the clear it would be   different if this was all one large pool at  the bottom and you knew you'd be safe when   you hit it but there are rocks in there in  certain areas where you'll hit rocks easily we're at the bottom of the waterfall where  you can slide down and this is a little nook   where you can just hang out and relax and watch  people go down it's actually pretty entertaining okay waterfall has been awesome but now  we're gonna go try kashasa at uh distillery   that's basically the national alcohol of  brazil apparently it's walking distance   from here so you compare the waterfall  and the distillery in the same day   let's go go together like peanuts  and carrots oh look at these it bit you ah fire ant just bit me alex was  gonna take a video because he looked cool   oh but then he got bit cut i've never been  bitten by a player it feels like a beast thing   kind of and then it was sticking on you yeah it  got caught between my toes and just kept going so yeah it's literally right across the street so how do you say it yeah it's right here beautiful place let's go have  some drink this is tucked in the middle of nowhere   look at all these beautiful flowers and plants wow uh united states and this  is the sugar that is farming is made all inside brazil only in brazil i  can use more less thirty types of the pearls   to age texas it's free to have a cachaca tasting  so we're gonna try a few of these there's a lot   of different flavors to choose from acai banana  even corn he said we should try the not as sweet   ones first and make our way to the sweet ones  and for those of you who don't know kasasha is   fermented sugar cane so once they ferment it for  about 30 hours it turns into alcohol there's a   lot more that goes into the process but that's  the gist of it so i got a white cachaca and it   sounds like he said what you do is you keep  your mouth closed and that's the way that   you can really get the aroma and the flavors and  everything in your mouth i think he said because   once you open your mouth it can start evaporating  and that's when you can feel more it didn't burn   so you're supposed to keep your mouth closed  and then like breathe through your nose kind   of get the taste through your nose so let's  give it a try i'll try to keep my mouth closed he said if you do that long enough you can taste  the sugar in it yeah it has a sweetness to it   it is strong it's cachaca which is pretty  strong it's like having any other alcohol   said 40 alcohol volume on the bottle you can feel  it on your tongue mine smells sweet i'm going to   be trying the gabriella which is with a cinnamon  and brown sugar much different look to it cheers okay that is actually really good yeah he  said that's a a favorite of people these days   it tastes like a smooth fireball yeah but  better like it's like a apple cinnamony   tastes so good we might have  to buy a bottle of that one it's a brazilian grape and then we're gonna try it's a brazilian grape and then uh acai   our favorite so we have a couple good ones here  the jabush kappa i think it's called acai easy   this one's supposed to be  stronger than the last one we have that's strong it tastes like a fruity wine  almost mine tastes like a cough syrup laundry oh acai isn't naturally sweet so they actually  sweeten it with guarana which is like a popular   soda here as well that's the one that we tried the  other day and guaranteed yeah it's a fruit from   amazon uh it's something that we see all over here  in the soda form we don't really see the fruit   form so much i guess they just use it in things  they use it as sweetener so that's pretty cool but   then in the other ones they use a different like a  sugar or like some other kind of sugar to sweeten   them up i guess it depends how it pairs with  it maybe so it's interesting they use different   sweeteners natural sweeteners so the one that alex  just tried is a brazilian fruit and that's what's   cool about being here is you get to try all these  different fruits that we never even knew existed   and they're delicious so what they grow most of  the fruits right here so like we're standing under   a type of acai tree which is pretty cool because  we wanted to see that like how acai actually grows   in the wild yeah so i think we're done with the  tasting we had about four different ones and i'm   not a big alcohol person all on its own so lindsay  doesn't really like when alcohol is really strong   or she also doesn't like having a ton of it at  once so uh this is one of those it's uh having   strong alcohol so i think it was enough just  having a few there they do their alcohols pretty   well here i must say all the different flavors are  really interesting and what's really cool is they   don't charge you for a tasting usually when you  come to places like this they'll charge you for   tasting their different alcohols let's go see what  they have inside i got two more acerola which is   brazilian cherry they actually have a  tree right over here and then this is   corn corn it looks like a cream  of corn soup or something cherry it's pretty good it has a has a milder  flavor than i thought it would so it's not   too sweet and over the top not tart it's  more like a like a caramel kind of flavor corn i'm excited to see him try this one why would anyone buy corn that is like melted down  candy corn so it's like a candy uh it's very sweet   but yeah i don't know what else to say melted  on candy corn sweet sweet sweet corn juice   we're tired after a great long day  and we are waiting for the same   little van that brought us here to take us  back we've been waiting for about an hour it's   a gorgeous night and that concludes our day we'll  see you guys tomorrow for some more adventures in karachi you

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