First Time in South Korea (Seoul)

First Time in South Korea (Seoul)

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Hello, world I happen, to find myself in Seoul South Korea my, first time to travel outside of Japan and into another Asian country, I knew. Virtually nothing. A week before going, to visit so, the one thing I did was to take a look at Google Maps and scope, out the place from the air and the streets one. Thing I noticed was the clusters of residential. Apartment buildings I also, saw some beautiful mountains surrounding. The city and a huge river since. I knew zero about Seoul I put the word out on the social medias and some kind people agreed to show me around so, here's what I experienced, during my one evening two days and one morning in Seoul and. By. The way I was going to make this a chronological, video, which it'll kind, of be but, I'm going to seriously get sidetracked and, jump back and forth in time throughout the whole thing. It'll. Be fine. But. We have to start somewhere so how about at the amazing een ton airport, yeah, I'm using Google Translate for all the Korean names because well I'm guessing. He's, better than I am noon, Sun I couldn't. Really ask for much more of the airport beautiful, clean, spacious, modern. Everything. From immigration to, picking up luggage to exchanging, cash to getting Wi-Fi was easy although, I did get dinged like five percent on the exchange, finding. Where the trains were was simple and my next task was to get some t-money. No, no, not this guy these guys. Once. In my hands I loaded, it up at the kiosk and was ready to ride on the public transportation or, buy some stuff at the convenience stores, the. Train system was fantastic. It's quite affordable especially in comparison to fares around Tokyo for. Example getting into the heart of Seoul from the airport cost me four thousand, one hundred and fifty one using. The Erik's all stop train which, sounds, like a lot but it's really about four u.s. dollars okay. Quick pause here I'll mention, money a few times the, quick and dirty way to figure out how much Korean currency is in US dollars is to divide the number by one thousand yes. One, zero, zero zero one, thousand, so. If you have five thousand, one that'd be five, dollars, okay, back to trains, anyone. Who has traveled soul knows that it's about an hour commute to the heart of the city from the main International, Airport along. My ride in what caught my attention right, away was the roads the, width of the roads were a lot more similar to what I saw on my visits to the US and to what I was used to in Japan for. Example let's pause it here, that's. Ten lanes in total in Japan the biggest expressways, I've seen have six while, usually there are only four two lanes going one way two, lanes going to the other all, right so that's the highways our expressways, are whatever you call them the, local roads were, even more noticeable to me in. Tokyo you can find some eight laners every, once in a while but, the design usually includes a median more, likely it's a 2 or 4 laner honestly. Some of the streets in Seoul reminded, me a lot of some found in Vancouver, in Canada I'd. Also like some cities I visited in the United States anyways. To sum it up coming, from Tokyo I noticed that there were bigger roads and more cars and Seoul, when. I got more into the city the train went underground and well the underground is boring footage so let's just deport getting out and about a night now. The point of my trip wasn't to go and party or do the tourist stuff but, because of what I needed to film which, was not actually this video I ended, up staying in the university, area of Hongdae, where I'm told the young people like to let loose here. Check this photo out notice. Anything my. Wife did arm, holding. After. She clued me in, I opened my eyes and saw there were public displays of affection all over, the place yep. PDA, all over Seoul now. Depending on where you're from this, may be mild or tame but coming from Japan this, seemed wild, absolutely. Wild any nice. Park fun atmosphere, lots, of people enjoying a night out with friends and lovers. I was. Getting hungry and needed a bite to eat since, my only friend in Korea ditched me thanks, T just. Joke came wedding anniversaries are important things I have, to try and solve my hunger issue all by my lonesome, I decided. To limit my risk and pick a place with picture menus now, I heard Koreans were fairly decent at English and I was in a university, part of town so, I decided to simply say the name of the menu item number, one aged beef steak what I got back was a blank stare.

But. Hey that's why, the picture menu so I pointed at it and it was all good I didn't. Do a couple hours of language study but out of all that time the only thing I can say was, come Siham Lita which, I think means thanks, but who knows if any Koreans understood, me when I'd mutter it I know. You're one drink no, I don't think it was the number one aged beef steak in Seoul but, I will say that within that building sure, I'll give them that after. Eating I went to some different areas these, much more party like I noticed, so many things but to keep this video from going off the rails I'll just talk about one of them right now street, food and street vendors it. Was a nice atmosphere and, so much stuff that you could easily buy while walking the streets come, to think of it I only ever filmed people getting, good I didn't actually try any myself but. I'm sure it was all good okay. Off to bed I. Woke. Up and during the day I did the thing that I came to Seoul to do so. We're gonna skip right to the night where I did have some locals to show me the ropes first. Stop was Korean BBQ alcohol. And meat sounds, like a fun time. Yeah. Got, that whole Asian flush thing what. You've never heard of it thanks, to my DNA, alcohol. Makes my skin turn, red. It's. Called Asian flush and it. Affects about 36 percent of North East Asians, with higher rates among, Asian Americans yep. So no drinks for me but it was fun to watch. The. Meet on the other hand was great is the perfect thing for those of us on the low-carb diet. Now. I've been to Korean barbecue in Canada as well as in Japan but, it's fun to experience the real thing in Korea of, course Korean. Food in Korea is, good. After. That I was going to go home but somehow another friend joined and I was off to a pub inspired, by old-school Korea, the. Ladies prepared mock quality, which, is an unfiltered rice wine you, can see how it's cloudy since. This is an old-school bar they used these golden bowls which is reminiscent, of what was used over a half-century ago and because. You had mock quality, you, also need to get Hudson which, is a savory, pancake there. Was also Bing, young which, are thin chewy noodles in a cold vinegary, broth of course. The ever useful scissors, were used again the food. All good I have. To try a bit of luck quality, Asian. Flush or not. Okay. Good morning I showed up earlier than when I was to meet a couple fine folks, oh really, kids to my eyes so, I decided to take a stroll through the enticing gates, at Polk sukoon I. Had. A chance encounter with this group this. Was the changing of royal guards by the way I. Found. It quite fortuitous, as it, seems they had an eager following, to, get my shots I didn't, even have to run around like a groupie, lucky me. Another. Type of group I encountered, who were students some, of them were having discussions in English so, I'm assuming they were from the United States coming for culture studies that'd, be a cool experience for a korean-american I believe, most students were coming from within Korea though and in, case not a bad field trip to take after. Leaving the palace gates I met up with my first set of tour guides Jonas. And eunsu, I was, expecting, to solely go by subway and foot but instead I was told that taxi, would be the best way to quickly get where we were going, taxis. In Tokyo can be pricey so was welcome news to her that taxis in Seoul are quite affordable starting, at 3,000 won for the first two kilometers. Where. We headed to was an area in na Guangdong, it's full of small little alleyways and chic restaurants, apparently. It's not a foreign tourist hotspot, quite yet but, it is popular, among the locals. It's. Taken an old area and made it hip with stylish cafes and shops. And. Then there, was time for lunch no. We didn't eat at this shop which is making bun cool we, went to the more geriatric, area just a few blocks over. That's. Where I noticed this I was, pretty sure what was going on but, I had to ask to confirm yep, this random stuff on the road was saving parking, spots in fact, I had encountered scenes like this in my first night in the city kind of like how someone in Philadelphia, will call savesies, after, the shovel the snow away except, in Seoul this seems to be happening without, snow. One, of my tour guides. Explained. Like. Pickled. Radish. Some green salad, and, the.

Most Famous Korean, dish kimchi, fermented. Cabbage. Next. On the itinerary was, going back to the west side of town - ma Huang do now we're spending at, the entrance, toward, the mama market, and this is close to work of the stadium so, like, until, three, four years ago one celebrating. They. Put this area on his show this place was quite bad but he, revived, this place and the, market get famous but a lot of booze and we'll expect, so a lot, of people visit, three weekends, with four they humbly. I was, told this market was made by the Japanese way back when it makes sense as the overhead structure is very similar to what I've seen in Japan. For. Example this, is an arcade in Osaka and Tokyo however. The, atmosphere, is completely, different whereas. In Japan vendors, sell their wares mostly, in shops you. Can see here that the goods really bleed into the streets reminds. Me a bit of the shops I'd see in China towns. Some. Vendors will be selling directly from the farm so it's kind of a farmers market as well. This. Store is, where, they sell can't eat the, most payments, currently and, they also have salted. Side. Dishes they eat, everything, they put in a butcher. Down which is the red paste. That's all, the Korean fishes use and on a pistol soy, sauce everything, and you. Eat with some rice that is really, good. One. Of the things that visitors writing about the area seem to do is try and sample the large variety of food along the way I did, partake in a few samples but I was so busy filming and had only so many hours in the day so I sadly didn't take too much time to stop and taste everything, I'd recommend. Spending more than 30 minutes that I did and to come with an empty stomach. Despite. Some taxi rides I did find myself traveling, on the seoul metro system again i found, it quite easy to navigate the, main system in seoul proper is seoul metro which, has nine color-coded. Lines every, time you get on the metro it's only in 1251. With the t-money card for up to ten kilometers which. Is incredibly, cheap at just over one US dollar every. Station I visited had protective, walls which was very nice to see in, Tokyo many stations don't have this and every year there are many accidental, deaths. One. Thing that was hard for me not to notice, was the relief goods storage area and the smoke masks, on, some of the video streams they also had a depiction of what to do in the case of emergency, like a fire in the train I had, heard that the trains can be loud with people talking and yes people do talk on their phones at times but it's much more quiet and orderly than public transit I've taken in Vancouver, and, out of the five or six trains I caught volume, levels didn't seem that drastically, different from those in Tokyo, trains.

Although. I will say the, Seoul metro system has way more video, screens. Now. I really wanted to see inside different types of housing while in Seoul I'm a creeper what can I say but seriously. It's, something, that a tourist wouldn't get the chance to do and I wanted to be more like local, I totally. Failed in this regard but, I did get to know a little bit about the different types of housing that's, because my next local guide Peter, who's an architect was, able to share a few things with me these. Buildings, our office tells which are rooms that you can rent for business but, that also have amenities like a small kitchenette so that some people actually end, up also living where they work besides. Them and perhaps hard to distinguish, are the regular housing. This. Area is really close to the old palace walls so right after you get past the skyscrapers, you get these little houses crammed, on a hill you. May, have noticed that some of these are falling apart why. Is that I. Was. Told that some of these types of areas were redeveloped, into clusters of skyscrapers, like this. Well. This area was on its way to doing so, so why upkeep your place if it's going to be torn down and redeveloped, like. I said earlier this, is right near the historical, palace walls so redevelopment, plans have been halted by the current, Seoul City Mayor so, this resident, over here was telling us all about it and how many of the homes in front of him have been abandoned, others, have decided to not play the waiting game and simply renovated, their homes and. Over. The other side of the hill we encountered this completely, redeveloped area. If. You use Google Maps on satellite view you can see these groups of towers can be found all throughout, soil in between. Towers, I have to say that it's a very pleasant place to walk through there, are amenities, such as parks dotted all around and here's cafe seating sounds, the cafe I was. Told that some of these trees are very expensive imports, from other areas quite. A different feel from the older areas of Seoul and. What does an old housing, area look like well. Like, this. So. The, Freak, building in the back is where, the most like, Korean, people lives with their family, it. Has one voice for one health and a. Called. Pilaf, in Korean, and they're really also if you go inside us really, what. They call the pipe and bathroom, kitchen everything, is, authentic. Korean. Living, there, this. Is the one type of housing unit I was able to get into as my guide Jonas was residing in one here's. A quick tour for all you curious people. Because. I've. Just never bought it since then I. Noted. Three things that I didn't see in Japan or Canada first. Was the bathroom yes, the bathroom with no shower stall our tub so. When it gets wet it gets wet everywhere it, wet bathroom, people. I tried really hard to see a more spacious and modern bathroom. I hear they exist but what I saw in another home was similar an all-in-one bathroom, with no separation, between the shower toilet, and sink so that water would go down and drain and you need to wear slippers so as not to get your feet wet but. Hey I did get some video of a more modern bathroom, they, do exist. The, second difference is the closed in balconies. Most. Balconies in Japan may have a roof but, it's down like open air for drying clothes even. On the fancy new residential, buildings in Japan it'll, be like this. These. Old apartment blocks in Seoul have these enclosed balconies. Lastly. The third big difference is the roofs in these, old buildings it appears everyone has roof access I did. A terrible job filming, but there was a little garden as well as rx4 drying laundry. Now. You might have noticed evening was starting to fall but I actually skipped ahead a bit so, let me rewind back a little before I went to see what some of the old housing was like I found myself back in the area of Kwong Wah moon in the, distance you can see hong hwon date, which, is the entrance ting Tong did sun the, royal palace whose name means it's a paused really blessed by heaven i didn't, get in too, many other areas to travel to and through like, the young boom this dream used to be covered by concrete until when in 2003. A project, was undertaken to tear down an overpass and restore the stream while, the walk along the stream is gorgeous today it actually didn't look like this before when, I was covering concrete, in 1958, in. 1904. It looked like this, after. The Korean War in the 1950s, it, was home to makeshift houses and was a bit of an eyesore.

In Any case it's a lovely walk and the stream helps keep the temperatures, down it's. Too bad that it can only spend about 30 mins hair before, moving on to the next pot which, was young Doolin I really only stopped here as was on the way to somewhere else we were going it's, apparently a very touristy market, and, I'm told if you're looking for something more authentic you go to one like previously, shown. Next. Top you do on first, we had to catch a short bus ride to the area we. Actually traveled, right through this mountain to get here. To. One is the big boring area in Seoul there's a large US military base that's next to it called room some ug it, has been scheduled for years to be converted into a big park like Central Park in New York but, it hasn't happened yet. Whew. One is a lively area and even on the streets kind of feels like you're in the club. Dude. Yes. I'm in tavern food is what fitty cent said, something. That caught my eyes was the big open windows and seating I can see everyone eating from the outside this, is not just a new one but, in all the areas I visited, most, restaurants I see in Japan seem more closed off an intimate. While. This area clearly has born influence, I felt, that way about a lot of areas I visited some. Things were Chinese some, American, and some Japanese I was. Actually surprised by the number of US fast food chains I could see in KFC, to Dairy Queen - I. Didn't. Just have a US president there, was also a prominent Muslim, section of town as well, all. In all an interesting, mix of cultures in the area. We, ended up tonight at a restaurant that served a variety of side dishes that you might find made in a family home I didn't. Even ask my guide to explain all of them does that be an entire video in and of itself. And. Surprise. Surprise again, the food was good. Okay. So it's my last day in Seoul and I finally got to the Han River the massive river that bisects, the city into the north and south I'd. Been traveling around the north side so, it was nice to get to see the south of it this. Part of town uri dul is actually, an island in the han river and his soul's main finance, and investment, banking district, what, I saw yet again was motorbikes, which, had witnessed zooming all over town.

I. Thought. Tokyo had a lot of motorcycle, deliveries, but, I was sorely mistaken I really. Wanted to get a delivery I was, told it was a popular thing to get chicken delivered while enjoying the waterfront, along the Han River alas. This was not to be this time around something. Else I could see in the area or older style apartment, buildings the. Numbering was similar to what I've seen with public housing in Japan so I'm assuming it was public housing but I honestly don't know if this was the case. So. My guide for this morning was to show me the river park here where it's usually hustling, and bustling on the weekends quite. A different thing during, the weekdays though, something. That I wasn't expecting to see was a high number of road bikes and a low number of city bikes. In. Japan, near everyone rides basic, bikes from, mums with their kids to grandpa's out and about I. Somehow. Figured it'd be the same in Seoul but it turns out that biking, is a much more serious thing over here kind, of similar to where I used to be from in Vancouver, the, day before I had experienced, fantastic. Weather but today was not to be the same while. It was forecast, to be sunny later in the morning the fog never seemed to lift my, dad told me that if the fog hadn't, lifted by late morning it, was actually smog and not fog one. Of my guys the day before and told me that many in Seoul are now learning to monitor, the air quality through, apps it's, so much easier to see what's happening in the air you can see the flow compiled from weather data and. With that it was time to rush off to the airport but not before I had one last thing to eat. This. Time we went to a mall which, I think was the most nondistinct, building, I'd visited in all my time in Korea it could have been any mall in North America or Japan that I visited, of, course the food court was a bit different though we, did try ordering on a touchscreen but it turns out I only. Have some. I think. This was the meal with the least amount of dishes that I had had so far a. Big. Thanks to all those that showed me around Seoul and apologies, to those I wasn't able to meet up with. Thanks. For watching see you next time bye. Have, you ever lived in or visited Seoul before what. Was your experience, like I'm. Tired.

