Five Points Jazz Virtual Festival 2020

Five Points Jazz Virtual Festival 2020

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Hello. I'm Carlos Lando, hi, I'm Tamara banks good, evening I'm Mike doodle gomez what's up everyone I'm America, Jones from the drop the, people station for R&B and hip hop welcome, to the five points Jazz Festival brought, to you by Denver Arts and venues kuv. Oh and Rocky Mountain Public Media usually. The five points jazz festival, draws audiences. From all over Denver, and even, Colorado, but in this unprecedented, time, that we're experiencing. We, had to be creative, on how to bring quality jazz, to you while. Music festivals, all over the world have been rescheduled or, canceled, due, to the coded nineteen pandemic. We, are bringing you this great festival virtually. By, the magic, of the internet and broadcast. These. Musicians have made this possible even, during the stay at home rules, and with, elaborate, teamwork, so get, on your dancing, shoes gather, your family, and let's celebrate the, music and entertainment. By. The way keep, in mind, musicians. Like most entertainers. Right now cannot. Hold performances. Or concerts, due. To the restrictions. Of large, crowd, gatherings. So, your support in any number of ways can. Have all kinds of artists to keep their homes and put food on the table make. Sure to visit arts, and venues calm forward-slash. Five, points, of jazz for, information. About, participating. Restaurants and, businesses if you're, not in Denver like me I'm in Atlanta support, your local community, wherever, you are without, further ado ladies and gentlemen enjoy, the 5 points Jazz Festival. Major. Funding for Five Points Jazz Festival provided, by Denver, Arts and venues bringing. You the five points Jazz Festival for nearly 20 years committed. To equity, diversity, and inclusion and enriching. Denver through premier public venues, arts, and cultural, opportunities. Metropolitan. State University of. Denver stand. Up be, counted, encouraging. Everyone to complete, the 2020. Census, it's easy secure. And confidential, and determines, funding for education food. And housing health care hospitals. And transportation. Shaped, Colorado's, future bond. Fee Stanton foundation, who believe that extraordinary. Arts and leadership are key, to building vibrant, communities. Kubo. Jazz proudly. Partnering, with the PI points Jazz Festival since its inception, in. Adams. County census. With. Support, from these fine organizations and. Viewers. Like. You thank. You. To. Officially kick off the Five Points Jazz Festival let's, hear from my good friend Denver. Mayor Michael B Hancock, and a little bit of history of five points, a hidden, jewel north, of downtown Denver.

Hello. Everyone and welcome to the five points Jazz Festival I'm Debra Mayor Michael Hancock and, I want to thank you for joining us you, know for nearly 20 years the annual Five Points Jazz Festival has celebrated, the music culture and roots. Of this historic neighborhood, from, his humble beginnings with, just a few bands in the parking lot a blare Kotwal african-american. Research library, to what has become a day-long event with nearly 50, bands the, 5-points Jazz Festival, is truly, in the spirit of Denver's cultural vision bringing. Accessible, and inclusive art, culture, and creativity, to the people of Denver this. Year is a little different though because of a health crisis, that has emerged from kovat 19 outbreak, we, are unable to celebrate, in the same physical space instead. We, are bringing you this virtual, Jazz Festival there, will be fewer bands and the event won't last, as we happy a comma custom, too but. We continue, to celebrate together even, though we are part and through, this virtual medium. We are able to connect with people who may not have typically. Been able to attend the festival in person through, the music and entertainment that we are about, to bring you we hope you find a moment of hope and joy and, appreciate. As I know I do the incredible creative talent our city is home to the people, of Denver and Colorado are, resilient, and we, have come together to support one another through, this difficult time I think, each and every one of you I also, want to thank the following groups or moving. Quickly and creatively to bring the virtual Five Points Jazz Festival into reality, Denver, Arts and venues Rocky. Mountain PBS K. U vo jazz, mighty. Fine productions, majestic. Collaborations. Mile, high festivals, gift, of jazz 0, Sun and Five Points Jazz Festival, committee. Even. Though the festival, is different this year through, this virtual experience, you can still celebrate Denver's, Harlem, or the West and celebrate. Music and, culture. I encourage. You to continue to support Denver's creative community and small, businesses, if you are from Denver I encourage, you to celebrate your local creative community and small businesses, as well. We. Have some really great talent, here in Colorado, many of whom have stayed in music here in the Mile High City like, legendary, trumpeter, and cornet. Player Ron, Miles Ron, moved to Denver when he was 11, years old and went to East High School he. Studied music at the University of Denver and the Manhattan School of Music a private, Music Conservatory in New York City. Beginning. In the late 1860's. Five-points, became one of the first neighborhoods, to develop, outside of Denver in the soon-to-be, state of Colorado. Its. Name refers to the neighborhood's five-way junction consisting, of what we know today as Washington. Street 27th. Street 26th, Avenue and, wellton Street. When, street cars began, to thread their way through the neighborhood there, wasn't enough room for off street signs so, the junction stop was nicknamed, five points and the, name stuck. The. New suburb initially, developed with German Irish and Jewish, residents, enjoying, the city's first public park Curtis Park, eventually. Upper-class, whites moved up the hill to Capitol, Hill and, african-american. Residents moved, closer to the rail yards lining, the South Platte River. Colorado's. Oldest, african-american. Congregation Zion. Baptist Church, and the. City's first all-black fire station, fire station number three were, established, in the neighborhood before the turn of the 20th century seats. Of the formidable community. To come in the. 1920s. Discriminatory.

