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good morning from country number 35.   this is united arab emirates specifically  dubai hello mohammed good morning is very crazy   all right starting our day at the most famous   part of dubai which is the burj khalifa  this is the tallest building in the world   by far it's huge and we just saw it on the way  this one and we're going up close to the top wow look at this little bear they're building the birds right now all around me wow 124 floors up and it took no time at  all i think i read it takes like a minute   but it seemed like nothing it doesn't  even seem like you're in an elevator   it is so smooth you can't even  really tell that it's moving now let's go check out the  view what we're here for so when you come out here it looks like you're  still inside because this is completely covered   but actually there is no ceiling you  can see right up the burj khalifa there   so you can see how we're still not on the very  top of it there is probably no observation   deck on the very top it's probably some rich  person but uh we're still we're way up here   guys this is the tallest building  in the world look at this view as you guys have seen from the  outside of the building it's not only   the largest tallest building in the world it is  a very beautiful building its design was well   thought out and it was the design was inspired by  the spider lily so you can see the kind of three   sides to it and even the landscape when you look  down below here you'll see that there are three   separate landscapes for three different reasons  there are businesses here there are hotels there   are people that live inside this building and  so each section has its own landscape dedicated   to the individual type of person who's going to  be looking at it as you probably know dubai does   things big and so there's a different fragrance  in each section it's a subtle fragrance that   i can't even really notice but this is something  i read and in each section it has a subtle   difference to give off kind of a different  feeling a different aura in each section going up one more floor 125.   that's the highest i'm gonna go in the tallest  building you wouldn't be able to tell from my   visit today but people call this a small city just  this building at any moment there are around 10   000 people in here because people live here people  do business here and people visit this place and   that is actually a lot more that's actually a  bigger population than a lot of small cities   you can see the growth of dubai in progress from  up here look right here just right in front of me   there are five or six buildings being worked  on you can see workers on this one this one   there there a couple over there i'm sure  they're way more dubai is growing fast okay that's about it for the tallest  building in the world i think i'm getting   altitude sickness up here so let me  go let's go see it from the outside   because the skyline in dubai is like  nowhere else because of this building thank you thank you bye doing 24 floors it's like a lambo going down wow i can't believe the pressure in my ears  i had to try to yawn try to chew it's like   you know when you're when your plane's about to  land and your ears start getting kind of plugged   that's what i felt going down  so fast from that high up all right that's it so be warned it is about  40 u.s so it's kind of expensive to do this a   little more expensive than i usually spend on  things like this but the thing is where else   when else are you gonna be able to do this go  in the tallest building in the world nowhere   i wanted to show you guys the currency here in  united arab emirates i'm always interested to see   what the currency looks like and i like the design  it's it's interesting to me to see the different   designs around the world the colors see how they  do it you can barely tell if you're a foreigner   how much each of these are it would be  extremely confusing except when you turn   it to the other side then they use english  and numbers you can understand thank you all right guys starting out i thought i would  show you guys the beach and of course see it   for myself the beach of dubai a beach in the  arab world i just had to see this because   that is very fascinating it is a very touristy  city so that makes it a little bit different   but still fascinating to check out and see  what it's like like always gotta check the   water i have no idea what the temperature  of water in this region of the world is like wow that is extremely warm  which makes sense because it is   sculpting out here i think it's 110 degrees so this is the burj al arab beach which is named  for the area around here the district of dubai   and this beach is actually famous i think  mostly because what i've seen in pictures   is the bergeron arab that interesting looking  suave building over there is in the background   unfortunately that it looks like that's all about  to change they're building a different a different   building in front of it and so i can barely see  it pictures are not going to be great from here   anymore and it is extremely hot so let's see if  we can get into the burj al arab because there is   something extremely extremely different in there  that i want to show you different and expensive   but worth it what the hell we're in dubai  right oh yeah this is what a beach looks like   in dubai and i was wondering if people  would be fully dressed or not it mostly   looks like tourists here or maybe all taurus  so they're actually wearing bathing suits okay it's about that time for some shade   and coffee to wake up a little bit let's see  how much a coffee costs in dubai on a beach   not looking forward to this come follow the  travel bomb as i travel around the world good morning i'll do a chain so as you can see from that sign there a latte  which i usually get it was almost five dollars   and i'm guessing it's just a small little thing  so i decided that i should go for the cheaper   option which is the chai they call it chai and  in these parts chai means tea so it's a tea and   i'm guessing it's from here and i haven't tried it  yet so probably better to try that than the usual   coffee so here it is it was five  so that's maybe a dollar fifty and ah it smells just like chai in in india  that's exciting oh that is rich is   milky creamy spicy flavors it is very similar to  what you'll get in india i have missed this i was   in india a couple years ago so it's interesting  to try what they call chai they just call it chai   around the world and it changes even though they  call it the same thing but stay tuned on this   channel i'm going to somewhere very similar  to india soon if you have any guesses leave   them below as similar as you can really get to  india pretty big hint let me know what