First Minister's Questions - 27 February 2020

First Minister's Questions - 27 February 2020

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So now to First. Minister questions a militarily. I'd. Say I hope members are happy, with that so. First question Jackson Karla. Thank. You presiding officer. Presiding, officer last summer exam, results showed the higher pass rate had dropped for, the fourth year in a row at, the time John Swinney said these are a strong, set of results is that still the government's official position, First, Minister yes. Quarters. Of young, people passed, higher, exams, I think that is a good performance, as I have. Said previously of, course fyo exam. Result performance, will fluctuate from year to year it is important, that the Scottish Government assesses, the. Underlying reasons. Behind that and that's what we have done here, but as I've also said repeatedly, in this chamber while. You have year-on-year fluctuations. At the long-term trend in Scottish education and in exam passes in particular, is one of improvement. So whether we're looking at passes our label, five or. Performance. At level 6 which is hires, we. See more, young people leaving school with these qualifications now than, was the case when this government took office and we will continue to press ahead with exactly. Those improvements. Jackson. Karna well after thirteen trixie years in power that answer, is certainly brief, especially. When you consider the contents, of the report of the Deputy First Minister commissioned. Into Scotland's. Education, crisis, slipped, out under cover of darkness at the end of last week. In. Public. Freezing, supposedly, strong results, but in private. Interested. In a detailed analysis of the reported, reduction, in the A to C rate at higher in other words he, was alarmed as were, we all the. Plummeting, standards, and Scotland schools but, it gets worse the most recent, drop in higher pass rates was mostly due to Falls and crucial subjects, like English maths, and history which just, a few weeks ago the, First Minister asserted. To me were, improving, so, I asked the First Minister again, is it, still her position, that, the falling exam pass rates represent.

A Strong, set, of results. First. Mr.. Jackson. Catalogue thinks 8:00 p.m. Thursday. Evening is Lee that probably says more about his work read than it does about. On. The issue of. John. Swinney skander, can. I canäôt. A fair trade some catalogue to the press release that was issued by the Deputy First Minister on. The sex of August last year at the day the exam results were published where he says that there has been a fall in the overall, pathway, I don't think that, was hiding things that was being open and transpired, but let's get back to the core issue, here of the trend of, improvement. Jackson care law called, my answer brief I would prefer. That the answer, actually was accurate. So let's look step. By step level 5 qualifications. In. OS X or 7 when this government took office seventy, one point one percent of young people at, left school with a level five qualification. In the figures published this week for 1819, that was eighty five point one percent. Let's. Look at higher, performance. In all six or seven the. Percentage, of young people leaving school with a higher it was 41 point, six percent in the most recent statistics for 2018-19. That was sixty point five percent. And. As I've said many times in the past we also have more young people leaving, though with at least five passes, at higher so. This government, will never shy, away from the improvements, that need to, be made but if he doesn't want to take at my. Word for. The improvements, and the strength of Scottish education perhaps, you should pay attention to, walk for example at, the president, of the. Association of directors of Education says, she talks about significant. Improvement. Progress. Rather in recent years or the international. Experts, that, advise there's, government talking. About how you impressed the art by the efforts of the government to. Target inequity, and inequality and, in the words of one of them last week the Scottish education system is doing everything we would expect a high-performing. System, to do that is the reality and we will continue to press forward with those improvements. Well. It's taken a long time but she has finally followed the habit of her predecessor, and patting herself regularly. On the back for, a performance, that everybody else understands. It's very far from the success she paints that his being. She. Didn't quote professor Lindsay Patterson, I know it's always the Selective Court's of people who will cheerlead for her own argument, but. It gets worse will a brought in anybody but it gets worse just. This month, mr. Sweeney told Parliament, that the Scottish government, had embarked, on reform that, was to closing, the attainment gap and reasoning, standards, however. His own report states exactly, the opposite it says, very clearly candidates. Who are law retaining, are not, improving, at, the same rate as higher, attaining, young people so, again in public seeing everything's fine the gap is closing as the First Minister just did nothing, to see here when in private, months before his own civil servants, have told him something, categorically. Different does, the First Minister really, think that, her government has been open and transparent with. Pupils parents and the public First, Minister. Myself. Or the Deputy First Minister on the back and passing on the back the young people of Scotland who. In. I. Know, Jackson, Paulo wants, to talk down at the Scottish education system, but he should not be allowed, to do three talks he, talks about the attainment gap let's look at figures published, just this week on Tuesday the, gap between those from the most and least deprived communities in, a positive destination. Is now, at a record, law it's less than half what it used, to be and. We go back to the hard facts of this matter there are more young people leaving, school now with qualifications, than was the case when this government took office so despite the best efforts of Jackson care law to berate the achievements, of Scottish young people we will continue to support them their parents and their teachers and, we will continue to drive forward these improvements in our classrooms. Jackson. Carla. Pupils. Parents, and teachers. Are not patting, the First Minister on, the back for her performance, and really, all this cumulative denial, no longer will wash because it's not only as the cabinet secretary, commissioned a report into, a problem he said didn't exist not. Only did it contradict, what it said he, then refused to publish it until finally it. Was brought out on a Thursday, night when the government knew they could not be held to account in this chamber, for yetee further evidence, of their failure, in government, he obviously hoped. No, one would notice and then.

