First Impressions of AMMAN JORDAN أولى الإنطباعات حول عمان الأردن

First Impressions of AMMAN JORDAN أولى الإنطباعات حول عمان الأردن

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Good morning, guys from the first official full day here in Amman, Jordan. I am leaving the hotel room that I stayed in for night number one, and my buddy Harry who I don't think you guys have seen in any YouTube videos yet except maybe if you watch my videos all the way back in Dubai earlier this year. And Harry just flew in from the UK; United Kingdom, and he's arriving to the hotel right now. So, we're about to see him for the first time in many months.

Let’s go. Hey, there he is. What’s good my guy? How are we doing bro? You made it. What’s up brother? Good to see you, good to see you. Welcome to Jordan. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] [Speaking Arabic] I know bro it's getting better right. Alright guys, so we got Harry here. He’s arrived to Amman, Jordan. He's probably feeling a little bit tired

though after a solid 12-hour cruise. Yeah. So, you're ready for this, bro? It's gonna be a big one. Yeah man, I think we're just gonna power on. I’ve had two hours sleep but I’m just gonna grab a coffee, and get on with it. Oh yeah, it's gonna be great. We're ready for it. We got a lot of adventures coming for you guys, and first thing is we're gonna head to a different place. One of my buddies actually recommended to stay at this hostel called the Wanderers Hostel. And

so, first thing was to check to see if there was Uber because usually I try, and take Uber or Careem or some like sort of app whenever I travel to any cities because you get the most honest prices because it comes from a system rather than a person. Good news is, it's an eight minute drive away, and it'll cost about one to two Jordanian dinar which is like maybe a dollar fifty to three US dollars, maybe a little bit less than that. So a pretty good price, much better price than the— the 30 minute taxi ride from the airport yesterday which was about 30 US dollars. So it looks like, we'll be able to do that, and also something you guys might find interesting is they have UberX hourly which means you can pay 7.5 Jordanian dinar which is about 10 bucks an hour. So, you have a driver just kind of hang out, and take you wherever. So, it's a

nice little option to have there. So yallah. Let's go. Alright, looks like we got our guy three minutes away, A Kia with Mohammed. Oh that's our guy, Mohammed. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] Mohammed Alright, bro let's get it. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] Mohammed Alright, so we've got about an eight-minute cruise over, and this is going to be my first time seeing Jordan during the daylight. So, I’m really excited to see this place. We're gonna stop, and check in at the hostel, maybe

do a quick tour, show you guys the place then after that we'll start exploring the city, show you guys what the first impressions are gonna be. Hopefully, we got Harry staying alive for the day. He’s running on two hours of sleep. So, yeah, exactly he'll be ready for it.

It looks like we're seeing a familiar company here. They have Amazon, maybe a Jordanian headquarters. So, we've even got a local school buses here. You can see another one passing here. They look just like the ones in the US with a more of a Middle Eastern style to them, and it looks like that's public transport. Overall yeah, it's a very modern place, just cruising through the streets here, everything from the the designs of the buildings to the layouts of you know the trees along the side of the roads here. Honestly, I didn't really know what to expect but like I said I didn't do any research on this place in advance. I was kind of just

imagining a bit different but like every single place I’ve ever been, it's never like what I imagined it to be that's why I always get so inspired to travel is because things are just never as like what you kind of imagine, and here's another example of it. We're almost to the hostel, so I’ll see you guys once we get there. Alright, shukran [Thank you].

We have arrived to the hostel her,e looks like that's it right up here, we're arriving with no reservations. So, we're just gonna hope that they have some available beds here, and we shall find out. So, Harry hasn't been in a hostel since we went to Thailand. Over a year ago. Over a year, yeah. What about you? I actually think that I was in a hostel when was I? Maybe actually not in Egypt, not in Dubai, not in Portugal. Actually it's probably been since New