Housing Policy, is kept african-americans. Segregated. In Five Points by. The 30s, more than 75, percent of, the city's black residents, lived in the neighborhood, despite. Hostilities. From the Ku Klux Klan, and crowded, living conditions, in an aging, neighborhood five points flourished, as a vibrant, black community, in fact, it's said that mail could be addressed to, five points Colorado. Prominent. Black professionals, such as dr., Clarence, Holmes and dr., Justine afford broke. The occupational. Glass ceiling, set by discrimination. From. The 30s through the 50s, five points reached new heights as a cultural. And entertainment Mecca. Especially. For jazz its. Flagship, venue the raw Sounion Hotel hosted a number of famous acts including. Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald. And Nat King Cole, the, bubbling, community, would also nurture local, legends like, Charles, Charlie Burrell, I. Learned. From this world. How. To play more, to call back music knows days, Count. Basie and all that sort of thing and playing in the city, parks, with. The white fellows, as the, only jazz scene between st., Louis and the West Coast the, neighborhood, became known as the Harlem of the West we. Called the growing days because, we had the good food good. Music oh it was magnificent. Just. As five points once found its name in the conjunction, of streets the, neighborhood, has come to be defined by, the synergy, and synchronicity. Of community, culture. And music that Denver celebrates, to this day through, the Five Points Jazz Festival. That. Was a great look at historic, five planes neighborhood, past, present. And the future looks bright there, are some great restaurants and, bars, in the five points, that are open, again check. Them out if you can, places, like coffee, at the point spangled. And brewery, go, with xuer and the, Welton Street Cafe you, can find out more at arts, and venues. Comm. Forward. Slash five, point jazz, we're. So excited to have this next vocalist, join us for five points jazz festival Venus, Cruz has the warm, sultry, voice that, we can't get enough of she's, been an opening performer, for Al Green zap, mama go wale and even, Desmond Tutu Dimas, directed. And performed the, building, holiday. Centennial. Celebration. At Denver's. Union, Station, in, 2014. It broke. All attendance. Records, for that space, now she's bringing us a vision of jazz a hundred, years into the future with, a new project called the five pointers, a futuristic. Band very. Cool, here's. Venus Cruz and the five pointers. I'm. Always. Captain. My lines, talkin. I'm face your. Breathing, was left in, and out of your chest, versus, four mouths, leading. On broken trees the jury's, still out. We still bet on horses, scratching. Of lotteries, spitting. My spells caught. In a web that bill. Reinforces. Burning. Embers. Wow. Fun, futuristic. Jazz from Venus cruise in the five pointers I'm still dancing, for. Those of you who are watching hurt, the keyboard, player sunglasses. Crazy and what was that Mel instrument, musical, arts awesome. Sound while, you're watching this special presentation. Of the Five Points Jazz Festival and listening to it join the conversation using. Social media you. Can learn more about the artists and performers at, arts, and venues comm board, slash buy points, jazz not. Only is five points the hub of jazz energy, and the Harlem of the West dance has also made an indelible mark on five, points. Robinson. Dance was founded in 1970. Cleo, is a world-renowned. Dancer, and choreographer and. Is the artistic director for the dance company born, and raised in five points she's a living legend, throughout the city especially in, five points her dance company, is in the historic, AME, shorter, Church right, here in the points you'll be surprised to know Cleo, was born in the row so nyan well. Not, exactly born, there I'm, gonna let her explain fun, sidebar, cleo is like family, to my family, my brother and sister who are professional, dancers in New York City both, trained under clay earlier, stages of their career here's, more about the lovely, Cleo Parker Robinson. I was. Born in. The raw Sonia I mean I was born in the hospital brought, home right away by. Charlie Pirela and my. Parents, lived in the raw Sonia the story is because. My parents were a mixed-race father.

Black Mother white they, could not live together even though they, went to five states to get married so, that was steep for, my mother being white living, in the raw Sonia she was probably the only white woman, they. Got connected to music so my father loved, jazz, so, living in the raw Sonia was just like living. In a castle or something you know he, felt very just. Very, privileged. My. Mother who is really like no, one II know you've got to know what measure that is when she was a classical, musician at 12 with, the French horn so they, came from totally two different worlds of looking, at that button that's what they loved about at the rust-oleum I was. In the club from, the day I was born so. I've been in clubs right, so, I always feel like I'm I'm, an improvisation. I'm you know I understand, jazz but. We've grew up I'm, Welton Street, and then on Curtis so we weren't far so, the Roxy and move uptown and, the all of the wonderful, businesses. That that were so alive at that time was very exciting. My. Mother tells me all the time your, father was the one who was so popular because he asked every, woman to dance and she said I just loved it because she loved it because, it was such joy and there, were all different races and, I think that that was the only place, that you could have that experience anywhere. Else it didn't happen they. Came there just, for the music and I think once, you bring people together, through, the magic of of, music, they're gonna find a way to come together I don't, know if we're going to get that again. I think, that time. Will. Have another time a different time. Now. We can't wait for anything we have to bring that spirit of whatever that was and, now, I think we'll. Find this. Time people. Will have to come together. We've. Been on this corner for. A long time we've, been in this building. Renovating. About 30 years. So. Even though we're not on the five points, this. Is it this, is this is the synergy, and it's, not seasonal.

