First Impressions of SWAT PAKISTAN

First Impressions of SWAT PAKISTAN

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Good afternoon, guys and welcome back to another video here in Pakistan specifically in Swat. So where we're at right now is we just got to our hotel. And as you can see, it looks like a very very nice one. We've got the British lad over there. Oh he's in full Harry potter mode as you

guys can see and we're at the Swat Hilton and we're gonna be grabbing our stuff and going inside. So here we go. Alright, checking the room out here. Oh we've got the elevator, you can see right through there. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] Shukriya [Thank you] What's your good name? My ame is Rafay. It's a great name. Nice to meet you. You’re from Swat? Yes. Perfect. My name is Mac. Gold elevator. Assalam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] Kesay ho? [How are you?] I am fine. Aap kesay ho? [How are you?] Theek ho [Good]

Oh, it's a different dialect. Theek ho. Accent is different. We got the views of Swat on our way up, it looks like. Oh we're going up to the top floor.

Perfect, perfect. Alright, got some nice views up here. Oh we can see the mountains way in the distance, got the Pakistan flag flying up top. Oh even some sofas right outside. 304, yeah. So as you can see, we've got the nice looking room here, shiny bed too. Oh Harry and I are gonna have to box

over that who gets to know that's all right bro. What a nice guy. What a nice guy. That's alright bro. Got the twin bed and then inside of here, we've got- oh nice big bathroom, shiny sink here, some brushing utensils, Western toilet. Very nice. Very theek hai [Good]. A different dialect here. Yeah then yeah you wake up and

balcony and here we go. Sofa's here maybe I’ll sleep out here. And you can see the mountains way in the distance. So this is the Swat Hilton. Yes, Swat Hilton. So it's part of the Hilton chain? Oh okay. Oh nice, yeah it's very nice, beautiful

place. Shukriya [Thank you] Alright, looks quite nice and let's test out over here guys how the pillows are, seems pretty good, comfortable bed. Let's try out the couch here. Oh yeah, that'll do. They even have a pizza menu right here. Alright, that is tempting. Yeah, let's do it. Okay. So I will send your luggage. Okay thanks so much. Here we go guys. We’ll do the speed test on the network and here we go. What do we got for

megabytes per second? Alright, 1.2 1.1. Alright, and upload speeds we have about point three. Alright, well we've even got a little

fridge here guys. Chow in there? Nope, but we do have some fresh waters with the seal right on top there. So that is good news. You gotta follow Harry's lead on testing out the bed. Oh sorry guys fell asleep on you there. So really nice setting out here guys, a

great spot like I can imagine just waking up here in the morning looking out into the mountainous views. And it is a really nice temperature especially because if you guys have been following my channel for a while, I’ve been in the hot weather for I feel like all my videos this whole year were from hot weather places so it's kinda nice to toss on a jacket, have a little bit of the taste of the cold weather before it gets way colder because once we get up to Hunza valley, I think we'll be looking like the top of those mountains way over there, the ones behind. I don't know if you guys can even see them but there's some snow-capped mountains way, way back there at the very tips of them. It's cool though. We even have a river in the distance, can walk around, hang out over there, just a nice little atmosphere over here. Alright guys, so a pretty sweet

place that we are staying in. We are now heading to go exchange some money because up here in Swat. There are not any international banks that we've been able to locate. The only one we found was Dubai Islamic bank which is an international bank but it only worked for us when we were in Karachi. For some reason when we're in Lahore, it didn't work and now here in Swat. So thank goodness, I had some extra US dollars so we're gonna be able to exchange it.

Otherwise, we wouldn't have had any money because we spent it all when we were at the market yesterday and left so early today, we didn't think about it until after we were already on the road. So definitely a good tip for you guys, make sure you bring enough cash with you and whether it's you know worst case like we're probably gonna like worst case, I have US dollars but like definitely bring Pakistani rupees with you. So you have like we'll probably get a really poor exchange rate, you know it's better than not having money in this case right. Very nice grand

entrance in here, yeah. Is there a like restaurant in here? No. restaurant, it's a conference hall. Conference hall, oh okay. Very nice. Well, nice little tour in here. We'll see you later. Allah hafiz [Goodbye]. Alright, here we go. Here we go. We’re doing a little off-roading now. Yeah you can see you guys, they're putting in a second side of the road here. You can tell after seeing earlier