Zealand. Yeah pre-pandemic. Wow, way back in the day. So this is the place, Villa Dia Guest House. No, it's definitely not it. Yeah. There it is. Yeah it's sweet. So, we've

got the Hostel Wanderers, that's the sign for it, and then we have a different name up here called Villa Dia. Alright. Oh, do we come in over here? Oh, there's a secret passageway. Sweet, sweet. How’s it going? It's good, and you? Oh,

very good. Very good. Hello. Thank you. How are you? Good, how are you guys? Good, good. We're hoping that you can hook us up with some rooms here. Oh okay. Is there any space? For two? Yeah. No reservation, just showing up. We only have one room. Oh actually how many nights do you need? What do you think? Two for now? Two maybe right, yeah. Yeah. I could do.

one happen. One. One night. Alright, we'll start with that, and figure it out. Yeah, maybe someone like cancels or something until tomorrow. Sweet. Alright well, we got one night

guys. Here's the common area. Oh sweet. Yeah. Hello. Make new friends. Sweet, sweet. Our sharing part if you guys want to go on any trips, and look for people. Oh sweet. Feel free to just look at our-- add something if you want to. Awesome, awesome. That sounds awesome. Yeah Shannon’s

hooking it up. She got us a— a night here. So we're getting a little tour from her now, and this is the hostel guys. So, we're gonna do a tour. Harry and I are staying in separate spots, and we have one night. Hopefully, we'll turn it into two if someone cancels but at least we got one right here so- Yeah, it’s great. Yeah. Oh, this is pretty cool. So here's the—the setting of the hostel, seems like a comfortable place, and a lot of cool things all over here.

That’s gonna be Harry’s room over there. Right down the hallway is where I’m staying here. We've got Matt who's my roommate here. Yeah. Also a YouTuber, and travel sidekick. Yes. Yep, yep. So yeah, definitely check them out, and we're gonna be roommates here. So, this is the accommodation we've got, nice size like full-size bed here. I actually haven't gone up here yet, so let's check

out the comfiness. Alright. Oh yeah, here we go, a little hard but gets the job done. Yeah. Is this place full with other people too? Yeah, I guess it must be because they told us that they only had one night available. Really that one looks empty, that one-- Some of these, yeah. This is the place, it's great to be in a hostel though like

Harry and I were talking about before we arrived. This is the first time I’ve stayed in a hostel since before the pandemic. I think probably the last time was when I was in New Zealand, quite a bit of time ago. So, that is the place we're gonna go ahead, and get cleaned up, and

then we're going to head into Amman, and show you guys our first impressions of exploring this place. So guys I will say, it's great being back in a hostel because within the first 10 minutes, we already made some new friends here. You guys already met Matt before, and we have Kieran here from the UK, and you know Harry already. So we're heading down to the downtown area to kind of walk around, explore it, and see what we kind of get ourselves into for our first full day. Is it your first full day too-- your too? No, no. On the way out. On the way out, on the way out. Alright, alright, but it's Matt's first day, just arrived a couple hours ago. I’m excited to see this place. So

we're gonna walk down. How far is it from the hostel to get there? Sweet. So, we will see you guys once we get down there. We're cruising through the neighborhoods here. It's a pretty nice day, probably perfect temperature to be walking around Jordan. And, Harry and I found out right

when we arrived that actually right now it's high season which makes sense because you know walking around this place, and the bloody hot weather is a bit more challenging than right now in the perfect fall weather. Feels quite safe here overall though. So, we're arriving into the downtown area now, and it seems like very quickly we're going to start seeing a lot of shops here, markets things like that get yourself some electronics, some traditional clothing here, and get a taste for what this place has. Look what we got going on here. We've got some sort of I’m guessing this has gotta be like a famous staircase here, yeah got umbrellas. We've got some nice designs up here, and a lot of people hanging out. So

and it seems like everyone kind of signs the walls right up there, good spot for photos, maybe they'll have to grab one. Alright, we've got all types of shops here, looks like this is a spices shop over here. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] Yeah, we got good stuff in here. What do we got? Oh, it smells very nice. I’ll get many what— what was that?