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I visited Seoul a couple of years back, and I think it's crazy to see that even though it was the same city, it's only one of the areas I was in too. I live in Denmark, so you could easily travel across Copenhagen in a day, and to see a city so massive, is mindblowing to me.

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I don't know why did you edit video like this way. There are developed and undeveloped places in any country, and there are also new / clean area and dirty slums / old area in any country. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Korea, but I don't know what you want to gain by comparing Japan's pretty organized buildings with Korea's crumbling slums. Yes, I am Korean. And I have been travel to Japan twice before. At that time, I also saw some uncluttered dirty buildings that couldn’t seen in your other videos that introduce about life in Japan.But I have never looked at them in another face of Japan and I didn't think that is average Japanese life. It’s because As I said before, There are developed and undeveloped places in any country. And there are rich, middle and poor people in every country. To me, Japan is a kind neighbor country of beautiful people and delicious food. Still I have a good image of Japan, I always saw some shocking things from your country. I saw a video that travel program of a Japanese public broadcast introduce about the slums of Seoul in a few days ago. I know that we are historically complex and that Japanese politicians are politically exploiting a culture that hates Korea, and I know the books about the hatred of Korea are defined as new genres(嫌韓) and become best sellers in Japanese bookstores, but the tour program introduces other country's slums? Come on. Really? I felt similar to that time after watching this video. That's why I left such a long comment.If you and your friends have enjoyed the friendly smile and love of Korea as it is, you can add a another beautiful memories in your life journey. I mean If you had purely enjoy Korea instead of spending time looking for dirty old buildings like this cuz you triped only 2-3days. Hopefully, you will have another chance to travel to Korea as one person, away from Youtuber, I hope you enjoy a warm Korea that always welcoming you all my heart.

Life Where I'm From I think my comments offended you. As I mentioned in the comment, I was shocked after saw that Japanese public broadcast introduce the slums in Seoul as a travel destination a few days ago, so I left quiet emotional comments.

I'm curious. Did you watch the entire video? Have you seen other videos I've made, such as the series about homeless in Japan, the one about why Japanese home's are worthless after 30 years, or maybe the one before this where I talk about the Japanese quality of life. In all those I show a variety of neighbourhoods, and in some cases, what can be argued the worst/poorest neighbourhoods in Japan. I try to strike a balance. Sometimes show the richer parts, sometimes the poorer parts. What I'm wondering is why you think I only showed bad parts of Korea or that I somehow didn't have a good time? The people I met were very nice and helpful. I was under the impression that Yeouido was a big financial district, that the Han river was a popular place to relax, and that the Gwanghwamun area was nicely redeveloped (and I told that story). Basically I asked people living in Korea if they could show me around to some everyday life things and what you saw is what I experienced. Did you also not hear me talk about the fantastic airport and the great subway system? I'm honestly just a bit confused why you say "I don't know what you want to gain by comparing Japan's pretty organized buildings with Korea's crumbling slums."

I'd like to watch a video of you filming a video!

I love how he used Google translate

I visited 7 times and love every bit of it not only Seoul but outside of Seoul as well I have travelled.

Canadian hikikomori chang??? Please Do not come out from Japan Otakusan.

I think you meant chan (no g) :-) And hikikomori is used for people who don't generally leave their house and mostly stay locked in their room. While it's true I do stay at home editing a lot, unfortunately filming requires me to go outside, so I can't be a good hikikomori.

Lucky you, your tour guides are pretty

When I traveled in Japan and Korea for about a month, one of the interesting differences was the height of the Japanese and Koreans. I felt I was pretty tall in Japan , but , I felt I was just about average in Korea.

Hi Hi I really enjoy watching your videos very interesting I would very much love to do more videos about Korea

So true. Seoul (漢城)is so overrated.

I'm going there this July! Can't wait

The old houses are way better, hate tower blocks you'll never get me in one after what happened to Grenfell

lol, whenever the voice over comes on, it reminds me of old kung fu movies with the bad, out of sync, voice over work xD

The laundry is balcony and house bathroom is very similar that you can find in India. I am really glad you broke some myth that I am having about South Korea. I think it's like Japan but influenced by America. Make such videos for more countries. It's gives us much more perspective.

Just what i needed somehow. Been to Japan twice. Going to Seoul this September. Will be staying in Hongdae too haha...

20:56 I can see someone here trying to tell you to stop filming

Such an amazing video. I really want to visit korea now.

As a Korean, I watched the video very impressively. Most are close to the truth, and I am surprised that you have such insights. Korea is complex, vibrant, busy and passionate. I think you got the point well.

What really caught my eye was your T-Money card: Brown and Cony hehe

뭐라는거에요? 일본 얘기가 왜이리 많이나오는시

Very nice video. They seem to be doing the same mistakes we did (and still do), creating residential areas with no life. A park is nice, but people need a reason to occupy an area and make it alive. Shops on the ground level is a good way to do so. Diversity and a little bit of randomness also makes a place more pleasing (instead of those blocks of similar building all perfectly aligned).

what is wrong withe holding hands ?

Country looks really depressing to live...

that's the vibe i got

10:47...wait is that bang


nice one

Cool to see Izumi here ^_ ^

Helloooooo, I thank it's a FANTASTIC film I enjoyed every second of it.I like your style and keep doing films your way. I'm a fan and I look forward to the next one.

I was in Seoul for last 3 weeks. I guess you were there when I was there lol I felt Seoul is very technically advanced city, from getting into subway just taping with a T Money card, You never take those parking lot ticket due to machine scans the car so you don't have to worry about losing it. You went to very old side of the city, next time you should go to Gangnam neighborhood and Jamsil where the tallest building in Korea called Lotte World Tower is. And City of Busan is a second capital in Korea. You should visit there too!

Wow, I was just there over a month and I didn't get to see half of the things in your video. Seoul is so full of amazing things to do/see it's overwhelming. Great video, made me miss Seoul already :')

Always enjoy watching your videos man. Great job. No shenanigans no gimmick. You are one of my favourite Youtuber alongside Rachel & Jun, Simon and Martina and internatially me. (Sorry I feel the need to give a shout to my other favs too just because you guys are so different from each other!)

S. Korea is like 50% beauty/cosmetics/skin shop, 30% cafes and shops selling snacks and 19% PDA

Westerners will always look at Korea with rose tinted glasses. You have NO idea what it's like to actually live here.

I love your video so much , please visit Vietnam if you have a chance

Love the hustle and bustle in Seoul. Love their food too!

Great film! But I'm not sure "Villas" are really an authentic type of living in Korea;; Because most of them is built in 90s. They are more like two-story アパート(軽量鉄骨)in Tokyo. I guess the cute lady in your film is too young to remember all the changes of the city :)



you did an awesome job on your first trip to seul!!! i really enyoed the video, please visit korea more!!i love to see it through your eyes, your point of view is so different from anything i have seen before (btw using google translate is hilarious hahah)

This was so cool! Can't wait for more.

Come in india

Great video! I'm currently in Seoul right now and my total length of stay is 16 days. I should definitely check out Itaewon and Han river before I leave.

What a refreshing video! Very relaxing and entertaining

I love how you really do what your channel says, capture life! I recently visited Japan and your videos prepared me so well for the culture and vibe of Tokyo.

Loved it!

I just got back from my first visit to Seoul yesterday. It started out feeling like a generic Asian city. Boy was I wrong at the end. I ❤️ Seoul, like I ❤️ Tokyo, and I ❤️ Taipei. Glad to be an expat in Taipei where I can quickly travel to these places.

when you come to China ?

What’s the difference between Korean chopsticks than Japanese chopsticks

Life Where I'm From if you can, can you take a trip to somewhere in China like Beijing or Hong Kong?

Maybe visit Taipei, Taiwan next time. Avoid July, Aug, Sep though since it's quite hot during that time.


Your videos are really worth watching and informative. I am so searching for a content like this in the midst of all tour/vacation-like vlogs. I am so thankful of you.

Thank you for putting so much effort into your videos! They're really entertaining and informative

LOL the google translate inserts killed me. Also did any Koreans give you a stare for filming videos? Koreans are quite anal about having their face in people's videos and photos. Kinda like Japan

Great photography works and scripts

Aww man! My fiancé and I were just there 2 weeks ago! We would've loved to meet a fellow Vancouverite outside Canada haha! We just landed in Japan today!

It's alright if you get the pronounciatio wrong....I think it's better if you said the words your self!....and maybe give the pronounciation in text at the side of the video!

Gotta say Greg, either you're very good at self discipline or not into food experiments cause I'd have probably gotten hives from seeing all that unexplored street food and not taste everything!

Giggling every time Google translate man talks. Esp the way he say Yeon Joo.

Why is so many buildings in Korea have green rooftops???

where most koreans live with their families? lol no offense to the guide but most koreans live in apartments as you will find from google map. The housing is mostly for a low budget.

korean girls are beautiful

Nice video. Thanks for your efforts gerg-san! How was your trip??

I'm laughing, you forgot to write: ft. Google Translator, like for that.

it looks so cool , clean, safe and fun. I especially liked that old neighborhood with really narrow streets and no cars. A special places that doesn't exist in USA.

very interesting

if you’re taking recommendations, could you make another restaurant or fast food in japan video?

do you by chance work in urban planning/design? You have a keen eye for city form and what makes neighborhoods lively and robust. I study sustainable urban planning and your video on japanese zoning laws and mixed use/compact neighborhoods inspired a paper i wrote! Keep up the good work

No, I don't. My brother and mother do though. I used to film lecture at UBC (University of British Columbia) and they did a whole series on the Global City. So I'm sure that those things influenced my interest in the topic.

Sincerely love your videos

Do any of your guides have channels?

2.38 , I call 8 lanes.

Might those have been copper bowls rather than gold? I know copper was used in the past to naturally kill off microorganisms (due to it possessing antimicrobial properties).

23:45 most of the smog's from china

I've lived in Korea for 2 years (lived in an "officetel" in Seoul, worked at Samsung HQ in Suwon). Before coming to Korea, I had thought of Korea as similar to Japan but "second tier," as I had thought Japan was the most beautiful country in the world, aesthetically and culturally. Now, living in the bay area California, I fondly remember the times I've had in Korea. The standard of living is so much better and cheaper than here in the bay area. Work-life balance is getting better and better every year, and there's always so much to do, walk, and see in Seoul, as compared to SF. While I still treat Tokyo as the best city in the world, Seoul comes very close to my heart. I wish I could have left Seoul later than sooner.

Your videos keep getting better and better !!!!!!! I hope you got through with your other film.

This was so much fun to watch having lived in Seoul for a year. I miss it a lot. And loved how you used the google translate voice, hilarious!

To me, the google translate sound kinda ruins the video, it gets very annoying to listen to really fast :(

There are also free walking tours

I'd like to see the plastic surgery clinics all over the Seoul or South Korea.

At 5:00 the place he got his steak from is called "Nuclear Steak". Lol

aaaa the famous korean rooftops you see in drama


Nope, she's not. We live in Europe.

is ur gf korean

Iceweasel because its more expensive than other cars in secondhand markets haha

Ж where are you from?

Just to clarify something Yeonju said. She reached out to me and said she meant to say that the villas/apartments is where many Korean people used to live. Nowadays they live in apartments (like the one's I showed while walking with the architect). Some renovate the brick buildings, changing the inside while keeping the outside. I would have really liked to show the insides of the new apartments, but in the short time I had I couldn't find anyone who was able to show me inside.

(my english is not so good)Actually, the bricks ones are all concrete-structure buildings. Only exterior is made of bricks. They usually were been building during 90s, when labor costs were so cheap that people could hire brick experts to finish exterior. Nowadays labor costs have been arisen so Korean people usually finish those "villa" exterior with exposed concrete or else.

Life Where I'm From hey ..i didn’t understand a thing.why some people type “:c” or “:p” or anything like that after some sentences?i even dont know what these characters means(their full forms)!

Can you do the next video with aiko-chan and shin-chan wearing a yukata/kimono(I don't know if that's the right word for it but I mean like the traditional dresses that they sometimes wear on festivals ) and they can go to a festival ...i would live to see Japanese festivals so...

Love* not live...that was autocorrect

OMG!!! As one of your korean subscriber, I am so excited that you finally came visit here!!!!! It seems like you had a great time here in Korea. I wish you could visit here again!!!!

Enjoyed your quickie visit to Korea! I taught conversational English in Seoul waaay back in the late 1970s. During that era S Korea appeared to be trying to leap forward and match the development of Japan but in many ways there was a thin veneer—don't look too closely. I did enjoy the friendly people (hetro men pals holding hands in the street was new for this Canadian male tho!!) and the delicious spicy food! I was fortunate to visit K twice in the late 1990s but not since. I was amazed at the very substantial physical and economic development of the country. My most memorable impression tho is of all the friendly and open people that I was blessed to meet, teach and work with..!!

It is so interesting, to see the world trough your eyes :) thanks for sharing this nice documentary.

Fibimfaab was my best food while in korea...and you ate same food as you leave

Yoooooo that was izumi from izumi's life... wow looks good with her short haircut... she not living in japan no more....or do youtube??

Apparently you need to have scissors to eat in South Korea, excellent video though.

Hi greg! Congrats on your travel to Seoul Love your videos and this first approach to Korea, they are the 2 countries in most interested on visiting Couple of questions Is it expensive to travel to Korea from Japan and back? Did you get to see any Mexican neighborhoods in your visit? Also a suggestion I liked your approach on Korean names using translator but it was a bit hard to understand, my suggestion is adding the name in text (Hangul and romaji) in the image while translator speaks Also I wouldn't have minded you trying to pronounce them lol Greetings from Mexico! I hope I can visit Japan soon and maybe get to know you and the team xD

It must be very rare sunny days in Seoul .

South Korea is so American friendly I love it. As expected cause we backed them up fighting the communists

You don't drink because you have asian glow? I don't think that's much of a justification.

I wouldn't want to force you to drink. Itchy is an interesting reaction that I havent seen before. I know countless people who Asian glow, including two past girlfriends, but there weren't any effects past aesthetic and slightly less tolerance

You can watch the video (linked in the description). My body can't process alcohol in the same way people without it can. So I get these reactions where I'll get itchy skin and all over my body it'll be red. I can handle one drink or so, like I'll have a 3% can of something, but in general I'm not a drinker.

Who are your guides? Due for another visit!

Those apartments look nice. Where are they at?

If you go to China you will find that everything will be even better and cheaper

Did not expect to enjoy the google translator HAHAHA

One thing about the roads, also that it's the same side as in Canada and not in Japan. Although I do not own a Samsung phone, why would it not accept Samsung Pay?

As a Korean the combination of cold noodles and the cloudy drinks is the most poor harmony that I could come up with when it comes to the cloudy drinks tho

This is not true. NASA collaborated with the Korean government and found out that most of the smog in Korea is generated domestically. Greenpeace reached the same conclusion.

rahzumn i just learned from you!!any other symbols?like :D

Siddik Patel :c is an unhappy face like

Good. (Furthermore, the world is passing away and so is its desire, but the one who does the will of God remains forever.-1 John 2:17)

It's interesting, well done!!

영상에 화창한 날씨가 안보이네 씨발 짱깨새끼들 진짜 ㅋ

Dude, you didn't get to eat Korean Fried Chicken?

No one cares if u get Asian flush. U shldnt care about that

I'm korean, and your pronunciations are very good. I could understand every korean word you said.

미세먼지 최악일때 왔네ㅡㅡ;;

Wow that was really cool! My friend loves the culture there and I wanted to know more. You make wonderful videos so I watned to check yours out. Hope you had fun! Also I found it really interesting that there's a Muslim area in Seoul. I'm Muslim myself, but didn't realize Islam had enough of a prominence in S. Korea to have it's own geographical location within the city for the group. I wanted to ask, is there anything like that in Tokyo or Japan in general? I know religion doesn't play a huge part in Japan unless it has a cultural significance, so I thought I'd ask. Thank you for your time!

That's an extremely enjoyable video of Seoul! I like that you went into the old apartments and let the audience have a feel of the place. And please stop saying, "I did a terrible job filming ... ." You did a great job filming and narrating. Many thumbs up!!!

Just pronounce the damn Korean words

역시 영상 화면으로 잠깐 비교되는 일본이 훨씬 좋구만 ㅋ ㅋ 한국따위는 그냥 짱개 느낌 ㅋ ㅋ


Those robotic narrators made me laugh. What a sharp contrast from your voice!

