First Impressions AQABA JORDAN (I did not expect this)أولى الإنطباعات العقبة الأردن (لم أتوقع ذلك)

First Impressions AQABA JORDAN (I did not expect this)أولى الإنطباعات العقبة الأردن (لم أتوقع ذلك)

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Good evening, guys from another video here in Jordan, specifically in Aqaba. And in today's video, we're going to be exploring this evening all around the town. We've got Harry. We've got Sophia. What’s up? We're heading downtown here. We’re not really sure where we're going. We’re gonna look for some food, maybe

check out the markets, and see what this place is like in the evening. We actually haven't seen anything yet in this town besides Sophia. She was here a few days ago but Harry and I have not explored here. We were just at the resort in the last video if you guys saw that yesterday. So, we're really excited because I have no idea what to expect in this place but it seems pretty lively, so let's do it. It's a good thing, you have me the local to show you around. Exactly she told us all the restaurants for the opposite way, so-

Yeah, I didn't do too good on the navigation skills but we made it. We made it. Yeah, we'll try for round two. We gotta do a little Middle Eastern crosswalk. You just start walking, and dodge the cars here. That was an easy one, and we're walking through a park here. Seems like a lot of locals are hanging

out here. It is a Monday night, you got a lot going on here. We got the fountain on one side. We've got some things being sold a bit of a carnival feel over there but it's nice. The good thing about being down here in Aqaba since it's so far south, it's quite warm even in the evening. So, we actually didn't need to

have a jacket. You probably saw in the other videos in the evening, it was very very cold, a nice little break from that still pants weather though. Are these fresh local teas? You got the good stuff, yeah? Alright, alright, well. You guys want teas? Sure. Yeah.

[Speaking Arabic] Good tea, Jordanian tea? Zane [Good] tea. He’s making them the good way, “wahid” means one. So, we're getting one scoop of sugar per cup. Oh and here we go. We're getting the the tea kettle going here. Oh, it's gonna be nice and warm. Wow.

We got BTS happening. Behind the scenes. Pour it up. Oh there we go, nice and warm. Boiling there. Oh, he puts the tea in after. A little after. Water. That way he can run the multi-business. He’s got the coffee. He's got the teas,

got the hot water. Wow, you understood. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] [Speaking Arabic] Good man, good man. Everything okay? Everything's perfect.

I make translation for him because he speak little English. Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] That's a good tea right there. And what was your name? Nabeel. Nabeel, Nabeel the man from Aqaba? Yes. It's a nice place-- Tourist information and tourist driver and we selling my sons live here, the selling water. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah very nice. Do you know where

it's good for food? Yes, of course. Oh let us know. We're looking for something. You want barbecue, traditional food? Yeah, yeah. We gotta pay for the chai's first, khaye [Brother]. You know, he's going to change. No problem. We have a traditional food fish if you like fish kebab, barbecue, and mixed salad. Best in Aqaba. Yeah, we just want the best.

Yeah, really. We trust you. This is my work, everybody ask me, and I take it for the different restaurant. What do you like? Local food, traditional food. Really nice, and meat, and everything's. Amazing. Yes, this is named Palace Restaurant. Yeah look at that Arabic, Harry. Look at you go. Nice coffee. Yeah, coffee. Oh you got the coffee going, got a little

Joe bruin. This is with cardamom this name Arabic coffee, the same Turkish coffee. Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] We'll double down today. Shukran[Thank you] Shukran[Thank you] We are getting recommendation. Al-Shami Palace Restaurant this is the amazing clean food. InshaAllah [God willing]. Well, we're trusting our guy here. We could even do a little city seeing

Aqaba that really show that we're tourists if we hop on that thing. I’ve always wanted to actually do one of those buses because it's kinda fun to go with like the chopped off rooftop but I’ve never actually done one, so- First time for everything. Exactly, exactly. We’re going a special way, the secret way, yeah. I will say before coming to the Middle East earlier this year, I never drank tea, and now I am a huge tea lover. This is a tea with milk. It’s just normal with a wahind [One]

spoonful of sugar, yeah. Oh that's nice though, goes down smooth. Al-Shami Palace. Al Shami Palace, sounds like it's gonna be expensive. You’ll get us the Jordanian menu right not the British menu. No. Not the tourist prices though right? No, no, no, no, no, no. Local price.

If we understand if you have menu, no tourist price. Perfect, perfect. If he is no give you the menu. He's give you expensive price. Perfect. What's your name Khaye [Brother]? My name is Joseph. Nice to meet you, Joseph. You’re from here in Aqaba as well? Yeah. Very nice, it's a zane [Good] city. This looks like it's gonna be very good. Yum, yum, yum, yum. Syrian palace. Perfect. I’ve always wanted to go to Syria too. So it looks like Syria is coming to me today.