Many girls here. Oh alright, well what kind of business are you running here my guy? I’ve got a nice presentation of this. We’ve got all the spices basically lined up like pyramids in here. Let's get a quick little update. We got going on in the shop. Let me tell you what you have here. This is cinnamon. Cinnamon. Oh yeah. Wow. So, we've got everything then you can come here, and make like a thousand different types of food. Dried fruits

here. Oh, you guys got a little bit of everything. Pineapple. Yeah. We have the strawberry. And you got the mate glasses right there I see. Oh man. That one. Yeah, that's the good stuff. I love za’atar. Yeah, I make manoushes. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was sweet, merci. Shukran [Thank you]

Thank you so much. Well, we got a nice presentation of the good stuff, they've got here. So, it's right down here in this area. You got some nice jewelry over here, good stuff here bro. How are you? Yeah. Hey, good, good. YouTube hey. Yes, yeah. Yeah gotta make it to Jordan. Inshallah [God Willing] One day.

Beautiful, beautiful. There we go, we got it. Hassan. Do you have--? Thank you habibi. Yeah, yeah, I speak a little Lebanese Arabic. I’m looking for a specific type of ring. Do you have one with a globe, like the world? You see like right here, I’ve got the globe. Yes. What is it? Roman numerals. Yeah but I need something with a globe, like the world.

Globe. The globe see the world. Yeah you got that of some? It’s beautiful. Yeah, thank you. It's gold or gold plated? Oh yeah, from— from Cairo. Yes. Yeah, yeah. Friends or-- Yes, this is YouTube. Yeah, yeah, we got Youtube bros. Yeah, yeah, you heard it like and subscribe notifications on, don't forget that part. Yeah, you guys are great. Nice to meet you, Hassan. Habibi. Habibi. Nice to meet you. Habibi. Enjoy.

Yeah. Thank you. Shu habibi. [Speaking in Arabic] [Speaking in Arabic] [Speaking in Arabic] We’ve got some traditional headscarves here. Yeah. You got a special price for me on that one or what? You gotta teach

me how to wrap this thing, and wear it. Oh here we go, alright. We’re putting her on the head right now too. Alright, here we go guys. We’re turning back now. I’m from the United States.

What? Manchester united, yeah? No, no United States not Manchester United. This feels like an expensive one, it feels very high quality. Alright, how— how are we looking? Pass the-- Passed the test, you think I’m Jordanian Yeah, yeah, what's-- Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] habibi.

Alright, so how are we looking? We got a mirror somewhere here? Alright, alright, and yeah. Alright, one minute, oh there we go. There oh that is nice. That is nice. I’d say, this passes the test, pretty nicely guys. Yeah and the question is, do we have a special price for me, your foreign friend? Yeah. How many pieces? Oh just one, just one. Welcome to Jordan.

Thank you, thank you. We gotta talk price now here boss. [Speaking Arabic] This different, this small, this big, and this is, and this hand made. Oh yes, you put the expensive one, I could feel it. Oh no, not expensive. I could walk away with five. How many? Just one. Just one to start

off, and then we test it out, maybe we come back for another one later. Five. Five. Okay so, we're getting hooked up. We got five here. Do we have five? Yeah, that is a five, alright. You need change? I have little bit. I think we're all set. Alright so, we're looking good, ready to go then. Now, I’m Jordanian.

Perfect. King of Jordan. Should they call me Raees [Chief] Shukran [Thank you] Habibi. Thank you, bye. Alright so, this is the— the new fit, paid five Jordanian dinar which I’d say is like seven dollars roughly, and this would be good, as we explore more of Jordan to have this. And we are

walking more into the markets here. It seems like there is an everlasting amount of stores you can shop and explore over here. So you can literally find anything you ever wanted here. We've got some toys here, cruising around yeah, markets pretty much every single direction. Oh, this looks kind of nice some sort of like bear skin. That is nice. Here we go. We got a

bunch of guns, you can buy here, toy guns, whole bunch of stuff. Yeah, I’m really liking Jordan already. People are very friendly, a lot going on, a lot of vibrant life during the day, pretty well priced overall. You know, I probably could have bargained for this a bit more but I was happy paying it. He gave me the higher quality, handmade one. So, it does the trick.