And Then, when he finally faced, the music he actually, had the audacity to. Say with a straight face to, the media it, takes, time, to improve, an education, system, First. Minister, First. Minister times up you've. Had 13, long years in, power 13. Years of failure how, much longer do you and this dreadful government, needs, press. Minister. Anywhere. Else comes to mind when I look across at Jackson catalog he's clearly angry, that people keep voting for the SNP. In. Elections. Let's. Come back to it's interesting isn't it presiding officer the, Jason Carroll law hasn't, been able to argue with any of the statistics, I've given him today because, those statistics, of improvement, in our education, system are true so we come back to this nonsense. About publishing, something, and not publishing, it and not refusing, to publish it but publishing, it at 8 o'clock in, an, evening John Swinney was on the radio first, thing in the, morning the day after that so perhaps Jackson. Karla wasn't Justin he's bear to eat a clock and Thursday night he wasn't opting here John Swinney on the radio early, the next morning either. John. Swinney, answered. A topical, question in this very chamber, on Tuesday, afternoon, and of course we're standing here in this chamber right now discussing, these very, issues the. Fact that Jackson care law has to talk about all these process, issues shows, that on the substance, he, knows he's in the wrong because, Scottish. Education, is improving. And we will continue to push forward with these improvements Jackson. Care law doesn't like it but it's in the interests of pupils the length and breadth of this country. Question. Number two richard leonard, presiding. Officer last. Week i raced, with the first minister the, crisis, in Scotland's, GP, and primary, care services, this. Week Scotland's. Largest Health Board Greater Glasgow, and Clyde, suspended. All out, of hours GP, services at five centers, due, to a shortage, of doctors, it's. The first minister willing to accept, that, she bears any responsibility or.

Any, Accountability. For this First. Minister I. Am standing. Here answering questions shows that I believe, it is right and proper that I am accountable and answering questions on. These these, issues in terms of NHS, Greater Glasgow and clades they have announced, temporary. Changes. While. They have, a significant. And sustained, recruitment. Campaign, it, has been made clear to, the, health board and the health sector she will continue to make it clear that, they have a responsibility, to ensure improvements. And to make sure that that of our services, meet the varied needs of their, local population. It is important, to note that I feel home visiting, service is maintained, across all of Greater Glasgow and Clyde and, in addition of course transport, is made available to, those who require, it so, the health secretary will continue to work with the board to ensure, that the improvements, are made, to, allow all of these services to operate in the way that patients expect. Them to do, Richard. Leonard First. Minister these are neither changes, nor improvements, they are closures, and. Only. And, only last month the, cabinet, secretary for health told. A national newspaper and I quote her there. Is a we plan in place now, with, Greater Glasgow, and Clyde to. Make that out of our service, more, robust, this. Week five. Out of our services, have closed if. This is what happens when the cabinet secretary has a we plan let's hope she doesn't have anymore, last. Week I want, the first minister that. Cuts to GP, services will. Hit any, waiting tanks, and we. Know that already, this, year at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in, Glasgow, one. In three people have. Waited more than four hours in the accident and emergency department. So. We've got GP, services under, threat. Active. Hours GP, services closing. And a, any waiting, times going up the. Government, talks of a, whole system approach is, this. How the, First Minister defines, a whole system approach or, is, it a whole system, failure. Mr.. James. Are improving, and of course they remain the best in the whole of the, UK and significantly, better than where labour is in government in Wales but coming, back to. They. Doing. As, I said last week at. The center of this proposition, from Richard Leonard is that, the health service in Scotland, would be better if Labour wedding, government well we have proof that that is not the case because well the adding government in Wales the health service is performing, significantly, worse than it, is in Scotland but come back to the, ponds around Greater, Glasgow, in Clay let me talk about the. Plan that is in place that Richard, Leonard clearly thinks is not important, a significant, and sustained, recruitment, campaign for GPS and advanced nurse practitioners, service, remodelling to create multidisciplinary. Teams, a review of GP pay rates they will be conducted, to ensure they're compatible to other, boards, an, appropriate, appointment, system being introduced, these are temporary changes, that have been made to allow those improvements, to be implemented. In the meantime home, visits are undertaken, by GPS, a patient, transport services, in place across Glasgow, to, take care patients to out of hours services. And of course lastly a professor, Lewis Ritchie who led on the national review of our various services, has agreed to provide support, to the, board as they improve those, services, that's exactly the kind of action we need to see and the health secretary, will be holding the board firmly to account on it Richard. Leonard. These. Services, are not improving they are closing and. Look. I accept, that the First Minister last week may have thought mistakenly. That to Bolton was in Wales but surely, that she knows that Glasgow. Is in Scotland, that in the chloride Royal hospitals, in Scotland, then, Easter houses in Scotland, that got naval is in Scotland that Greenert is in Scotland and that, the Queen Elizabeth University, Hospital, is in Scotland. The. First Minister talks, a lot about. Financial, inputs, but, what people are concerned, about our patient, outcomes, and it's.