Yeah exactly. Syrian food, this is the other Middle East. Okay yeah, it's very similar. Salaam Alaikum khaye [Peace be upon you brother] Kifak [How are you?] Alright, look at these tables here. These tables we got a full sand castle going on down there. Yeah, we're at the beach. We're getting

the full vibes in here, so we just sat down here. We're gonna be chowing down on some delicious food here at the Syrian Palace restaurant with our man. What's your name? Sham, pleasure to meet you. Thank you. So, we're gonna be getting some delicious traditional food here. I’m

definitely gonna be taking a recommendation from our chef because we've got a lot of good options on the table here. We've got everything from fish. We've got chicken. We got today’s meal, soups, barbecues. Wow. It's one of these a great term called the paradox of choice. You have so many options, you don't know what to get. Wow. Look at you, and your vocabulary. Oh yeah, you know I learned from you guys, these guys are the experts.

If you were me what would you tell me to eat? Oh here. Oh okay, they have like little options to get a bunch of stuff together like appetizers and different things. That’s gonna be good. What do you recommend for something with chicken,

something traditional but with chicken. This is mansaf. Mansaf? Oh yeah, yeah I have had mansaf I’ve already had mansaf. What's the second option? Chicken. Is this one good? The biryani? Yes. Yeah. Oh yeah, let's try the biryani.

Oh yeah, that's gonna be good. For sure? Yes. Yeah. Oh, that's gonna be good. Yeah perfect, I’ll do that. Okay Perfect. That's gonna be good. What are you getting bro? Is it the biryani you

got? Yeah, yeah again. Meat or the chicken? Chicken, chicken. So, we got a vlog takeover, that's about to happen. What’s going on guys? We are here at the Syrian Palace. We're over here with the boys about to eat some dang food. Some delicious chow. So shout out to this place, everyone has to come here shout out to our first sponsor whoever they may be, and then after that let's shout out the second, and the third. And make sure to mutilate the like button, subscribe to the channel, and to keep up with all these adventures around the world. And those notifications are on

at all-time guys. This is how non-vloggers perceive vloggers. I’m just kidding. Honestly guys, these two they're pretty good at what they do, pretty authentic, I would say. Yeah. Just for spending a few days,

hanging around. So kind. It's hard being the humble boss lady, yeah. We’ve got the Turkish coffee coming out right now. What's your name? Ahmed. Ahmed, pouring it up right now with some fresh Turkish coffee. Oh yeah. Yum, yum, yum.

That’s gonna be great. So we got mango smoothies right here. We have lemon mint. Oh yeah, you know you know how to live. A healthy girl. Yeah, I wanna on a detox for sure. Yeah, that's actually usually my go-to but when Harry said mango, I couldn't say no. Let's try it out here. Oh, that's nice definitely not fresh as they said. They did tell us in advance

which was very kinda them but like if you put in a nice glass like this, it's feels fresh. Oh we got the soup. Oh yeah. Oh my God, I’m jealous. There we go. That's gonna be tasting real good. Oh, that's a lot of food there. I can barely lift it after today's workout. So basically, we got a little naan. So, there's a couple ways you can do it.

The nice part about the Middle Eastern food is it is an art. So, we'll do it, you know just for this first bite, and do a little more classy. So, we'll take a little piece of chicken off there just for proper purposes here to get her going. So you want a little lime squeeze that adds extra flavor, then if you're gonna grab some of that chicken, you're gonna scoop up that rice. So you got yourself a nice little burrito,

and then you're gonna go. You can't forget the sound effects. Oh, I felt that. Oh baby, that was good. Dig in. The soup here. I don't think, I’ve ever had the soup though. Oh, we've got soup as well. Oh, that's an interesting flavor, I like it.

No, you pour that on the food, you eat it together. You missed that in here. Yeah so, you— you put like with a spoon, you put it on there or you dip it and, you eat it together. Oh okay. So that's-- that's one way to do it. Way number two is to scoop up some of that rice.

Sometimes Middle Eastern food can be quite a bit over the fingers but you know you gotta be ready to fully immerse yourself. Let's try it out with that soup on it. This. This? Yes. Yeah, you have to pour it on. Okay. I told you guys. Yalabina [Let's go] Just a little bit I think that's good yeah.