Alright so, we're looking at a gold and silver bazaar over here. Wow. These are always so shiny, beautiful options here. I’m looking for a silver one because I wanna basically change out this bracelet to have some silver connecting it. So, oh there's a silver shop, a nice looking one here. We'll see how much it costs though. Alright, Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]. Kifak [How are you?]

Let’s see if our guy can hook us up with a good deal, looks like we've got some bracelet options right up here. Yeah, probably something like one of these as long as it's real silver, it's gonna do the trick. Oh well, I guess the guy's not getting off the phone, so we'll take the business somewhere else. So, Kieran knows there's another silver shop over here. He knows this place pretty well already. Yeah, I’ve done a bit of walking man. Yeah just down this way. Yeah, yeah, Alright, let's— let's check this out. Looks like a bigger shop too. We'll see if they're available to help me find

where I need-- oh and they have the machine stuff there so if I need anything customized. Hey, Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] Keefak [How are you?]. Mash el haal [It’s okay] I need a— a bracelet to connect the tree. So beautiful. Bracelet something like this similar. Is it possible to get one of those bracelets, and then connect the tree? You want cut this one? Yeah. Something that's as similar to this as possible Egyptian silver. Yes and I have like this one, and these are silver. So, they won't turn

green. No, no. That’s nice. How much for this? 15 JD? Alright, and you'll be able to connect it for me? Yeah. Habibi. Yallah. Lets do it. I figured guys, it's time to make my Lebanon bracelet a bit more permanent, and match with the rest of my jewelry. It’s like the only souvenirs I usually ever buy. So, he's gonna help us get it

converted. What's your name? Firas. Firas, the man. Jordanian from Amman? Yes. It’s a very zane [Good] city. Here we go we’re getting it sliced up there, saying bye to the cloth bracelet. It's finally about time,

And can we make like the total length the same? Same length as that? Because that one. That one fits my wrist perfect. Oh, I’m excited. I’ve been trying to do this for a while. Oh yeah. Sweet, sweet. More smaller? Yeah a little smaller, and then you can even chop off the extra. Here we go. We're getting the

the final look going, there it is. Oh yeah. We're back in business. That is great. That is great. 15 here is the- Oh, yeah. I swapped out this used to be string, and now I got silver. Is that the-- is that from Lebanon? Yeah, yeah the Lebanon tree. See you next time. Alright, I am very happy guys. So, I’ve been literally trying to do this for a couple weeks. Now I was walking around

when I was just in Lebanon, and could not find a place that had the matching silver bracelet for this arm. Jordan, you're already making me very happy. Hello, hello. Kifak [How are you?] What do you guys got going on in here? Good stuff? Oh, three floors. What's you best item? Alright, just one look. Alright, we'll take a quick look here. You got a lot of--

a lot of gold items in here, bracelets. Lamps. Wow.

Salam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] Shukran, Shukran [Thank you] My friend, should we get some daggers here bro? We have knife engraving, knives upscales, nice knives upscales. Knives upscales. Alright, sweet that's gonna get us in some trouble, isn't it? Thank you, thank you. Very nice. Very nice, we've got some canes here. This is a Raees cane, the boss. Sometimes I wish that I had a home somewhere in the world because then I could get one of these super cool teapots. I would love to drink tea out of these like super

shiny teapots. It's just such a cool feel to it. Shukran [Thank you] Thank you, thank you. Yeah we'll come back. Yeah, alright. Alright, what type of discounts you got here? What seventy percent? Yes. Good. Yeah, good.

Zane [Good] price. Yeah, and what do you have your jackets? Yeah. How much are the jackets? Jacket 20. That’s— that's not the good, that's not the discounted price. Oh, whoa. You think I’m made out of money. That's expensive.

I need a better deal. Maybe we’ll come back here. I will say I love going to places where people really enjoy being on camera, and like literally in the last 24 hours or I haven't been here 24 hours but like 20 hours or so everyone that I film just absolutely loves it. They enjoy being on camera, enjoy talking in front of it. So, I had heard before I arrived, I probably said this like three times already that the people in Jordan are so friendly, and so welcoming and that's a fact. They're very low-key in terms of

like their selling tactics, like some countries I’ve been to you have like very intense sales people. Here they're chill, they invite you in if you say no, you kind of just keep walking and everyone's kind of you know just low-key. It’s a bustling afternoon though, you got a mix of your downtown, and you have all of your older places like that looks like some sort of coliseum or a coliseum, some sort of arena, got some- getting some good photos over here. Oh this is a little dankery bakery.