Not Only in accident, and emergency, where. The government is not meeting its commitments and, not, keeping its promises. This. Week it was confirmed, that treatment. Time guarantees, are still. Being missed as well in fact. Missed. 82,000. Times last, year as many. As one in four people not. Treated, in time. So. It's not enough for the Minister to. Apologize, to patients, waiting too long to families, anxious, and in distress, to. NHS, staff, under-resourced. And undervalued, and, overstretch, it's. Time the First Minister recognized. Her. Accountability. Took some responsibilities, and started. Meeting finally. Her, own NHS. Targets. Different. Issues. In, that series, of questions firstly, on treatment. Time guarantee, the, statistics, published this week show an improvement in treatment, and guarantee performance be, it compared, to the last quarter, at accident an emergency, performance. Improved, in the last week as well and remains, at the best in the whole of the, UK in. Terms of GPS. I know. Labour are very sensitive, about the performance, in Wales and so they should be but, in terms of tell Bolton, in terms, of ter Bolton, it should be wretched Leonard, who is reflecting. In what he said last week, where. He was inaccurate in what he said about the health secretary M and the, issue inter Bolton is not one of closure, it's one of a change of location where, the same number of GPS will. Be serving, the same number, of patients, that is the, reality we have a number of initiatives underway. To make sure we are recruiting more GPS. And continuing, to deliver excellent. Health services, across the country and interestingly, neither. Richard, Leonard or Jackson Carlo have mentioned today's budget. Of course because they're still trying to work out how do they justify voting, against it when it delivers everything they asked for but on, the National, Health Service. 15. Billion, pounds. Of funding, record, funding in a National Health Service support, saying record numbers of people, working in our National Health Service and spending. In our national health services higher per head of population than. In other parts of the UK that's the record of this SNP government, and we'll go on and, continue delivering, the best National Health Service of any country, in the United, Kingdom. Thank. You we have a number of constituents equations, first from Liz Smith before by Bob Doris thank. You the First Minister will be well aware of the news earlier in the week which, revealed that the former NHS, Tayside surgeon, professor Sam L Jamil is now practicing, in Libya and have, the very considerable, ongoing distress, that this is causing to his former patients in Scotland, who have already been waiting for two years to find out if, there will be a criminal prosecution, following, the alleged malpractice, in Scotland now, I know that the First Minister cannot, comment on ongoing, police inquiries but. Can I ask her what her Scottish government can do to offer professor, al jamel's patience, in Scotland, who, have been so badly traumatized by, this some, support First. Minister. Well. I should listen concern. About the report earlier, in the week in terms, of support for patients, of the surgeon if there is any support, the Scottish government can give then we are more than happy to consider that and if there, are constituents, of less Smith who, want to be in touch with us then it would be happy to make that contact, in terms, of the surgeons ability, to practice of course I can't comment, on ongoing police, investigations. However. Lester meth will also be aware whether, or not a sergeant remains able to practice as a matter for the General Medical Council and, not for the Scottish government is not something we, have power over but it's the face to see I do understand. And share the concerns that have been raised and certainly. Want to be in a position to offer whatever support we can to patients affected. Bob. Doris be felled by Jackie Baillie First. Minister I have been contacted, by women, who are suffering to say you keep a short teacher of HRT, here's. What one woman told me just this morning stopping, medication, abruptly can have all kinds of negative effects, and told, us that he established apply it feels as though you're just you just have to beat feeling. Less than yourself. Until, it becomes resolved, all, the issues you're trying to combat sweats mood swings etc, come back that, must be moving struggling, day to day possibly, in, silence, is the, field they cannot turn to, the employer.