It's Daily, to. The beauty, the discipline, the pride and, the, diversity, and the freedom is what, I built, the company on who's, all about that jazz. Something. Extraordinary. Is gonna come out of this because, we. Didn't know we needed each other we. Didn't know it we're. Gonna be in a place where we better know how to improvise. We. Have to be jazz people, we. Have to be jazz people, and we, need maybe the musicians, to help us to, know how to be that and the dancers, and the painters, we better learn with, the poetry, how to be jazz people, we are the original jazz, people, but I think we have to return. To, that essence. So. That's all we say jazz has soul your. Soul is speaking, and we're all here for a reason and. We're all sharing the planet at the same time so. We might as well have a party, we. Might as well stop having, a bad time and enjoy ourselves and, that's, the beauty of the Jazz. Polio. Is so, inspirational. Not, just for her dancing, and, choreographing. But, also what, her spirit, brings to the community, we, are so, fortunate and, blessed here in Denver, to have some really, great leaders, for, instance, Denver. City Councilwoman. Kandi. CdeBaca, will, be joining us in just a moment or two she was elected to the City Council in June of 2019, and her, district, includes five points she's, a fifth generation native. Of Northeast, Denver and that she, lives in the same home in the Swansea a neighborhood that her great-grandmother. Lived in almost eighty years ago also. Coming up we'll, take you inside some. Of the businesses of. Five points, there are some wonderful, places from. Coffee shops, to Jamaican. Cuisine and, soul. Food, even. Beer learn. More about the businesses that make up five. Points, at arts and venues comm forward, slash five. Points, jazz okay back to the music let's, spice it up now with some Latin jazz from ritmo, jazz Latino, the members. Of Remo. Jazz Latino. Are all. Experienced. Musicians. Who bring a variety of, styles, rhythms. And musical. Influences. That translate. Into a, very, exotic, blend, of music, so take. It away rainbow. Jazz Latino. Oh. Remembrances. Noches. Come. My, brother. Every. Blood. Goes. Oh. The. Pozole. You. Um. Lumen. So. What I did is a little bigger. Ah. That's. Better um. So. How's everybody doing. Good. Good so what's everybody's names. As. They say in Spanish, what. Do you guys call yourselves. But. In Spanish, I'm. Just quarantine. My name is Ben Kronberg. Hulu. Netflix Amazon. Prime HBO. I have all of them on my fire. Stick and, what. Do you guys been watching just. Quarantine. Again I got. My trusty phone here which I like to get, ideas from, and - so. Let's just see what, what. Happens impression. Of a trumpet, player okay. This is my impression of a trumpet player ready. Where's. My record deal, anyhow. Kilometres. Davis tough crowd, anyways thank. You guys for watching all the comedy and i hope you enjoy all of the musicians i hope you enjoy every single last one of them and, also don't forget to visit denver comedy lounge when we get out of this whole mess and. Godspeed. How. Was that Karen was that good. Thank. You thank. You yeah I'm done now, you can get back to vacuuming. Hey. Everyone my name is Elin Stribling I am. Born. And raised here in Denver I grew up in Park Hills specifically. I, am. A wildlife biologist and. I am also a full-time, stand-up, comedian. I do. Stand-up here in five points and kind, of all over I kind. Of got into stand-up comedy when my little cousin told me his first joke that he want me to tell onstage his. Name Solomon he's eight years old, he. Came to me one time and he said Elin. I said, what's up Solomon, he said I wonder what the Terminator would say if he was black I was, like what and, he said I'll be Barack, and. So that kind of started my stand-up comedy career oh hi. Didn't. See you there, I'm. BK sherrod. What's. That. Let. Me talk about scanning, I. Think. I have a little bit of time in my house, let's. Talk about the. Past future, and present. Of. Scouting let's start with the past, so what scouting, is is a improvisational. Vocal, style which. Mimics, like. A horn, you know like in jazz so you're gonna get, good scouting listen to a lot of jazz focus. On the horns so for example you'd be like skiing, in the Papa but I thought it up tv2, but bow I.

Know. What you're thinking, but. No there wasn't any actual, horns in my room that was me that was my own voice that. Just did that. Nice. I'm candy. Soda vodka councilperson. For, Denver district, nine five. Points, is the, heart of district, nine we're. A vibrant. Thriving, historically. And culturally, significant. Community. We're, a community with, long-standing, family. Owned businesses, like, Franklin's, barbershop and, blossoming. New businesses, like T Lee's art. Has, always been, a critical, component of any and all movements. And any, Renaissance. When. A movement aims to, birth a new consciousness, a new, identity a new way, of life it is, the various, artistic, forms, of expression, that, help ignite that dream, in the masses, it, is. The artists, who tap into how we learn and feel. And let us try. On a new possibility, they. Let us sit in it dance, in it smell, it taste, it and admire. It on others our. Movement. An emerging, new world today. Is being, shepherded in, by our beloved, artists, the. Harlem Renaissance gave. Us poetry, and prose. Painting. And sculpture. Jazz. And swing, opera. And dance and taught, us a new militancy, in asserting, civil, and political rights. All. Over the country we, celebrate art, forms popularized. By the Harlem Renaissance and, we, do it to honor the, unleash, potential, that. Was manifested. After, the great migration, when, Harlem, itself became the neighborhood with, the largest concentration. Of black people. Jazz. Is their auditory. Marker, of that moment in time in. Our. Own Harlem. Of the West right, here, in five points. We. Were no exception. From. Laborers, to, a formally, educated middle. Class our. Historically, black community, shared common, experiences. Of slavery. Emancipation. Racial. Oppression as well. As a determination. To forge, a new identity. Free people. Born. Out of struggle, we, drew and birth some of the greatest minds and brightest, talents of the day and produce, one of the most significant. Eras of cultural, expression, in American. History, during, this spiritual, coming of age and. To. Celebrate this heritage, and culture and as, a way to support the community, and businesses. In the neighborhood twenty, years ago the Five Points Jazz Festival was conceived. This. Tradition, continues with. The hundred, thousand, people joining, us to celebrate last, year, the. Circumstances. Of our lives today, are revealing. To many of us our current, remaining. Chains of bondage and. Inspiring. Us, to think of our freedom, more, deeply, and creatively. Today. We, are again dreaming. Of a fuller more. Meaningful, participation in. Our society. Transforming. Our democracy. Transforming. Our economy and. Obtaining. Real, self-determination. And liberation, and it. Is our artists. And cultural, workers, carrying, us through the rough part of this experience, and, for. This we. Celebrate, them and their, medicine, and, while. Five points businesses, have found themselves operating. Under, very different circumstances today. Than. They were last year they. Are still, operating. They. Rely on community. Support from, patrons, and customers, just like you, so. Thank you for, continuing to support our culture, history. Businesses. And 5-points, community. What. Makes five points, unique is the people and, what they bring not just the policies, and not just the funding, and not just the the fancy blueprints, and all of those things but who is actually. Utilizing. The space. The, spangling is a jazz symbol, rhythm we wanted to pick a name that sort of honored the history so it's that. That's. Referred to as Spain Lang everyone's. Always talked about whelton Street as being the next place, that's gonna become really, hopping we've always kind of seen. It and it's just seen how much character it has and, obviously, the history the jazz history is something that we identify, with i'm. Fathima from welton street cafe my, title is general, manager or. Everybody's. Everything. I'm. Excited, about the future of Five Points I know, there's a lot of new neighbors, new comers and I'm, still trying to figure out what we need as a culture, to, make sure that, the, heart of five points, still, have a pulse. I'm the, owner of coffee at the point where 3,000. Square foot coffee and wine lounge, being. Here, it's great because I could hire a new person walk, outside and tell a story about. Our neighborhood with. Just this intersection, it could be anywhere along this block and see something and want to move so Jazz, Fest is the event, that. We look forward to every year well. I was on the committee with the City & County to start the Jazz Fest because, of the history of five points we wanted, to help bring, attention, to the businesses, on the wealth and Street corridor.

