fist time in ALANYA, TURKEY !!!

fist time in ALANYA, TURKEY !!!

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Luc's. I can't do nothing, you. Know. I'll. Show you. I find. Piscatella. I'm. Not sure everything, is really expensive. Do. You like it. Hi. Guys. In. The bus we, in. Georgia. To, be leasing and going to. Ok. It, was a. We're. Trying to. -. Look. Furries. Flexi. Guys. About. One hour. To. Cross for, dirt. Guys. I, really. Don't want it to say this part I. Choose. Us, because this. Name. Was looks, looks. Damn. Looks but. First. You. Know little, screens behind, every, cheer. Yes. It's working but there. Is no. Films. Even, one even. One can, you imagine there, is no, musics, no, movies, nothing. No, TV. Just. Just. Nothing. There. Is no. Internet. No, Wi-Fi, seriously. There, is no Wi-Fi. Air-conditioning. System is out of order, and. Where. Else and. I. Need, to. Beyond. That past during 2, days and. 1 night and. What. Am I going to do this time. Nothing. Oh. I'm. Going to do nothing but sleep. But. I want to say one more time that fast, name was looks, so guys be, careful before you choose, your. Transport, don't trust just. Name ok what, to do I can. Do nothing but guys, I shouldn't. Complaining. I shouldn't. There. Are worse. Things in, life so. Say. You told. You that I will. Cease. I do. Sceneries. With you. And. Another, side that just rocks, and just, buildings. And. Can, you guess, where. Is my seat. Yes. Besides. I take. This cheer nobody, have shape, or, stool. On city. So. Sure. Everything. My. Big. Beautiful. Area. How, beautiful. I. Want. To see. Beautiful. Castle. If. Alec. Isso or, I, think. I remember name. I'm. Not sure I think you got, a pistol or something like that, sorry. They're, gonna make it though. It's. Funny how I can feed. It's wiggle or not. My. Sister's worry about me. There's. Nice. Guys look. It's, quite cold the cook. Actually. We have cakes in Georgia as well so. It looks. Like, like. Georgia one. Looks. How beautiful. It's. Dark so Omniture. This camera takes. More. Careful, okay, it's. On. My life so it's okay. Sorry. Can you take picture for me just. On, another. Wow god is good, especially. Wilshire. It's, wet. Stairs. Are wet so. It's. Not always ago actually. But. It's really. Beautiful. Believing. Me it's really. Nice place you. Should visit. There. Is water, guys. I. Don't. Check, how cold with it but. There are people. Anyway. I'm, going to check. It. Was secret between us okay. Oh. Oh it's. Icicles, it's super good. Super. Cold. It's. Cold not, not too much. It's. Nice. You. Don't feel cold but it's nice, especially coming, from. Another. Side, it, was left side and this. Is right side ah, cute. Nice. It's. Tired actually. All. Right, short, one but. Look. At the. Sea. Yeah. It's nice let's. Take a picture I, think, I took. Solvent. Pictures. People. Are leaving them in the. Power I do. Like tidy actually, I, really. Don't like it. Bid, for flower. I'm. Not going to do so. Delicious. I'm. Going to take. In the water, to. Eat and be cool. Oh. First, on you know. Very, she really relation. Okay. Let's, check what. Warmer. Today's. Hot. I'm, going too far, you guys and, I'll show you the difference after, 10, days a. Few. Moments. Later. Do. You wanna system. I'll, show you. I'll show you. I used, to tell him. What. Clean. And warm. And. There are so many fish, inside you, can see them. Varies. The. Size. The moon other side. Guys. My, sister wants me to face. You. It's, better than I expected. His name is Easton, there. Music, right village. I know, if my close. Friends, are watching this video really. Surprised. Because I don't like me. Oh. No bread, later. I. Can. Teach it. I think, it's. You. People.