Terrific Video, Keep up the good work!

에프릿 im agree with you

King Of the Jungle its actually yellow dust from China

I was in Seoul from May 4th to the 13th, and I had a great time. I even took a trip to the DMZ, and I wanted to see the area where North and South Soldiers stand and stare at each other, but the area was closed due to the on again off again summit between Trump and Kim Jong-Un. I will definitely visit Seoul again.

i love South Korea

I lived in Korea for 2 years and have now lived in Japan for a year. Prior to living in these two places I wouldn't have thought there were such large differences but is there ever! And I can't honestly say which I prefer over the other. I love living in Japan but there are aspects of my life in Korea that I miss! Honestly I just wish I could hop back and forth between the two for the rest of my life!

Villa is not general house for Koreans. almost Koreans live in apartments(in japan they call it mansion) And also modern villas are just same as apartments(inside) Villa is just similar thing as Japanese apartment(

Travel to India ONCE and see your subscriber-ship shoot to the skies.

ohh thats why in animes they flush the characters when somebody is drunk :D

about the streets etc: im not sure but didnt america help build up south korea back in time? maybe they sent american architects and stuff there

many south koreans are so freaking beautiful, both men and women. this is insane. super genetics

Ah... linking arms and hand-holding isn't considered PDA because you do it with literally everyone; your school mates, friends, family, lover. I've had people I met for the first time link arms with me and it was strange at first, but when you are mutual friends/family with someone else, I think the closeness is assumed. It's like you learn to do it as children in school and you never grow out of it like you do in the west. It never becomes inappropriate or a meaning for deeper feelings. It is a casual display of friendship. (Have you seen the pictures of Kim Jong Un and the South Korean President linking arms/holding hands?) Also, you don't want to get separated from your group in those crowded areas. You won't see much kissing or hugging because those are seen as intimate PDA. I have seen minor PDA in HongDae because it is a younger crowd with lots of foreigners and the University is nearby.

Do you know kuchisake onna if yes then plz make video about her and was that legend real or not


I enjoyed that video, thanks!

Great shot after great shot. Chapeau !

이렇게 보니까 진짜 회색느낌이네요. 히잉

What a beautiful video. Love from South Korea

1:25 killed me...thats what i think whenever i hear t-money too loll

great vid. i need to visit again.

concrete. concrete everywhere.

This is noob

Nice video :-)

Now I want some Korean bbq

so relaxing when i watching your touring videos , i feel like im in it

U went to korea n had aged beef steak? Dude why do u even travel

Speaking of Korean traditional culture, it is lie, stealing, drinking, prostitution, rape, hwabyung , and so on.

South korea is Hell

Cano Plastic surgery

steve1978ger it's true that smog or dust come from China! But he's denying it! Making all kinds of stories

Haruka ino, it does not look like propaganda. People like to blame their problems on others to alleviate themselves from the responsibility to change anything.

King Of the Jungle Why Ur spreading propaganda

Your opinion is not true. The reason why that opinion is not reliable is The leader of Greenpeace Asia is Chinese. Please use a translator.

I kept hearing a "k" sound for all words ending with "ing", which annoys me a little, but other than that, a great video, keep up the good work! ☺️

Seoul wow the train station looks a bit like Singapore mrt station

This is so nice video but as a Korean I want to say that the house in the video is not average one. I think he needs some helps from the goverment. This can make some misunderstandings. But thank you for your effort !



In terms of architecture? Not much. American aid to SK after Korean War was in the form of physical goods, mostly second hand military gear they were going to throw away soon anyway. + wheat + soldiers spending money on girls.

The Grand Priest All kpop looks same

It's the result of plastic surgery.Many South Koreans love plastics and they r very good at it, even youngsters at the age of 16 are already doing plastics. My friend from Philippines went to South Korea just for plastic surgery. Look exactly the same as KPOP idol, all the same looks!

Korea i coming

Sad that 97% of the smog in S.Korea is from China.. (A enemy of Nature & Humanity for sure..) Chinese don't care about nature and other country people as you can see how Chinese tourist behave in other countries.. (In the news they said "The Chinese Government had to teach the people how to act when visiting other countries".) This is just savage!

Meanwhile 20 lane roads aren't too uncommon in China lmao

You missed gangnam, prob the best part of seoul in my opinion.

Looks like a mix of 1st world china and Taiwan to me

Im learning new stuff... and I live in Korea. FeelsBadMan

Come to taiwan

Nice trip report, I wish I had this information when visiting Seoul 2 months ago! Which camera did you use to make those super-steady panning sequences? Or is it just software stabilizing?

You should come visit Thailand!

This is great. I love Japan and have been twice, but I'd also love to visit South Korea one day. This is a good insight into Seoul and makes me want to go even more! I want to practice a fair bit of Korean before I go as I've from quite a few vloggers that Korean's don't speak a great deal of English. Looking forward to the next video, as always ^__^

Great video! its informative and even its good at looking :D

this was awesome Greg.

ill be there in November

Beautiful country to visit i hope to one day also can afford to travel. Greetings from Germany.

5000 won?? Why do other countries use such big numbers?? My American mind can't count that high.

Watching this is making me miss Seoul. I went to South Korea for the first time this May and I love it. I wanna go back!

If there were Korean subtitles 한국어가 있었다면

The quick brown cat jumps over the lazy cat 19:53

Which country is the best life to live? Japan (always wanted to live there since i was in elementary and I really love their culture!) London (My sister who lives there is actually planning to get me because in the near future I will work there as well and live there.) Or lastly, Korea (I'm actually a fan of kdrama and kpop thats why.) I'm confused. T.T

4:48 a cat cafe?

Could you please make more shorter videos, please? I am sure many of us like the shorter videos you used to do before like the Hamburger video Google Translate video etc

Wow! Amazing documentary of your visit! :-)

who's the girlfriend guide?! She's gorgeous!! I want her number lol great video man, keep em coming!

Omg that Philadelphia thing was so funny lol as a Philly resident I gotta admit I do that at times too lol

Great video! I have also visited those places one week ago!

I lived in Korea for a year, I only WISHED I lived in Seoul. I was there on the weekends. The commute is not horrible from other cities but I was int he countryside.

Nice video man, Seoul korea is so beautiful, the foods taste are great and the culture too Btw your korean friend looks pretty, keep it up man

Man, It's such a shame that you visited Seoul when the air is crappy like that. The most annoying thing about living in Seoul is micro-dust carried from China. Great video, though.

Bhai come to India!✌️

Very different and informational. What did you like the best about your trip?

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience

proGaimz Thank you for your advice!

London is way different compared to Japan and Korea. Its just like any other big potentially dangerous city in the west. Japan and Korea on the other hand are way safer, but may be a huge culture shock for you. Seeing as you are into Korea because of Kpop and Kdrama, you do not have an accurate image of the country. What many people do is they go because of those interests you have... and end up leaving because its not what they expected. So if you truly want to see whats right for you, go to both counties on long trips about 3 months and try to live like a local. If you decide to move in the future, be aware of the potentially harsh work culture, or you may be lucky and land a good enough job.

Hi Mangi, it's because that's where I'm coming from, Canada and Japan. It's my only frame of reference. A good chunk of people watching will be from the US and many watch because they've seen me talk about life in Japan and compare it to Western countries. For you talking about Canada, I think almost every Canadian would agree with what you said. Our movies aren't as popular, our economy is smaller. Never lived in Toronto nor visited New York, so can't speak to that comparison. When you talk to your family and friends about your life in the UK, do you never tell them about how things are different there than in Korea?

Is it really necessary to compare Japan and Canada? This is the very introduction of korea. Why don't see korea just as it is, instead of using your criterion, which is already socially constructed in your homeland and previous sojourning country. Did you merely come to find the difference between korean and japan, sometimes canada? Just imagine that someone is presenting the introduction of canada but he/she keeps bring USA stuffs to compare with canada. For instance, Tronto is merely mini-New York, canada economy is very small compare to USA, canadian movie is not popular compare to american Hollywood movie.....america US blah blah blah.... How do you feel if someone keeps bring american US stuffs during presenting Canada? Look what is happening here, many japanese people came here to say nasty and hateful comments since you made this video korea vs japan somehow. I have been to Canada, USA and Japan. And I am currently living in the UK. But I have never seen Canada through the perspective of the other countries since it is unconciously prejudice somehow.

I've been to Seoul twice. I also lived in the Hongdae area the one that you showed in your video. Seoul is a great city. You can visit a lot of places just by riding the subway or bus. Taxi is kinda expensive for me. But once you learn to use the subway, it's much better. I love their food a lot. I went there during summer time. I would like to come in spring and autumn.

nice video thanks


OMG you saw a movie being filmed. K-Drama? The best! How much was the airfare from TYO-ICH? Hey, saw the Uniqlo store. The street foods look so amazingly delicious and I heard the university area is great to stay. The highways/roadways appear to be way better than Vancouver. Nice shot of the kids. Thanks for the wonderful Korean adventure and love sharing in your visit. Looking forward to your visits to other Asian countries from your home base TYO.

Pls visit Vietnam


Hy Greg Please make more videos with Aiko and Shin (of course only if they want to). I absolutely love them. Love from Pakistan

* The actual conversion rate is around + - 1073 KRW to 1 USD or in the other example, 5,000 KRW is around ~4.66 USD

Toxic smog/yellow sands coming from China 가 극심한 날에도 재래시장이나 street foods를 저렇게 아무것도 덮지 않은채로 몇날 몇일 파는걸 보면 위생관념이 참... 그리고, 겨울엔 상관없겠지만 날씨가 따뜻한 날에도 냉동차가 아닌 일반 트럭에 달걀을 싣고 다니며 파는 것도 그렇고, 심지어 내장탕에 들어가는 돼지/소 내장등도 냉동차가 아닌 마대자루에 넣어 옮기는 아저씨들을 보면 아직 일본이나 선진국 따라가기 멀었다고 봄; 사회 곳곳에 이 열등한 Unique Chinese characteristics인 cunning, dirty/poor hygiene practices들이 곳곳에 묻어 나오는게 보임; 가뜩이나 중국발 미세먼지 덕에 스모그 낀 서울을 보면 Chinese city가 연상되는데... ㅠ

Great video. No Seoul Tower?

you gotta be a fuxxking japanese. I know it

굿베리 한국따위가..일본따위는 한국에 시샘하지 말아라

@mangi I totally understand the comparisons (most especially this is Youtube in which you have a large variety of audience). It is better to do this for a better description. Peace. :)

Can u plz make videos about life in Japan with the little girl. Like u did long ago

Yeonju is so cool! Love her chill vibe.

I prefer you saying the Korean words and making mistakes than hearing the robotic Google translate. I like your video overall. It's very calm and informative.

I absolutely love your videos! You have a unique way of presenting information that sets you apart from other travel channels. I love the calm approach you take!

nice walking tour

I've been to Seoul once, it was a beautiful city, sadly I only stayed there for 3 days :c

To add, the smog that was shown throughout the video is mostly delivered from China, since the industrial factories are placed in the east side of it. And the old brick buildings... well, apartments are way more authentic housings for Koreans

How can the upload the new video cashless japan and korea more country

For God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have eerlasting life.--John 3:16

mangi jeong I am Korean and it didn't bother me at all while watching this video. I didn't get the feeling that he was using Japan reference to portray Korea inferiorly in comparison. I think you are just being overly sensitive and insecure.

this video is.. so calming... everyhting is perfectly made. How did you manage such a good camera handling? I like the way you take video ..

Korea seoul

. That one you visited is one of the lowest level of house in korea. anyway nice quality video.

I’m so jealous you got to visit Seoul!!!! Thank you so much for taping your adventures and providing a fair and level headed approach to what it’s really like. I have been learning Korean and, of course, watch kdramas and reality shows to get into the people and culture. I know these are not a complete representation to reality. Your video has given the true and authentic flavour of Seoul into our hearts. Thank you very much for this! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

This is way better than Japan.

@Life Where I'm From I love what you did for your homepage picture! It looks so professional!

Bro the overwhelming majority of Korean people/families live in the highrise apartments that were obviously apparent everywhere. These apartments have some of the most advanced tech you wouldn't see anywhere else. Including full bathrooms with showers and even jet tubs.... big miconception is making the blanket assumption from seeing villas which mostly single people, young couples, or English teachers.. who are provided living accommodations there since it is considerably less than apartments..its like comparing studio apartments to houses in America.. these comparisons are ridiculous . Other than that enjoyed the video. U need to spend at least a good month in Korea.. n even that wouldn't be enough.

개소리,일본 가보지도 않았고만 아는척 하고있네

Please make video about japanese street food~

Hi that that was great where going there next year. Nice one do thay have beer bars there .Thank you Mr king Liverpool England.

확실히 일본이 좋긴좋네 .

Omg i want that card

I miss ROK when I was stationed there in the Army.

서울은 거대한 촌구석이지

왜 자꾸 일본이랑 비교하고 일본기준으로 말하는지 ㅡㅡ

Isent japanes gentically Koreans? The Japanes seems to get fourios over this, An odd thing.

Glad my wife shared this video with me. Having lived in Korea for four of the last five years, I agree this was a great intro to Seoul, but hard to cover it all in so short of a video and he really only scratched the surface of what it’s like to live here. It’s even better than described, the smog aside. Best time is the spring or autumn. Need a Part 2!

Like everywhere else (some stuff aint as good as other places) but i meant for those looking for asian culture/traditions ways of living mixed with a little more freedom than Japan "1001 rules" for everything, some are just awesome but some are just "dear god wha the hell is going on, on these ppls minds" i dont know if you get my point, imo South Korea its just perfect for those who want to experience Asian Culture with a percentage of "i can fk up a lil bit just a lil bit tho" get it? :P Dont get me bad tho please. Resuming, trying to say, theres more freedom in South Korea and including the best of Asia.

Yui Thanks,but have you never been to Japan?Cleanness of air,the reliable bills and low rate of crime are way better than Seoul.We koreans have things left to beat Japan still.

Joseph C saying truth is a crime nowdays


Whoever disliked this has a serious DACHSCHADEN! (google it)

The highways similar to States, the housing similar to Hongkong. The night life is alive. Some people say that Korean are the Irish of Asia coz they like to drink and fun, which i agree.

OMG, all that food looks so good, I've been cooking a lot of Korean recipes from youtubers like Maangchi and Future Neighbor lately so this made me so hungry, even though I was watching this while eating... Have you considered a video on driving in Japan? I'm about to move to the Oita Prefecture and apparently it's fairly rural so I will have to drive... I'm from North America and have never driven in any other country, so I'm interested in how different the experience is

유튜버 영상보소 잽뽕 오지게 쳐맞았네 한국은 가난하고 못사는 더러운나라다 그런걸 알리려고 왔나보네 2초 우익들은 이런거 보면서 희열을 느낄듯

한국은 더럽고 끔직하다 이 일본 영상을봐라 한국하고는 비교도 안된다 이런말로 도배되있네... 뭐 틀린말도 아니지 아직도 일본에 비하면 많이 가난하고 더러운편이니

Just spent a whole week in korea and i really enjoyed it. However, the one issue that i had is language. When i tried to order food or communicate with the locals, they couldn't understand what i'm saying in english. They even tried to translate what i'm saying using a translator app but it didn't work. But overall, a really nice experience and would love to return again someday.


Hey! I had a friend that was Korean in my school. He moved 2-3 years ago to Seoul and there may be a chance that one of those kids was him at 8:18. I don't know tho. xD

"I'm a creeper!" hahahahaah

south korea (X) KOREA / Republic of Korea(O)

It's interesting to notice the differences of how people film South Korea depending on whether they are japanophiles(aka weaboos) or not. I noticed that people who are not interested in Japan tend to only focus on South Korea and its positive side, whereas people coming from Japan always compare two countries and try very hard to bring out good side of Japan and bad side of South Korea. I am not saying you are japanophile, it's just something I noticed :)

I stayed there for 3months, easily one of the best countries

하핫 난 한국인이다

whts her name? the guide? im in love with her

Would have been cool if you met up with the We Fancy guys, they would have navigated you really well through Seuol!

Why do people compare Japan and Korea? Is the United States compared to Mexico and Canada only because it is close? It is not pleasant to be compared.