in the videos, a lot of traffic up here in Swat. So guys as you can see, we're downtown. The business continues here a lot more foot traffic down here that's because we are near the bazaars. So we're going to

be doing a trip down here later on today. We’re just doing a quick currency exchange because the currency exchange bank closes around 4 p.m. Akram told me, So once we make the exchange, we're probably gonna nap for an hour or two and then after that, we're gonna take you with us downtown to explore more this. As you guys can probably see, all day the bags are definitely heavy under the eyes. As you can see here guys, you got the locals helping plus a lot going on in the background, it takes skill to drive here in Pakistan. I don't think I would

survive, probably not. I would have already crashed the car three or four times. The last time I drove was in Jordan but Jordan was pretty easy to drive in if you guys saw that video but here you know, you really gotta pay attention because here people do a lot of honks to let you know you're coming through. You have motorcycles coming on the right, tuk-tuk coming on the left sometimes and you have people walking by. So I’d be

dangerous to the community here driving because I’d probably hesitate and hear if you just keep moving, people just kind of know to go in and out and I’d be like slamming on the brakes. So it would be a little risky. Hopefully, we'll make it there later guys, try a little sugar cane juice, show you the process of it. Freshly made. Alright, guys busyness downtown, here we go. Harry, are you ready for this? You're not awake for it though bro, are you? We got fresh tomatoes here. Whoa, gotta watch where you step. I just fell down the curb. There's the sugar cane, Ikram's leading the way, a lot of busyness down here today, isn't there? So Ikram, you haven't been back to Swat then in two years? Yes, before corona I was here. Yeah how

does it feel to be back? Not much change. Not much has changed. Alright, good news is I think we found the exchange Western Union. That's always a good sign to see and actually that's another thing guys if you ever run into a money issue, you can always Western Union yourself money. I’ve done that before in Lebanon but if

it's your first time studying to a new country, usually it'll delay a couple days, so just so you know that alright guys. So just teleport it back to the hotel. You're wondering how I got here so quickly. I just didn't wanna pull out the money in a really busy area but basically so some more tips when it comes to money, don't have old bills. So this is an old 100 bill, it's in perfect

condition, no rips even smells brand new. This is what a new hundred dollar bill looks like if you haven't seen it, this one wasn't approved because it's old. This one has some small little blue stamp on there and guess where I got all of these 100s from, a Western Union. Guess where I tried to exchange rupees for at, a Western Union. So to be fair, these are from a Western Union in Lebanon and this

is a Western Union in Pakistan but still I just found that quite humorous. We were able to get like the exchange rate I looked it up on my phone, it's about 176 rupees to one dollar and so we're actually only able to exchange 200 dollars. So now we've got like somewhere around 35,000 rupees. But it's just crazy though

guys because it's like not only like do you need to have cash with you as a backup but you need to have the right bills and I also do know one thing. Luckily, none of these bills have it's- I got these from a Western Union but if you have even the smallest tear on a bill, you can't exchange it. That's what I found in most countries. Here is the rupees. We are at least back in business in terms of having some cash. So that's good news but yeah time to take a nap and we'll see you guys after a quick one. And good morning guys, actually it's the afternoon but we just got a nice little two hour nap in. So let's see what it's

looking like here at sunset. Release the drone. [Music] Alright, we're cruising on down guys. Good elevator music, that's for sure. We’re now cruising into the city. It's still just as busy if not busier since when we were down here a couple hours ago.

Oh and the rickshaws are coming out of nowhere, that's for sure. So we're on a bit of a hunt to find some coffee. You know sometimes it's hard after waking up from a nap to be fully there and that's kinda how I am but you gotta be alert here because you never know when there's a rickshaw or a truck coming. Oh and locals on one side. So it's a tight fit guys. So as you guys can see, you probably haven't noticed yet but there's a lot of shops that sell rims. Ikram is just telling us that they are famous for rims. So, there's a lot of car shops like seat upholstery stereo systems. I have noticed that there's been like a tremendous amount of

car shops all over across the street over there as well. That's very interesting. Got some delicious street food here? Chapli kebab. Chapli kebab, what's in there, eggs? Meat, eggs. That's like a dinner? You can see the process. Oh wow, looks like a meat patty over there, quite big. Well, it looks like it could be changed pretty soon starting to

turn a little black, got an interesting scent to it. You think you're gonna get one? No, no, I’m gonna take the day off. So is that a good one? You like it. Yeah, this is nice. Oh and here's all the- the meat to get it ready. So it's tossed and turned in there. So it looks like he's building in the

