First Archgoat video interview ever! Black metal veterans in Turku! [INTERVIEW]

First Archgoat video interview ever! Black metal veterans in Turku! [INTERVIEW]

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Welcome. To router, interviews. Here at my hometown pure, cook Finland. We, also have here my friend, ritual. Butcher, from finished, black metal or black death, metal band barge code welcome, mister ritual butcher how are things we, can you album coming out and all thank, you very much things. I think pretty okay we at the moment preparing. For new life shows with the new market area so, things. Are starting to be little bit little. Bit, we. See after a while you. Are gonna be touring, right after the new. Album. The fourth album comes out, what. Kind of plans you have well. Before. The tour we play a few. Shows. Me play. Three, shows first in the, United States in about one month after, that we played Norway Russia. Then. We do a little mini, tour in, Asia. And. After that we do a, big tour with mark of three three, weeks and about, you're. Also known, for being a beer enthusiastic. And we have a surprise. For the, audience as, much as well we, cannot do a little bit beer tasting, here because I cannot tell you the background, besides. Being a well, black, metal and death metal enthusiastic. Mr.. Rich overture, is. Also, a beer. Enthusiast. Me. Included, and with. Some nice cooperation. From Hawaii. Law feasible, to the Mateus we have. All that stuff so Cheers. Less. Beer. What. Is your, opinion about this kind of a lighter, stuff. It's. Good planet, code. It's nice, nice way to start the evening, you mean the beer is hot or women or the, weather, everything. Is hot, hot. As hell it. Could be our people. You. Mentioned prior to starting, the interview and. You when you are living in the United States you. In. Your. Years. Noticed, a much more great year, just. Like your first some, but you. Found. Overkill. Whenever. We play abroad, I always, try to hit the local breweries, and try. As many years as possible I, really. Like this kind, of a bridge. Between finding. New beers and finding new bass because that, is what what's been happening we are guys, more, than our 40s, so, finding. No new bands is not a gimmick these days but finding new beers as much. As finding new friends through, the scene and music, and all that stuff that is a great. Thing but how. Do you combine all, this without getting, too much trunk, with, your shows and all that can, kind, of maintain, the level of professionalism. Well. First, of all I want to say that in my opinion would. Be embarrassment. But. We started our decoder with a young guys with actually. Releasing. From. Purpose. Because we. Generation. That we like, to play that we have taken alcohol, so, when we were kids we were really in practicing, about this and, for. Some reason. This. Story, we played in Moscow. The. Alcohol. We. Had. Slowed. Down with the thinking when we are playing but. We're not going to slow down today, we, are really tasting, really so, let's move to next one, which, is called, dickly. This, is kind of a traditional. Harvesting. Beer for, those that don't know the beer. Scene in finland at all or in the Nordic countries very. 5.5. Strong. So nuts. Legislation. So, let's have a seat to this, country. Ah. Curry, taste as well. Enjoy. Your evening while your do parva queue and stop but not like. Getting. Wasted attorney, I. Disagree. So. Talking. About your, band. In general next. Year you're gonna be 30 that's a major milestone. For I mean, any kind of bad but. You also wear out like 10 years this part of that you managed to do like past. 20 years more or less active, how. Was it I like. Looking at Tyneside how was it comes. Our. Way and everything. Came back sure and it's kind of one, of these things we don't think how people. See. Or perceive as, found. It, was the only way for us. We. Of course understood, that we have. Our. Swiss picture latest. Crown. By the way great, album check out the review also at. Least into the album, naturally, but. I was wondering, when I was you know reading reading the stuff you, know checking out faggots. And all that stuff that you were like around your 50s. Or so when you started a band, so. You were basically teenagers. Now you are coming. Closer to 50 how different is you. Know playing as a teenager, versus, being a middle-aged. Guy I think. Could. I maybe say like in sports. Experience. Versus. Interest, if you are younger you keep just bouncing, and chomping, energy. And when you have years. And years of experience you. Kind of owe, you. Are much more mature, with everything you do, you will know more, what, is the outcome of your things when you are young you are kind of I. Guess. 5.5. Also. Means. Cock, not, the one in your general, area pop, you know the animal rooster. Egg nest, an. Appropriate. Moment. So Jen let's, have a simple, piece of crepe hey by, the way our camera went cameraman, we look at the share of this beer so I. Could. Drink. Mannequin, tonight. With. Pierce myself, because it's kind of a sweetness, user usually, bothers, me but with this one I think it's like you said it has gotta be better direction, but this is definitely something one, of those things.