Jazz. Fest is probably one of my favorite, festivals, dad five. Point has, to offer it, brings in. Families. It brings, in everybody, you know this, is for all of us. There. Is a love for jazz and that's why that, event, brings out more people in this area than any other event and, this area has we, want folks to come by and not, just visit us but visit, the other businesses, all, along the Welton Quarter yeah, if you want to support the, local businesses on the strip come out beforehand, and get some takeout whether it's from Walton Street Cafe or it's from us you, know you'll feel like you're actually at the Jazz Fest in your living room it. Is a draw for, businesses, it's an economic, boom in many, ways carries. Businesses, forward, from. One financial period, to the next and so. That's, what the Jazz Fest has done but at the same time it, is also highlighting. This, wonderful, tradition we call jazz. Thing. Would be ashamed to lose that momentum I think this is one way for us to just kind, of come together as a community and, show what we appreciate, and what makes five points special if the people with the relationships, it's the stories it's the music, the food you, know what I mean we, have the people and the history, interested. In maintaining it, and they're, not selfish. They're, willing, to share. This. Is a place that you have to feel like that type of love. And that type of love you. Have to go and experience. It for yourself and. These different, times right now it's a time to connect, and although we're doing it in a very different way we're, still doing it and we're, going to continue the momentum and, it just shows you the, heart of this community which. Is resilience. As. You. Just learned five points, is a vibrant, community with, great places to hang out at including. Spangled, ank brewery my favorite, and the, wellton room not to mention Dunbar's, local.

Businesses, All over the country need your support right, now no, matter where you're watching or listening support. These folks who are the economic, engine of our communities, up, next we'll, hear from Amanda, mountain CEO, of Rocky Mountain public media she'll, tell us about the importance, of building community especially, during these unprecedented. Times, but. First with. Three Grammy nominations - her name Joe folk Ian Emma she's, a Denver, native but she earned her Bachelors of Arts degree, in music, at Fisk University an HBCU, historically. Black, college, in Nashville, Tennessee she. Travels the world as a solo, artist with, her band and duo project, with Salomon, Chapman sojourn. Joe foki uses, her talent, to help others she heightens awareness, around suicide, a suicide. Attempt survivor herself she. Wants to draw attention to mental illness she. Says every time she lifts her voice she, is singing for my life here. Is Joe, folk he uh never. Oi. Laughter. Like, happily-ever-after. This one. Is my hope that you will enjoy this. This one's for you. I've. Been. Told that, I am. Worth in bed. That's. Not a for, compromise. But. Reality. Is. Different, sometimes. This. World just won't. Recognize. That, I. And I will. Strong. This. Is real. So, when. It feels like. My bully. Good. Enough, and, when. It seems like. I hope it's, lost, and when, it feels the, world. Is, caving. I must. Remember. I. Win. So, badly. I. Remember. All the. Close, my, eyes, too. This. We. Just. To. For. My. That's joy. That's. Joe Strummer, Brendan. Destroy. Sure, that's, joy, batsto. Joy. Oh. Stress. I just, counted. Hi. I'm Amanda Mountain president and CEO of Rocky Mountain public media and this is my four-year-old Freya oh and, this is poppy, and son I'm gonna put her earring back we, are so glad that you're joining us tonight for the five points jazz festival, it is always, the pride of Colorado, and really, one of the times that we mark together the beginning of summer and even. Though we're under these extraordinary, circumstances. It is more important now than ever to come together and, build community, and that's what we're doing tonight so thank you for joining us we are gonna bring an even larger audience, to the five points Jazz Festival than ever before, because, we are broadcasting, this on Rocky Mountain PBS and, couvreux. Jazz as well as our digital platforms, and partnership. With the City and County of Denver and, the bond fee Stanton foundation, so.

Sit Back and enjoy some, of our amazing Colorado, talent, and build, community, as a part of the five points jazz festival, thank, you for all you do be safe and be well and enjoy the rest of the show, Thank. You Amanda for your leadership. Next. A cultural. Translator, that's. How many people refer to Colorado's. Poet laureate, Bobby la fiebre ba because by, his talent, naturally. His, mother is a poet, his father an artist. Lefevre. E is a Denver. Award-winning. Poet, writer. Playwright. And. Performer. He. Recently wrote. A poem, titled. Together. In this southern strangeness. Radical. Imagination. Will, run wild. This. Gathering together, is, ancient, this. Curated. Communal, space this. Convocation, our, ancestors. Were the architects, of then. These. They'll Kylee's unfolded. Before us according, to the cosmos, sacred. Spaces were, the drum and the song and, the sacrifice, lived that, blood still. Runs feverishly, through these veins and we find ourselves here again, survivors. Thriving. Transfiguring. The pain of yesterday into, ceremony, in these, urban circles, around, the Placitas, at, the points, on the corner, today, mirroring. Yesterday, here, at the epicenter, of culture, where, the horns blow and history, speaks. Join. Us in this collective, living room where, the festival, ignites and the hips sway and, the staccato scat, is a protest, tune meet. Us at the zocalo where, lovers kiss slowly and, soul, food is served quickly and, the greats are remembered, this. Continuing. Tradition this. Signature, of heritage, this heirloom, passed down when, the world is at war let. Our union, be peace may, our smiles, be, the invocation, to celebration. Our pride waving. Bold and proud like flags and, here in the, middle of our convenient, may we exist, the ways we always, have roots. And cultures, spreading, like wildfire, across, the, land. You. Know five points, for me has always been a special place in, addition. To the long-standing musical. And cultural history, in, black history and five points in along welts and Street a lot. Of us poets, found, our voice you. Know the first time that I ever read a, performance. Poem was at Cafe Numa it's, hot and it's black when, it was at the Gemini, tea Emporium. Most. Of us also, frequented. Brother Geoff's, and most. Recently, even, though now it's been over a decade, slam. Luba we, cut heads, used. To take place at BlackBerry's, cafe. And. And you, know crossroads, theater so, so. Many of my close, art. Friends, homies, and comrades, were made.