First. Minister I will be rating to Matt Hancock the Yukie sector of state out laying the blight caused to him slaves in my constituency, that I represent, to, ask him what he can do to, the shortage, we, surely have a common cause across. The UK in relation to this matter how, can the Scottish government assess. Firstly. I know. That many women will have very real concerns about shortages. Of HRT. As. Bob daughters rightly says the implications, of that for many. Women can, be and will, be severe, many women who suffer very debilitating. Symptoms, and. As Bob daughters rightly says many will suffer in silence is, an unacceptable, situation and, one that people are rightly concerned about, the, supply of medicines of course is reserved, to the UK government we continue to press them to work very closely with the affected. Companies to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, last, month the chief pharmaceutical, officer for Scotland wrote to all NHS, board's GPS and community pharmacists, to advise them about the latest supply, position and to, provide advice about appropriate, HRT, products for patients who are affected, by the supply issues any, disruptions, and the availability of drugs including, HRT. Will be concerning, to, those who've been prescribed, them and anybody, affected, by the disruption, should discuss alternative, treatment options with a doctor in the first instance. Thank. You Jackie Baillie befouled by. NHS. Greater Glasgow, and Clyde announced, the complete, suspension, of out of our services, and in decline and the effective closure at sites across Glasgow, and in my own constituency, at the Vale of Leven hospital this most basic of emergency. Services will, no longer operate, between 5:00 p.m. to, midnight or, at, weekends, forcing, my constituents, to travel for more than 20 miles to get to an A&E, service this will simply, add to, the waiting times that a A&E instead, of treating people locally. And can I say to the First Minister temporary. Is 18. Months to, two years, the report from sir Lewis Richie was, five years ago the Health Board have had years to sort this problem out, but, have instead stuck their head in the sand and done, nothing will, the First Minister instruct. The Health Board to reverse this decision agreed. That the health secretary will, meet with me and with, local campaigners. Who are devastated by, this action and while she's at it sacked, the chair and chief executive, of NHS. Greater Glasgow, and Clyde for, gross incompetence. First, minister, in. The, health well Jackie Baillie will be a weird that is partly, concern. About Vera's. Performance, that led the health secretary to elevate, the board to at level four of the. Monitoring regime and I'm, advised with the health secretary she has asked, that Karen Campbell who's been appointed by, the Scottish Government as its turnaround director, to meet with and speak to Jackie Baillie about the local, issues in, her constituency and, if that, contact. Hasn't been mediate it will be meet it shortly these are temporary, changes, but we want to see the health board they're prioritizing. Improvements. To the services at the Vale of Leven and infra, clay de we do see that as a priority, and we will be working closely with the board as they take forward the other improvements.

That They are required to make. Human. Adult before buyouts understood, I'm, sorry officer in November, 2014. Clydesdale. Bank trumpeted. Investment, in and refurbishment, of their branch and dice in my constituency. Yesterday. They announced the plans to close that branch in September, of this year this. Follows the closure of the villages RBS, and a significant, reduction in the opening hours of the religious TSB, does. The First Minister share my concern that the approach being taken which will be detrimental to my constituents, and local businesses, and, while this is ultimately a commercial, decision will, the Scottish government do what it can to raise this matter and seek to convince merchants. Money who owned Clydesdale, to think again. Well I do understand, these, concerns eye closures. Of bank, branches cause. Understandable, concerns particularly in more, rural communities and. This, is an issue that we discuss, regularly. With different banks and will, continue to do so I'm, sure if, you know his thought the new, economy secretary, would be happy to discuss the issue further with Mark McDonald and Riza again with, banks generally and with, Clydesdale Bank in particular. Alexander. Stewart thank. You visiting officer First Minister the Accounts Commission is seriously concerned, regarding, the slow progress of, Fife's integrated. Joint Board and anticipates. Another overspend, in excess, of ten million pounds, this year these. Significant, financial, pressures, are putting, Health and Social Care Services at, risk, what, urgent action will discourage government, take to, ensure clear, finance. Sustainability. Issues, are addressed. Minister. Well. These are issues that are. Under, discussion I know the health secretaries had very recent, discussions about this and indeed part of the local, government settlement that involves social care in the budget has at, its heart they need to address issues like this in faith as well as, more generally and I'm sure the health secretary be happy to it's, in the progress and then update report to the member in due course thank. You question number three Patrick Harvie thank. You can I first welcome the decision to reject the cool links development, it seems that some, lessons, may have been learned since, Donald Trump was allowed, to trash, the many estate, but.