In. My opinion at least which is sort of an acquired, taste if, you don't learn to treat we peers you. Join. Them in always when I go to beta Germany, always fights, in there. Always. So. Also. Some. Sort of acquired, things nowadays, there are lots of bands that have tried, my. Old Annie the, way how black. Metal is peeling you know may have a more appealing to the wider mainstream. Audience. What, is your stance to these that black, metal, everybody. I. Think. There's. No need it, has never been everybody's. Music making, black metal everybody. Behind-the-back. Enough they just make music and it's, just kind of pure, lock or unlock that. They have chosen out of all. Tens. Of different, channels that they want to pay back at all what, do you think about these, growing, politics. In black mail nowadays it it has been seen that for, past 10 or 15 years politics. And especially nowadays the. Politics are more and, more involved. Both left, and right, they, are more or less in, in black metal which is not, the original idea of platform, what do you think I think in my opinion is really, ridiculous. Black metallic, is. Like a name. The word black. It's. About of philosophy, Satanism. And. Not. Meaning them you. Know what I mean. But. Maybe. I should say black energy is a better word in this case. It's. About. Satanic. The. Powers of Satan. This malucia varieties, that you channel, into your music and put it into. Your music this. Has nothing to do with. Politics. It. Is totally, different for, myself highlight and understand, it my, philosophy, my religion, is it will be at my god it, is not for the masses and politics, is always for the fascist so I kind of see it's kind of. Deleting. The whatnot, so it's taking the whole idea. Some. Of their rates place should not be what. Do you think these so-called cascading. And black metal which are usually, referred to as green metal bands I mean the bands that don't, want to have these kind of a dark side of humanity, or, human mind say that is movies craft and so forth all, but rather have nature. Be mountains, lakes and forests, and whatnot which, is also kind of are far. Away from the idea of black metal what do you think of that I think. They. Only make, one mistake calling, their music black metal call it bacon or whatever, but stay. Out of that, metal it's not that, metal is not about that yeah, with nature. White concrete. Okay. This. One is a green for sure this is very orange. Like very. Unappealing. In a way this is not very gruesome looking, kind of beer but, they're three letters IPA, India Pale Ale which, is, getting. Bigger as fierce, now nowadays one of my favorite salads in cities it, is your cup of tea as, well so, let's, take a sip it is also five point five which is once again the. Maximum. Alcohol. Amount. What. You can have in Finland as long, as you cannot sell, at a grocery store so please. Understand, these two. Cultural features, and let's have a taste. Now, this is very different from them three. Videos pierced, the. Three first ones which we had this is totally. Strawberry. Taste also, uh quite. A bit darker and, how. Would you. Complement. Dispute. OPP. A lot of the good, tastes almost like citrus it tastes. Fight. Like I liked so, far the best, agreed. This, is once again those things the Aurora instead, if you're not familiar with beers do, experiment. It's much like having. The funnel finding new bands yeah user work to listen to overkill, or all your life, yeah. And the nothing against are working nothing nothing. So new. Album, was more. Or less done. By you, and yourself, alone but. You also have a new drummer before we talk about the new album and making of it the.

Drummer Spot in your band has, been the windy one it has been quite a few changes every. Few years but. You - you and your twin brother have, been the very essence of article all along what, is wrong, with the drummer place. What. Is well, it is in the end what is wrong but, it's in the end input, versus output what. You put in the band and what comes out, for. The band so, if that is. Close to zero and, negative, publicity. Are. You the boss of the back. Now. We discuss always, we. Have it's, our band it's just me was making the music but, it's our band. It's. Not like that it's our band. There's, been this discussion I've, been witnessing it myself also because my own band stuff but. There's, been this kind of a debate whether, a bat should be polite a democracy. Like all, being kind of are he. Called in the back and, it's. Kind of a dictatorship. Versus, where it's one guy who rules, them all in a way what. Do you think which one is the better one. What. Makes our life is that we have our. Own areas. Of responsibility. Because. My. Jump know the music, it's. My brother's thing to sing it simply. Music. Play. The bass. It's. Like, a big set box where you have your own sand boxes as well yeah but. You are the one responsible about. The music, the actual reefs and all that stuff how. Can you handle that much responsibility, and, wait. When, I can't get my creative thoughts I cannot create music depressed I like, the. Situation. That, I can make. This songs myself because now, that I'd noticed, when. I first time also writes there were calls to the music I can, get the whole, picture. All. The songs much more whole. Because. From, the start even from the one with my ever certain idea I want, the song to end and I can myself without. Other guys use my time you smile, was, until. I am happy with second, thing on the song third, and, kind of make, it the whole although. Some have, them to give it to guys and if they fund something. We. Can improve the songs I'm just happy to put it there so. You. Are the one. Who that with the final words or. Or. Does come from the rest, of the guys. We. Don't have this kind of fun is incontestable. Was the best way there but guys have your ideas we always try the ideas, and, if they never, better think alike I knew all about their things guys, propose. To me which way better than my yes, we of course do still. Buddies. So. You're basically, distilling. The idea to the max all, right. About, this theory this time we go through a different direction with a lighter Spears this one is called Napa. Which is New England India. Pale Ale very. Trendy. Stuff at the moment, but, also very good stuff this is a as, far, as I know. Unfiltered. Beer, usually. Correct, if I'm wrong unusual. Many things but, this. One is clearly the strongest, one of the previous, ones I'm comfortable, or sorry. How, your Pat's hitting. Also a little bit is, fear I know. I don't have the prover and lassies or, touring. Technique but you just have to live with the situation so as we can see this is a. Unfiltered. Beer very. Mushy in a way, clear. Not, typical, beer, for you, know typical. Beer drinker, it's not for the lager, drinkers. What is your opinion, or verdict, is, beer. How. Can I say. Alcohol. Level I'm. Gonna kick sin it gives you a nice body I like this but it's all for the best yeah. This is this is hoppy as well as I suppose the IPA but clearly, a stronger, one because of the two.