유튜버 영상보소 잽뽕 오지게 쳐맞았네 한국은 가난하고 못사는 더러운나라다 그런걸 알리려고 왔나보네 2초 우익들 이런거 보면서 희열을 느낄걸 생각하면 급빡치네

고만해0 어떤형식이든 비교했다는건 사실이잖아요? 이미 그것만으로도 잽뽕 오지게 쳐맞은 서양애들이나 2초우익들한테는 댓글에서 축제의장이 열린듯 싶은데요 이번에 고독한 미식가도 더럽고 이름없는 이상한동네 리뷰해놓고 그걸 한국인마냥 해놓은것도 그렇고,,,잽뽕자체가 비교하며 희열느끼는 정신병자 집단인듯싶음....

글쎄요... 영상 전반적으로 일본과 비교를 많이 했지만 '일본 발끝자락도 못 따라오는 미개한 코리안' 이런 뉘앙스로 말한게 아니라 '오 한국 가게는 열려있네 한국거리는 배달도 많이 다니네 낡은 집도 많네' 이런 식으로 소개한 거 같아요. 당장 맨위 제작자 코멘트만 봐도 한국식 아파트는 어떻게 생겼는지 촬영하려다가 동의를 받기에 시간이 걸려서 못 찍었다는 설명이 있습니다.

Due to geographical factors, Korea is often compared to Japan. However, I think Korea should accept advanced countries (such as those from Japan) to attract more tourists. The comparison between Japan and Korea and Canada, shown by the YouTube video, shows what Korea needs to improve and it seems to be a positive one for me.

Clearly, Korea is much compared because it is Japan's neighbor. The streets of Japan are cleaner than those of Korea. Many people agree that this is true even though I have never been to Japan. These days, many Koreans are trying very hard to eradicate the practice of throwing garbage into the streets, but they have yet to catch up with Japan. I think this happened because the nation's economic development did not accompany the growth of a mature sense of citizenship. After all, I don't know because I have never been to a foreign country, but the streets in Korea seem to be considered inferior to Japan by tourists.

원래 어떤 나라에서 오래 살면 그 나라의 안 좋은 점이 보이고 안 좋은 일을 겪으면 좆같은 점이 보임. 제 지인도 일본에서 2~3년 살다보니 일본의 안 좋은 점이 보이기 시작했다고 하네요. 조선인 차별이나 악습 등을 쉬쉬하는 모습 등등... 진정한 파라다이스는 없습니다.

일본 가보지도 않았고만 아는척 하고있네

그런데 이 영상은 왜 자꾸 일본이랑 한국을 비교하는거죠? 일본은 번화가나 깨끗한 건물과 아파트 위주로 올리고 한국은 빈민가나 판자촌 같은데만 골라서 비교하는것 같은데????


영어공부용으로 들어보즈아

어 재래시장은 보통 다 그래 일본도 그렇고 홍콩가면 기절하겠네 더러워서

666k subs!

ma kol vi

Interesting! Really showed me a new perspective of Seoul. If you ever come to Dubai by any chance, I'd be happy to show you around!!

You seem to love Japan so much, I understand, it seems perfect and gives you feeling of comfort doesn't it, they smile at you when you try to buy sushi at their seven eleven.."My god these people respect me, unlike in my country before..I hate white people and i love japanese people..and wait japanese hate koreans..ok!! i will hate koreans too! i think japanese people will love me and my family if i hate koreans or chinese!"

Korean barbecue looks delicious i can't wait to try it.

Definitely on my travel list.

Here is a dislike cause you didn't try the delicious street #food

Such a great video. I worked in Korea teaching years ago. It is nice seeing the small street Itaewon St (19:55min) that I walked everyday My villa apartment was right behind it and wow things have changed a bit. More upscale more hip it looks now versus 8 years ago. I lived in an officetel in two different areas of Korea. Small and enough for a single person but my final year a friends and I wanted to live closer to "the action" of Itaewon's bars and foreign restaurant choices and central Seoul location. it was an older building like the one shown. My apartment was more or less a large spacious 2bedroom apartment, with 2 bathrooms with bathtubs and a kitchen with a gas stove which I rarely used. I hope you go to Korea again and do things like crocery shopping, costco shopping, noraebang (kareoke), jimjillbang (sauna) and spotting matching couple outfits. I once went to a local sauna and that was weird since my students and their fathers went there and having short conversations nude with the kid translating.

I couldn't agree what korean girl said "authetic" referring to villas. It's not authetic at all. What kind of standards does she have? Villas are not authetic korean housing.

That girl seemed a bit slow and insecure, the way she talked or behaved

It is a day of heavy fine dust so the sky is all gray and gray

Visited S. Korea and Japan simultaneously more than a year ago, and it was interesting to compare and see the differences between the two. I loved both, but felt Korea or at least Seoul has a more vibrant atmosphere or buzzing energy around it, which contrast to Japan's calmness and uniformity. They're equally cool though and have their own unique charms.

Really enjoyed your presentation. Just a slight correction of a small part. The palace behind Gwanghwamun Gate is Gyeongbokgung Palace and the following view of the stream is Cheonggyecheon Stream. Have spent a lot of time in Seoul and revisit many of the places you highlighted. One of my favourite cities in Asia!

nothing but restaurants

Dongsu Kang Read the top pinned comment...

Hey! am planning to visit Seoul too :) May you please let me know how to contact Yeonju to be my local guide as well? Thank you!

무슨말을 하는지는 모르겠지만 우리 나라가 나와서 기쁘다

I think Tokyo is a better choice for a trip

Love your traveling videos, do more please!

You can mail her here > thanks:)

Ahh Seoul is so fascinating ^-^

Every day in Korea is an adventure. In almost six years living there I never once felt bored or homesick. Great food, good friends, lots of fun times. A lot safer than the US.

Not many years ago Gangnam District was one of the poorest districts in the world. Who knew it will become the most expensive and modernized area in South Korea.

Very interesting . I would like to visit .

Your video has a lot of inaccuracies and misleading, as it is apparent from those who have corrected you in the comments. You should redo a video about Seoul to show it more accurately for first time viewers. It's a very dynamic city with areas that are highly technologically advanced. To add, that market wasn't built by the japanese, rather it was built by Korean's as most of the older architecture you see (temples, old buildings etc...) even in japan are actually made by Korean architects under duress. The similarities you see of the architecture in japan are influenced and made by Korean's of the varies old dynasties. Please get your facts straight and study true history by seeking credible sources and not rubbish dumps like wikipedia, inaccurate school books and alike.

Come to Kolkata, I'd be happy to be your guide.

welp im mexican therefore asian flush does not affect me im immune to alcohol aswell tried to get drunk twice, never got drunk

Very informative and top notch video and audio quality as always (y)

well I stopped watching at 16:30 to say the truth. Not the most of Koreans live those apartments. Most of Korean live in the previous one at 16:14. Just to correct what she said, thx. I'll now keep watching it.

He already corrected it. Read the top comment.

Nice video! Actually i am korean, but not from seoul. That video was impressive as i could see seoul as a traveller and foreigner simutaneously!

well it seems obvious that english isnt her first language, so there may be some time when her vocabulary doesn't always portray what she means. But those "villas" are more for lower/lower middle class people. As u can see the man's house he went into seems like a college student. People around that age usually opt for the "villas" because they are on the cheaper end. The newer apartments are more owned by middle class households, not by individuals. These apartments are much newer than the villas.

영상을 잘찍으셨네요.

Korea just made it to my list! Thanks for the video mate. Just one suggestion is that I have trouble understanding the Google Translate so if you do this again please put some writing on the video so I can ensure I find the right thing.

I'm born in America but Korean I'm going there for a month for vaca

That is too close to Kim-jong un for me

感觉来到了 稍稍比朝鲜发达的国家


19:34 -19:39 OMG that's my neighborhood.

This is a very well made video. I really enjoyed it. Thank you

why you didn't go to Gang Nam. It is heart of seoul.

Korea is hell...^^

I hope one day do you come to Taiwan and make a nice video about your impressions about Taiwan

The voice change was epic... XD

Loved your video. Your presentation method is a master class in travel vlogs! Excellent!

Am I wrong or do most South Koreans actually speak (much) better English than the Japanese?

I'm Korean but why am I watching this? I miss my home. wanna go home so badly

Haha I mean its similar but she says "Bil-la" 빌라 in Korean. Which means Villa but the language doesn't have the V sound so B/P is used instead.

16:22 she says is call "pila"? or is just my dirty portuguese mind that hear pila? pila is the male genital organ. it's a soft term usually only used by little kids or adults when talking to kids.

Interesting. South Korean apartments are similar to Taiwan's. I'm an American living in Taipei. The bathrooms are uniquely unusual at times. The closed balconies are common as well. The college area you filmed reminds me of Ximending in Taipei. Cheers!

Your wife not getting mad at that tour guide? Lol

Excellent edits and videos as always. Low cost carriers are now the norm, and an average flight from anywhere from Japan to other Asian countries are cheaper than the Shinkansen. So you should definitely check out more places like Taiwan, HK, Philippines, Thailand, and so forth. There's so much to explore, and its getting affordable day by day.

It was so interesting and quality video i've ever seen. Great filming!

t money part lol

韓国は行ったことないが、裏通りの路上駐車が多いな。 火災が起きたら消防車が入りにくそう。

Kimchi hostel.

Love your video. Its short and easy to relate. Help me to plan for my 3rd trip there again.

Nice video man. Dont be nervous saying names. You only say them right when you speak them...

im trying to heard english these days, your video is good for stuyding sir. thx

The local Korean girl is such a sweetie!

I live in LA but I visit my family in Seoul frequently and have always been my whole life. I got to say this is the best video of Seoul I have ever seen. Other then the terrible traffic jams and the super crowded subway stations. Bravo

Now i wanna visit there so much

why do you compare everything with japan (tokyo). Both countries are so different

I never came back s.Korea again because the police woman at airport asked me "why you come here" "do you like s.Korea "when I check in to go back to U.S .F*** South Korea go to Japan much better.

Custom and Border Protection -- those are random checks that they do in every country. I was asked the same question in Japan. If an airport doesn't do this at all, you better question your safety in that country.

You should come to mongolia!

Really like these sort of videos. Learning about the actual city, and not just all the touristy stuff. Looks very vibrant there

in cheon = 仁川

LOL 인천

Charming video. I also enjoyed Seoul for one day for my layover from Sydney to Chicago. I hope to return someday and also see Busan !

damn this channel is getting better and more professional day by day. the camera angel is everything. watching it full screen, i feel like im actually there.

i was that nuclear steak

I’m korean

Hello, very nice video! Heading to Seoul can you tell me how I can find a local tour guide? Thanks a bunch :)

From 13:47 to 16:17, what bgm are you using? It sounds like some music from ghibli studio.

I am from india traveling to Seoul next month is there anyone from Seoul who can accompany me

Dear koreans Do not let foreigners playing up by comparing with Japanese . Just be yourselves .

thanks for ur great video. I'm Korean so I noticed one thing u might misunderstand on ur trip. the arms folding thing is not public deplay of affection. some couples do get their arms folded but Korean girls usually do it with thier friends, just friends. :) as a symbol of friendship.


When I worked in South Korea, I lived in a small town of Yeosu. . . not Seoul. Perhaps if I did get a job in Seoul I would have stayed longer. Still I did visit Seoul occasionally and I recognized many of the areas showed in this video. Being a lot closer, I did frequent Gwangju more than Seoul.

Really good job capturing some of the Korea vibes, damn I miss Korea so much

You've never seen a wet-room before? Lol

Korean foodie here. Just recognized while watching that his guide does not know how to cook, or lack in culinary info. 12:07 she mentions most dishes using 'gochujang' but actually they're normally a blend of chili pepper, garlic and other stuff depending on the dish. There used to be a big joke of a 'naive rich kid' using gochujang for kimchi in an old kdrama to display how 'helpless' the character was in the kitchen. = Korean food being red does not mean gochujang. Ofcourse, not a major thing in this video but just felt like pointing out cause after being in a great area for food you moved to another area just to go to something like 'fastfood~すき家' then comes that info... Yep, I'm just a big foodie+nerd so had to point that out. And yes, like other comments realized the mis-info about 'normal Korean people housing' brick buildings. 'Normal Korean people housing' is more closer to those 'skyscrapers' (maybe not that new) and mostly a bit bigger than 100 square meter for a 4 member family. I guess he got to see the brick buildings more because young Koreans 20~30 yrs. Who move out early and pay for their own rent(400~500 USD per month) tend to find those kind of cheap places. Which were originally pretty wealthy houses back in the 80s to mid 90s. Usually the landlord would live there with a few other spaces for rent. The original owners are now over 70 with their kids living in those skyscrapers so, they just monetize the rooms. That's why some rooms/houses have weird use of space or have shaggy kitchen/bathrooms cause some 'houses' mostly perceived as 'rooms' were not originally built to be an independent residential area. But rather the landlord decided to squish in a cabinet kitchen and do a bit of pipe work for a watercloset so that it could be a separate resident to monetize. And yes, Asian elders come very grumpy about money so won't bother much to polish the space for people renting them. Also, the 'public housing' in the end are actually really expensive old-but-recognized apartments, there's a reason for the exterior being like that but the residents don't really care cause they're mainly there for schooling their kids. It's on the if you noticed, and the insides are usually nothing like the outside. Fully glammed with antique furniture depending on taste. People like doctors, lawyers, celebrities used to live there before glass-hotel like skyscrapers came in fad for them.

10:00 what a beauty girl

That google translate dictation makes me cringe

Korea is Korea Japan is Japan

Hey this is the guy in the "Asian Superhero, What Actor should it be in future Marvel or DC movies??" video

4:20 Nuclear Steak

16:39 she was wrong. 56% seoul citizens are living in apartment and 16% citizens are living in house, 22% citizen living in mension(so called villa) Not only seoul citizen but also Mostly koreans are living in apartment I have no idea what she's meaning "authentic korean"

osrion dang i just realized that from your comment. That can explain why there are some extremely different opinioins about japan and korea that i have watched. Goosebumps.

I used to live in Korea for 4 years when I was younger. Seeing this video and recognizing a lot of places that I have walked through really gave me some nostalgia! Thanks so much!

자막이 없어서 아쉽다...

Learn Korean language to enjoy more about korea journey.

되지말자작심삼일 어마어마하게 긴 설명 감사합니다 힘드셨겠네요 ㄷ

포브POVE 대중교통이 일본과 방향이 다르고 음식소개, 길거리의 규칙성, 교통의 편리함, 커피숍길등 여러가지 소개에 대해 다루고있어요. 시장은, 일본과는 분위기가 다르대요, 일본은 각 상점을 구경하는 식이라고 하는것같고 한국은 거의 뭐랄까 내놓았대요 음식이라던지 구경할수있게끔- 언제나 오픈되어있구요. 티머니카드도 미국이 아는 t- money 아니고 교통카드라는것등등. 지하철에서 핸드폰사용 많이들 하고.. 다른 타입의 하우스를 좀더 보고싶었는데 주택과 아파트의 타입이 다르다는것, 아파트는 레귤러 하우징.. 그러니까 일반 하우스라고 소개하네요 자세히는 저도 모르나 아무튼 타입이 너무 다르다고 소개하는것같아요. 오래된 하우스는 이런느낌(주택). 즉 빌라의 리빙(생활) 거주느낌 모든게 굉장히 올드 하다고 합니다. 욕실느낌이 아파트와 빌라는 다르고 세탁실도 느낌이 다르며 등등 그리고 런드리룸은 옥상에도 있대요. 옥상에는 작은 가든도 있고. 청계천의 예전모습도 보여주고 등등. 일본은 보통 저런 작은 윈도우에 막힌 소박한 곳이 많거든요 그와는 반대로 다 보이게끔 커다란 창문도 많이 보인다고 하네요. 푸짐한 음식들은 역시 좋고. 딜리버리는 항상 보이며 한리버주변에도 올드타운들이 보인대요. 일본은 젊은 사람 나이든사람도 자전거 타는모습이 보이고 한국은 좀 다르지만. 한강주변에 더 많이 보인다고합니다. 놓친건많은데 대략 이런식으로 설명하는것같아요. 어설퍼서 죄송합니다.

It's funny you put the Korean words in your sentences and pronounce them using Google translate :) I have been in Tokyo for 2 months now. Hope to meet you someday in Tokyo. I really like to know how you film all these amazing videos.


홍보사원컴마왕 무보수 명예 read top pinned comment..

Tropical Magic yes it is!