There Remain beg questions, over, Trump's business, dealings in Scotland, the, purchase of many and the Turnberry Golf Resort were part of trumps huge cash spending. Spree in the midst of a global financial crisis. While, his son was bragging, about money, pouring in from Russia the. US House of Representatives has. Had testimony, which states we, saw patterns, of buying and selling that, we thought were suggestive, of money laundering and the testimony, goes on to express particular concern, about the golf courses in Scotland. And Ireland, it's. The First Minister aware that nearly a year ago the campaigning, organisation. Of ours sent, her a briefing, setting, out these concerns, in great detail and proposing. Action, which is within the power of the, Scottish, Government they've, had nothing, back since last summer can, the First Minister tell, us what, action, has been taken since, this report was received. No. I can't, do that today I'm happy to go back and look at that correspondence, and come back to Patrick Harvie in detail. And I think most people here would recognize. That I am no. Defender, of Donald. Trump of his politics, or any. Of his other dealings, but, where there are concerns, as, I I think I hear Patrick Harvie see about alleged. Criminality. These are matters in Scotland for the police and for the Crown Office to, investigate they would not be matters for me to investigate. And I hope members across the chamber would understand, and, respect the very good reasons for that but in terms of the, specific, correspondence. I will certainly check. Back through my office to see what, happened, after that was received and what action if any it was taken and I'll come back to patch up our view on that as quickly as possible, magic. Harvey the. First Minister's right that criminality, in, Scotland. Would be a matter for the law, officers, and prosecutors but. There are also questions, here first Scottish Ministers. Leading. The scottish government under the criminal. Finances, Act it has powers, that are designed for just this kind of situation, Trump's, known sources of income, don't. Explain where the money came from for, these huge cash, transactions. There are reasonable, grounds for suspecting that his lawfully, obtained income, wasn't, sufficient Trump, is a politically. Exposed, person. In terms, of the law and there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that he or people. He's connected, with have, been involved in serious crime some of them pleaded, guilty, Scottish. Ministers can, apply via the court a session for an unexplained, wealth order, a tool, designed for, precisely, these. Kind of situations, we. Need to be given confidence that, the government will surely der ship and use the powers available to them will, the First Minister seek, an unexplained. Wealth order, and make, it clear that, Scotland is not a country, where, anyone, with the money can, buy whatever land and property, they want no questions asked, First, Minister certainly. Scotland is not that, kind of country and should never be that kind of country okay, I see in all seriousness, - Patrick Harvie he is raising serious issues that I don't want to give him answers without the full information in, front of me so I am undertaking, to come back with to him after. I had a chance to look into this in more detail obviously as I said and as Patrick Harvey has accepted issues of alleged criminality, would not be for me to investigate, but. Beyond that and I'm not talking about the specifics, here because it would be wrong for me to do so without having properly. Looked, at this but in general, terms where, the Scottish Government was taking legal action, of any nature let me also be inappropriate. Or certainly ill advised for me to talk about that in this chamber in detail, as well so if any. Action in any subject. Is a matter for legal, proceedings, then, there's a lot of sensitivity, and. Respect, for due process that, has to be attached to that but I do take the question CD I will, look into the correspondence. That, Patrick Harvey has referred to today. And I will come back to Patrick Harvey as soon as possible, with, us fool and answer as I impossible to give with all of the caveats that I hope he understands, I've injected, into, this answer so far today. Question. Number four really really, two. Hours ago the Court of Appeal ruled, against, the third runway at Heathrow I asked. The First Minister about. Her support for he through last, me but. She was standing firm I asked. Her again this January, and she, refused, to budge is. The First Minister glad, a court, has stopped Heathrow, expansion, First. Minister I actually, think well. There any mischaracterizes. My, answers to him the decision on whether or not that is a third.

