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good morning everyone today is the beginning  of our series of videos from here in brazil   and we're starting off in the mega city of  sao paulo so sao paulo is the most populated   city in the americas so the whole western  hemisphere and the southern hemisphere so   yeah just a really huge city and even though me  and carol lived in brazil we've never visited   sao paulo before we lived in rio so yeah  we haven't seen this place at all and yeah   we're just excited to see what it has to offer  carol found a really awesome modern apartment   for 34 and as you'd expect from a super populated  city you got huge apartment blocks everywhere   all the sides here are apartment blocks  they're even making more one here   one down there so yeah i think you're going  to be seeing a lot of tall buildings in this   video and this place also comes with a swimming  pool down there but it's winter now it's like   12 degrees celsius so nobody's using that this is  pretty interesting look at this we got a london   telephone box but it's actually a fridge more  uk boxes here this person really loves the uk   and here's how the police looks on the inside so  yeah everything is super modern looking what's   with all the uk stuff you even got a uk cushion  there yeah there are some mugs from london as well   i don't know i think the owner used to living in  london so that's why she she decorated like this   but i choose it because of you really no i'm just  kidding and it's a really good deal right for 34   yeah yeah i think it's a great price and it also  has the gym and also full but we're not going to   be using them because we don't have much time  this is my favorite part here the the chimps yeah then we just got a small kitchen but  also very modern looking and the bathroom   also very modern so yeah the place does look  brand new and we got a lot of places to visit   i think today yeah we have a big list and  we hope we can go to all the places but   first we'll start going to villa  madalena and we'll have breakfast   there too and then we'll go to the other  places yeah then we'll take it from there so we just arrived in villa madalena by the uber   and the place we come in to eat breakfast before  you look around it's 24 hours always open i guess before we continue i'd like to talk quickly about  the sponsor of this video so sir shark are a vpn   provider that allows us to keep a private  connection anywhere in the world keeping our   data and information safe from potential hackers  it also allows us to bypass censorship in some   countries some websites or content are blocked  so by using surfshot we're able to unblock them   another big benefit to us is that it gives us  access to all 15 of netflix's libraries for   example carol really likes to watch the series  friends over and over and netflix recently   removed it from a lot of the countries but it's  still available in the uk so by connecting her   laptop to the uk server on surfshark she's able  to access all the friends series still other than   that surfshark also allows unlimited devices so  you can connect all your family's devices just   using one account in the description of the video  we have a link with the code jumpingplaces that   will give you 83 percent off and three months for  free they also have a 30 day money-back guarantee   so if you decide you don't want to continue to  use it you haven't spent any money so here is our   brazilian style breakfast i'll write down the  prices because i don't remember them all but i   got this thing called tapioca so tapioca is made  from cassava and then yeah just white cheese   inside and i got this vitamin smoothie here got a  big mix of different fruits what did you get carol coffee with milk orange juice and this is bonna shopper with pakistan which is  like a french french bread with a brazilian kind   of cream cheese and the famous bonjour queso  the cheese bread yeah cheese bread with keto   yeah so when you're inside they they make  loads of different things out of bread   bread cheese chicken this place is called padaria  which is like a place where you buy bread yeah   it's a bakery and yeah we have many different  kinds of breads and variations for breakfast so this neighborhood villa madeleine it's  known to have like an alternative vibe a   bit of a bohemian neighborhood so you  have loads of trendy cafes art galleries   also places with street murals and we're gonna  check out a place now that's really famous here   that has loads of street murals right now since  it's early it's a bit of a ghost neighborhood   i mean everything's just opening now  so yeah pretty much everything's closed   nobody really walking around so we've just come  into this alleyway here and this spot is called and this alleyway is famous because it has these  awesome street murals everywhere so it's one of   the big attractions here in sao paulo goes  all the way down so we're gonna check it out so even outside of the alleyway there there's  still artwork everywhere so all around   this neighborhood look covered in the street  murals ah so here's batman or is that batwoman   yeah that woman and batman and i don't know the  dog hey carol it's funny because we were just   in bogota and that place also had street art  everywhere there was a part of bogota that was   kind of similar with the awesome street art and  that's something that we usually like to to see   it's very interesting yeah it's  better than just a normal building so our next stop of the day is a park called  [ __ ] ibirapuera and we're going to go around   the park in one of these things there i think it's  14 hayes per hour but look at the amount of bikes   they have here i guess on weekends there must  be a crazy amount of people this park it's very   busy on the weekends that's why there are so many  