SMOG from china

by the way, older folk and children do bike frequently outsid of Seoul. many cities have adequate sidewalk space and parks that you can bike in and even rental stands to pick up a bike on the go

god we wasted so much money letting these second-rate asians stop themselves from killing each other. south korea should not even exist and America wasted so much money time and lives there. We should have let these failsians cowards destroy themselves (pussies needed help) so that they couldnt go make money by dressing up flat girls and giving them lyrics. south koreans are going to hell for living lives that they should not have ever lived on this Earth. Good game culture thieving south korean dogs, enjoy mortality while you can.

wow i'm surprised you didn't visit gangnam part of seoul. that's where all the modern part of the city is.

anyone notice the youtube layout change?

Why comparing to japan??? This place is Seoul,Korea

Korea is hell in July it even went over 40 degrees

Your guide must be a millenial. To call villas 'old' is relative. It's not Korean war old mind you, rather 3-4 decades old. And most Koreans in Seoul probably live in apartment towers & 'mansions'(similar to Japan) as villas have become relics. The reason the verandas are enclosed is due to Korea's winter's being cold. Also, dryers were a luxury up until 2-2.5 decades ago so in order to dry your clothes in winter your house required a closed veranda. Perhaps the habit is difficult to let go and it does still get extremely cold in winter. Gwanghwamun is not the entrance to Cheonggyecheon. The stream you mistakenly called MyeongDong is actually Cheonggyecheon. Apart from landing in Incheon you were in Seoul the entire video.

Never ever go to South Korea. It's a terrorist nation. South Korea is the enemy of mankind. These savages and terrorists blowtorch, skin alive and boil alive millions of dogs and cats. South Korea is HELL on earth the worst of the worst.

Not going to the really old and traditional houses called 'hanok' in Bukchon hanok village, how can you say those red brick house is really old?? those houses are only 20-30 years I think. 'hanok' is more than 100 years and much more beautiful.

the only bad thing in the video, bad sky, at that time the sky was very bad because of pollution from China, but nowadays it's clean.

i'm going to korea in 11 days without a tour guide and i can't speak korean, wish me luck XD

@22:45 Excuse me but what is happening here? Don't tell me that they are delivering some sofas through the window. Or maybe they're rescuing somebody's live..

that's cool you point out the Japanese origins of Mangwon market as come to think of it I saw similar structures in Nagasaki and also Kumamoto. The Korean city of Cheongju also has a similar-looking place.

I lived there when I attended language immersions at Kyunghee. It was too cold and huge but nice, well educated people, tasty, cheap food and much to see. The trains were more complex than Japan and the roads were too much like US highway systems. Overall, a great place to visit.

Did you ever come to India ??? India is a fun place too

So you went here just for a couple day vacation..... Not work?

Wow You just filmed so many people’s faces so close and clearly without their consents. I mean, like shooting a bunch of people on the street looks fine but the girl having some street food? That’s not cool man. If you are filming someone that close, You need to inform that you are filming them. Otherwise It’s disrespectful to the people and also creepy. I noticed it from your other videos too. When you are filming someone that much close and show the specific person as your subject, It make me uncomfortable. like does he/she know that he/she is getting filmed? if they aren’t It’s a freaking creepy hidden camera.

Amazing video N quite goood picture quality

lol the PDA is wild? japan birthrate 1.4 korea birthrate 1.2 uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its over

Why do you always compare with Japan and then judge everything from Japan's point of view? You are not Japanese right?

love your video, great content!

Is there very much insanitary kimici?

Your tour guide looks like Ivanka Trump to me! Something about mouth.. Am I off? Cute

who's the lady in 10:12?

There are actually newer style villas being built all the time. They are very modern. But yeah, those are really old brick villas.

You visit my grandma home city

Wait did I just saw something called nuclear steak? Let me guess. Kim jun un owns it? Oh and blame the smog on the Chinese people in China. Also South Korea experience something from China like the gobi desert thing that gets blown from China in to South Korea

Life Where I'm From also the down payment or 'seed money' can be around 30k to even get the apartment so living in an 'office-tel' is a more student/unmarried young adult friendly option.

I love Korean girls

well done ... thank you ... i am planning to visit and maybe eventually live in S. Korea ... doing research now on Korea and your vid is very informative

Why do you keep talking about Japan? Is not that about Korea? Will you take out Japan?

His guide, why?

Tokyo or Seoul?

..and that mall at the end was IFC Mall at Yeouido.

Definately not public housing. Just older but still very expensive.

왜 자꾸 우리나라 하고 일본 하고 비교 질이냐 짜증나게 저런 집 찾아가는 것도 힘들겠다 니들 나라나 다른 나라하고 비교질 해라!!

Firstly I live in the seoul and want to say about 'Villa' (mostly heard it 'Pil-la') It was conducted 80s~90s. Deposit of the house like the video is 3000$~ 10000$ and rent fee per month is 300$~ 600$ . People have no money (like me ^,^) live there(mostly colledge students and rookies live). Common Villas are 33 sq miters(10 pyeong(坪, 평) as traditional korea units) You can see Villas EVERYWHERE in the korea.

Yes it's sofa. They were moving new home.

인천 막걸리 파전 냉면

What FPS do you use to record all your shots?

Google translate was getting too annoying. The narrator could have at least tried to pronounce the words and places or let Google Translate do all the work instead. Lol

일본이 한국보다 열배위다 그리고 일본이랑 한국을 비교하면 한국은 없어보이지.

당신 채널에 일본 관광이나 일본에 대한 홍보를 하는거야 이해가 가는데 어떤 의도인지는 모르겠지만 한국 관광영상에 낡고 오래된 빌라에 들어가는건 쌩뚱맞긴 했음.. 한국에 다양한 집들을 소개하는것도 아니고 일본에도 닭장같은 맨션에 사는 사람들도 많음 그렇다고 당신이 거기가서 그렇게 찍어 영상을 올리지 않겠지 당신채널에 일본에 좋은집 영상을 많이 올리기에 한국에 좋은집 깨끗한집 영상을 올림

Seoul, South Korea (x) Seoul , Korea (o) - international official name is "Republic of Korea"

역시 일본에 비해서 한국 연애질 하는 천것들이 더러운 짓하는 거 지적했네요. 80년대엔 참 한국이 세계적으로 훌륭한 동방 예의지국이었는데...요즘엔 미성년자나 어르신들 앞에서 똥질 합니다.

Seoul is very beautiful and modern.From Viet Nam.

You should have contacted Sharla of the famous Sharla in Japan. She recently moved to Korean (new vlog Sharmander). She's also Canadian.

한국에 며칠 있으면서 무슨 한국전문가된 듯 영상물 올렸네 ㅋㅋㅋ

There is no country named south korea. Republic of Korea or just Korea is correct. At least here in Asia, nobody calls south korea

puhahaha The Japan's food culture is unclean A famous one is Tongsul LOL

WENLM The korean's food culture is unclean A famous one is Tongsul LOL

puhahaha  adioactive contamination japan sushi?

Amazing video! I currently live in Seoul (used to live in Japan), and I feel you captured a lot of amazing things about Korea! Those are all good points you made! I sometimes always find myself comparing the two (Seoul and Tokyo and even U.S. where I'm from)! I agree with all of your points! (= Glad you enjoyed Korea!

Excellent. In need of more in Seoul

About those fire masks in subway stations, I've heard that all the subway stations in Seoul are made with bomb threats from the north in thought. We're they advertised for that reason or just fire?

I don't think i like south korea

adioactive contamination japan sushi  Ttongsul= japan Poo wine

WENLM Ttongsul=Poo wine

Life Where I'm From

일본에서 온건 아는데 왠 비교질에 일본 삽화에 보기 거슬리네 그냥 일본에 가서 사세요비교을해도 일본이랑 우리와 일본의 관계을 모르나 참

welcome to Korea!!

As far as the parking spot 'savesies' The cones and plastic bottles are there to keep people from parking there, not to save parking spots as some people park in the narrow streets and block any and all traffic from getting through. Namely, the orange cone B-roll was a sign that said "No parking or you'll be ticket blah blah blah" great video!

야. 이영상 올린거 누구니? 현재 2018년인데 비교하면서, 영상색깔 무채색으로 깔으면서, 처음 영상을 빈민가부터 줌업하다니??? 누굴 바보로 아나! 일본새퀴니? 아님 일본에빠진놈이야? 그건 니 취향인데 의도는 다분히 비겁하다. 이 색히야

しきりに日本と比較していますが、高層ビルや屋台がたくさんあるし、また古い建物や神社がないし、むしろ中国に近いと感じました。 食べ物も辛いのが多くて、中国の四川省や湖南省あたりに近いんじゃないでしょうか?

Japs belong to ancient Korea(Baik je) more than 1000years people in japan R almost all korean descendants......

Don’t compare KOREA to japan. Also not gold bowls, there copper. Just leave korea, also if you’re to stupid to say a few words in korean, you shouldn’t be there moron.

I crack up every time Google translate speaks. Great quick-tour video. By the way this video is a microcosm of why there are sooooo many flights between Seoul and Tokyo...and the funny thing is this kind of tourism is underserved.

Go to China and Taiwan next!

Galaxy s9 s9+

This was so informative and fun to watch as I really want to travel to Korea one day and maybe even live there. Also I found it fun to hear your perspective on things since you're Japanese and I really want to go there as well

내가가는동네 내가타는버스를 외국인영상에서보니 얼떨떨하면서도 내 일상을 이런식으로 받아들인다는게 재밌기도하네

sheesh thats so funny and interesting XD

댕청한강아지 외국인수가 일본이 한국의 3배이고 일본은 1인당 소득이 38000불이고 한국은 29000불이야 다른것들도 많이 밀리지 군사력

1234aksjdAkd 열배위인데 일본 조선업 전자 반도체 다 망하고 있는데? 한국한테 이기는게 머 있냐 요새 ㅋㅋ 지는 소식만 많은디 ㅋㅋㅋ정치는 우민화 정책 피고 있고 ㅋㅋ

did i just see jonathan borofsky sculpture( 18:17)?

Now you just gotta visit North Korea

Cool me korean 저 한국인이예요

That's damm cheap $4? Subway? And you can go several stops? Wow. Last time I ride Subway was back in 2003, 15years ago, i don't remember the price. Still so cheap crazy.

không hiểu gì hết



어쩌라고 창피해 a formal and respectful way of saying thank you and not thanx... :-)

Don't go to South Korea or buy any of its products. South Koreans are sadistic MONSTERS. They torture millions of dogs in the most horrible ways. They are a thousand times worse than North Korea and don't deserve their existence.

I'm not fond of Koreans because they eat dogs.

Reminds me of my baes, south Korean BTS!

hey dude, even if i lived to work in Poland as an expat for 3 years, the number of years spent is a just number to count but doesn't mean completely understanding of all about the country so i didn't want to mention about who Polish are blah blah, In this aspect you're not that objective and even don't know how to effectively use COMPARISON and CONTRST for KR/JP etc. in a proper manners indeed. And you remind me of a French guy living in ToKyo for 17 years after marraige there, usually enjoyed mentioning about Tokyo after Seoul as an omniscient viewpoint. He was also subjective like you as his wife usually took few examples to contrast in food, life, politics etc SO i talked to him Pascal you look like a frog fallen into a well tries to look up the sky,  then to explain how narrow it is ... And it doesn't matter where i come from exactly as now i'm living in Busan longer than Seoul perhaps(than 50%) you know much more than i do. On the other hand,  every single area where you guys excursed is kinda good footages for me to get more information about whereabout.... anyway well done dude.

I live in Britain....biggest high way I've ever seen is six lanes, three there and three back. I think we have eight lanes occasionally too. Ten lanes?!

21:31 = you look very close together in the restaurant? or her house? = she more than a guide? :) just guessing :)

look listen feel Even here is a lot of comment why comparing with Japan We always say Don’t compare with japan Comparisons are being made by you guys not us We are always ourselves .

what the hell is korean yeom

You sound so ignorant by comparing everything you see with what you saw in Japan, as if things in Japan are the standard or something. Why don't you just describe things as the way they are without comparing them to what's in Japan?

Love it . seoul was there for 15 days

24:13 Omg this is bibimbap right? I am such a pro chef *hairflip* Lol jk. Anyway, I really liked your video! Very interesting, you went to many not so touristik (?) places!

3:09 marina del rey?


릿치애플 Thanks! For the info!

릿치애플 oh wow

No, Not $4 and the minimum carriage amount is about $1. Of course, this is the same for city buses.

I'm always fascinated by the beauty of Asian Culture most especially developed countries like Korea and Japan. Your vlog content plus artistry made it even more alluring as what I've seen in actual TV channels. Thank you so much for your hard work and I'm looking forward venturing out more travels in the future with you. Cheers all the way from the Philippines.

서울의 고층건물과 경관 좋은곳도 많고 좋은집도 많은데 그런곳은 다 놔두고 허름한 빈민가를 찍는 이유가 뭔가? 한국에 대해 잘모르는 외국인들이 이런 영상을 보면 한국에 대한 안좋은 이미지를 가지게 된다. 이런 영상 찍어 유튜브에 올리는 인간들 진짜 재수없다. 에이 퉤퉤퉤~..

it's too hard for foreigner to listen this video

이지은 Yes, I have lived in South Korea...and I have served in the defense of South Korea longer than you have as a conscript. I can assure you of that...but I don't know if you have served already or not. Based on the way you speak (write), you seem kinda young. You said, "No matter how many years you have lived in Korea, you are a foreigner to us forever" It's funny how to some Koreans, it's always South Korea vs the world. The funny part is that not many south koreans would accept and sometimes deny how much FOREIGNERS have given to make South Korea it is today. Well getting back to your topic, if it's not your country....Korean or a foreigner. Isn't that what foreigner means?

look listen feel Everyone knows some parts of history, but some people pick and choose what part of history to remember or accept based on their agenda. I am no expert but I have studied parts of South Korean history and how they came to be today, and I have many links saved on them....Professor Ireland during the colonial the atrocities during the Vietnam war. I have learned a lot on how much the US has contributed to why south korea is how it is today , and how some Koreans do not know or do not accept it....for the purpose of preserving nationalistic pride. I am not respectful?! You got all that from only the three sentences that I wrote? Are you Korean or just a koreaboo? You seem to be one or the other, because you seem to take this so personally. You are not Korean. You should promote your own culture and show more loyalty towards it. Be more respectful towards your culture and support your own products. Your views towards Korean history might just be from the perceptions of south koreans, if you are a Koreaboo who immerses him or herself in Korean entertainment and media

RBX2 have you lived in s.korea ? Lol I’m korean

+RBX2 How long have you lived in South Korea? . If you know the history , you can't say that . Perhaps it is not comparing , it is a kind of defence by knowing about past time enemy . I have a feeling that you are not respectful to different culture . Have you ever studied before living in other country? If you know the history you can't simply say that . I possess great respect towards korean spirit ,which they have endured a lot of tortures in the past .

이지은 always yourselves? Ummmm...not sure about. You people always compare yourselves to japan and I’ve lived in South Korea

look listen feel Even here is a lot of comment why comparing us with Japan We always say Don’t compare with japan Comparisons are being made by you guys not us We are always ourselves .

Was in Seoul, for 10 days. AirBnb was in Hongdae but explored the city everyday and spent our nights in Hongdae. I absolutely LOVED it, so much fun. VERY SAFE and very easy to get around using subway and subway navigation app. I would go back in a heart beat, I even would consider living there.

로라 한국이 가난해서 그런건물밖에 없는건 사실이잖슴 일본처럼 부유하지못해서 그런건물밖에 없는건 사실이지만 그래도 비교 자체는 잘못된거같음

This was probably the lamest travel video I've ever seen... No alcohol... No night life... Why even make a video your nerd!

I love korean food but I like Japanese more than koreans(no offense)

anonymous at 3:51

Wow, you are the Mark Wiens of Country Traveling. Please do more videos like this.

what 2 $ for 2 Kms? In India, OLA Auto gives first 4.1 Kms in 21Rs. (i.e. 0.3 $) & the next remaining journey by 15 INR per KM (i.e. 0.21 $). For Cab type you selected OLA Micro, Base Hire - 45 Rs. (0.64 $), Then 0 - 10 km ₹ 6(0.085 $) per km, After 10 km ₹ 12 (0.17 $) per km, Ride Time Charges ₹ 1.5 (0.021 $) per min

I ONLY KNOW ANNEOGHASEO CYGZCGUYKC , btw im already back home lol communication was easier than i thought.


My friend said if I help her improve her english we can go to korea together ^-^ and I only know basic things in korean ;-;

The foolish south Korean government enters under the control of the IMF and will soon be under the control of the second IMF shamelessly. Korean people, including sentence tiger, can only be called big idiots. On top of this, let the citizens align with the Korean nation's psychosis special illness.