Runway At Heathrow is not one for me, or for my, government in fact I think I pointed out to him that the, last time this came to a vote in the House of Commons SNP. MPs did. Not vote, in favor, of that I, understand. The, court has ruled in the way that will attorney says this morning I've not had the, opportunity, to. Look at the reasons behind, that, ruling, but I want, to see all government. Policies, both Scottish government policies and Westminster. Government, policies, aligning. With our climate change ambitions, and in Scotland's, case the need to get an A zero position by. 2045. And I think, increasingly, questions. Have been and understandably. And rightly have been raised about. Whether, or not expanding. He threw in that we would align with that climate, change responsibility. So and I hope that is clear to Willie Rennie I'm not sure how I can meet, my position, any clearer and, as far as the court is concerned these. Are always matters. For the course, you, really well I'm afraid all that waffle wouldn't tackle climate change the. The, court found that the UK government had. Failed to carry out an environmental. Assessment on. Its Paris, climate, change commitments. The, Scottish, government made, exactly. The same mistake, when. It signed the memorandum of, understanding on. Heathrow. I was, parliamentary, questions, found, that no climate, change assessment. Was made by Scottish. Ministers they. Missed. 600,000. Tons of, emissions. But. The first minister told, us not to worry as, the Tories were taken care of the, environmental. Side of things, that, looks pretty stupid, today. So. Well the first minister confirmed, that, she has finally wrapping, up her, agreement, in support. Of Heathrow, expansion. First minister. To, Willie Rainey that the decision on Heathrow expansion, is not for, the Scottish government it is not within our power or areas of responsibility. What, we did see was that if that was going ahead and I would. Hope Willie Rainey would, understand, this then any economic. Benefit, of that it should not miss out at Scotland and in terms of our climate change ambitions, unlike the UK government. Of course we, include, emissions from aviation and the calculation, of our emissions overall. And and, again I think Willie, Rainey should be a weight of this because I'm sure appointed, in the chamber previously, we had in the process, right now the latter stages of the process, of updating our, climate change action, plan which will be published in April so we are looking right across government at all of our policies, to make sure and we, been. Heckled from, my crumbles, who says actions, not words the climate change action, plan is all about actions. To me ever one. Bleeding. Every, what, I'm bleeding targets, and it's actually, what, this Parliament, demanded, we do so, can I suggest Willie rainy instead of getting up and callin for things that are out with the powers of this government, actually Fritz as shoulder to the wheel and I look to the actions this government, and this Parliament, and this country has to take because that's exactly what my government is doing a. Lot. Of constituency, questions if we can get through some of them Annie Wales to be followed by ni suwari, any real Thank You presiding officer, First. Minister Anne Marie Ward of drug death Action Group favoured UK said. That's about yesterday's drug summit, it. Was nothing more than a party political broadcast. For the SNP, and, no, one in the Scottish government as well in to take responsibility. For what's, under their. Control. As. Well as being unrecovered, a for decades. Angry. Is also a member of your party First, Minister, she's. Going to another if you know of a friend who, died from drugs on Monday and she's. Asking why this government keeps. Blaming Westminster. When I has a perverse to fund rehab, beds now, well. The First Minister poor, Texas aid and back, the closed party calls for. Fifteen point four million to residential rehab. First. Minister. Yeah. I will listen carefully to, all those with lived experience including. A MIDI ward I think her views deserved to be treated, absolutely seriously. Just like the views of anybody but I do think for, anywhere was to see that about the summit yesterday does. All, of the people who contributed, to that summit and a, real, disservice, and. Because. That, summit, discussed, important, issues that discussed, issues, important, to people with lived, experience and. It discussed, changes, in the law that are required. The. Task force reported, on its recommendations. And there, were a range, of initiatives, and, suggestions. They raised yesterday that hopefully. Will feed into the UK government summit that is being held today and let me say two other points on funding, and the. Draft budget that was published a few weeks ago, included. An increase in funding. For reducing, harm times. Related to drugs increased, funding of 12.7, million, I can.

Confirm Today that the finance secretary will confirm this afternoon that we intend to go further than that instead of an additional twelve point seven million there, will be an additional 20 million, pounds of funding from, health, dedicated. To reducing harms, from, drugs and, that, will support, that will, support the recommendations. That the task force brings. Forward. So we are very, very serious, about, this. And we are serious and working with anybody and everybody to tackle what. Is a public health emergency. But. On the issue of UK. Government action we. Absolutely, recognize, the responsibility and, I was in the range of actions that we are taking the funding we. Are dedicating, to this it shows that but, it is the case that there was a lot of consensus, yesterday, that, law changes, are needed as well, including. Around a safe consumption. Room and, that does lie with the UK government so, I absolutely take, my responsibility. I just wish we had a similar, approach from the UK government so that we could genuinely, party. Politics aside on this and work together in, the end trace of those who need us to do exactly that, a. Nice. Hour. He. Started screaming in my face that, I should go home but, I was a terrorist, again. He used the P word swearing, at me telling me I wasn't welcome here the. Words of Lindsay Taylor escorts. Born Muslim, who wears her job she. Goes on to say I don't use public transport, I don't walk about streets I'm unaware of it, has altered, my behavior. The. Initial findings of our public inquiry into Islamophobia, was short the majority of Scots but. Sadly not surprised, Scottish, Muslims, found. 1/3 of Muslims seeing Islamophobia. Is an, everyday issue. 80%, have, experienced, Islamophobia. And 80%, believe, it is getting worse this. Impacts, education, policing. Communities, transport, and employability. First. Minister will you commit the all relevant, Scottish, government departments, will make themselves available to. Support the work of the inquiry because. I know there are lots of issues that, divide people in this chamber and in, in our country, but, the fight against all forms and prejudice and hatred is one, fight that I know the, must unite us all. Yes. Yes I will give that commitment, on behalf of the Scottish government to that Scottish, government and its agencies we'll meet ourselves, available to, cooperate. With this, inquiry and the. Findings coming out of this inquiries honest are what I said will show up many people but, unfortunately, they. Do not show, up Muslims and I'm sad to say they do not entirely shock me either because I regularly hear from Muslim. Friends and constituents, of Maine the, completely, unacceptable, heinous, abuse, that they are the victims of almost, on a daily basis, it is unacceptable, it shames our country, and whatever else we may disagree or on whatever else we need divided, on we must unite to stamp this out the.