meat, the eggs and the tomato on there. Alright, looks like we're definitely entering in the food market, lots of local cuisine preparation happening at this hour. It is getting pretty close to dinner time, that's for sure. Salaam Alaikum yaar [Peace be upon you, friend] Oh some fresh fruits here, nuts. So we've got some herbs here, some nuts in back there, the full shop got a bit of everything. You can see the fruits and vegetables

are lined up perfectly. So I think that is anaar [pomegranate]. That's an apple, yeah. This is the dream for people that are OCD, yeah. Everything is perfectly aligned and same over here with the clementines. Alright, you got fresh catches of the day hanging out, doesn't get any fresher than that. Some little device going on here.

Is that sugar cane? Look at that little tool he's using. So this little mini truck right here see it driving away, that is like the local transportation. You can pay 50 stop to stop and you just hop in the back of the truck, very nicely decorated. And you can take that thing right around

the city. It seems like it's quieting down a little bit over here. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]. And we got something going on down there maybe a little party. Green lights, laser lights coming out, got a little street fight going on here. Aap kesay hain? [How are you?] So guys, we're coming up to the marketplace specifically for weddings, female wears this is called like a haar [Necklace] and it goes around on their wedding day, very colorful. As you can see, you got the hearts there

and my guess is you can get them all customized and made down there, quite a few different options. Oh and they- they're like super soft because they're like very, very thin pieces of string on them. So guys coming up to a shop here, I think I’m gonna get one more set of gloves, see what options we've got. I think we found a nice gray pair back here. Good quality? Alright, see what our man's got back here. The gray ones, what does it got for? I don't like the- the design. I like the simple design. I’d rather have it like that. Alright, so these are

the ones, yeah. Alright, so I’m gonna try these gloves on and let's see how they are. A little small but I think they'll do the trick. I need something. I need two options guys yeah in an earlier video I picked up some gloves, these will be good. What's the price? 500?

50. That's a good price, an honest man. Alright, we're back at it, all good. No problem. No, it's for you, for an honest man, gets a reward. That’s what I call an honest salesman guys, 50 rupees for this which comes out to like 40 cents maybe 50 cents. So now we're good to walk around the city much warmer. Look at the locals bus here guys, you can probably easily fit. I’ve seen

probably at least 15 people all hop up in one. So you can fit more than it looks like because some people hang off the back of them. We got the big man over here with a new hat. Hello, hello. Looking like a true local. I’m now a local guys. Yeah, that is fresh. I wasn't getting set up before, I am now. Yeah, yeah you know the hats in Hunza are even different than that bro.

Yep, different style up there. It’s great. That was my first purchase here in Swat guys and I was happy to see that we had a very honest man give us the price of 50. So I left him 100, gave him double the price what he's looking for maybe he can buy himself a pair of gloves with it. It's nice to see when people give you the- the locals price straight away. Oh we're doing some

off-roading here. When you follow Harry you go off-roading. Alright, guys we might have to try out a little Pakistani sweets here in Swat. I think that's going to be a nice idea. Wow, wow, wow. Oh smells quite nice in here. Oh no way, we got chocolate cakes on deck baby. Good. You know for a fact guys, I can't go anywhere where there's a chocolate cake

and not eat it and a cookie too. I have to do a little snack test. I haven't even had dinner yet. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]. Yeah, I’m thinking chocolate cake's a must. One chocolate. You want a chocolate cake? Oh that's vanilla, looks like coconut on it. I think that's coconut shavings and then one of those. Harry, you doing a chocolate cake too? 200. Coconut? Coconut mix chocolate. Man

living the good life. That's the good stuff. Alright, guys as you can see, this is a multi-layer chocolate cake. Honestly, life does not get any better than this simple spoon full of- Let’s try it out. Oh my God, that is rich in so many flavors of chocolate, delicious. We’ve got here- Look at that, you just got so much chocolate up top then you have some cake in between then more chocolate, chocolate chips on top. It's chocolate heaven. Shukria [Thank you], Verey delicious. Theek hai [It's good]

Oh yeah guys, nothing like a little more chocolate in the system. Daily dose of chocolate keeps the doctor away wink, wink. A Pakistani crosswalk here and we're making it safely and we're back in the car. Aap kaise hain? [How are you?] bro. Oh very nice. Got some gloves, got some chocolate cake, pretty good. Well guys, we're just

arriving here now to what's known to be Swat's best restaurant. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]. What’s your good name? Mueed. Mueed, good name. Nice to meet you and here we are. We've got quite a few options for food here are quite a few areas we can eat. So there's tables in each one of these. Yeah. Oh very nice. Oh

perfect. I’m thinking yeah, I’m thinking we gotta do that, yeah they're like small little huts. We got a pond here too. Oh we've got this one locked And so most of the family over here, they are using this kind of huts.