Those. Friendships, were forged. In five points you. Know people like Panama silhouetto and, and, Susie, Q Smith and J Harris, and Luciferian. They Russell these, were all people that, I created. Art with and it was all in five points we would all gather. In, that space. And. The. Spirit, of yesterday really. Resonated. With us right we could feel that energy and we could feel that pulsing. Through. Those streets in five, points on along Wilson when, long. Before it is what it is now right and I think it's important for us to note that that, as much, as it's changed, the. Heart and soul of, the, past of the people aren't, going anywhere and. I'm. Excited to you. Know participate in this project to. Continue. You. Know the Five Points Jazz Festival even. If it's in a new iteration virtually. So. Culture. Lives on it'll. It'll live past all of us and, it's. A beautiful thing I'm. Bobby the Phoebe. Next. Fans, a big band probably already know been mark Lee for, those of you who are new to this particular, Jazz genre get. Ready for a treat here's, a jazz, pianist who's performed, with Brian Lynch and Henderson. And many more mark. Lee is a composer, and arranger and, published. To UNC. University. Of Northern Colorado Jazz Press. Big-band. Jazz is, ageless up next, we'll hear from ginger, white Brunetti director. Of timber arts and venues that, department, oversees, the Denver Performing, Arts Complex Red. Rocks and two, venues the. Denver Coliseum and, the, Colorado, Convention Center, which, have recently been repurposed, as a 24-hour, Women's, homeless, shelter and an emergency medical, center during this health crisis. Incidentally. Ginger. Was a part, of the very first. Five-point. Jazz Festival. Nearly. 20 years ago, thank, you so very much ginger. Hi. There I'm ginger, white Brunetti executive. Director of Denver Arts and vineos welcome. Arts. And venues is an agency at the City and County of Denver and, in addition to bringing you great events, like the five points Jazz Festival our. Agency, operates, some of Denver's largest, and most iconic. Cultural, facilities, like, Red Rocks park and amphitheater and the, Denver Performing, Arts Complex. Through. Cultural partnerships, events. Workshops, lectures, and exhibitions, at the McNichols, Civic Center building our, agency, brings accessible, art theatre, film and other cultural, and educational, opportunities, to, Denver residents, and visitors, we. Also manage, Denver's public art program and promote. The economic health, of Denver's cultural sector through, grant funding programs in. 2014. After gathering extensive. Community input arts. And venues launched a new cultural, plan imagine. 2020. As we. Imagined, 2020, back then none. Of us could have predicted the place we find ourselves in, today and, yet. As a city and as an agency, we are still dedicated to, Denver's, cultural, future now. More, than ever we are. Committed to amplifying, Denver's, cultural, scene, supporting. Our local talent. And helping, to build our creative economy. The. Goals of imagined 2020, haven't, changed, and the, virtual of five points jazz festival, is a great example of how our agency, and our, city remain, dedicated to, envisioning, and strengthening. Denver's, cultural, future have. A wonderful evening. Be, safe. Stay, healthy have.

A Good night. The. Benefit, of festivals, is that they agreeing, people, together. Last. Year we had a hundred thousand, people. One. Of the things that warms my heart is when I get on a stage and look at Welton Street and I see this sea of humanity that, are all coming, to, experience, the neighborhood, that are all coming to. Share, music, art joy. And. We. Won't lose that I am. Confident, because that is very much part of who. We are as humans, and what is needed for us to survive. We. Are living you, know a different reality right now and this. Is when, I believe. Artists. And creators. And, cultural. Leaders, become. Healers they. Will, continue to create in the worst of circumstances and. I. See them as critical, to our healing. You. Know it's very much, about the, values that we hold as, a city, and as an artistic and creative community. We're. Really focusing, on what. Are the threads what, is the foundational, values of who, we are as a city and I. Think we can see ahead that. Is very much about partnerships. And collaboration, is very. Much about, thriving. Communities, and is, very much about, equity. Inclusion. Access, and justice. We. Did not imagine it this way but I think there are a lot of positives, about it and we, hope that as, we introduce, five points, to those that have not experienced, it in the past they will be compelled, to come back next, year and experience. A neighborhood. That is very. Much part. Of our city and that is very much about authenticity. And, community. Some. People say jazz is America's, only true art form that's, because it began in the u.s. hundreds. Of years ago in the fields where African Americans worked as, slaves, and made up songs to keep their culture and traditions. Of their African, homelands alive clearly. Jazz. Transcends, all ages, Colorado. Conservatory. For the jazz arts, is a perfect. Example. CCJ, a empowers. Young people, to creatively. Express themselves. Through, the language, of jazz, don't. Take my word for it listen. For yourself. You. Hello. Again and thank you for tuning in if you are just joining us I am Denver Mayor Michael V Hancock, and this is the, virtual Five Points Jazz Festival while, we are not gathered, together in space as we have been in the past, we are still gathered virtually through our TVs phones. Radios, and computers, connecting, through, music we, know that this covet, 19 pandemic, has had a profound impact, on our communities, but, in times of social distancing, in times of stress in times, of loss music.