Bigotry, Racism prejudice. Anti-semitism. Islamophobia. Prejudice, of any shape. Or form or nature, is completely, unacceptable, it is not who we are we must never tolerate, it and we must come together to. Make sure that it can be eradicated once, and for all. Thank. You question number five Stu Macmillan. Thank. You presiding officer to ask the First Minister what, the economic impact has been this year of a flooding. That. The impact of flooding can be significant, when flooding occurs communities, businesses and infrastructure. Suffer with the economic, impact, depending on the location source, extent. And duration of flooding there. Are of course other significant, consequences, which although no economic are, very important, including the stress and anxiety of those, affected, and of course travel disruption, managing. Flood risk is a priority, for the government we invest a minimum of 42 million pounds and flood protection measures, each year as well, as supporting sippers flood forecasting, service and the Scottish flood forum, were also rid of the threat of increased, funding posed by climate change, and that's why we're leading the way in the transition, to Nadel Jim. And Willie thank. Their First Minister for that reply at last we came to eat trunk Lords from line bank into Anvik late was caused due to flooding with reports of people sleeping in their vehicles overnight and this is in addition to the usual flood areas. To actual take place and my constituency, fails. The constituents. May. Have been able to use a bike rode it, again turn, back late visitors, to the area as well as drivers delivering, goods to businesses, well off struggle to reach my, constituency, the, weekend well the first one is to support my calls for improvements to the current Lord's, and flood prevention infrastructure, as well as our feasibility study and to our bypass, solutions, to improving the Economic Opportunity as. Well as the health needs of my constituency, First, Minister well.

The Second, strategic transport, projects review is now well underway and, it's considering, improvements, to the transport, network across, Scotland including, I, can say today the EE in the members constituency. The, review will please a range of potential interventions, including any upgrades, to the e eat through infra clayed and that will ensure that our transport, investment plans remain, relevant, to delivering the, outcomes of the new national transport strategy and continue, to be the connect decisions for the public parts the cause of surface, water flooding can often be a complex, interaction, of many sources of flooding and I understand that Scottish water and Enver clay Council are currently working together to consider the best way of tackling, flood issues with an inviting. Number-6. Plane with on, Thank. You presiding officer to, ask the First Minister what the Scottish government considers, to be the educational, benefits of learning to play music, First, Minister music. Education provides significant. Benefits to children and young people it gives them opportunities. To be creative and it also contributes, greatly to their mental emotional social, and physical well-being it is for that reason that the expressive, arts which includes music is one of the eight core areas of the curriculum in Scotland it, is for local authorities to decide how to provide music education depending, on local circumstances priorities. And traditions and taking those decisions, local, authorities should consider, the undoubted benefits that learning a musical instrument, can have on well-being and attainment. Okay. Thank You First Minister for that answer but I don't know how you can reconcile, your answer with the fact that the government refuses to class music tuition as core to the curriculum in, council. Areas who are now charging for music tuition in that's 26 8 and 32 councils, optic. Of music tuition has plummeted by. As much as 45%. So. Export, and art and drama access. To music tuition, is increasingly, only, available, to those who can afford that First. Minister you never miss an opportunity to, clear your desire to tackle inequality but. Surely you must recognize that persisting. With these types of policies you're reducing, opportunities for your children to participate and, excel and you're actually driving, inequality. Remember. To use the term those, members not used to tell me you. Title. Usually. And. On. The honor, an, issue of fact, in. Terms of the broad general education, in Scotland peoples, are entitled to, music. Is one of the core eight, core parts of the, curriculum, and secondly. I have, made it clear the Deputy First Minister has made it clear in the past that we are concerned by moves, by any local authority, to, limit access to instrumental, music iteration. All local authorities should consider the, education, committee's recommendations. That music, tuition should be provided. Free of charge of course that we have the budget this, afternoon we will were already providing, a fair deal for local, authorities but of course there as a result of the deal announced yesterday there will be an additional, 95. Million, pounds, going to local authorities, for resource. Spending, which should make it easier for those local authorities, who, are struggling to keep music tuition, free now I would say that the Conservatives, specifically, asked us to put ninety five million pounds extra into the revenue budgets of local, government so perhaps the question for the Tory study is given that we have no done so we'll, be back at that budget or will they vote against. The money that, is needed for the very things that they stand up in this chamber and demand including, music education. Really. Coffee. Thank. You there's a First Minister recognize the positive influence, that two successful. Rock bands from come on namely, buffet Clairol and father, son are having, on young, people in my constituency, and elsewhere open. And up for those young people the prospect, of successful. Careers. In the world of music which is well provided, for in, East Asia. Well. As Neosho, ghetto, I'm always, delighted to celebrate success from Asia including. Kumar, NOK and both of these bands the, Willie coffee, references. Are excellent. And inspirational. And but, I do think they, also illustrate. The importance, of giving young people access, to music that's why I think it's very important, that's why it has the police that does have in the curriculum and that's why of course and we're, providing the resources to local authorities to make sure that they can provide, music, tuition to young people free of charge which i think they should all do, sarah.