That’s very nice. For privacy in winter. It’s also just keeps you warmer. Yeah. Very nice. So is this the one we're doing? Should we take a look up top? Yes on the riverside. Riverside path. Yeah, at night it is not that much you can there is no any view but in daytime if you would sit over there, you can enjoy the Swat river. Oh yeah, yeah so it's probably better to go up top. Well, let's cruise on up, got

the hair man leading the way, Harry potter. We’ve got the private cabin over there or we've got the big cabin for multiple people. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]. Oh yeah, I bet they've got some good chai here. Should we take a seat? Let's do it.

Alright, we got the G Qurban Restaurant here. What do we got for options? Oh we've got some milkshakes, of course the dessert's the first thing that pops out to me but I’ve already had my dessert for today, so definitely something with chicken here. Chicken Handi, chicken ginger, quite a few good options here, quite a friendly set of prices on here too.

Chicken fried rice, I think that's what Harry's getting. I’m probably copying them because that sounds g double o d, good. That's about 1 dollar and 20 cents so quite a nice price, definitely gonna be getting a order of tea here. It's a paratha

bread with that is gonna be necessary and I think we'll probably do a little green tea. That'll do it. I’ll take one chicken fried rice, one green tea and one paratha. That’s the only type that is available? Yeah, you recommend the dry one. We’ll try one dry one, please. You know what time it is Harry? Chai time baby. Shukria [Thank you].

Geez guys, that's how you know I need chai because I almost said shukran, instead of Shukria [Thank you]. It's similar though. The chow is arriving. That is gonna be delish, that's what we call a chicken fried rice, little paratha bread. and a little chai time. Shukriya [Thank you] We’re going straight in guys. We're just gonna start step one, try some of the chicken fried rice here the Pakistani way. It's like a chicken biryani but made

in a different way right, different spices, different flavors and completely different food. Then we gotta try out the dry paratha bread. So as you guys can see here, it still does look a little oily but when you flip it over here, you have your dry side. It's gonna be a different flavor but I can tell you, I’m still feeling some chewiness. Let's go ahead and rip a little piece off there, grab some of the chicken fried rice definitely probably an original way not the Pakistani paratha bread with chicken fried rice but we're trying something new. You know could be a new thing here in Pakistan.

Definitely gonna be a new thing here guys, I’m pretty confident of it. I will say the normal paratha bread I do like better just because it has that extra oil, gives it a better chew, mixes into the food, a bit nicer but that said having any type of paratha bread with the combination of vegetables in here. We have the rice and the chicken. It's a good flavor. I know you guys love to comment if there's other people at our table that aren't eating. The lovely gentlemen here have actually already eaten earlier while Harry and I were sleeping. So now they've joined for the tea.

Cheers. As you can see, I’ve made it about thirty percent, forty percent the way through the paratha bread. This type of paratha bread I think just because it's a thicker dough is it the exact same dough but just cooked differently. I feel like with the baking process different, it fills me up way more because this morning for breakfast I had an entire paratha bread with my omelet along with probably another half of a paratha and right now after having this much bread along with probably half of the chicken fried rice there, I’m starting to fill up quite quickly. Alright guys, for us to chow down on

that entire meal comes out to about 830. So about four bucks at this really nice restaurant down here, so delicious food. What'd you think Harry? Yeah, very good value for money. Two dollars each. Alright, guys now we're just cruising back to the hotel. We just got in the car a second ago and we can already see Swat Hilton hotel. So if you're staying in this area, it's very easy to get to the food district right around here. So

that's one of many restaurants along this area. And now we are going back up to the room. And we are back here. It seems like we're some of the only guests staying in this hotel. Obviously, it's not high season up here at the moment because it's starting to cool down. So it feels like we've got the place to ourselves. I see maybe one other car out there not too many others. So here we are back at 304. Alright,

guys fast forward two hours later hour and a half later, we are going back out for one more cup of tea tonight with our friends you guys probably saw in some earlier vlogs, Fatima and all of her siblings as well as Akib. So let's head on down and go see them. Hello, how are you guys doing? How are you man? Yeah good and you? How’s everything? Good. What's up brother? How are things? Alright, so we've got the crew together and we are heading over. You guys already eat? No. So you're getting some pizza? We weren't initially but now like we have parathas.