11.04 is she talking fab out Running man?

too proud to speak Korean?

We took our two kids last year, rented a car, and did a road trip from Yeosu to Pohang. Korea has a lot to see!

No guns, no pickpockets, no gangsters even if you walk alone around streets at 3:00 AM in Seoul and Tokyo ... extreme safe.

6:33 Tramp stamp

I do not understand the difference between Canada and American culture.haha.

I really like your channel. You bring travel down to earth.

Yeah....there a lot of weird Asian People that make me feel awkward but didn’t mind me so then ever is normal cause Asian People is been weird in the ancient so yeah...idk why

Btw I have been in South Korea but not at Seoul but a stop in the Airport só is kind off diss appointment

I was in Seoul for 4 days , I thought it’s very dated compared to Tokyo - quite dull . Bbq meat seems to be everywhere , but it’s too heavy and Spicey to eat more than twice in a few days . Taxis are cheap , but uh wasn’t impressed at all.

한국을 일본따위와 비교 말아주세요, 비교자체가 상당히 불쾌합니다. 일본이 백제 식민지 였던건 아시나요? 그들은 역사를 왜곡하고 조작하고 과거의 반성도 하지않은 파렴치한 변태 민족일 뿐입니다. 당신은 그들이 좋을지 모르지만 한국인들은 일본 따위국가에 관심없습니다.

I have to let you know right now that u make the best quality videos on YouTube that I've ever seen before!!!! Sooooo happy I found you!

Well made video!

0:27 Seoulcial Media?

Seems like a dirtier,less developed, and more Americanized version of Tokyo.

Dude, i think that white KiA was following you guys. There were multiples camera shots where it came out in.

WoW!! Brown and Cony Cards (Line Characters), awesome! Wish I had one here:)

interesting to see you visiting my country! Also I have improved my English skill from your video

3:33 You didn't use Google Translate here. 24:26 No, and I won't be going either, what with accessibility for wheelchair users leaving very much to be desired. One of my nieces is in South Korea now though.

EXCELLENT video. Well-done and very informative!

Welcome to feminist nation!!

What a great video! You’re brave to wade through these shark-infested waters. Any mention of SK and Japan is bound to trigger many different people, but I honestly really enjoyed it :) hope you enjoyed your visit!

We're naive people... So missing my country...

Nice video. Btw what is the statue at minutes 18:23 in your video ?

You need more experience to learn about Korea. Please don't compare to other countries. Every country has different cultures! So I click dislike this!!!

I'm glad you had a good time in S.korea But why you compare with Japan?? and you should have showed the expensive flat inside in Korea as well.


according to economist's liveable city index, Seoul is 58th that's behind Taipei. a bit btter than Kuala Lumpur. Tokyo is 7th and Osaka is 3rd.

I’ll be in Seoul in the next 11 days from now. Thank you very much this helps me get an idea before going there. *Subscribe

I want korean

one thing that comez to my mind if i hear south korea. --- Samsung.lol0

20:23 what the...lolol n 20:41 Big guy's

Travel tip:  Don't exchange money at the airport.  Exchange it at a local bank.  Cheaper fees.

One thing I noticed in Seoul is, why buses have the hazard lights on like in 3:11 in the middle lane. Most of the times they were driving with the hazard lights on. But I couldn't find any explanation for that

Western country has gang with drugs literally more worst and awful public safety even tho people are against the immigrant. We have really less dog eater. Young generation doesnt like to eat them. We have bunch of variety sea food,street food,korean bbq(beef and pork) .you still believes the korean as dog eater and repeat that whole time? It sux dude

I love it when you discover a new YT channel and they immediately reference your favourite VOX presenter.

economist's liveable city index ranking. Osaka 3rd Tokyo 7th Seoul 58th

So beautiful

omg i stopped this video as soon as he talked about Japan lol Why is he talking about Japan in Korea video? that is so strange. talk about orange if you wanna talk about orange don't bring in water melon lol

김밥은 한국거임 김쌈밥이 원조임 일본의 스시롤이 한국꺼 따라한거임

I am going Japan and korea next month anyone give me company there ?

You animal activists have a mean IQ of 50

man those street food stands... im hungry now xd


One of my fave trips in Asia was Seoul in the early 2000s. Much more of a relaxed party-town vibe than I ever felt in Tokyo or similar large Japanese cities. And people were more comfortable and eager to use English. One thing I also remember is the delicious barbecue, eaten in lettuce or other leaves -- why has this tradition not come to most Korean barbecue joints in Canada? Maybe I just need to find better spots!

shup up ~

Whenever we can, we eat Asian food. Some of the best in the world.

Below Long Beach, California in San Pedro there is a Korean Bell under a Pagoda. Love the park there.

Too bad u were here when the air was nasty.... =(... it's perfect as of Sep. 12... clear air n perfect temperature.

the 'Villa' he showed is where some low income married or old people or unmarried graduate employed beginners are living . above middle income married or single people usually live in outside but near Seoul area 'Gyeong ki province' Apartments. Because transportation such as Metro or Highways are quite convenient well designed, and old Villas in Seoul are( as he did show) obsolete, dirty and uncomfortable to live. Regional city citizens in Korea usually live in apartment because even well conditioned modern or common apartment is substantially cheap to buy compared to seoul. So as a Native Korean, I think the condition of living in Seoul except for those who live in good expensive towns in seoul or apartment buildings is inferior to Gyeongki province and Regioners who live in recently developed moderate residential area.

aw, man, looking at all the footage of korea makes me miss being there! my mom is from there so we go every summer but i always miss it

I was born in Korea

I am korean and i am good about comparison with canada and japan. It is fun to know difference of countries.

영상 진짜 잘찍었네요 잘보고갑니다!

Haha I just left Seoul when you recorded this ^^

wonderful presentation people lyk me would love this


20:16 what’s the song?

Lived in S Korea for a year....Loved everything !

those protective walls at the subway stations are actually installed quite recently. When I came to Korea, 10 or so years ago, they didn't exist. They started putting them up a few (4-5, I guess) years ago. Even though I live in Korea, and I really love Seoul; Tokyo is my home away from home...from home (I'm from Vancouver).

2:36 just sayin... that's 8 lanes.. not 10..

What the name of the hip hop song (t money) i cant find it

Lived their for a year in early 2000s. Loved it. Im taking my family their in 2020.

My experience in Seoul was awesome! Seoul is a beautiful place so easy to walk around and find interesting things. I visited Myeondong commercial district but later I found out that prices in Insadong street were better. At one shop in Insadong my friends and I rented traditional costumes named hanbok and walk around and took a lot of selfies. It was a lot of fun. The food was good and I loved that western restaurants like DQ or Burger King have menu items that are not available in my country like the drink ades, very refreshing for a hot korean summer. I wish I could visit Seoul again someday.

8:37 Adult shop in the background! Lol!

out of the three famous asian countries japan, china, and korea.. korea would be my last when it comes to food. first is japan

Life Where I'm From Please, I hope you can delete the stupid video clips made by this disgusting Japanese Otaku.

Please, I hope you can delete the stupid video clips made by this disgusting Japanese Otaku.

Sorry. Korea is poor, streets are dirty, cities are complex and dirty. Japan is an excellent country.

She has such a BEAUTIFUL voice.

Korean girls are extremely beautiful

Too bad that in a certain way Korea such as japan and China are such a filtering society in what regards to it´s own homogeneous racial identity, per se, foreigners are just seen as not belonging there, or never will.

Hi hikikomori otaku lol

초딩 급식은 좀 나가라 ..아휴 창피해서 진자

Panzer Blitz Do you know if there are dog meat restaurants in Japan and China? Idiot. And Koreans love dogs and they don't eat them most. The dog meat-eating culture was born after the war because there was nothing to eat and has almost disappeared. I don't know which country you are from but i know you’re so idiot lol


The Japanese destroyed Korea. Please return many Korean cultural , treasure stolen by the Japanese.

as you know, a lot of ugly japanese souls in internet have a racism against korea. as i heard, in 80's, japanese worst cuss word was calling someone be korean. at present they would feel be taller when they are talking about that japan is better than korea. but in fact korean's height higher than japanese. not only in physical but also in souls. he is ? see his logo like the national flag of japan. white background and red circle. this is his real face.

Seven years have passed since the Fukushima nuclear blast, the part of your current time. It is said that after a nuclear accident, seven years on average (that is, seven years from the day of radioactive exposure), various cancers are developed into malignant tumors, which are discovered in hospitals with a few cancers. After two or three years of the Fukushima Nuclear Blast, children with pediatric thyroid cancer had more than 200% of the classics compared to nuclear weapons. Now for seven years, various kinds of lung cancer will come from all over Japan. If you are a Japanese person who takes cancer in Japan from now on, you can talk to that person. Let's say that you have cancer by ' radioactive exposure '.

In a few words, as a Korean, this video is not seen by an ignorant foreigner who has been immersed in Japan, only to be taken in a nutshell for four days. The fact that you raised this video is completely wrong with the Korean culture or system, and it may look similar to your view, but the truth is that there was no such thing as a brute-force comparison video with a totally different Japanese system. Without any understanding of Korea, I would rather have a comparison with other countries, such as ordinary tourists, but it would be better to just feel like a regular tourist and be happy to do it yourself. If you want to be an expert at the culture or system of any country, at least one book about the country is a must to read or gain knowledge and raise effort. I hate it. I looked good.

캐나다 놈인지 쪽바린지 ㅋㅋ

일본은 일본이고, 한국은 한국이지. 성향 자체가 완전 다른데, 아 그리고 방사능 없는것도 다르지 :)

Why do you compare endlessly with Korea and Japan? I wonder how much you love Japan.Would you like someone to compare your country to other countries?It's a really p@@r quality video.

Have you lived in Japan for a long time? From your point of view, you can compare Korea and Japan. However, showing such a comparative attitude to this video that everyone sees all makes people uncomfortable. Every country has its own culture and characteristics. This should not be judged according to the standards of a country. Above all, if you decide to travel to a country, you have to respect that country. Japan has invaded Korea and caused tremendous damage. It is not courtesy to show such a way to compare Korea with Japan.

개나 소나  한국 와가지고 한국 일본 비교질이네 ㅋㅋㅋ 얌마!  한국에 다시는 오지마 ㅋㅋ

Hey.. nice guy. you don't need to come to Korea. Because Japan is Sgoi Desu. Please stay jpan forever. And Jpan is so nice and developed place, u don't need to compare Jpan and Korea. haha. I just recommand you can visit Fukusima area. i hope your Visiting Fukusima area vod. :)

Are you Japanese? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

역시 일본에 관련된 유튜버 답다 저런 빈민가 스러운 골목은 어느나라에도 존재하지만 눈을 크게 뜨고 찾아 다녀야 될만큼 적어 그리고 그것은 한국도 마찬가지야 쉽게 찾을수 없었을 텐데 억지로 찾아서 일본과 비교하는 구나 하지만 일본에도 저런곳이 존재하지 한국은 세계에서 11번째로 높은 GDP를 가지고 있지 일본은 3번째 하지만 일본인은 1억 4천만명 이야 한국인은 5천만명 한국과 일본의 1인당 GDP는 3만불 정도야 비교하는건 의미없어 그냥 서로 다른 문화를 가지고 있지

Why do you compare it with Japan?Japan is not the center of world culture. They all have their own culture


8:58 There is not Nak-won-dong(X), Ik-sun-dong(O) , 9:25 There is Nak-won-dong street

I think you from Japan

대한민국과 일본을 비교할거면 오지마. 너 한국에 여행온거 아니였어? 물론 여러 국가를 다니다보면 각 국가별로 좋은 점과 안 좋은 점이 보일 수 있지. 근데 왜 콕 찝어서 일본과 비교질하는 거야? 그건 매우 무례한 행동과 말들이야. 캐나다 가서 "미국은 아이스하키 경기장의 시설이 좋았는데 여기는 정말 별로다~" 하면 지랄 발광할 것들이 왜 대한민국에서 방구석 여포가 되는건지 참 ㅋㅋㅋ

이 영상을 본 한국인으로써 몇 마디 하자면, 일본에 흠뻑 빠져있는 한 무식한 외국인이 단 4일 동안 어설프게 본 서울을 대충 찍어 올린 영상으로밖에는 보이지 않습니다. 이 영상을 올린 유투버는 한국의 문화나 시스템에 대해 완전히 잘못 알고있으며 본인이 보기에는 얼핏 비슷해 보일지 모르지만 사실은 전혀 다른 일본의 시스템과 억지스럽고 무리한 비교 영상에서는 솔직히 어이가 없었습니다. 한국에 대한 이해도가 전혀 없이 이런 식으로 대충 찍어서 올릴꺼면 차라리 보통의 관광객처럼 다른 나라와의 비교 부분은 빼고 그냥 느낀대로 올리고 스스로 흐뭇해하는게 더 나아 보이지 않을까요? 어떤 나라의 문화나 시스템에 대해 전문가인 척 뻐기고 싶다면 최소한 그 나라에 대한 책 한권 정도는 읽거나 지식을 습득하고 올리는 노력 정도는 필요하다고 봅니다. 싫어요 누르고 갑니다. 잘 봤습니다.

대체적으로 그래도 공통점과 차이점 잘잡은거 같은데요?

영어로 번역해서 올리면 안될가요???

한국에 여행을 왔으면 한국의 문화를 이해하고 즐겨라 일본이나 다른 국가랑 비교질하지말고 한국과 일본을 비교하는 쪽바리짓은 한국사람들이 굉장히 싫어함

지방에서 살다가 안암에서 대학 다니고 지금은 도쿄에서 일하고 있는데 솔직히 강북에 저런 동네 많아. 근데 그건 도쿄나 뉴욕이나 런던이나 마찬가지 인데 그걸 굳이 이렇게 한국만의 특징인것 마냥 비교해야했나 싶네 슬럼가 없는 도시는 아마 평양밖에 없을거다. 거기는 정부가 도시 전체를 통제해서 빈민가가 생길수가 없거든

Lol I honestly think asian flush is pretty cool stuff. Just accentuates the pictures of drunk japanese bussiness man.

무슨소리하는건지. 첫째, 말했던듯이 이 채널의 원래 구독자들은 이사람이 일본에 관해서 찍은 영상들을 봐왔으니 일본과 간단하게 비교를 해줘야 직접 가보지 않은 사람이 이해하기 편하게 해주지. 영어를 이해하는 저로써는 어디 한군데에서도 한국을 일본에 빗대어서 평가를 한 부분이 없었는데. 둘째, 빈민가를 억지로 찾는게 아닌게 저 "빈민가"가 서울성곽길 바로 옆인데, 한양도성 성곽길 옆주변은 대부분 저렇게 미개발지역이에요. 그리고 강북뿐만이 아니라 강남에도 아직 달/별동네 많습니다. 관광객들은 쉽게 찾을수 없겠죠, 관광지는 저런데가 안 보이는 곳에 만들어지니까. 빈민가스러운 곳을 찾는게 주 목족이 아닌 로컬들의 다양한 삶의 터를 필터링 없이 보여주려고 하는건데 설명을 듣긴 들은건지. 셋째, 이사람의 영상에 잠깐 스쳐 지나갔지만, 성곽길 주변, 아파트, 그리고 오피스텔에 대한 정보를 준 사람은 한국인 건축가입니다. 자기가 공부해서 설명해봤자 수박 겉핧기밖에 안되니 전문가한테 가이드를 받은겁니다. 넷째, 일본이랑 비교는 아주 간단한것들만 합니다. 지하철 시스템은 한국이 훨씬 이해하기 쉽고 가격도 싸다는것 (가격은 미 달러로 환산). 인천공항이 일본 공항들에 비해 훨씬 최신식이다. 구식 아파트의 동 숫자를 보고 일본이랑 비슷해서 공공아파트일거라고 추측하지만, 확실하지 않기에 모른다. 일본에 저런곳이 있다고도 얘기 했고, 이사람 영상을 원래 본적이 없지만, 일본의 모습도 충분히 필터링 없이 보여줄거라 생각합니다.

North Korea would be more interesting. ;-) LoL

Very good video, makes me want to go as I love Tokyo also.

He's living in Japan now but is originally from Canada hence, the comparison to both countries. Why are Koreans so sensitive when it comes to being compared to Japan. It's not his fault if Japan tends to be better which is the opinion of most tourists who visited both countries anyway. Instead of whining, why don't you people try to outdo the Japanese. But it would be tough with a whole different work ethics and culture.