Has The power to heal our soul it, can ease our burdens, they can soothe our pain music. Can help us through now. We share a story of music in this case jazz, and the impact that has had on a Colorado, family it is a powerful, story the tugs at human, emotions, it's a story of how music is the heartbeat and how our heart beats our music. Music. Connects. Us to, life to. Dreams and to, each other. It. Often touches, our heart but. This is a story of how the heart itself. Influences. The music. For. Penny Hamilton, hearing, just a few bars of one particular song. Marks. The beginning of a love story with, a man named Rhone their. Song is, called Moody's mood, for love. If. Life, was harder, we. Got too busy Roman, would just find. It and play it and it makes you stop and slow. Dance or. Slow down, penny, met Rhone surrounded. By music there's, a dance club. And my girlfriends, were out doing, something I was sitting at a table and, Ron. Just came up to me and asked, me my name and. At. First penny, was unsure, about this rather impulsive, outgoing. Stranger, he said penny for your thoughts, nickel, for your kiss diamond. If you tell me if you love me and, at. The time I was like wow like. You're a little much for me like, what is that I didn't, know it was a song a first, of many songs they would connect Rowan and Penny in good, times and in, bad wood, they began to date Rowan, gave penny a cassette, tape full. Of music quite, a variety of music on there anything, from mary. J blige sweet, thing to the. King's pleasure James, Moody's mood for love it. Was all on there and that was probably the first time I heard that song. Moody's. Mood for love is an old song given. To penny by, an old soul, wanting. The most for her and the, most out of life. Road. Had a same to meet life's demands I'm the man with a plan always, has a chance like think about what you want to do and, then, go make it happen, part of Rowan's plan was, to marry penny and, together, they, would have a son named. Roman, Rouen, taught Roman had a golf which. Is now Roman. Sport that he's most passionate, about he's also a basketball player that Ron taught him lifeless. Ball, ron. Was operating, aerial cameras, for the NFL, penny. Was thriving in her career and young, Roman, was excelling, in school and its sports every. Morning Ron would have some sort of song, playing and that, would set the pulse for the day or he'd be dancing, around to it or we'd have a stevie ray vaughan on road. Made life fun every. Day was, filled with hope love, and music. But. When Ron turned 40, the, music, threatened, to stop when. He had a stroke that. Was sudden. We. Were unaware he was fine to California. You had it on a plane and. So. His cable cam crew was there. Met. Him at the hospital and. The, next day I was out there. That. Same day they did. What they call light therapy, on his head apparently. To stimulate, the nerves and, to get them talking to the brain again and. During. This session all, the lights are down we're, all in the room and, they're.

Doing The light therapy and Rowan, starts singing there I go there I go there I go. I. Joined, him. Those. Are the opening, lines of Moody's, mood for love penny. And Rowan song. The. Treatment, and the music worked and soon, Rowan was back to dancing, singing and working, with, the healthier diet and some, medication, statins. I've never been on a statin, I've, heard people, don't like him but he decided. That, his. New, lifestyle. And healthy, way of living, was. What was. All he needed, for. Eight years, everything. Was fine and. He. Then, had a second, stroke that was even more devastating, massive. Once. Again Rowan, and Penny turned, to music to help heal I think we both feel very, grateful, that. We met, penny. And and got to be in the same room with, Rome they, met therapists, at the University, of Colorado Hospital, who. Use art to, help families, autoharp. Our goals in this group are to. Create a space, for people to express emotionally. And through, themselves a, little, bit of insight into what brings them comfort, creativity. Meaning-making, in, life. And. We do that music. Keep. Your rhythm going, don't stop this, often. Times there aren't words to express, what, a, person is going through when they're diagnosed, with a serious illness and. Through. The arts they're able to, to. Say things that words, can't, hold and that. Could be through an image it, could be through, a song. Rowen, special, song of course was, moody's mood for love, but. The second stroke was just too much for Rowan to endure. In. His, final days the palliative. Care team at UC health did something extraordinary, they, asked. To record, Ron's heart beat before he passed so. They could put the sound to, music I. Picked. The song mood. For love, and. I. Still wasn't quite grasping, what was going to happen because they said they were gonna put Ron's heartbeat, to. The song. It. Had inter woven, itself into, their, lives that. They would just sing it to each other and since it was a duet, like he would take the male part she would take the female part and it became this banter and this. Runt. Runaway love story song, a. 30. Second recording from a stethoscope can, turn into a masterpiece. Of music. Just. Hearing the heartbeat to me was amazing. But. Then they reached out to me and said, they were. Gonna collaborate with Rocky Mountain PBS and. Found. Live musicians, to, record, the song. Musicians. Who had never met. Gathered. At Rocky Mountain Public, Media's couvreux jazz studios. To. Record penny, and groans special, song, Moody's, mood, for love. With. The sound of Ron's heartbeat, mixed. Through the audio board. It's such an honor to get to. Play and perform music with. Such a purpose. I think, the point of art and point of, what we do is to serve people and. To. To. Help improve people's lives you, know to, tell a story and. That was very interesting because as you can imagine the heart beat isn't perfect. As, far as metronomic. Ly perfect. So, there was a little a band flow to it but I actually. Think. That maybe gives the music kind of a cool. Organic. Feeling can, we play it from like hard, time 53, and just, see what feels right the musicians, had to alter the arrangement, to match the rhythm of Rowan's heartbeat and perform. With, penny sitting. Right there in the studio it, was inspiring, to, the playing honestly, felt. Like we had like, something, to, play. Up to you know cuz what. She was going through was definitely, more intense, and. Heartbreaking. Than what, we were going through. It's, nice to be able to use, this thing that I get to do for myself and that, often feels very selfish, for, a different purpose that, serves someone else. Of. Course I'm asking all kinds of questions as, Ron would but, have. You ever heard the song have, you ever played it before and, the answers were no and, I, you know and within like five minutes they all babbled, a little bit and the next thing you know it's just this beautiful song.