Cheese parathas? Potatoes, have you tried that one? No, not yet. No, no thanks. We just actually just ate dinner a little bit ago with our tour guide. Just have a taste, a bite. Oh right now I’m alright, but maybe after the chai yeah maybe. Yeah with the chai. Alright, guys and we have arrived over here to a much more modern side of Swat than we've seen before. As you can see here, above we've got some sort of apartments or things going on and then on the bottom level, we've got some nice shops. Looks like we've got a pharmacy

and we've got a place over here to have some tea. Salaam Alaikum yaar [Peace be upon you, friend]. Aap kesay hain? [How are you?] Looks quite inviting if I can say so myself. It’s a great name yeah. Thank you. Yeah, this is where you're from? I am from Pakistan from here. Oh it's a very nice place. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you]

Which state you're from? The Chicago area Illinois. Yeah I’m in Indiana. Oh nice. We're neighbors. Yeah, yeah that's cool. What brings you here? Making YouTube videos.

Yeah, yeah does that mean you guys are new subscribers? Oh yeah. Perfect, perfect. You got one. Alright, thank you. Sweet. That’s a great country, really nice people; hospitable. We've got our new Pakistani friends not anymore actually multiple weeks we've known him now.

Awesome. Feel free it's completely safe over here. Nice. Oh wonderful, the whole perception about it. It's not safe, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, we feel safe here. You can feel it for yourself. Yeah definitely, I agree with you. I agree with you. And if you guys need anything, everybody is very helpful. Perfect. Thank you so much, feel free to ask for anything, any help. Shukria [Thank you].

Let’s get a coffee. Let's go. Alright, let's go. Oh no handshakes like I just got dodged there. That’s one where I’m gonna go like this guys, I was just fixing my hair there. I have a coffee shop actually in here. You guys in for a cup of coffee?

Yeah Route 95, we gotta go to because we're meeting all their family there. Oh look at this place. We are in the most modern side of Swat, it looks like. It's a bit quiet here though at this hour, seems like we're the only ones walking around. Is this place closed pretty soon? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh good, that makes sense

then. So it's busiest during the day. No no, no, no today is not yet. Actually weekend is busiest day here. Oh okay. Just like Saturday, Sunday. Ah yes.

Yeah, yeah let's go. Is this the one? I haven't beenthere. Oh let's go to the one you wanna go to. Yes. You own it? Yeah, yeah. You own it, okay. Alright, alright. Well actually, you're

the second person to invite us for coffee. Their whole family invited us so I think we're gonna come here tomorrow. Are you open at 7 a.m.? Please you can come here for cookies. I have only donuts today. Okay we can

try it. You have donuts? Yeah let's do it. Alright, donuts and then we go to the Route 95. So it's a quick stop in here. Yeah. Alright, alright, you know one more sweet. For a filled donuts and two is a plain donuts and two is a pastries,

okay. Who wants to split one of these with me because I’m on a diet? By diet, I mean two sweets a day. Alright, I’ll take one. I’ll take one. I’ll take one. Anyone wanna have half of my donut? Sure. Alright, one please yeah just one the one up front. No filled, no filled. Okay. How much is it? No. Oh yes.

No prices here for a doughnut. You got brownies on man. You have a lot of brownie right now. Bad, no brownies. Shukriya [Thank you] my friend do the honors. This is a Pakistani hospitality. I’ve been here for weeks.

But I am a Pakistani since forever so- Exactly, so you've been doing hospitality your whole life and now it's new for me. So I’d say that's a fair argument so what do you think? You want to try? I’ve never ever eaten a donut never so it's the first time. No, no, I have eaten a lot of donuts but not withj a fork. Oh, you can use your hands. So it's her first time going into snow today. I thought she said it's her first time here the donut. Guys you know exactly the reaction if she enjoys it.

Analyzing, analyzing. Considering all flavors morphed in the moment of truth. Oh thank you. I’d say this fork's got a mind of its own. I don't need another fork. I actually don't eat donuts with a fork. I eat them just like this.