you think if you get it right i will comment  back for sure i'll give you a little kudos all right thank you sir thank you   welcome guys to the dubai mall this mall  is not even really like a mall at all   it's a small city so let's check out this  small city which will probably take all day   but it's going to be worth it so this part of the mall is fashion avenue and you  can find a ton of the fashion stores like chanel   some of the most upscale fashion  in the whole world right here   but let's go see some amazing other  things because i'm not here to shop look at this sign behind me  mapping out the place there's   a zoo an aquarium an ice skating  rink this is not your regular mall   so hopefully we can find all those things  but you need a map to get around this place guys this is awesome look at that sharks sharks  right here and you can even go swimming so this   aquarium is kind of like the centerpiece of the  mall there are sharks rays you can go swimming   in there and there's actually another part where  you can walk under a like a tunnel aquarium tunnel   and i'm on the second floor and that is not  the best place to see it so we're gonna have   to go to the first floor and that's where you  really get up and close right in front of it honestly i understand why this place is so  popular outside it is 108 degrees for anyone   who's not american that's uh about 40 42 or  43 degrees anywhere else in the world celsius   so everybody is in here outside it is just  hot and dusty it looks like fog outside   because there's just dust or maybe it's sand  we are in dubai and it seems like people come   in here on fridays and saturdays fridays  are actually the popular time to go out   in the emirates so i just happen to be here on  a friday when everybody is here taking time off just look at the details in this  place in the walls that look at that okay i just spotted the soup the sioux   asu is basically an arab marketplace or  bazaar and there's one of those in the mall hey look away phone this is what i wanted to see  next that i didn't even try just ran right into it   this is incredible these are real dinosaur  bones in the mall on display for free really nothing beats dinosaurs and sharks so i can't really see a ton of the prices here  but i just saw one on a bracelet it was 82 000   here which means in us dollars over 20  000 for one bracelet it looked like it   was made of gold and some gemstones and  that's about how much i spend in a year   on living so i will come back here when  i start getting a lot of youtube views welcome to the food court we have caribou  coffee we have starbucks krispy kreme kfc   and each place has its english name and then it  has its arabic name which i find extremely cool   like i'm not going to get krispy kreme i'm  going to get this it almost makes you want   to get mcdonald's and you don't even know you're  getting it actually i just thought it was a pretty   cool game that we could play really quick so  i'm gonna show you the name of the restaurant   in arabic and then you guess in the comments  below you guess what it is and then i'll show you   okay guess what is this one   one two three krispy kreme wow this one  is special what do you think this is nope it's mcdonald's and this one kfc and what on earth is this  looks like sushi or something but now so this mall has 1200 shops and that does  not include the pop-up shops in the center so all   of these ones back here that you're seeing all  these central pop-ups that's not included so there   are well over 1 200 shops here i'm gonna guess  it's more like 2000 and that that is like a city listen to that if you listen closely you can hear  the call to prayer and that's what muslims use   to know when they have to go pray so i believe  some of the people here they will stop shopping   and they'll go to the designated areas where  they can pray and this happens five times a day finally here we are right in front of it look how gigantic this is behind me wow okay the largest indoor aquarium in a mall  ever right behind me and as i turn around   another amazing thing this is the  largest candy store in the world hmm after spending all day here i can  honestly say that this is much more   than a mall it is an experience it's a destination  it's a tourist destination and it should be   right up there at the top of  the list when you come to dubai well i've been looking around for  it and i'm very sad to announce that   i was looking for sleeper pods where you can sleep  for a while at least for an hour after you've done   your shopping and you get tired but it looks like  they've been closed possibly permanently closed   so that really sucks because that  is one of the things that was most   interesting about this mall is that you  can sleep here after all is said and done wow so down here is a full-size ice rink there are  probably a hundred kids all ice skating down there   in the center of the mall and i would do that  but i have a bigger plan not just ice skating   i wonder if i should tell you or not yeah pretty  sweet you can ice skate in the middle of the mall   in dubai which is basically a desert it  is 100 degrees it is actually way over   100 degrees outside right now and right here  there are people skating on ice and almost   looks like little flakes of snow are coming  down that's actually what drew me over here   is that i saw what looked like snow  coming down and then i saw this   okay well that crosses off the last  thing on my list that i had to see   at the largest mall in the world there are some  incredible crazy things here and i thought i was   gonna miss some of them but i just happened to run  into them after walking around for 10 hours but   uh i saw them all definitely come here when  you come to dubai do not miss this mall   it's not even a mall it's only in dubai make  sure you watch the other videos coming from   dubai because there are also some amazing things  that you will never see anywhere else in the world   and that's why you come to dubai because  dubai has these things dubai does it big they   they have an idea and they make it  happen that's what it seems like they do   it doesn't matter if it seems impossible  they make it possible here in dubai i've been inside the mall so  long i thought i would check out   outside really quick lamborghini range rover  porsche bentley i think that's lamborghini mclaren there's the burj khalifa as you can tell it is way  taller than these which are already tall buildings all the way up to the top when you walk in  ready for an extremely crazy luxury experience as you might know i've been searching  for the best coffee in the world hey this is mall of the emirates   holy crap it actually continues on around the  corner look for someone eat it almost to the top this is dubai you

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