Yum, we'll have to stop there then. We’re doing the Middle Eastern crosswalk. Hello, thank you. I feel like people must cross at crosswalks here comparatively. Oh they don't. Alright, alright well. You just— you just walk whenever you want right.

Yeah, don't trust the crosswalk. Good point, well we're arriving into the ruins here. This looks pretty sweet. Did we just walk right in here? Yeah alright, we're in. Jordan pass hey,

straight to the door. Perfect. So, once again guys, I mentioned that in the last video if you have the Jordan pass, you have to get it before you come to Jordan. I expressed that because these guys are gonna probably get the Jordan pass but they got it after or did you end up getting the Jordan pass. I wouldn't have known literally I only found out about the Jordan pass two hours before my flight. My friend Sophia had mentioned it to me, and she was like make sure you buy this. It waves your visa fee, and thank God, I got it just in time. Yeah, we

stumbled upon these ruins, and the guys like Jordan pass, and we're like yeah alright for me I was like yeah, yeah. So, another place that gets us in to get that value out of it, definitely recommend it. Jordan pass right, Shukran [Thank you] and I just walk in? So, we are entering into the ruins here. Okay. Yep, thank you.

Alright, and this is it. This is a very old and beautiful place. Harry's working on a little bargain over here, special deal or what? Secret. Ah, top secret. Yeah alright,. No top secrets, free. Special price then. One, two, three, four, not ten dinar, ten dinar, ten dinar. Five, five. Oh ten, ten dinar. No, five. Oh. Five, five,

five, five, five. Oh, I’m gonna do a quick walk around, and maybe we come back. Yeah thank you Mohammed. Yeah, shoufak [See you] Mohammed, pretty expensive. Jordan pass doesn't cover the— the custom— custom tour there. This place is in stunning condition though for being so old. Although, it would be kind of nice to

have a tour right now because we kind of just stumbled upon it. We have no idea what's going on in this place or what it has to do with but it's actually like very cool in here compared to outside in the city, I think probably because of this stone. The stone keeps it much colder, and here's the the chair. How are we looking bro? Looking like an old Jordanian? Yallah bro. Govind style.

Alright, here we go. We're gonna climb up, it's pretty steep actually as you can see here. We got Harry leading the way. [Speaking in Arabic] Wow, look at how steep this gets right here. It's almost like straight up. Oh, oh. Definitely gonna be a good workout today after eating last night's shawarma. Oh, yeah. Leg day today baby, leg day today. Let’s get it.

Yeah. Oh yeah, now we can see the coliseum. Hello. You can see up there, that's the citadel up top. So they really had such a nice layout to this place. Guys, so if you come to like right up here, it's a great spot to get a little photo here for the gram in case you need any ideas, got that one just looking down in there. The nice part is, it gives the views of down here along with the citadel as I was just showing you. So you can climb a little bit further,

and that'll get us all the way up to the top. Let’s do it. Let's do it. Yallah. Oh yeah, we're getting-- we're getting steeper though, that's for sure. Oh, looks like we're making our own custom pathway to get up here. Here we found the stairs again, getting that workout in. Yeah they definitely had legs of steel back in the day, that's for sure.

We are at the top. Oh yeah, see back in the day when there was an event going on here. This is where I’d be hanging out. Incredible. Alright, so I’m gonna ask Matt, what are two facts you know about this place, bro? So this amphitheater holds 6,000 people, and what that means in the roman empire, they built the amphitheaters to hold 10 percent of the population. So that means there are 60,000 people here in what was then known Philadelphia. Oh this place used to be philly.