Very nice. Rest for you. Thank you. My pleasure. Shukria [Thank you] my friend. Thank you. That’s what we call a d bona. I'll pay for it though. Pakistani people are too kind, too kind.

That’s really sweet of you, appreciate that. Thank you, thank you. I think he was kinda before but- I hope so. The Pakistani culture has rubbed off on me. Pakistan Zindabad [Long lie Pakistan] You know that one, yeah. Yeah, nice coffee shop. How long have you been open for? Three months. Three months, nice and business is good. Yeah, yeah very

good. Yeah perfect. Yeah but I have you wanna try my coffee once. Once I can tonight because I gotta sleep soon. Otherwise, I would love to yeah but I’ll come back next time I’m in Swat, this is the first place I’m getting coffee. You’ve got my word, Insha-Allah [God willing]. Thank you.

Thank you, thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for inviting us. That was too kind to you, really appreciate it. And the Pakistani hospitality strikes again here at the atrium with our good man. Shukria yaar [Thank you, friend]. Allah hafiz jaani [Goodbye, friend]. Alright, now we're heading right across the street here to round 95 which is also known as views for days.

Are we lost? They're just freaking me out. And we're walking back this way. This has got to be the one. This is a really nice area, can't believe we almost missed it. Thank you guys. Thank you so much. Any time for you. So we've got the rest of the squad here. Aap kaise hain? [How are you?]

Oh theek hai [Good]. I’m stealing Harry's thunder because he was the one. It was all- yeah it was off camera and he was the one impressing with the- Ah yeah, yeah it's in all in the upcoming vlogs, I’m basically fluent. Yeah he's fluent. Yeah the British lad is-

Yeah. Yeah true, true. So they've got some potato parathas for dinner. Don’t display it right now. Let us just get some plates. Oh Alright, so they're getting ready to get started. Cheese parathas in there too? Oh I should have saved some room in here but no more food. You guys saw like 10 minutes ago in the

video we were chowing down. So we're gonna watch you guys and eat. So Fatima said she brought us here because the view is nice and stunning. Look at these beautiful cement marks. I know I’m just kidding. No it's a great place and the paratha looks quite good, doesn't it? So, it's loaded. It's like is it paratha inside there's potatoes in the paratha on the other side so it's like a sandwich. Yeah. Yeah, yeah it's your favorite way to have

paratha? It's amazing. Yeah, yeah. It’s yeah it's like the best way. So if you have the best way, so it's better than a cheese paratha? No, no. Exactly, exactly. You can't compare. I agree.

Both are their own leagues. Oh okay, okay you should definitely try. I will before I leave Pakistan. How about that? Otherwise, this is gonna turn into this. Just one bite. Alright, let's see how fast I can slam this one. Ready guys? Here we go. It's

boiling up. Finished it off. Oh yeah, that's gonna be delicious. It’s got a nice ring to it, karhak [Strong]. Karhak means strong. Yeah strong. Oh that's what it means. Karhak chai [Strong tea]. Oh so this is gonna have us wired. There’s caffeine in it? Yeah, yeah. Alright yeah, Harry you need that over there bro.

Yeah, you'll be looking like that after the karahk. Shukria yaar [Thank you, friend]. Akib the yaar hooking it up. A fresh batch. Shukria jaani [Thank you, beloved]. I love these reactions guys. Alright, time to try out some of the chai here.

It’s cooled down quite a bit, That's quite nice. They’re all- they're all waiting for the-- Let’s do one more test then. Yeah well, the reality why I’m laughing guys is because the GoPro just died right when I was doing the reaction. So I had to reenact the reaction here because the chai is already gone. Shukria [Thank you] my friends. Allah hafiz [Goodbye] Yar, Janis, we'll see you later. Alright, oh okay. Oh we're making money off Harry here guys, just made a quick grand off them. I’ll take it. Yeah for all of us to

chow down on some chai guys only 600. It’s like three bucks. That is quite nice and now I think that's where we're gonna go ahead and end today's video with all the friends here. It's the last time you're gonna see him in the Pakistan series. Allah hafiz [Goodbye]

It means see you later. Yeah if you guys have liked this one and you love all of them, give it a huge thumbs up and give it an extra thumbs up because Akib is the man, he's doing all the English subtitles. Please like and subscribe and annihilate the subscribe button. Exactly, make sure that subscribe button below so you don't miss out on any videos here in Pakistan and all around the world, and I’ll see you guys in tomorrow's video.


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