His wife is Japanese and has two children and is living in Japan for years.

He's living in Japan with his Japanese wife and two children. Why are you Koreans so sensitive. You are really a bunch of superficial individuals who likes to fool people that you and your country are actually beautiful. No wonder plastic surgery is so prevalent in your country.

Plastic surgery country.

He's a vlogger from Japan.

I don't know why I'm watching this XD I live in south korea right now.

so you lost yourself then found yourself in seoul korea?

What is the song or beat at 19:16-19:56?

The Vietnam War is deeply related to the reasons for economic development in South Korea. South Korea's leader at the time of the Vietnam War was President Park Jung-hee, who raised a coup d'etat and established a military dictatorship. He is a father of the former President Park Geun-ee (President Park). He begged the US, and he sent 325,517 South Korean mercenaries to the battlefield Vietnam for 9 years. From January 23 to February 26, 1966, the most intense South Korean soldiers' violence was comitted in "Godai village" of middle Southern Vietnam. Guyen Tan Lan (62) who has miraculously survived though receiving 15 bullets, testifies as follows. More than 100 Korean soldiers (Tigers Unit) suddenly attacked the village around 9 o'clock in the morning. With anger voice, they kicked the door and caught our hair, and pulled us out of the house. They gathered all 65 villagers in one place. They slaughtered every 4 or 5 people at a time with cross fire of machine gun. My parents and relatives were killed in front of me. When they found young women, they violently kicked and rolled them on the ground, and they all began to gang rape in front of us. After unlimited long violence, rape and gangbangs, Korean soldiers shot and killed the fainted daughters at the end. ★★★ Surprisingly, ignorant South Koreans do not know their own cruel history, because they have usually grown up in brain wash training. Based on American huge reward for rape and slaughter by Koreans in the Vietnam War, a lot of chaebol such as Samsung or Hyundai were produced in South Korea. ★★★ That is, all South Koreans have grown up by eating meat of Vietnamese dead people.

I always thought bottled makeoli was horrible, mostly because I only had it when we made some on the house and never bought a pre made one, also the home made one is usually warm

일본 얘기 별로 하지도 않는구만 왜 다들 ㅈㄹ들이지? 이분이 일본 살았기 때문에 조금씩 얘기가 나올수도 있는거지 뭔 대죄를 졌다고 여기까지와서 악플 달고 있는건지. 암튼 열등감에 쩔어서 분노만 가득찬 어글리 코리언들..

slt x I'm not Japanese. Why don't you watch the video and read the comments of your Korean friends here and tell me who's hating who. I didn't once heard a negative thing the video uploader said about Korea but you sensitive racist freaks are making it all about "Korea is a victim of anything Japanese."

ems postal - You seem to be everywhere and you are japanese, right? Why do you hate Koreans so much?

비교하지 밀고 느낀대로 쓰고 흐뭇해하라고요? 니 입맛대로 영상을 만들수는 없습니다.

He's Canadian, idiot. He can't return anything.

I agree, Korean girls are more beautiful than Japanese girls in my opinion. And Japanese women also go through a lot of surgeries too, they just don't talk about it.

I mean, he doesn't know anything about Korea but he is talking about spreading false information. Many Japanese people always spread Korean information by manipulating or distorting it.

I took a bath in a *_wet room bathroom_* at Narita before my flight....was a little strange, but I can see the practicality in it.

You definitely travel with some attractive female companions my friend! ;-)

Great video as always! I loved watching the scenery whille listening to your narrative. :) I don't think there is any other channel out there handling these type of videos with as much care and respect as you do. I hope you can make these sorts of videos about other countries too!

Nice video. But I think you still missed lots of places that would better represent Seoul.

jj kim 뭘 쥐뿔도 모른다는거고 뭘 제대로 알라는거고 뭘 사람들이 오해를 한다는거에요? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 지랄히고 자빠졌네 님 그거 다 열등감인거 알아요?

도대체 글을 발로 읽었습니까? 누가 비교하지 말라고 했나요? 비교하려면 제대로 알고 비교하라는 겁니다. 쥐뿔도 모르면서 비교하는 영상 따위를 만들어 다른 사람들이 오해할 수 있는 영상 따위를 만드는 무리수는 두지 말라는겁니다. 이제 니 뇌에서 이해가 좀 되십니까? 이해력을 좀 키우세요. 참 안타깝네요.

jj kim ~~라고 열등의식에 ㅂㄷㅂㄷ 거린 한 좆센징의 푸념이었습니다 ㅋㅋㅋ

ems postal I mean, he doesn't know anything about Korea but he is talking about spreading false information. Many Japanese people always spread Korean information by manipulating or distorting it.

ems postal he is japanese canadian. Idiot

Don't sell your place short, i thought from this video that Seoul is totally adorable and i would love to visit it one day.

I ll be going to Seoul soon. Any tips by all and sundry for travel tips, places to explore and things to do.....

I lived in Korea back in '03, and LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this was a refreshing travel guide, I thoroughly enjoyed watching.

ems postal - I don't think koreans here are saying anything bad about Japan here. And also if you are not japanese, what's it matter to you? Are you weaboo or something, or are you Chinese? There are so many paranoid Chinese people leaving hate comments nowadays. And also you go beyond trying to defend Japan. You bash Koreans everywhere. Whenever someone says something nice thing about South Korea I often see you leaving hateful comments.

나라 팔아먹을 일뽕과 한국어하는 쪽바리들이 공격적인 댓글 참 주구장창 달아대는구만 ㅎㅎ

도대체 이 영상 찍으신 분이 뭘 모르고, 뭘 잘못 알고 있는 지 정도는 알려주면서 지적질을 해야 되지 않을까요? 제 생각엔 한국의 주거 시설, 도로 상황, 건물 스타일 등 여러 특징을 자신이 오래 살아 온 일본에 빗대어 잘 표현했다고 생각합니다. 아마 영어라 뭔 소리 하는 지 몰라서 한국을 까는 줄 아는 가 본데 절대 까는 게 아니고 이러한 차이점이 있다, 오히려 몇몇 부분은 더 낫다 이렇게 설명하고 있습니다. 혹시 빈민가 지역을 적나라하게 보여줘서 한국을 폄하한다고 생각하나요? 이 분은 한국이 일본에 비해 존나 가난하다 이걸 보여주고 싶은게 아닙니다. 그냥 서울 시민들이 사는 주거 방식 중 하나를 빌라와 더불어 재개발지역을 함께 보여줬을 뿐입니다. 아무리 다시봐도 저는 이 분이 한국을 세계에 알리기 위해 노력하신 걸로 밖에 안보입니다. 서양에 잘 알려진 일본과는 다른, 진짜 "한국스러움"이 뭔지 보여주기 위해서요. 우리나라의 본 모습을 절대 부끄러워할 필요가 전혀 없습니다. 당신은 우리나라 국민들의 삶이 부끄럽습니까? 제가 보기엔 당신은 일본에 대한 열등감이 굉장히 큰 거 같습니다. 제발 한국인임을 더욱 자랑스러워하시고 부디 남들의 무식함을 지적하기전에 자신의 무식함을 깨닫길 바랍니다.

사실 외국인이 그렇게까지 공부하면서 설명해야할지는 잘모르겠네요. 좋게이야기 하거나 나쁘게 이야기하거나 그건 개인의 이야기일뿐 정론이 되지 않는다는걸 본인도 잘아시잖아요. 논리적으로 행동하고 싶으면서 논리적으로 생각하지않고 감정적으로 나온다면 누가 이야기를 듣겠어요. 차근차근 무엇이 잘못되었는지 짚어주는게 우선아닌가요? 이러면 또 일뽕이라고 하려나 -_-

je Kou 대부분 개념있고 이성적인 한국인들 사이에 일본이란 말만 들으면 주댕이에 우선 개거품부터 물고 덤벼드는 미개한 일부 좆센징들이 섞여있는데 ㅋㅋㅋ


The comparison between Japan and Korea has an oppressive part.It is a bad video without knowing what it is. It's not funny...hmmmmm.....

I really enjoyed watching your video. I love how you went beyond touristy activities and tried to show more of the local side of Seoul plus all the information you included was so helpful. I can’t wait until I visit, hopefully some time soon.

I can’t with the creepy google translate voice lol Watching this videos makes me miss Korea. You always do such a great job.

Who is that Korean girl, I swear I've seen her on YouTube clogging or something?

eyyy this one guy at 17:00 + was hanging out with terry tv .

10:57 this girl is very cuuuuuute xD

the translator voice was cute xD

people walking arm in arm is normal in korea, even for boys . also affectionate touching is normal for any gender .

일본만 나오면 한국인들 눈깔뒤집어지는거 개웃김ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Asian flush? It's called Zantac my friend. Better than Pepsid, more available than zyrtec.

We haven't grown up in brain-wash training. Also our president and government keep trying to express apology sincerely about the war, and most of Koreans are aware of our ashamed history during Vietnam war. So sorry for your ancestors who had to suffer from that war as an one Korean descendant. But Korea had been through the Japanese Colonial Period and the Korean war for a long period time. Those massive things literally devastated and destroyed Korea and Koreans. After this all the people sacrificed their right to live a proper good life and worked like a dog. Thus we sons and daughters of them could be proud of the status of Korea at present.

so what are the difference between seoul and tokyo. which city is better.

After watching this video I want to visit Seoul even more than ever...

Wow, i bet living in seoul really light your... Soul up.

watching this at 3am and I have school today! but I don't care btw i'd love to go to seoul

I understand that you currently reside in Japan and that's why you keep mentioning Japan. However, the constant comparisons between South Korea and Japan are not so helpful to those who don't live in Japan or who are not interested in Japan. Not every viewer is your subscriber. Having said that, I think this clip is a pretty good travel video.

Great video quality

LOL @ google talk. makes me giggle

I lived in Korea for 5 years. Both rurally and semi rurally. I can say that Seoul felt (for me) completely different than the rest of the other parts. The more rural, the more I felt at home and the more genuine people were.

Beautiful video, it's more like short documentary than vlogging, in which I like. Keep it up, I'm your new fan/subscriber :)

i love south korea

Full of inferiority complex S Koreans' comments say it all. They never accept the bitter or inconvenient reality. That's why their deeply flawed society will never change. Sad and miserable ethnic group

16:13 Not to generalize, but these apartments look very similar to those in Flushing, Queens in New York. There are Korean firms and businesses there, which may have impacted the general style of what some buildings would look. Some malls and stores are made by a majority of East Asian companies, from what some told me. The downtown areas really resemble some parts of College Point and Flushing, Queens.

Is that Sims music?

Great video which shows lots of things in local way.

What in the world. Japanese always try their best to go to slums in Korea. Then go into a housing complex from old 50+ yrs home. Crazy!

I think All Asian are the same specials Korean and japanese

Full of inferiority complex S Koreans' comments say it all. Sneaky S Koreans never accept the bitter or inconvenient reality. That's why their deeply flawed society will never change. Sad and miserable ethnic group

an ignorant and foolish Vietnamese Is the main culprit of the war < Korea or the United States>? Answer me. U.S.A.right? Why do you complain about Korea?And South Korea has already apologized to two presidents for their past war history. But your prime minister said, "It is not Korea's fault. America is the cause. You don’t need to apologize. Instead, they are investing in Vietnam. Please do." And Korea has been your country's first-stage investment partner since then. This scumbag, poor old man.Korea has set up all your new towns and highways

I think you're really good at being observant i.e. noticing the differences such as how the restaurant layouts are in Japan Vs Seoul. I enjoy your videos!

와우 방금 일제시대 영상보고왔는데 천지개벽할 수준으로 성장했군요 대한민국이.. 과거의 관점에 취해있다 오늘날 현재의 서울을 보니 진짜 놀랍네요 이 근대화되고 선진화된 국가에서 호의호식할수있다는거에 정말 감사해야겠다는 생각이 듭니다ㅠㅠ

Good thing about that bathroom is you can take a shower and poop at the same time

Hey Nice Guy~. I want to your visiting Fukushima area VOD. i really really want to see that. because Fukushima area is so beautiful. plz~~~

Eunkyu Rhi 꼭 해석 잘 안되는 사람들이 이런 헛소리들을. 해석이 안되면 번역 사이트에 가서 번역이라고 보라고.

본인 맞춤법이나 좀.

아 놔 진짴ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Really enjoyed the video! I went to Seoul early this year, an amazing country indeed. Also if you have interest to visit Indonesia, I would be glad to show you around! :D

Wow you crammed so much in 2 days

Apparently, arm holding is really normal in Malaysia, too. Mostly among girls and females though.. Like, with friends or mum or really close relatives.. And, I really love Seoul, like, their rice is stickier and it tastes better than normal rice from my own country and the safety there is really good too. Not to mention how they have convenience stores all over the places (I haven't been to Japan, but, as far as I've seen from videos in YT, there are a lot, too. But it's just not the case in my country so I find it rather fascinating). Love from Malaysia

This man lived in Japan for five years and visited Korea for the first time. Since he has lived in Japan for a long time, he will definitely see Korea from the perspective of Japan. On the other hand, if a foreigner who lives only in Korea visits Japan for the first time, he will see Japan from the perspective of Korea. It is not objective to compare the differences between the two countries in just a few days of travel. Generally, man sees only what he wants to see.

remember, this country has been reconstructed since 1953. just 65 years ago....there was nothing before...

At least you can eat smelly kimchi and get plastic surgery. But you would feel something gloomy and get bored immediately.

한국과일본관계를 외국인들이 알리가없지요

I visited Seoul 2 months ago and I've been missing it ever since I returned to the U.S.

I want to plan to go to South Korea. I'm thinking of doing the "home stay", where I would stay at a local's house or apartment instead of a hotel. I think that would be very neat.

Honda i20 car

I vomited into three of the planters in Deoksugung while on a tour because one of my friends decided it would be funny to mix vodka soju/ JD/ henessy/ red wine and some 50% chinese spirit together and chug. He ended up spilling red wine all over the white carpet in the presidential suit of the Hyatt and passed out. :D I couldn't eat anything for 3 days of the 6 i stayed in seoul~ good times >

Actually Yeoui - do is not located in the south of Seoul. Don't understand why your tour guide helper did not take you to Kang - nam; that is, the real southern part of Korea. You could have seen the real contrast of Seoul - north and south sides. You missed Lotte Tower, the 5th tallest building in the world. You could have taken the bullet train to Daejeon and cone back on the same day... You have missed a lot. Well, probably on next trip... Nice and calm video. I used to stay in Chicago when I studied there long tine ago. Still miss he windy city.

Japan and south korea.... Two countries in this world, i want to visit ❤✨ by the way.... I'm From India... I think.... All asian countries are up in the game

do you have and instagram page

I would like to go to Seoul How was your expeeience there?

I found the Sooth Koreans far more friendly, laid back and "western" than the Japanese...more free to be themselves and uninhibited!!!

I came here after watching RMs seoul music video

For a country that good at education , their English skills are disgraceful

Death to south korea.

wait, people from other races don't flush when drinking? I never knew that was Asian-specific

Non-stop reference and comparison to Japan.

Yours is one of the best travel channel. Thank you for showing us the real korean life too.

definitely, we'll visit Seoul,Korea next year.nice video.keep it coming.merci.

This makes me visit Seoul ASAP

This video is really annoying. Why did you make it? It feels like really bad padding for a TV commercial or something.

Korea is not all sunshine and rainbows. I initially visited Korea with no prejudice. Just wanted to see the country. But what I've experienced left such a strong negative impression on me that I have to keep sharing it to warn others against going to Korea. I'm pretty sure I'm doing them a service since they don't want any of us "dirty foreigners" in their "pure" country. Having been to over 40 countries, Korea is by far the most racist one I've ever been to. Check this out: (extremely racist anti-foreigner video aired on the national TV) For the record, I'm a white male. But that doesn't matter much. Koreans hate everyone who is not Korean. They hate Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Blacks, Whites, south-east Asians. Each one for a different "reason". They are strongly nationalistic and think of themselves as a master race and of everyone else as "muddying the waters" just by being there. During my 2-month stay in Korea, I've experienced countless verbal, non-verbal and even physical racist incidents. These incidents have made me feel unwelcome and like I'm some kind of an "enemy" to them. I don't get this anywhere else on the planet, only in Korea. I can't even imagine what it would be like if I was an Indian for example. Having said all that, you likely won't see any of this if you just go there for a few days and be a tourist. It may still be a nice experience. Some young people will even be friendly. But it's a completely different story once you try to make use of more parts of society.

