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it feels like we were plucked out of  our lives and placed into a fairy tale we ordered two traditional main  dishes here in salvador sizzling there's a tradition that is famous here  in bahia basically they're good luck   ribbons almost like there's a whole  different city on a different level   good morning guys from salvador  take a look at our view so we're in the colonial town of salvador  but specifically we're in pellerino which   is the historic district so this is where  you'll see most of the beautiful colonial   buildings and all the colors that this  place is known for let's go explore   salvador and first get some food we'll start so those ladies that you just saw they dress  traditionally and you can get a picture with them we want to try some traditional  brazilian food that is special to   this area while we're here since we only have  a few days so we heard we should be trying to   and is a popular dish here as well so at first we thought it was just the main plaza  that was colorful once we got here it looked like   there is like a main city a big city that we  drove through which looks more like sao paulo   or something and then we only saw the main  area but now as we're walking we're seeing   that it's actually a lot more like look at these  streets here all the pastel colors coming out down so this man right here painted all these  bowls that are lined up along the buildings look at this wall of leather goods you can just  shop the whole store on the wall outside here now we're beginning to understand why  so many of you told us to come here so   many brazilians kept saying salvador  salvador salvador by yeah non-stop   and it is very unique place so we are really  glad we came here and we barely started   yeah apparently salvador has a lot of  history these buildings are from the 1700s now we are being escorted and we don't know why so we were just looking for a restaurant to  get our breakfast today we were looking for   kind of a local spot walking all around colorino  and i think we kind of got out of like the main   center of colorino we went into a restaurant  that seemed very local and we asked for a menu   and they didn't have it i think that's because  it's so local that they know what they have they   don't have to look at pictures or anything like  that uh and this policeman military whatever he   was he was standing there and he kind of  followed us out and then he just said like   like basically come with me without saying  anything and he brought us down about a block   block and a half to this place where we are  now which it looks like there's like a buffet   here there's some coffee and juices things like  that and so we just got a coffee but he was just   waiting outside for us the whole time for for  a few minutes and then once we got our coffee   he came in and he basically told us like go back  the same way that you came that was the cheapest   coffee we've had yet and that was probably my math  keeps falling down that was probably because we're   at a more local place but we paid 60 cents for  two cafe con leches coffee and milk that's crazy let's go try some regional brazilian  or afro-brazilian food we were gonna   get breakfast but it kind of turned into lunch  it's about 12 o'clock so let's eat some lunch lady's awesome she's been helping us out we  ordered two traditional main dishes here in brazil   or salvador we got feijoada and mosquito and one  thing you always have to take into account in   brazil is that music is played at a lot of places  even if you get there and there's no music playing   chances are music will start playing  within the hour as you sit there and wow it seems like whenever we get to a restaurant  they start playing music like 20 minutes later   we usually try to pick places that have less  music so we can film otherwise it's too loud   and we have no idea that that's going to happen  the other thing is you have to pay for the music   if you're sitting at a table you you pay for  the music you contribute to the artist to the   restaurant and usually it's around a dollar dollar  tent usually like six six rail wherever you are   okay the waitress just came up to us  two minutes later she said they don't   have the fee here and that was  the main thing we wanted to try   the experience started out good  and now it's getting kind of off   i just don't have what you want we ordered them   we'll show you that uh we're looking forward  to that at least i'll get fiza another day so this is a pretty cool thing in brazil  we've noticed that people can order these   huge containers of beer and then they put them  into these little cups and the container just   sits at their table we haven't been having beer  since we got to brazil we've mostly been having   the caipirinhas but we're guessing that is  probably really cheap so we're gonna have to   find out how much one of those is because  that would be really expensive in the u.s yeah that'd be a fun night is a fish stew and it's made with  garlic parsley pepper onion tomato paste   coconut milk and the secret ingredient is palm oil  and they saute it over a low heat served with rice   somo kika baina was developed in the state  of baja where we are now it was influenced   by african and portuguese cuisines by adding  the palm oil and the coconut milk sizzling   a little bit of rice and a couple sides  you can see the peppers in there the