That’s amazing, and what else have you learned about this place from, that’s a good fact. So this was built in the second century. Yeah. So, just standing in the very same place where you know that's so long ago. Yeah, yeah. How many years ago like 2000 or more? Second century would be about 100 to 200. Wow, wow. So you're 1900 years. Wow so long ago. Yeah it's pretty crazy and like you can just see how well preserved it

still is. I mean you just look at this place, and honestly you could open it up for business again but you gotta keep in mind if you're gonna be working here, you're gonna be getting a good workout every single day, climbing up to the top, and then back down. Matt was also telling me the acoustics here are very good.

So, when people are talking down at like the bottom, they can hear up here like pretty easily right. Yeah I mean back in the day, they didn't have any sound systems so when you're down there, and you just speak like we are now you could hear it all over the amphitheater, they were designed that way. They— they were genius in the way they designed their amphitheaters. Oh, it's incredible. Yeah, you see it. Harry, not Harry Potter. This is Harry, he's better than Harry Potter.

He’s gonna have legs of steel. You ready for that bro? That’s the hardest one out there. It is it was pretty cool checking it out from up here. And we're starting to make our way down but we wanted to check out right on this edge over here if we can see any views of the city, and a little bit, you can see some of downtown. Oh bigger steps than

you'd think you jumped down, you can feel it in the knees a bit. Oh, and boom. Here we are, downtown it's almost sunset already. Surprisingly the sun goes down so early, like by 5 pm here or something like that. So, here we go, making our way down.

Here is the view from up top. Oh, this is so picturesque, like the birds flying through the city here, stunning. Alright, thank you very much. That was a good time exploring. What do you think bro? That was good. Yeah, yeah. Alright, sweet on to the next place. Alright guys, I think it's time to get a little Turkish ice cream. It's funny I’ve

never been to Turkey but I get Turkish ice cream in like every Middle Eastern country I go to. We’ve got some Turkish ice cream. Vanilla [Speaking Arabic] I don't know what I like more, the show or the ice cream itself. Winner, winner.

Now we get to enjoy. Oh, I love Turkish ice cream, seriously so good. Very good ice cream, and a great show but this time they weren't as aggressive as like the Turkish ice cream that I had in Kurdistan, and in Dubai but I won the prize this time. Now, I’ve gotten pretty good at grabbing the ice cream cone that he went through like four or five cones before I actually got it. The first time, I got Turkish ice cream, I don't think I touched the cone a single time in like the two or three minute show, so.

We've got a tight fit here, a lot of traffic going on, and oh we are now on a hunt to find some food here. The whole squad's getting pretty hungry after quite a bit of walking around. Oh Beirut hotel, we got a little taste of Lebanon here. I miss my— my lovely Lebanon always. And we're crossing here, finding a little way out. Today's Middle Eastern crosswalk is quite easy, you just cruise right

through, and hopefully find some food here guys pretty soon. Oh well, maybe, maybe not depending if it's a red light, dodgy. Alright well, that's one way to get across. We got Harry leading the pack, you know he's hungry going that level of speed, full speed ahead bro. He's like hey, hey, easy guys, I’m hungry over here, yeah. Oh such a nice temperature here right now.

Alright, guys we've been walking for about like 25 minutes right now, trying to locate some food but it sounds like we've got a good recommendation from Kieran. We're climbing up another set of steps. So good news is, we earn whatever type of shawarmas we eat today or whatever type of food we eat, the nice part is since we've walked so much, we're definitely getting a good feel of the city. Whenever I go to a new city, I always try, and spend at least the first couple days doing a lot of walking because it's you know, it's the best way to one get an idea of what it's like to just kind of like live the daily life in the city, meet the locals, figure out you know how friendly people are, and you also just kind of like get a off the beaten path for to some extent tour. Whereas if you just go on like a tour the whole time, they might not just take you to these random alleyways. I’m out of breath though guys.

I’ll finish that thought once I get to the top. Streets in Jordan just feel so comfortable to walk through. You have your nice comfortable neighborhoods, fixtures on top of the streetlights are also pretty cool. Yeah, it's really nice, and calm. I like Jordan a lot. My first impressions are blown away. Honestly, I don't even know if 10 days

will be enough time here. I wanna explore so much more. Oh, it's amazing. Alright, we just stumbled upon this restaurant, and I am already liking the looks of it, very artsy. We got a little suitcase in there too. So, this one's called Elul caffé, and restaurant. Hello, hello. Should we go up to the rooftop? Alright, seems like the rooftop seating where most people are at because there was no one on that first level.