Also, in Korea the screen walls in metro were set up because of suicides.... Not really accidents to be honest :’(

Thanks for portraying the beautiful city! Great camera work. I hope you visit Busan next time you are in Korea! It’s the second largest city, the heart of southern part of Korea. If you say Seoul is NYC, Busan is LA. The skyscrapers with mountain and beech is breathtaking. The sea food is great and it’s so dynamic there. If you want to feel a little Hawaiian vibe, go to Jeju island!

You talk about Japan too much for this video, dude! If it's for Korea then you should talk about just Korea and make a separate video for the comparison of two countries.

+jisang yun 맞아요. 일본 하는 행동 물론 맘에 안드는 점 많지만, 한국인들의 대응 방식 보고 있으면 기가 막히더라고요. 이건 무슨 앞뒤 안가리고 증오만 가득찬 사람들 같음. 그리고 내가 그들과 같이 "증오"하지 않으면 어느새 난 "매국노, ㅉ바리"가 되어 있네요. 한국인들 미개하단 말이 괜히 나온게 아닌듯 합니다.

열등감에 주입식반일교육의 폐해죠 반일하는게 애국자고 개념인인줄알고있으니까 3자입장에서보면 좋게볼수도없어요

그럼 칭찬만 해야되나

+A IN 열등감표출이 심한 민족인것도 반일교육받고있단것도 모르겠죠

+Will Lee c'mon man. Are you like 12 years old? This craphead made the video to make Seoul look worst than where he came from. Don't you get it?

Great video I really enjoyed watching all the different places and foods of Seoul. I’d like to visit one day but, meanwhile I’ll watch thru your camera lens. Thanks so much for sharing. God bless you on your travels and greetings from New York City

i liked it next time say a bit about red district sort of, hopefully not like hastings

Not one black human being...Omg..

After three military tours of duty ,the first in 1975 , i can see immense improvements in S.Korea.I retired in Thailand which is interesting! Ive also had military tours in Germany twice ,so I can tell you, cold ,ice and snow isn't my preference and it does get cold in Thailand sometimes.

Dude this google translator is really creepy

I was stationed in Seoul twice and loved it

if you like to be alone.   = japan . would be nice  if you like to make friends = korea   would be niceokay??? dude??

Really interesting, friendly video. Thanks for doing it.

If you go to Korea again, try visiting Jeonju. I lived in Korea for 3 years, and traveled extensively. I personally didn't care for Seoul all too much, but I loved visiting Jeonju, Busan, Gangwon-Do, and also just hanging around the area where I lived, Jecheon. Within Seoul, I might say my favorite areas were Garosugil, Gangnam, Sinchon, and Hongdae. I also loved hanging out by the river in Yeouido ^^

What lens are you using?

Sorry What kind camera did you use..? The video looks so clear

I love s.Korea

This guy just can't stop talking about Japan. He looked like Indian to me. So It's like me comparing his India to Pakistan and Nepal.

i enjoyed your video. i am korean. your video is very detail

Haters will hate. Live in misery, JP.

Yeah you can return home braindead from their concentration camp for a simple prank like taking down the poster of their "Great Leader".

Holding hands is wild in Japan......... Hmm

I feel so offended by the AirVisual Earth animation at 23:38. the whirl under Japan and Korea is typhoon. did you use this on purpose ? it implys that the polluted air in south Korea you mentioned is all from Japan. but in fact air flows from Korea to Japan all the time. have you done this as a joke by mocking south Koreans who looooove to attribute their own bads to Japan ? it's not funny at all.

More cat scenes hehe

great video! ty

You can eat insanitary reuse side dishes for free. You can breath polluted air for free. You can smell the smell of Kimuchi, sewer and toilet bin.


Wish you're not a Japanese

Wow you really experienced the racism in Korea? As a Korean I can't believe you're saying is true.. Almost every Koreans don't hate foreigners for no reason and don't think of us master race at all your story is so unrealistic to me

+ᄋᄋᄋ Thank you. Because I'm a Hikikomori.

あんたは韓国の動画にはどこにもいるんだ とても勤勉じゃない?

+안녕하세요 김치맛있어요 맞아요. 일본 하는 행동 물론 맘에 안드는 점 많지만, 한국인들의 대응 방식 보고 있으면 기가 막히더라고요. 이건 무슨 앞뒤 안가리고 증오만 가득찬 사람들 같음. 그리고 내가 그들과 같이 "증오"하지 않으면 어느새 난 "매국노, ㅉ바리"가 되어 있네요. 한국인들 미개하단 말이 괜히 나온게 아닌듯 합니다.

+김치맛있어요안녕하세요 맞아요. 일본 하는 행동 물론 맘에 안드는 점 많지만, 한국인들의 대응 방식 보고 있으면 기가 막히더라고요. 이건 무슨 앞뒤 안가리고 증오만 가득찬 사람들 같음. 그리고 내가 그들과 같이 "증오"하지 않으면 어느새 난 "매국노, ㅉ바리"가 되어 있네요. 한국인들 미개하단 말이 괜히 나온게 아닌듯 합니다.

I live in Tokyo. You're so partisan.

I never think to go to Korea.

That area in the city centre was in COD Advanced warefare

서울은 폭팔하듯 변화하는 도시이다. 모든 것이 순식간에 변화한다. 무려 40년간을 미친드시 쉬지 않고 부수고, 건설하고, 변화하며 현대적인 세련된 미를 추구해 가고 있다. 서울은 밤을 낮처럼 소비를 하는 도시이다. 해가 지나하면 벌써 밤시장이 열려있다. 그곳에 가면 밤도깨비들이 우글 거린다. 전 동남아를 아우르는 동대문 시장의 파워는 한국을 대표하는 활기이기도 하다. 이곳은 전 동남아의 중저가 패션의 산지이다. 여기서 모든 동남아와 중국, 중하류층의 패션은 탄생한다. 한국의 또 다른 파워는 바로 여기서 확인이 가능하다. 그러나 서울이 무슨 세련미가 넘치는 도시라는 말인가 ? 아직도 세련미와는 좀 거리가 멀다. 특히 서울의 스카이라인은 참 초라했다. 십년전만 해도 그저 한숨만 나왔다. 아직도 정리 정돈이 않된,, 좀 엉성하게 들쭉날쭉 하는,, 무언가 세련된 안정보다는 좀 엉성하고 그저 복잡하기만한 그런 붕 떠있는것 같은 도시일 뿐이다. 다만 그래도 전에보다는 점점 세련된 구석이 점점 더 많아져 가고 있는것도 사실이다. 이구석 저구석 어허라 이것봐라 하는 건물이나 식당, 카페 조형물들이 점점 많아지고 있는것은 사실이다. 아름다운 구석이 무려 수백개는 더 늘어난것 같다. 특히 상해에 가보면 오마인갓,, 이구석 저구석의 처참한 빈민가들이 벌어진 입을 다물지 못하게 하는데,, 서울은 이미 이런것들이 거의 사라져 버리고 없다. 오히려 외국의 유튜버들은 개발된 빈민가는 그나름대로 매력을 갖추고있다고 까지도 한다. 그만큼 이젠 찾아보면 파리나 뉴욕에 비해서도 결코 뒤떨어지지 않는 자기만의 매력을 찾이가고 있는것도 사실이다. 그러나 아직도 여전히 도시의 세련미와 깊은맛은 부족하다. 그러다보니,, 전에는 광장시장 등 그저 어수선하고 지저분하게만 보이던 구석도 매력으로 소개를 하는 외국 유튜버들도 있기는 있다. 전에는 재래시장에 가면 정말 지지분하고 개판이기만 했었는데,, 이젠 그것도 여기저기 많이 세련된 모습으로 단장을 한곳들도 많기는 하다. 또한 서구의 메가시티들에 비하면 도시가 엄청 깨끗한것도 사실이다. 런던을 가보면 정말 지저분 하다. 왜 그런냐고 물었더니만 시에 돈이 없어서 청소부를 고용못해서란다. 헐,,, 돈만 까먹고있는 박원순이라는 미친놈이 계속 서울을 망가트리고는 있으나,, 그러나 아직은 청계천도 그렇고 정말 이 구석 저구석,, 점점 매력을 더하고 있는 것도 사실이긴 하다. .

At least, You can eat insanitary reuse side dishes for free. You can breath polluted air for free. You can smell the smell of Kimuchi, sewer and toilet bin.

Hi, I’m going to Korea next month and I’m very excited. Do you have any recommendation where should I go and stay at? Thank you so much. ☺️

We are Not South KoreaWe are KOREARepublic Of KOREA = KOREA(REAL)DPRK = North korea(Not Real)please World People, Call to My Nation name to KOREA (Or Republic Of KOREA)

+힘내볼게요 맞아요. 일본 하는 행동 물론 맘에 안드는 점 많지만, 한국인들의 대응 방식 보고 있으면 기가 막히더라고요. 이건 무슨 앞뒤 안가리고 증오만 가득찬 사람들 같음. 그리고 내가 그들과 같이 "증오"하지 않으면 어느새 난 "매국노, ㅉ바리"가 되어 있네요. 한국인들 미개하단 말이 괜히 나온게 아닌듯 합니다.

Man u have done very good job thx , O South Korea you r beautiful more than what we thought

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Don't worry. At least, You can eat insanitary reuse side dishes for free. You can breath polluted air for free. You can smell the smell of Kimuchi, sewer and toilet bin.

한국은 다좋아 두가지만 고치면 돼,,, 하나는 질서의식 매너 두번째는 짱개미세먼지

but you re not showing the old part, those old houses you re showing might be 60-70 years old, what about the centuries of history korea has?

Those glass doors at subway stations were installed after so many accidents and suicides. Gas/smoke masks were placed after tragic fire caused by an arson in Daegu subway station.

I hope I can visit Korea soon

I'm Korean. This is really fact. I don't want to visit to Seoul. Really Tired. But try countryside . It's good.

I was stationed in South Korea for a year with the U.S. Army. Great experience. This video brought back some good memories. Def recommend people visit.


I love South Korea. Everywhere. Forever.

I've seen about 95% of these sites for Simon & Martina videos lol

Wow. You visited a lot in two days. I visited for two weeks there and I saw all those places you went to. Most places weren't that close together. I like how you compare S. Korea with Japan and North America.

Korea zelf ontdekken:

Man google got me cracking

Hi Read more

Lovely, best wishes from Pakistan

This week on "8 Countries in 6 Weeks" series, I leave Mongolia and head to Japan for some decent food and working toilet. This episode captures my experience connecting at Seoul Incheon International Airport as I am the first passenger to arrive in an eerily empty terminal and at the empty Korean Airlines' lounge. Then I will take you on my journey with the ever so pleasant Korean Air which provides exceptional inflight service as they take me to the land of the rising sun. Link:

thank you :) i respect korea very much

south korea is a great leader, but north korea is like a bullied kid in high school: -- there is a lot of room to grow, and the history is very logical. I wish people would stop hating on north korea for being old fashioned. anyways, thank you!

this writing is beautiful.. Seoul is a bustling city. Everything changes in a flash. It has been forty years without a break, and it is going to break, build, change and pursue modern sophisticated beauty. Seoul is a city that consumes the night as the daytime. As the years go by, the night market is already open. When you go there, the night gobblers are starving. The power of the Dongdaemun market, which encompasses the whole of Southeast Asia, is also representative of Korea. This is the birthplace of Southeast Asian middle and low-end fashion. All Southeast Asia, China, and middle-class fashion are born here. Another power in Korea can be found here. But What kind of sophisticated city is Seoul? It is still far from sophisticated. Especially, the skyline of Seoul was very good. Ten years ago, it was only a sigh. I still do not get organized, it's a little jagged, Something is more like a slobbery city than a sophisticated one. but It is true, however, that more and more sophisticated corners are becoming more numerous than before. It is true that there are more and more buildings, restaurants, and café sculptures. Hundreds of beautiful corners seem to have increased. Especially if you go to Shanghai, I do not let the ghostly slums in the corner of Ikusok keep their mouths shut. Seoul has already lost most of these things. Rather, The developed slums are said to have their own charms. that much If you look at it now, it is also true that you are finding your own charm that never falls behind Paris or New York. Still, the sophistication and deep taste of the city is still lacking. That said, In the past, there are some foreign pubs that introduce charming places such as the plaza market that are just cluttered and messy. Before, I was really supportive and open-minded when I went to the traditional market. Now, there are many places that have been refurbished with a lot of sophisticated appearance here and there. It is also true that the city is very clean compared to the megacities of the West. It 's really dirty when you go to London. I asked why it is, and I can not hire a cleaner because I do not have enough money. OMG,,, Park Won-soon, who forgets only money, continues to ruin Seoul, However, the Cheonggyecheon stream is still in the corner. It is also true that more and more attractive.


do not blame japan! thank you for your comment though :)

I laughed so hard at T-Money

Korea doesn't have the energy, charm and vibrantness, also korea people are quite uncultured, and get misleading education, whuch makes them quite inferior, to outside world, There are so many negative energy in korea, that koreaphiles can't see, also they are some of the most racist and drive forward with their shame culture.

Love love Seoul

Kind of interesting, your first country besides Japan in Asia (yes Japan is in Asia). Check out Taiwan, Hong Kong or Shanghai. Japan just lucked out because of the occupation, tons of help to access US market and profited nicely off of Korean war and Vietnam. Japan is cool, yes but acknowledge the facts that most Japanese youth don't know the true story of colonization (good and bad) of the aforementioned places, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. You're a foreigner, try to present a more balanced view from the locals perspective, you'd gain more view's, too.

15:24 What is that little T. I've seen it in videos of both South Korea. But have never seen in Europe?

7:49 They don't have a royal family in Korea! would someone explain?

I didn't know that you were Asian, I'm guessing that you're half Asian? What country is your Asian parent from?

I remember being there in 1982 my how much the country change looking at old 1982 Seoul Olympic stadium. the less than half third world appearance in Uijonbu and some parts of Seoul. I've shot over 50 rolls of film back then 1982 big world of difference .

11:11 I think that place is the place on the liar and his lover. It's quite familiar she also said that a year ago someone shoot a korean drama there.

great jihad is help in arabique including bradford the isabelle

Excellent video. Very helpful especially for tourists who are English speaking only...


Hello. wanted to make a couple comments. I enjoyed your video. I have traveled to Japan a number of times, and have also recognized the similarities and differences between the two countries. I would be very cautious, though, in making these comparisons for everything since there is conflict and history between the two countries - which can cause much tension. With that out of the way - walking through Omotesando, I felt like I was walking through a Japanese version of Cheondam-dong. So the comparisons can go both ways - depending on your starting perspective. The apartment buildings you showed towards the end of the video had numbers. These numbers help identify which building in an apartment subdivision and do not necessarily mean that the apartments are public housing. Most of the apartments (I'll use the Gangnam area) in the Hyundai Apartment subdivision of Apgujeong-dong have numbers. The buildings look older since they were built a few decades ago. But each unit in the 15-20 floor towers can cost nearly $1 million USD. They are all identified by building numbers. The comparison to Japanese public housing does not work in this case.

Low intelligence or less skill S Korean are running countless number of fried chicken shop. S Korean morons don't know the meaning of supply and demand. Which fried chicken shop go bankrupt faster? We call it "chicken race".

Where are the T Money vending machines located?


완전 구질구질한데만 보여주네.... 일본 일본 일본 비교질

My Husband came from this city.. He graduated at Yonsei University School of Medicine and received M.D degree. He has been living in USA since 1957 after Korean war and retired from his surgical practice in PA,USA..We have visited INCHON and SEOUL 2003. This picture show drastic improvement of Seoul and Whole South Korea.

일본이랑 한국 구분도 못하는 사람이 무슨 한국에 대한 영상을 만들었을까...

Cool and clear. Thanks. Keep it up.

Great video!

Very good an accurate review. I lived in Korea for a year in 95 and have visited 2 times since. A lot of history there and I am glad you had a good time. I plan to visit again soon. Note: if you try to speak english they will not understand usually. Write English and they can understand better. Pronunciation is the barrier. So create a dialogue with them in writing instead of trying to speak to them.

I just came here from a pyongyang video for comparison. Night and day...

The girl at 10:16 looks a lot like freckles Millie, I wonder if they're sisters.

Google isn't that great lol, translate I love tea into Korean using Google translate. Then translate it back and it says I like cars

So many triggered fools in this comment section. Unbelievably childish.

This is the reason I don't even thinking to visit korea. I never get bored visit japan

You can buy it at most convenient stores, which should be much easier to find than those vending machines.

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