First For alcohol. Which, you can kind of, taste. And feel in the body like you said later the evening really yeah, these, are the type of fears that can you suddenly like. Surprise. Drunk as I used to call it when you're just enjoying, beers inside anywhere like all I was higher than whatever to sometime you know to expect it. Exactly. But, your latest. Album has, some unexpected. Ideas being. An arch good album what I mean here is that while. I can, clearly see and hear it's an art good album you know from the cover art which, is done. By your favorite, cover. Artist but also the, music is very much article, but then again it also feels, a little bit nearer, how. Was this possible was, it intentional, you have slow parts, you have mid-tempo, parts, and also this, article, typical, fast tempo parts but it's very diverse very. Versatile. Which makes it very easy to lie. What is intentional, I think. It Republic, space. About the thing that I have, had, three this. Kind of creative. Times. And. I, kind of therapist. On, every time when I started to feel that now women making music. My. Wonderful kind of little bit but. The new LMS, new. LMS to each of these three so one the, certain songs sound really like our old stuff even angel. Kind of stuff then, we. Have. For. The first time at your house I. Went, to track. By track through all the albums it all made sense when, you explain, to me explain. It to me but I was, wondering whether, people could actually get, the same idea when, they are venturing, through the dark paths alone, but when I was listening to the LP version at home when I was trying, to paying attention. To their whole different. Songs are. In the different, say. What. Is the order. You know like, faster, parts and then there's lower parts for, example the, truck, number 55, mm quality was correctly darkness. Has returned the chessmen strong, battery wife, which is not very common but you. Said then you have this can all just live, here like, jumping. On your back. Up the head how did that happen, well. This. Song was something but I in. The beginning didn't even compose. For our code but it was just something, I compost, for, myself. Weird. Drumming, for. The horizontal, for the first two seconds, I was singing it sounds fucking EP for. The third second, I was. Like. Your, feet. It complements, the phenotype, kind. Of making something. Sound. Like. You. Guys it's always great you can write, just amusing especially. Guys I understand, about the music I don't know about the band and what. Kind. Of. On. The album with ourselves, and this summer. Symposium without. Back. To the rooster idea which is also, very known for this lady lon beautiful. Disco madera's refreshing. Refreshment. Factory, of viola. That is a small town in Finland now, we go the dog section, with a porter, this is 6.5. So, a little bit milder tempting New England IPA. Definitely. Stronger, than the previous, one so let's. Concede this is almost, like coffee, like color.

Dog. And. Tasting, today. Something. You have after your meal it's not something you. Think. Especially. Many. People like that after the meal that is a very good point it's kind of a beer that has so kind. Of a strong, nature that. Is not complement say a steak. Salad, or whatever you're having but, a kind of a dessert, beer like oh man I am so stuffed, so, let's force up you know it's a classic people, of drink, this baby for, example, chocolate cake or something yes you need to try it I have. Taste. Maybe. Chocolate cake but some, chocolate, actually works. Really, well. With this kind of a dark beer it's one. Of the stuff. That might sound, but, it actually works. Awkward. Here, we are two black metal guys talking, about chocolate, and beer so let's get back subtract, so. Odd, code tours. Every. Now in different, places you've, been. You. Know like Metallica. Automated. Ways you've. Gone through the exotic, place is also in fast you've done in Finland, of course many times. Which. Kind of places are your, favorites, to play in one I, think. People. Make, them play, stand up with good audience. It's. Not relevant where you are playing. Because. When you are going on stage, you. Don't think where I am playing but the time outside. And. When you are meeting because. That's. Also nice I think. We have played something like 40 countries now. Very. Typical, my contract, my. First idea was what, the fuck do they want us to pay them at the hospital. So. In, order and cannot do this forever and forever you, have some of you have family and, all that stuff so how long you think you, going. These. Are so quick my brother's little time ago when. People. To see their much, more things. For. Us to feel, them, you. Know, kind of token as a black, metal is a kind of river. And a stream that is flowing and we at the rock in the river we are not going anywhere. I think. I can. Follow more safety they say to many people that, we were here before you and we will be here after you this, is a very good point which I'm gonna. Jump. Into as soon. As we have gone. Through or last the, final beer, this. One is called, Imperioli. It, is way of saying Imperial which, is of course Imperial. Stout now, those of you don't know Imperial. Stout this. Is, probably. The beer equivalent, of black. Metal it's really strong it's very extreme, in a way this is 9.2. Not the strongest one but gives you the kind of an idea that this is not a something you just compare with a lager and, think. It's the same kind of breed, so. This is ultra, dark probably. Ultra-heavy. As well as you. Can see really, really, dark if. That was a coffee this, is a coffee with liquid. Blackness, and we, can expect, some extreme, taste as well. So. Really. Coffee. Like smell. Almost and, kind of are lots of small would. You say. It. Strong chocolate coffee. Something. That don't, get it too cold. Or it, will just. Yeah. It won't become too much alcohol, give. It a little bit more warmth, that, doesn't mean like lukewarm, but. It. Will give you the date but some, some work to do basically. Or. King, Diamond. All. That stuff that you know basically, themself across all. Really, different from each other but already, mid-90s. Not, super more copy, getting so, you avoided. That and you have the student on your own pad. In. The beginning like any, band we. Had our own influences. But we turned up in the beginning and. It. Was kind of very clear, for us that we, will experiment. And, when we found the power formula, we will start to stick to it but, of course we. Do, little. Bit change in our music, with. Like with the new album you hear new elements, but we bring them in a controlled, way we, are not kind of never, forgetting where. We started, study. That is really important, for us all. Right so. When. But. I think it's, gotta be. A. Good. Way to celebrate. Create. Agates, exactly. So. What are your final words. To people who don't know article, prior to this interview, how, would you like introduced. Stay. Out of black metal. The, other works and. You. Can always enjoy. Some great, beers, just. That we. Will get you to the final. We. Could have just you know waste these happen. Some. Paper. And a, bunch of other beers I will list them in the description box so you can check them out before, you. Whatever. Thank. You for having. Me at. These beers that's that was five so. Stick. To the facts, and check. Your past and all. That shit.