Oh, it's hot. Oh yeah, that's traditional. Oh yeah. Get a nice chunk off there. Oh. How’s the chicken? So good. Oh yeah, that's hitting the spot we needed that chowing us. Feeling like a

Syrian king, cz this is a feast. They should make like a sound effect. Yeah, exactly yeah. Yum, yum, yum. That's gonna be good. We’re really getting the burrito style going on here. So, we're rolling her up. We’ll even be a little more civilized

for this, so we can fill her up all the way. There we go, wrap her tight. There we go. Oh, I love Middle Eastern food. The best. Oh, full belly after that one, zane [Good] food.

Delicious, very good, enjoyed it. Just finished up the meal, and it was so good, so good. The Middle Eastern portions are so big, overfills the tummy which is good. They take care on the portions. I’m- I got a couple more fork fulls left and then, I’m gonna be done. How was your guys’ meals? I’m getting a bit of a Jordanian belly from all this eating. Oh yeah,

a couple extra kilos after this trip. 10 out of 10, I just had a soup because I was smart. I know how big these portions are but I did sneak food off their plate. So, what can I say? Food is amazing. That's how you know it's good, if the sound effects are kicking in. Oh yeah, that's

good. That is very good. [Speaking Arabic] Okay. Alright, for us to eat this delicious meal, it came out to about 22.75 which comes out to

roughly 27, 28 dollars, quite good for us to have two very large meals, and a soup along with a bunch of beverages. Yeah, the soup was big. So, very good price and delicious food. I really enjoyed it. We got the celeb over here. Oh it looks like she's going in the middle. So, me and my buddy Harry didn't notice this at first but this guy in the green, and the Hollister shirt Sophia told us later which you can almost tell in this photo but obviously like their bodies are in the way. He just decided that it was gonna be okay to grab her by the butt, and that was after like they all wanted photos. We tipped them really nicely. We were so kind and thankful to them, and like then, they just had it in them to go, and do that. So it was super disrespectful, and we would have said

something had we known but you know Sophia handled it in the way where she didn't want any confrontation but did share it in an upcoming clip here about the experience, so just be careful. Okay. Thank you. Guys I will say, you know some people will get a little touchy— touchy, and I did not do the right thing, and didn't say anything but definitely in those situations like speak up, and say something because it's really not okay but it's okay we had a good meal. The vibes are still high but it happens. It happens for sure. Yeah, because basically they kept asking for photos, and then one of the guys touched her butt. So yeah, just gotta be careful guys, can be a

little touchy-feely. So just keep that in mind if you're coming to these places. Be careful but definitely still go, just you know be strong in it, especially if you're a female, and you're solo traveling or even with friends because it can happen at any point. He's got the spices. He gave me tea last time. Okay, and again. Now we give for you another because you still remember my place. I don't know if I can do another tea right now but- I know. I know, we're good

with tea I can- we just try his tea. Anyway, just to try it a little, not much you're welcome but it is hot and this is again Jordan tea with cinnamon, cardamom and because you are sweet enough, no sugar. Look at that. Alright, alright. And this for you sir. Oh, I am alright, I just had a coffee and chai [Tea] Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] Actually you know what, I think I need to get a couple pairs of socks here. Kifak [How are you?] So it does. That fits nicely. I think these will have to do the trick.

Hello. Keefak [How are you?] Alhamdulliah. How much? You work here? So, two for one. How about we do two for three. Alright, we're doing- we're doing a little market run tonight guys. We're getting some socks. We're getting some stuff. You have change khaye [Brother]? Shukran khaye [Thank you, brother].

Thank you, and I believe you. Alright, so we're coming up over here. We got a couple options. We got some YouTube flip flops. That’s pretty nice. For the YouTubers. I know, that's quite nice. YouTube flip-flops, yeah. Kifak khaye [How are you brother?] Yeah. Yeah guys, so we basically just stumbled upon this market, made a quick sale on some socks. You know you never know when

you need a new pair of socks especially if laundry is sometimes hard to find, seems like you can get a lot of stuff in this market, everything from like clothes and souvenirs to you got all types of food, like butcher back there. You got fresh vegetables, a little bit of everything, more clothes here quite, a few options in this area. Oh, you guys see what we got here. Oh my God, I could literally fall asleep. These are my favorite types of blankets all over the world like my favorite blanket at home. One of the few possessions I have is a furry blanket just like that I wish I had room in the suitcase for that, honestly got a whole bunch of them. I probably picked out this brown one. One day, I’m gonna come back and get it. What do you boys got going on in here? Good stuff, nice clothes in here.