onions   the camaro the shrimp smells smells  phenomenal i'm gonna have to wait for   it to cool down slightly so we can try it but  it looks excellent showing us how to eat it are we doing this so good it's creamy i think that's a  coconut milk that makes it really creamy   it must be the secret ingredient palm oil so this isn't a cheap dish i  paid about ten dollars for this 10 actually seems like probably a pretty good deal   it's sizzling it's full of shrimp and this rich  rich sauce it it seems like an expensive dish anything with seafood is usually expensive so it  makes sense we are stuffed that was a delicious   very filling meal we're gonna go walk around  a little bit more and see what we can find   okay now we're walking to tracha which is maybe  the main plaza in pellerino certainly looks like   it there's a lot going on there a lot of street  food vendors dancing music it's got a fun vibe   let's see if the music's still going on i'm super  full but i can't resist this because i've never   seen anything like it may not come across it  again coconuts juice and lime juice together   it comes in this little cup or maybe  it's just a sample it is ice-cold   wow that is refreshing a little creamy  but it tastes almost like a key lime pie a lot of people come up to you here as usual   i think we'll get some so about  a dollar and forty cents for us coconut juice and lemon so usually  there's some music going on right   here looks like they're taking a  break but we will see them later so in this pracha this plaza there are  people selling things and of course it's   probably just the shade of what it usually is  uh but they're still trying there aren't that   many people around these days but there are  a few tourists here but we're one of the few   one thing we did want to buy here is some ribbons  there's a tradition that is famous here in bahia   basically they're good luck ribbons and i  think we found them they're easy to find okay so you buy them in a bunch like this so  40 cents for this bundle so these ribbons or   the baja bands have a long tradition here they  go back maybe 200 years maybe even longer it's   a afro-brazilian thing so it actually  comes from africa the tradition of this   so they used to wear silk ribbons around their  neck that were hand painted with silver or ink   and it was kind of like a cultural religious  symbol these days people use them for good luck   you place them on your wrist you can wear them on  something or you put them like on a gate somewhere   people just put them everywhere these days  there are things that are more traditional but   you can really do what you want with them but one  thing i heard is you have to give it to somebody   in order for the luck to work you can't just  purchase it yourself and give it to yourself   so i'm gonna give one to lindsay uh i'll  allow her to give one to me if she wants to   and hopefully it'll work that way so you're  supposed to kind of wear it until it falls off   so let's do it so we can't really pick i'm gonna  pick a color i think she'll like and she'll pick   one for me all right put it on my wrist so  i know lindsay i think and i'm gonna pick   this perfect one right here it's a light like baby  pink and i think that's the color she would choose i've been really loving this color lately probably bahia but it cut off on the eye or  cut off the a yeah it's a little cut off a   little wrong there but oh wow these so with these  bracelets when you are tying them on your wrist   or on something else you're supposed to make a  wish as you're tying the nuts so we did that in   our heads when alex was trying on me and i was  playing it on him another cool part about these   bracelets another part of the tradition is that  colors are supposed to mean something i think it's   kind of developed over time and the white that  lindsey gave me it means wisdom and inner peace   and mine means friendship so we found someone that  looks like he's down on his luck and i think we   need to just give him a little bit of good luck  make a wish bud i'm trying some nuts for you   so we have a decent view from our window but this  is the first view we're gonna get from down here   so this city is very interesting because it's  almost like there's like a whole different   city on a different level so there's this  whole level here where we've been all day   and then you get to this viewpoint and  it's a whole different city way down there and that brings us to the next place we're going  which is this elevator it brings you down to   the next level pretty cool connects you  from the top of the city to the bottom   so this i think is the famous elevator that  brings you down that's where we're going next   so guys it's time for a q a through these q a's  we figure you guys can get to know us a little bit   you guys can ask your questions because we  can't always get to all of them in the comments   we try to pick some of the best ones and put them  in these q and a's so that we can answer them and   talk to you guys about our travels about us if you  have any questions really anything that you want   to ask so it could be travel related anything  about our personal lives relationship history   anything so if you want yours specifically to be  in a q a then make sure you write q and a before   your question in the comments and just leave it  on there let's get started first one comes from   carlos espino did you notice any differences