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Its time to interview Kalmankantaja imo esp after the Social Justice Warriors in BM got their panties in a bunch over them the over week

Yeah, I know the main guy behind the band and when the circumstances are right (ie. when I have a camera person with me with the bands) we can do an interviwe with them (that is, if the band is cool with the idea).

the lead singer of archgoat has deep vocals i honestly think he could be the new lead singer of bloodbath. The current Lead singer of bloodbath is no where near the orginal bloodbath vocals and doesnt have the power to do the vocals. but i think the lead singer of archgoat has the power and strenght to do those Death metal vocals. i know this is black metal but i just wanted to share because damn his vocals are so fuckin Brutal and deep! Hail the goat!

Yeah, you're right! Wish he was doing the vocals for Bloodbath. It would be awesome!

you are human garbage and laughable

Hah! I didn't get it at first. These are my first pairs of these and I love 'em. Makes me feel I move like a friggin' ninja!

I can't agree more with you! Pretty much all metal fans I meet at festivals are stuck in this teenage phase, and even the major festival organizers are mostly apologetic weaklings who excuse Islam by blaming everything on Christianity.

Well, let's make it clear: 1st: Islam is not a big thing in Finland. It might be a really big thing in USA or many European countries, but we don't see any kind of invasion here. So why would a Finnish band sing about these kind of things that doesn't really happen here? It would be as awkward as Italian band doing viking metal if you get my drift. 2nd: Finland is stil and foremost a Christian country. It's all over the place no matter what others think or say. 3rd: Not every black metal band want to go into politics (and I'm personally happy with that).

+Spirit Dancethat's not an answer but whatevs. OP is right, the real dangerous religion of the 21st century is shitty Islam, not Christianity. The fact they originate from the same area doesn't mean they worship the same god. From a hardcore antireligious Black metal band you would expect some more balls and that they would try to bash also this new plague that is trying to take over Europe.

I think they will laugh at you. Three weeds from the same root if you know where that is from. Abrahamic filth to the gallows!

he's right you know.

Yes I must admit I have wondered this too. Perhaps those "radical" BM bands only like to go after easy and soft targets, ones they know wont fight back? Ones that won't get them in trouble with the politically correct thought police? Edgelords of nothingness.Dangerous in their mums basement?

He actually looks a lot like Sakis Tolis From Rotting Christ , hehehe

That would be some quality blood. Asians are the most intelligent human species.

Should of film this in doors because I can't hear shit with the wind

That's why there are subtitles for your convenice.

Why is it the job of Archgoat or any other band to stay "current" with society and politics. In principal thats no different than some mad cow feminist bashing Cannibal Corpse for being misogynistic and not being politically correct enough for the "current year"

+Rauta I'm a Christian and listen to Archgoat. I liked their uncompromising style. You may be wrong about islam. Islam over throwing Europe, and it will spread into Finland,, Sweden, and Norway before long. Christians don't force you to believe, but the muslims sure will. I hadn't given this subject much though until now, all the BM and DM bands better give alot of thought about what they're gonna do when the muslims finally challenge their country's cultures and foundations. Always keep this thought, the Christians care about you, and the muslims could care less.