There's. A line and moody's mood for love that goes come. And put our two hearts together. That, would make me strong and. I'm. Not afraid. It. Is the soundtrack of penny, and Ron's life together. You. Play the, recording, with groans heartbeat, today from, time to time I do I do. And actually I, took, some video on my phone when I was there and so, I watched. The, video, piece because, again it was really. It's. Not just the song from that day it was working. With all of those wonderful people that. Made it happen. And. By. Watching the video, I feel like again. Rona's there it's not it's. Not just me dancing alone. And. Now. I hear, it. Can. Dance to. It again with, the warmth of Roane around me. And. It makes me smile. That. Was an incredible, story thank, you to freelance journalist, Michelle nicker and Rocky, Mountain Public, Media's Jennifer caster they've been working on this story over the past year, and during. The work in shelter-in-place mandate. Wrote, and produce this piece from their individual, homes next, she's. Been called a force of nature hazel. Miller knows how to bring it on she, connects with audiences, in a way that very few artists, can't her beautiful, bright personality, is as special as her powerful voice she. Is open for popular, artists like Mel Torme James, Brown The Temptations Earl, Klugh Bob, James and a whole lot more hazel. Miller and the collective, is one of the most versatile, bands in the music, biz from jazz blues R&B, to, original, tunes hazel, always, gets you up and dancing now she's bringing you Cora Jean blues Matthew. J Cal wrote, this song while co-producing. This virtual, festival with MS, hazel, Miller in mind this, song invites us to take care of each other and try to find blessings, and humor. Through, the blues here's. Matthew and Hazel performing, the quarantine blues something. We all can probably relate to hi. Song is called quarantine, blues here. It goes, quarantine. Blues. My. Grandma. Told me found depression. Times. Not. The WPA. And. The willful, eyes she. Said patience, is a virtue. Got. A man your. Energy. She. Said take, care of. Each other try. To find, the blessings, in the booze. These. Nails will, make the working this voice was made to sing, sometimes. I get frustrated just. Wanna do my bank but, I'm stuck inside living. With. The quarantine. You. Know never trust in science and. I know just. What I'm supposed, to do I. Got. Respect, for my elders the, whole human, race don't. Need some shuffle on the TV. I'm living, with this corner, time. Yeah. Just. Wanna pay my dues but. From home and, I. Just. Wanna, stay home just, in. Science, take. Care of myself and. My family. Respect. My elders and. The. Genes. This. Is a song written by rich lamb is called kovat. Blues keep. Out of touch right, now this. Is rich lamb on bass, Cody, Carbone, on guitar. Brian. Mcleach, on drums Jeff. Nathanson, on sax Dana. Marsh on keys here. We go, think. You're gonna like it. But. I is, so, serene. And. Watch you too, much then thanks. A new. School. Okay. My. I gotta, go raise some change. Questions. Make me. I. Wanna, be with you love, me. Hope. You liked it I first, heard this song many years ago, sung. By Mahalia, Jackson it's. Been sung by many many people since, but. It says exactly, what I'm hoping to convey to all of you, that. This. Is gonna pass we're. Gonna get through this we're, gonna be alright because. He's got the whole world in his hands. Get, the whole world. Well. I. Trust. And I believe he's, got us in his, hands. Hope. You enjoying the comedian's, throughout, the show I've. Been taking piano lessons as, an adult and I, realize that taking piano lessons as, an adult is just, paying someone to tell you I can, tell that you didn't practice this week, very. Embarrassing. But. If anything it brings me closer to the kids that I babysit, these were basically learning, the same songs, again very, embarrassing.

I've Been watching this girl for six years now and the other day she turned to me and she was like Gabby, I want. To be all, of the animals, so that I can eat all of the, food so. That I can be all, of the colors and. I was like where. Are you getting your acid. I. Want. Some of that. Today. I woke up with nowhere to go for. The quarantine, time. Feels, like the whole world is grounded. All. Of my outfits. Have, become, in fits. Today, me and my girlfriend, cut our dog's hair. But. We did a really bad job. So, now, her. Bangs are so uneven. It. Looks like she went to art school. I'm. Here to tell you why comedy is a lot like jazz call, my heartbeat, jazz because, it is unpredictable. Comedy. Is like jazz cuz there's, not a lot of money unit every, time a jazz, song skips, a beat another jazz musician, grows a goatee, my, comedy is a lot like jazz because, Netflix. Hasn't, given me a comedy, special just because it hasn't given jazz one either, jazz is like comedy, because when. In doubt hit, him with a trombone, slide. Like. I said call my heartbeat jazz cuz it is unpredictable. Great. Jazz album, is a lot like a comedy, say most modern jazz songs are about tinder just, like comedy this, album is all about the differences, between men and women this one all, about airplane food pretty much mainly, about having gout and the, bummers of gout also. If you play all the jazz records, backwards, it, gives you satanic, messages, about how to do your taxes. It's, an evening of great music and hope, we tickled your funny bone with the comedians, as well, speaking. Of having a good laugh we're, thrilled to have Josh, blue with us josh, is one of the funniest comedians, around much, of his humor is centered on his cerebral palsy he. One last, comic, standing in, 2006. In 2018. Josh crushed, his set on, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy, Fallon. Quarantine. Comedy, corner. Welcome. Our special guest, and my dad. Thank. You so much. Wow. This. Is great I mean doing. Comedy, from my office yeah. This. Make-a-wish is really going, well. So. Quarantine, how's that going. For. Me I'm, a UH I. Am. A full-time elementary. School teacher now and I am very ill prepared for that two. Grades worth I. Didn't. Sign up to be a teacher I can, write a good fart joke but that's about it. This. Quarantine, has been fun though I mean I've been giving back to a lot of my childhood activities. Playing. A lot of board games doing. Puzzles, crying. I. Thought. It was. So. Weird did you see one person laughing. At a time it's great. When. I moved into this house what. I didn't realize is the previous owners, had. Taken. A smoke detector down, that. Was running out of batteries. So. It was making that sporadic. Chirp. Noise, you. Know what I'm talking about it can be like every 30. Seconds, or, nine. Days from now you know, there's. No rhyme or reason. Although. Somehow it's triggered, by nighttime, I don't, know how. That works but uh by. Day two I, almost lost my mind trying. To find this thing. After. The was is this why they moved I couldn't. Find this thing I. Didn't. Know eventually. You didn't like, have a housewarming probably, just had to find, the flippin. Beep party. Falling. Back behind a crevasse in, the basement, but I don't know how. We. Found it and I smashed the hell out of it that's. Good and, then this is a very old home. Lots. Of repairs, to do. That's. Okay I don't mind doing some home, repair, I. Consider. Myself to be a bit of a handyman. And. That's. A that's a, funny part there okay. She's. A joke, it's a joke. The, handyman, part, alright anyway I won't, explain them all um. So. I. Have. A family, that lives next door and every, time I'm out in the yard, working. On a project. The. Dad comes over he's. Like. Hey. Man. You're. Making us really nervous. And. I'm like well how do you think I feel. That's. A real circular, saw right there. It's. Plugged in watch out I don't know hey. You guys are awesome enjoyed the rescue quarantine, thank you so much. We. Have one more jazz artist, here at the Five Points Jazz Festival the amazing, and talented Dianne. Reeves is up next, the, world renowned Grammy award-winning, jazz vocalist, comes from a family of musicians her. Dad sang her, mother played trumpet and her, uncle is bassist, Charles, Burrell and get this her cousin, is George Duke born. In Detroit but raised in Denver Diane, has been one of the top jazz vocalists, since the late 80s. Diane studied, classical, voice at the University, of Denver and later, moving to New York City and touring with Harry Belafonte, in.