in  the temperature between sao paulo and rio i'm sure   the weather changes kind of all the time in these  cities but when we were in sao paulo it happened   to be super rainy and cloudy and humid i didn't  notice much of a difference lindsay says that it   was hotter in rio but i anything that's kind of  hot is hot to me or not hot i don't know to me   it seemed hotter in real the sun was just super  strong but again i don't know if that was just   the timing of when we were in these cities but  apparently we've heard that the more north you   go it gets hotter and we're heading into the  summer months in brazil so it's gonna get real   hot the next one is from ricardo luiza who says  what do you think about the portuguese language   is it similar to spanish um there are of course  similarities to spanish but i don't think it's   that similar of course it's similar but we know a  bit of spanish and we know how to get by with our   spanish with portuguese a lot of times we speak we  speak our spanish words hoping that we can get by   and a lot of times people have no idea what  we're saying so although they're similar it's   not similar enough to really get by with that  language if we get lucky some words are similar   like asking for how much something costs or  the check it's like instead of acquaintance   and i'm probably saying that wrong still but  they're similar enough where people can guess what   we mean but the language as a whole if you hear  someone fluently speaking in portuguese versus   spanish they don't sound similar at all portuguese  kind of sounds like a mix of like spanish and like   italian it kind of rolls differently and there is  some there are a lot of sounds in portuguese that   you don't really have in the spanish language  so it makes it yeah it makes it more difficult   but there are the similarities like pano banero  some of those that make it easier manga next one   comes from luva rescue says that's great to have  food and drink vendors come to you while you're   enjoying the beach so neat how many different ones  were out there on a sunday so they're referring to   in rio when we were hanging out on the beach  eating and drinking we didn't have to leave our   beach towel really as to how many we don't  really know but they probably have certain   areas that they work and in our area i'd say  like you'd see someone new every few minutes   but actually not someone knew you'd see someone  every few minutes but a lot of the people we saw   we would see them coming back and forth so  i don't know maybe 10 to 15 different people   possibly in our area in our small area like the  beach is huge there's copacabana which is a huge   beach they probably don't walk across the whole  thing they probably just have an area and then   there's like ibanema right next door and there's  a whole area there so i don't know yeah probably a   handful of people to each area and they all kind  of sell similar things like the cheese sticks   they were selling uh alcohol lots of alcohol  coconuts the next one is from jace vibe who says   did you continue your travels to keep the  channel going or you felt like doing it i   have a feeling you might have used some more rest  so good question alex and i both love to travel   so that is one of the main reasons that we are  continuing our travels and came to brazil also   there is the youtube channel thing which has been  my job for a while so taking a year off or a year   and a half like once covid started to the point we  might get a vaccine and go back to normal possibly   that's a long time to sit at home without a job  when i could be out traveling doing my job for for   a year so that is part of it but also i have been  on the road for several years now traveling almost   the whole year and so that's kind of the way  i've been living so it's hard for me to just   stay at home and not really do anything also  we did take about two and a half months at home   maybe our videos didn't totally reflect  that because we are posting some older   videos and stuff but we did get a good amount  of rest so we feel ready to go on travel again   the last question is from jean carlos lima who  asks will you be going to the northeast of brazil   yes we plan on doing a big trip for about a month  heading more north northeast so we are going to   see a lot of the things that you guys have been  suggesting to us and you guys have been awesome   giving us a ton of recommendations so we're  going to listen to your guys's suggestions   and we are going to go to a lot of the places that  you've mentioned we can't wait for it they sound   amazing we knew a little bit of what to expect  when it came to rio sao paulo the big cities   because you hear about them even across the world  but these places in the northeast you don't really   hear too much about them until you actually get to  brazil and it sounds crazy in a good way so we're   gonna go up there and show you probably some  of the best stuff that we do in this country   and it seems like in a lot of these places most  tourists don't ever get to them so we're excited   to experience where more locals are or where  a lot of people don't get the chance to go so look forward to that please like this video it  helps us out leave a comment below any comments   say hello ask a weird question whatever you  want and then we will see you in the next video tomorrow you

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