bikes to rent there's like over a thousand bikes   look at all those never seen so many bicycles  before all right off we go on the wheel   yeah so only carol can control it mine's just  a handle which you can what oh yeah i can pedal can pedal and the brakes down here  we have no idea what's in this park   i think it's a big park isn't it yeah from the  pictures yeah yeah it's like a gigantic park it's hard for you to pronounce this yeah  it's an indigenous name it's not portuguese   man more bikes crazy so inside the park you get some museums  i think there's a few museums around here   we're not going to go to any cause we're  going to go to a bigger museum later on   in the center of the city so here in sao  paulo it's quite strict with the mess even   out here doing exercise outdoor nobody really  around you're expected to wear it all the time   literally 100 of the people wearing it you you  don't see anyone at all really without a mask on   so we just stopped quickly next to this  little lake in the park get some nice   views here because you can see the city big  buildings the backdrop but here's nice and calm   super different uh rio yeah sao paulo yeah  it's a different city here it's more like   modern and even though rio has like a a part where  there are big buildings it's not like here here   it's way more like modern and it's a very small  part there yeah yeah and here the nature it looks   more like forest i guess whereas in rio it's more  tropical jungle looking yeah so super different high five so so that was funny we we turn around and some  dude and his kids are leaving in our tricycle   they weren't stealing it or anything i think  they just thought it was their left on its own   but yeah they were about to leave on our  tricycle we'd like to walk all the way back   brazilians love their exercise don't they  yeah of course we do yeah loads of people   jogging here you're gonna see that in rio  at the beaches everybody doing exercise so our third stop of the day is a neighborhood  called liberdachi and this is home to the biggest   japanese community outside of japan so here in  sao paulo and apparently there's around like 1.5   million japanese people all living in sao paulo  so it's known as the japan town even the brazilian   bank look like a japanese architecture style  you got the street lamps as well japanese style   seems to be some sort of magic  show going on over here right now it's funny seeing a place like this  in brazil right yeah even for me   like i've never seen anything like this  like uh little asia in south america yeah   yeah look at this road here with the lamps  all the way down so all the stores are   written in japanese also every every single  store is pretty much written in japanese   mizomoto i think there's loads of like restaurants  that you can eat at a japanese restaurants loads   of souvenir shops with like japanese souvenirs  like this one here see the lanterns there even got the clothes as well we're in japan got the fair too almost everywhere in  brazil has ferrous you see them all the time and that is the crazy sao paulo traffic man i don't think i don't think  we've seen this many cars in   forever i don't know in a long time i  don't know i don't know it was my father i think this is literally the most  traffic i've ever seen anywhere so you're probably wondering why are there so  many japanese in brazil so they first immigrated   here in 1908 like the first batch of people it's  because after slavery ended in the mid-1800s there   was a big labor shortage in the coffee plantations  which were around here so brazil needed labor and   then other countries like italy were sending  immigrants here because they were also going   through like a financial crisis there so many  italian immigrants first came here but then they   were pretty much treated like slaves there and  then when the italian government found out they   stopped sending the italians here they weren't  allowing them to come here anymore but japan   was also going through a crisis in the rural areas  so japan had an agreement and they sent all these   japanese to work in the plantations here and once  again they were treated pretty much like slaves   but it didn't take long for them to buy their own  land and then yeah work their own land and now   they're completely integrated with brazil they are  brazilians japanese brazilians so here in brazil   when you see japanese people you you don't think  the foreigners you know they're brazilian usually   yeah it's like something normal like you said  there or already integrated to our culture and   it's just normal for us we already know that so  there are so many of them here and yeah they're   just brazilian just normal resilience so it  couldn't be japan town without the hello kitty   you can eat here but we're gonna go to another  place you're gonna see why not to eat to get   a coffee yeah you'll see why soon so the  place we're going is called coffee selfie   because you can take a selfie  and it will be on your coffee   so carol is just choosing our selfie for  the coffee and we just gotta send it to them so here it is the selfie cappuccino carol's  missing a bit of her chin but it's actually   quite detailed maybe we had to send the picture  more zoomed out right yes but it looks nice yeah   it's a cool idea so you have to pay five ais extra  for the selfie and i just got a herbal tea here was 10.90 and that's just the extra  five and then they're able to use 8.50   so 24 40 the nice cakes and sweets here check  those things out the donuts loads of different   cakes they got some ice cream in there though  all right the time has come to destroy us there goes the five hands so about a 10-minute walk from the japan town  is this cathedral here which is also a really   famous site it's called cathedral this area is  pretty sketchy because