1987. She signed with Blue Note Records that, same year her album, Dianne, Reeves featuring. Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard and Tony Williams was. Nominated, for a Grammy Diane. Has gone on to win five Grammys, ladies. And gentlemen Dianne. Reeves. This. Is a song that I wrote and dedicated to, my community that was. Fertile ground for my youth a beautiful. Community this, is nine. Nah. I. Remember. Nine. As. If it were yesterday. I. Can. Hear my. Friends. Out, of my window. Say. Can you come out and play. And. A, Prada bag. Over. Mama's. Cooking. Spoons. So. We could dig a hole. And, try, to reach China. And. Get there by early. I'm. Romantic. Nature sort, of golden, across. The sky. Filled. With, dreams. In. A child could wear a paper, crown, and be your team or. Queen. At. Night. I. Remember. Days, a. Plague. About. A can. And. Coming, home with. Sniffles and, clothes, hanging. Off me, and leads in. My head. Everybody's. Child. Belong. To. The neighborhood. So. You could tell your. Troubles to wise. And. Savannah. And she always. Understood. Oh. Filled. Up it won't rain beneath, the bra. Open. Sky. All. My days when. I was, innocent, and. ADNA. Running. And jumping and skipping and laughing, rolling, shaking, and joking in Hyden, mother man summonses, your bird you spit hide-and-seek. You people, oh I didn't, yes you do you're fed okay. I saw Sammy's, underwear, Hey. Double. Dutch kickball. Hop scotch or bobby socks very Mac all, dressed, in black who, is that could she play jacks I'm the doctor you're the nurse what, to me now is first pushing. And shoving and crying and screaming and dreaming and. It's. Dinnertime. No. Still. Lives, deep, inside. Of. Me. Wow. What. A cool. Performance. By Denver's own Dianne. Reeves, a. Magnificent. Interpretation. Of the song nine. Do. You remember double. Dutching sounds. Like she had a magnificent. Childhood, did, you see her dog at the beginning, of that piece looking. Up at her that's. What working from home looks, like it was, so much fun seeing and hearing the, musicians. From their home because of, the, stay-at-home. Mandate. What, great, teamwork. Hopefully. We, were able to put a smile on your face and, a rhythm to your night these, are crazy times but together we'll get through it especially. With great jazz music, we, hope you enjoyed, this virtual, presentation of, the five points Jazz Festival make, sure to support your local businesses, including, restaurants. Drycleaners. Salons, and, barbershops and, of course the local artists, in your city, these, folks depend, on you and most, of all take, good care of one another thank. You for joining our virtual event you. Can watch this video on demand at arts and venues dot-com, forward, slash five, points jazz stay. Safe and healthy take, care of one another here's, Denver Mayor Michael B Hancock for some final words thank. You for joining us today thank you to all of the talented folks who made this virtual event possible, the performers, the, talent the organizers, the videographers, and everyone, else we're, all committed, to strengthening our Colorado communities, and I know that, this broadcast, gives us added strength it shows our collective, commitment to our arts and culture our. Local businesses, and each other arts. And culture and the events like the Five Points Jazz Festival make a great city even greater, it shows, how we can honor our pass reflect. On our present and move, towards, our future. Major. Funding for Five Points Jazz Festival provided, by Denver, Arts and venues bringing. You the five points Jazz Festival for nearly 20, years committed. To equity, diversity, and inclusion and enriching. Denver through premier public venues arts, and cultural, opportunities. Metropolitan. State University of. Denver stand. Up be, counted, encouraging.

Everyone To complete, the 2020. Census, it's easy secure. And confidential, and determines, funding for education food. And housing health care hospitals. And transportation. Shaped, Colorado's, future bond. Fee Stanton foundation, who believe that extraordinary, arts and leadership are key, to building vibrant, communities. Kubo. Jazz proudly. Partnering, with the PI points Jazz Festival since its inception, in. Adams, County census. With. Support, from these fine organizations and, viewers. Like. You thank. You.

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