Finding gemstones in Namibia [S5 - Eps. 51]

Finding gemstones in Namibia [S5 - Eps. 51]

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Yes - But more rare Very, very very rare One day, one boy, got it from Tabussis site But it was only a small pocket emerald and then finito And then everything gone..? - Everything Let's do the topaz test.. Because topaz should scratch glass Good morning Internet, it is ..06:59 in the morning and welcome back to the channel

Still dark outside again I am leaving.. early early Here do you see that? Morning fog We are now experiencing the famous.. morning fog Coming over the ocean. You can only find that here in winter time Which is now. I haven't had a breakfast yet So I will first go for breakfast There's a coffee place here So let's see..

That was a good healthy breakfast And in the meantime it's also gotten light The ride today will be 190 kilometers So that is very doable Where do we go? This way Nah, it's still very foggy So the first place that I will be passing today is a town called Swakopmund Sounds very German And well it's a .. an old German colonial town And it's a very popular destination for locals Especially in summer time When it's extremely hot in the country People come there to kind of escape the heat So I am just going to pass that and then I'll continue I keep on wiping the camera But with this weather it just keeps on fogging up Can't see anything I have arrived in Swakopmund The fog still hasn't disappeared Yet Let's have a small ride through town Oeh, it is so cold Proper winter in Namibia Shall I just go in here for a little bit 'Cause I am riding here on the main road But it's a little bit boring, this looks much better I don't see.. a sign that I am not supposed to go in here so.. Rössing stone crushers Oh yeah, I think there's a quarry there Ah let's have a look, if I can ride a little bit to these mountains because it is so flat here That I rather go in here Let's go here because I think that road will go to the quarry Maybe there is like a bit of a view point over there That would be cool Well it's still early morning and obviously winter time but I have a feeling that this is one of those places that if you would be here in summer time. It would absolutely scorching hot I have no idea where this track goes to There's another track here Wow Total desolation Oh, that was a fun little detour Time to go back to the road And continue with my.. well with my original plan for the day And I am back at the main road Back on tarmac I am just going to ride to this small town, Arandis 'Cause there is one more fuel station up here And then there won't be anything, well for the rest of the day and also not for the next ride And um.. according to my calculations, I should be able to make it based on the fuel that I got in Swakopmund But if I am going to.. keep on making detours, then it's better to.. top up here as well

Just to be sure Why are you doing that? Eh? - Why are you pushing the car? I want to bring too much fuel It stopped at 700-something now it is 850 .. ( Namibian dollars) And it still take more Okay, well interesting strategy I guess if it works, it works See, I am not the only one who is trying to get as much fuel as possible Alright Time to hit the dirt again But before I do.. Let me see if the market is open Because this is a market..

It's the thing.. it's the place for me So the area that I am entering is very rich in all sorts of minerals Of which, some pretty cool ones And I think here they are selling some of the minerals that are found in the area Let's check them out So these black ones.. this is all tourmaline Actually, this variety is called schorl that's the black main form of tourmaline But then you also have silver topaz From which.. where did you find this?

Close? Sorry? - Erongo mountains Yeah, it's far from here or.. - It's not so far.. maybe 30? - 30 kilometers I like the Schorl.. black tourmaline What are kind of the prices like.. It's different.. 20 dollars, 30, 50. It's different for the quality - Yes, yes Of course Here is the topaz, silver topaz Oh, you also have silver topaz - Yes Silver topaz You have.. do you have glass to.. scratch? Glass? Test? ' Cause topaz can scratch glass Yes.. Topaz is hard

It's hard, yes This is topaz. All of them are topaz - And it's heavy also You can feel it, yeah These ones are quartz.. you can see Topaz - Yeah.. yeah All of them.. 50, 50, 50 ( Namibian dollars) Watermelon tourmaline Oh yeah, you have the watermelon I was already looking there for that one Tourmaline Here is the amethyst Sorry? - Amethyst Tourmaline that small one - Yeah This is tourmaline in the mother stone Yeah, yeah Do you have emerald? - What? - Emerald? No.. no Shame. But they are also.. the emerald also occur here no?

Yes - But more rare? Very, very very rare.. One day, one boy, get it from Tabussis site But it was only a small pocket emerald and then finito And then everything gone..? - Everything Small pocket.. - Small pocket emerald..

Oeh, but it was very beautiful.. green, like this Yeah, yeah yeah Also quartz - Yes, rose quartz I have not seen this before It comes from the South of Namibia - Ah.. okay Not the South.. the East. To the east is Gobabis Kalahari? -Yes, yes, yes But in these mountains it's mostly the black tourmaline, schorl - Tourmaline, fluriote.. Aquamarine Yeah and topaz Topaz comes from Spitzkoppe.. also topaz

These ones are from Erongo From where? -From Erongo Erongo? Ah yeah, Erongo mountains But most of the topaz comes from the Spitzkoppe Yeah, yeah Yes And then I've got gold.. Pyrite, you mean? -Mmm pyrite Yes Fool's gold.. - Fool's gold Now the guys have gone to dig.. and we are selling