basically all the homeless   homeless people in sao paulo have moved here so  yeah these are all the tents all the way around   gotta be quick here but a very impressive  cathedral apparently this is one of the fifth   biggest neo-gothical cathedrals in the world  and construction started in 1914 so i'll have   to whisper inside it's very quiet here yeah but  this cathedral is absolutely gigantic especially   the ceiling super high ceiling get these enormous  pillars all around look the size of these pillars so so far we've been getting around  by uber because it's more convenient   quicker but now we're gonna get  on the metro see how the sao paulo   metro system is so a one-way ticket per  person is 440. that's what we're gonna get so me and carol are lost already and this is why  that's all the metro lines so we're here right now   and we need to get the paradiso are we  gonna switch switch uh metro over there line two so we need to go to line two  right now yeah i think this one this one   that says one though yeah but we'll  switch on oh we'll switch to two   yeah only when we get to paradise okay  hopefully carol knows what she's talking about okay brought up so we're now on the famous avenida paulista so  this is where all the big brazilian companies the   international companies are goes all the way down  there three kilometers absolutely gigantic street   of just huge buildings businesses everywhere this  street is crazy yeah there's a lot going on here   but i think on sundays i'm not sure  if it's the weekend or just sunday   it becomes a walking street so no cars only  people walking yeah so i don't know it's   like eight lanes so it becomes an eight lane  walking street for three kilometers so i think   you have like food trucks and just people selling  stuff yeah i wish we were here on a weekend but   we will be here yeah today is a wednesday  so sao paulo the city has the highest gdp   in uh in latin america and the southern  hemisphere so yeah sao paulo is a super rich city so we just came into some huge mall here um  yeah we came in here to find a food court   didn't seem to really be any restaurants on  that main road not in walking distance anyway   you have to walk a lot so i ended  up getting some japanese food   i think japan town made me crave some japanese  food how do you pronounce that phrase can die yeah so it's pretty interesting different not  like a normal sushi roll so i got like a cone   here they call it tamaki so this one has salmon  cream cheese ginger some seeds and then this   one's pretty much the same just fried the algae  is fried and it also has some teriyaki sauce   and that was all 39 ray is 50. and carol  went for the more brazilian kind of food   yeah i missed this food yeah what is it rice beans  yeah which is a brazilian thing and fish and the   salad mashed potato yeah farofa and all this with  the coke was 45 hey ice qualifiers there you go so we're now heading to  the sao paulo museum of art   and it's 45 reyes per person we had to book  it online i think that's because of kovid   so yeah yesterday we just booked it  and this is the art museum right here the first section that we've come to is mainly  sculptures so this is by a brazilian artist   i think they have things from  international artists here as well got some very unusual looking sculptures here  this one that's what oh yeah it's a dorian   what the hell they're all dorians  right are they real no dorian arch so this is the main part of the art museum so  apparently there's over 200 works about here   so a lot to see already looks awesome look  at all this yeah i like how they did the   layout where it's not on walls it's all on  these uh pieces of glass that are upright and yeah you even have some other things like like  this check that out and it's a weird big bent nail man check out these paintings so  looks very haunted super creepy   this one's even more creepy it's like i don't  know almost like skeleton looking yeah so these   two are the from the same artist it's because  the guy is called country du cortinari he's a   very famous artist in brazil and this one is  the most famous one it's called hechiranchis   the painting is about like the people  from the northeast area of brazil   and they were in this this poverty situation  so he was trying to bring this issue to like   not just the art community but also the politics  community and just wanted to bring this problem so we're walking avenida paulista once again  going on about a 20-minute walk because there's   a building with a viewpoint here that i think is  for free to visit so yeah we're gonna check that   place out and i didn't mention before from what i  read close to a million people walk these streets   every day just this street actually only avenida  palestine almost a million people walk yeah crazy so we've actually come back to our apartment now  because the rooftop place with the view was closed   because of covid and we asked the guy there if  there was any other rooftops around but he said   that they're all closed because of kovitz and  tomorrow we're going to be heading to rio where   mino and carol's family live that we was only here  for one day because it was a layover really that's   the only reason we came here but we like what  we saw and yeah we could spend many more days   there there must be way more stuff to see since  the place is so gigantic so there's going to be   a lot of videos coming from rio de janeiro and  we're probably going to visit some other states   as well i think we're going to be here in brazil  for like two to three months minimum so yeah we   got quite a long time here if you like this  video just drop a like as usual to support us   subscribe if you like to see more videos like this  follow us on instagram and we'll see in the next

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