Boy Question number 7 city boy ask, the First Minister what the Scottish Government's response is to causeless statement, that the draft budget proposals, put the 2030, child poverty target, at risk. Well. Firstly I would say that that response came before yesterday's, announcement, that 95, million pounds extra was going to, local, government in addition this year we will introduce his got his child payment for. Eligible, under sixes which are owned one hundred and forty thousand families will, be eligible for the budget also commits eight hundred and forty three million pounds for affordable housing six. Hundred and forty five million pounds for the expansion of early learning 182. Million pounds for tackling the poverty related attainment, gap in schools and three point four billion pounds, for social security local. Government will receive additional revenue. Funding of five hundred and eighty nine point four million pounds alongside. The ability to raise, the council, tax councils, now have the potential to access, an additional, seven hundred twenty four point four million pounds which is a real Tarrance increase of five, point three percent, so actually, the Scottish budget, will help us in our efforts, to tackle child poverty and I, hope the member and her party accordingly, will back these budget proposals, this afternoon. Boyo. If. The First Minister had actually looked at the demands for fear funding, for our services, she, will know that there will be cut to essential, services following this year's budget the, Joseph Rowntree Foundation have. Also said the budget fall short of the mark in tackling, child poverty the, poverty Alliance has also called for increased investment in the Scottish Welfare, Fund because, crisis, grants are a vital, lifeline for. Families I know, this is difficult for SNP, members crisis. Grants, are a vital, lifeline for. Families who are struggling to get by but, councils, need proper, funding, to, cope with the increased demand Khosla. Made representations to the government about First. Minister will you list not just to us but to, other organisations. In order to wipe out child. Poverty, across, Scotland, and to give our young people a chance for the future First. Minister. Tory's, Libra. Asked us to put additional, money into local government we have said we are putting additional, money into local, government it was the, amount that they seem to want us to do but of course no they're, trying to justify voting, against, it but I don't think anybody.

Who, Cares about, tackling. Poverty, and tackling Choa poverty, in, particular, coud and good conscience vote against this budget this afternoon, because, it includes the funding, for the Scottish child, payment, at which will in the first phase of it deliver. Extra, income to. 140,000. Families something that Richard Leonard used, to ask me to do but hasn't mentioned, since we agreed to do it strangely, enough, it includes, more money for affordable, housing more. Money for early learning and childcare money. For tackling, the poverty related attainment, gap in schools, and. Real terms increase in the funding available to, local government, if Labour vote against this budget this afternoon, they put all of that at, risk including much. Of what, we will be investing, in Social Security and it will be them in, these circumstances that will have to explain why they are prepared, to put the fight against, child poverty at risk I'm sure they don't want to be in that difficult position. Thank. You very much and we'll return to that's a bit later that concludes, Oh point, of order brain whittle, Thank. You presiding, officer, Natalie I'll answer to Richard. Leonard the, first minister stated that, to Bolton GP subsidy, is, not causing it's just moving it's. Actually moving to most blind a. Representing. Officer which is definitely not into, Bolton saw that. Is an inaccuracy, the, GP, soldered it into Bolton, is causing. And I would like to have that on the record please, thank. You and not the point that mr., Mitchell makes it is a point of clarification rather, than a point of order from each AG to get on but that point has been made and. That will conclude First Minister's Questions, we're, gonna move shortly, to members business in the name of Tom Arthur but I'm gonna have a short suspension just. Too low members ministers and the public gallery to. Change seats so a short suspension.

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