Who've Done. For, one person. Do any people, hungry. We, don't blue face. I highly. Recommend it if you, in. So try is tender, in Olano. Each, department car. Let. Me show you my. Tape. I eat, almost half. You. Know. Okay, Tomer is so kind exchange. Rate for tolerance. Hundred. Dollars, you can exchange it. Thousand. Dollars. You. Are eat. Hundred. Dollars and. Easy summer Lord. Right. There. Cheerilee. Everything. Works wait super then. George. In taste. Oh but, John is the best guys. You, said tiny. In dojo. Good. Not bad. Homemade. I, find. Peaches, I think. He was. What meaning where are you, I wanted, to find something related. To BTS. This is good time find, some. Human. Hey. Oh. I. Think. I, need. To, cover. It here. Watch. Coming. And hitting a Jews only number. You owe. Everybody. Can you please meet your camera please get, ready to go. Don't. Touch, me. Oh. For. This free guys Mitchell, in the tree price. Includes. I'm. Going to eat. Vicious, but. We are going to be here about. Five. Six, or seven hours. So. Tasty. Oh. Okay. Okay. It. Was nice guys to finally she's. Too. Hot I think. I burned my shoulders. Seriously. Let's. Go to hotel, rent and. Sleep and salsa, what, would. What. Are those, things. For. Nothing. Is under I do, know this tale can you please explain for, me, thank. You. You. Know there. Are similar, similar. With. You, to. Cry while you're, in Turkey, and one. Of them you, can find it anywhere. No. She's. Chuckling. Just, see me without anything. There. Are cream. Cheese, honey. And, nuts. Good good. The tribe. I'm. Going to, see. It's. 8:00, in the morning. Eight, in the morning I'm. Not working. And I'm. Not sleeping. Who. Could imagine. Those. Are. Beautiful. It's. Not just told it's like a symbol. Of Turkey. It's. It's. Protects. Persons from. Bid high or, something. Like this I'm. Not sure. One. More time if some Turkish person is watching this video can. You please write on, the comments what exactly, this time. Is because this, tone is everywhere. Just everywhere, it, feel like a symbol, actually, guys when you are, shopping. In Turkey you should know three. Key. Phrases. Randy's. Truck, parlor, which, means too, expensive because everything. Is really expensive in here, second. One is, Indian. It means give me some discount place, in. There in blue defend the. Trench please. Discount. And, most, of them do. Not, much, but a little bit discount they. Will give you this, talent then, you should say thank you, so the, secured enemies thank. You this, is free. Must. Know. Key, phrases. In. Turkey not just in Turkey protecting everywhere. Yes. Because, it's toothless. To power. Yeah, it's, too hot. Turkish, language. Central. When you are in Turkey, you can't avoid one. More thing just. Tea. Actually. It's it's, not just drink its culture. Seriously. Tries. Everywhere, they. Can drink anytime. No, Marik morning, afternoon, or evening. Very. Actually. I eat, I drink you. Like tea, and, it's. I need sugar, I need. Money. Unless. Like. When, you eat squeeze. It says time. Sorry, there life is not my style it's the bed people. Really, like it but. I will. So, that's. Why they. Always. Eats. -, sweet. But, this is like our, chairs are not just sweet. To the prince soon, it's too sweet. Like. If. You, eat. Them together. Kids. Anymore. Coconut. My, sister's watching. You. Know you. Know such face. What. The hell are you doing. Actually. I wanted to tell. You about. My. Last. Circus. Story. At. First I were in Turkey when. Our students. About. 5. Or 6 years ago. From. The University, it was, at. First I was. Dizzy. And travelin. And. Then I'm. Samsung. Because. Summer. Summer. School, language. Exchange, program. Two, weeks two. Weeks I will. I. Was. In. Under. Two smiles universe, trip. 19. May, University. I, don't. Know why that. University's, name is. 919. May I think 90. Miles important. Dates, for children. In. Some if some. - this person, is. Watching, this video. Please. Write. Down. My. Sister said do not speak, with. Mouth, full. Try. To be around. Real, attitude of ayodhya. Yes. If you know it the story of 19. Nails please. Write. Down below the comments. By. Everybody, buddy buddy buddy buddy buddy. Well. Polymerize. A Jewish, in. One. Of my subscriber, who knows I'm in Turkey now or right she want to know. What. Kind of hotel think, so. I decided. To show you actually. Give. You tour in, my hotel, so. But. I'm not sure if you, interested. In. So. If you are not interested, in you, know Hotel, tool you, can just keep it okay let's. Go, okay. This is door and welcome to. My. Hotel, room let's. Start with kitchen. There's kitchen. The. Fridge. Fridge. Kitchen. It's. Small. You know like. Entrance. Its. Kind for many of you. There. Is talking. About. It's. Better measurement. Yeah. Nothing. Special. And. It's. Bedroom. It's. Really messy because, we're, living.

Today And. Trying. To put our, thoughts, inside so. Don't don't, matter that it's messy okay, okay. It's too, bad. And. With my sister is you know already. TV. Wardrobe. Blah. Blah blah and we, have small. Corneas, low. We're, about, view. Scenery. Nothing. Special actually. But. Yes, and. Oh cool. Cool. It's. Really warm water it's, nuts. By. Star culture. Because. When you're tired everything, is chock collar very. Expensive. Ten days, yes. Ten days it it, costs. One. Thousand. And five. Hundred, tell. A. Turkish. Money. Yes. It's, not too expensive but, not. Cheap, for sure so. Let. First tour, in my, hotel, to. Like it. Hi, guys when were tired one and last time I wanted to show some, things. You. Can take with you from Turkey, actually, I leave, I put, my camera on my leg it suddenly. Accidentally. So I couldn't take. Anything. On, my way back so now, I just want to show you some. Sweets, and. Some. Things I took from, Turkey, first, one, is. First. One is this. Sweets. Look. This. Is very. Very. Different, kinds of sweets, it's. Like. At, home. Actually, they. Are anywhere, in every, shop in every, station. Just, everywhere. They. Remain kind of so you can take it with you. Mmm. Next. Is. Its. It's. Halle, palace. Which. Looks like cotton. Wool or cotton, sponge, or cotton. Clothes I don't know it's. How my, mother likes it so white it. As. Well. And. It's different. Kind. Of. Combi. Many. Small. Houses, and mixed, is it's. Hard. To prove it as well, it's. Protects. Of. Course child so, he is famous for his famous. For its chai so you. Should drink one time. T. For. Sure. Different. Kind of. Cookies. In. This. Toba. It's. You know kind of soup. Which. Very. Fast, and easy, to prepare, you. Just need hot water in, one. Package of taste it's. Different. You. Can taste the. Chicken. Tomato. Vegetable. Spaghetti. Taken. Many. Many, actually. And. Yes. It's. Not. Kind. Of not, that, is, so, many okay as well. Mmm. I think ah. I. Have. Simek's, it, where's. Submit. You know I show you early, let's. Round things. That's. Good, as well so. Guys. That's. All, I wanted, to show you I hope, you enjoy watching my video you can write comments down below and I, will take, my camera to the next trip as well so, that's, all good. Bye see. You in next video.

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