Check out Sielunvihollinen

I think I read somewhere that Archgoat have their own personal reasons for hating Christianity, could be wrong though.

This was cool. And to some of the guys below, I see your point about the whole Islam thing. And you know, they probably hate that shit just as much as you or I do, but I might also ask, what are you doing about it? It isn't their jobs to police or fight against the evils of Islam. They can write what lyrics they want. If you want more socially aware or politically minded lyrics, go listen to punk. And on one last note, maybe they don't wanna be fucking beheaded. There's nothing wrong with that at all.

Damn straight. It's easy to ask others to do their fights, but it is really ridiculous to bitch about others who are not doing that.

This Muslim grew up on Kreator and Bathory in the 80s! And Destruction and Slayer and Sadistik Exekution and Venom and Master and so on and so on!


Ah, "suolakurkku" you mean! Perkele is the best swear word in Finnish imo!

Allright. But Kurku is pretty much the only Finnish, I know. Suala kurku! That and Perkele! :)

Carsten Tilsgren Turku!

Hail Rauta!!!!

K J Hails!

How many waves of Finnish black metal we have now? Is there any systematized list?I need it but I cant make it myself because I'm not competent,maybe it's a good idea for Your another video? :) A few months ago we were talking about an interview with Devouring Star. This interview exist alredy? :)

I don't know how people define these waves. I define them in general, not by country. I don't know if it makes any sense to do a video out of it... Devouring Star: nope, I haven't met the guys yet. It won't be this year's project with SteelChaos and other gigs happening later this year.

@ Albert Smith That's bizzarre thing that a Christian fella likes Archgoat, but hey, if you're okay with it, then I'm fine with it. But you're wrong about Christians not forcing Jesus down our throat: that's exactly what happened around the middle-ages. People were forced to adopt this new faith or die basically. And much like christians, not all muslims (or most) are hateful or violent, but some are. Christians have terrorism in the same way as muslims. I don't know which one has more nor do I really care. In my opinion both religions are simply wrong.

+Rauta Hello, this Muslim would like to reply: Check out my favourite Australian band 'Vomitor'. Especially their single 'Neutron Hammer'. Awesome old school metal from down under.

Ritual butcherer isn't even finnish by blood, dude is brown. Finnish are white.


I want your medication, Jim. It sounds too good to be true.

check out my archgoat covers on my channel


I did not expect him to be such a normal guy. I appreciate that. Most of the war metal guys (specifically in the USA) are kinda odd

Thank you very much for your comment! Glad that you've witness them live on stage.

Rauta your very right! And this interview is great I like he outdoor beer tasting idea. And I saw them live 3 years ago on Easter Sunday. Very festive

Well, in Finland we have less posers, more real guys ;-)

Great job!!! Amazing interview!!! A real nice talk about metal & beers. Regards from Brazil!!!

Thank you! Hails to Brazil!

B B we all laugh to your pussy music taste!!

I don't get it. Is there anything more black metal than a dude in corpse paint walking around the forest?

If you want yo go against someone really dangerous, you have to blame jews, not christians or muslims. Jews are the real threat, so if Archgoat want to target something really dangerous which could get them into real trouble, they should blame jews. Anyway, Archgoat is a magnificent band and I hope to see them live another time. Last times I have seen them they were really devastating. By the way, where are they from really? They look like Iranians or Indians. Their surname is "Puolakanaho", so I think their father is Finnish while their mother is from somewhere else, maybe Syria, Lebanon or, more probably, India or Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan. Thank you for having done the interview. I have visited Turku, it is a great city, and that castle is beautiful too.

+Rauta If you want to search real danger you have to blame jews, not christians or muslims. Jews are the real threat, so if Archgoat want to target something really dangerous which could get them into real trouble, they should blame jews. Anyway, Archgoat is a magnificent band and I hope to see them live another time. Last times I have seen them they were really devastating. By the way, where are they from really? They look like Iranians or Indians. Their surname is "Puolakanaho", so I think their father is Finnish while their mother is from somewhere else, maybe Syria, Lebanon or, more probably, India or Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan. Thank you for having done the interview. I have visited Turku, it is a great city, and that castle is beautiful too. Finnish ancestry is very diverse, middle-Eastern to indigenous Sami. Hence the whole pure blood stuff being bullshit, lets move on people.

Hammer Arischer Dunkelheit No problem and thank you for conversation. Let's hope you see Archgoat soon again.

+Rauta About the origin question: I have origins from two European countries and these two countries have done more than any other in the world to fight for a precise Ideal (I don't say what it is, but you can imagine), so you can imagine what is my thought on the whole question. Anyway as I am scientifically objective when it comes to biology and anthropology, so I am equally objective when it comes to Music, so I highly praise Archgoat Music and Art for its energy and highly composition quality. Thank you for having taken your time to answer my questions. My highest respect to the Music of Archgoat and to the Art. I hope to see Archgoat again live in the future, every time I have seen the band it has been magnificently devastating.

Hammer Arischer Dunkelheit No problem replying. Check out my comment above regarding their father.