And you are selling Let me show this one. Fluriote.. here You see that? It's fluriote.. on the black tourmaline on this side Yeah, that's quite cool Fluriote on black tourmaline - Yeah But it's a bit.. I have to.. 'cause I am travelling on a bike, I have to take a smaller piece That one with the crystal - Yeah It's also beautiful That one, with aquamarine.. is only for collection Okay, thank you very much - Thank you madame Alright Now.. Yes, yeah so I am looking for the topaz, yeah But how much is one piece? One piece is 50.. All of them is 250 but I can give you for 200 - 50 also

I just need the one piece So you have glass so I can scratch? Can do test? Let me try and go get glass - Okay Thanks Let's do the topaz test.. 'Cause topaz should scratch glass Yes - Okay You see? Then you know, cause if fluriote.. not scratching Here is the fluriote - Yes It should not scratch Soft - Yeah, softer Topaz is harder Okay then So I just bought myself three pieces I got one piece of schorl which is black tourmaline Then this is silver topaz And this is a piece of aquamarine And aquamarine is the same like emerald, it's a type of beryl And I will try to explain you more about why you can find all these minerals close to the Spitzkoppe mountain when I get closer But for now I am just really happy with my minerals. I am going to stow them away quickly

safely Bye Now let's go the actual mountain I can already see it in the distance there Hello - Hello Sorry? Spitzkoppe yeah The gate is closed there The gates closed? - Yes It's open? - Yes, that one is open That's the.. *inaudible* area.. - Yeah Here is the farm Oehh.. okay Yeah, yeah yeah Ah, I have to go the other way? There is a short route also here but for the bike it's not good Not good? Yeah.. it's rivers, so It's a small.. two road Small road yeah You go first here.. But, but, but

I'll take that one, I will try that Yeah, you can try.. I mean for.. The river.. you must be careful, because, you see.. two wheels .. this bike It's not a four wheel Yeah, yeah is it sandy? Yeah.. a little bit - Okay But there is also another one.. going on the .. I mean, the river is here, on the other side It's not sandy.. it's hard - Okay Okay This track? Yeah. I will give it a go

Okay, thanks a lot. Thank you Alright Change of plans Let's see if this track is.. doable Oh, what an awesome road! This is the best Whoo, it's getting really quite hot now But I just wanted to stop here to show you basically the mountains that are kind of the star of this place why I came here and that is.. that mountain which is the big Spitzkoppe or groete Spitzkoppe and the small Spitzkoppe The kleine Spitzkoppe And both these mountains are granite and they were both formed in the same way As granitic magma intrusions so basically that means that magma was coming up but it didn't make it all the way to the surface And what happens actually, is that what we see here now is the result of millions of years of erosion that eroded away the mountain that was around it so basically what all that is left is that intrusion because the granite is much harder and more resistant against weathering So what you have to imagine is that at some point in time There was like one meter of Spitzkoppe sticking out of the ground and over time more and more of this Inselberg got exposed So that's what they call Inselberg formations that's how these type of mountains are formed But they did some research on the exact composition of the granite And that shows is that it were two different events so the big Spitzkoppe and the small Spitzkoppe, they're not connected underneath here So they were two events, two intrusions So what happens is that in the late cooling phase of granite the more abundant elements such as sodium, potassium, aluminum They are already solidified into minerals like veldspars and mica So what happens then is the formation of pegmatites and they contain a lot more rare elements like boron and beryllium for example And those are the minerals that you find so for example When boron together with a few other elements solidifies in a mineral It turns into tourmaline and two other minerals that are common to form in such conditions are beryl and topaz And both of them I bought a piece Because the aquamarine that I bought that's a type of beryl So beryl itself doesn't have a colour if it's pure So the colours are caused by impurities and then you can get emerald or aquamarine Just really chuffed with the rocks that I got today Ah, I need to find a good place where I can keep them safe for the rest of the trip but I am pretty stoked with that Anyway I am almost at the place that I want to stay, it's literally I think a few kilometers from here Okay, Savannah Let's get out of this sun And you wouldn't think it but I am actually riding at about 1000 meters elevation I think, let me see Yeah, 1009 meters elevation And the big Spitzkoppe.. the top over there sits at 1700

So that means that you see 700 meters of granite just sticking out of the ground there Incredible right? Oh, that's some very, very deep sand. This is probably the spot that the guy talked about. I think I am just going to ride Over the road which is almost gone, because that is deep, deep, deep This is better It's all a little bit deep now Come on Savannah I am here There is some accommodation here I don't have a fancy thing like that, I went for the budget option which is.. woew.. That little green tent over there, if I can make it Put Savannah under the tree Tata! It's so cute, it almost looks like a massage table for some reason But that's the bed Alright and I can just sit here Have a sink I am settled in my tent I just wanted to show you the route of today What happened So here we have Namibia and this morning, I started here at the coast from Walvis Bay Then I drove from Walvis Bay, I rode to Swakopmund And then I followed this road And... Yeah I am now somewhere here I think So yeah, I actually I really enjoyed the ride today It was cool, it was really some unexpected roads And it was a gorgeous day Got myself some awesome minerals so yeah my day is just big win, big win So I hope you liked the video as well If you did please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I will see you in the next video

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