It looks pretty sweet. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] I made it. Oh cool, that thing got a little sweaty after all that walking. Let's see what we've got in here. How's the menu looking boys? Oh yeah. Oh, we've got English and Arabic.

That’s perfect. Mozzarella sticks, I’m sold. Yeah you know, it sounds very Jordanian right. And what else do we got in here? Juices, ice cream. Alright, I think I

need to try out a manoushe here. The guys just found, they were like what's manakish I was like oh I know exactly what that is my favorite food in the Middle East. [Speaking Arabic] You guys know what you want? [Speaking Arabic] I missed the reactions guys but the lads just had their first experience with here in some of the Middle Eastern countries rather than like a pop top like you have in the US where it like sticks on the back this thing just shows, and then it comes off like that. I’ve only seen it in Lebanon, I’ve seen it in Iraq and now here in Jordan. They're kind of a cool way to do it. I’m not sure

if I like it better or worse. I got a little chai right there bro. Let’s try it out. Very classy. Oh, it's hotter than hell. See even after being in all these Middle Eastern countries, I’m constantly burning my tongue, and I still haven't built up the tolerance to it. That's when you know you've been truly initiated into the culture, when you can drink tea straight out of the pot.

Hopefully, I’ll get there one day. InshaAllah [God willing]. Alright, guys we had an eighty percent success with that order. We got the cocktail but they did it not the Mac way. That’s what I’ve been calling it. They did za’atar on one side, and the jibneh the cheese on the other side. Now we have to do it the way that I learned in Lebanon where you basically toss this one right over there. Thank you bro. And give it a shot here. So this is my first time actually eating manoushe outside of Lebanon. I kind of feel like

I’m cheating on Lebanon especially because when I got back to Lebanon last time, I said don't worry I’ll never eat manoushe outside of the country but this is calling my name, and I need to know if it's good in Jordan too. So, here we go. Oh wow, it's like we never left Lebanon. That is damn good. That is so good. Alright, here we go, another bite one more just to really let those taste buds soak in. I could eat this for every meal for the rest of my life easily but I’m especially excited because got the lads here. They're trying out, Harry's digging it, you know he's— he's obsessed with it. What were your like impressions on it?

It’s like heaven. Unbelievable heaven. Exactly heaven in a meal. And Matt? I’m thinking, I-- this is not enough. Alright, he's gonna need, he's gonna need some more. Have to get another one. Yeah. Oh, yeah you can always do another manoushe,

and survey says. Oh, he's digging it, digging it. Yeah, yeah, and what do you have over here the mozzarella sticks? Mozzarella pasta. Oh yeah, it looks pretty good. You know what they are it's just like deep fried cheese, man. Oh, you can't go wrong with

that. Enjoy, enjoy. So for the four of us to eat, it came out to about 20.6 Jordanian dinar which is what would you guys say like 25 US dollars roughly. Yeah, so that's— that's pretty

good for the lads to enjoy a nice meal. Alright, that was a great first Jordanian meal. Shukran [Thank you] Thank you, thank you. It turns out to be pretty nice here tonighT. They get the lights on very festive, very colorful, very exciting. Delicious first meal that is where I’m gonna go ahead, and end today's video guys. First impressions overall here in Amman for the first full day, it was

incredible. It's a really an enjoyable city to walk around, stroll around as I’ve mentioned a few times already the people here are super welcoming. A lot of people speak English, I haven't had any issues in terms of communication down here usually in the cities, and you know in places that get a lot of tourism. It's

common to find a fair amount of English speakers. So, happy to hear that, it makes a little easier to communicate, definitely gonna be exploring a lot more of Amman over the next probably like one to two full days until we move on to the next city in Jordan. So, make sure, you guys hit that subscribe button if you haven't already. So, you can check out those videos, and

hit that like button, and I will see you guys in the next video. [Music]

2021-11-22 17:08

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