+Rauta But is basically the father racially European, maybe southern European, or is the father from other parts of the world? Thank you for having answered to my comment.

Hammer Arischer Dunkelheit I know both their parents surnames. This one is from their mother's side. They used to have their father's name when they were younger, but I am not in position to talk about their past and family. And yes: Puolakanaho is very Finnish name.

+Rauta The surname is Puolakanaho, maybe I assume the father is Finnish, since the surname is usually taken from the father, or am I wrong?

+Zambo Well, quite not. Civilizations and Empires, Music and Architecture in most advanced forms is all European Caucasoid. Also India had Aryan invasion, and Aryans were Europid Caucasoids.

when is the united states show??

Planned for Spring 2019, but no confirmation yet.

thanks man!

Asked. Waiting for reply.

I think I know what you mean by the lyrics thing. Yep, some are more related to concrete world, some are more or less metaphor or whatnot. And you were over here when it's almost the coldest season (February is usually that). The nature around here is indeed beautiful and lively. Serene, too. Finnish climate is kinda dry, but near the see it can be really chilly due to seawinds. If you travel to more in the continental Finland, it might be colder but less chilly because the lack of seawind. Helsinki, Turku and Oulu are probably among the worst when it comes to that windiness. I've actually been to Italy three times: around 1986 or 1987 when our family went to Rimini (and Venice and San Marino) and around 2000 when I was in Sicily with my gf back then and her parents. Last time was in Milan in 2017 January with my family. Great times! I wish I could visit Rome and see the ancient Colosseum, catacombs and whatnot. I am such an Ancient Rome fan in some ways. I would like to see both northern and southen parts of the country. Alas, the time so limited with work and whatnot.

I got what you meant by blood. Genetics. And by no means you need to apologize. It is interesting to read these kind of civilized comments! By all means, keep 'em coming. I like to hear what kind of viewers we have on Rauta channel. I'm more than happy to converse about different topics with people. As long as people keep things civil, I'm always up for conversation! You have not annoyed me one bit, worry not! Well, yes, nowadays church don't have THAT much power, but then again, Christianity is still taught to people at elementary schools and as such Christianity is much enforced here, even if in very peaceful way. It is still around as all and companies especially still have to pay taxes to church and as we all know, money means power. So while the Church might not be after as with swords and axes, it's still trying to brainwash people and capitalize on them. Islam's effect on Finland is religious way very minimal, but on cultural, maybe something. Not nearly as much as Christianity, still. Christianity is sneaky as hell. All eyes are on Islam and people who are "openly at war", but we know that the true power lies in shadows, not in open conflict.

Topics could be dangerous or not, I agree with you. It depends on a multitude of factors: how much the lyrics are hermetic or explicit, if someone knows about this or that bands that writes those lyrics, excetera excetera. In Italy we know that exposing jews can be dangerous, and I think in Finland it is the same, even if you have "only" around 1300-1900 jews if my studies are correct and basically most of the jews are in Helsinki, they have a global power, that is why lyrics against jews can be Dangerous (ex. Inquisition "Crush the Jewish Prophet" but all the NS Black Metal movement that deals with lyrics anti-jewish). Lyrics of Archgoat are interesting, mostly the lyrics that have more esoteric aspects as for example "Sado-Magical Portal", the line "The Sacred Phallus of Sun" has its references to some archaic cults that were and, in some parts of the world, are still practiced nowadays. Of course this is an example of lines of lyrics of the band that I found interesting to read. I visited Finland during last winter, from 28th of December to 8th of January. I visited Helskini but also Turku and Tampere, they are interesting cities, but what I have found most beautiful of all is the Nature around the cities. Also the climate is cold and dry which is wonderful to me. Where I live in winter it is cold (higher temperatures however, few degrees under 0°C, ex. -7/-8°C few years ago, nowadays average winter where I live is between +1/+2 °C and -5/-6°C), but it is wet cold, so I felt better in Finland where it's more dry and, it could sound as a paradox, human body feels more cold here than there due to the moisture content. Thank you for your patience to read, you are absolutely welcome to Italy if you want to see the archaic temples and remains of the Roman Civilization and the Medieval Art and/or, if you prefer the Northern Italy (where I live), the lakes and the mountains with forests (we also have forests), apart for temples, remains and Art. Or if you prefer the Southern Italy, the summer and the sea. So feel free to come here where you prefer.