Shukran, Shukran [Thank you] We have good- good prices on this stuff here? Yeah. Good. Special price for us? Yeah, special. Yeah, how special? What do you need? The Jordanian price. Jordanian yeah. Yeah, yeah, and how much how much you're charging for these? Seven. Alright, alright, that's pretty good. For ladies. Very nice. We got quite a few options

there. Yeah. This six JOD. Oh six JOD. This 13. 13. This is the Jordan. Oh, that's a thick one there, yeah. Well let's see what about long-sleeve shirts. We got something that's

catching the eye over here Harry. I can't say, yes. So far, let's see here. What do we got for options? I think you should get these, man. What are we getting here? Oh, yes Iraq. I love Iraq.

Look at this, look at this. There's always sunshine in my cart. How much for this one? 10. Yeah. 13. 10 JOD. Because it's spelled wrong. Yeah, Anjad [Seriously]. We gotta get a better price for misspelling. How about 5 JOD? Five, hey.

No. Alright, if the spelling was correct, I’d do 10 JOD but the spelling was off. So it's a hard one. It's a hard bargain to sell my friend. What do we got going on over here though? Nike Air. Alright. Real Nike? Definitely real. Look what over here. You are awesome. That’s for Harry, I would do five for that shirt, that's my final offer.

Oh, the spelling's wrong though. I will make a discount special for you. I will make it 7 JOD, just for you. 7 JOD. How about, how about a little less. Please, come on. For me, 6 JOD. I will take from you one extra.

One extra, yeah. Alright, you got yours- you got yourself a deal. Alright, that's it. I’d say this one will fit. I’m thinking that's gonna look pretty good if you ask me, yeah. Alright, sweet. Well, let's go ahead

and buy her. Six. Oh seven. I thought you said one JOD extra, yeah. Alright, that was my mistake. There's seven JODs. Thanks all ready for you.

Shukran Khaye [Thank you brother] Alright, we got ourselves a fresh new shirt khaye [Brother]. I’m pretty excited about it. We got incorrect spelling, so it's gonna be looking pretty fresh when we're walking around with it. So I just got that fresh shirt guys but we're walking a little bit further. We came across a nice locals hangout spot. It's very, very busy here on a Monday night. Yeah, it's cool

down here in the downtown. I’m really enjoying it. Over here, we got Joseph's liquor store. So you can buy booze down here pretty much anywhere, you got beer options. You got wine options, you got alcohol.

Salaam Alaikum khaye [Peace be upon you brother] Kifak [How are you?] Perfect. It's time to get some good zane [Good] booze here. We're gonna pour it up a cup right here. My man, enjoy. Sahtein [Enjoy] Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah. Did we get some Arak and we probably need some vodka, a little something, something. Oh no, this is what we had yesterday. Oh yeah, yeah that's quite good zane [Good] vodka. Coxh zane [Very good]. Anjad [Seriously].

Hey, how much you're charging, Jordanian prices? Seven. Oh, you got yourself a deal boss. Dias de niro for that, my friend. Oh yeah, that's gonna be good. Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] Are you doing a full sandero over here, my guy? Yeah. He's slamming whiskey, while

ripping a shawarma. That's how you get the day going. Oh, he's mixing it with water Arak style. Kesak [Cheers] Yeah cheers, hey. The nice part is you can get pretty much anything you need in a very small area. Like in the last, I don't know two hours or so we went from eating food to walking around a area here where all the locals are hanging out to doing some market hunts, buying some clothes now getting some booze, something to keep the evening going. And you got barber shops all around here, and it's a

good time over here. Alright, guys we just did a little strolling, and I’ve been meaning to try the Kunefe here in Jordan because I’ve been told Kunefe is the best in Jordan. Thank you. Thank you. Oh yeah, we got the full sweet shop going on in here. We've got baklava. We’ve got Kunefe . We've got all sorts of

good stuff. Yeah? Alright, oh there's that's the Kunefe , the infamous Kunefe . Oh yeah, we might need to do a little taste testing. What do you guys think? Let's do it. That’s gonna be delicious. Let’s get a nice little tester there, my guy. Oh there we go.

Oh, she pretty. Mozzarella cheese built into there. Whoa. I’m gonna have a big belly after this. This Jordanian, is it? Yes.

Let’s do it. That's a good size for me. That’s good for me. How much? Three. Alright. Let's go for here, yeah. Chow down on and keep moving. I got two here. We just need one more. Oh he even tossed some pistachios on

there. Anjad khaye [Really, brother] Shukran[Thank you] And alright-- oh let's try him out outside. What’s up guys? Sponsored by, it's sponsored by kunefe headquarters. What we're looking at here, I’ve had kunefe one time in my life, and

that was in Lebanon but it was a much much different knafeh. So I’ve had it one other time in Lebanon, and it was more like a burger. Like by burger I mean, like there was two big burger buns on each side, and then there was like a bunch of cheese mixed in. It was good. It was kind of heavy. This seems a little bit lighter smaller portion. They even have the nuts on it. So let's make sure, we get some nuts on top of there. He was telling me that there's mozzarella cheese in here.