Yes, by saying Blood I meant "genetics", "anthropologic type of human", basically, sorry if I maybe I have explained myself badly. I know nihilism not only by studying it but also because some aspects of nihilism have influenced me, for example the destruction fo the status quo to build something new and more advanced in terms of spiritual and biological greatness. This process can be epitomized in the Goddess Kālī (devastation and subsequent regeneration) or, to a certain degree, in the Dharmapala Mahakala, for example in the Chatur-buja Mahakala (mGon po phyag bzhi pa) with four arms of some currents of Buddhism, which has the Duty of bringing humans back to karma, eliminating ignorance and solving conflicts, and this can involve destruction as part of this process, necessary to build something new. So basically by keeping Blood pure the existence is consumpted according to Dharma, so the Wyrd (or Karma, which is not originally meant as the nowadays new age liars mean) is Numinous, and the Humans ascend to a new Galactic State, empowering themselves and starting a new civilization. Sorry if I have annoyed you and maybe got you tired with these lines, it was just to explain, in few lines, what was behind what I said in my former comments and what brought the two Nations I was talking about to establish some laws of Blood.About the "themes": I don't know how much the Churches are powerful there where you live, I think that in Northern Europe the Churches have way less power and influence compared to Southern Nations of the continent. A similar thing can be said about Islam, which despite the immigrants that you have in Finland (as we have in Italy) is not powerful and it is more a tool in the hands of (((those))) who control economy and decide which wars should start and where. The problem of islamic immigrants to me is basically and essentially biological, not religious, in my opinion.

Hey Hammer. Yeah, I know what you mean. I just go by official meaning. I'm not in position to say otherwise. Or at least it wouldn't mean anything. I don't care about blood. It's red, that's it. And that red colour is made by iron (see the link here to Rauta channel name, eh?). That's it. Call me a nihilist, but to me it matters very little where this blood is from. To me every man or woman or other person is defined by his/her/their actions, not by anything else. Nice to hear that you visited our old city and even more, enjoyed it! Welcome again!

+Rauta Yes, I am sorry but when I wrote the comment I wrote it twice, one as an answer and this as a "normal" comment. I partially agree with the "Finnish born", since to me the Nationality is detemined by Blood more than the birthplace. Nowadays there are no documents of birth determined by Blood, but in the country where I was born and in the other countries which I have ancestors from, 80 years ago Nationality had to be proven by providing a family tree (Laws of 1935 and 1938 in my country). Our former Chief of Government, during the Empire in 1938, He made laws that required a genealogical tree to be declared as full citizen. As in the other country I was refering to, these laws were still present from middle '30s. By the way, I have been there in Turku last winter, beautiful Nature in Finland and Turku is really interesting as a city. Thanks for having answered also to this comment.

Thanks for the comment. Archgoat is native Finnish band, from Turku. Like said above, mother is Finnish, father from far east or something. Their name is a typical Finnish name. Regarding danger etc. in their lyrics, I don't think they are after being "dangerous" per se but the topics that they feel dealing with.


Too bad that these holocaust winds kinda ruined the sound. But thanks!

I think, that the real danger are always "only" the PEOPLE. Their weaknesses were, are and always will be alfa and omega of any kind of conflict. Human beings do the same shit over and over and over for thousands of years, no matter what religions are on "piedestal" or not. Nowadays? People are killing each other for money, war is always about power and money and it always will be. Only about power. Nowadays? You can basically take "money" and replaced "God" with them and you have a religion/cult that calls "materialsm". Or you really think, that our western world is not based on "moneytalks" nowadays? Think about that... What I like the most about about "black metal" is the message, that you are your own creator of your life, you take the full responsibility for your actions and reactions. It is very similar to teaching of Sid Buddha. You are your own creator of your life, always learn, elvove, respect each others opinions, don't believe in everything you've heard, but also don't believe in everything you said. Also very important thing is the nature and we should take a big inspiration from "her". You can't separate nature and humans, because you are also a part of nature. And in nature, there are many things to see that you can take as an inspiration for your own life. Simplicity, diversity, symbiosis. And of course big part of nature and BM is the atmosphere. That's probably even more important for me in this genre of music. Blaming everything on jews, christians muslims or even materialsm is really not the way how you should take your life in your OWN hands imo. Basically if you are only blaming other people as they blaming you at the same time, how can you say that you are "better"? Two side arguing over what? If someone is happy with his life and if he don't throwing every shit on me, I basically don't care what he's doing. Take care and happy days! :)

If you have the opportunity, can you interview Blasphemy or Revenge or Black Witchery if they show interest, please? Another individual that to me has a lot of deep things to say is Peter George Helmkamp. Intelligent and smart as his books confirm.

I can and I will if opportunity reveals itself. For the record, I tried written interview wih Blasphemy some 10 years ago, but they never replied. Let's see if any of these bands visit Finland when I'm around and I'll ask. Helmkamp would be a cool person to be interviewed for sure, too.

Thanks for the reply. Not much to add I guess. Traveling is great for so many reasons. To learn about the history, people, cultures, languages etc. Rome is still in my bucket list, so to speak. Yeah, all the European countries - as well as other countries - have unique nature. Not one place is like the other really. Usually traveling, however, is a time or money issue.

+Rauta 1. I prefer climate of Finland for my personal tastes. Less the Italian climate, too hot and high moisture degree in the area where I live (near the borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia the climate is good for me, because it is mountain area). Glad to know you like Italy, you are welcome when you will visit it again. 2. Rome has a lot of important monuments. Ancient Roman monuments, temples, catacombs, Roman villas, arenas, medieval art, Fascist architecture and Fascist monuments.... Rome has been the capital of two Empires, it is spiritually, artistically and esoterically unique. But Finland too has its uniqueness, and other European countries too. Generally speaking, every European Nation, be it more or less degenerate, has its part of greatness and every Folk should improve it to ascend as a trascendent United Entity.

+Rauta I answer you in points, so to made my statements clearer: 1. Yes, in 1934 in the journal "Il Regime Fascista" (the Fascist Regime) Julius Evola was explaining the various Yuga and especially the Kālī Yuga. In Germany, similar studies were made, ex. the 5 expeditions in Tibet of the SS. Some Movements nowadays have been distorted, but there is much philosophy and spiritualism. They are different Worldviews, Weltanschauungen. 2. Judeo-Christianity has surely its effects, even if it is a dying religion, the worst effects are made by its system of thought, which reduces humans to larval inferior beings rather than creating the Homo Galactica. Plus, "esoteric" Christ (which by various ways is similar to Hindu Kŗșņa) is way different from the distorted Christ figure made by Judeo-Christians. If you want to know more, I suggest you to read Gnostic Scriptures as for examples Nag Hammadi scriptures. 3. To me the Islamic question is related to the race of the adherents, nothing more, nothing less. Islam is not a monolithic block, so we can find different currents and forms. Ex. I respect islamic Iran for its struggle against jews while I despise "islamic" Saudi Arabia (crypto-jewish to be honest) because it is an enemy country servant of world jewry. True powers lie in world jewry, which destroys world and especially Europe through race mixing and financial usury.

no no come on man! Why turn this into a political thing? I hope you feel better now that you have gotten your thoughts off your chest. The rest of us are here to enjoy the interview and discussions about music. Maybe check out some other channels.

Dead cat dead cat dead cat please !!!

B B is for Backstreet Boys

Interview Stormheit or Goatmoon, please!

I already promised to do Goatmoon interview at some point. But about Stormheit, I don't know if they are up to.

I bet the Muslim invasion is due to the US destabilizing secular countries in the Middle East, thus causing the influx of Muslim refugees. The irony is that Jews are moving out of Europe due to Muslim refugees, so how does this benefit (((them)))? If you're so opposed to Islam and Muslim refugees, why don't you start your own project? Or are you so fucking lazy you expect others to do your work? PS, I don't like any of the Abrahamic religions, but rather abhor them due to how regressive all three of them are

breakfastMcgull Makes no sense.

According to this guy, Earth is a frisbee flying in the cosmos, whereas other planets are round.

Actually, the issue is not religion itself, but rather race, because demography is destiny and non-Europeans (invaders) are growing exponentially in Europe and have more babies. They are literally making countries within countries – paralel societies. The most sinister fact about this: European peoples are paying for their own replacement by funding handouts, housing and social programs for non-Europeans within their countries. This is like willingly helping your enemy defeat you. Every other group on this world is ethnocentric and plays Team Death Match, while we are still playing Free For All. What would our mighty ancestors who build Europe think about us?

Hails from the USA Great interview great channel

Thank you! Hails back to the USA!

All hail the mighty Archgoat!

That interview surely went smooth as that beer they are drinking. Kudos!


+Rauta Finland had Anal Blasphemy touch the anti Islam topic with a few songs; "Sexual Desecration of Islam Faith" and "Allah Anal Impalement".

Hail Satan!

Great Interview, Ritual Butcherer is a very down to earth guy, had a lot of fun drinking with him at Hells Headbash 2

Black Witchery shirt

+philip tepes the start of the interview mentions that there would be sound issues ;)

@Rauta What would be Archgoat’s reasoning to have a split with Satanic Warmaster, given the latter’s NS leanings, or Archgoat is of the opinion that it is not interested in politics only for itself but if it concerns others it has no problems? Wanted to hear what Archgoat thinks if possible

IPAs and sours are my fav, too!

+Rauta Yes, maybe a black wäls petroleum (12% alc/vol ! ), common from where i live... surprise to know the limit of alcohol for beer in Finland. Dont know if i get it wrong... But the IPA type are my favorites.

Hahaa, I was going to write something about holocaust winds here but the first comment had it already :()

israelite garbage

SadomasoBilbo Israelite? Are you taking about yourself here?

He looks so Mediterranean more like Persian, Turkish or Greek and sounds also like that. Where is he from?

He's 100 % Finnish. His origins thru his bloodline are not of Persian, Turkish or Greek, I can tell you that much.

17:09 sudden noisekommando attack

+Spirit Dance Yeah, no.

Good intetview Arch Goat rules

The arrogance of any American usually kills it for me

Thanks and yes it does.


Where did this interview took place? Mount Everest?

In Turku, Finland, by Turku castle.

Ritual Butcher laughing and making jokes!? Now I have to go burn all my archgoat records! Black metalists aren't allowed to have any fun EVER!


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