So this is definitely gonna be a unique flavor, and let's do it. Oh wow, that is nice. It's much different than the knafeh I had in Lebanon. It's almost like a lightly sweetened bread with mozzarella, with some nuts, and it's much easier to take down in a really good way. Good chow, zane. Good job. It lives up to its name. And? Pretty good. Oh yeah, she's already halfway done.

Yeah, I’ve been chowing down over here. And Harry? Harry potter will you try his dessert now. I think he's gonna dig it, the British man's first kunefe. It only matters what the Brit thinks. Drum roll please. Analyzing. The anticipation is killing me Harry.

Oh, you see that. It passes the approval. Not even lying that is amazing, so, so good. Yeah, it's so good. Perfect mix of sweet and salty, for sure. I’m allergic to nuts. Joke’s on him then. Let’s see a bite that's gonna make it count. Our man is hooking it up with-- It's a churro? Yeah? You like that better than the kunefe? The first people who prepared and we bring it here, yeah.

I had to analyze that one for a second. This is like a Middle Eastern churro. Definitely this is how you add kilos under the belly. I’ll tell you that for sure. Very sugary, very oily like deep fried and nice and crunchy. Harry, what do you think?

So the kunefe is good, but Sophia is telling us that the kunefe over in Amman, Jordan is much, much better. So yeah, they have a famous shop there and there's people lined up like all the way around the building. Oh. And it's amazing, yeah. We'll definitely have to go then, cause this is good, and all. I will say since I’m so full right now, it's kinda

hard to consume this. So, I’m gonna save it for a little bit later chow down on it but it's got a nice flavor to it. It's like definitely more of the Jordanian taste. I can tell the difference between here and in Lebanon, and like I was saying I don't know if I told you all of it but basically since this is a little smaller, little lighter, it's a bit easier to consume. Lebanon’s was good but it's almost like a full meal, and it's very sweet, so a bit heavy for me. Yeah we're

gonna keep cruising through the town here on our way back to the hotel, very enjoyable, though very busy here even on a Monday night. We've got a football match going on. Oh, oh, and we're taking over. Oh yeah, a lot going on here, a lot going on right downtown. Alright, here we go. Here we go. We're gonna-- we're gonna get her.

Alright, there we go, full punt. Good, let's see if the football player can get it next. What the hell is it? Oh what-- oh there, he's actually kinda good.

Oh and he drops it. He drops it. Good, zane. Whoa, you see that. That was a nice pass right there. There we go. Oh, look at that. Look at that. He got him in the nuts. Yeah, zane, zane. Oh off the noggin. BTS. Whoa, whoa. This is what happens you're walking

through the town, you never know if you're gonna end up here in a football match, that translates to a soccer game right downtown. Shufak [See you]. Say bye to our bros over there. Alright, guys and that was my first impressions of Aqaba, Jordan. It's a cool place. I will say, there's a lot going on. It's easy to walk around from place to place, especially if you're staying downtown here right where we are, where you have the beach access. You have a bunch of different restaurants all over, markets shops, people are very kind here. As a

female, we could tell she does get a lot of stares, we picked that up, and so just kinda keep that in mind if you come into this area from what she's told us, from what Sophia has told us in other places around Jordan, she doesn't really have as much of the eyes on her that type of attention. So, it's more common here. Yeah definitely, Aqaba is more of a place to be careful than Amman or Petra. All those places which is surprising because it's like a beach town, so you think maybe see more people not wearing as much or whatever more foreigners but no it's a lot more stares, kinda reminds me more of when I was in Egypt, for sure. Something to keep in mind. I’m glad to have that perspective because I know in a lot of countries I go to, you guys are always wondering what's it like as a female in some of these places but obviously as a man, I can't really answer that because I don't know what it's like but to be there observing, it was very common whenever walking through places all eyes on Sophia. Yeah. And like every guy, you're beautiful. So you know, some a little handsy so just

yeah keep that in mind but- but outside of that I mean it's a really vibrant city. We're gonna be checking out more, maybe we'll do a boat tour in the next couple days if we can squeeze it in, and also kinda just explore, and see what other activities we can share with you guys as we're here in Aqaba. As always, thanks so much for watching. If you guys wanna see more videos both here in Jordan, and all around the world make sure you hit that subscribe button below, and if you've enjoyed this one annihilate that like button, and we will see you guys tomorrow.


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